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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 274

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 274 - November 2021

Neurotransmitters plus Adapotogens = ZERO IN

Clare G Harvey

Who would want a natural alternative to Serotonin and Dopamine?

An all-natural nootropic blend of five adaptogenic actives, (sourced from the highest quality ingredients available in the purest form) including two catalysts, that allow the gut to produce both neurotransmitters: dopamine and serotonin naturally. Created with, a further beneficial action of sending these neurotransmitters, directly to the brain to be utilized for optimum functioning. Three years in development this proprietary brain formula, designed by a Harvard scientist trained in nanotechnology bioengineering system, Dr Christina Rahm uses pharmacokinetics and bioscience to deliver measurable results with a serious impact on neurotransmitter uptake. Zero In (BSCG certified) now provides the answer to a natural alternative to synthetic stimulants.

Clare Harvey

Top Row (Left to Right): Turmeric, Velvet Bean Seed,
Bottom Row: Anhydrous Caffeine; L-Theonine

The Adapotogenic Effect

  • Turmeric, with its many modes of action, UCLA researchers documented its ability to improve memory and cognitive function. A recent study by The Journal of Neuroscience reported that Turmeric inhibits the formation of amyloidal protein, a key molecule for the development of therapeutics for Alzheimer’s This suggests it may help with stress-induced abnormalities in the brain that impair cognitive function. Known to fight free radicals in the body, it has a protective and preventative effect on the neo-integrity of the brain, inhibiting progressive cognitive decline. Reduction of neurotoxicity in the brain, induced by the absorption of fluoride found in the food chain, in the water, and in the environment could be another beneficial action.
  • Pine Bark Extract, Pinus Pinaster. A potent antioxidant. Proanthocyanidins, are responsible for most of its therapeutic benefits. Said to boost mood, mental alertness, and reduce anxiety, significant is its anti-inflammatory action and encouragement of blood flow. Research expounds on its protective effect on the brain from degenerative diseases. Higher levels of inflammation can reduce the volume of the hippocampus (a cortical structure in the brain that plays a role in the formation of new memories). Damage here can have a long-term detrimental effect associated with memory loss and can lead to diseases as Alzheimer's. In acute situations, Pine Bark’s reductive effect can lessen the need for inhalers in asthmatic children and adults.
  • Velvet Bean Seed Mucuna pruriens Is an effective mood enhancer and antidepressant due to its high levels of naturally occurring L-dopa. It is the precursor to dopamine and the key neurotransmitter in the brain for coordinating body movements, learning, regulating moods, and increasing motivation. It also has a neo-protective and free radical scavenging action. Velvet Bean combined with Pine Bark significantly enhances neurotransmitter uptake and performance as well as the body’s ability to maintain its resonance and balance.
  • Vitamin D Regulates the Immune System and calcium balance; its neuro-protected effect regulates many genes important for brain function. Known as a hormone vitamin, it’s a neo-steroid helping the smooth functioning of the many vital roles performed in the brain. Vitamin D receptors are found widespread in brain tissue and the biologically active form is D3 is beneficial for clearing amyloid plaque. Scientists have discovered the lack of Vitamin D is link to cardiovascular, cognitive impairment, dementia, and autism disorders. The older generation are at a high risk of Vitamin D deficiency.
  • N- acetyl l–tyrosine is a precursor for neurotransmitter dopamine uptake, allow better bioavailability to supply the brain. It protects from negative effects of all forms of stress and works in synergy with the velvet bean 
  • Anhydrous Caffeine is a catalyst
  • L-theanine is sourced from Tea Leaves and can cross the blood brain barrier; this amino acid increase dopamine in the brain;
  • Anhydrous caffeine and L- theanine together actively improve cognitive acumen and create a relaxed alertness.

Heart + Brain  +Gut

Heart+ Brain+Gut Balance

The Overall Effect: Regenerates the microbiome, improves immune response, balances serotonin and dopamine production, optimizes sleep and circadian rhythms, enhances mood, relieves stress and tension, and improves physical performance and recovery.  Reduces the risk of hypertension, heart failure, and metabolic syndrome. Found to enhance endocrine function, reproductive health, and increases healthy brain function improving the delivery of oxygen to cells, supporting focus, concentration, mental acumen, cognitive functioning increasing dopamine levels up to 14 hours.

Further Information

Contact: Tel: 01963 250750 or

Available from : Referral Code: rootsource



Energy Psychology, Stress and the Body: In Defence of Self and Identity

by Phil Young (Author), Morag Campbell

Published by  Masterworks Media. 2021. Paperback. £14.95 / $20.31.  ISBN-10 ‏: ‎ 0993346553

Masterworks International is pleased to announce a new book on energy psychology, stress and its impact on the body. Our identity and the way we project ourselves in the world feeds a fundamental need for acceptance and recognition. Much of the stress we experience in life is related to the need to defend and protect our identity and sense of self.


Large Cover


In this book, International trainers and workshop leaders, Phil Young and Morag Campbell, explore the development of identity as it relates to the natural elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth, our states of consciousness, and the bio mechanics of the body, as well as from the perspective of our energy or life force, which although abandoned by modern science is still an essential influence on our embodied human experience. We create our identity from the alignment of our consciousness and energy with these elements as much as we do with our gender, occupation and other roles we play in life.

