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Every-Day Struggles of an Introvert that Can Make His Life Miserable

by Sean Blaney(more info)

listed in stress, originally published in issue 243 - January 2018

Being an introvert can be as debilitating as any illness with those possessing this personality type seeking to avoid certain situations at all costs. Normal situations can be terrifying to an introvert in ways that other people might not even consider, leading to episodes of depression and anxiety. Even a short trip to the grocery store can lead an introvert feeling drained and in need of some quality ‘me time’ to recuperate.

A look at three of the most stressful situations common to most introverts reveals the ways in which other people can unwittingly contribute to the subject's anxiety.

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1. A Trip to The Store

One of the worst interactions for most introverts comes when it's time to do a little grocery shopping. The shopping itself might not be a big issue. Even on a busy day, when shoppers are heavily populating the aisles, introverts can navigate the store's aisles with little difficulty. By concentrating on his or her needs, possibly following a shopping list, introverts can usually put other distractions out of mind.

The problem comes with the checkout experience and dealing with a cashier, especially when there's a line of rushed shoppers waiting for their turn. Making sure the heavier items get double bagged or asking for cash back on a debit or credit card purchase all adds to the stress of the situation. Given the option, introverts will always opt for the self-checkout lanes, where they can work at their own pace and often only deal with a computerized interface.


2. Phones Can Be Their Own Worst Enemy

Even locking oneself away inside his or her home isn't the perfect solution for the worst introverts. After a long day in the public world, working at a job or running errands, most introverts breathe a sigh of relief, once they can shut themselves up in their homes. That is, until the phone rings or chirps some notification demanding a reply.

Friends of introverts are all too familiar with this added burden. They will often be asked why they couldn't just text, instead of calling.

Sometimes, even texting is a frustrating and stressful situation for introverts, especially on those long workdays. After an exhaustive day facing the world, the last thing an introvert wants to think about is how to reply to a random text message. Consider yourself lucky, if you get so much as an emoji in response.

Along the same lines comes the unwanted telemarketer call, all the more frustrating now that they have turned to calling mobile numbers. In most cases, an introvert won't even answer a call from an unknown number. This is because he/she knows that the caller may very well be selling insurance, patio furniture, or some other product or service. Once they do answer, most introverts will find themselves at the mercy of a fast-talking operator and a smooth as silk sales pitch. It won't be long before the introvert is sunning himself on his brand-new patio furniture.


3. Parties Are a Huge Problem for Introverts

Parties, or any kind of group setting, can create an unbearable situation for most introverts, making them feel as though the spotlight has been suddenly thrust upon them. Take smaller groups, for instance. Perhaps a boss has asked an introvert to join a team or they meet up with a group of friends after work. Introductions may work out well enough, but, just a few minutes later, an introvert will have the feeling of being the outsider in the group.

The others in the group may not acknowledge him/her, because it's rare for an introvert to be outspoken in any social gathering.

In a party atmosphere, that feeling of invisibility is multiplied exponentially. Of course, introverts want to engage and socialize with new people, but their anxieties keep them isolated in a dark corner most of the time. Unless someone else initiates contact, an introvert will most likely leave any party just as alone as he was, when he arrived.

Introverts have a deep longing for connections, but their inability to communicate those feelings often leave them suffering in silence. In any kind of group setting, introverts are wary of the chance of humiliation, so every word is carefully scripted in his/her mind, before they're spoken aloud.

When it comes to the previously mentioned work projects, that leaves the introvert feeling like more of a failure. He considers what he could have said to contribute more fully to the project and regrets not being more outspoken.

Even in one on one situations, introverts often concern themselves with dialogue in ways that other people rarely give thought. This leads to misunderstandings and missed opportunities for the introvert. Instead of embracing life with the gusto of his/her peers, many introverts hurry home to be alone with their books, a good movie, or a faceless computer screen.


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