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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 250

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 250 - November 2018

Why Creating the Right Breathing Habits can help Cure Illnesses

With Scientific research done globally, it is said and talked about how Dysfunctional breathing habits can cause so many issues within our health. Our body PH levels dictate our health, but I will share with you it doesn’t matter how healthy you eat, how frequently you detox, or even if you drink the most cleansing pH water. 

Nevsah Karamehme

Nevsah Karamehmet Breath Coach assisting an attendee at the Miracle Course

Breath dictates our health and it is the chemistry of our respiratory system and our breathing habits that play the vital role of our everyday life. Having the wrong respiratory habits can demolish our respiratory chemistry. By the chemistry being broken down, our kidneys start to fail which has a huge role in our body as a buffer mechanism and can cause even kidney diseases where the underlying cause maybe wrong breath habits.

By having the wrong chemistry of the respiratory system, it can be being broken down by our breath habits which causes the oxyhaemoglobin levels in our blood to decrease. What does this mean? It means that there is not enough oxygen in cellular respiratory, which creates the lack of the main nutritional ingredient that is necessary for our cells to be alive, to live and to stay healthy. 

There are more than 40 anaerobic diseases known today. With wrong breathing habits, this might be the reason behind many diseases as the core cause, while our oxygen levels drops in our blood and cellular respiratory cannot occur. If your body had less than 2 % of oxygen in your blood, it can be fatal! Even a neurologist would share the fatal effect of not carrying  enough oxygen in the blood which can then travel up to your brain...

Hypocapnia, which is the result of wrong breath habits, causes vasoconstriction. So, even if there is enough oxygen in the blood, there is a constriction in the brain vessels thus not only headaches, dizziness, memory loss, perception difficulties happen but many more follows.

Nevsah Karamehmet Breath Coach has as her focus optimal breathing for improving health and performance. She is a recognized authority who combines science and spirituality for physical, emotional, mental development and for enhancing psychological well-being. She is a pioneer in helping people learn functional breathing habits and a motivational speaker on the subject of consciousness and breathing. She teaches about staying in the ‘now’ through breathing, in her Miracle Courses.

Further Information

Nevsah Karamehmet Breath Coach may be contacted via Her workshop schedule is published at



New Exciting Products from Rayonex Biomedical UK

New Rayocomp PS1000 Polar 4.0 Shipping Soon

We are now in the final stages of the registration process for the new generation of the Rayocomp PS1000 Polar 4.0 as Class IIa medical device, so the new device will ship in a matter of weeks. Here are the highlights of the new Rayocomp PS1000 Polar 4.0:

  • Superfast RAH for Analysis and Harmonization; Fast CPU provides future security;
  • Approximately 20% faster adjustments of frequencies in BaPS;
  • Optional rechargeable battery with a running time of up to 4 hours;
  • Software Updates, Service and Training possible via the Internet;
  • High compatibility with types of printers; Background colours adapted to clinic design;
  • Optional module for the future integration of new non-Latin languages;
  • Very robust and solid internal components in accordance with industrial standard.

Goldkind.Pro + Rayocomp PS1000 + Duplex IV Professional


And, of course, the current and well-established highlights remain:

  • Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt; Visualization of organs;
  • Patient administration with an extensive memory function;
  • RAH-Expert system for Human- and Veterinary area;
  • Rayoscan, automatic measuring and analysis system based on ECG;
  • Modular software structure: buy what you need according to your budget and needs;
  • Harmony with music; Acupuncture oscillation therapy; Purchase and rental possibilities;

With the technical improvements of the new Rayocomp PS1000 polar 4.0, we can provide an up-to-date high-end medical device that already complies with all the new requirements for medical devices coming into force on the 1st of January 2019.

Goldkind.Pro®- the simplest solution to protect a baby against pulse-modulated radiation

Goldkind.Pro® is a complete solution for children’s beds which reduces the radiation by up to 99.999%, which is emitted day and night by more and more Wi-Fi capable devices. The Goldkind.Pro® fabric provides an attenuation of the electromagnetic radiation of up to 55dB. In combination with the Goldkind.Pro® mattress underlay, which reliably eliminates high frequency electromagnetic radiation from below, your child will have a very comfortable, calming break from the influences of the technological world.

For an inspiring YouTube video about the new Goldkind.Pro® product series please click here. More information, including the effects of impulse-modulated radiation on the organism, is available at The entire range of the Goldkind.Pro® product series is available to purchase in our web shop now at .

The New Duplex IV Professional - on Sale Now

Every person collects stressors and pollutants, at home and work, ranging from Geopathic stress and electro-smog to pollution from environmental toxins and mould. To determine the individual stressors and pollutants of every family person a saliva sample is taken; 189 resonance values associated with building biology are used to test the stressors present.

With bioresonance devices Rayocomp PS 1000 polar or Rayocomp PS 10, resonance values are determined via energetic measurement and transferred to the Duplex IV. The result is an individualized, bio-field-forming device for the entire family. As stressors change, or with additional family members, new measurement may be taken and current resonance values transferred to the Duplex IV Professional. A Duplex IV professional is adaptable to current needs and is a perfect, future-oriented investment in the health of the family. The new Duplex IV Professional is on sale now to trained Building Biologists and Bioresonance Practitioners.

Further Information

Please contact Rayonex Biomedical UK Ltd on Tel: 020 3866 1192;



Results RNA Support Neurological Health and Cellular Regeneration

Introducing ACN Neuro and ACR Regen

Results RNA provide leading detoxification health support products. Backed by independent research, the ACS200 is proven to be the world’s most powerful colloidal silver out performing competing brands by thousands of times in industry standard kill time studies. The ACZ Nano is the only zeolite with 20 independent post provocation urinary studies that prove that is increase urinary excretion of heavy metals up to 1000 fold. The ACG Glutathione can raise intracellular GSH levels by nearly 12 % in only 7hrs. Now 2 new products have been added to the outstanding Results RNA range.

