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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 293

by Mike Howell(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 293 - March 2024

Nordic Flower Stem Cell Essences

Clare G Harvey and Dr Dori Naerbo

 A novel patented concept in the arena of the therapeutic healing modality of flower essences is the Nordic Flowers and Stem Cell Essences, which are unique in their creation and development into proprietary blends, wildcrafted from directly from nature using universal quantum frequencies to harness the healing qualities of flowers. Found in the pristine natural environment of Norway’s valleys fjords, tundra, and boreal forests. The harsh cold climates and the midnight sun create a robust and resilient habitat. The creation of the Nordic Flower and Stem Cell Essence comes at a time when needed the most, rising like a phoenix from the challenging  Nordic environment and at the same time, subtle, pure energies, of the environments make the Nordic essences strong and vibrant, able to endure today’s challenges.  The blends are exceptional and bespoke spanning from kits that address optimal immune functioning to stem cell support, skin restoration, hormonal balance and mental and emotional clarity and acuity. 


3 Key Benefits of Forest Bathing + Norwegian Boreal Forest Bathing Spritzer

Benefits of Forest Bathing; Norwegian Boreal Forest Bathing Spritzer


Innate Immune Defense Kit

  1. Immune Immunity- Awakes the ancient intelligence of the immune system;
  2. Influ-Grippe – Supports resistance during cold and flu seasons;
  3. AntiFleur VBF – Defense and support viral, bacterial and fungi overload;
  4. Ancer –Defensive against cells behaving badly;
  5. Gut Ease – Support a healthy gut;
  6. BreatheEasy– Lung support;
  7. BeatEasy – Healthy happy heart.

Jeune Fleur Beauty Kit

  1. Fountain of Youth- Age reversal;
  2. Slim Me – Encourages optimal weight;
  3. Skin Restore- Baby skin;
  4. Stem Cell – Support repair and renewal;
  5. Luscious Locks – Support hair growth;
  6. Hormonal Balance – Emotional support from puberty to menopause and beyond;
  7. Inner Beauty – Encourages your Je Ne Sais Quoi.

Optimal Reset Kit

  1. Brain Power – Support your mental acuity and clarity;
  2. Spectrum – Calm, supportive and encourages balance of emotional connectivity;
  3. Angst – Support, calming and stabilizing;
  4. Blue Funk – The Blue’s essence and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel;
  5. Trauma Rescue + - Calming the triggers that create emotional, shock and mental trauma;
  6. AstralVerse – Trippin the Light Fantastic;
  7. Life’s Purpose – Remember your life’s purpose.

Part of the range includes a Norwegian Spritz. Created to emulate the ancient practice of forest bathing, with stem cell essences of Norwegian Chagha, Pine and Red Ramanus Rose in combination with floral oils of  Norwegian  Spruce, Eucalyptus,  Hinoki, Neroli, Vetiver, Bergamot and Rose Damask.  This produces grounding, cleansing, and balancing effect on the aura and subtle bodies. Studies have shown that forest bathing improves immune response, has a natural antiviral and antibacterial, reduces blood pressure, and calms the mind. The Norwegian Spritzer encourages clarity of thought and emotional calm, leaving you feeling clean, uplifted, cantered, protected, and in control of your personal space. The Spritz fine-tunes the vibrational frequency, like a tuning fork for an instrument, and raises overall vibration, aiding meditation and attunement to your original DNA and multidimensional Self.

Further Information

Available from  ,



In Memoriam: Andrew W Saul PhD – Founder OMNS Orthomolecular Nutrition Service.

February 5, 1955 – February 3, 2024

Originally Published by The International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine  

Quotations from: Michael Stewart < >


The passing of Andrew Saul has left a profound sense of sadness and loss in the field of orthomolecular medicine. Throughout a remarkable career, he made significant contributions to the advancement of orthomolecular medicine and natural health.


Andrew W Saul  


As Michael Stewart laments: “It saddens me greatly to have lost a friend whose dynamic character and warm heart created a circle of influence that has grown exponentially through his many works driven by his wisdom and passion for orthomolecular medicine.

“I've had the honour to work with Dr Saul all these years on the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service OMNS…  The news service was originally founded by Andrew out of a request by his close friend and colleague Dr Hugh Riordan.  Dr Riordan had received funding from the  Institute for Sustainable Finance (ISF), Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine (JOM) and International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine ISOM to establish the website in collaboration with Steven Carter...   This was during a time when PubMed refused to publicly index the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. So the plan was to convert the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine into an electronic archive available to the public through This was a significant undertaking that took several months to achieve.”

In 2005, he founded the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service (OMNS), a free-access, peer-reviewed platform that has since published over 135 issues under his leadership. In the same year he also testified before the Parliament of Canada, advocating for the safety and efficacy of nutrition therapy. His ongoing work earned him recognition as one of seven natural health pioneers by Psychology Today, and he was honoured with the Citizens for Health Outstanding Health Freedom Activist Award. Andrew was inducted into the Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame in 2013.

