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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 242

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 242 - November 2017

Change the Relationship with Yourself and Change Your Life! 

We have all come to point in our lives when whatever we do, however we try to change it up, we repeatedly find ourselves at the self-same point, or situation in our lives, even if we change locations, partners, jobs and circumstances, take up spiritual practices, yet we still feel the same. It’s then we start asking the question - what more can I do that I already haven't done?

It seems that unless we have fundamentally changed the most intimate relationship we could possibly have, that unique and most the important one in our lives, the relationship with ourselves, nothing is going to effect a change.

Clare Harvey 242 composite Princess Gum, Wattle and Parakette

Princess Gum, Wattle and Parakette

It may be obvious but it’s probably one of the most challenging relationships to relate to. It takes honesty, self-responsibility and the awareness that we create our own reality by the thoughts and belief structures we have either consciously or unconscious taken on board as our own. It’s these very thoughts and mind structures that shape our lives for either positive or negative. So all this begs the question - what would happen and how would our lives be different if we could influence, and clear toxic thoughts about ourselves and who we are so we could live our lives in a completely different way.   

Taken in combination flower essences can be extremely supportive in this process, and practical in their solution. Here are some workable suggestions:

Relate-well Combination

Is for unhealthy relationship patterns, especially with ourselves and encourages heartfelt and direct communication and self-honesty.
Promotes: Direct communication, breaks unhealthy patterns, dissolving fears associated with speaking truth within relationships, and helps maintain integrity in all interactions;
Indicated for: Relationship issues, resolves emotional hurt and pain, negative patterns, lack of communication, or feeling isolated in a relationship as well as within oneself;
Contains: Pink Mulla Mulla, Boab, Flannel Flower, Kangaroo Paw, Mountain Devil, Flannel Flower, Green spider Orchid, Dagger Hakea. Rough Bluebell.

With the process of re-calibrating our relationship with ourselves it very useful to have a combination that helps to clear the negative mind speak that invariably come up when routing out feelings of inadequacy, self-dislike, criticism, avoidance, anger, frustration etc.   

Detox Combination

Bearing in mind that toxic thoughts can create a toxic body, this essences is not only has been useful in clearing the body but the body/ mind connection & emotions of toxicity & sluggishness

Promotes: Cleansing the system, clearing mental overload and emotional toxicity, lightens the load and helpful for feeling clear and generally cleansed on all levels;
Indicated for: Feeling heavy, toxic, and sluggish in the organs of elimination: lymph, liver, circulation that may contribute to headaches and weight issues. Beneficial for toxic emotions past and present, emotional baggage and weight issue with an emotional context;
Contains: Wild Potato Bush, Bottlebrush, Dagger Hakea, Bauhinia, Bush Iris, Peach Flowered Tea Tree, and Fringed Violet.

The first two combinations are best taken together at night before bed and Positivity taken first thing in the morning to set up your day

Positivity Combination

A blend created to enhance the process of positive & abundant thinking and afford a new fresh view after negative clouds, entrenched mindsets, and perceptions about who we truly are.

Promotes: Positive and abundant thoughts, thinking outside the box, enhancing the possibility to make a change and attract self-affirming situations and abundance into one’s life;
Indicated for: Falling into the same old patterns, a negative mind set and self-sabotage which keeps one stuck in repeated unhealthy situations with others and with one’s life in general;
Contains: Boab, Turkey Bush, Christmas bell, Bauhinia, Southern Cross, Wild Potato Bush, Little flannel flower, Banksia Robur.

A course of these three tailor-made combinations taken over a period of a few months can go a long way to help move ourselves forwards to affect the creative life affirming changes in life that we had originally envisioned. So that we are enabled to live the happy and positive life we all deserve.

Further Information

Please contact Clare Harvey on Tel:  019632 50750.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Accredited Massage Courses Ltd

All the cells of the body are bathed in interstitial fluid which is derived from the blood.  The one thing that never leaves the blood is the red blood cells themselves, which remain within the blood at all times.  This is why interstitial fluid itself is almost colourless.  In comparison to the arterial system, the venous system is a low-pressure system, but there is still sufficient pressure to make it difficult for all the interstitial fluid to drain back into the venous capillaries.  The Lymphatic System is a secondary drainage system which collects all the remaining fluid, which is then directed via a network of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes to the top of the thorax, where the lymph re-enters the cardiovascular system via the subclavian veins.

