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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 280

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 280 - August 2022

Balens are Excited to Share our Big News With You…

We are delighted to announce we will soon be joining the PIB Group!

PIB are a great fit for Balens as they have similar ethics and an ethos which resonates with our own. Our name, brand, personnel and speciality will carry on as before, with the added investment and support of PIB.


Joe and Josh Balen

Joe and Josh Balen Outside Main Office in Malvern


As you know, Balens has been serving our clients since 1950 and specialising in the Health, Wellbeing, Fitness & Beauty industries tirelessly for over 30 years during which time our pioneering work, and yours, has been inextricably intertwined and grown together. Our aim is to continue this for many years to come, and we therefore believe joining PIB is the right decision to ensure future security for our staff, our clients, and our business, providing ongoing sustainability and growth.  

David Balen will continue as Chairman and both Joe and Josh remain as Managing Directors, so there will be no break in continuity from your point of view.  We will also become shareholders of PIB. Balens will remain a family run brokerage, continuing to do what we do best, with the significant benefits of joining a larger group.   

PIB are a dynamic growing Group, both within the UK and EU, we believe that this collaboration and investment in systems and people will enable us to offer better products and an enhanced service to our clients, associations, and other business partners. This will support our long-term development both in the UK and abroad.  

You can see the press release here:

We are now awaiting regulatory approval from the FCA, and AFM in the Netherlands and once this has been granted, hopefully in a few months’ time, Balens will then formally become part of the PIB Group. We will let you know when this has happened. 

For us, it’s business as usual. To our valued clients, associations, and other business partners we would like to say thank you all for your loyalty, hard work, and dedication to our sector.

We look forward to being of service to you all for many years to come.

Your continued support of Balens means the world to us!

All the very best,

David, Joe and Josh Balen

Balens Ltd

Main Office: Tel: 01684 893006



Wellbeing – Pathways to Personal Health, Wellness and Spiritual Growth

My Wellbeing is a targeted approach, education-driven, to inform people of threats and potential threats to their wellbeing. Those threats come from a variety of origins; home, family, workplace, environment, food chain, social media, housing, excess medications, anxiety, stress, and many other sources. My Wellbeing combines nutrition with homeopathy, herbal medicine, kinesiology, bio-resonance, mindfulness and many other natural therapies. Its objective is to provide more enhanced emotional and energetic composure and connection with the elements of life and the society in which we live.

Homoeotherapy, as a branch of healthcare, consistently and conscientiously assesses, manages and maintains good holistic health and prevents unease. Integrated Practitioners search for the causes of dis-ease. In helping create a more stable, rational and stronger environment for overall balance – physically, emotionally, psychologically & spiritually – each unique individual can expect improved outcomes. Creating a better environment requires love, intent, action, and frequently, intervention from higher resonating sources.


Logo MyWellbeing + My-Self

Personalized medicine to assist with the emotional roller-coaster that is life, embracing mental & emotional wellbeing, connectedness, protection & spiritual enhancement


The growth and development of Psychology in recent decades has highlighted the growing levels of mental and emotional distress in society.  Modern living has added enormous pressures on individuals and families. Environmental degradation, over-fertilization of farmland, pollution of soil and water, narcotics, high levels of prescription medications, contaminants in the food chain; all add to pressure on citizens. New approaches are required.

It is important to understand that we need to work at, even strive to achieve harmony and balance in our state of mind and our wellbeing on a continuous basis. We also need to feel assured that this harmony can be sustained, irrespective of the ups and downs that occur on a consistent basis throughout life, be it within the home, family, workplace or community. Our natural personal instincts drive us towards a personal strength which is described in psychology as individuation. Respecting, nurturing and protecting our heart-centres then helps healing and development flow outwards to the wider collective.

My Wellbeing is positioned to help open the doors to a wider landscape of psychological healing. Symptoms can range from panic attacks, low moods to eating disorders and PTSD. A perceived attack, judgement, questioned beliefs or prejudice can undermine self-esteem, confidence and assuredness. In conjunction with standard Homoeotherapy principles, Energetic Therapy helps hold space to acknowledge the mismatch of emotional & mental energies, to help people develop their own personal skills and look inwards for greater awareness and true healing.