ACN Neuro Extra Strength+ ACR Regen Extra Strength

ACN Neuro Extra Strength

ACN Neuro is a uniquely effective neurological health formula with ingredients shown to improve memory, boost alertness, increase cognitive performance. The nervous system is a network of specialized cells that communicate information about an organism’s surroundings and itself. Sensory neurons, motor responses, reflexes and more fall within the nervous system. Neuro Care Extra Strength provides nutrients that are crucial to the central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems.

  • Neuro Care Extra Strength may calm and relax the mind.
  • Neuro Care Extra Strength may improve memory, alertness and reduces brain fog.
  • Neuro Care Extra Strength supports optimal reflex and motor responses.


Formula derived using a proprietary selective nutrient extraction process L-Glutathione Tripeptides (Reduced), N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC), Lipoic Acid (R-Fraction), Acetyl L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, Peppermint Leaf (Mentha x Piperita), Ascorbic AcidOther Ingredients: Ultra-Pure Deionized Water Offered in 2 oz and 4 oz Intra-oral Sprays

ACR Regen

ACR Regen promotes cellular regeneration and healing; providing essential nutrients and cellular building blocks to speed the body’s recovery from illness, injury or stress. Cellular regeneration and healing can only occur when cell signaling is functional. ACR Regen represents the first of its kind regenerative health formula with specific nutrients to optimize cell signaling and function.

Enhanced Cell Protection
Provides cyto-protective effects, proven to reduce muscle damage and inflammation during periods of high oxidative stress, inhibiting oxidative damage.

Promotes Cell Activation
Activates cells to enter the growth and proliferation cycle, facilitating healing and relief.

PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone), Idebenone, Methylcobalamin, L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, L-Alanine, L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, L-Valine, Glycine, L-Aspartic Acid, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-Histidine, L-Lysine, L-Methionine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Cysteine, L-Glutamic Acid, L-Proline, L-Serine, L-Tryptophan, L-Ascorbic Acid, Peppermint Leaf (Mentha x piperita)

Offered in 2 oz and 4 oz Intra-oral Sprays
* % Daily value not established

Further Information

Products available from for further information please email  Practitioner and wholesale accounts please register here



The Benefits of Trance

by Dr John Butler

It was 14 years ago that I had an inguinal hernia repair surgery.   I went to the hospital that day, had a pre-operative check, put on a hospital gown and lay down on a trolley which was wheeled into the operating theatre.  Then I put myself into a trance, using self-hypnosis.  That took me about two or three minutes.  Then the surgeon began to operate.  The anaesthetist waited patiently, checking the instruments that measured my vital signs - heartbeat etc.-– in case his services were needed.  They were not.  I felt pushing and prodding sensations as the surgeon cut through skin and tissue, and then stitched up where the hernia had appeared.  I felt no pain.  I also felt no fear.  I relaxed on the trolley, experiencing a pleasant rest.  The procedure was even filmed, and can be viewed on the internet.  That evening I went home, and recovered over the following weeks.  I took no painkilling medication while recovering. 


That was the only time I’ve ever had surgery; however I use trance for many purposes, every day of my life.  I use it to program myself to be motivated and positive; I use it to reflect and ruminate when I am forming plans and creative ideas; I use it to become aware of my body, my energy and my health, and to program myself to take care of these aspects of my life; I use it to rest and to recreate.  Being in trance, particularly if you use ‘deepening’ methods to intensify the trance, is like being immersed in an infinite energy flow, recharging your batteries by reconnecting to the mains.  I have used it for the benefit of my clients in thousands of clinical hypnosis sessions for a great variety of therapeutic goals.

Simply going into trance, remaining there for a while, and coming out again, which is something easily learned and improved with practice, is a beneficial experience.  This is called “neutral” trance and has much in common with meditative practices, while being a very straightforward and reliable technique to learn.  However, trance provides a mental freedom which enhances clarity of thinking and feeling, so it is an excellent mental medium in which to do therapeutic work, for instance, and also to program yourself with ideas you wish to take root in your personality and behaviour.

The usual name for the method of going into trance and using programming affirmations is hypnosis – this can be done in partnership with another person (the hypnotist), or on your own, when it is called self-hypnosis.  A great body of knowledge has been accumulated about this invaluable method and its use in therapy, resulting in techniques and teachings which are straightforward, reliable and powerful when they are used by properly trained, skilled therapists.

Further Information

For more information about HTI Training Courses please contact HTI on Tel: +44(0)207 385 1166;



Resonance Testing & Personalized Health; Integrated Care for the Chronically Unwell

Bespoke Homoeotherapy is transforming modern health practices. In recent decades, society has witnessed the deterioration of wellness. Chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer are posing hugely problematic for health services. This is largely in part to an ever-more-toxic environment and diminished healthy resources within the body which are constantly weakening immune responses and the general state of well-being. The origins of cellular dysfunction – the root concern of ill health - present a cacophony of obstacles to overcome; impaired pathways of elimination, malnutrition, diminished microbiome, pathogens, stress, injuries, toxicity and poor limbic health. Homoeotherapy, combining homoeopathy and individualised evaluation, offers both preventative and therapeutic care strategies. If making people feel better is the objective, Kinesiology holds a key to the answer.

New Vistas Logo + Homoeotherapy

We are witnessing shifts throughout the CAM Practitioner landscape, which has seen a rise in muscle testing popularity and the practical relevance of homoeopathic stimulation. The consequences of toxicity, from parasitic invaders, Lyme’s Disease, food intolerances, pesticides, overuse of antibiotics, chronic anxiety and common environmental toxins, is fuelling chronic and pathological health complications. By embedding harmful toxicants throughout cells, tissues and organs, the body is continuously on high alert, fighting to maintain order in an unsteady environment of poor nutrient recognition and under-performing organs and systems.

Detox - Remineralize - Restore

Through natural and holistic principles, Bespoke Homoeotherapy is accepting the challenge of dis-ease and successfully improving client outcomes. Kinesiology provides an efficient tool to evaluate physical, physiological and psychological states of health. Kinetic awareness provides an insightful measure of the body’s vibrational responses and can provide key markers for structural, emotional, biochemical and energetic imbalances. The objective of utilising Kinesiology, or any diagnostic tool like Resonance devices or dowsing, is to individualize a person's health strategy and tailor a specific program to address their priority health needs. These skills are enabling practitioners to refine and specify the exact nature of the imbalance and address underlying cellular problems through the art of Homoeotherapy.