Andrew Saul made a significant impact on the field of natural health education through his extensive literary contributions. He wrote or co-wrote a total of fourteen books, collaborating with esteemed authors such as Abram Hoffer. His editorial involvement in the acclaimed book The Orthomolecular Treatment of Chronic Disease (2014) and the influential Vitamin Cure book series solidified his position as a leading authority in natural medicine. Additionally, he was prominently featured in the documentary films Food Matters (2008) and That Vitamin Movie (2016).

A summary of Dr Saul's influence and the Impact of OMNS:

  • Launched in 2005 in collaboration with Dr Hugh Riordan & Steven Carter (ISF/ISOM);
  • Initial funding provided by ISF/ISOM from funds received via donation for org;
  • Started with volunteers researching news agencies/outlets and continued with countless hours of volunteered time as Editor in Chief;
  • 19 Years/Volumes; 
  • 471 Peer Reviewed Releases  (1 release pending approval & 1 out for board review in 2024); 
  • 31,053 Active Subscribers (49,788 Total since 2015);
  • 7 Million Sends;
  • 2 Million Reads/Opens;
  • 36% Average Open Rate (unheard of as an email publication);
  • 42 Member Editorial Board; 
  • 18 Contributing/Associate Editors;
  • Translated into 8 different languages.

Despite facing controversy and opposition, Saul remained steadfast in his pursuit of empowering individuals with knowledge about the benefits of orthomolecular medicine and nutrition. His dedication to challenging the status quo and advocating for evidence-based natural therapies has left an indelible mark on the field and will inspire future generations for years to come. Andrew Saul’s passing will be mourned by the orthomolecular and natural health communities, and the countless individuals his many contributions have undoubtedly touched.

Further Information

For more information about his work, you can visit to explore the wealth of knowledge he has left behind.



Abundance and Health Phytonutrient Anti-Inflammatory Curcumin

Curcumin+ combines highly absorbable Theracurmin®, a patented and clinically researched form of curcumin, the active phytonutrient found in turmeric, with Casperome® a patented Boswellia extract containing 11 boswellic acids. Turmeric and Boswellia help support joint health and flexibility, helping maintain mobility and movement. Theracurmin® uses Japanese colloidal dispersion technology to create readily absorbable sub-micron curcumin particles. Clinical data shows Theracurmin® to be 27 times more absorbable than standard curcumin. Casperome® uses phytosome technology to coat Boswellia in phospholipids enabling boswellic acids to be absorbed 3 times more efficiently and faster than standard Boswellia.


Curcumin + Bioavailability Graph


Studies show the active phytonutrient curcumin found in turmeric and the group of boswellic acids found in frankincense resin may help to modulate inflammation pathways and influence certain inflammatory markers.  These botanical extracts play a role in nutrition protocols designed for supporting musculoskeletal health, inflammatory conditions, pain and injuries.

Does Curcumin Always Need Pepper (Piperine) to be Absorbed?

The short answer is no! Turmeric has been used as a health supplement for centuries, however, curcumin particles are very large, making it hard to get absorbed in the body and requiring people to take larger amounts in order to see any benefits. Curcumin + went the extra mile including a patented formula: Theracurcumin® which gets past the absorption issues by using a special technology to reduce the size of curcumin particles allowing them to be 27 times more bioavailable than standard curcumin, keeping the formula simple by avoiding more ingredients (pepper/piperine). Boswellic acids are also poorly absorbed from standard supplements and extracts. Moreover, Boswellia particles attract each other and clump together making absorption hard. Casperome® coated particle surfaces with phospholipid phytosomes to keep Boswellia particles separate and absorbed faster. 

Who Would Benefit From Curcumin+?

Curcumin + is perfect to support: movement and mobility as you grow older,  joint flexibility as a young and older adult; when recovering from a sports injury, for those living sporty or active lifestyles, after food or alcohol overindulgence and for cleansing or elimination diets. 

Especially important:

  • During recovery from a sports injury
  • Physically active lifestyles
  • Intense training schedules
  • During times of increased alcohol intake

Neutrient Curcumin+

  • 1 capsule, daily provides 60mg curcumin and 250mg Boswellia
  • Equivalent to 2g turmeric root and 500mg Boswellia resin
  • Casperome® provides a full spectrum of the boswellic acids naturally present in Boswellia resin
  • Theracurmin® overcomes the typical poor absorption rates associated with standard curcumin extracts
  • 2 year shelf life, recyclable packaging, competitively priced
  • Clean formulation, no unnecessary fillers or artificial ingredients

Further Information

For further information see



Sayer Complementary Health

Many people will start the New Year with a resolution to make changes to their health regime, only to feel disillusioned and falter a few days later.  I tend to recommend that anyone who wants to undergo a dietary detox will be far better suited to waiting until the Spring.  This is because during the winter months our bodies respond so well to those warming foods such as soups, whereas in the summer months we resonate with cooler foods, i.e. salads and nature provides the weather conditions for such foods.