Further Information

For further information: email, telephone +353 61 334455 or visit our website -



Rhiannon Lewis: EORC BOTANICA, ICAN and ECA Milestones and Achievement

The International Clinical Aromatherapy Network (ICAN) hit two important milestones!

In June 2022, ICAN celebrated its one-year anniversary and achieved its primary goal of establishing a member-supported, engaging, informative and professional online platform for all who work with essential oils and aromatherapy.
Its second milestone was achieved in July 2022 when ICAN welcomed its 1000th User to the platform! Bringing together ICAN participants from 75 countries worldwide for networking, education and rich exchanges in a safe, respectful and marketing-free environment, ICAN is truly the one-stop destination for professional aromatherapists and suppliers to the aromatherapy trade.

Access to the basic functionalities of the ICAN platform is free. Student, Professional and Business Members benefit from increased accessibility, admission to the comprehensive ICAN online Library and other bonus features such as discounted ticketing on live classes and member-only community activities.

Further Information:

ICAN and ECA Logos


Botanica Conferences and ECA Seminars go from Strength to Strength!

Rhiannon Lewis, ICAN’s host and organizer is also director of Essential Oil Resource Consultants (France). Passionate about promoting the safe, effective use of essential oils worldwide, she is the organizer of the renowned biennial Botanica International Conference Series and the Essence of Clinical Aromatherapy (ECA) International Seminar.

Rhiannon says “Botanica2022 was attended by professionals located around the globe and was a wonderful success with lectures built around the theme of Past-Present-Future. For those who were unable to attend this online event, the conference proceedings and lecture recordings are now available via Essential Oil Resource Consultants. What’s more, building on the success of the previous three ECA events, we are already planning our 2023 seminar taking place in person May 20th & 21st 2023 at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland. There we will be once again showcasing the very best of clinical aromatherapy with practitioners and speakers from around the world.

We are already open to registrations of interest from participants, potential speakers, sponsors and exhibitors:

Further Information:



The International Science Nutrition Society ISNS

The International Science Nutrition Society (ISNS) is a unique and innovative concept to acquire and share expertise in science and nutrition. Science incorporates nutraceuticals, phytology, ecology, and nutrition. Nutrition in its fullest sense of the word encompasses emotional, mental, and spiritual nourishment. ISNS, a society of excellence, is led by eclectic doctors, healthcare professionals, and research scientists with combined experience in science, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical environments. Together they create a strong foundation for healthy living to improve global health and wellness. 

ISNS Logo + Research


"Creating a community that comes together to leave behind a clean, happy, and healthy world for future generations – healing the planet one life at a time." 

Bringing information, education, research, and advisory panels, ISNS focuses on the core of health and wellness.


The ISNS Advisory Panel is an elite group of influential and highly regarded professionals in traditional, complementary, and integrative medicine, including scientists and researchers. In today's highly toxic environment, ISNS Advisory Panel specializes in finding natural solutions and bringing opportunities and education to the professional and consumer communities.

The ISNS provides its members with the latest in research publications, abstracts, journals, posters, case studies, and white papers. The ISNS also provides opportunities for research and grants with an extensive library of multidisciplinary resources, including natural ingredients, minerals, vitamins, and seeds that are the basis of a natural and nutritional-rich lifestyle. One of the basic principles of ISNS is to study the science behind nutrition in the broadest meaning as it is often relegated to addressing problems without solving the root cause.  With our global team of experts in the health and wellness community, ISNS provides a foundation for research, exploration, information, and education that can assist professionals and consumers with holistic solutions to their wellness journey and nutritional planning," comments ISNS Founder Dr Christina Rahm.

"In my opinion, the most significant benefit for both doctors and consumers is getting to the root of the problem with science-based nutrition to promote healing, well-being, and a healthy lifestyle," comments ISNS Advisory Board Member Dr Dori Naerbo, PhD.