Recent successes, like the New Horizons Conference in London, showcase the science behind CAM paradigms and the relevance of using traditional medicine philosophies. Lord Ken Ward-Atherton, Conference Chairman and Organizer, introduced a host of international scientists whose findings support the CAM community in terms of research and results. Hiding behind the mask of ignorance lurks missed opportunities to propel healthcare to a new and improved attainable level. Current initiatives are already under way to build a more stable and educational platform for Integrated Health Reform.

Creating the Best Environment

Bespoke Homoeotherapy provides a thorough approach to cellular inadequacies, emotional stress, functional disturbances and toxicity. The quality of the body and its surrounding environment is fundamental to strong vitality and good health. Intracellular and extracellular responses are supported and directed through homoeopathy, nutrition, flower essences and herbs. Teamed with Kinesiology, this complete care program prioritises each client, restoring resources, natural biorhythms and order.

Further Information

Please contact New Vistas Healthcare on Tel: +353 61 334455;



How can We be More Resilient?

Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking

A place to grow – a place to create – a place for conversation

In a world that appears increasingly turbulent, islands of sanity are much needed. Where can we turn to find the confidence, skills and resources to truly thrive? One place is Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking near Stroud in the Cotswolds.

“Our vision is to help people to flourish and discover their potential whether it’s in their personal or professional life, through learning new skills, becoming absorbed in music, crafts or movement and meditation practice,” says Katie Lloyd-Nunn, programme manager of the charity which is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.  “All our courses are hands-on and experiential and guided by high profile, exceptional leaders as well as new-generation teachers and innovators.”

Silence, rest and renewal are strong themes in the Inner Life autumn to winter retreats programme. “Deep winter is a time for slowing down, becoming still, and moving towards contemplation” says Mel Skinner who leads Rest and Restore new year retreat in early January 2019. “The aim on this retreat is to let yourself move at your own. You may be surprised by how tired you really are!”

herewood gabriel

Herewood GabrielSoulscapes Painting Day at Hawkwood 9 Dec

Working with the hands with crafts or painting can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain, experts say. It can also improve hand-eye coordination, ease stress, increase happiness and protect the brain from aging. Neuroscientists are beginning to see how finely detailed work like embroidery induce a natural state of “zen” or mindfulness. Hawkwood’s arts and crafts courses range from one-day tasters to immersive retreats in icon painting or life drawing.

“Passion, excitement and commitment to a cause also brings purpose to our life,” says Katie Lloyd-Nunn, who bubbles with enthusiasm that belies her 60+ years on earth. “ I find that it’s often through conversation with others that I uncover what I know and what I believe. Being with others with an open mind, open listening and willingness to be authentic can be a great way to resolve conflict and forge togetherness; it helps to build confidence towards positive action; it hones our critical faculties and listening skills; it makes us present.”

Hawkwood's Centre for Future Thinking programme provides a space for people to come together to explore their own and society's values, and to question and debate the future of a rapidly changing world. We welcome leading speakers, philosophers and creatives to share their vision of how we can make the world a better place.

Further Information

More information can be found on Hawkwood youtube channel and future thinking events. For more information on our courses, please visit



Alexander Technique and Cycling

I was cycling in the alps on a climb between Geneva and Annecy when I realized the value of applying the Alexander Technique to cycling. Like many cyclists, I dreaded climbing any steep incline.  But after six months of Alexander Technique lessons this changed. My moment of epiphany came as I climbed to a beautiful alpine pass behind a local cyclist. I realised my idea of what was required to climb hills on a bike; pushing down hard and tensely with my leg muscles, was wrong and was preventing my legs from rotating freely. I needed to increase the energy to my legs but not with effort and tension. Watching this fellow cyclist moving with good use, coupled with the increased awareness I had from Alexander Technique lessons helped me find a way. Since then hills and mountains have never daunted me, and I’ve even cycled the Andes.

Not long after this experience, I trained as an Alexander Technique teacher and was keen to share my discoveries on two wheels.  In addition to my regular practice I run workshops applying the Alexander Technique to cycling.  I use a cycle trainer, which is a piece of equipment that holds a bike in a stationary position and a mirror, to show clients their riding position.

Alexander Technique and Cycling

Two recent cases illustrate the value of applying the Alexander Technique to cycling. A triathlon competitor came to me with back pain which she felt was made worse by cycling. We set up her bike on the stand and it became clear that she was hunching her back strongly as she rode.  I helped her to use her back in a more lengthened way. Becoming aware of how the back is supported from the bike seat through the seat bones and up through the spine towards the crown of the head as a whole piece rather than curving at the waist helped.

Another client was experiencing neck and shoulder pain. When we set up his bike in the cycle trainer I noticed he was gripping the handlebars very tightly. This had the effect of tightening and tensing the whole arm and shoulder area and even affecting the neck. It is possible to allow your hands to rest gently on the handlebars using a light touch for steering. It is helpful to think of having a two way flow up your arm; the arms are raising and supporting the body as well as connecting down to the handlebars. They are engaged at full length but not tense, rigid or braced.

Contact me at the Bloomsbury Alexander Technique Centre if you’d like more information about small group workshops or individual sessions on improving your cycling technique.

Further Information

Please contact Bloombury Alexander Centre on Tel: 020 7404 5348;
Michelle Cole



Migraine – Help with Natural Migra-Cap Device

What is Migraine?

More than just a bad headache, a migraine is in fact a debilitating neurological condition.  As well as the intense throbbing headache, sufferers can experience what is known as Classic or Common Migraine lasting from several hours to several days. 

Migra-Cap New Pack2

Symptoms can include:

Classic Migraine (with aura)

  • Visual disturbances include blind spots, flashing lights and zig-zag patterns, or confusion, inability to concentrate, problems with co-ordination, or tingling, pins and needles or numbness on the affected side. These symptoms, known as aura are most often identified with Migraine but in fact only about 10-15% of sufferers experience them.