With over 30 years of experience working within the health care system of Polarity Therapy the authors present their own unique perspectives on the work of Hans Selye M.D. on stress, the explorations of Dr Lowell E. Ward and his spinal stressology, and Dr James Z. Said’s further developments on the ‘energy stress model’. 

Though based on aspects of Polarity Therapy, this book will appeal to anyone interested in the part identity plays in our lives, the chakra system, energy psychology, stress, and how they all impact the human body.

Further Information

Available from Masterworks  and



How to Choose a Colloidal Silver

For a very long time Silver has been recognized to have powerful antimicrobial, viral and fungal properties and in the form of a colloid, as nano-particles of silver and ions, it is even more effective. Silver is also an essential micronutrient, required in very small amounts and helps among other things to assist in tissue repair and nerve growth. Excess amounts of Silver have a similar pathway of excretion as Magnesium and has a half-life of 15 days in the body.

A quick internet search on ‘the best colloidal silver’ will reveal a whole raft of brands, all claiming that theirs is the best and provide various explanations as to why. It may be convincing but far from the truth. The only claim that really matters is how well does the product actually kill pathogens.

Results RNA Advanced Cellular Silver ACS 200, has been independently tested countless times to the Analytical Communities (AOAC) standard. This is the same protocol utilized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in determining the germicidal efficiency of a pesticide/disinfectant. The most recent study demonstrated that the ACS 200 was over 4000 times more effective that the next best colloidal silver and many times more than that for the others. Results RNA have independently tested all the leading brands in the USA and Europe and nothing has ever come even close to it. Some of the results can be seen in the following in vitro kill time study done by Drs’ Harper and Rowen.

ACS Silver Products + MRSA Comparative Kill Time Study

Results RNA Advanced Cellular Silver ACS 200 Products + Harper-Rowen Kill Time Study

The incredible difference in the activity of the ACS 200 is down to the sophisticated manufacturing process that is protected by 14 patents to date and of course the importance of these patented processes is clearly demonstrated in the consistent kill time results. Additional research behind Advanced Cellular Silver has proven significant efficacy against a number of very difficult to kill microorganisms, achieving 99.9999% (complete) kill against Borrelia burgdorferi (The Lyme disease associated organism), Powassan virus, Rhinovirus, Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella bongori and Candida albicans.

Further Information

The ACS 200 is available in 60ml and 120ml spray bottles and as a 60ml and 240ml topical gel. NB Due to changes to European regulations in 2010, Silver is only approved for use as an external disinfectant within Europe and is labelled as such.

Products available from for further information and distribution enquiries please email and wholesale accounts please register here



Molecular Hydrogen -  Giving Impressive Antioxidant Support

The interest in the benefits of Molecular hydrogen (H2) is increasing at a fast pace as more and more people begin to benefit from the antioxidant effects of this tiny molecule. Although there has been a lot of anecdotal evidence of its beneficial effects there is an increasing body of published scientific evidence showing encouraging results.

We need to ensure that we are consuming sufficient antioxidants, like never before. Over this last year it has not just been the effect of viruses but also the prevalence of stress through social isolation and sadly division that has impacted our wellbeing. This is now compounded by the ever increasing burden on our bodies of electromagnetic stress. There is evidence that molecular hydrogen can be helpful particularly for those struggling with fatigue resulting from long covid.

Over the next few years we will no doubt see further technological advances in the delivery of molecular hydrogen. Currently it is primarily available dissolved in water, different technologies for inhalation and in tablets which when dissolved in water release high amounts into the water for release in the body.

These methodologies offer solutions to suit everyone’s needs and budgets.  One of the decisions that drives the choice of technology is the concentration of molecular hydrogen that is required. At the moment inhalation systems are primarily focused on health practitioner clinics, although there is technology being developed to make them more available to end consumers.

Simple Methods to Deliver Antioxidant Support Cost Effectively

Currently this leaves the choice between different water delivery systems or in tablet form. Tablets, which are dissolved in water and release molecular hydrogen give the highest concentration of molecular hydrogen typically up to 10,000 parts per billion. These are ideal for short term use or when the body needs a boost.

The best option for every day benefit is to drink water with dissolved molecular hydrogen. There are 2 options. You can use filter systems that use bioceramics, which are combinations of natural minerals, that release hydrogen into the water. Typically these release about 100 to 300 parts per billion. Even at that apparent low level it has been shown to give therapeutic benefit.

The alternative is to use an electronic water ionizer - molecular hydrogen generator, which can give you up to 1,500 parts per billion.  Both of these solutions gives you water which you can consume on a consistent daily basis to greatly support your health and protect the integrity of your cells.

At Water for Health we have been supplying products that deliver molecular hydrogen into water since inception of the company 15 years ago,  Over the years many clients have benefited. Our range has greatly expanded over that time,  ranging from innovative bioceramic systems to state of a state of the art electronic water ionizer that generate the powerful antioxidant - molecular hydrogen.

Further Information

This article was supplied by Roddy MacDonald founder of Water for Health Ltd, specialist distributors of products to aid hydration and nutrition.



Sheik Imam Leading Healer BestHealer; the Imam Jaiteh Charitable Foundation

Sheik Imam is a leading African healer and advisor with 25 years’ experience who has dedicated his life to solving problems and advising clients from around the world. Sheik Imam’s father Imam Basaikou was born into a family with a reputation for helping people, guiding and solving people's problems for relationship, love and guidance. His grandfather is Sheikh Ahmad Bamba, and his great grandfather Sheik Abdulqadir Jelani. Sheik Imam is fluent in English, Spanish, Arabic and French and is well known throughout Africa for his good work and advice for which he has been honoured.