Justin Johnson

When the Lymphatic System is compromised in any way, so is the ability of the body to drain lymph.  This causes swelling or lymphoedema, most commonly in an arm following breast cancer surgery.  During surgery, lymph nodes are excised and tested for the presence of cancerous cells which can travel through the Lymphatic System, causing metastatic cancers in new locations in the body.  The second most common cause of lymphoedema is age, usually in conjunction with cardiovascular disease.  Permanently puffy ankles can be a sign of heart disease, but these symptoms of swelling can be treated separately from the cardiovascular problem.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is often wrongly grouped together with other massage techniques, probably because both MLD and massage involve hand movements across the skin.  The difference, however, is that massage tends to cause friction on the skin which the increases blood supply, which in turn increases the production of lymph.

MLD avoids the use of friction and instead uses a very gentle pumping technique which moves the skin itself in the direction of lymphatic flow and promotes the movement of lymph in that direction.

While MLD treatments are unlikely to cure the cause of lymphoedema, they can provide short to medium term relief from the discomfort of a swollen limb, which can feel both tight and heavy with the weight of the extra fluid.

A very positive side effect of MLD treatment is an increase in the number of leucocytes within the blood.  These disease-fighting white blood cells are matured within the lymphatic system and are eventually carried back into the blood with the lymph.  Lymphatic Drainage has been shown to significantly increase the number of leucocytes in the blood, thereby helping the body to fight infection and disease.

Further Information

Justin Johnson is an Osteopath and Director of Accredited Massage Courses Ltd, who runs courses twice a year in Manual Lymphatic Drainage at his north London clinic.


CPD at Complementary Health Professionals CHP

We have recently had our annual conference and awards ceremony; one of the discussions that our therapy members focussed on was that of Continuing Professional Development CPD courses - type and value. We are about to do a survey on the subject, which will shortly be available on our website. We are committed to providing inspiring and useful CPD for therapists whether they are our members or not, as are our accredited schools and colleges and we are all passionate about it being quality ongoing training that is of real value to your practice rather than just being an annual tick box exercise.

CPD Conference

Carole Preen at CHP Conference 2017

Continuing Professional Development or CPD for short is mandatory in many health professions for a reason - it is invaluable. It helps us grow as individuals and therapists, increases our knowledge about the therapies we practise and prevents us from becoming staid and ordinary. As therapists we need to be extraordinary in order to remain passionate and pass that enthusiasm onto our clients. Our own clients always know when we have done some additional training in massage and usually say - "Oh that's new!" Knowing you are continually improving your skills gives them confidence in you and helps your practice grow from strength to strength.

So what type of CPD would you like? We would love to hear from you no matter what modality you practice. Would you prefer practical face to face training or are you interested in quality online learning? For example, we have an online Stress Management Certificate that is proving very popular. Claire said of module 1 "I have enjoyed this module and it has been a great help to me with regards to my stress levels and how best to deal with them". Module 2 is all about the client. Kim said of module 1 "I have really enjoyed this course and engaging in this process and look forward to starting Module 2". Tracy said of the course "I am really delighted to have completed and passed this course.  The material was excellent and it has made me view stress issues from a much more holistic view. I already understood the emotional factors but had never fully appreciated the physiological factors".

We have a free Guide to Holistic Living that you can request via our website that showcases our style and the quality of our online courses. You can refer your clients to it too as they may find many of the sections useful in their lives. It covers general relaxation advice and exercises and basic nutrition guidance.

Further Information

Please do get in touch via We look forward to hearing from you.


Natural Colon Cleansing  - Robert Gray from Bestcare

In modern society we are pressed for time, convenience has become essential in our everyday living habits. Needless to say though, your wellbeing cannot be considered a ‘convenience’ whilst ignoring bad eating habits, quick culinary concoction is to satisfy a hungry family in as little time as possible. Food that is pre-prepared is often over processed and manufactured in a way that increases shelf life and laced with varied cocktails including preservatives so that the ultimate balance between taste and efficiency are achieved. Robert Gray, a rewound nutritional counsellor and author, stated that every man, woman and child living in modern society today is constipated whether they know it or not. To understand such a statement the word constipated fully understood is derived from the Latin root “constipare” which means to press together.


We are all at some point going to experience digestive discomfort, poor nourishment and general feelings of lethargic inactivity as a result of a poor diet/ digestion. Some of us will suddenly kick into motion and believe it time to do something about our diets, but the process is slow if not futile at best because by this time the digestive system is so clogged up, over-acidic and completely incapable of absorbing any good nutrition due to mild or even heavy compaction.