Clare G Harvey              Dr Dori Naerbo

Executive  Director      Research Director

Further Information

For Membership, Grants & Research Enquiries, please contact The International Science Nutrition Society– ISNS via



Imam B Jaiteh Charitable Foundation Donates to 8 Gambian Villages

The Iftar gift distribution which took place on 8th April 2022 included over 300 bags of rice, 200 copies of the Quran, bags of sugar and several other food items for the benefit of the inhabitants. In a communiqué to this correspondent, Imam Jaiteh, who is also a Gambian Ambassador at Large based in the UK and The Gambia, revealed that the beneficiaries included villages such as Jamaly Babu, Jamali Tamiser, Jamali Ganado and Jamali Musa respectively.


Borehole + Street Light + Solar System

Borehole, solar system, street light


The Charitable Foundation which made similar donation in 2020 currently targeted other important projects such as the digging of boreholes or wells, solar systems, dozen street lights, building of mosques and supporting vulnerable and other needy residents.  

Consequently, the Foundation is currently supporting orphans to pursue their education free of charge from kindergarten up to university level.  

Taking into consideration the significance of electrification, the Foundation also embarked on electrifying the villages as well as supporting sick and ailing people by paying their full hospital bills.  

The presentation of the gift took place in the presence of village elders as well as youth representatives who equally expressed gratitude over the support especially during the period of Ramadan.  

Finally, Imam Jaiteh thanked all those who supported the Foundation’s project as well as the Gambia government for providing and encouraging a conducive environment for a successful endeavour. 

Further Information

The Charitable Foundation needs help and the support of philanthropy. To help or for further information please contact Mr Imam B Jaiteh on Tel: 07985 691335;

Acknowledgement Citation

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Pine Needle Extract – Why is it Helpful?

More and more we are beginning to appreciate the damage that has been done to our bodies when foods are sprayed with glyphosate (Round UP). One point that is not particularly appreciated is the fact that glyphosate destroys the functionality of the Shikimate Pathway which inhibits the ability of our bacteria cells to function normally. The Shikimate Pathway is a vital biochemical process that exists in all plants and bacteria.

It is believed that the disruption of the Shikimate Pathway has been a major contributor to the surge in chronic diseases such as digestive disorders, immune dysfunctions, reproductive issues, food allergies, autism and in addition to diabetes and cancers. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in particular are sprayed with glyphosate. When GMO foods were first introduced in the US in 1996 chronic disease affected 7% of the population.

According to the US CDC in 2020 over 51.8% of the adult population has one chronic disease and 21.2% suffer from multiple chronic states. CDC identifies the following as chronic disease: arthritis, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary heart disease, asthma, diabetes, hepatitis, hypertension, stroke and weak or failing kidneys.

Additionally the Shikimate Pathway is the precursor to several B-Vitamins and the aromatic amino acids : phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan. Lack of the aromatic amino acids interferes with the production of serotonin, L-dopa, dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine and melanin. Lack of these neurotransmitters produces depression, anxiety, mental and emotional imbalances.

Pine Needle Extract Blend


Benefits of Re-Establishing  the Shikimate Pathway

Research has shown that shikimic acid and suramin re-establish shikimate pathway functionality. They have been shown to reduce platelet activation and aggregation related thrombus formation.  Shikimic Acid has anti-viral and anti- oxidant properties. It can help restore bacterial balance in the intestinal protract by eliminating fungal invaders such as Candida albicans. Shikimate acid also has anti-bacterial properties. Taiwanese scientist showed that shikimic acid is effective against 67 drug resistant strains of bacteria.

White Pine Needles and Star Anise are good natural sources of shikimic acid to help to restore functionality of the very important shikimic pathway. US company Harmonic Concepts have combined them into an easy to take food supplement. Of course at the same time it is important to avoid all GMO foods. It is also best to only consume organically grown wheat or oats since much of the crop is now sprayed with glyphosate in the latter stages of growth to improve drying. These simple choices could have an important impact on the quality of health, particularly to improve the health of our microbiome.

Further Information

This article has been submitted by Roddy MacDonald of Water for Health Ltd, who supply Harmonic Concepts product in the UK in addition to a wide range of quality hydration systems and food supplements.



