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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 265

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 265 - September 2020

AWA Aligned Wellness Academy - Course in Pelvic Correction & Yuan Shi Dian Medicine


Welcome to the Aligned Wellness Academy’s comprehensive course in Pelvic Correction and Yuan Shi Dian Medicine. The complementary elements of these two modalities offer therapists and healers the framework to support their clients to greater wellbeing: Pelvic Correction aligns the spine and Yuan Shi Dian Medicine eliminates residual pain. Both facilitate the transition into a pain-free, positive and healthy future. Alexander & Wei are delighted to present a new approach to pain management and empowered healing. A pioneering combination of unique insights and decades of holistic experience.

When: Course Dates to be Rescheduled for 2021, due to Covid Restrictions

Where: Harrow College Campus, Lowlands Rd, Harrow HA1 3AQ

What: An exclusive opportunity to train in a whole new healing modality combining Taiwanese Yuan Shi Dian (Origin Point Medicine) as taught by Wei Wu, and Pelvic Correction for the relief of back and musculoskeletal pain as taught by Alexander Barrie.

Alexander Barrie + Wei Wu
Alexander Barrie + Wei Wu

Take your practice to the next level with this comprehensive training, which unites the expertise and experience of two renowned healing practitioners.

 “Good teaching is all about helping others to become more of what they are meant to be.  I do not know of anything more fulfilling than the knowledge that a lesson or class I have given has inspired or assisted someone in some way, in particular when that assistance leads to a less painful life for a long-term sufferer.”

“There are so many people suffering; many in silence, every day, regardless of painkillers, antidepressants, steroid injections or surgical procedures. Our sole goal is to help others understand the reason for their physical, mental and emotional pain and empower them to look after their own health and that of their clients and families.”

Attendees: This course is suitable for practitioners in a variety of fields including osteopaths, chiropractors, massage and shiatsu therapists, yoga teachers, and other bodyworkers. An expansive addition to any CV, after training with AWA you’ll be certified to practise the techniques with clients, help them manage back and pelvic pain, and take a proactive approach to their wellbeing.  There is also the possibility of attending the course as a layperson in order to gain insight into how to manage your own pain and pelvic alignment – please contact us to find out more.

“Our personal and clinical experience taught us that when you combine the correct concepts and the best techniques of the eastern and western medicine together, you really could achieve so much.
Now is the time to pass on our experience, knowledge and skills to you, hopefully you will be able to help and teach more people.”

We Tend to Look for Answers from Without, but the Answers Originate from Within

Further Information

For further information and to book please contact Alexander or Wei on Tel: 020 8423 5659 / 07503 171 377;;



Flower Essences and Ortho-Silicic Acid’s Effect on Heavy Metal Neurotoxicity

Optimum physical health indicates a vital balance of our biochemistry and biophysics. This balance establishes our internal environment, where the cells function at the maximum level, which in turn determines our overall health. A balanced mineral count, one of the essential parameters for healthy biological terrain is determined by diet, digestion, emotional / mechanical stressors, and environmental pollution (specifically heavy metal overload or intoxication). The World Health Organization 1974 attributed environmental pollution, especially heavy metals, to be responsible for at least 80% of all chronic degenerative disease conditions, and pose the biggest threat to health. Difficult to avoid, are ever-present in our air, water, food, cosmetics, vaccines, household goods, medical drugs, paints, and much more, in addition to our mouths with silver-mercury amalgam fillings. 

Collage Flower Essences and Zeolite Clinoptilolite

1st Row Left to Right: Dark-field microscope cage like structures and energy in ortho-silicic acid (Zeolite)

2nd Row Left to Right: Bottlebrush and Carnation

3rd Row Left to Right: Red Fire Papaya,  Banana Blossom

Two gifts from nature that prove effective in addressing this ubiquitous toxicity are a combination of ortho-silicic acid, a superior form of clinoptilolite (zeolite) combined with a proprietary complementary blend of Flower Essences. The reason these work synergistically together is because there is an emotional component to physical toxicity.  Clinoptilolite (Zeolite) is a naturally occurring volcanic crystalline mineral. It has a unique honeycomb cage-like structure with a negative charge with the ability to bind and trap a multitude of toxins.

Root Clean Slate : This company has invested 16 years of research and developed a unique delivery system (proprietary patent pending) to ensure that the cage structure is cleaned and in the correct dimensions to grab onto heavy metals, viruses, and toxins. 

Adaptofleur Flower Essence blends: Cleanse & Detox are specifically formulated for men and women.  Works with the emotionally overloaded, toxic emotions, overwhelmed by significant changes, feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, or physically burdened and for those that have trouble letting go.   

Adaptofleur Male Essence Blend

Emotionally enhances the male vitality and comfort-ability with sexuality, the hormonal balance, up or down-regulating libido as required, supports openness and nurturing by physical expressions of tenderness.

Adaptofleur Female Essence Blend

Traditionally used by aboriginal women for their hormonal and reproductive balance. For women on all levels emotionally, and mentally, in addition, it gives support to being open to conception and reproduction. Encourages the body to find its natural rhythms, blood sugar levels, and discourages cravings allowing optimum weight and balance. In combination, the two products have a synergistic effect of ridding the system of all forms of toxicity at the fundamental level.

Ingredients include: Flower Essences of Australia: Bottlebrush, Wild Potato Bush, She Oak, Papaya, Chrysanthemum, Mulla Mulla  Flannel Flower, Banana Flower Essence. 

