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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 289

by Mike Howell(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 289 - September 2023

Aromatics in Action ™ 2024 – Embracing & Composing Sustainable Aromatics September 26-28, 2024 Nashville, TN, USA


Greetings from the Alliance of International Aromatherapists! We are very excited to announce our next international conference which will be in person:


AIA Sponsor Exhibitor Package Graphic

AIA Sponsor Exhibitor Package Graphic


With the theme, Embracing and Composing Sustainable Aromatics, the AIA International Conference aims to explore the ever-changing and growing world of the professional aromatherapy community. After the pandemic, we have new challenges and ways to grow. We believe there are ways to compose new relationships and sustain the professional and beautiful plants that supply it. We welcome you back to our organization for our first post-pandemic in-person conference.

This conference will offer an enriching and memorable experience for all participants, while also contributing to the growth and advancement of the aromatherapy community with a world-class line-up of speakers with opportunities for discussion, collaboration, and connections. Aromatherapists, nurses, doctors, massage therapists, integrative health care providers, educators, researchers, and essential oil purveyors from all over the world will be attending this event.

Further Information

For more information please call Alliance of International Aromatherapists Office on Tel: +1 303-531-6377;  email Carla ;



ISNS – International Science Nutrition Society

The International Science Nutrition Society is a distinctive and innovative collaborative partner who seeks top scientists, medical doctor’s, researchers, and experts in complementary and integrative medicine to bring the most up to date concepts and research in the areas of health, wellness, science and nutrition. It is a unique society to acquire and share knowledge in the field of science and nutrition, and provide emotional, mental, and spiritual expertise.

ISNS is a company that was founded to provide indispensable value to humanity by creating a wealth of knowledge in nutraceuticals, phytology, ecology, the environment, and nutrition. ISNS collaborates with innovators in science, technology, and medicine, gathering the most brilliant and beautiful minds with their cutting-edge concepts and new paradigms of thought in the areas of health and wellness.

At the International Science Nutrition Society, we believe in providing the most recent and up to date knowledge in the fields of science, nutrition, health and wellness. We want to empower everyone who wants to learn about authentic, honest solutions and a deeper knowledge of natural wellness. ISNS uses the power of knowledge to help you create a sustainable, happier, and healthier lifestyle. The vision of The International Science Nutrition Society is to create a community that comes together to leave behind a clean, happy, and healthy world for future generations- healing the planet one life at a time.

ISNS Logo Issue 289

The Registry

DRC Ventures has partnered with RegenMed to harness real-world data through a patient registry. A patient registry is a powerful tool that can help to collect and analyze data from patients, providing valuable insights into certain diseases, developing new treatments, and monitoring patient outcomes over time. Regen Med's Circles platform will provide patients with clear digital materials that are specific to their condition and prescribed treatment. By using the Circles platform, DRC Ventures will collect real-world data on nutraceutical products and track their progress over a period of time, enhancing patient value by incorporating the results of the long-term outcome measures. One of the major benefits of a patient registry is to gain a better understanding of the patient population. By understanding the patient population who may benefit from their products, DRC Ventures can tailor their marketing efforts to reach those patients more effectively. The registry will also track patient outcomes over time, allowing DRC Ventures to monitor the impact of its products on various health conditions. Through the data collected in the registry, DRC Ventures will be able to identify common health concerns or conditions which may benefit from the products. The findings can be used to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of their products to regulators, healthcare providers, and patients. By having access to real-world data from patients, DRC Ventures can make more informed decisions about their products and continue to improve the quality of care for their patients.

The partnership between DRC Ventures and RegenMed to harness real-world data through a patient registry is a step towards improving the understanding of certain diseases, developing new treatments, and monitoring patient outcomes over time. The use of the Circles platform will allow DRC Ventures to collect real-world data on nutraceutical products and track their progress over a period. By having access to this data, DRC Ventures can make more informed decisions about their products and continue to improve the quality of care for their patients.

Further Information

To register or to learn more please  visit       Linked In   Facebook    Instagram   contact via



Researchers Determine Link between Desulfovibrio bacteria and Alpha- Synuclein in Parkinson Disease. Is there a Role for Mushroom Nutrition?      