Coriolus Versicolor Mushroom Biomass Shows Tissue Protective Effect in Colitis Model

Results from a February 2022 article in Antioxidants suggest that the mushroom species Coriolus versicolor (CV) may have therapeutic potential for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases.[1] Using a mouse colitis model, the study found that CV biomass reduced histological signs of damage, attenuated the rise in multiple markers of inflammation, and boosted anti-inflammatory responses.

The Study

Researchers from collaborating universities in Italy and the US induced colon damage in mice by intrarectally administering dinitrobenzenesulphonic acid (DNBS). Four groups of 10 mice were used: sham (intrarectal administration of 100 µL 50% ethanol); sham + Coriolus versicolor (200 mg/kg dissolved in saline, orally 1 h after sham procedure every 24 h); DNBS-treated (4 mg in 100 µL of 50% ethanol per mouse); and DNBS-treated + CV (200 mg/kg dissolved in saline, orally 1 h after DNBS procedure and every 24 h). Four days after the procedures, the mice were sacrificed.

Effects on Physical Appearance of the Colon, Weight Loss and Colon Physiology

  • Physical appearance
    Those of the untreated colitis model group were flaccid, with liquid stools and, in some cases, were ulcerated with mucosal congestion. These changes were significantly less in the CV-treated colitis model group.
  • Body Weight
    The significant loss of body weight (caused by diarrhea) in the colitis model group was significantly reduced in the CV-treated colitis model group.
  • Physiology
    Histological analysis of sections of colon tissue revealed that DNBS had induced infiltration of inflammatory cells (mostly neutrophils – also see later), necrosis and oedema; although present in the CV-treated colitis model group, these pathological changes were significantly less marked.

Effects on Inflammatory Processes

The effects of CV in preventing inflammation of the colon were investigated by assessing multiple markers of increased inflammation.

  • TLR4/NFĸB inflammatory pathway
    Immunohistochemical analysis indicated that expression of the receptor TLR4 increased in the untreated colitis model mice, as did Myd88 expression, degradation of IĸB-α and nuclear translocation of NF-ĸB – all components involved in the TLR4/NFĸB inflammatory pathway. Together, these changes indicated upregulation of the inflammatory process. These pro-inflammatory effects were significantly limited in the CV-treated colitis model mice.
  • Infiltration of Neutrophils and Lipid Peroxidation
    Neutrophil infiltration into the colon was assessed by measuring myeloperoxidase levels; the extent of lipid peroxidation in the colon was determined by activity of malondialdehyde. The large increases in these parameters (both of which suggest a pro-inflammatory status) in untreated colitis model mice were significantly attenuated in the CV-treated colitis model mice.
  • Activation of T Cells and Adhesion Molecules
    The number of CD4+ and CD8+ (T cells that are important mediators of inflammation), and the expression of the adhesion molecules P-selectin (a transmembrane protein that has an essential role in inflammatory response to injury) and ICAM1 (a cell surface glycoprotein involved in recruiting active leucocytes to sites of inflammation) was assessed using immunohistochemical tissue staining. All parameters were significantly increased in the untreated colitis model mice, while their rise in CV-treated colitis model mice was significantly limited.
  • Proinflammatory Mediators
    ELISA testing showed that proinflammatory mediators – CCL2, PGE2, IL-1β and TNF-α – were raised in the untreated colitis model mice, but significantly less-so in the CV-treated colitis model mice.
  • Nitrosative Stress and PARP Hyperactivation
    The levels of nitrosative stress and extent of PARP activity in colon samples – both indicative of potential for cell damage – were assessed immunohistochemically. There was a high level of positive staining of samples taken from colitis model mice (indicating a high potential for cell damage), with significantly less staining (and thus lower potential for damage) in samples from the CV-treated colitis model mice.

Enhancement of Anti-Inflammatory Pathways

  • Reactive oxygen species are important potentiators of inflammation; and Nrf2 is a protein responsible for controlling the expression of genes encoding enzymes that detoxify and eliminate reactive oxygen species (known as HO-1 enzymes). Western blot analysis of colon samples revealed that colitis model mice that had consumed CV had a much higher expression of Nrf2 and HO-1 than mice that had not consumed CV (both sham-operated and colitis model); this indicated that CV-treated mice were better able to ameliorate the effects of oxidative stress.