Further Information

Clare G Harvey

ADAPTOFLEUR Flower Essence Blend Male & Female: available from Tel: 01963 250750 or

CLEAN SLATE Ortho-silicic acid available from Referral Code: rootsource



Events of 2019 and 2020 sent Vitamin Sales Soaring and made Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C the most Coveted Supplement on the Planet

It’s no surprise that since the beginning of this global health crisis, vitamin C sales have risen sharply as people look for anything that might help support their immune system and fend off infections. The search for ways to help proactively prevent ill health and bolster the immune system is a constant topic of discussion and debate with more people than ever taking matters into their own hands, turning to over the counter natural or alternative medicine for support.

Vitamin C has been the subject of a large amount of mainstream global media focus and scrutiny since February 2020, with several hospitals around the world initiating clinical trials involving vitamin C. The first results will be revealed on September 30th 2020 following a clinical trial conducted by Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University in Wuhan, Hubei, China who started a trial using intravenous high dose vitamin C on patients in February 2020.

Altrient vitamin C box with sachet

Altrient liposomal vitamin C by LivOn Labs is the world’s first premium liposomal vitamin C and was already regularly the best-selling liposomal vitamin C on Amazon before this unusual year, sent it into another level, with a 1000% increase in demand compared to 2019. European master distributor and retailer of Altrient C, Abundance & Health were unable to keep up with the demand due to supply chain issues that saw much of the world depleted of vitamin C  stock between March and July, during which time the Altrient C waiting list numbers climbed to thousands. Thankfully, supply has now caught up with demand and Abundance & Health are fully stocked in the UK and all over Europe and ready for what is expected to be a busy autumn/winter, with predicted sales of vitamin C to be ten times greater than during the same period last year.

LivOn Labs, pioneers of the liposomal vitamin C, developed the first version of this super absorbent supplement in 2004 when they successfully developed the world’s first premium liposomal vitamin C, using a cutting-edge technology that enabled a level of stability and targeted absorption never before achieved in the vitamin industry. They have spent the past 16 years perfecting the formulation and patenting the process, making it without question the most pure and potent vitamin C on the market with numerous double-blind placebo-controlled studies and personal testimonials to back up claims.

Word of mouth spread amongst the medical and alternative health communities about Altrient C and the global following grew organically including A list stars such as The Kardashians, Gwyneth Paltrow, Justin Bieber, Bella Hadid and many more major stars who have taken to social media to share their vitamin C secret. Altrient liposomal vitamin C has been nominated for and won many prestigious awards including most recently coming runner up in the British VOGUE Beauty Awards 2020 in the Best In Wellness Category.

Further Information

This article was contributed by Abundance & Health Ltd, who are the European distributor and primary retailer of Altrient liposomal food supplements  #cforyourself



Rest, Rest, Rest – The ME/CFS Mantra Covid Long-Haulers Need Right Now

If someone were fighting to save your life, would you ask them to hang on a minute, get yourself a cup of tea, cook a meal for someone else, go to work, or drive your car to a Covid test centre? If the ‘someone’ is your own immune system, and a virus is what it is fighting, then this is what you would be doing every time you got out of bed. Covid-19 ranges from being an illness with no symptoms or very few, right up to massive, multisystem complications and death.  The point at which you begin to experience symptoms is the point at which the virus is the most active.  From then on, viral activity diminishes as immune activity increases.  The danger, from that point, is the the immune system may go into the dangerous hyperactivity which can overwhelm the body with inflammation. 

Nancy Blake + Beginners Guide to ME-CFS

Those most likely to succumb are those whose immune systems are either overwhelmed with viral load, or whose immune systems are already challenged by other medical conditions, or weakened by a life in unhealthy social conditions and the stresses of poverty.  For those with darker skins, the protection against the suns rays our colour gives us comes with a corresponding difficulty in absorbing vitamin D, which may be adding to vulnerability.

The Rule, which could save many, comes from the era of childhood diseases before antibiotics or vaccines:  in 1940s USA, you were expected to cope with measles, chicken pox, mumps, whooping cough, German measles. You prayed not to get polio. You were already vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, and small-pox, but nothing else.  These diseases, very dangerous in adulthood, usually (but not always) mild in childhood, could maim or kill, and all we had was The Rule: When you are sick, you have to go to bed and stay there.

Many people’s immune systems can identify and attack Sars-CoV-2 effectively. Clearly, the more effectively our immune system has been able to overcome the virus, the less danger there is of its going into life threatening overdrive.  The Rule applies.

Long Haul Covid 19

There is a cohort of people who continue to have recurrent symptoms, some serious. This pattern seems ominously similar to the pattern of recurrence of symptoms in ME/CFS. But we know unequivocally that this recurrence is caused by exertion.  In February 2015 The Institute of Medicine spelled it out:  The defining feature of this disease is that ‘exertion of any kind – physical, cognitive or emotional – may have adverse consequences in many organ systems….’  - multisystem damage. The viruses most closely associated with ME/CFS are from the Epstein Barr family, which includes the polioviruses.  Sars-CoV-2 is from the picornavirus group, which causes respiratory diseases.

Very different and Unrelated Causes.

But the confused and relatively ineffective immune responses are similar. Some of the ME/CFS community welcome the possibility that because of Long Haul Covid, ME/CFS may begin to be taken more seriously.  Ramsay found that, for people with ME, prognosis depended on how much their life-style allowed them to minimize exertion and maximize rest.  Six months bed-rest could result in complete recovery.  Even today, when ‘bed rest’ is such a stigmatized prescription that our government never prescribed it in the guidelines for people coming down with covid, there are occasional reports of recovery when a courageous GP has suggested six months rest.

This is the right time to renew and give out the message in my ‘Beginner’s Guide to ME/CFS’ and it’s paean to rest….covid long-haulers, take note! 

