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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 263

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 263 - June 2020

Free Immune Support Saves Lives of Frontline NHS Staff

The new Frontline Immune Support Team has been founded to provide quality, free immune support to frontline NHS staff risking their lives in the struggle to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. This new initiative protects doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers working to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, from the inside out. The initiative was founded by natural healthcare practitioner, Charlotte Pulver, who encouraged by her success restoring clients with early symptoms of Covid-19, determined to deliver this essential immune support to NHS staff bearing the brunt of the health crisis which has brought the world to its knees.


Frontline Logo + Charlotte Pulver + Patrick Holford + Dr Alex Mentzer + Dr Clare Relton + Dr J Kwan

Top Row, Left to Right: Charlotte Pulver, Patrick Holford;

Bottom Row, Left to Right: Dr Alex Mentzer + Dr Clare Relton + Dr J Kwan


Charlotte Pulver says: “Supporting private clients during the Covid-19 pandemic, including doctors and nurses, I’ve been creating preventative immune resilience plans and have helped many people recovering from the onset of symptoms. People coming to me with high fevers, troublesome coughs, chest pain and high levels of fear and anxiety would report within 24 hours of receiving immune support that their fever had gone and their cough had been 90% eradicated, largely due to taking high doses of Vitamin C. Frontline medical staff making a rapid recovery from early Covid-19 symptoms along with associated anxiety, would ask me, ‘Why isn’t this immune support being made available to us and how can it be made available?’”

Determined to make the immune boosting products she was supporting clients with available to frontline NHS medical staff facing the largest amount of constant viral load in the workplace, Pulver approached top suppliers within the immune support product industry. Securing generous deals, she founded the Frontline Immune Support Team, delivering packs of essential supplements including liposomal Vitamin C, Vitamin D and zinc to NHS healthcare workers – all for free. “Crucially our approach is to support the health and immunity of NHS staff from the inside out” Pulver says. “PPE does an excellent job with outside protection but we need immune support on the inside to build strength and resilience and combat stress and fatigue.”

Leading UK nutritionist Patrick Holford, nutritional advisor to the Frontline Immune Support Team, says: “Frontline NHS staff are in a virally high risk environment. There is clear evidence that 6 grams of vitamin C reduces duration and severity of infections. The Chinese in Wuhan gave all hospital staff daily vitamin C for prevention. Many Covid-19 patients have shown to be deficient in Vitamin D, especially in the BAME community, so getting vitamin D as well as zinc levels up is another wise move when virally exposed since they both support healthy immune cell strength, and zinc also inhibits viral replication. That’s why I’m supporting the Frontline Immune Support Team. These great people need all the support they can get to keep going in the face of adversity. This is the least we can do and hopefully the life-saving information about nutrition will filter through into frontline treatment."

“Liposomal Vitamin C is the number one ally for combatting the coronavirus, especially at onset of symptoms,” adds Pulver. “The best absorbed Vitamin C on the market, all medical staff should have access to it during this pandemic.”  The Frontline Immune Support packs contain many more high quality, immune boosting supplements complete with information about the products and their efficacy, including andrographis, mushroom complex powders offered by top mycologist Martin Powell, and anti-viral essential oils sourced from eminent aromatherapist, Maggie Tisserand.

Dr Alex Mentzer, Infectious Disease Registrar at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, says: 

“As an Infectious disease doctor married to a nutritional therapist, I’m very aware of the importance of looking after my body during times of stress. For the past six weeks I’ve worked relentlessly with constant demands on my physical and mental state. I don’t think I could have coped without the support of my wife’s nutritious meals and the Frontline Immune Support Team’s valuable supplements. They have helped me build the resilience I needed to get through this challenging time. As lockdown measures are slowly relaxed, it certainly isn’t over for us frontline workers. We need every source of support we can be given now more than ever. Thank you Frontline Immune Support Team.’’

With a view to formally integrating immune support into allopathic healthcare systems, the Frontline Immune Support Team is conducting a Covid-19 research study to audit the effectiveness of their immune support packs in collaboration with Doctor Clare Relton, a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Trials at the Centre for Primary Care and Public Health at Queen Mary University, London. And in response to the considerable positive response and demand for their packs - with hundreds of NHS workers already signed up - the new initiative is aiming to reach thousands more NHS staff. To this end a Crowdfunder campaign has been set up, appealing to the British public for donations.

NHS consultant, Dr J Kwan says:

“As an NHS medical consultant on the frontline, there is nothing more important than building your own immunity, resistance and resilience. This is why I am 100 percent supportive of the online fundraiser founded by Charlotte Pulver of the Frontline Immune Support Team to raise money to buy the vital immune defence support and send them directly to the NHS workers. The products are of top quality and are exactly what our body and mind need every day to fight this war against Covid-19! Please help by donating and supporting this amazing cause.”