In this colitis model study, consumption of Coriolus versicolor significantly reduced macro- and microscopic colon damage and the harmful inflammatory processes induced by DNBS in mice. It also heightened the mice’s protective anti-inflammatory response to DNBS challenge. These results suggest that Coriolus versicolor supplements hold great promise as a useful way to manage inflammatory bowel diseases.

Further studies are needed to fully understand the mechanisms behind Coriolus versicolor’s effects, and to confirm its therapeutic potential in patients.


  1. Impellizzeri D, Fusco R, Genovese T, Cordaro M, D’Amico R, Trovato Salinaro A, Ontario ML, Modafferi S, Cuzzocrea S, Di Paola R, Calabrese V, Siracusa R. Coriolus Versicolor Downregulates TLR4/NF-ĸB Signaling Cascade in Dinitrobenzenesulfonic Acid-Treated Mice: A Possible Mechanism for the Anti-Colitis Effect. Antioxidants 2022;11:406.

Further Information

The Coriolus versicolor biomass used in the study was supplied by Mycology Research Laboratories Ltd. (Luton, United Kingdom).



Ayurvedic Medicine – Most Ancient System of Medicine Known to Mankind

Ayurvedic Medicine,  the most ancient system of medicine known to mankind, emerged within the Vedic culture that arose on the foothills of Himalayas and along the banks of the great rivers of India. It is based on the Vedic wisdom expounded by the ancient sages. Ayurveda is a science-based healthcare approach that treats illness and promotes wellness by focusing assessment on biochemically-unique aspects of each patient, and then individually tailoring interventions to restore psychological, physiological and structural imbalances. Ayurvedic medicine not only recognizes the uniqueness of the individual but also the oneness of all creation and how this translates into human health on all levels. There has been a worldwide surge of interest in Ayurvedic medicine as people seek health and well-being.


College of Ayurveda Facebook]


The basic principles upon which Ayurvedic medicine/healthcare operates are:

  • Biochemical individuality based on genetic and environmental uniqueness;
  • Dynamic balance of internal and external factors;
  • Web-like interconnections of psycho-physiological processes;
  • Health as a positive vitality – not merely the absence of disease;
  • Promotion of organ reserve through psycho-neuro-immunological processes;
  • Patient-centred rather than disease focused healthcare.

Using these principles, Ayurvedic healthcare practitioners focus on understanding the fundamental physiological processes, the environmental inputs, and the genetic predisposition that influence every person’s experience of health and disease. A person is considered an integral part of the Universe which is governed by natural laws. Ayurveda works primarily on human constitution called Dosha and Prakruti through lifestyle counselling, herbal preparations, nutrition, massage, yoga and Panchakarma all used to bring about balance and harmony in the body.

The College of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy is the premier educator for individuals seeking to make a difference in the world through a career restoring the natural balance of body, mind and spirit with the wisdom of Ayurveda. This mission has been the central driving force of the College since its inception. The College of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy is the only institution in the UK that offers a complete Ayurvedic programme comparable in content to the B. A. M. S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery) degree course taught in India.

The College, which promote the values of a tolerant and democratic society and the ideals of scholarship and the benefits of life-long education and training, aims to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive Ayurvedic medical education. It works to develop and support educational programmes and select a student body of such a size that every student has a quality and relevant educational experience, and provide students with clearly defined academic programmes, competent teaching, a caring and supportive academic structure and an attractive and facilitating environment.

Further Information

If you would like to register your interest for the next intake in 2022/2023 please leave your details at ; we will be in contact as soon as we release the information for the next year. For further information or a prospectus please contact the College of Ayurveda’s Administrator Ione Ashmore at or visit their website at


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    Neu Biotic – New to Neutrient

    Neu Biotic from Abundance and Health is a high-strength, multi-strain formula that helps replenish friendly bacteria and repopulate a diverse gut microbiome. This unique formula contains 20 microbial strains at a high dose of 20 billion cfu – colony forming units – per capsule. The clean, vegan-friendly formulation contains no nasties, artificial ingredients or GMO, gluten, soy, or dairy.