Sayer Photo + Homeopathic Remedies


In the early days of my practice, I soon found out that although homeopathy was giving relief there were times when additional support was needed. This led me to train in nutrition and now I use both disciplines often together to further improve their health.  It was Samuel Hahnemann in his early writings who wrote that good food clean water, good housing etc., was necessary for good health.

As part of my ongoing continual professional development I became interested in how certain nutritional programmes could assist people who wished to embark on dietary changes to benefit their health.  As I am a recognized practitioner of the NutriClean, Gut Transformation and Peri-Menopause nutritional health programmes I am able to offer guidance and support to anyone who chooses to undertake any of these programmes.   I also believe that supporting nutritional changes with homeopathic remedies I can help my clients achieve great results.

Having been a homeopathic practitioner for over 30 years, I am just as passionate about the benefits of homeopathy today as I was when I first enrolled on what turned out, for me, to be a life-changing course.  Homeopathic remedies are gentle, non-toxic, non-addictive and can be taken by people of any age as well as offering support to the digestive system when dietary changes are made.

During a consultation when the client discusses their health problems, I am able to advise them, where necessary, if any additional support alongside homeopathy would be beneficial and recommend dietary and/or other lifestyle changes that could bring about better long-term results.

My practice is in Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex but for clients where distance or time constraints could be an issue, I hold consultations via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc.

Further Information

For further details on any of the above, please telephone 01621 730664 or email me at  or visit and please mention Positive Health when making contact.



Ramsay’s Disease Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) And the Unfortunate Creation of ‘CFS’

by Leslie O Simpson PhD, Nancy Blake BA CQSW 

Published by Lifelight Publications. 2013. Paperback. £18.31.  ISBN-10: 0957181728.


Experience, Comments, Controversies Including Suggestions for Managing Your Own Progress

Why is this decade-old publication so important today?

Long Covid, is the Answer

Currently, a workforce depleted by long-term absence from illness is having an effect on the economy.  The 250,000 disabled by ME have become millions disabled by Long Covid, an illness with very similar symptoms. [1] In Ramsay’s Disease (ME), Les Simpson offers a convincing explanation for the effects of this multi-system disease: failure of the aerobic metabolism because misshapen red blood cells cannot flow through the microcirculation, causing lack of oxygen and built-up of lactates throughout the body.


Cover Ramsays Disease Issue 293


What does this have to do with Long Covid?

‘All 150 symptoms of Long Covid can be explained by hypoxia’ (not enough oxygen), says Professor Resia Pretorius.’[2]

“The oxygen just isn’t getting into the muscles” says Dr Emma Wall, researcher at the UCL Long Covid rehabilitation clinic.[3]

The illustration on the front of ‘Ramsay’s Disease’ is a micrograph of a sample of blood from the co-author, Nancy Blake, who came down with ME in 1986, which clearly shows the proliferation of misshapen red blood cells. Normally, red blood cells are circular, flat, with inverted dimples on both sides.  The technical name is ‘biconcave discocytes’.  But in this sample, most are misshapen – cup shapes, flat with irregular edges and no dimples, curved .

A normal biconcave discocyte is wider than the tiny capillaries in our microcirculation, but is able to stretch and curl (deform) enough to flow through easily. Red blood cells which are of any other shape cannot do this (are ‘non-deformable’). When these proliferate, blood flow is hindered, and every organ in the body suffers.


The controversy between those who believe treatment should prioritise rest and those who think that rehabilitation must involve exercises to improve fitness should be laid to rest by this information.  Exercising muscles which are oxygen-starved will cause damage, harm throughout the body caused by lack of oxygen will be magnified when exercise depletes oxygen even further.  As most patients discover for themselves, keeping exertion to a minimum gives the best chance for ultimate recovery, and certainly the best chance to live a life as close to normal as possible, whatever degree of recovery is achieved. Ramsay’s Disease includes several suggestions from Les for supplements which can improve blood flow, with detailed information about how and why they work.

Nancy’s account of her experiences with ME demonstrates that if you learn early that there is no accepted diagnostic test for it, and no known effective treatments, therefore no point in seeking a cure from a doctor, you can use your limited energy instead to get through the basics of life, with some left over for things you enjoy – and an ongoing, if erratic, progress towards recovery.

Our Culture has a Blind Spot

The blind spot is the conflation of recovery from an illness with rehabilitation to regain physical fitness.

Physical fitness is achieved through aerobic exercise.  But recovery from these multisystem chronic illnesses cannot be achieved if the damage caused through lack of oxygen is increased by exercise which depletes oxygen further.

Long Covid patients must be allowed to recover, not exercised into permanent disability.  But up to now, many Long Covid rehabilitation centres are based in gyms, and offer only “psychological support” and “individually tailored exercise programmes”. A public health catastrophe is imminent; we must head it off.

The concepts in Ramsay’s Disease give us a chance to understand the symptoms of Long Covid, and to ensure that no patient is further disabled through ill-advised exercise.


