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Harmonia Sound Essences

by Lyz Cooper(more info)

listed in sound and music, originally published in issue 96 - February 2004


My journey with sound essences began in 1998. I had been working with sound as a powerful healing tool for about four years and had achieved some excellent results with my clients. In some cases, I wanted to give my clients something to use between treatments to enable them to continue their healing process and help them stay in balance for longer. In meditation one afternoon I received strong guidance that I needed to produce a range of sound essences. Shortly after this enlightening afternoon, my first sound essence was born.




You Make Me Sick, I Will Kill You

Heavy Metal

Just Like A Flowing River

Tibet Sutra

I began a series of tests by giving the essence and a placebo to my friends and family to try for a period of one month. I found that 90% of the people tested had positive effects when taking the essence, but not so many when taking the placebo. One of the most dramatic improvements was with a friend who had had ME for over ten years. After taking the essence twice a day for one week, his sleep patterns had returned to almost normal, and his energy and confidence were returning in leaps and bounds. This was a huge turning point for me.

I felt strongly that I needed to produce two ranges or 'collections' to start with – the Chakra Collection and the Mantra Collection. The Chakra Collection contains specific tones and vibrations to stimulate and balance the chakra, therefore allowing the body to balance itself, and improving health and well-being on all levels. The Mantra Collection is a range of essences containing Mantras for specific issues such as fear, removing obstacles and attracting an ideal partner. These work by encoding the body with a specific intention and, therefore, help the person taking the essence, to resolve the issue in question.

The Properties of the Essences
The Chakra Collection
Base Located at the base of the spine, this chakra is our foundation. It represents the element earth, and is related to our bones, adrenals, our survival instincts, physical identity and the physical plane. When this chakra is balanced we feel secure, grounded, fully present and connected.
Sacral related to the element water, to our emotions and sexuality, the sexual organs, bladder, prostate and womb. When this chakra is balanced, we feel emotionally stable, sexually fulfilled and have the ability to accept change without resistance and to ‘go with the flow’.
Solar Plexus Located between the navel and the base of the sternum, this chakra is known by some as the ‘power centre’. It is related to the element fire, our will, personal power, pancreas, digestive system and muscles. When balanced we feel in our power, protected, spontaneous and energetic.
Heart Located in the centre of the chest, this chakra is related to the element air, our social identity, self-acceptance, love, relationships, lungs, heart, chest and circulation. A balanced heart chakra allows us to love deeply and unconditionally, feel compassion, peace, unity and deeply centred.
Thymus Located midway between heart and throat, this centre has been making itself more widely known since the 1960s with the dawning of the Aquarian age. This centre is connected with unconditional love and acceptance. It is linked to the spiritual ‘high heart’ and quiets the mental body to become receptive to transmissions from higher realms. It works on the immune system. Self-identity and authenticity and is about transitions. As the bridge between the heart and throat, it links with both of these in assisting with communication and identity.
Throat Located at the base of the throat, this chakra is related to sound, creative identity, self-expression, communication, mouth, ears, throat, thyroid and parathyroid. A balanced throat chakra allows for more effective communication, creativity and self-expression.
Brow Located above and between the eyebrows, this chakra isrelated to light, archetypal identity, intuition, wisdom, the pituitary gland, eyes and base of skull. When balanced it allows us to see physically and intuitively, opening our psychic perception and allowing us to see the ‘bigger picture’.
Crown Located at the crown of the head, this chakra is related to thought, universal identity, spirituality, the pineal gland, upper skull, cerebral cortex and skin. A balanced crown chakra brings us knowledge, understanding and a spiritual connection.
The Mantra Collection
work in a slightly different way as they are for specific issues
Ganapathi If you are faced with obstacles to achieving your heart’s desire, this essence may help. By healing to remove inner conflicts you may be projecting on external situations, this essence may smooth the path ahead.
Durga For protection, this essence strengthens the auric field. It is perfect for those seeking protection of any kind, and also for practitioners to use when treating clients.
Gayatri This essence is for raising personal frequencies. Perfect for connecting with higher realms, meditation etc.
Shanti Transformer of fear. Uses the energy we use for worrying and fear and transforms it into positive energy – a kind of sonic ‘Rescue Remedy’. Great for any fears such as flying, public speaking, as well as general states of stress and anxiety.
Lakshmi Works on creating abundance of all kinds in our lives, health wealth happiness, love, light & laughter.
Soul Partner - Male for people who wish to balance their male energy within, so they are more able to manifest a male partner in their outer world.
Soul Partner - Female for those who wish to balance their female energy within, therefore attracting a more positive female energy in their own life.
Rama A general essence for healing on all levels.
Sacred Space Mists
blends of sound and aromatherapy oils for room and aura cleansing
Choose from Love in a Bottle for unconditional love, Abundance, Soul Partner Male and Female, Chakra Balance, Spiritual Light and Tibetan and Crystal Bowl cleanse for sound practitioners.