    Further Information: Contact;  Tel: +44 (0) 20 3239 4907; Place Order


    Bali Motorbike Accident

    Chris Cooke, son-in-law of Sarah Williams – Organic Aromatherapy had a near-fatal motorbike accident in Bali, where he and Sarah’s daughter, Bexie, live. He has a deep brain bleed in the occipital area and medulla oblongata, with brain /mental trauma/memory loss. His body is beginning to heal but sadly not the brain trauma. A top European neurologist says a full recovery is possible. They  need to raise funds to pay for specialists, nurses, healthy foods and ALL medical supplies; nothing is freely available in Bali. Please help save Chris's life with whatever you can.


    Further Information: GoFundMe   Donate


    Pure Genomics

    PureGenomics® UltraMultivitamin – 3-per-day comprehensive multivitamin/mineral – is designed to support optimal nutrition with a comprehensive profile of bioavailable vitamins, chelated minerals and other nutrients. It includes vitamin B6, B12, folate and choline which contribute to normal homocysteine metabolism. Optimised levels of nutrients for personaliZed nutritional requirements including macular carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin.


    Further Information: Tel: 020 8004 9974;   Pure Encapsulations


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    Further Information:


    Broccoli Seed Extract

    New from INUR is the Revive supplement formulated with the latest ingredient in skincare - broccoli! The plant-based formula uses Broccoli Seed extract, and also contains probiotics, vitamins and minerals.. INUR is a NEW natural day and night skincare range created by nutritionists and French skincare experts. INUR was created by ex-CEO of premium French beauty brand BY TERRY, Marion Assuied, and Nutritionist Valérie Espinasse who specialises in anti-ageing, phytotherapy and naturopathy.


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    Cytoplan Multivitamin

    The multivitamin is a powerhouse among supplements, but it can be difficult to know which multivitamin is right for you. Amanda Williams, expert at innovative supplement brand Cytoplan, offers things you need to consider when choosing the right multivitamin for you including Health, Age, Gender, Stage of Life and Lifestyle.


    Further Information: Cytoplan Multivitamin Quiz


    Liz Koch Core Awareness

    Psoas Savvy Application Course Sept 11-18 2022 Langeland Denmark. Liz says her life work is shifting with the coming new year and  this may well be the last Application Course she offers in Europe. This is the moment and opportunity to work directly with Liz and learn her approach for awakening wild lush dynamic psoas within you and others. Also Nourishing Expression Sept 23-24 Oslo Norway with Sarah Bryden.


    Further Information: Application Course Langeland Denmark   Nourishing Expression Norway  


    Amchara Health

    Your kidneys play a vital role in the functioning of your body and are responsible for eliminating toxic substances from the body. They work to remove excess fluid, water-soluble waste products and environmental toxins from the body, as well as removing acid produced by cellular function. Tips To Support Kidney Health     How To Prevent Blood Clots Naturally   Enjoy £20 Off A Juice Cleanse At Amchara Juicery!


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    Quality Lavender Oil

    Kalms Lavender One-A-Day Capsules is a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the temporary relief of the symptoms of mild anxiety such as stress and nervousness, exclusively based on long standing use as a traditional herbal remedy. Always read the label.


    Further Information

    Kalms Lavender One-A-Day capsules are available in Boots, Asda and online at and at Amazon.


    GOPO Relieves Joint Pain

    Perhaps 80% of people with arthritis report trouble sleeping. GP Dr Alastair Dickson provides  tips to combat pain and get a better night’s sleep. Rose-hip supplements may be effective with joint pain – analysis of three clinical trials shows that a rose-hip supplement containing a high level of a galactolipid called GOPO® is clinically effective in relieving pain. GOPO® Joint Health Plus Ginger is the first UK supplement to contain the combination of ginger extracts with the powerful anti-inflammatory GOPO® – a galactolipid extracted from the seeds and husks of the Rosa-canina plant. Both GOPO and ginger are able to relieve joint pain and improve joint flexibility.