BestHealer Sheik Imam

Imam Jaiteh Charitable Foundation extending help to the villages and the community in the Gambia for clean water, food, and building education facility for school children in the Gambia.

Imam Jaiteh Charitable Foundation

The Imam Jaiteh Charitable Foundation Charity Registrations Number 58/2013 is registered in the Capital of The Gambia West Africa. The non-profit making charitable foundation, based in Jarumeh Koto Village, supports an integrated development programme in The Gambia.

With the help of sister charities in the Gambia they have distributed food to the needy peoples in the villages, schools and orphans. It helps the village of  Jarumeh and satellite villages in their health care programme, sending doctors, nurses and eyes specialist every two months to provide free health care support. Additionally the charity provides six class rooms to provide help and good care of poor students and helps to provide clean water  for the villages.

The Imam Jaiteh Charitable Foundation have built 4 toilets for the community in the Gambia who appreciate how the toilets and hygienic system support their good health. The Foundation has also supported school fees, clothing and extra support to the children in need of and having difficulties in school and living.

The Foundation is in need of more support in cash or kind to donate to the charity. The Chairman & Founder of the charity is Mr Imam B Jaiteh - an Imam, who is based in the UK.

Further Information

The Charitable Foundation needs help and the support of philanthropy. To help or for further information please contact Mr Imam B Jaiteh on Tel: 07985691335;



A Beginner’s Guide to ME/CFS should now add “and Long Covid”.

“When you’re sick, go to bed and stay there until you are better”.

An old-fashioned rule, now a stigmatized prescription.  These days, it’s  “Take the pills and carry on!” And we have a building tsunami of complicated, untreatable chronic diseases, now joined by long covid.We forget, when we are told to ‘fight’ our illnesses, that it’s our immune system that has to do the fighting. Our immune system needs all of our energy to do its job of attacking any pathogen which threatens us.  In the case of covid, it has to learn how to deal with an entirely new virus,  one which has many ways of avoiding immune-system attacks. ME/CFS most often begins with an apparently mild viral illness, from which the patient appears to recover.  Then begins a course of varied and variable symptoms, centrally,  crippling fatigue, which even the psychiatrists agree are exacerbated by exercise. The 2015 IOM report on ME/CFS stated that the defining feature of this disease is that “exertion of any kind - physical, cognitive or emotional – may adversely affect many organ systems..”.  Exercise may do multisystem damage.

Enter long Covid.  Young, healthy, fit patients have apparently recovered from covid 19, often a very mild attack.  Then they begin to develop a similar range of symptoms, including the fact that minimal exertion causes days of crippling fatigue.


When ME/CFS was treated as an infectious disease, from the 1950s to 1970, doctors had

learned that minimizing exertion was essential to recovery.  The prescription was for six months of complete rest from the inception.  At that time sick people in hospital stayed in bed.  At that time, only a proportion of ME/CFS sufferers went on to become chronically ill.

From 1970, psychiatrists have convinced the medical profession and the public that ME/CFS is nothing more than “mass hysteria” and all patients need is to be convinced that they aren’t  really sick, (CBT)  and then to be put through a programme of gradually increasing aerobic exercise (GET). 

Oddly, despite their claim that this can cure the illness, there doesn’t seem to be a large group of patients who have been cured.  In fact, ME/CFS is now considered to be a progressive illness from which almost no one recovers. Right now, a group of doctors , influenced  by the psychiatric view, are trying to block publication of a NICE Guideline Review which would remove GET as a treatment, and spell out that CBT is only helpful when used as psychological support for a  person acknowledged to be suffering from a  disabling  condition. But already clinics for the rehabilitation of long covid sufferers are being run on these psychiatric lines, and patients are being endangered by these same harmful treatments. This huge new cohort of sick people need to learn that rest, the minimizing of exertion, is essential to their ultimate recovery.

YouTube Video:

Dr Patterson’s explanation about the dangers of exercise  begins at minute 17 of this video

Dr Bruce Patterson, studying and treating long covid, has provided what may be the missing link to explain the damage that exertion does, an explanation which may be found to apply to ME/CFS and some of the other not-yet-medically explained chronic disorders. Dr Patterson’s explanation about the dangers of exercise  begins at minute 17 of this video. Briefly, monocytes containing viral fragments cause an immune response everywhere they go, and exercise stimulates this activity, spreading inflammation ever further throughout the body. Rest, giving  the immune system the time and energy needed to overcome this  situation, is the best treatment.

A Beginner’s Guide to ME/CFS, designed for the tired reader, is a paean of praise for rest, how to do it, why to do it, how your helpers are actually treating your illness by protecting you from exertion, how you can still perform as a valuable human being despite lying down a lot!   Even if what you are experiencing  isn’t named ME/CFS, but long covid, this little book may be the help you need right now.

Further Information

Further information about The Beginner's Guide to ME/CFS is available here. Available from  Amazon.