  1. Darja Reuschke & Donald Houston (2023) The impact of Long COVID on the UK, Applied Economics Letters, 30:18, 2510-2514, DOI: 10.1080/13504851.2022.2098239
  2. Professor Resia Pretorius is the Head of Department and a Distinguished Research professor in the Physiological Sciences Department, Faculty of Science, Stellenbosch University, South Africa. She is also the Director of BioCODE Technologies.  Her overall research theme is blood coagulation, circulating inflammatory markers and how these play a role in inflammatory conditions.

[Insert YouTube Video:]

Interview between Dr Proal and Professor Pretorius, Minute 13, when Professor Pretorius 
states that as many as 150 symptoms have been reported in Long Covid, and all can be explained by hypoxia ­ lack of oxygen.]

  1. Inside Health, Radio 4, 6 February 2024


Further Information

Further information about Ramsay’s Disease is available here. Available from  Amazon



Turning Point Training – Postgraduate Courses in Craniosacral Therapy and Homotoxicology

Turning Point Training offers postgraduate courses in Craniosacral Therapy and Homotoxicology. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds both in conventional and holistic disciplines. This allows an exchange of information and experience that enriches the learning experience. Courses are mixture of leading-edge, scientifically based theory and clinical and practical tuition. Students are encouraged to explore and develop their gifts and talents in bringing their unique experience to the disciplines taught. Students are thus empowered.


Issue 293 Jonathan and Rosemary Lawrence + Electroacupuncture + Practitioner Course + CranioSacral Course 2019

Top: Jonathan Lawrence BA DO Cert Ed and Rosemary Lawrence Dip BFD Cert Clin Hom Cert Ed

Middle: Electroacupuncture and Practitioner Course: Bottom: Craniosacral Course 2019


Small groups help to facilitate this experience. Turning Point teachers are enthusiastic and experienced practising therapists who keep their knowledge up to date. The philosophy of Turning Point encompasses the idea that medicine is an art informed by science. We believe that the conventional materialist paradigm is very much out of date and that scientific knowledge has now reached a point where much of holistic medicine can incorporated into a new paradigm.

Turning Point courses introduce the concepts of research and encourage students to critically evaluate current information.

Craniosacral therapy is based on the relationship between the structure and function of the body and the expression of health. Specific, gentle and skilled manipulation can restore the structure-function relationship supporting the patients’ own homeostatic mechanisms. This non-invasive and safe therapy can be used on patients of all ages from the new-born to the elderly.

The Practitioner Course consists of 8 modules over 5 weekends and 20 hours Zoom support days. In addition, students must complete a portfolio of case studies and complete an exam. Practical skills are assessed during the course. This course is recognized by the CMA. This course is held in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Check the website for 2025 dates.  This course is led by Jonathan Lawrence.

Homotoxicology  is based on the idea that disease results from toxic load. In modern life we are subject to toxins from a variety of sources. This has the effect of stressing the immune system leading to ill health. Accurate prescribing can help the body gently detoxify aiding the restoration of homeostasis.

The remedies used are single potency homeopathic remedies or combinations of remedies to achieve a specific physiological response.

The Online Diploma in Homotoxicology is via the Society of Homotoxicology, UK. Contact us for access to this course.

Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll (EAV) is a postgraduate course.

This method involves electro-acupuncture assessment of organ meridians to find imbalances in the body. The 12 traditional Chinese meridians are tested plus the addition 9 Voll Meridians discovered by Dr Reinhard Voll.

Training is via small tutorial groups led by Rosemary Lawrence. For 2024/25 dates email

Further Information

For information about training in these disciplines visit



Core: A Science-Backed Approach to Exercising and Understanding Our Central Anatomy

by Owen Lewis

Published by ‎Lotus Publishing. 31 Mar. 2024. Paperback. £19.99/$25.95.  ISBN-10: ‎1913088405


A Holistic, In-Depth Guide to Understanding Core Strength


Core Cover


Health magazines, gym-class instructors, and YouTube fitness experts frequently speak of the importance of a strong core, the muscles at our body’s center that provide stability and support our movement. It has been suggested that improved core function can reduce symptoms of lower back and pelvic pain, incontinence, and breathing issues. But while the core may be well-known, it is still poorly understood: there is no universally agreed-upon definition of the core or the muscles it comprises.

Core adopts a holistic yet practical approach to demystifying the core, focusing on both its physical significance to bodily movement and its central role in our overall well-being. While physical therapy and core-exercise regimens tend to emphasize strength building and stable posture, clinician and educator Owen Lewis argues for an approach that is also flexible, fluid, and adaptable. He emphasizes functional training and underlying principles over a static list of exercises, providing the groundwork for tailored, individual training to improve core function. Supplemented throughout with colour photos and a diverse range of models, Core makes it easy to understand the anatomy of this crucial region of the body, as well as key principles for more effective and safe exercises and training regimens.

Lewis clearly explains how the core works to manage and transfer the force of movement through the center of the body, building on principles of biotensegrity (how the tension and compression of different muscles creates a balanced structure that distributes stress and strain). The final chapters of the book provide a range of useful, functional training exercises suitable for lay readers but especially helpful as examples for therapists and trainers to use with clients.