Further Information

To support this initiative to bring free immune support to frontline NHS staff, please visit

NHS healthcare workers wishing to receive a FREE immune support pack should send an email to, with the following details: Name and postal address of where to send the pack to; Proof of working in the NHS (selfie with badge); Job title. For more information about the Frontline Immune Support Team and to sign up to receive an NHS immune support pack, please visit:



Musical Connection In A Distant World – Song Therapy Network

Music has always brought us together and it will continue to do so. We must explore ways to make the most of what is available to us as community and clinical music making moves online for the foreseeable future. Research proves the plasticity of the human mind and its ability to adapt. Spectacles worn in trials that literally turn our world upside down are no match for the human brain which, within a day or two, will have turned your world back up the right way up again. The same might well prove the same for singing too as we get used to singing out of time together in ZOOM and other online platforms.


Song Therapy Network


Technology will improve in leaps and bounds as well. Other applications too – online teaching, recording projects, online singalongs and open mic nights, dance, drums, social connection in a multitude of different guises with music as the eternal positive framework for connection and love.

Community musicians, clinical music therapists, recreational song therapists, all musicians everywhere will need to face this challenge head on. It is our responsibility to ourselves and others to use our existing skills and develop new skills in the best ways we can; to continue on our path even where it leads into the darkest parts of the forest, and then onwards out into the open fields that lie beyond.

About Nigel Neill

Nigel Neill is the co-founder of The Song Therapy Network which offers person centred therapeutic training and support to community musicians worldwide. Here he discusses the future of community music in a Covid anxious world.

Further Information

More information about song therapy training can be found by visiting the song therapy network or by emailing Nigel direct at .



The Way of Divine Union - Being A Doctrine of Experience In The Life Of Sanctity, Considered On The Faith Of Its Testimonies And Interpreted After A New Manner

by AE Waite

Published by Imagier Publishing. New Edition July 2020. First Published 1915. Hardback,. £40.00.

A new edition of The Way of Divine Union, Arthur Edward Waite's magnum opus, one of the finest explorations of mystical experience ever written in the English language. First published in 1915, this new edition, has updated notes and informative introduction by Dr RA Gilbert, the editor of this edition  and the biographer of AE Waite and author of Elements of Mysticism, and of many other books and papers on Western Esotericism and Christian Spirituality.


Snip Cover The Way of Divine Union

Size: Royal Octavo (234mm x 156mm), consisting of xvi + 334 sewn pages, hardbound in dark-red book-cloth, with a yellow headband and ribbon page-marker. The title is gilt lettered on the spine and the front cover bears a gilt vignette. The dust-jacket shows a coloured, symbolic representation of the Shekinah.
A limited 'subscription' edition of 100 numbered copies is available, which will include an extra leaf on which the names of subscribers' who have pre-ordered will be printed.
Pre-Order your copy of The Way of Divine Union today on the Crucible Books website. The pre-order price is £40.00 payable in advance. 

Further Information

Available from Crucible Books. Please contact Allan Armstrong on Tel: 07770 810941.



New Rayonex Bio-field Forming Devices – Harmonize the Effects of 5G Radiation

Hot off the press, I am happy to announce that Rayonex Germany just released two new eagerly awaited bio-field forming devices, designed to harmonize the effects of microwave radiation caused by the new controversial 5G mobile network currently being rolled out in the UK.


Mini Rayonex Device fits in Pocket 2


The first one is the new 5G-Rayonator with 10 fundamental frequency values on board. Just like the existing e-smog and HF-Rayonators, the 5G-Rayonator plugs into any of Rayonex’s Duplex units that will then broadcast the healing frequencies into the surrounding area. Just like the other Rayonators, the new 5G Rayonator has a spherical effective range of about 15-20 meters – enough to protect one or more large families in their homes or in their workplace.

The second device is a variation on the now legendary MINI-Rayonex, a small portable personal protection device that has been around for more than 30 years now. Small enough to fit into any pocket, the new 5G MINI-Rayonex has a range of about 2 meters in all directions. On board are the standard energy-enhancing fundamental frequency 12.5, plus the frequency that is the mostly disturbed one in people suffering from the effects of microwave radiation associated with 5G.

If you are new to the Rayonex range of bio-field forming devices and perhaps feel a bit sceptical about what these devices can do, please take a look at a recent in vitro study carried out by the Dartsch Scientific Institute on the MINI-Rayonex, showing that the MINI-Rayonex increases the ATP production in the organism by up to 45% in 24 hours, enabling the organism to regulate any stress or burden from the environment (e.g. electro-smog, geopathic stress, disease, etc.).