The Definitive Guide to Acupuncture Points A Practical Approach Third Edition

by Chris Jarmey with Lynn Pearce

Published by Lotus Publishing 2021. Paperback. £18.16/. ISBN: 978 1 913088 28 6

The Definitive Guide to Acupuncture Points is a must-have reference guide for anyone practicing, studying or teaching acupuncture and acupressure. Packed with clear yet comprehensive information and abundantly illustrated throughout, this newly updated and expanded edition contains substantially more information than any other book on the subject. Accessible, lively and highly practical – it’s the only book you’ll need!

Cover The Definitive Guide to Acupuncture Points

This book constitutes a complete acupuncture ‘atlas’, illustrating how to best locate and treat up to 400 acupoints throughout the body. Divided neatly into two neat parts of ‘Theory’ and ‘Practice’, the first part of the book describes the essence of acupuncture from both a traditional Chinese and Western medical perspective with chapters on needling considerations, the principles of locating acupoints, and myotome, dermatome, viscerotome and sclerotome maps of the body. The second part then guides you methodically through acupuncture points of the 12 main channels/meridians, plus the conception and governor vessels and additional non-channel points. Almost 400 points are described in precise detail with text and colour illustrations to include location, actions, indications and contraindications for each point. Everything you need to know is presented clearly and succinctly for ease of reference.

The Perfect Balance of East and West

Honouring the traditional Eastern roots of acupuncture in parallel with more modern approaches of Western medicine, The Definitive Guide to Acupuncture Points is an essential resource for practitioners of all levels and backgrounds seeking to deepen their understanding of working with acupoints. 

The late Chris Jarmey taught shiatsu, qigong, bodywork therapy and anatomy, and founded the European Shiatsu School. He was the author of many books on anatomy and bodywork, including The Concise Book of Muscles (Lotus Publishing) and Shiatsu—The Complete Guide (Harper Collins).

Lynn Pearce BA MCSP LicAc Cert Med Ed is an accredited lecturer within the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP), a clinician of 38 years, and an acupuncture practitioner of 31 years. She has worked consistently in the musculoskeletal field and has trained in both Western and Chinese Medical models, studying at the British College of Acupuncture to gain her Licentiate in 1993. She has written in previous books on complementary therapies, and produced papers that are used in the AACP Foundation Course in Acupuncture. Her interests in particular are the role of fascia within acupuncture and manual therapy and how best to marry these two skills. She is also a trained Clinical Canine Massage therapist and endeavours to apply the theories and skills contained in this book in her bodywork on our canine clients.

Further Information

Available from Lotus Publishing



Marine Magnesium, Saffrosun with Marine Minerals –The Naked Pharmacy

Marine Magnesium from The Naked Pharmacy

  • 100% of the daily requirements
  • Sourced from sustainable marine algae
  • Formulated by pharmacists
  • Plus an organic prebiotic
  • Within a pure tapioca capsule
  • Zero synthetics, 100% food sourced
  • Eco friendly, biodegradable packaging

Healthy magnesium levels can help stabilize mood, reduce stress, promote better sleep and contribute to bone and heart health. Sustainable Marine Magnesium with an organic prebiotic from The Naked Pharmacy provides 100% of the daily recommended amount of the best absorbed magnesium on the market. This rapidly absorbed magnesium helps support healthy nerve and muscle function. It also helps decrease nervousness, stress and promotes better sleep. People with restless legs, particularly in the evening benefit greatly from this form of magnesium. Pure Marine Magnesium is one of the seven essential macro-minerals we need to for our bodies to function healthily, and in this supplement it is sourced from algae because it is sustainable, eco-friendly, synthetic-free and the best form of magnesium for absorption into the cells where it works best. Many forms of magnesium within supplements are manufactured synthetically with a lower absorption into the body and a greater ecological footprint.

Marine Magnesium and Saffrosun

Saffrosun with Marine Minerals

  • Clinically proven saffron remedy
  • 100% of the daily requirements of B12 and D2
  • Vitamins sourced from sustainable marine algae, mushrooms
  • Formulated by pharmacists
  • Contains an organic prebiotic
  • Within a pure tapioca capsule
  • Zero synthetics, 100% food sourced
  • Eco friendly, biodegradable packaging

Saffrosun with Marine Minerals from The Naked Pharmacy combines a patented and clinically proven saffron extract at the effective strength with naturally sourced iodine, vitamin D3, B12 and organic prebiotic. This natural remedy can restore emotional balance, help you manage daily stress, reduce fatigue and promote restful sleep. Additionally, prebiotic baobab supports the natural gut microbiome, whilst iodine supports metabolism, cognitive, thyroid and neurological function. Saffrosun contains the highest strength of potent bioactives, at a strength of 3.5% of all three active components (crocin, safranal & picrocrocin) per tapioca capsule, which have been proven to improve emotional balance, reduce nervousness, tiredness and fatigue, and promote restful sleep. Iodine is an essential component in supporting efficient energy utilization, cognitive and thyroid function and a healthy nervous system. This is sustainably harvested from organic seaweed around the remote islands of the Scottish coast and then carefully dried and milled to ensure a high quality and nutrient rich algae.

Further Information

Free pharmacist advice, food supplements and natural medicines available from The Naked Pharmacy. Please contact on Tel: 01483 685630;



Beyond the Brain  – Further Reaches of Consciousness Research

5-7 November 2021

Beyond the Brain is the world’s premier conference series exploring new research on whether consciousness and mind extend beyond the physical brain and body. 