Further Information

Further information about The Beginner's Guide to ME/CFS is available here. Available from the author and  Amazon.



Successful Treatment of Chronic Pain: Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-controlled Trial Demonstrates Efficacy and Safety of Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt

I. The Importance of a Double-Blind, Randomised, Placebo-Controlled Study

Rayonex Biomedical GmbH,  headquartered in Lennestadt, Germany is a well-established medical device company of over 35 years which currently operates in 45 countries worldwide. Rayonex represents bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, a cause-oriented treatment approach named after Paul Schmidt, company Founder and Engineer. Rayonex Biomedical GmbH is certified to develop, produce and distribute medical devices according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 and is audited and certified by TÜV Nord on a yearly basis.


Rayonex manufactures two medical devices: the high-med device, the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar 4.0 med, which can be used as a stationary device in a doctor's surgery and the portable Rayocomp PS 10 med, primarily for patients receiving therapy at home. While in the past this evidence could be provided through reports, new medical device regulation requires the submission of the highest level of scientific evidence of the effectiveness and safety of the device. This evidence needs to be in the form of a double-blind, randomised study and the study must receive a positive vote from the ethics committee.

Therefore, two groups were created in the run-up to the study:  One with the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar 4.0 med. taken from the production line, and the other with inoperable devices, which were the placebo. Both devices looked and worked in exactly the same way. However, the dipole antenna system, which is normally used in the application of bioresonance treatment according to Paul Schmidt, was missing in the placebo devices.

At the start of the study, a validated computer program randomly (randomized) determined which device each new patient would be treated with for the entire duration of the study. Thus, neither patient nor the clinical investigator (double-blind) applying the treatment knew during the study whether the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar 4.0 med. being used was therapeutically effective or not. For this reason a randomised, double-blind study is considered to be the best type of study because unblinding (telling patients and investigators which devices really worked) only takes place after the results have been analysed.

At the end of studies like these, patients are usually careful about what they say and do not appear enthusiastic because they don't want to say that the therapy helped them and then to find out that they had been treated with a placebo device. This is why randomized, double-blind studies are held in such high regard. It is because results are based on completely objective, somewhat conservative accounts.

II. Summary of the Study Results

The patient and user information presents the results of a clinical prospective, double blind, randomized, study of the highest scientific level that aims to provide objective proof of the performance and safety of the Rayocomp bioresonance device in patients with cervical spine syndrome. A number of different programs were created by experts in the field of bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, which eventually gave rise to the study’s compact program. The original compact program and over 180 other pre-existing compact programs are available on the Rayocomp devices. In total, 52 patients participated in the study. All study participants received 10 treatment sessions with the compact program within a period of 70 days. The final report concludes that the devices are safe and effective to use. The following are citations from Chapter VII of the final report:

"There was no change in the NDI (Neck-Disability-Index) of the placebo group but a significant improvement in the NDI of the group treated with the Rayocomp bioresonance device." "The placebo treatment did not achieve significant improvements in neck headaches, back pain, shoulder pain or muscle tension, while treatment with Rayocomp bioresonance device showed significant improvements.

"In terms of physical capacity, patients receiving the placebo treatment showed no significant improvement, while patients treated with the Rayocomp bioresonance device showed significant improvements in all parameters."

"The SF-36 parameters of physical functioning, physical role functioning, bodily general health perceptions, vitality, social functioning, emotional role functioning and mental health achieved no significant improvement in patients receiving placebo treatment. Whereas, all of the parameters showed significant improvement in patients receiving treatment with the Rayocomp bioresonance device."

"Overall, there were significant differences in how patients answered the question of whether they would recommend the treatment to others. All patients in the Rayocomp group said that they would recommend it, while only around a quarter of patients in the placebo group said the same."

"Furthermore, the study confirms that the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar 4.0 bioresonance device is safe. Based on the results and information provided in the manual, no adverse effects were detected during this clinical trial that could alter the risk profile of the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar 4.0 bioresonance device. The favourable safety profile of the medical device was confirmed. It was shown to be safe when used according to the instructions in the manual."

This scientific study documents to patients and therapists alike that bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt is both safe and effective to use. A copy of a detailed booklet of the study entitled Successful Treatment of Chronic Pain can be obtained by contacting Rayonex Biomedical UK (contact details below) at the special promotional price of just £5.00 each plus shipping costs. (The book normally costs 25 Euros). 

Rayonex Biomedical GmbH have also announced the date of their 3rd World Congress with the title "Successful Treatment of Chronic Pain", which will be hosted online via Zoom on the 25th of April 2021. Participation is free of charge but places are limited. Registration is now open for this exciting event via the following link:

Further Information

Please contact Rayonex Biomedical UK Ltd on Tel: 020 3866 1192;



Mushroom Nutrition as a Disease Modifying Therapy for Neurodegenerative Conditions?- Part II

To date the development of a pharmaceutical solution to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) to reduce the increase of both Tau and β-Amyloid protein production has been disappointing. Should clinicians consider the use of mushroom nutrition to:

  1. Reduce neuroinflammation;
  2. Combat viral infections that are triggering early stage (MCI) and late stage dementia;
  3. Establish a healthy microbiota in patients with such conditions;
  4. Increase neurogenic reserve.

In essence, can mushroom nutrition slow the progression of neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer´s disease by acting as a disease modifying therapy until a pharmaceutical product can be approved?

Coriolus 90 tablets

Combat Viral Infections Triggering Early Stage Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) And Late Stage Dementia

As early as in 2000, there was a body of thought led by Dr Frank La Ferla (University of California, Irvine) that the Herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) was linked or triggered the process leading to Alzheimer’s Disease. In 2008 and 2013, this link was further explored by Professor Ruth Itzhaki (University of Manchester). 