Common Migraine (without aura)

  • Intense throbbing headache, often on one side of the head only
  • Nausea and/or vomiting and/or diarrhoea
  • Increased sensitivity to light, sounds or smells

Who is affected by Migraine?

In theory, anyone can suffer with Migraine.  There are over six million sufferers in the UK alone, approx 1 in 10 people of which nearly 70% are women.  There is also a genetic link so if one parent is a sufferer there is a 50% chance that a child will inherit the condition. 

What causes Migraine?

Studies suggest that Migraine is triggered by the release into the bloodstream of the neurotransmitter serotonin – the chemical messenger in the brain linked to mood, sleep and pain.  This causes changes in the size of the blood vessels and neurotransmitters in the brain leaving to the symptoms mentioned.

Exactly what causes this to happen is still a subject for research and debate, however there are a number of migraine danger points which are likely to trigger an attack in sufferers.

Migraine triggers include:

  • Environmental Factors – Pollution
  • Dietary Factors - Chocolate, Dairy Products, Alcohol, Excess Caffeine, Lack of Food
  • Hormonal Factors – Menstruation, High Blood Pressure, Toothache or Sinus Problems
  • Emotional Factors – Tension, Stress, Anxiety
  • Physical Factors – Travel, Exertion, Lack of Sleep 


Migraines have a substantial impact on both personal and working life. Migraines account for approximately 57 million working days of absenteeism, costing the economy almost £32billion when added to medical expenses. Sadly there is as yet no miracle cure but it is possible to bring the condition under control.  Many people treat their Migraine with simple pain killers purchased from the chemist or prescribed by their GP.  Many sufferers feel dependent on medication and appreciate the availability of a non-drug alternative; Cold and dark therapy, herbal remedies, homeopathy, acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy, and various techniques which encourage relaxation have been helpful for some people.

Further Information

Ask your local pharmacy, or contact Migra-Cap on Tel: +44(0)1685 387788;   



Theragem Crystal Light Therapy’s for a Rapid Response

Autumn this year has already started with its usual abundance of common colds, coughs, and sneezes putting several people off to bed. At the same time the influenza programs and flu shots are being offered via the media and CDC programs prepared as the effects of flu hitting are tried to be kept within reasonable limits. 

Theragem Crystal Light Therapy

In the USA alone, the flu jabs advertisements are rampant ranging from almost free with your lottery ticket to every other ad on the tv to get your jab. That even though a wealth of news is being disclosed putting vaccines under heavy scrutiny as they contain unnatural substances undermining the wellness of the physical body. Just recently it came out that numerous top vaccine scientists in New Mexico working for US government on the science of vaccination, do not allow their children to be vaccinated.

Add to that the amount of stress we are all suffering, due to unstable environment on many different levels, insufficient rest, food deprived of its healthy elements, pressure to perform and much more aiding in a physical, emotional and mental unstable health and wellness.

Of course, there are many things we can do in advance to boost our health and wellbeing with our own fresh preparation of food, supplementation and enough amounts of sunshine and rest.

Aiding to that British manufacturer of integrative non-invasive equipment Medica Health International has designed non-invasive equipment fusing natural substances such as crystals, colours, metals, and sounds together with frequencies for those who choose a different approach to go through the flu season in the most optimum balance and homeostasis. Since every living cell and being has an electromagnetic field that is reliant on bioelectricity for their metabolic processes which have been mapped by well-known scientists and compiled in the consolidated annotated frequency list - CAFL, using a similar frequency will counteract and this has shown to be highly effective in dissolving the harmful microorganisms.

With Theragem Fusion Light therapy, the impact of relaxing and boosting the immune system within twenty minutes of therapy is quick, easy and very gentle. Now you can request a specific therapy called ‘Rapid Response’ that addresses all influenza frequencies and it only takes an hour and a half to complete. At the same time the whole therapy boosts all levels physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, addressing the root cause for dis-ease. Theragem technology allows the earth itself to assemble all goodies and transfer that to anyone having the therapy, creating a strong biological terrain where it is easy to ward off any of the infiltrators.

Or as one client of a therapist said, ‘It is like having a holiday of two weeks!’

Further Information

When inspired to get a session, for a therapist near you our main hub of information is  or email us



Geovital Geobiology 4 Day Training Course – Nov 27

Understanding how EMF's & Geopathic Stress found in all our homes effects our biological system. Associated Health Burdens, Radiation Testing Techniques and Geovital Shielding Protection Solutions and Methodology.

Geovital Geobiology 4 Day Training Course – Nov 27

Topics include:

  • EMF H/F High Frequency Radiation from:-
  • Cell Phones, Phone Masts, WiFi, Baby Monitors Etc.
  • EMF L/F Low Frequency Radiation from:-
  • Electrical Wiring and Plugged or Attached Appliances.
  • Geopathic Stress (natural radiation) from:-Water Veins, Curry Lines and Hartmann Grid, Ground Mixing and Fault Lines.
  • Health Hazards:- EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity), Headaches, Sleep Deprivation, Fatigue, Dementia, Cancer Etc.
  • "EMF and Geopathic Stress Shielding Solutions explained to protect your Health, Home and Loved Ones".

Course would aid Drs, Homeopaths, Naturopaths, Practitioners, with practical solutions for treating reoccurring symptoms caused by the burden of EMF radiation found in all our homes.

Referral package available.
No experience required to train and become a professional Geovital Geobiologist. Helping the sick to recover and EHS sufferers to attain a better quality of life. Assessing properties and Shielding radiation in our homes is a great career change opportunity.

No previous knowledge or experience required.
The 4 day course costs £595 and includes Training, All necessary Materials & Tools, Field Trips, Food, Tea/Coffee and Soft drinks.

Further Information

Next Step:- Email your interest to 
please include:- Name, Address, Phone Number and the course date you wish to attend.