Researchers at the University of Helsinki observed that the presence of certain strains of Desulfovibrio bacteria in Parkinson’s patients could lead to the aggregation of α-synuclein, a protein closely associated with the disease.[1, 2].

In addition, the researchers noted that patients with Parkinson’s experience various levels of constipation and exhibited higher levels of Desulfovibrio bacteria compared to those without the condition, with a noticeable correlation between bacterial concentration and the severity of the symptoms.

“The cause of Parkinson’s disease has gone unknown despite attempts to identify it throughout the last two centuries,” Per Saris, professor of microbiology at the University of Helsinki and study co-author.

Professor Saris´ team suggest that certain strains of Desulfovibrio bacteria are highly likely to be a causative factor in Parkinson’s. He also noted that environmental factors are the primary cause of the condition. The study discovered that Desulfovibrio strains obtained from individuals without Parkinson’s disease didn’t induce α-synuclein aggregation to the same extent.[2]

The mode of action is thought to be that certain Desulfovibrio bacteria produce hydrogen sulphide as a result of the bacteria´s metabolic processes.  The hydrogen sulphide produced can have harmful effects on human cells by facilitating mitochondrial cytochrome c release, enhancing iron levels, and promoting reactive oxygen species formation, which eventually leads to α-synuclein aggregation. (Murros, 2022).

In addition, the increase in hydrogen sulphide decreases intestinal motility, which leads to constipation. Constipation is one symptom seen in Parkinson’s; along with increased inflammation; and enhanced central nervous system damage. [3]

The onset of constipation is thought to exacerbates the problem. The faecal matter doesn’t flow at a normal rate, in a normal volume, and this causes backup, and this backup is into the small intestine. This leads to colonies of the bacteria from the colon accumulating in the small intestine.[3]

The Helsinki findings suggest the importance of a healthy microbiome to prevent the onset or to address early symptoms associated with Parkinson´s.

In the past two years, various researchers have determined in preclinical studies that a combination of Coriolus versicolor biomass and Hericium erinaceus biomass nutrition can reduce alpha-synuclein aggregation as well as improve motility.


Fig 1  Effect of H. erinaceus, C. versicolor on α-synuclein expression.JPG]

Fig 1  Effect of H. erinaceus, C. versicolor on α-synuclein expression.JPG]


In November of 2021, researchers determined in a mouse study, that the inflammatory environment and oxidative imbalance following traumatic midbrain brain injury was coincident with accumulation of the protein α-synuclein and the death of dopaminergic neurons in this region (phenomena that are characteristic of Parkinson’s disease). They were able to demonstrate that the mushroom combination significantly suppressed these processes (see Figure 1 for data on α-synuclein).[4]

In October of 2022, research by an Italian–US group has found further preclinical evidence suggesting a combination, Coriolus versicolor and Hericium erinaceus have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects in an animal model of Parkinson’s disease, and reduce apoptosis of dopaminergic neurons based on the following Parkinson markers: [5]

  • Inhibited the loss of TH-positive neurons (dopaminergic neurons);
  • Restored DAT (dopamine transporter) levels;
  • Reduced expression of α‑synuclein (thought to contribute to Parkinson’s disease pathogenesis);
  • Reduced cytoplasmic vacuolisation and cell loss

In November of 2022, researchers, using a colitis mouse model study, determined that the consumption of Coriolus versicolor biomass significantly reduced macro- and microscopic colon damage and the harmful inflammatory processes induced by DNBS in mice. The combination also heightened the mice’s protective anti-inflammatory response to DNBS challenge.[6]

Possible Study Design

Given the safety profile of mushroom biomass, a clinical study design should be considered using the mushroom nutrition combination in Desulfovibrio infected Parkinson´s patients with high α-synuclein count.

  • Supplementation schedule should be at 4 g per day (2 g -15 minutes before breakfast and 2 g-15 minutes before dinner). Titration up by 2 g per day every two weeks until 8 g per day is reached.
  • Study parameters should be: i) changes in α-synuclein count, ii) changes in TH-positive neurons, iii) changes in restored DAT (dopamine transporter) levels and iv) changes in reduced cytoplasmic vacuolisation and cell loss, v) changes in motility.
  • Cost per day estimated at £ 1.20 to £ 2.40 per day of over supplementation period.