    Further information:  or


    Zen Rohatsu by Nora D’Ecclesis

    Zen Rohatsu is the A to Z of Zen, as it is the backstory of why we meditate, live mindfully and have a spiritual practice. The Zazen Meditation combines the practice with mind and body from a 2,700 year old philosophy. It informs us of the potential enlightenment from suffering that historical Buddha experienced while sitting under a fig tree in ancient times. Meditation keeps us in the present with focus, equanimity and stress management.


    Further Information

    Available from and and


    Family-Friendly Retreats

    Luxury accommodation, healthy food options and a great Spa for Mum and Dad, a meaningful kid’s club that will amuse and comfort the toddlers, and babysitting on tap to give ample time for the grown-ups in the evening; a place that will also satisfy the older kids, with world-class sporting activities, fun games and plenty of time away from their parents with likeminded new friends. Resorts in the Algarve, Greece, Italy, Spain, Italy and Germany.


    Further Information:


    BeeVital Propolis Toothpaste

    Propolis has a range of qualities which support health, including antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and immune boosting properties. BeeVital are world-leaders in the development of propolis based products. Dr Shankar Katekhaye, BeeVital’s Director of Research and Quality, has developed BeeVital’s new toothpaste formulation with a range of natural ingredients to support and enhance tooth and mouth health.


    Further Information:


    New Summer Wee Yoga Room

    The summer term is starting; you can book here. A few classes are full, but we still have limited space in some. Please remember that we are happy to run the classes on Zoom so that you can take your yoga practice with you wherever you are! Just let me know and I will send you the Zoom log in details. Also, you can always make - up missed classes by coming to any of our other classes in the term (subject to availability). There really is no need to give up your practice and all the gains that you have made from your regular classes at the Wee Yoga Room.....


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    AIHM 2022 Conference

    Integrative healthcare professionals from all over the world will be gathering in San Diego October 28th through October 30th to learn, network, and reignite their passion all while earning up to 54.25 CME* credits. You’ll engage in lively discussions and learn tools you’ll be able to leverage in your practice as global leaders to talk about the latest research-based integrative techniques and strategies. You’ll engage in lively discussions and learn tools that you’ll be able to leverage in your practice.  Early Bird Pricing Ends August 15, 2022.


    Further Information:  AIHM Conference


    Refocus & Achieve Goals

    Mark Whittle offers 6 Tips to help achieve your goals: 1. Visual your goals; 2. Find your why; 3.Become aware of your habits; 4. Fuel your Body; 5.Find an accountability buddy; 6.Try an energy supplement with clinically proven ingredients. Pro Plus Ultra is the UK’s first energy supplement to contain a unique blend of performance ingredients, including a patented slow-release caffeine that is clinically proven to provide a sustained energy release throughout the day, helping to aid focus and productivity.


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    School of Bodywork Pain

    A new webinar series about treating chronic pain is NOW AVAILABLE to buy as a recorded package of 4 with Tanya Desfontaines. An in-depth exploration of the science of pain and learn how to address all kinds of painful conditions in a truly holistic way. If you’re looking to enhance your skills in working with pain, and if you want a busier, more successful, and affluent practice, this new web series will provide the knowledge and skills you need. PLUS a useful accompanying handbook to keep.


    Further Information: Pain Webinar Series


    Sue Ricks Online Courses

    The Sue Ricks Academy is an online membership site with £1000s worth of training content in easy to digest, videos, articles and audios. Topics include Cancer & Palliative Care: Helping people via Reflexology, Emotional Freedom Technique: Making the most of EFT, Enjoying Life with Children, Hand Reflexology - Learning Portal, Hot Stone Reflexology, Thought of the day - 30 days of making each day better, Understanding the Brain,  We also track and provide CPD points too.


    Further Information:


    FutureYou Cambridge

    The Cambridge-based supplement brand, known for its scientifically researched nutraceutical products, has answered the demands of practitioners looking to recommend FutureYou Cambridge products to their customers. Practitioners registering for the programme will gain direct access to the scientific research behind the products, support from the award-winning FutureYou Cambridge Customer Care team, as well as industry-leading discounts and commissions on products sold or recommended to clients.