Beyond The Brain 2021 poster

Join Bruce Parry, Bruce Greyson, Graham Hancock, Diane Hennacy Powell, David Luke, Natalie Dyer, Etzel Cardeña, Marilyn Schlitz, Rupert Sheldrake, Jessica Utts, Caroline Watt, David Lorimer, Oliver Robinson, Bernard Carr, Athena Potari, and Peter Fenwick this November for a series of cutting-edge talks exploring some of the latest theories and discoveries in consciousness research.

This year’s event covers the limitations of scientific materialism, parapsychological research, implications of NDEs, savant syndrome, indigenous gateways to the soul and the nature of universal love. The conference will also feature the exclusive premier of Roberto Miller’s new film on Federico Faggin, designer of the first commercial microprocessor (the Intel 4004), who some years ago experienced profound spiritual awakening and now dedicates his life to studying consciousness. 

There will also be an experiential session on each day.

Further Information

The event will take place over the weekend of the 5th–7th November 2021.

Register and learn more at:



A Mindfulness  Guide for Survival  

by Ruby Wax MA OBE

Published by Welbeck Publishing Group Limited. 2021. Paperback. £9.99 / $16.69.  ISBN-10: 1787399591.

In her new book, A Mindfulness Guide for Survival, number-one bestselling author, Ruby Wax, draws together everything she has learned before and during the pandemic about her own practise, to offer us an indispensable guide to surviving life. 

This first ever workbook from the leading mental health campaigner and mindfulness ambassador includes an introduction to mindfulness, practical advice and step-by-step exercises helping us to navigate what Ruby calls “The Big Six” - difficult emotions, uncertainty, loneliness, change, dissatisfaction and death - that have become ever more prescient since the pandemic.  A Mindfulness Guide for Survival will help readers work through their mental health and provide them with an essential roadmap to a healthier, and happier mind as well as giving them the right tools to be able to deal with the challenges of day-to-day life.

Cover A Mindfulness Guide for Survival

“I have written this workbook for you to use as a guide on how to drop anchor when life, and the world around you, gets too daunting. It's filled with exercises and information for when you're suddenly forced to confront the hard truths or as I like to call them the BIG SIX realities - difficult emotions, uncertainty, loneliness, change, dissatisfaction and death. 

“It isn't just about how to get through a pandemic... Or the post-pandemic fall-out. It is a WAKE UP call. One that will increase your awareness of every moment through mindfulness. 

“So SCRIBBLE in it. DOODLE in it. Take it EVERWHERE. No one is going to see what's inside but you. This is not just another self-help book. Think of it as an evolve-yourself book. 

“I do hope it helps you hold the rudder straight, no matter how turbulent the waves, and that you come out the other end buoyant, with a new appreciation for the privilege of life.” 

About the Author 

Ruby Wax MA OBE is a successful comedian, TV writer and performer of over 25 years. Ruby additionally holds a Masters’ degree in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy from Oxford University and was awarded an OBE in 2015 for her services to mental health. She is the author of books Sane New World and A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled and has toured all over the world with the accompanying one-woman shows. Both books reached the number one spot on the Sunday Times bestsellers list and a third book, How to Be Human: The Manual was also a major bestseller. In March 2017 she launched Frazzled café in partnership with Marks& Spencer and has been running sessions online at during the coronavirus lockdown. Her memoir, How do You Want Me? was published with a new introduction in April 2020 and And Now for the Good News: To The Future With Love was published in September 2020. To date, Ruby has sold over one million copies of her books worldwide.  

Further Information

Available online and from all good bookshops and



World Leprosy Day 2022

On 30th January 2022, UK-based charity Lepra will celebrate World Leprosy Day. Working since 1924 to help people affected by leprosy, Lepra actively find and treat new cases, provide physiotherapy and reconstructive surgery for people with disabilities and create custom-footwear to protect wounds caused by the disease. Lepra also prioritize the mental health of people affected by leprosy; offering counselling and creating self-help groups to support people on the journey to both physical and emotional recovery. Not only have Lepra continued their vital work throughout the pandemic but they have also provided food-aid packages, Covid-19 testing and an emergency Covid-19 vaccination programme.

World Leprosy Day 2022

Many people believe that leprosy no longer exists, when in fact around 210,000 new cases are diagnosed each year and an estimated three million people live with undiagnosed leprosy, allowing the disease to cause ever-increasingly serious damage to their health, relationships and livelihoods. Leprosy is curable, but if left untreated it can cause severe disabilities and blindness. World Leprosy Day takes place each year on the last Sunday in January, aiming to raise awareness that leprosy still exists, and that fear, a lack of knowledge and incredible prejudice prevent people from accessing the life-changing treatment that can halt the disease in its path and prevent further disability.

People affected by leprosy face discrimination every day. The concern over potential disability, compounded by worries about the implication on their relationships, education and employment lead to over 50% of people diagnosed with leprosy experiencing a mental health problem such as depression or anxiety.