The only sensible action would be to eliminate the colonic compaction but in order to do this one often needs severe if not unpleasant cleansing that is difficult to confront. So many programmes available for effective ‘colon sweeping’ require a lot of maintenance resulting in severe detox symptoms and due to the fast paced lifestyles we lead there simply isn’t time to take down-time…

The Digestive system should be seen as a long flexible tube which starts from the mouth and ends at the rectum. The major organs included in this process of ‘digestion’ are the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon (large intestine) and rectum. Every ounce of our well being physically depends on the effective working order of this very sophisticated system.

Most of the foods that we eat create mucoid material which passes from the body in the normal elimination process, but some of this remains in the colon clinging to the walls creating plaque which becomes the ideal breeding ground for parasitic infestations as well as toxins leading to a very common problem called “toxic colon”.

Our Bestcare Holistic Horizons™ brand of colon cleansing products are the only colon hygiene products formulated and approved by noted nutritional counselor and author, Robert Gray. In his ground-breaking book, The Colon Health Handbook, his extensive experience, knowledge and expertise were brought to bear on the problem of formulating the very best natural colon cleansing program.  Our products are the formulae he developed to implement "The Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Program".  Not only does our program cleanse the colon mildly and gently, but it also promotes the growth of healthy colonies of beneficial and friendly lactobacteria. 

All of our products are made from the very highest quality ingredients.  They have been proven effective over more than two decades of use by thousands of users world-wide.  Each batch of product produced is tested for purity and quality. 

Further Information

For More information please contact us via our website:


Results RNA Safely and Easily Removes Heavy Metals

Heavy Metals have long been recognized to cause serious long term harm to humans health. Effects include damage to the immune system, central nervous system and heart. Inorganic mercury can also damage the kidneys. The developing brains of foetuses and young children are especially vulnerable. Children exposed to methylmercury while they are in the womb can have impacts to their:

  • Cognitive thinking;
  • Memory;
  • Attention;
  • Language;
  • Fine motor skills;
  • Visual spatial skills.

We are exposed to mercury is mainly through pollution in the air (coal burning is responsible for a great deal of this), eating fish and the release of inorganic mercury from amalgam fillings. Removing heavy metals has always been a challenge often requiring expensive treatments like intravenous DMPS or EDTA. These also remove valuable nutrients from the body and have to be replaced or other problems can arise. Others use nutritionals like chlorella and coriander, these can redeposit the metals in other places in the body, like the brain or other essential organs. There is also very little data on actually how effective these are in helping the body to remove the metals. Fortunately, there is solution to this called - ACZ Nano, a natural zeolite in liquid form, independently proven results.

ACZ Nano + Excretion Test Results.

ACZ Nano Extra Strength has been developed especially for heavy metal detoxification. ACZ Nano is one of the best and safest chelators available. This natural zeolite (a type of volcanic ash) has a cage like structure that irreversably binds heavy metals and removes them via the urinary system. Other chelators can actually mobilize the metals and then redeposit them to other parts of the body, ACZ will not do this. It also has the highest affinity for the heaviest elements, so will preferentially bind Mercury before say Aluminium and because it has been pre-treated with Ca, K and Mg, it will replace the toxic metal with one that the body actually requires. It is independently proven to be able to increase urinary output of Mercury by over a 1000 times.

  • It is also been shown to remove volatile organic compounds like PCP’s and DDT as well as fluorine and chlorine.
  • For the safest, most effective, proven detoxification - choose Results RNA.

Further Information

Products are available from for customer, practitioner and wholesale accounts or more information please contact


Hawkwood College – A Place to Transform Yourself

Hawkwood is a place where people come to transform themselves, in order to transform the world. Nestled in the hills above Stroud, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, we run courses all year round exploring the interplay between well-being, arts, nature and spirituality, hosted by world-renowned facilitators and experts in their fields. Our vision is to create the world we want now and our future.

We are a place that convenes people and organisations from all walks of life, bringing together change-makers, artists, healers, entrepreneurs and seekers. We offer courses that nurture and develop creativity, and that prepare people to respond positively to our current and future needs - both from an environmental and societal perspective.

Founded on Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophical values, our course programme has broadened and diversified over the years to realign the original design of Steiner with the challenges of our ever-evolving world.

