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The Man in the Middle of the Room

by Michael Levy(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 273 - September 2021

A man is sat in the middle of a large empty room. This is his home and he eats, sleeps and thinks his thoughts on the chair in the middle of the room. There is a large brown door to the right of him that he uses to go into the world for work and pleasure. Every time he returns he sits in the middle of the room contemplating his misery and regrets how the world has treated him so cruelly. He keeps on wishing he was rich and could show the world how great he really is. Alas, for many years, things go from bad to worse and his depressions multiply.

One night just before he went to sleep he felt a strange sensation come over his whole being. He could not remember what he dreamt that night but it seemed he was in a magical place that granted wishes. The next morning he awoke and found the room filled with treasure chests brimming with gold coins. At first he could not believe what he saw. He walked around the room and started to smother himself with all the gold. He filled a few bags and went outside to spend his new found wealth. It was not long before he found out that all he had gained was fool’s gold and had no value. He realized anything had bought needed to be returned immediately and he needed to get back home as soon as possible.

man in the middle

Once home, he sat in his chair with all the fool’s gold laid out before him.  He sat there for many years and grew old in miserable discontentment. He grew weak and frail and had but a few hours to live. All of a sudden he became aware of a light breeze on is neck. It had always been there but this was the first time he acknowledged it. He turned to his left and noticed a bright green door in the corner. He felt it beckoning him to open it and walk through. He staggered over to the door and as he approached it swung open. He walked through and to his amazement it was a world filled with the treasures of the universe. Love and joy flowed freely. There were mountains made of diamonds and rubies. Real gold was piled high on every street corner. Wow he thought, why didn't I discover this soon. And in flash his mortality ended and he left earth for his everlasting home that did not require a seat in the middle of the room.

In this world, which we deem to be real, there is another world that runs parallel? World one is finite, world two is infinite. One holds intellectual reasoning and logic. The other is overflowing with truth. World one can be guided by world two; however, many people try to manipulate world two to fit into world one’s logic and reason. This is called mirror image living and humanity has been stuck in it for 5000 years or more. As time goes on, the sophisticated brain gets worse, not better, at trying to avoid the pitfalls of previous generations. The reason being is that humanity is hell bent on showing world two that it knows better and recreate truth to fit its wants and demands. It is clear this does not and cannot work for any extended period. As humanity comes ever closer to being the cause of its own extinction one can only hope that one day, someone in power may say, perhaps we have got it wrong and there is a better way.


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About Michael Levy

Michael Levy is an international talk show host, philosopher, poet and author of 17 inspirational books which have never been marketed, for Levy feels authentic works will eventually find their place in humanity by word of mouth. His lack of education makes his philosophy unique in a modern world, where everything is analyzed and sophisticated by experts until all true meaning drains away. His works do not follow any past or present philosophers. Michael’s recent books  include That's Rich: Connect the Dots, also Well Well Well: Eat Well, Think Well, Live Well which is on healthy eating, meaningful thinking and authentic living. Michael's poetry and essays enhance many web sites, newspapers, journals and magazines throughout the world. He is a prominent speaker on health and wellness maintenance, stress eradication, wealth creation and development, authentic happiness and inspirational poetry. Why not visit Michael's new website with 5 new Blogs and lots of inspiration insights:

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