About Owen Lewis

A former Anatomy Trains teacher, Owen Lewis now works in collaboration with James Earls at Born to Move. Together they have created a unique series of workshops that blend and utilize their varied and extensive understanding of the body in movement. Their workshops are in high demand worldwide.  Lewis has a background in elite sport with a bachelor’s degree in Sports, Health, and Physical Education, a master’s degree in Applied Sports and Exercise Psychology, and a postgraduate certification in Education. He is a certified Structural Integrator (ATSI) and Sports Massage Therapist (LSSM) and has been taught by some of the leading pioneers of manual therapy including Thomas Myers, Robert Schleip, David Tiberio, and Diane Lee.  He incorporates his passion for philosophy, art, and science into every aspect of his work.

Further Information

Available from Lotus Publishing



Revolutionizing Wellness Solutions – The International Science Nutrition Society (ISNS) and DRC Ventures

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare innovation, two organizations stand out for their commitment to revolutionizing wellness solutions: The International Science Nutrition Society (ISNS) and DRC Ventures. ISNS serves as a beacon of collaboration, bringing together leading scientists, medical professionals, researchers, and experts in complementary and integrative medicine. At its core, ISNS is dedicated to disseminating cutting-edge research and concepts across the domains of health, wellness, science, nutrition, and environmental studies. With a mission to empower individuals with authentic and honest solutions, ISNS aims to cultivate a deeper understanding of natural wellness. Their ultimate goal? To leverage the power of knowledge in fostering sustainable, happier, and healthier lifestyles. Through their visionary approach, ISNS strives to build a community united in the pursuit of a clean, prosperous, and healthy world for generations to come.


ISNS + DRC Ventures Logos

The International Science Nutrition Society (ISNS) and DRC Ventures


Meanwhile, DRC Ventures is pioneering a new frontier in healthcare analytics through its innovative patient registry program. Leveraging real-world data, the patient registry serves as a robust tool for collecting and analyzing invaluable insights from patients. By harnessing this data, DRC Ventures gains valuable perspectives into various diseases, facilitating the development of novel treatments and the monitoring of patient outcomes over time. Through the Circles platform, patients receive tailored digital resources specific to their conditions and prescribed treatments, enhancing the value proposition of nutraceutical products by incorporating long-term outcome measures.

A key advantage of the patient registry lies in its ability to provide a comprehensive understanding of the patient population. By discerning which patients stand to benefit most from their products, DRC Ventures can tailor its marketing efforts to effectively reach target demographics. Moreover, the registry enables ongoing monitoring of patient outcomes, empowering DRC Ventures to gauge the impact of its products across diverse health conditions.

Through the wealth of data collected in the registry, DRC Ventures can identify prevalent health concerns and conditions that may benefit from their products. This valuable insight not only strengthens the safety and efficacy profile of their offerings but also serves to inform regulators, healthcare providers, and patients alike. Armed with real-world data, DRC Ventures is poised to make informed decisions that elevate the standard of patient care while continuously improving the quality of their products and services.

Further Information

To register or to learn more please visit  The International Science Nutrition Society   DRC Ventures  contact via



The Corona Protocol – A Scientifically Proven Medical Solution to Stop Addiction, Bullying, Homelessness, School Shootings, and Suicide 30 Years in the Making

by Paul D. Corona MD

Published by The Corona Protocol. February 2024. Paperback. $19.99.  ISBN-13: ‎979-8989600021.

In The Corona Protocol, Dr Paul D Corona, a dedicated medical doctor with profound compassion for human suffering, shares his remarkable journey to alleviate needless pain and misery. With a fervent commitment to relieving the anguish of those who endure unnecessary distress, Dr Corona reveals a groundbreaking approach that marries modern medicine with the intricate interplay between the mind and body.


Cover-Corona Protocol-Dr. Paul-Apr 27-FINAL

Drawing upon his extensive experience as a family physician, Dr Corona exposes the profound impact of emotional factors on physical well-being. He unveils a deeply rooted conviction that unnecessary suffering is a burden that no individual should bear. With an unshakable determination, he seeks to empower both patients and healthcare practitioners to confront mood disorders and related afflictions head-on.

Through The Corona Protocol, Dr Corona offers a comprehensive blueprint for transforming lives by addressing the intricate connection between physiological and psychological well-being. He highlights the pivotal role of family physicians in the realm of mental health, urging them to embrace a holistic approach that encompasses both mind and body.

This enlightening journey traverses the domains of neuroscience, psychology, and medical practice, as Dr Corona lays bare the keys to unlocking a brighter, more fulfilling existence. Guided by meticulous research and a genuine desire to uplift humanity, he introduces a protocol that transcends conventional treatments.

At the heart of "The Corona Protocol" lies a meticulous diagnostic process, meticulously crafted by Dr Corona himself. With a keen focus on personal and family history, he expertly navigates the intricate landscape of each patient's unique neurochemistry. This personalized approach, rooted in evidence-based practice, seeks to identify the most effective solutions from the outset, minimizing the often lengthy and frustrating trial-and-error process.