Hawkwood College

There is no shortage of reasons to come to Hawkwood. You can join us for a transformational experience, such as the upcoming Being Centred - Tai Chi and Conscious Movement with Paul King, where you will find the tools within yourself to build resilience against the uncertainties of life. Or alternatively, you may wish to delve into the deeper levels of trauma and explore how to courageously transform these into new faculties of perception, with our Transforming Trauma course. If you are looking to build skills, we offer courses teaching you how to create your own Raw Food Treats, or even your own Natural Skincare Beauty products, to name but two.

Hawkwood is a Grade II listed 19th Century country house surrounded by forty-two acres that curve down towards the Severn Vale. Acres of sustainably managed woodlands, grassland, and a Victorian half-walled garden that grows vegetables, herbs and flowers, complete the mosaic.  Tucked away in the grounds is the Woodland Sanctuary, a place for quiet and stillness. The picture could not be complete without mentioning our ancient and magnificent sycamore that emerges beside our ever-flowing natural spring.

Being based in such an incredible location brings forth the responsibility to care and sustain it. We seek to live truly to our green principles by sourcing local produce and consuming our own produce whenever possible. Our electricity is supplied by Good Energy, which provides 100% renewable energy sourced from British sunshine, wind and rain.  And our award winning pond and wetlands system processes our household output.

“Hawkwood is a wonderful environment and encouraging atmosphere conducive to exploring and learning,” said Mary B., a recent participant.

We are the choice venue for courses, meetings and corporate events that seek to create a more beautiful world.  We offer a versatile place for residential courses, conferences, away days, seminars and events.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hawkwood.

Further Information

For more information, please contact Hawkwood College on Tel: Tel: 01453 759034; or visit


BCNH College of Nutrition and Health - Comprehensive Clinical Training

BCNH Clinical Training is intense, thorough and based on Functional Medicine, with a strong emphasis on a holistic, albeit evidence-based approach. Our Year 4 dedicated clinical practice year will ensure you have all the skills required to embark on a successful career in nutritional therapy immediately, following your graduation.


BCNH Approach to Clinical Training

Widespread dissemination of nutrition information on various websites, blogs and other media has resulted in an increasingly knowledgeable and demanding client-base.

Our NT courses will provide you with the ability to sift through the conflicting evidence and the confidence to translate complex technical understanding into practical, achievable, client-focused recommendations. You will be able to embark on your career with the confidence that comes from in-depth technical knowledge as well as thorough clinical training.

About Year 4 Clinical Practice

Apart from clinical skills, you will be taught how to prepare a business plan, basic book-keeping and marketing skills. You will be also taught how to communicate with the medical profession in order to establish a mutually rewarding relationship.

To complete Year 4 clinical training and to ensure that clients receive appropriate and safe advice, all your written work is checked by Clinical Tutors and all live consultations must be under the careful supervision of a Clinical Supervisor.

We also offer our students online participation in clinical practice – you will be able to observe Year 4 students’ live consultations from the comfort of your home (anywhere in the world) and learn clinical skills from your peers.

To complete Year 4 clinical training you will need to pass the following:

1.         7 comprehensive, real-life case studies in a clinical setting. Each client is seen at least 3 times. All consultations are assessed by Clinical Tutors & Supervisors;

2.         3 referral letters to a GP or other medical professionals. Each letter must be approved and signed off by the college first;

3.         A business plan. Your plan will be checked by the expert lecturer delivering the business plan module, who will also provide you with feedback for further consideration.

By the time we’ve ‘finished with you’ J you will be oozing with confidence and ready to practice and earn back your hard-earned money.

Distance Learning (DL) Student Consultations in Year 4

All students, including distance learners, must attend 2 compulsory weekends of clinical training in London in Year 4. All client consultations, however, can be conducted via Skype, providing that the Student Practitioner and the client are in the same room and the environment resembles a clinical setting as much as possible.

A Clinical Supervisor will observe the consultation live and guide you as necessary.

Further Information

To find out more about our courses or to arrange an interview, visit our website at


SensiStop! All Natural Medicines - Natural Periodontitis Treatment

Millions of people are affected by periodontitis. The current treatments are symptomatic – they do not cure. It has severe financial and health related consequences for people with periodontitis. Teeth, that after some time start to loosen and eventually fall out on their own or be extracted. Bad breath, pain when chewing, a smile where teeth are missing, ‘long teeth’ with exposed roots and often makes it difficult for them to maintain a representative, extrovert job. Patients with severe periodontitis have a more than 650% larger risk of developing cardiovascular disease than others. Progressed periodontitis can cause and worsen diabetes, arthritis and psoriasis and increase risk of blood clots and pancreatic/kidney/blood cancer.