Finally in 2018, researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York concluded that two strains of human herpes virus (Human Herpes Virus 6A (HHV-6A) and Human Herpes Virus 7 (HHV-7)) were found in the brains of people with Alzheimer´s disease at levels up to twice as high as in those without Alzheimer´s.  This Mount Sinai study was the first to use a data-driven approach to study the impact of viruses on Alzheimer´s and to identify the role of HHV-6A  and HHV-7 in the disease. This was also the first evidence that integration of HHV genomes into human brain genomes may play a role in the etiology of Alzheimer´s.

Since 1999, MRL has been conducting clinical studies on the biomass properties of different mushrooms. This work has resulted in the confirmation that the biomass form of Coriolus versicolor (Coriolus-MRL) has anti-viral properties. In 2004, MRL funded a 36 patient open-label study to demonstrate that the biomass form of Coriolus versicolor was effective in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients suffering from high viral  titres levels of either Epstein Barr Virus or Cytomegalovirus or Human Herpes Virus (HVV6) or a combination of all three viruses. After eight (8)weeks of Coriolus-MRL supplementation (3g/day for two weeks followed by 1,5g/ day for six weeks) the following was noted:

  1. 1.T-cells [%CD3+CD26] showed Increased activation in two thirds of the patients before and after review, depression in 22% of patients and 11% remained static.
  2. 2.T-cells [CD3+HLA-DR+] showed activation in 77% and decreased activation in 11%. T-helper suppressor cells were variable in their original presentation.
  3. The normal range of natural killer cells is 5 – 20% and the cell count is 75-1800 cmm. Natural killer cells were found to be low in these patients before treatment, the average being 129.64 cmm. An increase in natural killer cells following treatment with Coriolus was demonstrated with the average being 175 cmm, which is an increase of 35%. 

Monro, J Coriolus  J Integrative Medicine 8:101-108. 2004.

In 2005, MRL funded a 38 patient study in the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (Coimbra, Portugal) the use of Coriolus versicolor (Coriolus-MRL) in LSIL HPV which demonstrated that supplementation at 3 g per day, over one year, resulted in a cervical regression rate of 72,0% versus 47% in a control group. After one year the HPV viral load was not detected in 90% of the patients when compared to 8% in the control group

A. Monro, J Coriolus  J Integrative Medicine; 8:11-108. 2004.

B. Konova, E  Effect of combined therapy polyhexamethylene biguanide and Coriolus-MRL on human papilloma virus (HPV) cervical and vulvar-related lesions, International Journal of Medical Device and Adjuvant Treatment, 2020; 3:2020.

Below are citations for review

  • Agostini S, Mancuso R, Baglio F, Cabinio M, Hernis A, Guerini FR, Calabrese E, Nemni R, Clerici M. Lack of evidence for a role of HHV-6 in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease. J Alzheimer’s Dis. 49:229-235. 2015;
  • Wozniak MA, Mee AP, Itzhaki RF. Herpes simplex virus type I DNA is located within Alzheimer’s disease amyloid plaques. The Journal of Pathology. Volume 217. Issue 1, pp131-138. DOI: 10.1002/path.2449. 2009;
  • Lovheim H, Gilthorpe J, Adofsson R, Nilsson LG, Elgh R Reactivated Herpes simplex infection increases the risk of Alzheimer´s disease Alzheimer´s & Dementia 1-7. 2014;
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  • Luran NS, Hanson BA, Martinson J, Leurgans SE, Landay AL, Bennett DA, Schnider JA, Virologic and Immunological Characteristics of Human Cytomegalovirus Infection Associated with Alzheimer Disease J Infect Dis June 5 (PMID) 23661 800). 2013.
  • Ben Readhead, Jean-Vianney Haure-Mirande, Cory C. Funk, Matthew A. Ricards, Paul Shannon, Eric M. Reiman, Eric E. Schadt, Michelle E. Ehrilich, Sam Gandy and Joel T. Dudley. Multiscale Analysis of Independent Alzheimer´s Cohorts Find Disruption of Molecular, Genetic, and Clinical Networks by Human Herpesvirus Neuron 99,1-19 July 2018.

Further Information

The Coriolus versicolor in these studies were supplied by Mycology Research Laboratories Ltd /



Powers of Positivity; Accessing Quantum Field; Creating Outcomes; Attracting Timelines; Infinite Possibilities with Sarah Williams of Organic Aromatherapy

There are easy ways to begin this process now. Below I outline 5 simple steps:

  1. YOUR thoughts: Are they positive or negative. Be aware of inner dialogue (how you are speaking to yourself daily, hourly and in each moment). Consider your personal daily choices, do they promote your personal security , safety, immunity or your fears and worries? We are made up of many layers in our quantum structure like Russian nesting dolls; physical body , emotional body , mental body and spiritual body each influencing the next. Look at the body mind spirit connection. Remember the science of psycho neuro Immunology (PNI) , where attention flows energy goes , where is your focus?  Are you focusing on portraying Illusions of insecurity or safety, trust/ doubt/ fears?
    Programming from pre-birth and childhood come into play as an intrinsic part of our programming which may influence our lives.