Dr  Corona's protocol is a testament to collaboration, uniting medical professionals from various disciplines in a collective effort to alleviate suffering. He challenges the stigma associated with mental health, presenting a pathway to liberation from the shackles of invisible illnesses. With a blend of empathy, wisdom, and innovation, Dr  Corona ushers in a new era of healing – one where the mind and body are harmoniously addressed, and lives are irrevocably transformed.

The Corona Protocol isn't just a medical guide; it's a call to action for all those who seek to illuminate the path toward comprehensive well-being. Dr Paul D. Corona's narrative of perseverance, compassion, and scientific rigor invites readers to join him on an extraordinary quest to reshape the landscape of modern medicine and redefine the boundaries of human healing.

Further Information

More information at Available to purchase at    



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    Veteran yogi Howard VanEs and Chiropractor Dr Rick Harvey’s new book, Yoga for Better Balance, features a self-test that pinpoints areas where balance may be compromised and then provides clear instructions (and lots of photos) to make their yoga postures and exercises accessible to people of all skill levels. The book provides step-by-step instructions, plenty of accompanying photos and options for beginners as well as experienced yoga practitioners to make the postures and exercises accessible to people of all skill levels. Yoga for Better Balance also offers simple lifestyle suggestions that can make a significant difference for improving balance and reducing the risk of falls. From looking at wear points on shoes, to sleep habits, to living environments, a variety of practical tips will help keep readers safe while improving overall health.

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    Prenatal Ultrasound Safe?

    Are ultrasound imaging scans safe for unborn children? Researcher, author and birth advocate Jeanice Barcelo shares research in her latest book, The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound which includes nearly 300 pages of sourced material and more than 1,800 citations to back up findings that ultrasound may be causing harm to developing babies. Among the risks Barcelo cites that can be attributed to ultrasound exposure in utero are: radiation-induced genetic mutations that can negatively affect future generations; damaging reproductive effects that can lead to fertility issues and sterility later in life; radiation-induced brain damage and/or neurodevelopmental delays that can contribute to autism; and many childhood diseases. Barcelo’s goal is to encourage parents and those who want to become parents to fully understand the facts – and the potential risks – of  ultrasound technology, foetal heartrate monitors and other devices that make use of non-ionizing radiation.

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    AIHM Conference

    Registration is now open for Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine AIHM’s First Annual Whole Health Conference entitled Bringing Whole Health to Life, being held on 25-27 October, at San Diego Paradise Point  Resort & Spa.

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    Society: Controlled or Free

    This London event will reveal how aspects of the WEF and UN Agenda 2030 – how our infrastructures and lifestyles are being hijacked with the introduction of ULEZ, CBDC, Social Credit Scores, Net Zero, WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty – are designed to impact all aspects of our everyday lives.  Our future is being planned without our consent.

    Emmanuel Centre (9-23 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 3DW Thursday 11 April from 4.45 pm to 9.30 pm; Speakers: Andrew Bridgen, Scott McCollough, Sandi Adams, Jim other special guests; Tickets: Early bird £20 (until 11th March); full price £25; Sponsor/Host: ACHES (Adult, Child Health & Environmental Support).
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    W-Wellness, Digital Platform

    W-Wellness is set to redefine wellness, offering unparalleled access to experts and a carefully curated selection of leading nutritional supplements and wellness products. Leading practitioners and physicians are invited to embrace this innovative platform as a strategic partner, enabling them to guide their patients towards a comprehensive wellness resource alongside an immersive and elevated shopping experience – all whilst benefiting from a passive income. Sophie Woodward and Sally Lefever-Bell, the visionary founders of W-Wellness, are excited to share the journey of the brand from its inception to its current state.

    Further Information: Please contact Rosie Friend on Tel: 0203 727 0726


    Robert and Hollie Holden

    Give yourself the gift of this 3-day retreat in London called Miracles & Self-Love: Fri 17 May 2024 10:30 AM - Sun 19 May 2024 4:00 PM at Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club, Richmond, London, TW9 2SB.  Focus on the miracles that come from loving ourselves.

    Further Information and booking:


    Your Health in Your Own Hands

    Seminar by Patrick Quanten MD – about what disease truly is and how to manage it. Sunday 26 May, Queens Hotel, Penzance 8.50 am – 5pm. Once we know what goes wrong and why, we can look for what is needed to repair it. It turns out that a Human Being has a consciousness that is conscious of its own consciousness, which is a major factor of influence in his/her life. It turns out that a disease doesn't start at the physical level and is a very personal affair. It turns out that the individual has all the potential not to become ill and at the same time to heal every time he/she does become ill.

    Further Information: Please contact Rob at


    Your Tap Water PFAS?

    ZeroWater, a leader in water purification technology, offers an unrivalled solution to remove chemicals, toxins and containments from tap water. ZeroWater’s advanced five-stage filtration process ensures unmatched purity with every sip. ZeroWater's advanced system comprehensively targets contaminants, including per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), widely known as “forever chemicals”.