Approximately every other Person Over 45 Years of Age has Periodontitis.

Dentists and oral hygienists can, by applying different prophylactic measures decelerate the development of symptoms; if the patient is very compliant and extremely thorough with their oral hygiene, it is possible to keep the disease in check for years. But the Danish Dentist, Helle Steenberg Skov, found an alternative and cheap supplement for her patients.

"I received an elderly patient in my clinic, who had the characteristic long tooth necks, as seen when people have had periodontitis for many years. To my surprise, the patient didn’t have the heavily immersed tooth pockets that you normally see when the disorder is that advanced. "

It turned out that the patient had been in treatment with a homeopathic remedy, SensiStop, for his allergy.

"It raised my curiosity for whether the remedy could also have stopped the inflammation of the gums. It would explain why the gums were healthy and tight," says Helle Steenberg Skov.

That was the initial step towards a pilot project conducted on 14 of her periodontitis patients.

SensiStop! was developed in 1981,  Originally to Treat Periodontal Disease

"The only change in the participants' everyday lives was that they took a few drops of SensiStop 3 times a day. I find the results quite interesting," says Helle Steenberg Skov.

During the project period, the appearance of the gums changed:

"The gums developed - from being red, swollen and inflammatory to being pink, tight and healthy," she says. Helle Steenberg Skov explains that the pilot project showed that pus-flow – i.e. inflammation - from tooth pockets stopped and that the number of pockets was reduced by more than 40%. In the remaining pockets, the depth was reduced too.

"Despite the relatively small number of participants, there are very good indications that it can be a cheap and effective supplement for periodontitis patients. Furthermore, it’s without any side effects", explains the dentist."

How SensiStop! Works

SensiStop! is a simple, safe treatment. You simply drop the liquid in your mouth. It should not be diluted! Treatment should be continued until you are asymptomatic. Using SensiStop! gradually introduces the potent combination of safe and natural homeopathic remedies to the body through the mucous membranes in the mouth.

Further Information

Please contact Lars Rudbeck on Tel: +45 25 11 90 90;


Extinction Event Horizon – Contributing Factors Mercury and Antibiotic Resistance

On the timeline horizon is an extinction event: the extinction of humans. The world we have created is inimical to human life. How can this be true? The cutting edge of science is totally clear that the human gut flora is key to maintaining good health. The evidence is in. The microbiome is all-important. The problem is that our gut flora has been under assault for several  generations: the problem hit 2nd gear around 1940 when antibiotics became part of medicine and began to be prescribed to humans. Whilst this saved lives and relieved pain and misery, the use of antibiotics also began to change our gut flora - antibiotics are broad spectrum, meaning that they kill a range of organisms; they kill not only the organism causing an ailment they also kill microbes in our gut. The result of this is that humans’ microbiome became less populated with its proper population and as a consequence other organisms found a space in the ecological partial vacuum. Initially this was no big deal, a small change in the ecology had modest unnoticeable consequences. However mothers provide the seed for the gut flora of their offspring and so succeeding generations began life with a gut microbial ecology increasingly further from the norm and consequentially increasingly less healthy.

Stephen Macallan

By Microrao (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 ( )], via Wikimedia Commons

1st gear was the introduction of mercury-amalgam fillings in the 1870s. Mercury continually vaporizes from the amalgams, this vaporization increases with drinking and chewing, especially hot things and inevitably some mercury trickles into the digestive tract where the mercury combines with hydrochloric acid in the stomach forming mercuric chloride which is an antibiotic causing depletion and mutation of gut microbes. Disturbed gut bacteria, aka dysbiosis, leads to allergies, brain dysfunction, dysfunctional behaviour, disease and illness, poor food choices and obesity, and reduced life expectancy.

Eighty years ago food allergies barely existed - today people die from food allergies; foods must be labelled for their allergenic content and people are asked about allergies routinely.

The state of one’s health is dictated by; Intake -what goes into the body, Output - what is or isn’t eliminated from the body, Movement - of and within the body, Mind – thinking and emotions cause the production of neuropeptides from the brain. Neuropeptides roam around the bloodstream, locking onto the cells of our body and influencing cellular functioning. In brief, happiness  makes us well and misery makes us sick. Genes - genetic tendencies do influence our health, but genetic influence is much, much smaller than was envisaged when the Genome Project began and Epigenetics shows us that the biggest influence on our genes is energy / frequency. Energy/frequency translates to our thoughts and the electro-polluted sea that we live in.