The study also showed that wound healing is increased by up to 20% in two days by employing the MINI-Rayonex. The company has now received hundreds of reports and anecdotal evidence of how the MINI-Rayonex increases the wound healing potential of the organism; have 97% 4 star and 5 star reviews from customers who bought the MINI-Rayonex. To read more about this sensational study, please follow this link to the full study (German and English) on the Rayonex Biomedical UK website:

For more information on all our bio-field forming products and on our extensive range of certified medical and non-medical bioresonance devices for health professionals and private users alike, please visit our website on or send us an email with your questions and needs to or give us a call to discuss your needs on 0203 866 1192. We look forward to hearing from you.

Further Information

Please contact Rayonex Biomedical UK Ltd on Tel: 020 3866 1192;



Aligned Wellness Academy - AWA

AWA exists as an umbrella alliance for the propagation of two very important therapies of medicine:

These are the teachings and the practices of Taiwanese Yuan Shi Dian (Origen Point Medicine) as taught and operated by Dr Wei Wu, and the teachings and practices of Pelvic Correction for relief of back-pain and all other musculoskeletal aches and pains as taught and operated by Dr Alexander Barrie.

In addition, other important medical disciplines are practiced under the aegis of AWA, such as with Craniosacral Therapy, Shiatsu and Cold-Laser Therapy and much more.


263 AWA Logo + Dr Wei Wu + Alexander Barrie



“We tend to look for answers from without, but the answers originate from within”

Dr Wei Wu is a pioneering London therapist who has developed an innovative Aligned Wellness treatment programme to deliver effective and long-lasting results for her clients.

By carefully aligning a range of treatments that combine ancient wisdom with modern techniques, every consultation and treatment programme is tailored to each individual with immediate results following treatment. Ninety per cent of people experience immediate improvement after just one treatment.

Wei has inherited Traditional Chinese Medicine skills and knowledge from her father, a respected medical doctor in Beijing, China. Wei has gained years of clinical experience and has travelled and studied extensively in the West and in Taiwan.

She is fully qualified and is registered with the Shiatsu Society as a Senior Practitioner (SRSS). Wei is also a Senior Associate Member of The Royal Society of Medicine. In addition, she practises The Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction™  to correct the alignment of the pelvis and human body, and has trained under the personal supervision of the founder Dr Alexander Barrie. She has also studied and has been trained in Cold Laser Therapy with Professor Gordon Farmer, Principal at UK Institute for Therapeutic Laser.

Further Information

For Information on AWA, Alexander Barrie and please visit



Mushroom Nutrition as a Disease Modifying Therapy for Neurodegenerative Conditions?-Part I

To date the development a pharmaceutical solution to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) to reduce the increase of both Tau and β-Amyloid protein production has been disappointing.  Given this set of facts, should clinicians consider the use of mushroom nutrition to:

a)     Reduce neuroinflammation;

b)     Combat viral infections that are triggering early stage (MCI) and late stage dementia;

c)     Establish a healthy microbiota in patients with such conditions;

d)     Increase neurogenic reserve.

In essence can mushroom nutrition slow the progression of neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer´s disease by acting as a disease modifying therapy until a pharmaceutical product can be approved?

A. Reduce Inflammation

In 2015 and 2016, researchers at the University of Catania conducted two separate studies to determine if the biomass forms of Coriolus versicolor (Coriolus-MRL) and Hericium erinaceus (Hericium- MRL) could influence the Lipoxin A4 (LXA4) content in Sprague Dawley rats when supplemented with either mushroom.

LXA4 is a metabolic product of arachidonic acid that blocks the productions of pro-inflammatory mediators including free radical oxygen and nitrogen reactive intermediates (ROS-RNS) and acts as an endogenous “braking signal” in the inflammatory process. It is generally acknowledged as ‘signal stop’ of inflammation. The discovery of agents capable of increasing LXA4 levels and subsequently Aβ uptake by phagocytic cells is increasingly recognized as a potential therapeutic target for AD treatment

One group of rats was supplemented over 30 days with Coriolus versicolor biomass and another group (Control) that was not supplemented (N=10). This same protocol was conducted in a separate study with Hericium erinaceus biomass over 90 days. (supplementation was equivalent to human supplementation at 3g per day given orally)


LXA4 in Brain + LXA4 in Body +Heme-oxygenase


The two studies measured differences in the up-regulation of the following parameters:

a.  Lipoxin A4 (LXA4)
b.  Heme Oxygenase-1 (HO-1);
c.  Heat Shock Protein 70 (Hsp 70).
d.  Thioredoxin

In addition to measuring LXA4, the following oxidative stress biomarkers were measured:

a.  Heme Oxygenase-1 (HO-1) is a Nrf2-regulated gene that plays a critical role in the prevention of vascular inflammation, especially in atherogenesis;
b.  Heat Shock Protein 70 (Hsp-70) can act to protect cells from thermal or oxidative stress; such stresses cause proteins to “unfold” and possible aggregation; Hsp-70 binds to unfolded proteins thereby suppressing possible aggregation. Hsp-70 directly inhibits apoptosis;
c.  Thioredoxin are proteins that act as anti-oxidants by facilitating the reduction of other proteins.