    Further Information: Visit


    School of Bodywork – SOB

    We have recently reviewed the skills sharing days them and decided we could improve on what we were offering and do better! you want to refresh some. We wanted to offer something to those of you who want to refresh some skills or perhaps gain confidence in getting back into the industry after a break. So we have developed a Refresher Training Day and set a date for Sunday 23rd June.

    Further Information: Please contact us at 


    Peter Attia MD: Cancer

    In this “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) episode, the conversation focuses on cancer screening, a topic often shrouded in confusion yet crucial to understand given that early identification of a cancer is an essential part of survival strategy. Peter examines the arguments both for and against cancer screening, including addressing why some trials may show no benefit to screening. He then delves into the various screening modalities available for different cancers, highlights the pros and cons associated with each, and explains how to interpret the results. Additionally, Peter provides guidance for navigating outside of the relatively narrow and confined screening guidelines for various types of screening tests.

    Further Information: Please contact Peter Attia MD via


    Macmillan Cancer Lucida AI

    Macmillan invests in Lucida Medical’s pioneering new AI platform transforming the detection of prostate cancer. Macmillan Cancer Support, a UK leading cancer charity, is investing £350,100 in Lucida Medical’s new AI platform, Pi with the aim of improving the speed and accuracy of prostate cancer tests. This could help to improve early detection and treatment and reduce the number of cancer-free patients going through more invasive investigative procedures, as well as potentially saving NHS time and money. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in UK men. There are more than 500,000 men living with prostate cancer across the UK and over 50,000 are diagnosed each year.

    Further Information:  Please contact Ella Thompson, Corporate Communications Manager Macmillan Cancer Support: ,


    Emily Mills Health Creation

    As Ally starts her Maternity Leave today, Emily steps in as my [Rosy’s] Personal Assistant for the next 6 months. Emily is herself a Nutritionist and Health Coach and she will be supporting my Clinic Clients, Mentors, Mentees and Trainees with all of your needs. We wish Ally a most beautiful transition into motherhood and Emily a happy and rewarding time in our team. Do please give her support and encouragement as she embraces her exciting new role

    Further Information: Please contact us at


    Lifestyle Prescriptions

    There are still 10 places left for the current enrolment of our Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coach Certificate Training 2024. Master Lifestyle Medicine Protocols;

    Learn our unique Root-Cause Analysis and Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy process to help your clients finally work out the WHY behind their symptoms?; Meet like-minded, purpose led students? (make friends for life); Have accountability for your studies so actually get this done?

    Further Information:   Enrol


    Amchara Anti-Inflammatory Foods

    Inflammageing is a term for chronic low-grade inflammation that develops with increasing age – coined as a combination of inflammation and ageing. It's an increase in the pro-inflammatory markers that are found in the body’s blood and tissues and is associated as a risk factor for the development of various age-related chronic health conditions. Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods & Health Benefits   Boost Your Gut Health With Pre & Probiotics  Will You Be Joining Us In Gozo This Spring-Summer?

    Further Information: Tel: 01823 213111;  Shop Cleanses


    Sinovial® Osteoarthritis

    IBSA UK subsidiary of IBSA (Institut Biochimique SA launches the latest generation of treatment options for musculoskeletal conditions in the UK, with a focus on Osteoarthritis management –  Sinovial®: A proprietary hybrid of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid or sodium chondroitin cross-linked with hydrogen bonds through patented technology (NAHYCO® ), to provide optimal joint lubrication and support with higher concentrations;  The unique composition  using NAHYCO®  technology ensures that the product is easily injected and well-tolerated by the patient for a longer period of time; Promotes prolonged joint cushioning and reduced pain as it mimics both shock-absorption and lubrication functions of natural synovial fluid, therefore offering sustained relief for patients experiencing the challenges of osteoarthritis.

    Further Information: Please visit


    Mystics & Scientists 2024

    You are warmly invited to join us for this three-day online conference, taking place from Friday 12th - Sunday 14th April. There is an outstanding line-up of speakers to inspire you on your path towards fulfilment and understanding of these crucial conference themes so important in our divided times driven by vicious cycles of trauma, fear, revenge and leading to further polarisation.

    Further Information:


    Mind Body Soul Experience

    Mind Body Soul Experience is  at Alexandra Palace, London 18-20 Oct 2024. Being co-located with OM Yoga Show and Vegan Life Live this year means that you tap into new audiences when you join us at Mind Body Soul Experience!  Showcase your wellness products, practice your therapies or promote your services to up to 15,000 visitors over the 3 days. Stands from just £504 + VAT for the full 3 days.

    Further Information: Please contact Claire on Tel: 01787 220650;


    Meat Lovers Rejoice

    One of the core differences between The Gonzalez Protocol® and other alternative medicine programs is that we recommend different diets for different people based on their metabolic type. While this nutritional enzyme treatment does include some more vegetarian type diets, it also has more carnivore type diets. These diets, at their extreme, can include fatty red meat, a few times a day. Watch as Gonzalez Guardian Doctor, Andre Williams MD interviews his patient, Virginia. Hear her personal story of recovering from Merkel Cell Carcinoma – a rare form of skin cancer, and after just one year on the protocol, Virgina has No Evidence of Disease.