I still felt that there was more to come. For many years I had worked at balancing energy within people and within the spaces in which they lived and worked. I found that one has a direct influence on the other and vice-versa. Hence Sacred Space Mists were born. The mists are perfect for balancing the energy in rooms, as well as working on the auric field by spraying them above the head at arms length and allowing the mist to fall gently over the body. This really is a wonderful sensation that I recommend to everyone! I also use them to cleanse my healing tools, and they are very effective at cleansing therapy rooms and crystals.

Sound and Quantum Physics

Before we understand what sound essences are and how they work, we need to look at some basic physics. If we take any object and examine it at a quantum level, we will see that it is made of particles and waves. These are in constant motion and have a vibration or 'resonance'. This resonance has a frequency and therefore a sound and although it is out of our hearing range, it nevertheless is there. So, basically, the universe is sound.

Once we understand this, it is easy to see how we are affected by the world around us at a cellular level. Each one of us is made up of a range of different frequencies and sounds. In fact, at this very moment, you are creating a wonderful symphony of sounds as individual as your fingerprints. Your 'sonic fingerprint' contains the sum total of all the experiences you have ever had, as well as your overall health on all levels.

So we know everything is made up of energy on a fundamental level. This energy can be positive or negative – in fact, there is positive and negative energy within all things and it is balance that is crucial. If you are exposed to negative energy, a row with a friend, for example, this energy will alter your overall energy matrix. A one-off row would not necessarily be a problem to the body's systems, but if you are continually exposed to a range of different forms of negatively charged energy, such as food that does not agree with you, pollution, negative relationships etc., it is easy to see how the body can literally be pulled out of tune. This eventually causes imbalances and dis-ease. Over the years many experiments have been conducted on how the body reacts to negative energy at a cellular level. Experiments where water molecules have been subjected to different vibrations, such as the words 'love' and 'hate', have been conducted. The word 'love' made the water molecule round and vibrant; the word 'hate' contorted the water molecule and made it look dull. Masaru Emoto has written a book called Messages from Water1, where he has done a similar thing by subjecting a water sample to a name, such as 'Mother Theresa' or 'Hitler'. He then froze the sample and took pictures of the frozen water crystals. The crystals of negatively charged water were dull and contorted, the positively charged samples were simply beautiful. If you think that our bodies contain about 60% water, it does not take a genius to work out what is happening to each and every one of us, when we are exposed to something as simple as a word or feeling.

Sound and Vibrational Medicine

On the positive side, sound is such a powerful and effective tool for healing and rebalancing because it is so easily recognized and assimilated by the body on all levels. By taking a sound essence you are introducing a 'sonic vitamin' into the body in a form that it is effortless to digest. This essence works at a fundamental level to rebalance the energy matrix of the body, therefore allowing the free flow of prana. Thus the body heals – or 'wholes' itself.