Coriolus versicolor biomass and Hericium erinaceus biomass supplementation were shown to significantly up-regulate LXA4 in the brain in rats (in 30 days and 90 days respectively) when compared to separate control groups.

In addition, there was a significant increase in heme oxygenase-1, Hsp 70 and thioredoxin in the total brain of both Coriolus-fed rats and Hericium-fed rats when compared to their respective control groups.

Clinical studies to measure changes in Lipoxin A4 in healthy subjects should be considered.


  • Trovato A, Siracusa R, Di Paola R, Scuto M,Fronte V, Koverech C, Luca M, Serra A, Toscano M.A., Petralia A, Cuzzocrea S, Calabrese V. Redox modulation of cellular stress response and lipoxin A4 expression by Coriolus versicolor in rat brain: Relevance to Alzheimer´s disease pathogenesis. Neurotoxicology. 53:350-8. doi: 10.1016/j.neuro.2015.09.012. 2016.
  • Trovato A, Siracusa R, Di Paola R, Scuto M, Ontario ML, Bua O, Di Mauro P, Toscano MA, Petralia CC, Maiolino L, Serra A, Cuzzocrea S, Calabrese V. Redox modulation of cellular stress response and lipoxin A4 expression by Hericium Erinaceus in rat brain: relevance to Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis. Immun Ageing. 13:23. doi: 10.1186/s12979-016-0078-8. Jul 9 2016.

Further Information

The Coriolus versicolor and Hericium erinaceus in these studies were supplied by Mycology Research Laboratories Ltd ( /



Practical Homoeotherapy; for Modern, Personalized Health

Homoeotherapy, integrating homeopathic principles alongside additional complementary healthcare modalities such as kinesiology, acupuncture and bio resonance, considers a whole-person approach to wellness. This incorporates the stability of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the person. Homoeotherapy is a multi-faceted approach to help support and raise the body’s vital force. It can help towards elements of stress, toxicity, malnutrition and both physical and emotional injuries. Vibrational remedies are incorporated successfully to harmonize physiological, psychological and pathological disturbances within the body which diminish or obscure free-flowing energy.


New Vistas the Healing Hand of Nature


We are witnessing shifts throughout the CAM Practitioner landscape, which has seen a rise in muscle testing popularity and the practical relevance of homoeopathic stimulation. The consequences of toxicity, from parasitic invaders, Lyme’s Disease, food intolerances, pesticides, overuse of antibiotics, chronic anxiety and common environmental toxins, is fuelling chronic and pathological health complications. By embedding harmful toxicants throughout cells, tissues and organs, the body is continuously on high alert, fighting to maintain order in an unsteady environment of poor nutrient recognition and under-performing organs and systems. Immune enhancement is also pivotal to stop the spread of deteriorating cellular vitality.

Detox – Remineralize – Restore

Kinesiology provides an efficient tool to evaluate physical, physiological and psychological states of health. Kinetic awareness provides an insightful measure of the body’s vibrational responses and can provide key markers for structural, emotional, biochemical and energetic imbalances. The objective of utilizing Kinesiology, or any diagnostic tool, is to individualize a person's Wellness Program and create a response that is in line with their own specific needs. Homoeotherapy is a modern and practical approach to enhancing better environments.

New Vistas training is available for those interested in detoxification, organ and nutritional support, strengthening energetic responses and restoring optimum balance.

Further Information

For more information, please contact New Vistas Healthcare, 7A Plassey Park, Limerick, Ireland on Tel: +353 61 334455;



What is Listening Therapy and who is Alfred A Tomatis?

French ear, nose and throat physician, Alfred A Tomatis began developing his method in 1947, based on research into occupational deafness among factory workers and the spectacular vocal production of classical singers. His technique aims at understanding and structuring the control circuits of voice, speech, language, social-emotional functioning and behaviour via listening. He discovered that sound production is directed by the auditory system, which in turn is linked to the brain as centre of thought, feeling and behaviour. The interaction between audition and phonation, that is, the hearing and production of sound is now known medically as the "Tomatis Effect".


