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Bridging The Gap Between The Law Of Attraction and Inspired Action

by Jayc G Ryder(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 177 - December 2010

There are so many 'experts today' on 'The Law Of Attraction' - it seems that every guru, every business coach is an expert in this 'incredible phenomenon'. Have you noticed when you look at their results - and the results certainly speak for themselves - some of those experts are living on the poverty line, having poor relationships or wearing Armani suits to events and then going home to their run down cottages? Yet when you speak to those that follow those experts - their lives have been transformed immensely. What on earth is actually happening?


Our own experiences with 'The Law Of Attraction' started by us receiving the movie The Secret and then throwing ourselves into incredible amounts of study and practical application. Boy did we mess it up. Yes that's right - we manifested a messed up situation - because that's what the Law of Attraction does - it helps you to manifest your thoughts - we manifested all sorts of situations. From poor business decisions through to poor buying choices; yet we would work with people sharing our knowledge and wisdom and they in turn were creating incredible outcomes. You see, we are one of those experts I talked about in the first paragraph. We have helped some people manifest some incredible results - eg: one lovely lady went from $20 per hour to $1000 per hour in less than 1 week after 2 consultations with me. Another amazing lady turned a $25,000 debt into a $20,000 profit after spending two weeks being mentored 1 on 1 with me.  Yet while these clients became richer and richer, there were obviously problems under the surface in my life....

So what did they do to become so successful - I'm sure you can hear the stories in your mind now - they probably go something like "Oh they did something different and I couldn't do that" or, "they were the lucky ones and I'm not like that" or "fill in the blanks with an extremely good excuse here...".

It's at this point I like to stop people in their thoughts - if you are having any thoughts like these and let's be honest here - when I saw these experts I could see what was under their surface - why they were overweight and rich, why their marriage was on the rocks and rich. I could and did add value to their lives with my knowledge and connection to Source Counsel. But what about my own life? Why was I experiencing the negatives that I could see in so many others?

Doesn't the Law of Attraction mean that I can attract the good things to my life?

Let's look a bit closer at the Law of Attraction and see what is really going on. When most people hear about the Law of Attraction, they sit back and say - "Oh that only works if you are rich". It is an easy statement for anyone to make. But I must ask you this - if the premise of the Law Of Attraction is Like attracts like - ok I know there is a bigger explanation than that - but let's stay focused on keeping it simple for a moment. So If Like Attracts Like then ask yourselves this - What were we thinking that was different to our clients who were becoming such incredible successes? What were we afraid of? Why were we focused on fear? Why were we attracting negative experiences to our life? Not only were we attracting the negatives, by studying the Law of Attraction it made them come faster and easier... We didn't want the bad anymore - where was the good stuff?

The Law Of Attraction is all about receiving a vibrational alignment that matches the vibrational alignment you send out Let me ask you a question - as you read this. How are you actually feeling in this moment about this exact moment? The Law of Attraction is always in action and affects your life instantly in every moment. Most will say I'm not thinking anything bad, yet if we delve deeper the responses become - more direct, more real and much more honest. They show elements of fear - fear of job losses, fear of losing partners, fear of financial ruin, and more. Fear is the number one problem next to powerlessness and depression.

The Law Of Attraction is all about receiving a vibrational alignment that matches the vibrational alignment you send out.
Now if you have an underlying thought pattern around fear then imagine what you could attract - actually don't imagine it at all - let's take our minds onto a more joyous place. Hang on - how can we do that when there is so much fear around?

The Law Of Attraction is all about receiving a vibrational alignment that matches the vibrational alignment you send out.
Do you sometimes wonder  why you start a relationship with a new partner and it is going along swimmingly, like it does, and then after a while, life seems to kick in and next thing you know this relationship has ended the same way the last one ended. And every time you ask yourself "why does this keep happening to me"?

The Law Of Attraction is all about receiving a vibrational alignment that matches the vibrational alignment you send out.
You are at work, in another job, that you just started. It all starts off fine, life's going along swimmingly, and you are enjoying it. Then something happens and bam that job sucks and you want out of it. You resign or you are fired and at some point say. "Why does this keep happening to me"?

