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Global Changes

by David Malin(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 146 - April 2008

Planetary changes in the past several decades have become quite profound. In fact, it is very difficult to be human and not be aware of such changes anymore. The technology of the computer with the ever-increasing access to the internet is one such profound change. This has brought the world together even more so than the advent of television, as the internet provides for more individualized forms of expression and communication, not to mention dispersion of free information.

Worldwide public awareness of such issues as global warming and the dramatic increase in international commerce, also make us realize how we are all inter-connected. It seems that in the past few years English has become the second language of the world, whereas before there was no universally shared common language. All such phenomena could be classified as outer or external global changes, making us more connected. So what about internal changes within the very matrix of the human organism? Surely if it is true that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, then it should follow that people must be changing on the inside as well, to be more connected.

On the biological level, it is quite possible that there are DNA changes occurring within all of us. Unfortunately the whole realm of DNA research is still relatively new to modern science (with modern science being still relatively new to the history of the planet). So the nature of such changes may not yet be visible or measurable in the realm of established genetic research, whose focus is on more external methods of altering or changing DNA. Certainly there are a growing number of cutting-edge, holistic therapies that talk about being able to change our DNA structure; however, much change can be achieved through more internal processes such as meditation, visualization, and intention.

Whereas the system of genetics describes a biological blueprint of our being, the chakra system describes an energetic blueprint of our being. When modern genetic research learns to look at and assess the type of changes that can occur through genetically focused, holistic therapies, there likely then will also be seen correlations with the changes occurring in the chakras. For again, as above so below; or as the energetic blueprint changes so may we be able to observe changes in the biological blueprint. What then are some of the changes being observed in the chakra system?

From over 30 years of study and practice in the realm of holistic and complementary therapies, with much focused research into the chakra system1, I have observed many significant changes in recent years. For it appears that our very nature as human beings has been dramatically changing, as viewed through the lens of the chakras, our energetic blueprint. The outer world becoming more inter-connected appears to correlate well with significant changes observed in the chakras, that of people becoming more heart-based. For the heart chakras are truly the centres through which we relate and connect to others.

Not only have people’s spiritual bodies become more focused in the heart, but we have been evolving by having a wider spectrum of expression available within our hearts, by now having three main heart chakras2. In fact, we now have the potential to access and have our spirits express through 12 chakras. The additional chakras, from the more commonly known seven-chakra system, include two more in our heart, one in our pelvis, one in our gut, and one in our brain3. These new additions, which are for the most part earth-based, feminine or internal in nature, allow for realignment to a pre-existing blueprint reconnecting us to our wholeness.

The feminine nature of these reappearing chakras, should be no surprise, as our world, since at least Roman times, has been very much out of balance, being more external, masculine, and heartless; dishonouring our more internal and feminine nature, which includes our emotions. Thus it would make sense that changes and expansion within our energetic blueprint, bringing us as a race into more balance and wholeness, would therefore need to embrace our more internal, receptive and feminine side; as well as requiring more focus within our hearts. For it is within a balanced heart from which we are able to step out of a world of polarity and duality.

In fact the ancient Chinese text from over 5000 years ago, the I Ching (or Book of Changes), speaks of finding balance between the Yin (Earth-below) and the Yang (Heaven-above) forces of the universe. So as we learn to better embrace our more receptive, Yin nature, we will find that place within our hearts where the forces of heaven above and earth below can meet and find balance. And indeed, this is the emerging pattern of change observed within the energetic blueprint of our chakras. For it is now apparent that this is the new direction that humanity is now embracing from the inside. May we also soon witness such heart-based and receptive changes manifesting in our external world, as our outer reality comes to reflect such changes from within.


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