  1. Kari E. Murros, Vy A. Huynh, Timo M. Takala and Per E. J. Saris Desulfovibrio Bacteria Are Associated With Parkinson’s Disease Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology | 1 May 2021 | Volume 11 | Article 652617
  2. Huynh VY, Takala T, M. Murros K, E; Diwedi B; Saris, PEJ. Desulfovibrio bactéria enhance alfa-synuclein aggregation in a Caenorhabditis elegans model of Parkinson´s Disease. Front. Cell. Infect. Mirrobiol, 01 May 2023. Sec. Molecular Baterial Pathgenesis, Volume 13-2023.
  3. Citroner G Changes in Gut Bacteria May Cause Parkinson´s: Study. Epoch Health, Epoch Times, May 26th 2023
  4. D’Amico R, Trovato Salinaro A, Fusco R, Cordaro M, Impellizzeri D, Scuto M, Ontario ML, Lo Dico G, Cuzzocrea S, Di Paola R, Siracusa R, Calabrese V. Hericium erinaceus and Coriolus versicolor modulate molecular and biochemical changes after traumatic brain injury. Antioxidants 2021;10:898.
  5. Cordaro M, Modafferi S, D’Amico R, Fusco R, Genovese T, Peritore AF, Gugliandolo E, Crupi R, Interdonato L, Di Paola D, Impellizzeri D, Cuzzocrea S, Calabrese V, Di Paola R, Siracusa R. Natural compounds such as Hericium erinaceus and Coriolus versicolor modulate neuroinflammation, oxidative stress and lipoxin A4 expression in rotenone-induced Parkinson’s disease in mice. Biomedicines 2022;10:2505.
  6. Impellizzeri D, Fusco R, Genovese T, Cordaro M, D’Amico R, Trovato Salinaro A, Ontario ML, Modafferi S, Cuzzocrea S, Di Paola R, Calabrese V, Siracusa R. Coriolus Versicolor Downregulates TLR4/NF-ĸB Signaling Cascade in Dinitrobenzenesulfonic Acid-Treated Mice: A Possible Mechanism for the Anti-Colitis Effect. Antioxidants 2022;11:406. 

Further Information

For additional information please contact


Save The Date: Botanica2024 Conference is Taking Expressions of Interest

The International Clinical Aromatherapy Network (ICAN) hosted by Rhiannon Lewis of Essential Oil Resource Consultants is pleased to announce the dates of the next botanica2024 conference: May 17-19 2024.

As the leading platform for professional aromatherapy with more than 1200 users around the world, ICAN is the main sponsor of this virtual conference event that celebrates both aromatherapy and plant medicine.

Botanica2024 is the leading educational conference event worldwide and is now in its 7th edition. Taking place online 17-19th May, botanica2024 is taking the Citrus genus as its main theme, exploring Traditions, Therapeutics and Technology with regards this large plant genus that offers multiple aromatic and medicinal benefit.

From the fruits, pulps, juices and zests to the leaf petitgrains and the flower nerolis, botanica2024 will spend 3 days in deep exploration of this generous genus that holds such importance for phytomedicine and aromatherapy.

Logos Botanica2024 + ICAN

Registrations of Interest to be an attendee, speaker or sponsor can be made via

Rhiannon Lewis, host of both ICAN and botanica2024 says

“This next edition of botanica2024 is an especially exciting one ! For the first time in the botanica conference series, we are focussing on a specific plant genus. Citrus is such a generous genus with multiple varieties yielding different extracts hat are so important for our health and wellbeing! In aromatherapy, we all love orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit and bergamot essential oils but their medicinal virtues are less well known. It is now time to take a deep dive into all Citrus extracts and explore their properties, uses and potentials. Botanica2024 is sure to be zesty, juicy and highly delicious experience for all attendees! In particular, I am looking forward to welcoming members of ICAN who will be in for some special treats during the event itself.”

Student, Professional and Business Members of ICAN benefit from a generous discount on botanica2024 registration as well as enjoying a dedicated online space for networking and exclusive educational opportunities during the event. More details about how to join ICAN can be found on the website:

Basic user access to ICAN is free. As a member-supported platform, additional access to key platform spaces including the extensive media library is possible via paid subscription.