    Woman in Bubble Image

  2. YOUR words : vibration,  power of prayer , look at the work of Dr Masuro  Emoto ( programming water). Consider the power and effectivity of phyto-biophysics and homeopathy, we are made mainly of water molecules .
  3. YOUR actions: when you want to manifest, then consider that we are vibrational beings in a vibrational world where frequency and vibrating at a particular velocity are the most important factors. Look at the immense power of using the practice of meditation, wish boards, parking fairies. Visualisation is key, i.e. Jumping over a puddle ( if you believe and SEE yourself on the other side all clean and dry then you will be correct but conversely if you see yourself wet and muddy then you will manifest this too! ! ). This is an established method used by successful sports and business people achieve records and success. “What goes around comes around”(karma ), the power of prayer and the fact that distant healing exists and has been scientifically proven. Re-Claiming your personal  Sovereignty, is important too.
  4. YOU create: via sacred geometry  thoughts into matter) , Platonic solids, where attention goes energy flows. Consider the law of attraction, your personal magnetic fields, the toric field created by your heart energy (the science of Heart Maths ). We each have infinite options in any second of every moment of every day , of what choice or action to choose , which affects our quantum structure and potential movement forward. Fear creates fear and joy creates joy.
  5. YOUR reality : is limitless , as is soul growth potential, divine plans . Here we can consider the power of miasmic pre- birth agreements or “Martyr/ controller/ rescuer blueprints archetype lifetimes etc. 

Infinite possibilities are open to each of us and restricted only by personally imposed limitations. Life is a ‘green screen’ like in the movies, where YOU are playing the lead role in YOUR own personal “movie” . YOU are your own writer, director  and producer too.

There has been much written on the powers of cosmic ordering. The Law of attraction. What you visualise is attracted to you i.e. deepest fears or magnificent abundance.

Finally I have worked with numerous wise ones and indigenous shamen who all share the same messages.  There is nothing to fear but fear and forgetting to clean your bubble/ personal space. This is a process that I share freely on my website.

Further Information

Please contact Sarah Williams on Tel: 0844 357 9843 / 02392 453204;



Turning Point Training Offers Postgraduate Courses in Craniosacral Therapy and Homotoxicology

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds both in conventional and holistic disciplines. This allows an exchange of information and experience that enriches the learning experience. Courses are mixture of leading-edge, scientifically based theory and clinical and practical tuition. Students are encouraged to explore and develop their gifts and talents in bringing their unique experience to the disciplines taught. Students are thus empowered.

Jonathan and Rosemary Lawrence + CranioSacral Course

Top: Jonathan Lawrence BA DO Cert Ed and Rosemary Lawrence Dip BFD Cert Clin Hom Cert Ed

Bottom: Craniosacral Course 2019

Small groups help to facilitate this experience. Turning Point teachers are enthusiastic and experienced practicing therapists who keep their knowledge up to date.

The philosophy of Turning Point encompasses the idea that medicine is an art informed by science. We believe that the conventional materialist paradigm is very much out of date and that scientific knowledge has now reached a point where much of holistic medicine can be incorporated into a new paradigm. Turning Point courses introduce the concepts of research and encourage students to critically evaluate current information.

  • Craniosacral therapy is based on the relation of the relationship between the structure and function of the body and health. Specific, gentle and skilled manipulation can restore the structure-function relationship supporting the patients’ own homeostatic mechanisms. This non-invasive and safe therapy can be used on patients of all ages from the new-born to the elderly.
    The Level 1 Practitioner Course consists of 7 modules over 8 days including practical tuition. In addition students have to complete a portfolio of cases and complete an exam. Practical skills are assessed during the course. This course is recognised by the CMA.
    Level 2, Advanced CST consists of five modules; Mother/Baby and Reproductive, Visceral, Immune System and Lymphatics; Physical and Emotional Trauma, and Dental, Facial and Cranial Base. Assessment is via Case studies.
    These courses are led By Jonathan Lawrence
  • Homotoxicology is based on the idea that disease results from toxic load. In modern life we are subject to toxins from a variety of sources. This has the effect of stressing the immune system leading to ill health. Accurate prescribing can help the body to gently detoxify aiding the restoration of homeostasis.
    The remedies used are be single potency homeopathic remedies or combinations of remedies to achieve a specific physiological response.
    There is access to online training via the Society of Homotoxicology
    We provide further courses in Electro Acupuncture According to Voll (EAV) for suitably qualified students. This involves electro-acupuncture assessment of meridans and clinical application of findings.
    Training is via small tutorial groups led by Rosemary Lawrence.

Further Information

For information about training in these disciplines visit



Sayer Complementary Health Thriving in the Covid-19 Pandemic

During the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic we have all experienced a number of challenges. In particular I have noted an increase in emotional issues such as anxiety, sadness and insecurity.  Even though some restrictions have eased there is, in my perception, fear about returning to ‘normal’. Homeopathic remedies available over the counter can be helpful in these situations, offering relief from short-term anxiety but those of a deeper nature need to be addressed by a qualified practitioner.

June Sayer + Homeopathy + Reiki

At my practice, Sayer Complementary Health, based in Burnham on Crouch, Essex, I have continued homeopathy via Zoom, Skype or Facetime technology. This has given my clients the ability to have their ‘face-to-face’ consultations without worrying about social distancing; this has been very well received. The range of ailments that homeopathy can help is vast because each person’s case is unique to them so the homeopathic remedy chosen will be closely matched to their presenting symptoms.

Aside from my homeopathic practice, I also provide training courses in Homeopathy and Reiki. The Homeopathy at Home course helps you learn how to select homeopathic remedies to address minor ailments such as coughs, colds, headaches and sore throats and could negate visiting the doctor.  Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic, non-addictive and safe for all ages. This course is easily accessible via Zoom.