As with many essences, water is the carrier of the frequency. So why is this? Water has long been used as a carrier for vibrational medicine. The Bach Flower Remedies, for example, are the vibrational essences of flowers, trees and plants contained in the medium of water. Scientists aiming to discredit the homeopathic community in the past, have analysed the essences and found that not one single molecule of the original substance remains, yet it has been shown time and time again to have a positive effect. The field of quantum physics has endeavoured to find an explanation for this. French scientist Jacques Beneviste, research director at the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM), was fascinated by this phenomena, and in the 1980s conducted many experiments to demonstrate that water has a memory.

"These single wavelengths of water molecules appear to become 'informed' in the presence of other molecules – that is, they tend to polarize around any charged molecule – storing and carrying its frequency so that it may be read at a distance. This would mean that water is like a tape recorder, imprinting and carrying information whether the original recording is there or not."[2,3]

Everything is energy at a fundamental level. Logic, coupled with ancient and modern scientific knowledge, told me that if I were to introduce the vibration of sound to water over a period of time, eventually the water would remember the frequency and become a carrier of the sound. The liquid sound is then further energised by succussion (shaking vigorously). This extra kinetic energy further potentiates the essence. Brandy is then added to preserve what is called the 'Mother Tincture'. Each treatment bottle contains only a couple of drops of the Mother Tincture topped up with more water and succussed again. The more dilute the essence becomes, the more potent the essence – as with any homeopathic remedy.

The sound essences contain the vibration of sound within the water. The water is taken on the tongue or in a drink – just like many other vibrational remedies. The sound then gets to work on an energetic level, directly stimulating the particular chakra, or working on the particular issue to allow the body's prana or life-force to rebalance itself. To further enhance the process, I have developed a CD to accompany each collection. This enables the person to receive the sound externally, as well as internally on the tongue, therefore receiving a holistic treatment.

Case Reports

There have been women who have previously been unable to conceive, who have reported becoming pregnant after taking the Sacral Essence or Ganapathi. People have had wage increases and new job opportunities after taking Ganapathi. I had a letter from a businessman who keeps a bottle of Abundance Sacred Space Mist in his car and sprays his aura with it before going into meetings. He is convinced his business has increased as a result. I recently had an e-mail from a woman who was petrified of flying and who has found great relief from this phobia by using Shanti essence.

People frequently ask me about the Soul Partner Male and Female essences and sprays. Relationships of all kinds are an area of challenge and stress for many people. In an ideal world we all would like to find our perfect soul mate. However, we all know that we learn some of our most powerful lessons from relationships, so in some ways they are very useful. However, sometimes we can get stuck in patterns that no longer serve us and need a helping hand. I created the Soul Partner essences for this reason. Our outer life is a mirror of our inner, and if we are constantly attracting partners who are reinforcing negative energy within us, then it could point to an imbalance with our own energy. Soul Partner Male rebalances the masculine energy within us so we are more able to attract a more positive soul partner in our outer life. Soul Partner Female rebalances the feminine energy within.


1. Emoto M. Messages from Water.Hado Kyoikusha Co. Ltd. 1999.
2. Beneviste J. FASEB Journal 13: A163. 1999.
3. McTaggart Lynne. The Field. Element. ISBN 0-00-714510-1. 2001.

Further Information

The British Academy of Sound Therapy offers a Diploma in sound therapy and is currently enrolling. Soundworks runs talks workshops and presentations all over the UK. The British Academy of Sound Therapy & Soundworks can be contacted on: 01798 812559


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About Lyz Cooper

Lyz Cooper BRCP is Founder and Principal of The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) and proprietor of Soundworks, dedicated to promoting the importance of sound as a therapeutic tool. She has been working in the field of holistic health for 22 years and with sound since 1994. She is a member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners and is an advisor on Sound Therapy for the Institute for Complementary Medicine. As a member of the Sound Division of the British General Council of Complementary Medicine, she will be helping to set standards for sound therapy in the UK. BAST is affiliated to the Institute for Complementary Medicine and the Complementary Medical Association. She can be contacted on Tel: 01798 812559;;

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