The Law Of Attraction is all about receiving a vibrational alignment that matches the vibrational alignment you send out.
Can you see a pattern occurring? Can you see how the actions, the thoughts, the feelings you are having and the thoughts feelings and actions we were experiencing, are all being manifested based upon The Law of Attraction?

There is such a good reason for this and while focusing on your mindset, or holding your intention will help change you, there is a much faster way to move through the real issue at hand.

Bridging The Gap Between The Law Of Attraction and Inspired Action.

Does anyone really know what inspired action is?

Does your life seem to go on and on no matter how hard you try? You have the initiative, the drive, the desire, the determination yet everything you do just doesn't work. It ends the same way, with the same result.

The Law Of Attraction is all about receiving a vibrational alignment that matches the vibrational alignment you send out.
So you do as you know how to do and focus your thoughts on receiving your desires, you take massive action (or at least some action), you alter your feelings each and every time (well most of the time) and still you aren't successful. You might even say you are a failure. You feel like a failure in life, business and relationships or at least within your family.

The problem with this is, underneath all the layers of focusing on mindset, feeling your flow, connecting to source, receiving guided messages, taking massive action, is your core belief.

It is your core beliefs that provide the inspired action - once you have become honest about what those actual beliefs are then, you can change your vibrational alignment.

If you want to bridge the gap between the Law of Attraction and Inspired action - you must know what it is that is fuelling your manifestations.

All the therapies I have followed and worked with, all focus on healing what we call the outer 5 layers of your onion. The layers that support your core beliefs - the layers I am talking about are Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Financial. Yes I know there is nothing earth shattering here - these are standard 'pillars', yet time and time again, if we are weak on any of these pillars then we are manifesting without inspiration.

You might find yourself asking the exact same question we asked. Does all this Law of Attraction stuff really work, or is it just a mumbo jumbo way for people to sell a really hot topic item and make loads of money?

Well, just to reassure you, the Law of Attraction does work, and it is actively altering your life and my life and the lives of everyone in every moment, Positively and Negatively.

So then if all that's true then why is life still rough around the edges?

It's those core beliefs, the ones that you have never looked at before, never been able to get deep enough to face because they are really painful, really hurt and really hard to handle. Combine core beliefs with contrasting situations - how can you possibly feel good enough to create those inspired desires?

Now you may think that inspired desires are easy - give me lots of money and I will show you what I want... yet this exact example shows so clearly a place of lack and sends out a vibration of lack - the inspiration that will come from it can only be... lack.

Have you ever tried to manage your thoughts? To manage what comes into your existence? Today is the first day in about 3 months that I am sitting down to watch TV.  I can also assure you that I haven't read a newspaper in just as many months, and will be muting the ads on the TV as well. I manage my life simply by excluding anything that doesn't bring me joy.

If you really want to bridge the gap between The Law of Attraction and Inspired Acton - then it is time for you to focus your life in one area only - focus your thoughts, your experiences, your actions, your environment and focus it solely on JOY!

When you surround yourself with joy the most amazing thing happens - the actions you take are all joyous, the feelings you have are joyous, the thoughts you have are joyous and guess what - you manifest more reasons to bring you joy...

The answers to the question - what were those people who were my examples earlier - what did they do differently? They focused on JOY. They were mentored by me to manage their thoughts, their existence, their passions, their desires and to arrange them all so that everything in their life was surrounded by joy.

From joy the inspiration is easy; the Inspired action becomes, part of the process. But what about the core beliefs - how do we really get a handle on them?

My dear reader I am not going to leave you high and dry; a complete book is being written on core beliefs and I would like to give you a sneak preview on what you can do to manage your core beliefs and become more aware of them. That's my free gift to you to say thank you for reading this article. I would like to give you a video on Core Beliefs with insights on how to master and manifest the prosperity you so desire. To receive your free gift immediately simply go to 


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    Loved the article! But couldn't get the free gift. I would love to read more.

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