In 2022, Lepra will be using World Leprosy Day to shine a light on the social injustice of leprosy; across the world there are over 100 laws that discriminate against people with leprosy; such as leprosy being used as the grounds for divorce, for banning people from using public transport or to dismiss them from employment. In the 100 days that lead up to World Leprosy Day, Lepra will be highlighting current discriminatory laws and the impact they have on the lives of some of the world’s most neglected people, as well as focusing on laws that have since been repealed as attitudes towards those with disabilities have changed. Tying in previous World Leprosy Day celebrations, such as those held at the Houses of Parliament, the birthplace of laws in the UK and the role of Her Majesty the Queen as both patron of Lepra and the provider of Royal Assent to any new laws, Lepra will emphasize the changing nature of law and the importance of progress in reflecting the needs of the marginalized. Culminating in a high-profile event, Lepra hopes to raise awareness of the prejudice that hinders diagnosis and treatment, and to use the collective voice of supporters to advocate for change.

Further Information

To find out more about leprosy and the amazing work of Lepra, please visit at



YOGA ANIMALS – 32 Poses from the Wild

by Emily Sharratt and Jade Mosinski

Published by LOM ART. October 2021. Hardback. £11.99  ISBN: ‎ 1912785498.

A stunning collection of yoga poses inspired by the natural world, which make a full yoga sequence from cover to cover. Written by yoga instructor Emily Sharratt and featuring incredible artwork from artist Jade Mosinski, alongside step-by-step instructions for each pose, this is an essential manual and celebration of yoga.

Cover Yoga Animals

As every yoga practitioner knows, many of the key asanas (or poses) and breath exercises are inspired by the animal kingdom. From camels to cobras, from lizards to lions, so many animals have loaned their characteristics and shape as well as their name to the practice of yoga. Whether you’re channelling the flamboyance of a peacock or the pride and power of an eagle, you are part of an old and beautiful tradition, and one that is practised all over the world.

This book follows the template of a full, well-rounded yoga session, incorporating stretching, strengthening, energizing and calming elements, while drawing on a number of different yoga styles, from Vinyasa flows to more static Yin poses.

Yoga Animals is a beautiful collection of poses based in the natural world, which will show you how to embrace this within each yoga session.

Emily Sharratt is an editor, writer and qualified yoga instructor. She has been teaching for over seven years, as well as having a regular practice for almost twenty. Her teaching method encompasses a range of yoga styles, from Vinyasa flow to yin, and she considers the final relaxation the most important part of a class.

Jade Mosinski is a Derbyshire based designer and illustrator who loves to create beautiful and intricate illustrations inspired by the natural world, using detailed linework. She has designed cards and wrap sold in John Lewis, Paperchase, and Waterstones and the ‘Jade Mosinski Designs’ range of greeting-cards for Blue Eyed Sun is an expanding collection of over 100 designs.

Further Information

Available from and


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    Further information:


    Keto Diet Dr Michael Mosley

    The Keto diet plays an intrinsic part of The Fast 800, the lifestyle plan developed by Dr Michael Mosley. Your body is like a hybrid car – it runs on two main energy sources, sugar and fat. The Keto diet, and intermittent fasting, encourages your body to flip from one to the other, burning through your fat stores and restoring your body to health.

    Dr Mosley shares his expert insights about following the Keto diet.


    Further Information:  


    Natures Plus Probiotic for Men

    A healthy gut is essential for our overall wellness. GI Nutra Probiotic Men provides 60 million live probiotic cells representing 21 diverse and healthful strains, including clinically backed strains for optimal men’s health. Designed to support a healthy reproductive system, testosterone production, digestive system health and maintenance of a healthy immune system.


    Further information:


    Nicholas Gonzalez Videos

    Watch 12 new Dr Nicholas Gonzalez videos that can heal your mind and body. They have just posted short, newly edited videos of Dr Gonzalez discussing the following topics: Autonomic Nervous System Balancing, Autonomic Nervous System 101, Dr Gonzalez Case Studies, Gonzalez Research Sabotaged, NCI and Gonzalez Protocol Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trial, Dr John Beard Biography, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Characteristics, Dr John Beard and Pancreatic Enzymes, Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic, Dr Weston A Price, The Dangers of Soy and The Importance of Detoxification.


    Further information:


    Rose Hip Menopause Pain

    Rose hip extracts have a long history of medicinal use and their potential benefits in the treatment of joint pain conditions. It is also important to keep hydrated, the supplement GOPO is a galactolipid that has been shown to improve daily activities, joint pain and joint stiffness, exercise and eat well.


    Further information: GOPO is available from Boots, Amazon, supermarkets and independent chemists.



    Menopause Women and Sleep

    According to the National Sleep Foundation, 61% of menopausal women report experiencing insomnia symptoms. Kalms Night One-A-Night is a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the temporary relief of sleep disturbances, exclusively based on long-standing use as a traditional herbal remedy – contains Valerian root.


    Further information:


    MedicAlert Vital Info

    Kirsten Giles, CEO of MedicAlert reveals that she has seen a worrying drop in people making their medical information available for use by medical staff in emergency. It examines reasons behind this and takes a look at amongst which groups in society is the sharing of medical information a matter of life and death.


    Further information:


    Kelo-Cote UV Gel for Scars

    Lydia from Brand Nation tells us 3 things we might not know about scars. When treated early, you can prevent scars from forming, there are several different types of scars and scars do not contain melanin – the pigment that protects skin from UV radiation. Kelo-Cote UV gel offers SPF 30 protection to avoid these defects and can be used under make-up for facial scars.


    Further information: Available from Boots, Superdrug and Amazon


    A Celebration of Provings

    A Celebration of Provings is a new book by the School of Homeopathy which includes 27 remedies, colour pictures, diagrams and cases. The book’s purpose is to provide you, the Homeopathic reader, with an overview of the remedies, providing an engaging walk through a garden of delights.