Further Information

Registrations of Interest to be an attendee, speaker or sponsor for Botanica 2024 can be made via



What Does a Complete Nutrient Support Product Look Like?

Recently a client remarked on our social account that the product they used was “Greatest product ever made”.  This was indeed a glowing testimonial. I began to think about the product and to understand the mind set behind the remark.

If we look at the whole of the food supplement market we see a raft of options that are being added to by the hour. Products to meet every potential need, or at least believed to do so.  The ideal product for any person will vary from time to time and there is seldom a one product meets every need solution.

So what made this particular product special. Personally I think it is a product for the age we are living in, where two considerations are vitally important, effectiveness and convenience. Few people want to take a handful of capsules every day to meet shortfalls in their diet. Yet in many instances that is now necessary. We want a product that ticks all the boxes - a product that is nutritionally dense supplying all the requirements of the body. We want a product that is high in protein, high in fibre and could be classed as a multi vitamin and multi mineral. We want a product  that is  a probiotic to help keep the digestive tract functioning optimally and we want to get our daily serving of alkalizing green vegetables with a generous serving of antioxidants. Not only do we want all these things, but we want them to taste good and we want them now!




How Many Nutrients do We Need?

No doubt this was the driver that inspired the clinical nutritionist that developed the product to put together a formulation to cover all bases.  It took 120 different nutrients to achieve the end result, a product that supplies all the nutrients the body needs with the exception of one - Omega 3. The reason that Omega 3 is not included is that it has not yet been proven possible for Omega 3 in powdered form to remain stable during the shelf life of the product.  The logistics of the formula are challenging but worth the final result.

The product in question is Maximum Vibrance, developed for Vibrant Health by Mark Timon. It was built on the foundation of the leading ‘greens powder’ Green Vibrance.  Maximum Vibrance is not only extremely nutrient dense it is also very convenient and versatile. It can be used as a snack or as a meal replacement. Used as a meal replacement it provides 40% of the daily requirement for protein.

It is used by busy consumers as their breakfast or lunch. Just mix it with a glass of water and drink.  It is used by seniors who often cannot be bothered with cooking and are often short of protein and other nutrients. It is used by students who cannot or do not know how to cook.  It is versatile for everyone. The taste is either almond or chocolate. This product ticks the boxes for many consumers to get a large portion of their daily nutrients in a healthy way.  The food chain is increasingly short on nutrients - Maximum Vibrance helps to plug the gaps. Little wonder there are many clients that rate it highly.

Further Information

This article was submitted by Roddy MacDonald of Water for Health Ltd, UK distributors of the Vibrant Health range of products.  



Seagreens® Seaweed in Diabetes and Nocturia
by Simon Ranger, founder, the Seagreens® project

Nutrition research on Seagreens® wild Wrack seaweeds conducted at Sheffield Hallam and two other British universities between 2009 and 2011 showed Seagreens to inhibit pancreatic enzymes in vitro, suggesting that they prolong the digestion of carbohydrate foods, helping to regulate dietary sugar release, and may be a valuable ingredient in diabetic foods. Earlier trials using seaweed polysaccharide extracts, showed similar anti-diabetic effects. Some of the Seagreens® studies found advantages over the diabetic drug Acarbose, an amylase inhibitor whose side effects include flatulence, abdominal distension and diarrhoea. Seagreens information website link:

Inhibitory effects in carbohydrate and fat digestion, Journal of Applied Phycology, 2015


Bladderwrack CU bladders Seagreens® Fucus vesiculosus

Seagreens® Fucus vesiculosus


Three seaweed species used in Seagreens Food Capsules and Food Granules, proved to be the most potent, and were found to have five times the concentration of antioxidant polyphenols than the same species from other sources in the extract trials. They were more concentrated than broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms and green tea, rivalling Vitamin C as free radical scavengers. There is sound evidence of the anticholinesterase antioxidant potential of seaweed, and that obesity and diabetes contribute to the pathogenesis of cardiovascular as well as neurodegenerative diseases.