Listening Centre 2018 Banner Pink + Tomatis Quote


The Tomatis Effect

  1. The Voice Can Only Produce What The Ear Hears.
  2. If The Ear Hears Properly The Voice Is Properly Produced. By Helping The Ears To Hear Properly The Voice Instantly And Unconsciously Improves.
  3. By Stimulating The Ear Over A Period Of Time With Good Auditory Habits It Is Possible To Permanently Transform The Voice.

The electronic listening device developed by Tomatis over many years is at the heart of listening therapy. This device re-trains the muscles of the middle ear to respond to frequencies that we have lost the ability to listen to. It is genuine gymnastic exercise for the ears, tailored to the individual requirements of the client. A basic course consists of two hours listening per day over a two-week period. Following a break of three to four weeks, to allow consolidation and ongoing development, there is a further week of intense listening. Throughout the training period you will undergo listening assessments to monitor programme and progress.

What are the benefits of Listening Therapy?

By Fine-Tuning Your Listening You May:

  • Increase your verbal and non-verbal communication skills;
  • Improve your sense of rhythm and body image;
  • Enjoy greater "presence" and self-confidence;
  • Improve co-ordination, balance and posture;
  • Improve the range and richness of the sound of your voice;
  • Heighten sensitivity to your sound perception;
  • Enhance concentration, memory and attention;
  • Improve volume and pitch of your singing voice;
  • Improve pronunciation and accent when speaking foreign languages.

Did You Know That:

  • The ear provides the brain with 80% of its sensory stimulus?
  • The ear controls every muscle of the body?
  • Low mood can be the result of lack of sonic stimulation?
  • A baby in the womb can hear from four and a half months?

Further Information

For more information about Tomatis Listening Therapy please ring Ella Williams at The Listening Centre London on Tel: 0207 3595268; Please also visit Ella’s Positive Health Online Therapist Listing



It's Not Just the Future Threat of 5G - Extensive Studies Show the Existing Danger of EMFs from WiFi, 3G, 4G etc

Greater attention is now being paid to the heightened risks to human health that come with the rollout of 5G technologies and infrastructure. While much of the mainstream media seems to be more interested in the “conspiracy theory” theme than the scientific facts, there is still hope that governments will waken up to the enormous impact they may have to deal with if the evidence of damage to human health at the cellular level that has been reported in – literally – thousands of scientific studies[1]  turns into a widespread problem that will lead to public health services being even more stretched than they have been with COVID-19.


5G Image


With 5G becoming a more controversial subject, especially with the news that Michael Mansfield QC is leading a legal team challenging the UK Government over its failure to take notice of the health risks and public concern related to 5G,[2] it is easy to forget that the EMFs we are already exposed to from Wi-Fi, mobile phones, smart meters and attendant infrastructure were the subject of the majority of the thousands of scientific studies mentioned above. The evidence of cancer risks, for example, has been the subject of 35 separate reviews, each examining multiple scientific research studies that found evidence of 15 different mechanisms that cause cancer as a result of exposure to EMFs.

One small sign of progress is that Public Health England acknowledge there are “uncertainties in the science” and advise that “some additional level of precaution is warranted, particularly for sources such as mobile phones where simple measures can be taken to reduce exposure.”[3]  Unfortunately, the suggested measures cannot protect us from the invisible sources that surround us, whether that be a neighbour’s Wi-Fi and smart meter, or the radiation from mobile phone masts and Wi-Fi hotspots.

The best personal protection measures we have found are a range of products from a Spanish company called Pranan, whose patented  technology[4] has been developed in collaboration with several universities.[5] Unlike other products that attempt to shield the body from EMFs, Pranan’s unique designs use nanotechnology to transform the chaotic waveforms of common EMFs so as to harmonise them in relation to the body’s natural state.

The effectiveness of Pranan’s products was confirmed by Prof. James Oschman, PhD, in his research paper of June 2017 - which explained how “external fields can introduce chaos into delicate electromagnetic regulatory networks within the body and thereby produce a wide variety of symptoms;” and that these networks “are extremely important because virtually all diseases arise because of disturbances in the body’s regulatory processes.”[6]


1.  M. Pall, May 17, 2018 - Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them



4.  Patent no. 201100705

5.  These universities include the Biomedical Research Centre, University of Granada; Faculty of Medicine, Complutense University of Madrid; the R&D Centre in Electronics and Communications, Public University of Navarre; the Applied Physics Department, Polytechnic University of Catalonia; and CIC Nangune Centre of Nanotechnology

6.  DOI:

Further Information

For further information please contact Energy for Health on Tel: 08456 120129 / 01934 257066;



Botanica2020 Takes to the Virtual Stage!