Further Information



Sayer Complementary Health - Nutrition and Homeopathy for Optimum Health

When I have been asked if, as a homeopath, I specialize in any particular area of health, my answer has always been that I did not feel I needed to because I worked with a wide range of health issues as determined by the person who had sought help whatever the age or ailment.

I have often reflected on the clients who had sought my help and found that their issues could be anything from ladies suffering with menstrual disorders, pregnancy issues, digestive disturbances, insomnia, migraines, coughs/colds, hay fever, skin problems etc.

June Sayer

What has become more apparent in the last five years is the change in the reasons clients are now seeking my services whether it is homeopathic and/or nutritional guidance, in particular for young children who have been diagnosed with behavioural issues such as autistic spectrum disorder, ADD, ADHD, Tourette’s, ‘depression’ and even self-harm.  I use the term ‘depression’ very lightly but have found the number of children falling into this category is increasing.   Conventional medication has helped some children but other parents report that it has not and therefore a gentler more natural approach is sought, particularly when a medication such as Ritalin has side-effects listed as anorexia, tics, depression, irritability (to name a few) as listed in the British National Formulary.

So now I find that my practice is becoming more specialized and from my perspective the earlier these problems are looked into the better it is for the young person because as they approach puberty they may discover that coupled with the natural hormonal changes associated with growing up their behavioural issues may escalate.

When a client seeks help for either themselves or their child, a full in-depth case history is taken in order to determine the underlying reason for the presenting complaint.  Time and patience is important in order to give the remedies the best chance of working – one thing homeopathy doesn’t do is offer a ‘quick fix’ solution. 

I am passionate about helping people to achieve and maintain a better state of health with the aid of homeopathy and nutrition and hold consultations either in person from my practice in Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex or via Skype/Facetime/WhatsApp.

Should you be interested in how homeopathy can help you or a member of your family or maybe you are interested in learning more about this non-addictive, non-toxic natural form of medicine that has been in existence for over 250 years, I would be very happy to talk to you.

Further Information

I can be contacted on Tel: 01621 730664 or email for further details about any of the above but please do mention Positive Health when making contact.



70th Birthday Celebration: HRH the Prince of Wales

November 17, 2018 - 9:30 am – 6:15 pm

The Quest for Harmony: A unifying principle in spirituality, science,
sustainability, and healthcare

Canterbury Cathedral Precinct, CT1 2EH

Quest for Harmony 70th Birthday Prince of Wales

Scientific and Medical Network with

  • The Temenos Academy
  • The Resurgence Trust
  • The College of Medicine
  • The Health and Wellbeing Trust
  • The Sustainable Food Trust


Sponsored by Charbonnel et Walker

The 70th birthday of HRH the Prince of Wales provides an occasion to review and celebrate his lifetime of inclusive visionary idealism expressed in practical projects across fields too numerous to consider in a single day. The conference will be based on the fundamental spiritual principle of harmony underpinning his philosophy and articulated in his 2010 book, Harmony. Our speakers will consider this principle in relation to sacred geometry and architecture, sustainability and forests, agriculture and gardening, health and medicine, and education – all areas where the Prince has made significant contributions. At this watershed moment in human history it is no exaggeration to say that we are heading for a systemic breakdown if we do not apply these principles of harmony across the board: our future depends on it. Please join us for this unique celebratory event!

Further Information

More information and booking at



Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health

by Charlotte Watts

Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. 2018. Paperback. £24.99. $32.69. ISBN: 9781848193543.

Digestive issues are widespread and prove difficult to address through mainstream medicine. Senior yoga teacher Charlotte Watts sheds light on the connection between the gut and the brain, explains the links between stress, trauma and digestive issues and demonstrates how yoga with its focus on stilling the mind can have profound effects on conditions such as IBS, IBD, acid reflux, colitis, diverticulitis and more. Breath awareness allows the breath to drop into the belly and diaphragm, essential for good digestive function and understanding the fascial connections within the viscera help shape movement that enables optimal function.

Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health

Fully illustrated with clear diagrams and instructions, this volume provides yoga, movement and medical professionals with a solid understanding of the digestive system in relation to breath, mindfulness, posture, anatomy, movement, stress and trauma. It helps them to apply this knowledge to their practice and teaching approach.10-20% of the UK population are affected by IBS at any given time, and other digestive issues are also common.

Charlotte Watts is a senior yoga teacher and award-winning Nutritional Therapist, specializing in stress related and digestive issues. Stress is a major factor in digestive issues and yoga's focus on stilling the mind can have profound effects on digestive health. There has been a rise in media interest in the gut-brain axis in recent years. New research into the fascia, stress, trauma and sensory connections with digestive issues is a hot topic for yoga therapists.

“Here is an in insightful and illuminating examination of the role digestive health plays in physical and mental vitality. Charlotte Watts takes on a subject that is all too often overlooked- the state of the gut- and details its key function in the health of the bodymind. For yogis and non-yogis alike, this book is an invaluable resource to help support the ecology of the digestive system.” - Tias Little, author of Yoga of the Subtle Body

“At a perfectly timed moment within the evolution of our understanding of the significance of digestive health toward improved wellbeing comes a book that offers thorough, accessible and informed guidance of the treatment of your body and mind. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in diet and the addressing of digestive related issues, and for those involved in the teaching, therapy and practice of personal wellbeing.”

- Simon Low, The Yoga Academy principal and international yoga teacher

Further Information

Available from and



Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness

by Thomas Cowan MD, Foreword by Sally Fallon Morell

Published by Chelsea Green Publishing. 2018. Hardback. £11.87 /$17.36. ISBN: 1603587772. 

One doctor’s answer to the epidemic of autoimmunity and chronic disease - for the reader wanting to look beyond the vax/anti-vax debate and delve deeper into the latest research in medicine, parenting, the microbiome and more.

Cover Vaccines, Autoimmunity

Over the past 50 years, rates of chronic health conditions in children like asthma, eczema, digestive disorders, autism and many more have exploded. Currently, 1 in 2.5 American children has an allergy, 1 in 11 has asthma, and 1 in 36 has autism. These numbers represent a national emergency, and veteran family doctor Thomas Cowan is asking “what the hell is going on?”

In Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness, Dr Cowan attributes these skyrocketing rates to a drop in acute infectious childhood diseases, which serve to ‘train’ the immune system in early development. He looks at emerging evidence that suggests certain childhood illnesses can protect against disease later in life, and examines the role of fever, the microbiome, and cell structure in immune health. Dr Cowan argues that vaccination is an ineffective (and harmful) attempt to shortcut a complex immune response and explains in detail what is really happening to a child’s immune system when they receive a vaccination.

Cowan’s thoughtfully bold writing takes us on a journey in to the history of illness, along the way questioning commonly held views of cell biology, the role of water in the body, and the spatial and spiritual components of autism. Additionally, he provides hope of recovery in the form on a nontoxic treatment plan for those suffering from chronic disorders.

About the Author

Thomas Cowan MD has studied and written about many subjects in medicine, including nutrition, homeopathy, anthroposophical medicine and herbal medicine he is the author of Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, principal author of The Fourfold Path to Healing, and co-author (with Sally Fallon) of The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care. Dr Cowan has served as vice president of the Physician’s Association for Anthroposophic Medicine and is a founding board member of the Weston A Price Foundation.

Further Information

Available from and Chelsea Green Publishing.



Bulletproof Bodies - Body-weight Exercise for Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

by Ross Clifford & Ashley Kalym

Published by Lotus Publishing. 2018. Paperback. £14.99/$19.95. ISBN. 9781905367894

From tennis elbow to low back pain, Bulletproof Bodies aims to demonstrate how targeted body-weight exercise can be used to tackle a range of injuries and improve joint range-of-motion, muscle strength and endurance, and ligament and tendon health. As an added bonus, by using the suggested exercises you will also gain strength and physical fitness.

Cover BulletProof Bodies

Through engaging multiple parts of the body and stabilizing muscle groups, the exercises in Bulletproof Bodies offer a challenging, stimulating and accessible means of dealing with those niggling injuries. Whether you are already a highly tuned athlete looking to stay at the top of your game, a return-to-fitness enthusiast with new aches and pains, or a moderately active individual keen to overcome that recurring joint pain, Bulletproof Bodies will offer you a range of exercises to target specific body areas and even specific types of condition. Along the way, this book will also educate you on ‘need-to-know’ elements of anatomy and pathology.

Ross Clifford is a UK-registered and chartered physiotherapist with a lifelong interest in human movement and function. He is enthusiastic about the promotion of exercise and physical activity for health, and draws on his knowledge of sport and exercise science to supplement his therapeutic approaches. As a lecturer in physiotherapy, Ross strives to convey technical information in a clear and accessible way to his students, patients and readers.

Ashley Kalym is a UK-based writer who has a long history of using and promoting body-weight exercise. Getting the fitness bug at a young age, he has experienced physical training in many disciplines, including calisthenics and gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, and even a short stint training in the Royal Marines. Ashley’s other books include Complete Calisthenics – The Ultimate Guide To Bodyweight Exercise, also from Lotus Publishing.

Further Information

Available from and Lotus Publishing.


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    Study Uses Movement Sensors to Manage Painful Condition

    A ground-breaking study is aiming to find a new way to help people with painful knee osteoarthritis by using movement sensors to help them manage their pain better. About 10% of people over 55 have knee osteoarthritis, a condition when cartilage around the knee joint becomes worn. Under the new technique, small sensors placed on the knee muscles are used to provide information to patients on how they are co-ordinating their leg movements during everyday tasks, such as walking. With this feedback, patients learn to improve their muscle control.  Patients have found it very beneficial.


    Further Information: Please contact Gareth Hollyman, University of Salford, Tel: 0161 295 6895;


    Ditch Type 1 & 2 Diabetes Confusion

    Brand new research has revealed that a high gluten intake by mothers during pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of their child developing type 1 diabetes. Dr Sarah Brewer, working in association with CuraLin, the type 2 diabetes supplement comments on the different symptoms associated with the 2 different types of diabetes.


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    Omega-3 to Boost Baby Brain & Vision

    Women could enhance the development of their unborn child’s eyesight and brain function by regularly consuming omega-3 during pregnancy, according to new research. This research supports previous studies that show the importance of a mother’s nutrition and lifestyle when pregnant.


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    Total Relaxation in Luxury Dolomites Lodge

    Total relaxation is on offer at Adler Lodge Alpe, thanks to a week-long Yoga programme in this dark skies location in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dolomites. It’s hard to imagine a more fitting place for a retreat. Adler Lodge Alpe’s Yoga retreat runs from 18-25 November and is open to beginners as well as those who regularly practice Yoga, with the possibility of participating for 3, 4 or 7 nights.


    Further information:  for the full programme of the retreat.


    1 in 4 Britons Heard about CBD from Doctor

    A new study has found that whilst the majority of people in the UK who have heard about CBD products, did so from their family and friends and through their own research. Those who have heard about it from their Doctor, did so in relation to CBD being a health supplement, whilst also potentially working as an anti-inflammatory an helping skin conditions and mental health conditions. 


    Further information:


    Jo Sollinger Holistic Health Practitioner

    Holistic health specialist and qualified human design analyst, Jo Sollinger has unveiled a tailored new collection of bespoke therapies, including holistic facial treatments for Londoners seeking natural, targeted treatments for a range of physical and mental complaints. With extensive experience in bodywork, naturopathy, holistic medicine, facial massage and more, Jo designs effective, wholly personalised holistic treatment s to relieve physical symptoms of injury and promote improved emotional and mental wellbeing.


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    ‘Gluten Free’ Label Isn’t Always

    A Physician - a pioneer in discovering and diagnosing the problems with gluten says many products touted as gluten-free today, are not. Dr Kenneth Davin Fine, a gastroenterologist and creator of Oro-intestinal Fitness Products and the Gluten/Food Sensitivity Diagnostic Laboratory brought gluten sensitivity to the public consciousness more than 20 years ago.