Nocturia, the nocturnal over-production of urine, may or may not also be a symptom of diabetes, yet seaweed may nonetheless benefit sufferers. The content of dietary fibre (≤40%) and especially soluble fibre (≤20% of total DF), the clearing of toxins, its alkalinity, and the provision of all the micronutrients, including all the activators of melatonin, are reasons to use Seagreens nutrition products. The general advice is to avoid sweet and salty foods including chocolate, nor drink too much liquid, especially alcohol, within 4 hours of going to bed, and as for diabetes, vegetables and dietary fibre are preferable to carbohydrate and red meats. The cells are trying to remove sodium and calcium electrolytes during sleep and replace these minerals with magnesium and potassium, both of which are well represented in Seagreens (8 and 22mg/g respectively), whilst plenty of water during the day helps hydrate the cells and cleanse the system.

Further Information

Further information from Seagreens information Service, West Sussex RH17 6DX, UK Tel: 01444 400403;



Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction™ – Correct Your Pelvis - Heal Your Back-Pain

A Three-Day Certified Course: Sunday 3rd December 2023, Sunday 10th December and Sunday 17th December teaching the extraordinary discipline: The Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction™  Correct Your Pelvis - Heal Your Back-pain Under the auspices of Aligned Wellness Academy (AWA).

It is to understand why this corrosive State of Health, back-pain and all other musculoskeletal aches and pains are experienced by almost everybody and also more importantly, how you may have control and be able to manage these debilitating Conditions, in this way returning your life back to you by aligning your pelvis and spine and much more.


AWA Logo + Alexander Barrie + Pelvic Corrector


It is a matter of knowing how to correct your dislocated pelvis which is the source of your everyday aches and pains including: headaches/migraine; respiratory and digestive disorders and more. Your leg length discrepancy is solved as well – so too, your sense of physical balance and therefore your mental acuity. Engaging The Pelvic Corrector Device, though not essential, assists greatly this self-correction process to manifest.  You may experience immediate and lasting relief from this commonplace plague of back-pain affecting most of mankind. Back-pain is the real plague!

Our 3-Day Certified Course starts Sunday 3rd December 2023 and continues for the  following two dates: Sunday 10th December and Sunday 17th December From 9.30am to 5.30pm. VENUE at: Alexalign Clinic, 200, Vaughan Road, West Harrow, HA1 4EB. U.K. Alexander Barrie will be teaching this discipline as outlined above which will be invaluable as adjuncts to your existing therapies. We take enthusiastic Laymen who are willing to learn the Alexander Barrie Systems of Pelvic Correction™.  We will introduce the versatile Pelvic Corrector Ring Device

Further Information

Go to: to access the whole program, costs and more details. Application Form. Please contact AWA via Mob:  07850 908924;  



PAW-SITIVE Impact for Birmingham Dogs Home;  Cytoplan New Sponsorship Programme

Today market-leading supplement brand Cytoplan announces a new sponsorship programme with Birmingham Dogs Home designed to help their resident dogs receive high-quality nutritional support, otherwise known as; the Waggy Wellbeing Programme!




Cytoplan, charity owned market-leading supplement brand based in Worcestershire has joined Birmingham Dogs Home to create a Waggy Wellbeing Programme designed to help residents receive high-quality nutritional support. The year-long programme created by Cytoplan and Birmingham Dogs Home will include nutritional protocols and support for dogs currently being cared for at the Solihull-based centre and will specifically target the most common health conditions they face upon arriving at the charity such as skin, joint and behaviour issues.

Birmingham Dogs Home (BDH) looks after more than 2,500 dogs providing care 365 days a year and without government funding, relies on support from the local and business communities. Both BDH and Cytoplan are driven to contribute to a better society, one that improves the health and wellbeing of communities, whether that’s people or animals. Cytoplan is wholly owned by a charitable foundation and through sales of its market-leading supplement range is also able to put people over profit and redistribute funding to vital projects across the UK. Just last year more than 40 charitable projects were funded through Cytoplan’s charitable foundation; AIM, with a total grant funding of £986,498 that focuses on health and nutritional education, improving the emotional and social development of young children from vulnerable families, supporting emotional and mental health and wellbeing in young adults, and protecting the environment by funding restoration and protection of UK and global rivers and oceans.