    Further information:


    Forever Young

    Forever Young, A Memoir by Hayley Mills, is a new book about Hayley Mills’ life as an actress. This is the story Hayley tells up to the age of 21. It is told with characteristic warmth and is filled with many fond memories, but it is also a story that includes mismanagement, bankruptcy, strained family relationships and dislocation.


    Further information Tel: Available from all Good Book Stores and  Amazon


    Colloidal Silver Secrets Ezine

    Research shows colloidal silver has powerful antiviral qualities. Steve Barwick shows clinical studies documenting silver’s ability to kill viruses. Over the years, he has written a number of articles on the amazing antiviral qualities of silver, and they are all available online.


    Further information:


    Control Your Health Care

    Dr David Wilcox’s new book How to Avoid Being a Victim of the American Healthcare System: A Patient’s Handbook for Survival, levels the playing field, enabling consumers of healthcare to understand how to avoid getting caught in the systematic net. It covers what to do if you have to go to hospital, how to handle an insurance company’s claim denial, how to find an alternative to high-priced prescriptions and why the current pay for fee is inadequate.


    Further information:


    You Only Live Once

    You Only Live Once: Find Your Purpose. Make Life Count is a new book by Noor Hibbert, a qualified Life and Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, serial Entrepreneur, mother, straight-talker and spiritual badass. The book explores how to improve your life through positive thinking and how to direct your positivity in the most consequential direction.


    Further information: and


    Amchara Health

    Magnesium deficiency has been linked to higher levels of stress, anxiety and difficulty relaxing. Learn how to enhance your sleep with magnesium and the top 8 herbs for anxiety. You also have the chance to joining the Amchara Gozo retreat in Malta.


    Further information:


    Gonzalez Guidance Group

    As you are aware of the late Dr Nicholas Gonzalez’ work, you will already know that Dr Gonzalez’ nutritional enzyme protocol is based on the concept that one diet does not fit all. Now for the first time, everyone can work out which diet is the one for them with Dr Gonzalez’ metabolic test.


    Further information:  


    Shroom Boom

    New from Natures Plus, Immune Mushroom supplement combines 7 medicinal mushrooms, creating a synergy that multiplies their individual effects. The extracts come from full-fruiting bodies, having gone through all the growing cycles and contain a full and powerful array of micronutrients.


    Further information:  Natures Plus  


    Colds and Flu in Winter

    Independent Pharmacist, Rita Ghelani explains why this winter we may see an increase in colds and flu, due to the COVID-19 lockdown, mask wearing and social distancing. She recommends using a nasal barrier, gargling with salt water and using a saline spray. Xlear Nasal Spray is a good alternative that can be used regularly without the risk of rebound congestion and aids in restoring natural mucus production.


    Further information:  available in independent health stores and Amazon.


    Multivitamins Patch

    Dispatch Nutrition, a distributer in the supplement market, has launched a revolutionary way to take your vitamins – through the world’s thinnest transdermal patch. The unique formula contains 14 essential vitamins and minerals to supplement a balance diet. The patches contain an expertly blended formula which is 100% vegan, hypoallergenic and contains none of the filler or bulking agents found typically in oral supplements.


    Further information:


    Post-Traumatic Thriving

    Traumatising events like natural disasters, COVID, social unrest and random acts of violence dominate the news, but your traumatic experience doesn’t need to dominate the headlines to be real. Dr Randall Bell’s empowering message: We all get knocked down, but with the right strategies, we can get back up, find our footing and grow in entirely new directions. His latest book, Post-Traumatic Thriving: The Art, Science & Stories of Resilience provides clear, authoritative insights into what our options are in the aftermath of trauma.


    Further information:   and and



    Breaththerapy offer aromatherapy kits with 16 tabs for on-the-go Aromatherapy for the price of 8. The tabs can be used to enhance the wellness routine within which you already engage. Learn how to practice Yoga at your desk with the array of different essential blends to complement your wellness goals. Breathe, Focus, Balance.


    Further information:


    Namaste Yogis and Friends

    There is something magical about the Mysore room. From the sweaty assists to the deep sound of breathing to the smiles we share with friends. Mystore Style is the heart of Ashtanga Yoga. There are plenty of new week courses to sign up to between now and January with Kino and Tim in their new space inn Wynwood, The Miami Yoga Garage.


    Further information:


    MedicAlert for Alzheimer’s

    Kirsten Giles, CEO at MedicAlert comments on the impact of Alzheimer’s on families and individuals, while highlighting the importance of storing their vital information so that they can be kept safe in an emergency. Medical IDs store a person’s conditions, medications, address and next of kin details, which can be accessed securely and with ease by those caring for them in their moment of need.


    Further information:


    Plandemic: Truth is the Cure

    Plandemic: Fear is the Virus. Truth is the Cure by Mikki Willis, a first-time author and highlights how the pandemic has divided us. Friends and family are being torn apart by lies and fear. Packed with indisputable scientific studies and hard facts, his book transcends politics and cultural ideologies and will leave you inspired and empowered to overcome the changes that lie ahead.