  • Are you looking to extend your knowledge and skills in aromatherapy?
  • Are you looking for effective, safe and sustainable aromatic interventions for your clients?
  • Do you want to deepen connections with fellow practitioners from around the world and source quality suppliers of products related to your work?
  • Do you wish to have a say in the future development of aromatherapy education worldwide?
  • Are you looking to showcase your product range or aromatherapy resource?


Botanica 2020 Virtual Banner


At botanica2020 you can now do all of this –..from the comfort of your own home via your computer, tablet or smartphone!

All you require is internet connectivity and a quiet location for you to be able to focus on all the excellent content the conference has to offer.

Organized and hosted by Rhiannon Lewis, editor of the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy, this special 5th conference edition of Botanica2020 will be taking place entirely on the Cloud in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

With 3 days of conference and masterclasses with over 30 leaders in the aromatherapy field plus an international trade show, this virtual edition of botanica is hosted on a dynamic and interactive professional conference platform where you can connect live with experts, peers and exhibitors.

  • Your attendance is accompanied by a certificate of attendance that can be used as evidence of continuing professional education.
  • All lectures and masterclasses are conducted in English.

Further Information

For more details including how to register your place please visit the botanica2020 website.  We are also welcoming sponsors and virtual trade stand registrations. We look forward to welcoming you there! #virtualbotanica2020 #aromatherapy #conference



Born to Walk – Myofascial Efficiency and the Body in Movement, Second Edition

by  James Earls

Published by Lotus Publishing. 2020. Softback. £19.99.  ISBN: 978 1 913088 10 1275mm x

Born to Walk is designed to help movement therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, and bodyworkers understand gait and its mechanics, and will appeal to anyone with an interest in evolution and movement. It offers a concise model for understanding the complexity of movement while gaining a deeper insight into the physiology and mechanics of the walking process.


Born to Walk


This second and revised edition provides new research on assessment, diagnosis, and treatment approaches to enhance gait efficiency. Changes include:

  • Updated information and research on myofascial continuities
  • More clearly arranged according to planes of movement
  • New informative illustrations based on phases of gait with EMG readings
  • Clear listing of the ‘Essential Events’

The ability to walk upright on two legs is one of the major traits distinguishing us as humans, In Born to Walk, author James Earls explores the mystery of walking’s evolution by describing the complex mechanisms enabling us to be efficient in bipedal gait. His model uses the latest research in paleoanthropology, sports medicine and anatomy, coupled with a functional understanding of the human form, to demonstrate how the whole body collaborates as an interconnected unit in walking, Earls explores the efficiency which is part of our natural design, distilling the complex actions into a simple sequence of "essential events" that engage the myofascia and utilize its full potential. 

Born to Walk helps identify areas of the body that, if dysfunctional, may reduce efficiency of gait. With this knowledge we can help ourselves and our clients regain a flowing elasticity within gait.

About the Author

James Earls is a writer, lecturer, and bodywork practitioner specializing in functional movement and structural integration He is the director of Born to Move, an education platform teaching real-life anatomy for movement and manual therapists, and is a popular presenter at conferences and workshops around the world. Earls is the co-author, with Thomas Myers, of Fascial Release for Structural Balance. He also writes regularly for professional magazines and journals, and has collaborated with many authors in the production of their titles.

Further Information

Available from Lotus Publishing, and



Rofes E01C Device Personal Organ & Systems Health Assessor

The Diagnostic Device that Prints Out the Patient’s Health Condition of 21 Organ and System Assessments – All In Just 3 Minutes.


Rofes Device and Manual


ROFES stimulates the biologically active point MC-7 on the inner side of the wrist of the left hand. Impulses are sent through all body organs and systems and the response is captured by the device. TWENTY ONE ASSESSMENTS of these organs and systems can be produced with a print-out within just a few minutes. The simple Brochure Manual guides one effortlessly in making professional assessments assisting the Therapist to determine the best course of action based on fact - and the patient provided with an indication of degree of wellness (or not).

ROFES E01C Device is the latest version with 'limitless program' for multiple patient readouts – checking the physical condition of the human body.

  • Version 4.2 and higher;
  • Display size not less than 7 inches
  • And support to the technology of on the go external devices.

Health Check with ROFES

  • ROFES provides the opportunity to test the functional condition of all our organs and body systems using this state of the art technology;
  • Regular checks of the vital state of our physical condition is invaluable. We can track the dynamics of the body's processes, assess emotional and physical states and estimate the level of fatigue and its influences;
  • The ROFES is safe and easy to use. Just attach it to the wrist.

Assessed Indices

  • Testing of the general state of the body;
  • Analysis of results and conclusion – within 3 minutes;
  • Assessment of the psycho-emotional state;
  • Assessment of negative effects of lifestyle choices;
  • Assessment of negative effects of stress associations;
  • Identification of external factors that may impact negatively;
  • Identification of a condition before external symptoms are evident;
  • Monitoring of the effectiveness of taking BAFSs, drugs and medicines.