The Homeopathic Practitioner Diploma course is an in-depth apprenticeship style course spread over three years.  You will learn about the history of homeopathy and the philosophy of working with acute cases through to understanding the depth of a more chronic case and how to prepare a case protocol.  Anatomy and physiology as well as pathology and disease are also covered.  Home study and written assignments are essential to the course.  Upon successful completion of all the necessary criteria you will be entitled to register as a homeopathic practitioner with a registering organization and build your career as a homeopath.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher I hold regular Reiki courses in Essex and while social distancing is being practiced, Reiki distant healing is being sent regularly to all her Reiki students.  For information there are three levels of Reiki that are taught.  Level one and two are one-day courses.  Shoden, level one opens you up to the healing power of Reiki and enables you to carry out Reiki healing on yourself and your family.  Reiki level 2 Okuden, is suitable for people who have already studied level one and are familiar with the Reiki healing energy. At the end of level two, you will be able to offer Reiki sessions to the general public although you will need to have the relevant complementary health insurance cover in place to do so.  Pre-course material is provided for both Shoden and Okuden so that you may study the materials prior to attending the practical course.  A Certificate of Attendance is provided on completion. 

Should you wish to take your Reiki one stage further then the Reiki Master/Teacher Course also comes complete with a comprehensive manual as well as audio and visual materials and it is this course you would need to undertake in order for you to be able to prepare others on their journey with Reiki.  Reiki consultations are held in Burnham on Crouch, Essex.

Further Information

For further details on any of the above, please telephone 01621 730664 or email me at  or visit and please mention Positive Health when making contact.



The College of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy (UK) – Pioneer Integrative Medicines Approach

Ayurveda is the most ancient system of medicine known to mankind. It emerged from the Vedic wisdom expounded by the ancient seers of the culture that arose in the Himalayan foothills. It is a science-based healthcare approach which promotes wellbeing and treats illness through assessment of the biochemically unique aspects of each patient and individually tailored interventions to restore psychological and physiological imbalances.

College of Ayurveda UK Image

The College of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy (UK) was established in 1997 under the aegis of the Ayurveda Medical Association (UK). Based on the advice of the department of AYUSH, New Delhi under the leadership of Dr Mauroof M Athique. The college offers the most comprehensive curriculum in the field of Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Therapy based on a blended learning approach, in the United Kingdom. Registered as an educational institute at Companies House in 2000 the College developed a collaborative partnership with Middlesex University offering Ayurvedic practitioner-level programmes. The College of Ayurveda has been recognised as a centre of excellence by the Complementary Medical Association and it is the only institute to have been associated with a British University.

As the premier educator of those seeking to make a difference through a career restoring the natural balance of body, mind and spirit, the college has, since its inception pursued its mission of bringing the wisdom of Ayurveda to the West. The college is accredited by the British Complementary Medicines Association (BCMA) and is also pioneering Ayurvedic education in France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Croatia and Japan.

The College is now celebrating the dedication of their new premises at Sycamore House, Bletchley, MK2 3RR where they will continue to pioneer an integrative medicines approach, based on an innovative blended-learning programme of e-learning via the internet and classroom-based tutorials which enables students to learn Ayurveda at a distance whilst receiving an experience similar to full time education characterised by flexibility that does not sacrifice quality.

The College also hopes to start a low-cost clinic at their new premises that helps patients to make informed lifestyle decisions and receive consultations and treatments. The College website ( has a form where you can register your interest in hearing about the clinic.

The College is committed to making Ayurvedic education accessible to all as well as the diploma course, the is also a new course being started for medical professionals to expand their knowledge and inform their existing practices as well as short courses under the heading of Ayurveda for Life.

Further Information

Enrolment for September 2020 will be open in May and for further information or a prospectus please contact the College of Ayurveda’s Administrator Ione Ashmore at or visit their website at


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  • Brief Takes Issue 265


    Altrient C - Liposomal Vitamin C

    Altrient C liposomal Vitamin C supplement won silver place for Best in Wellness category in the British Vogue 2020 Beauty Awards. Created by Abundance & Health High Performance Nutrients, a small, family-run business, Altrient C is a potent and effective liposomal vitamin C.


    Further information Tel: 020-3239 4907,  Abundance & Health


    The Scientific & Medical Network – Beyond the Brain

    The Beyond the Brain online conference takes place from 6-8 November 2020. This is the world's premier conference series exploring new research on whether and how consciousness and mind extend beyond the physical brain and body and this year, the entire conference is happening online.


    Further information:


    Support Your Liver – Amchara Health

    Your liver performs hundreds of tasks in your body every day, which are imperative for maintaining good health. Amchara Health offers advice on how to support your liver with 5 nutrients. They also give tips on how intermittent fasting can help to prevent type 2 diabetes and 40 superfoods for healthy hormone balance.


    Further information:


    Human Givens College

    Human Givens College are running their in-person training in venues where every precaution has been taken to keep you safe. Understanding and Treating Anxiety in Children and Teens takes place on 22 September. Effective Pain Management – Psychological and Behavioural Ways to Alleviate Pain is on 29 September 2020 in London. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, 30 September 2020 in London. Couples Therapy – 1 October 2020 in London. How to Work Effectively with Troubled and Troublesome Teens, 6 October, London. Brief Therapy for Stopping Addictions, 22 October, London.


    Further information Tel: 01323 811 690;


    Vegan Vitamins in Pregnancy

    The main challenge for pregnant women who are vegan appears to be iron and vitamin B. An easy way of ensuring your vitamins and minerals are maintained is to take a supplement which is developed especially for pregnant women. Veganicity Pregnancy Essentials is a simple way to maximise key vitamins and minerals for a mum-to-be and baby.


    Further information: Available from  and all good independent health shops nationwide.