    Further information:


    Exercise Books Pain Relief

    Dr George Ampata’s new self-help exercise books are aimed at people with painful joints and limbs primarily caused by arthritis. Free From Pain Exercise Book, Simple eps to Help with Back and Neck Pain and Back and Neck discomfort Relief with Altered Beliefs, Intelligent posture, Dynamic Movement and Exercises (BANDAIDE) are packed with easy to read and understand exercises.


    Further information:


    2022 @Dentaprime Award

    The Future of Dentistry Awards @Dentaprime 2022 is announced. Now in its sixth year, the award is sponsored by Dentaprime Dental Clinics (Varna/London). Dentaprime has been promoting scientific research for many years and has established the Future of Dentistry Award for this purpose. The award is given for scientific papers completed in the field of implantology, implant prosthetics and dental stem cell research.


    Further information:  


    Lotus Guide Events, Workshops

    Lotus Guide’s next issue firmly puts the responsibility on us all to either be a victim or a creator. Find out about Geoengineering and Transhumanism interview with Elana Freeland on YouTube. November 2021 sees the Healing Arts Festival and Psychic Fair, 14 November 2021 and Healing Dragon online Qigong Classes and Workshops.


    Further information Tel: 530-894-8433, , ,


    Mastering Chronic Pain

    A Practical Guide: Mastering Your Chronic Pain by Dr Nicola Sherlock will help readers to take control of their conditions. The interventions and techniques detailed have consistently helped to improve outcomes and reduce people’s reliance on medication.


    Further information: Available through retail and internet bookshops and Amazon


    Spray Colds & Flu Protection

    New Cold & Flu Guide works by coating the back of the nose and throat where viruses would take hold and start to develop. The patented natural active ingredient, Flavobac then envelops the virus/bacteria. Flavobac is naturally derived from the pith of bitter oranges and is a concentrated extract of plan flavonoids.


    Further information: and


    Liz Koch Core Awareness

    Core Awareness collaborators are offering different events over the next few months, from a 2 hour Zoom class or a 4-day adventure, each collaboration is richly innovative and deeply transformative. 24-26 September: Wild Markings, Emerging from the Field, Creative Processing with Majio. 7 October: SCAR Tissue & Psoas, MELT Method. 14 October/11 November/16 December: Women & Power = Wild Discernment, A Moving Media/Book Club.


    Further information:  Core Awareness 


    Breast Cancer Essential Guide

    The Essential Guide to Breast Cancer by Robert Duffy is one of the Need2Know Books which explores the lack of breast cancer care which women are facing due to COVID. The publisher is giving free digital access to the book and a paperback copy of the book is available with 30% discount.


    Further information: Free Download from Need2Know Books    Need2Know


    Anatomy Colouring Book

    Gary Hemmings’ Anatomy Colouring Book is crammed full of illustrations, mandalas and cultural anchor points. It is a fun anatomy colouring book which will help you to learn exactly how your body works. Ideal for students, Nurses and the precociously intelligent. Complete the art to finesse your way to a new level of genius.


    Further information:


    Your Spiritual Almanac

    Your Spiritual Almanac is Joey Hulin’s month by month guide to soulful practices to enhance the readers spiritual life and how we feel connected to ourselves, others and the world around us. Joey is a Writer and Meditation Teacher based in Cornwall and the founder of wellness company Horizon Inspired which offers down-to-earth, soulful, wellbeing retreats and meditations.


    Further information:


    Pro Plus® Caffeine

    Unlike other caffeine sources such as sugary energy drinks and pricey takeaway coffees, Pro Plus® offers a healthier, more affordable source of energy helping to enhance performance and productivity.  Pro Plus® contains caffeine, a stimulant that can help to maintain mental alertness and make you feel more awake. Always read the label.


    Further Information: Available to purchase online at Boots and supermarkets and pharmacies


    Anaphylaxis Campaign

    The Board of the Anaphylaxis Campaign are delighted to announce the appointment of Simon Williams as Chief Executive. Simon will succeed Lynne Regent who announced her retirement this summer. Simon will take up his post in late November, Sarah Baker, the Campaign Manager will be the interim CEO until Simon comes into post.


    Further information:   The Anaphylaxis Campaign


    Melatonin for COVID-19

    Melatonin has been shown to be a highly effective means of preventing and treating COVID-19 disease, according to a new study. Looking at the therapeutic efficacy and safety of melatonin. Melatonin not only reduces the infectivity of SARS-CoV-2, but also supports the immune system in fighting any infection.


    Further information:  


    My Day in Small Drawings

    My Day in Small Drawings by Matilda Tristram is the follow-up to My Year in Small Drawings and you can discover how to practise observation and active listening and to use narrative storytelling techniques to craft a unique and delightful virtual diary.


    Further information:


    NHS Long Term Plan 2021

    The NHS Long Term Plan 2021 Conference will set out the main commitments in the plan and provide a view of what they might mean, highlighting the opportunities and challenges for the health and care system as it moves to put the plan into practice post-COVID 19. This conference will provide delegates with the opportunity to hear from key speakers on the NHS’s priorities for care quality and outcomes improvement for the decades ahead.


    Further information:   


    Sally Mathrick

    Feeding your immune system the foods it needs to function competently is important. Given we are going to have to learn to live with this virus, you can check out which foods you need to eat and download the free recipe book, with 25 recipes to inspire fresh thinking about how to eat to feed your immune system and reduce inflammation.


    Further information: Sound Medicine   Immune Competency in the 2020s  

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