    Further Information: FutureYou Cambridge Practitioner Programme


    Yoga with Caroline Klebl

    We’re hosting a new event, and we’d love to see you there. Join us for a 200/500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Retreat at a seaside resort in Algarve, Portugal with Ashtanga yoga instructor, Caroline Klebl from October 2 to 26, 2022. Learn to practise and teach over 70 yoga poses, meet wonderful people, relax and rejuvenate. Over 500 students have graduated from Caroline Klebl's yoga teacher training courses, who teach yoga around the world.


    Further Information: Please visit


    Gonzalez Metabolic Type

    By now you know that food is powerful medicine and you know how to find out which foods are best for you but how to combine them to make meals you want to eat?  The Gonzalez Protocol® Cookbook is written to offer delicious recipes for your Gonzalez Metabolic Type: Sympathetic, Balanced or Parasympathetic. For this cookbook, I collected recipes from Dr Gonzalez, his mentor Dr William Donald Kelley, like-minded scientists such as Dr Francis Pottenger, as well as friends and patients on The Gonzalez Protocol®.


    Further information: Buy the Gonzalez Protocol Cookbook


    SIBO and KiB Healthcare

    KiB Healthcare are running a new study into the effects of their product range on SIBO. KiB Healthcare are working with SIBO test provider Healthpath Pro to provide each client with a complimentary before and after SIBO breath test. Once a positive diagnosis has been confirmed, you will receive the following package free of charge to share with your client. The study will take 68 days once the first product is consumed. You can enter more than one client into the study.


    Further Information: Register as a Practitioner on KiB Healthcare website  Register for the SIBO Study  


    Puressentiel Headache Relief

    Puressentiel have developed the Headache Roll-On to relieve headaches caused by stress and tension. The Puressentiel Headache Roll-On is a unique natural formulation of nine pure essential oils, specifically selected and combined for their relaxing and calming properties. And with the roller ball application providing a cooling and refreshing feeling – this little bottle of natural goodness certainly provides a much-welcomed relief when a headache strikes.


    Further Information: The Puressentiel Headache Roll-On retails at £7.99 and is available on and  at Pureessentiel 


    Solgar® 75th Birthday

    Solgar® is are proud to be celebrating their 75th birthday. Some of Solgar®’s latest innovations include: MenoPrime – a plant-based, hormone-free supplement designed for women aged 45 and over; Solgar® Vegan Vitamin D3 1000 IU a body-ready, sustainably sourced and plant-based addition to our range of vitamin D3 supplements; Solgar Fish Gel Omega-3 740 mg is a highly absorbable one-a-day formula providing a concentrated source of EPA and DHA.


    Further Information: email  Order via  or 


    Pelvic Organ Prolapse

    Are you 1 of the 50% of women experiencing pelvic organ prolapse? Childbirth and oestrogen loss at menopause are the leading causes. All women should be screened for pelvic organ prolapse during routine pelvic exams, but no standardized protocol currently exists. There are five types of POP; women commonly have more than one type. Most women are unfamiliar with pelvic organ prolapse until after they are diagnosed with the condition. Typically by that time, the type or types of POP occurring have progressed to a more advanced grade of severity.

    Check out APOPS POP Risk Factor Questionnaire!


    Further Information: Please contact by Tel:


    New Relaxation Video Series

    Ian Cameron Smith shares the latest creation in his Relaxation Video series. Enchantress celebrates our nurturing Mother Earth. It was mesmerising editing this stunning footage and a potent reminder of the beauty that exists all around us. The Enchantress track from my Euphoria album, has been lovingly remastered to accompany the breath taking imagery and as this has long been one my favourite tracks within my collection, I’m delighted it's now joined my growing library of relaxation videos.


    Further Information: Enchantress Relaxation Video


    IHCAN Conference

    Saturday 3 September 2022, 155 Bishopgate, London. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are now the leading cause of death in the UK after COVID.  Dr Dale Bredesen will review studies to date showing that personalized, precision medicine protocols are the most effective at alleviating symptoms of cognitive decline, as well as addressing the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease and preventing progression of pre-Alzheimer’s conditions to Alzheimer’s disease.


    Further Information: Book your Ticket

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