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Can Water Greatly Enhance Quality of Health?

by Roddy MacDonald(more info)

listed in water, originally published in issue 276 - February 2022

When did you ever go to your doctor and receive the diagnosis that you were dehydrated? When did your doctor ever tell you to increase the volume of water you drink? For most people that has never happened. Yet a lack of proper hydration is understood to be an underlying contributory factor to the majority of our modern day diseases.

Dehydration may not be caused through not drinking enough fluids. Surprisingly it may not even be caused by drinking plenty of water. It is often caused through a lack of absorption of the water we do drink. There are some people drinking lots of water and it is virtually coming straight through them.  The primary reasons for this are the poor structure of the water and the lack of electrolytes in our body which are essential for absorption.



Healthy Water Should be Clean and Have Good Structure 


The primary reason for the deficiency in electrolytes is diets that are nutrient poor and particularly lacking in important minerals. People have been conditioned to believe that salt is bad for our health, when good salt is very important for the mineral balance of the body. Dr James Dinicolantonio, a cardiovascular research scientist, in his excellent book The Salt Fix, dispelled many of the myths that surround the prevalent advice. Of course, it is important to make sure that the salt we consume is a natural unseasoned sea salt or rock salt, rather than the processed variety which is not helpful to supply the body’s needs.  We need to ensure we do not consume in excess, particularly the small percentage of people who may be sodium sensitive.

Symptoms of Dehydration?

Although the popular medical view is that dehydration is reflected in symptoms such as extreme thirst, urination less than 4 times per day, dark yellow foul smelling urine, feeling dizzy, feeling lightheaded, fatigued or with a dry mouth that is probably only a fraction of the health issues affected by lack of hydration.

The late Dr F Batmanghelidj, who wrote extensively on the health benefits of water, based on his research and observations, concluded that the underlying root cause of very many diseases was lack of hydration. In particular he listed the following six issues which he understood were brought on by persistent dehydration.

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Hypertension
  • Constipation
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Autoimmune diseases

Dr Batmanghilidj’s books are worth reading, particularly Water & Salt  and his last book Obesity, Cancer & Depression.  If you suffer with any of the current plague of lifestyle diseases , or would just like to better understand the role of water in the body, then I would highly recommend reading them.

What Can We Do to Optimize our Hydration?

If dehydration is a significant contributory cause of our health challenges what can we do to address the issue? We must firstly, look at water as an important part of our nutrition and supply the body with the type of water that is going to benefit it and is going to be absorbed. We must address the problem of mineral deficiency by ensuring that there is adequate balanced levels of minerals in our diet.

A common misconception is that any fluid will help to meet the water needs of the body. Some beverages are water depleting to the body and many do not act in the same way in the body as water does. Water has a vital role in many life sustaining processes, it is not just there to fill up the spaces around the cells. Recent research is proving that the integrity of our cells is greatly influenced by the structure of the water surrounding the cells.

Don’t Just Drink Clean Water, Drink Health Giving Water

There is still the popular view that health giving water is purely the absence of pollutants. New advances confirm that this is not the case. Although the drinking water from our public supplies meets set down standards for cleanliness it does not mean that tap water is good for enhancing our health. In fact the addition of chlorine, chloramines  and fluoride in the public water supply does not enhance our wellbeing. Chlorine is used as a disinfectant in the public water supply, however any residue is best removed before consumption.

Although currently fluoride is only added to approximately 30% of the water in the UK, the Government intends to roll out fluoridation to all parts of the country. This is a further backward step for our health and it is advisable to install filtration systems that remove this toxin from our drinking water. It is being introduced under the guise of improvement in dental health. Germany several years ago stopped fluoridation because they found it offered little benefit, even for dental health. There are major concerns in the effects of fluoride for our skeletal health, our brain health as it can contribute to calcification of the pineal gland and for our hormonal balance because of its potential to reduce the uptake of iodine in the thyroid.

If absence of contaminants was the sole criteria for healthy water then water from distillation or from reverse osmosis filter systems, would be the best water available. Unfortunately, in my view that is not the case. Water that has had everything removed including beneficial minerals is not healthy, lacks structure and is not readily absorbed. The myth that low levels of total dissolved solids (TDS) in our drinking water means healthy water is very contrary to nature.

When we look into nature we often see with greater clarity some of the issues that are hampering our ability to enjoy better health. We see the roots of our disharmony. Water is just one area where that is particularly true. When we consider the qualities of some of the known ‘healing’ waters in nature we see certain characteristics that we need to embrace for the good of our health.



Make sure the water you are drinking is health enhancing



What Are The Characteristics of Health Giving Water?

Water that is going to be beneficial to enhance our health should have certain characteristics. It should be as clean as possible of contaminants, not just chemical contaminants but also electromagnetic frequencies which can be harmful.  The water should have a slightly alkaline pH, it should have antioxidant properties, good structure and good energy. It should also contain beneficial minerals.

Water that has an alkaline pH is important for absorption and detoxification. Detoxification is not a process that we can achieve through one or two  detox sessions in the year but rather an ongoing process to help release toxins from our body on a continuous daily basis. Good clean water is essential for that.

One important aspect of water that has been heavily researched over the last decade is its antioxidant effect through the release of molecular hydrogen. This tiny molecule is a powerful antioxidant that can penetrate deep into the body and help neutralize harmful free radicals that are implicated in disease and accelerated ageing process.  A further bonus of that process is that the byproduct of this neutralization reaction of oxygen free radicals with molecular hydrogen is water.

New Advances In Health Enhancing Water Treatment is Now Within Financial Reach of Everyone

New advances in water enhancement using special natural minerals made into filter media is resulting in water which is rich in molecular hydrogen. You are getting this beneficial molecule every time you drink it. I have never recorded the presence of molecular hydrogen in any tap or commonly available bottled waters. Biocera from Korea, who have been at the forefront of research in this field have developed this bioceramic technology into applications which enhance our wellbeing and our environment. They combine natural minerals and crystals into different blends which are formed into ceramic balls and used as filter media. They are referred to as bioceramics because they are ceramics that enhance life.

You can also use tableted molecular hydrogen products such as Hydrotabs, which you add to a large glass of water and drink, to give you a high strength infusion of molecular hydrogen rich water.  This will give higher concentrations of molecular hydrogen than from specialist filters. It is often consumed by people looking for a boost to their energy levels. Molecular hydrogen is also of immense value to anyone with a degenerative disease process or looking to slow down the ageing process. It is also being used by those suffering from fatigue following viral infections.

Water Structure is Vital to Protect our Health at Cellular Level

Water structure, that is the way water molecules bond together,  is vital to aid absorption and provide water that will support the integrity of our cells. Dr Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington has spent a lifetime studying water and has made profound discoveries into the attributes of the water surrounding our cells. Clean water with good structure is fundamentally important for our health, and particularly to help protect against the ever increasing dangers of electromagnetic radiation.

I hope that the above comments will help you to think differently about water, appreciate the properties it offers to enhance your wellbeing and take action to let it positively impact your health. Focus on water that is clean, structured and can enhance your wellbeing and slow down the ageing process. It is probably the simplest, least expensive thing that everyone can do to improve their wellbeing. It promotes health from inside out. Drinking good water will help your circulation, your brain health, your digestive health, your skeletal health and the health of all your body systems. It will reflect outwardly on the health of your skin.


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