Download Available:

Further Information

Miracle Therapy Devices are sole UK distributors of this Product. For contact and further information please contact Chris Stott, (Director)


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    Plants for the People

    Plants for the People by Erin Lovell Verinder, Publisher Thames & Hudson Australia is a beginner's guide to plant medicine and a valuable source of self-care, vitality and wellness, offering an antidote to the frenetic pace of modern life. Erin Lovell Verinder is a Master Herbalist and Nutritionist who explores 40 medicinal plants and imparts knowledge on how to use them.


    Further information:


    Toxic Childhood Stress

    Toxic Childhood Stress by Dr Nadine Burke Harris, the first Surgeon General of California, who is a pioneering physician in childhood health and adversity, delivers both scientific insight and moving stories of personal impact. She illuminates her journey of discovery from innovative research labs nationwide to her own paediatric practice in San Francisco's poverty-ridden Bayview, Hunters Point.


    Further information:  and


    Participants Needed for Study to Uncover Genetic Risk Factors for COVID-19 Infection Outcome

    People who have completed consumer DNA test kits are being asked to take part in a study lead by the University of Bristol and the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) to find out whether it is possible to predict genetic risk factors and discover a genetic link to coronavirus risk.


    Further information:


    1 in 3 Brits Exercise to Combat Mental Health Struggles

    Persevering Brits are turning to the mood-boosting benefits of exercise to remedy common mental health struggles and find peace in lockdown. 38% of Brits regularly exercise to improve mood and relieve stress. Following the lockdown announcement, 38% of Brits claimed to suffer from depression and 36% were found to be struggling with anxiety. 36% of parents with young children are using exercise to take a moment to themselves and 94% of Brits are getting out for a walk every week.


    Further information:


    CLNQ Cheshire-Based Private Clinic Launches Highly Reliable COVID-19 Antibody Test

    The private clinic, CLNQ has launched a Coronavirus antibody test which has been reported to be 99% accurate. The antibody test, which is manufactured by Abbott has been CE certified and previously had FDA approval.


    Further information:


    International Woman's Health Week

    This International Women's Health Week, the focus is on how proper menstrual car can positively impact women's lives. Saalt was born when founder Cherie called an aunt in Venezuela and learned that pads and tampons had not been available in stores for years. Cherie immediately thought of her 5 daughters and what she and they would do in that situation. Saalt was created to give women the option to care for themselves and other in a better way.


    Further information:  


    Mr Lee's Noodles

    Damien Lee (AKA Mr Lee) has officially launched in the USA a healthy noodle creation. There are two veggie and vegan flavours, Dragon Fire Vegetables and Zen Garden Vegetables, which are low in sugar, salt and saturated fats, gluten-free and under 208 calories. They are also donating one cup of noodles to UK foodbanks and NHS staff for every box of noodles bought.


    Further information:


    Europe's First Combined Multivitamin and CBD Tablet

    fourfivecbd is a brand created by professional rugby players George Kruis and Dominic Day, has launched Europe's first CBD infused multivitamin effervescent tablet. Each tablet contains a measured dose of 5mg of broad spectrum CBD with vitamins B1, B3, B6, BB12 and C as well as minerals, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and amino acids L-Glutamine and HMB (calcium B-hydroxy-B-methylbutyrate).


    Further information:


    Raising Awareness of the Mental Health Burden of Arthritis

    10 million people in the UJK live with arthritis. The burden of the symptoms of arthritis can have an effect on mental health, leading to 20% experiencing anxiety, largely as a result of the increased pain of arthritic joints. GOPO is a natural anti-inflammatory compound derived from rose-hip. A survey by GOPO® Joint Health found that joint pain cause 62% to struggle with walking, 25% to have their social life and ability to work impacted and 50% to have difficulty getting in and out of a car.


    Further information:


    Top Tips for Avoiding Burnout

    Feeling stressed every now and again is perfectly normal, however burnout is a chronic level of stress that can leave you physically and emotionally exhausted, detached and negative. Three top tips to avoid burnout are offered from music licensing company, PPL PRS Ltd. Take a break, listen to slow, quiet music which can physically de-stress the body. Adopt a fitness regime and importantly, ask for help.


    Further information:


    Life and Death

    Life and Death by John Durbin Husher examines the worst fatal diseases and death-causing phenomena to affect humans over the last 3 centuries. From vaccines and antibiotic to cancer screenings and prescription drugs, he highlights the significant life-preserving tools and treatments which have been created to help improve human lifespan and explains why it is important to utilize the healthcare innovations afforded to us today.