    Further information:


    HypnoFertility International Certifies 13 Master Therapists

    HypnoFertility® offers an effective way to support other fertility treatments as well as a holistic option for women who prefer to conceive naturally. The 13 new therapists from the US, Canada, Japan, Israel and Australia join more than 100 other therapists certified by HypnoFertility International who provide services in person, via Skype and by phone.


    Further information:


    Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally

    Chris Beat Cancer by 14 year cancer survivor, Chris Wark, describes his incredible healing journey through stage III colon cancer, exposes the corruption and ineffectiveness of the medical and cancer industries and shares the evidence-based nutrition and natural strategies that he and many others have used to heal cancer.


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    Think Yourself Thin in 2 Weeks

    Following the success of The Placebo Diet in 2016, leading nutritional expert Janet Thompson returns with a new 2 week programme that guarantees quick weight loss and a permanent change to the way you think about food. Implementing the Colour Fast Reset plan is an intensive 2 week intensive course incorporating Janet’s trademark colour code nutrition system (CCS), with specially adapted easy to follow recipes and planned intermittent fasting. It promises to cleanse the liver, boost metabolism and balance blood sugar, all essential for weight loss.


    Further information:


    LQ Liquid Health

    LQ Liquid Health Digestive Care is the new drinkable, super strength supplement containing 11 active ingredients to help with daily digestive health. LQ Digestive Care is so effective, human trials have shown impressive results with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), leaky gut and other gastro/digestive conditions, with some volunteers even able to come off their long term medications. There are also versions for hair and nails, advanced skin care, joint care and heart care. Distributed in individual bottles that are easy and quick to ‘shot’.


    Further information: LQ Liquid Health Digestive Care is available at Boots stores and 


    Coffee Could Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk 

    Caffeine in coffee could have a beneficial effect on how the body produces insulin. This could be good for type 2 diabetes sufferers and pre-diabetics.  Dr Sarah Brewer, working in association with CuraLin Diabetes supplements explains that diabetes is a condition in which blood glucose (sugar) levels rise too high. If you are not a coffee fan, CuraLin supplements can be an alternative.


    Further information:


    Kneipp Natural Products

    Kneipp  - - offers an extensive range of natural body; bath and skin products to invigorate and brighten your skin, and also lift your mood. The products include Mineral Bath Salt Crystals, Skin Firming, Body Washes, Sparkling Bath Tablets, Herbal Baths, Massage Oil and Face Masks. All products are sourced from a variety of plant-based ingredients and are specifically formulated to soothe and comfort, refresh and energize or are for muscle care and recovery or skin care. Best sellers include their Bath Salts, Arnica Collection and Deep Sleep range.


    Further information: The full Kneipp range is available at Holland & Barrett, Lloyds Pharmacy, Independent Pharmacies and Amazon.


    Purepotions Beauty, Grooming, Babycare & Health Products

    Purepotions Skin Salvation range centres around natural oils that are rich in essential fatty acids vital for skin health. Topically-applied oils get straight to where they are needed, proving even more effective than dietary supplements in keeping the skin carrier function strong and healthy and resisting the dehydration caused by wind-chill, central heating and cold temperatures.


    Further information:


    Forgiveness Made Easy

    Forgiveness Made Easy: The Revolutionary Guide To Moving Beyond Your Past and Truly Letting Go by Barbara Hunt is a product of thousands of hours of research and practice. The book equips readers with a transformative relationship skill they have likely overlooked how to forgive. Highly practical and non-religious, Barbara Hunt’s wealth of experience in authentic forgiveness now helps people deal with the everyday grudges and grievances that lead to stress in almost all relationships, as well as resolve past difficulties, so they can truly move on and find happiness.


    Further information Tel: 01749 813 919


    A Healthy Gut - Curb Obesity

    A new study has revealed that the anti-inflammatory proteins in the gut, could help to protect against obesity and insulin resistance, suggesting a potential therapeutic target for treating obesity and diabetes. CuraLin is a nutritional supplement made from a mixture of 11 natural ingredients, which are derived from Ayurvedic medicine, that work with the body to help balance the blood sugar levels of those suffering  from type 2 diabetes.


    Further information: CuraLin is available in Boots and


    Flipping The Script

    Flipping The Script is a new award winning documentary film by Jeff Witzeman about cancer treatment in children in the United States. The film places the spotlight on children in America affected by cancer and what parents must face when they try to take control of their child’s treatment plan.


    Further information:   Trailer:


    THERA®PEARL Eye Mask

    THERA®PEARL, leaders in pain relief without medication has launched the THERA®PEARL Eye Mask – an eye mask essential for tired, dry eyes. The eye mask is reusable, therapeutic hot and cold pack, which offers a simple, yet effective treatment for a range of issues, including dry eye, aches, pains and swelling. To use it, simply chill in the freezer or heat up in the microwave. The cold therapy is perfect for puffy eyes, dark circles, tired eyes and headaches. Heat therapy treats dry eyes, nasal congestion and styles.


    Further information:

    Available from High Street Retailers,  and


    Stand Up For Your Health and Yourself

    Varidesk offers different model offers that suit everyone’s working style, habits and shape. Standing desks help burn up to 50 calories per hour, when used for 4 hours per working day, that is 1,000 calories per week. Using a standing desk can help you benefit from lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, whilst helping reduce and prevent pains from sitting all day.


    Further information:


    College of Naturopathic Medicine CNM

    Nutrition for  Everyday Living is a short course completed over 4 Fridays in Bristol on 1, 8 and 15 February 2019 and 1 March. Good nutrition is the foundation of good health. With the Nutrition for Everyday Living course, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to make educated choices about the food you eat. You will learn about the powerful health benefits of food and be able to take better control of your own wellbeing.


    Further information Tel: 01342 306 264,


    Ginger to Combat Bad Breath

    New research has found that ginger stimulates an enzyme contained in saliva which can break down foul-smelling substances. This superfood has a number of health benefits from promoting fresh breath and better aftertaste qualities. It is also good for anti-nausea support, pain relief, weight-loss, balancing blood sugar and lowering cholesterol. Sense for Joint & Bone superfood supplement powder could be your new best friend.