As part of the partnership with Birmingham Dogs Home; Cytoplan will also become an official patron of the charity providing financial support which will go towards the everyday needs of the charity as well as creating significant discounts for staff and new owners on their high-quality animal supplements such as Doggie Joint Support, Doggie Be Calm and Doggie Omega 3 and importantly; helping to create consistency in the nutritional support needed for the dogs as they transition from the charity to their new homes.

Amanda Williams; CEO of Cytoplan and Nutritional Therapist who studied animal nutrition before embarking on a career in human nutritional health said:

“Good nutrition is the cornerstone of health whether you are a human, or a human’s best friend. Birmingham Dogs Home is close to our hearts, some of our staff have in fact re-homed Dogs and we are hugely passionate about helping the charity to care for their residents and importantly bring them back to optimal health. That is why as part of the partnership we wanted to help design specific protocols for the most common conditions they see in their residents upon arrival such as skin issues, behaviour and joint pain.

“At Cytoplan; we are on a mission to improve the health of the nation by supporting communities and projects that are helping to change lives and that of course extends to our canine friends too. We feel our charitable philosophy and unique business structure where we give back and put people above profit aligns effortlessly with Birmingham Dogs Home who have a similar ethical business structure and we hope that this is just the start of our partnership and we are looking forward to working together as we go forward.”

Fi Harrison; Head of Fundraising & Communications at Birmingham Dogs Home said of the partnership:

“Birmingham Dogs Home is delighted to be partnering with Cytoplan; who are leading the way with their range of supplements to promote dog wellbeing. As our newest Platinum Business Patrons; Cytoplan are sponsoring our “Waggy Wellbeing programme”, providing a range of products to help us support our rescue dogs with a range of conditions to help alleviate joint, dental and skin issues as well as products to help calm and destress, all of which will be particularly beneficial to our dogs, many of which have suffered neglect or mistreatment before they come into our care. 

“Providing nurturing and supportive care is at the heart of both our organisations and we are delighted to be working on this innovative partnership with the lovely Cytoplan team.”

To find out more about Cytoplan’s market-leading nutritional supplements for pets visit:

About Cytoplan – Nature Meets Science

Combining nature with science, Cytoplan has pioneered Wholefood & Food State supplements to create a market-leading supplement range with products that are grounded in science, proven by results and designed to improve health, safely and effectively. Trusted by practitioners and customers alike, the company offers sound information about supplements and health to encourage self-empowerment and growth, helping customers to make their own informed decisions on their approach to nutrition and wellbeing.

As leaders in food-based and ethical supplementation for over 30 years, Cytoplan has maintained the belief that nature holds the key to health, creating products that work in harmony with the body to optimise health and the company is dedicated to improving the health of the nation, both ethically and sustainably. An independent British company and wholly owned by The AIM Foundation, Cytoplan invests widely in health and nutritional projects across the UK and address issues such as global warming, community wellbeing and mental health. Every product purchased goes towards helping others. To find out more about The AIM Foundation please visit:

Further Information

For more Information and to find out more about Cytoplan’s market-leading supplement range please contact the Cytoplan press team:  and visit




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    Recognising and Addressing Maladaptive Breathing Patterns in Anxiety and Panic Attacks

    with Patrick McKeown. 22 Sept. 4-7pm. PCPSI (Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy Seminars Ireland) are delighted to welcome Patrick McKeown. In this 3-hour workshop, Patrick will use theory and practical demonstrations to outline ways to integrate breathing practices into therapy, supporting therapists to recognise and address multiple dimensions of maladaptive breathing, to help equip clients with simple and effective means to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. The Complete Online Learning Event includes: LIVE webinar THREE hours in length;  resource papers from speaker; Slide deck to accompany the webinar; Recordings of the webinar (available until 22/12/2023);  A certificate with 3 CPD points/hours.

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    ‘Organic Lion's Mane’ Blend

    Adaptogenic Apothecary launch ‘Organic Lion's Mane’ powder with a combination of fruiting body and dual extract giving full spectrum support. This ground-breaking combination uses the organic fruiting body of the mushroom and the dual extract, for full spectrum support ensuring a potent combination of gut health and cognitive enhancement. Lion’s Mane is a powerful medicinal mushroom that increases neurogenesis, the process by which new neurons are formed in the brain, increasing mental clarity and focus through stimulation of the production of nerve growth factor (NFG).