    Further information:


    Psychotherapy Training

    Get started with psychotherapy training and therapeutic Touch training. In addition to 25 years as a Massage Trainer, Gerry Pyves is a qualified and recognized trainer in Transactional Analysis psychotherapy. You can learn the 4 core psychological programmes he is offering and start your own psychotherapeutic training journey for free by completing his Effective Communication online training course.


    Further information:


    Exercise With Ease

    Our daily exercise allowance is precious, so don't waste time by fussing with tampons or pads. A Saalt menstrual cap means you don't have to worry about your period when exercising. The Saalt menstrual cap is reliable for up to 12 hours. The soft silicone moulds to your shape. It is natural, toxic and odour-free and maintains the body's natural Ph. It comes in 2 sizes and 2 firmness options and has a reinforced seal to prevent leaks.


    Further information: Feelunique, and


    Be Eco-Friendly with Squeeky Clean

    We may think our homes are sparkling clean, but poor air quality can affect asthma, COPD and allergies. Air pollution can be caused by cooking, poor ventilation, damp, toiletries and chemicals in cleaning products. Squeeky Cleaners have created organic, eco-friendly, pet safe and vegan-friendly cleaning products. Their products can bring comfort to householders who worry that modern day living cannot be clean and natural without the use of harsh chemicals.


    Further information:


    The Gurus' Guide to Reflexology

    The Gurus' Guide to Reflexology by Jane Sheehan, TV's celebrity Foot Reader contains chapters from members of a group of Reflexology gurus including Yvette Eastman, Sharon Stathis, Allison Walker, Sue Ricks, Helen Black, Prue Whelan, Jan Williams, Susan Quayle, Lynn Booth, Gunnel Berry, Penny Price, Agnes Schmitz, Kerry Hales, Linda Tellington and Phil Nutridge.


    Further information:

    Products to Help You Look and Feel Your Best

    To help you maintain a healthy lifestyle in lockdown, try ShapeLine from ProVen, a probiotic which will help you to lose weight. Alteya Rose Water will give your skin a wake-up spritz and will help rejuvenate, stimulate and harmonise your skin. Pollen CBD Drink Drops will give you that full tank feeling, a 2ml drop supplies a 10mg serving of CBD. Natures Plus Source of Life Gold Liquid provides energising antioxidant and anti-aging power to put a spring in your step, which is gluten-free and vegan certified.


    The Wee Yoga Room

    All Yoga classes from The Wee Yoga Room are now streamed live due to the COVID-19 lockdown. They now have a new studio. Pictures are available online.


    Further information:


    Pilates Physio Advice and Workouts for Back Pain

    An online clinical Pilates website, designed specifically to offer relief from back pain by a prominent expert in physiotherapy is now offering free physio advice and free back pain workouts. Your Pilates Physio is making its expertise accessible at no cost to help anyone suffering with pain whilst remaining at home during lockdown.


    Further information:


    Self-Sufficient Herbalism

    Self-Sufficient Herbalism is by Lucy Jones, qualified Medical Herbalist and owner of Myrobalan Clinic, a busy high street practice. This is the first practical guide to growing, gathering and preserving medical herbs for a working dispensary. Lucy Jones originally trained in Agriculture and Forestry, had two degrees from the University of Oxford and also studied Tibetan Medicine with the great master Khenpo Troru Tsenam


    Further information:   Aeon Books  and


    BioPathica Ltd – Boosting the Immune System with Nutraceuticals

    BioPathica Ltd are asking Practitioners to consider a number of nutraceuticals for their patients. Engystol, for defence against viral infections, flu and the common cold.  Gripp-Heel to strengthen the body's defence mechanism. Euphorbium Compositum is a nasal spray for relief of rhinitis and sinusitis. Spirulina to help boost type 1 interferon to fight RNA viral infections. Spirulina/Chlorella combination for energy and fitness, zinc, iron and magnesium.


    Further information:


    Cyto-Solutions Boosting the Immune System with Nutraceuticals

    Cyto-Solutions are asking Practitioners to consider a number of nutraceuticals for their patients. Guna Complex N.1 may help boost the body's natural defences. Guna Flam is indicated for acute and chronic inflammation and fever and associated minor aches and pains. Guna Virus may strengthen the antiviral defences and Citomix used for prevention of infections.


    Further information:



    A Spice for Sports

    Health food specialist Natur Boutique have harnessed the power of organic turmeric to create some natural products. Turmeric contains curcumin which appears to have anti-inflammatory effects which could help people who indulge in sports. Natur Boutique ensures the spice grows slowly, without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Natur Boutique has produced turmeric capsules and an organic turmeric tea, which can be enjoyed at any time of day.


    Further information: Natur Boutique  Ocado and Grape Tree

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