    Further information:


    Honorary Doctorate Prof Are Holen, Norwegian Meditation Pioneer

    Are Holen MD, PhD, Professor Emeritus at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology is to receive an honorary doctorate from The Open University in recognition of his work in Acem meditation. Professor Holen is one of the world’s foremost experts on post-traumatic stress, who has brought the benefits of meditation around the world, helping people to live calmer and healthier lives.


    Further information Tel: 07814 550 382;


    7 Telltale Signs Lacking in Vitamin D

    Vitamin D is often one of the most underrated vitamins. The most common signs that you could be lacking in vitamin D are feeling tired and fatigued, having frequent illnesses and infections, bone and muscle aches, bone fractures, hair loss, slow wound healing, and depression. Sense for Busy Lives Superfood Powder contains an array of vitamins and superfoods which you simply mix with water.


    Further information:


    Yaoh - Original Vegan Hemp Company

    Yaoh has an new extensive range of body care including Natural SPF-25 Sunblock containing non-nano zinc oxide, Body Butter with flavours original, Coconut and Lime and Tropical Fruits, Lip Balms with flavours, Bubble-gum, Caribbean Breeze, Natural and Watermelon, Moisturisers, Original, Coco bean, Deep Forest, Summer Breeze and Tropical Fruits, Healing Salve, Shampoo, Coconut and Lime and Tropical Fruits, Shower gel, Coconut and Lime and Summer Breeze and Conditioner, Summer Breeze.


    Further information Tel: 07970 732 668;


    Michelle’s Health Treatment Worth Its Salt

    One of only a handful of salt cave  therapy rooms in the UK, Sereniti Salt Retreat in Friars Street within Newcastle’s China Town is leading the way in the region’s treatment of skin and respiratory conditions by the use of salt in a medically controlled atmosphere. Salt therapy, or Halotherapy, works by the client breathing normally in a salt air environment during a 45 minute treatment session.


    Further information Tel: 07724 730 382;   



    School of Bodywork Hints

    The School of Bodywork, gives hints for having a good treatment room that people will want to return to. The first crucial element is compassionate listening. Ensure your treatment room is warm, clean, professional and welcoming. Try lying on your couch to check for comfort. Is the face cradle comfortable? Is your under blanket heated? Ensure that your website and advertising is reasonable and not over exaggerated so that your clients are not disappointed with their treatment.


    Further information Tel: 07711 656 011;


    Neem - Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity

    Klaus Ferlow’s  book Neem - Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity, has been reviewed by the founder  of , Ms Dhanishta Shah, a professional review and content site that contains affiliate links if products are relevant to the story. This is a free book review of his book. In India, 10% of the population speaks English, 40% Hindi and there are also many other languages.


    Further information:


    New Study - Hope for People in Long-Term Pain

    New research by Pain Concern, offers the prospect of better care for people living with long-term pain. Persistent pain affects 1 in 5 (800,000) people, many of them severely. Pain killers which are commonly used to treat people with long-term pain can sometimes offer only limited relief. The study uses a specially-developed ‘Navigator Tool’ to encourage positive communication between people living with long-term pain and their GP or Specialist.


    Further information Tel: 0131-669 5951;



    HRT Truth

    With the release of Oestrogen Matters by Avrum Blurning and Carol Tavris, claiming that the previous reports on HRT aren’t accurate and that it IS safe, Menopause Expert Mayon Stewart is here to clear a few things up. Over the years, the pendulum has swung back and forth between HRT’s safety, but recently people had been shunning it due to the increased risk of breast cancer. Maryon Stewart runs a Menopause Masterclass that puts you in charge of your options helps you through your transition.


    Further information:


    Udo’s Choice Vegan-Friendly Cult Classics

    Udo’s Choice best sellers the Ultimate Oil Blend, Ultimate Oil Capsules and Beyond Greens Powder are 100% vegan. Unlike traditional capsules, which use bovine casing, Udo’s choice are totally vegan friendly and act as a perfect way to top up your healthy essential fatty acids Omega-3 and 6 at home or on the move and capsules can be taken up to 3 times a day with meals.


    Further information Tel: 08451 262 726; 020-7268 5315; Available from all major health food stores and Udo’s Choice Online


    Migraine Awareness Week

    Migraine Awareness Week in September, meant experts offered advice on how to ease this condition naturally. Recent research has shown that those with lower levels of magnesium can experience a greater frequency of migraines. Magnesium is present in dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish, beans, wholegrain, avocado and yoghurt or make sure you get your daily dose in Sense for Busy lives superfood supplement powder.


    Further information:


    Wholegrains Important Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

    It doesn’t matter if it’s rye, oats or wheat, as long as it’s wholegrain. It can prevent type 2 diabetes. This is the finding of a new study from researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden and the Danish Cancer Society Research Center. The comprehensive study is a strong confirmation  of previous research findings on the importance of whole grains for prevention of type 2 diabetes.


    Further  information: Higher Whole-Grain Intake Is Associated with Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes among Middle-Aged Men and Women: The Danish Diet, Cancer, and Health Cohort


    Matcha Green Tea Stops Cancer Stem Cells Propagation

    Scientific research has discovered that Match Green tea can halt the growth of breast cancer stem cells, shifting cancer cells towards a quiescent metabolic state and completely stopped their propagation at a relatively low concentration(0·2mg/ml). The scientific team at Salford University, led by Professor Michael Lisanti, has been working on the study for two years.


    Further information:


    Sense for Joint & Bone, Gut

    Sense for Joint & Bone is a unique concept in nutritional supplements. It combines and incorporates a targeted multivitamin with organic botanicals that are rich in high quality superfoods. This unique formula delivers even more nutritional benefits inside your body. Also available is Sense for Gut Health,


    Further information:



    Sleepace has launched some brand new products to help you achieve better sleep at IFA. Sleep Tracking Pad monitors your most comprehensive sleep data including heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep cycles and body movement. Wake Up Lights, a sunrise simulator and soothing music to wake you gently and a Graphene Heating Eye Mask to relax your eyes.


    Further  information

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