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Manifest Hope - Crisis Brings Opportunity

by Amy Suplee(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 159 - June 2009

When looking at the newspaper on any given day in any part of the country, you cannot help to notice the multitude of articles talking about the gloomy future of our economy.  Our country who has over-spent, over-budgeted, over-grown, over-eaten and over-done-it, is now feeling the consequences of its actions. 

Yin and Yang
Isaac Newton's Third Law states that "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction".  He further explained this as any "applied force, friction or tension causes an interaction or result of an action at a distance".  We can now see the impact of how our actions have wreaked havoc not only on the economy, but the environment, and our health.  Not only have our actions affected us locally and socially, but nationally and globally as well.  We are all getting a giant universal wake-up call as our natural and economic resources are dwindling.  Although these important topics must not be ignored, there is no need to harp on the negative aspects; rather it is time to emulate positivity and a global action plan that starts locally, yet proliferates worldwide. 

Normal Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking explains how "what you have affirmed and visualized is in fact true".  Although the economy is in a state of financial crisis, the more we believe and add energy to this idea, the more it actualizes.  By watching or consistently believing 'the negative news', we are buying into the fear mentality.  Once this fear sets in, we then become fearful of loss, and that very thought creates actions that continue to make the economy worsen as people minimize their spending. 

According to Taoist philosophy and the theory behind Chinese Medicine, life maintains a state of balance and equilibrium due to fluctuations of polar opposites.  This is the idea behind yin and yang, good and bad, hot and cold, rich and poor.  One would not exist without the other.  Therefore, the present state of our economy is following the Laws of Nature, and Newton's theory of Universal Gravitation for, 'what goes up must come back down'. 

The politicians and the newscasters are calling this a state of 'crisis'.  Yet, in the Chinese language the word crisis is represented by two characters.  The first character means danger, while the second character means opportunity.  In the midst of crisis, it forces us to re-examine our lives, our actions, our beliefs, our behaviours and the effect that we as individuals have on our community, our town, our state, our nation and our world.  This has been coined 'the shadow side' in psychological terms, or that part of ourselves that we wish to repress and deny.  It is these negative character traits stemming from our thought patterns which we need to address, so we can operate from a place of honesty, virtue, integrity and righteousness in our thoughts, beliefs and actions. 

We as a society are always looking for shortcuts and quick-fix remedies.  It is time to stop the national greed and desire that American people are afflicted with. We currently fail to see that the pendulum is about to swing and we are on the brink of major expansion, a greater vision, a better way, and positive change.  The key to creating prosperity is to affirm it, visualize it, believe it and it will actualize itself, but it starts within each individual.  According to the Biology of Belief written by Bruce Lipton, "what you think about you bring about".  Therefore, it is much more beneficial for us to think about the opportunity in the midst of crisis.  Small changes amongst individuals have a big impact on groups of people.  Rather than focusing on lack, degradation, economic downfall and planning for hard times, let us focus on positive change, social cooperation and kindness within communities.  Let us all join together and help one another.  This is achieved by thinking of others rather than putting ourselves first.  If we all gave to each other, we would all be taken care of.  We also need to start thinking about long term strategies and worldwide goals, rather than a narrow-minded vision that will suit our own personal assets.  We begin to encounter worldwide crises when envisioning limitation and thinking selfishly, rather than worldly and expansively. Rather than fearing the worst, and trying to protect our own accumulated possessions, we must not buy into the fear mentality but buy into the Faith, and know that positive change is here, while making intelligent choices to contribute to the economic uprise.  We all must do our part in communities as we continue to support each other by lending a smile, offering a hand, supporting local businesses, local farmers and staying POSITIVE.  Like Norman Vincent Peale says, "no matter how badly things seem to be going, always picture success!"  Once this attitude of prosperity starts, an amazing thing happens....this energy becomes contagious and carries itself through entire communities, as businesses begin to prosper once again.  This is how global change occurs for "one small step for man is one giant leap for mankind".   

So, let us manifest HOPE and smile at your neighbour!


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