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Maybe God Does Play Dice?

by Michael Levy(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 285 - March 2023


Walk into any regular supermarkets and read the ingredients in all the nicely packaged foods they sell. Most will contain toxic substances, whether it is colorants, trans-fats, preservatives etc. So, when a person goes to the doctor and asks where their illness came from the doctors will scratch their heads and say it's a mystery...Hello! Wake up; there is no mystery where illness comes from. It comes from erroneous lifestyles...Wrong foods ...Wrong thoughts...all stemming from the wrong education.

Governments have tried to control air pollution but existing air quality laws are insufficient to prevent pollution from threatening the environment and human health, a top scientific advisory group determined. The panel, the National Research Council of the National Academies, said it was especially uneasy about ozone, an ingredient of smog that has proved difficult to curtail, and fine soot, which has been shown to be especially harmful. We are continuing to poison the air we breathe. Unsound human actions are affecting all the plant and animal life on earth.


God Dice

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I watched a mini-series on HBO TV a few years ago titled, Carnivale. It had no big named actors so it did not get good reviews and thus faded into oblivion. Yet it had more meaning than award winning films with big named movies stars. The movie was about a troupe of so called freaks traveling around the Mid-American dust bowl states in the early thirties. One line in particular comes to mind. Someone asked one of the performers why they travelled from town to town with their special acts. The reply was...The towns are filled with dead people and we go there to wake them up! In other words, it was the so called freaks who were the ones who knew how to live and the "normal' town folks had forgotten the meaning of life, subsisting in their narrow minded jails. Zombies going through the motions of living a human life and yet not really living. The sad news in our world today is things are far worse than they were in the movie. Western human society with all its sophistication and hi-tech know how are still living like Zombies, but now we face the threat of extinction from our own misguided deeds.

  • We have newer, more resilient dis-eases brought about by an ever increasing erroneous lifestyle;
  • We take medications to prolong life so that we can continue to punish our bodies;
  • We acquire plastic surgery faces so that we can live with a plastic mask that hides the discontent beneath;
  • We cheat and steal from each other in the name of competition and progress;
  • We live with dogma, ancient rituals superstition and divide ourselves from other groups equally ignorant of true facts of life.

Everywhere we turn some other trickster is waiting to take our money by selling us the greatest new pill... The most fantastic electrical gadget that will do things ten times faster, so we have more time to worry about our stress levels....So, we can try out the greatest new pill.

We send up rocket ships with robots to explore outer space without understanding our minds inner space. Trillions of dollars up in space while dis-ease, pollution and illness fill our space on earth.

The few folks who try to make changes for the better are looked on as freaks by the media and the power people who pull the strings, so that the human fodder herds continue to live in ignorance of true meaning.

We have gone fishing for a better life and have caught ourselves with our own bait. We now can feast like cannibals on our man-made lies and unsound belief systems until the time comes when the last humans lick their chops. They will then look around for their next meal, only to find that earth’s precious space is bare.....

Humanity de-baited itself into liquidation but this time there is no chapter eleven ... The book is closed...And the human race is over.

Of course, future generations may wake up and start to live in a more meaningful manner before it's too late. They may be able to rejoice in the reflection of true spirit and rebuild paradise on earth ...Well, maybe God does play dice after all?


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