    Further Information: Organic Lion's Mane is available at and comes as a one-month supply (60 grams). Introductory offer of £25 is available now on the website.


    East Meets West

    Two day Master Class with Dr Gaurang Gaikwad & Luke Norland.  Dates: Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th December 2023;   Location: Onsite (Stroud, UK) or Online Via Zoom.  Dr Gaurang Gaikwad is an accomplished homoeopathic practitioner and an acclaimed international teacher.  Luke Norland is a sought-after Homeopath and ongoing collaborator with RadarOpus and Synthesis repertory, combining this with his Core Team role and teaching at the School of Homeopathy. In this School of Homeopathy 2-day master class we bring together the East and the West for a stimulating event where both teachers will play to their strengths – using their superb repertory skills and homeopathic knowledge to explore a wide range of subjects. For this intensive two-day event, topics will range from Materia Medica, Repertory & Organon to Kingdoms, Miasms & Families

    Further Information: Click here to Book   Please contact us via Tel: +44 (0)1453 709 709;    School of Homeopathy


    Pro Plus® Caffeine

    We might not have had as much sun as we'd hope in the summer months, but it doesn't stop summer fatigue creeping in.  When it comes to our sleep, the impact of losing a few hours here and there and the disruption in routine can result in physical symptoms such as brain fog, tiredness or light-headed spells. Fortunately, there are supplements that can give that stimulating support you need when sleep has not been your number one priority over the weekend and you don’t want your performance to lag during the week.  For an instant pick-me-up, Pro Plus® Caffeine relieves the symptoms of tiredness and fatigue, giving you the caffeine kick you need to stay more focussed and alert, with just two tablets providing the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee but without the bitter taste. Pro Plus® Ultra contains a blend of performance enhancing ingredients; from slow-release caffeine for long-lasting concentration, to B vitamins for reducing tiredness and fatigue, and stress-relieving adaptogenic benefits of ashwagandha.

    Further Information: Pro Plus tablets are available to purchase online at or Amazon and supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.


    Penny Brohn – Stomp is Back

    The biggest event in the Penny Brohn UK calendar is back, and BIGGER than ever for 2023! Get your team together - take part with friends, family, your four-legged fur-iends and colleagues or take it on solo – and walk on Sunday 1st October to raise money for Penny Brohn UK. The 6.5 mile autumnal walk takes you along the tow path towards Bristol with beautiful views of the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge and River Avon - with a NEW addition this year, looping up into Leigh Woods as you make your way back.

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    The Wee Yoga Room Autumn Term, 8 weeks, 14th August - 7th October.  I am excited to be back and to announce the new 8 week term. This started on the 14th of August.

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    Further Information:


    Virtual Simulation Training Award 

    Coventry University’s virtual simulation experiences (VSE), which allow healthcare students and qualified practitioners to experience real-life situations in a virtual world, has won a European award. Co-designed by nursing and midwifery educators and healthcare practice leaders from across the globe, the VSE uses browser-based virtual environments to simulate patients, clients, users and colleagues to develop learners’ capabilities by working through life-like, challenging situations and acts as a bridge between classroom learning and real-life clinical experience.

    Further Information:  For further information, please contact Ben Eccleston at Coventry University, on Mob: 07392097332;;  More Information about health simulation course


     Mind Body Soul Experience 13-15 Oct 2023

    Mind Body Soul is at Alexandra Palace, London on 13, 14, 15 Oct 2023. Your entrance ticket to the Mind Body Soul Experience allows you free access into the OM Yoga Show taking place in the hall next door. Workshop line-up revealed – top speakers from around the country. Full Workshop Line-up   entrance ticket to the Mind Body Soul Experience allows you Further Information: To discuss your options and book your place as an exhibitor, please contact Claire on Tel: 01787 220650;


    Actiflex for Sleep Deprivation

    Impacting sleep for millions - over three quarters of us have suffered from lack of sleep due to muscle or joint pain according to new research. The sleep deprivation exasperates the issue further by reducing pain threshold as well as triggering inflammation and hampering mood and cognitive abilities. Sleep expert and physiotherapist Sammy Margo from Deep Relief says that sleep deprivation can alter the nerve signals in the brain and reduce the pain threshold. Deep Relief Actiflex Patch and Deep Relief Anti-Inflammatory Gel and Deep Relief Joint Pain Gel are also available for the effective relief from back pain, rheumatic pain, muscular aches, pains, and swellings such as strains, sprains, and sports injuries.