    AIHM Annual Conference

    AIHM welcomes poster abstract submissions for the upcoming annual conference being held virtually, 9-11 October 2020. They will be happy to receive abstracts on integrative health and medicine, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine, holistic nursing, mind-body research, Acupuncture, consciousness and spirit, public health and policy related to integrative health and medicine or other relevant topics.


    Further information:  


    Virtual Microbiome Conferences in November

    Following the inaugural World of Microbiome: Pregnancy, Birth & Infancy Conference in 2019, the first international event focused on the impact of microbiome on maternal, foetal and early infancy health, this year, the series is expanding by adding the World of Microbiome: Digestive and Metabolic Health. The World of Microbiome is a new platform dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and practice in the emerging field of microbiome.


    Further information:


    Lose Those Lockdown Love Handles

    Healthy eating and regular exercise is usually a winning formula for anyone embarking on a new weight loss regime. Konjac fibre has been created to support your body when slimming. The Konjac plant naturally contains Glucomannan, which has been shown to promote intestinal regularity and provide a feeling of fullness. It is a valuable product in terms of digestive health as well as stimulating the growth of beneficial probiotic bacteria through its prebiotic action.


    Further information:


    Menopause Help

    Menopause Help has announced the launch of an exclusive Members Club, believed to be the first online service to truly give menopausal women a cost effective and convenient way to help them through their menopause journey and beyond.


    Further information:


    Wear Menstrual Cup with IUD

    If you are scared to try a menstrual cup because you have an IUD or ring contraceptive, Saalt has some expert tips. Saalt is a new brand of menstrual cup and makers suggest that the cups is more comfortable if the strings on the IUD is trimmed shorter prior to using the cup, ensure you break the seal before removing the cup to avoid dislodging your contraceptive, pinch first before removal and more.


    Further information:


    GPs Told to Stop Prescribing Opiates for Chronic Pain

    Recently published, the first NICE guideline on the treatment of chronic pain has said that GPs should not prescribe opioids and other medicines such as Paracetamol to patients, because they could be harmful and cause addiction. Alternatives such as exercise programmes, CBT, Acupuncture or certain anti-depressants should be prescribed instead.


    Further information:  


    Dutch Passion Developed Cannabis Seeds with High Levels of CBG

    Dutch Passion, the famous seed company from the Netherlands is pioneering yet again with the introduction CBG-seeds with high levels of cannabigerol (CBG) and low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBG is believed to have similar qualities to cannabidiol (CBD) of which more medical uses and health benefits are still being discovered.


    Further information:


    National Eczema Week

    National Eczema week is 13-19 September. Eczema can be painful and embarrassing. Lyonsleaf products are suitable for most people with problem skin, but the calendula-rich products are particularly recommended for skin prone to eczema. Calendula Cream is fragranced with essential oils and whipped to make it soft and luxurious. Calendula and Marshmallow Balm has additional marshmallow root extract, which is a superb emollient, so ideal for dry eczema and hard, rough or chapped skin. Zinc and Calendula Cream is suitable for infants and people with sensitive skins.


    Further information:


    The Fine Line Between Regenerative Treatment and Surgery

    Total Orthopaedics discusses why surgery may not be the first solution to your bone and joint injury and how regenerative treatments have become a popular pathway for high profile personalities. Total Orthopaedics has an ethos of excellence through innovation, quality and commitment to patients delivered by teamwork.


    Further information:


    New Mental Health Self-Test

    Sanctuary of Transformation has created a Mental Health Self-Test to allow you to get more information about your condition. The test screens you for 12 of the most common mental health conditions. Answering the questions will give you an idea of how likely you are to have each condition. The higher the score, the more likely you need to speak to a Doctor.


    Further information:   


    Memory Woes

    Research from Neubria, makers of brain-health botanical and dietetic supplements, show that memory, or lack of it, is on most people's minds. So much so that 56% say declining brain and mind health is their greatest worry. Neubria Clarity Botanical Complex consists of Turmeric Extract, Hops Extract, Camomile Extract, Sage Extract, Gingko Biloba and Ashwagandha Root Extract. It also contains Citicoline, which supports brain health energy, focus and attention.


    Further information:


    Health Optimisation Summit

    The 2021 Health Optimisation Summit which unites the world's greatest minds from the health, fitness, biohacking, medical and nutrition fields has changed the date. Now taking place at London's Olympia on 30-31 January 2021, instead of September 2020. This 2-day immersive experience is an unmissable event for anyone who is serious (or even mildly curious) in learning how to optimise their health and learn about how to live their healthiest and best lives and hear from some of the biggest names in the health space.


    Further information:


    Ayurveda for Modern Life

    A former sceptic, Emine Rushton, editor of Oh Magazine and ex-Wellbeing Director of PSYCHOLOGIES, was converted to the Ayurvedic way during pregnancy, when she discovered how eating and living according to the ancient Indian principles of Ayurveda rebalances the body for the better. Her book Ayurveda for Modern Life offers a guide to determining your dosha type, a simple 3-day nutrition plan and expert advice.


    Further information:


    Teff Flour

    Teff is a versatile grain and a key ingredient in Ethiopian staple enjera, a fermented flat bread. Despite being the smallest in the world, the size of a poppy seed, this super tiny grain has not so tiny nutritional power and boasts a wide range of health benefits. It is  being hailed as the new quinoa.


    Further information:


    Acute Exercise Immune System Beneficial Effects for Prostate Cancer

    New research published in Experimental Physiology, found that in prostate cancer survivors, a moderate bout of exercise kept the cell count of certain types of immune cells at a normal level, suggesting the exercise is safe for prostate cancer survivors. After 24 hours after a moderate bout of cycling, the immune cell count of natural killer (NK) cells, part of the body's first line of defence, had returned to resting levels.