    Further Information: Mary Beth Gonzalez  


    Crystal Oracle Deck

    Tap into the power of crystals and enhance your life with this glowing deck of crystal oracle cards and accompanying guidebook. You can use the deck to learn more about the powerful healing and nurturing properties of 78 different crystals and incorporate their energies into your wellness routine, even without having to buy a single stone. To see what crystal your intuition is guiding you towards each day, use the booklet for uplifting guidance about each stone’s healing properties then shuffle, select and find the perfect crystal card for your daily wellbeing needs.

    Further Information: please contact Melody Odusanya, 


    Why Sports 2024 Conference

    Why Sports 2024 Conference The Royal Society of Medicine, London, 16th October 2024. We are thrilled to announce the 2024 Why Sports Conference, Get Active for a Healthier Britain. A groundbreaking event taking place at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on the 16th of October 2024. Designed for influential delegates responsible for implementing these strategies, the Why Sports 2024 conference is a convergence of minds from across Central and Local Government, the Health sector, Active Partnerships, National Governing Bodies of Sport, Education, Community and grassroots sports, third and private sectors. It's not just a conference; it's a chance to collaborate, share best practices and build lasting relationships.

    Further Information:  Register


    Health Hero Award

    Mark Pedder, a palliative nurse from Bedfordshire, has received a Health Hero Award in recognition of his work to improve the accessibility and inclusivity of compassionate end of life care. Mark, who started his caring career aged 16 in a care home for the elderly, is now Inclusive Health Palliative Clinical Nurse Specialist at Keech Hospice Care in Luton. His recent work entitled ‘What Have I Done To Deserve This’ saw Mark running free webinars for professional carers and the public to help them understand the unique needs of LGBTQIA+ individuals with a terminal diagnosis.

    Further Information:


    UKMFA 2024 Fundraising

    The UK Medical Freedom Alliance is the UK’s most recognised and respected organisation advocating for every individual’s right to Informed Consent, Bodily Autonomy and Medical Choice. UKMFA has submitted a 50-page, 15,000 word Witness Statement to the Covid-19 Inquiry Module 4 (Vaccines), relating to our concerns about Covid vaccine safety and ethical violations. Medical ethics issues that we wish to address in 2024, including: ramping up our Stop The WHO campaign; the misuse of End of Life Protocols; unethical use of puberty blockers in children; lack of informed consent and misuse of Gillick Competence relating to general vaccination in schools. We are now asking anyone who supports and appreciates our work, but who has not yet donated, to consider making a regular monthly contribution to our work through our website – for as little as £5 a month.

    Further Information: Donate to UKMFA


    Brain Health in Older Adults

    Engaging in music throughout your life is associated with better brain health in older age, according to a new study published by experts at the University of Exeter. Scientists working on PROTECT, an online study open to people aged 40 and over, reviewed data from more than a thousand adults to see the effect of playing a musical instrument – or singing in a choir – on brain health. Over 25,000 people signed up for the PROTECT study, which has been running for 10 years. The team reviewed participants’ musical experience and lifetime exposure to music, alongside results of cognitive testing, to determine whether musicality helps to keep the brain sharp in later life. The findings show that playing a musical instrument, particularly the piano, is linked to improved memory and the ability to solve complex tasks. Continuing to play into later life provides even greater benefit. The work also suggests that singing was also linked to better brain health, although this may also be due to the social factors of being part of a choir or group.

    Further Information:


    New Edition of Human Givens

    The long-awaited, updated edition of our best-selling book Human Givens brings us smack up to date with new material and scientific findings that increasingly support its prescient understandings about how human beings function and the way we can live our best lives.

    Further Information: Contact us at Tel: +44 (0)1323 811662; Order Your Copy at


    Cytoplan Gymnema Sylvestre

    Cytoplan has launched a new formulation; Gymnema Sylvestre designed to balance blood sugar and reduce sugar cravings, naturally. The product has been created with an ancient slow-growing, perennial, woody climber plant found in Central and Southern India and tropical Africa which has been traditionally used for nearly 2000 years to help manage sugar cravings and balance blood sugar levels. In the Ayurvedic system, it is referred to as “Gurmar” which means ‘sugar destroyer’. Each capsule from Cytoplan provides 100mg of Gymnema Sylvestre extract with 25mg of active gymnemic acids, which research has identified as the level required to help curb sugar cravings and has been designed at this level to enable one capsule to be taken up to three times daily for prolonged benefit and effect.

    Further Information: Please contact Katie McDermott


    London Acupuncture Clinic

    GinSen, a pioneer in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, recently announced the grand opening of their new clinic on High Street, Kensington. Spanning two floors, this luxurious and premium facility aims to enhance the patient experience, providing exceptional treatments in a sophisticated environment. GinSen has been a leading provider of TCM and acupuncture in London since 2002. The new clinic brings to life its commitment to providing high-quality natural fertility treatments and herbal medicine in the best environment possible.

    Further Information: Please visit

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