    Further Information:


    (SMN) Beyond the Brain 2023

    Beyond the Brain 2023 Conference is announced – the SMN yearly conference exploring whether and how consciousness extends beyond the brain. This year, the three-day long online event will take place from Friday, 3 November to Sunday, 5 November, with  some of the most prominent explorers of consciousness. The event will be chaired by Dr Paul Filmore, Janine Edge, David Lorimer, Oliver Robinson, Dr Jessica Bockler, and Prof Les Lancaster. All bookings will receive a link to the recording. Topics covered include: Children’s past-life memories;  Spiritual Awakening through music; The spiritual lives of scientists; Alef Trust students’ short talks;  Terminal lucidity and post-mortem survival; Yoga nidra as a bridge between energy and consciousness;  Neuroscience and spirituality;  Energy medicine; The Consciousness-brain relationship.

    Further Information: Programme  Book Your Conference Ticket


    Effercitrate - for Cystitis

    Causing misery from millions, one in three women suffer from the burning pain of recurring cystitis, with men also suffering from the UTI. As well as regularly feeling the urge to pee, and a high temperature - knock-on wellbeing effects includes lethargy, tiredness, aches and pains, and even affects mood, stress and anxiety levels. For relief from the symptoms of cystitis, Effercitrate Tablets are a simple, drinkable, palatable solution, available without the need of a prescription or a urine sample. Effercitrate Tablets, lemon and lime flavoured, contain the ingredient potassium citrate – which makes the urine more alkaline, helping to soothe the bladder and urethra lining fast, and relieve discomfort caused by the infection.

    Further Information: Available at pharmacies including Superdrug. For more information, please visit


    CHD 2nd Annual Conference

    Secure your tickets now for CHD’s 2nd Annual Conference: Rise & Resist: People Over Profits, Truth Over Lies, Courage Over Fear on Nov. 3-5, 2023, in historic Savannah, GA.

    Join us this fall for a three-day event that brings together some of the most influential leaders in the medical freedom movement, where we will learn, network and become empowered.

    Hear from an outstanding line-up of prominent speakers, including CHD’s own Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chairman on leave, Mary Holland, J.D., president on leave, plus special guests and speakers!

    Further Information: Please contact us via   Register Now


    Cancer Alternative Treatments

    The Lazarus Pit is an alternate method of treatment which produces a highly effective treatment and alternative to chemotherapy and hyperbaric for cancer and other forms of cellular degeneration, as well as promote viable solutions for other conditions presented such as cellular fatigue and weakened immune health. The treatment is completed by using a few main elements. The Ozonator is used as a method to produce high levels of Oxygen and is present in commercial and non-commercial use.  This is breathed through to the Lazarus pit, which is a hot tub the client will sit in whilst receiving oxygen;  This liquid chamber is attached to a compost of organic vegetation by use of an Earth Battery to facilitate and emulate the natural bio degradation energy produced by the stomach to reduce cellular fatigue;  Finally, The Lazarus Pit is designed to be used in conjunction with a mineral, vitamin and antioxidant smoothie to promote effective conditions for immune health while providing proper particle and energy transfer.

    Further Information: Please contact Eric Kikkert via Tel: +1 (757)9498864; 


    Rayonex Biomedical UK

    Rayonex are offering another three training courses in October 2023. These courses are in addition to the FREE Online Training Course which is available continuously throughout this year. They are returning to the newly refurbished Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow Hotel & Conference Centre near London Heathrow Airport, where we used to hold all our training courses before the start of the pandemic. 2-Day Post-Graduate Practice Course, 7-8 October 2023; 5-Day Certified Training Course, 9-13 October 2023; 2-Day Building Biology Foundation Course, 14-15 October 2023; FREE Online Training Course for 2 Weeks at a Date of your Choice

    Further Information: Please contact Rayonex via  To book a course, please send an email to with your full name and your billing address and we will send you a quote with our bank details for payment by bank transfer.   


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