    Further information:


    Sacred Stillness

    Ian Cameron Smith has composed Sacred Stillness, a new single that welcomes peace and tranquillity into your day. He started to compose it in early May, a time when life had ground to a halt and nature in many parts of the world was feeling the profound quiet and stillness as a result of human inactivity.


    Further information:


    Green-Lipped Mussels Saviour for Brits Returning to the Gym

    Finally, gyms and swimming pools have been given the go-ahead to re-open. Injuries and strain on muscles and joints are inevitable as bodies re-adjust to the use of a fully equipped gym as opposed to the home exercising routines undertaken during lockdown. Pernaton Green-Lipped Mussel extract has a variety of health benefits for the human body from an extract known as Perna. Perna has a functional Glycogen complex, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, 11 different minerals and 18 vital amino acids - all vital for healthy muscles and joints.


    Further information:


    NLP Practitioner Programme with Neuroscience

    NLP Practitioner Programme with Neuroscience is a new workshop starting on 18 September 2020. The programme includes Taking a Passion for People to a Global Scale with Raquel Rubio Higueras, Inspired by Heritage, Driven by Purpose with Martin Sealy and Finding a Route to Flourish with Tracy Sinclair.


    Further information:


    Two New Books from Singing Dragon

    Treating Psoriasis with Chinese Herbal Medicine by Sabine Schmitz is the first English-speaking complete guide to treating psoriasis from a Chinese medicine perspective. This is the first of a trio of books on TCM dermatology with new book published over the next year. Shamanism in Chinese Medicine by CT Holman explains how Chinese Shamanic practices can be seamlessly woven into modern day, clinical Chinese medicine.


    Further information:


    Weeks of Wisdom: Different Diets for Different People

    The late Nicholas Gonzalez, founder of the Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation taught that different people need different diets. This is the last of the series of Weeks of Wisdom which included  Hepatitis C, Severe Allergies/Environmental Illness, Parkinson’s, Back and Neck Pain, OCD, How to Deal with Stress, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Lupus, Heart Disease, Weight Loss, Lymphedema, Bell's Palsy, Osteoporosis, Otosclerosis and Fibromyalgia.


    Further information:



    CAR.O.L the scientifically proven AI HIIT bike that gives you a strong workout in only 40 seconds, has been chosen to be part of Smartech's exciting, immersive Bike Shop installation in Selfridges iconic corner shop. The CAR.O.L bike uses artificial intelligence to replace a lab exercise Physiologist and personal trainer to give you the most personalised and optimised ride. You won't sweat, but you will feel as if you have done a hard 45-minute jog.


    Further information:


    Dentemp Loose Cap & Lost Filling Repair Kit

    Dentemp Loose Cap & Lost Filling Repair Kit is the number 1 selling dental repair product in the USA is now launching in the UK and is available in Boots. Dentemp's ready to use temporary repair for loose caps and lost fillings combines premium quality with maximum holding strength, providing fast relief from pain and discomfort until can to visit the dentist.


    Further information Tel: 020-7940 7170;  Available from Boots, Superdrug, Savers, Lloyds, Amazon and all good pharmacies


    Get More Out of Your Water

    Zerowater reduces 99.6% of all total dissolved solids in your drinking water. It delivers the purest tasting water in minutes. Zerowater removes much more from tap water than other leading filter brands in the UK. Zerowater removes 97% of lead, 96% of mercury, 95% of chlorine and even 97% of asbestos, which is often displaced from old and ageing water pipes.


    Further information:

  • Ultimate Body Detox

    Immune system support & heavy metal detox - 3 powerful products: ACS 200, ACZ Nano & ACG Glutathione

  • radical spirituality

    UK publisher of rejected knowledge in areas of esoteric thought and radical streams of spirituality.

  • nutrition and cancer

    by Sandra Goodman PhD The latest scientific research regarding Nutrition and Cancer. Full details at


    The FLEXXICORE exercise revolution: transform your fitness regime with 2 exhilarating exercisers

  • Flower essences online

    Fine quality flower essences international ranges to help promote vitality and emotional well-being.


    Aromatherapy creams & candles. Heal naturally No side effects. Holistic treatments, powerful courses


    Professor Sheik Imam is a famous professional leading African Healer who works with powerful spirits

  • mycology research MRL

    MRL markets mushroom products food grade US & Netherlands GMP standards. Health Professional Videos

  • Seaweed as Superfood

    Comprehensive nutrient balance found in no other natural food but seaweed: colon health, weight loss

  • June Sayer Homeopathy

    Training Academy Homeopathy Nutrition Reiki, Distant Learning. Diet, Health Screening, Detox, Stress

  • Liposomal Nutrients

    Optimum system for nutrient delivery to cells - fully bioavailable vitamins absorbed and metabolised

  • Supercoherence-System

    Supercoherence master code can restore each human to their pristine pure state at the speed of light

  • Beginner's Guide to ME

    Essential reading for people/carers with ME/CFS serious debilitating illness. Counteracts bad advice

  • Water for Health

    Specialist online health store focused on hydration, body pH balance and quality nutrition.

  • health & fitness books

    Massage, sports injury, holistic, healthcare and specialists books written by leaders in their field

  • College of Ayurveda UK

    Diploma in Āyurvedic Medicine, 4-year self-paced distant learning program in Āyurvedic medicine.

  • Super Patch Wellbeing

    Super Patches – a most revolutionary advance in wellbeing strategies in the history of medicine

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