3rd gear is the contamination of our food supply – modern food production techniques have led to nutrient deficient food laden with toxic pesticides, pharmaceutical residues in our meat and fish. Our water is contaminated with heavy metals, pharmaceutical residues and toxic chemicals. Our personal care products are contaminated with heavy metals, carcinogenic compounds and toxic chemicals. Our homes are filled with toxic chemicals - chemical air fresheners, organophosphate based building materials, toxic chemicals in domestic cleaning and household care products.

4th gear is the introduction of genetically modified organisms into our closed environment spaceship (planet Earth). The cutting edge of research shows us that GMOs lead to organ damage, dysbiosis, environment damage and compromised planetary ecology. The solution lies in your hands – control your Intake, Output, Movement and Thinking.

Eat only non-GMO and organic. Clean up your water supply. Reduce your exposure to electro-magnetic pollution (Wi-Fi, mobile phones, wireless products – smart meters, keyboards, mice, printers, cars {it’s a Faraday cage after all}). Clean up your household care products – use environmentally friendly products. Clean up your personal care products – your skin is not waterproof, what goes on, goes in. A good guideline is that what goes on your skin should only comprise things you would be willing to swallow. But do your research.

If all this seems expensive and realistically it is a little, but it’s not as expensive as you might initially think and then compare with the cost of being sick! Furthermore, the market is, in fact, consumer driven – the more the consumer demands a range of products, the more it will be supplied and the more the price will come down.

Further Information

Stephen MacAllan may be contacted on Tel: 01270 650336; Fax: 07985 585718;


Botanica 2018  - University of Sussex - 31 Aug - 3 Sept 2018

Having established an international reputation for excellence in education and building on the success of previous events, botanica2018 is returning to the University of Sussex, Brighton 31st August - 3rd September 2018. This unique event brings together practitioners of aromatherapy and herbal medicine for 3 days of conference, trade show and 1 day of post-conference workshops.


One hallmark of botanica2018 is its truly international nature; in 2016 the event welcomed participants from over 40 countries and the next event will be larger and even more globally represented. With its themes of Education, Innovation and Inspiration, botanica2018 will be welcoming 20 experts from more than 12 countries to share their knowledge, experience and skills.

Rhiannon Lewis, organizer and host of botanica2018 says “my dream for botanica2018 is to continue providing a rich and rewarding platform of education and exchange for plant-passionate professionals. Participants at botanica2018 have the opportunity to learn from experts in the field of phyto-aromatherapy, connect with peers, forge new business relationships and source quality products.”

Key Points of the Event Include

  • 3 days of conference;
  • An international Trade Show;
  • One full day of post-conference workshops;
  • An enjoyable social program;
  • A 3-day post-event special “Gardens tour” package with tour guide, coach and hotel included;
  • A comprehensive delegate pack, conference proceedings and certificate of attendance for CPD.

Botanica2018 also welcomes Exhibitors and Sponsors

  • Exhibitors at the International Trade Show benefit from direct exposure to plant professionals. Booth locations are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis;
  • Sponsors benefit from excellent visibility in exchange for their support of the event.

Further Information

The Early Bird registration period runs from October 2017 through March 2018. Full details and registrations are available at


Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome: Simple & Effective Techniques for Buttock, Leg and Back Pain

by Katharina Brinkmann & Nicolai Napolski

Published by Lotus Publishing. 2017. Paperback. £8.99. ISBN: 978 1 905367 84 9.

This book reveals the real cause of sciatica and how you can treat it simply and effectively at home.  Do you suffer from back pain that radiates out into your legs?  You are not alone. Roughly one in three people suffers from the same.  Traditionally, doctors automatically suspect a slipped disc but intervertebral discs aren't always to blame.  In many cases, there is an infection in the piriformis muscles that presses on the sciatic nerve that is causing the pain.  If piriformis syndrome is recognised early, it can be much more precisely and effectively treated than, for instance, a slipped disc. Even simple stretching exercises have proven astonishingly effective.

Cover Sciatica Pain and Piriformis Syndrome

Sports editor Nicolai Napolski, who knows first-hand how painful piriformis syndrome can be, has come together with sports therapist and personal trainer Katharina Brinkmann to write the first guidebook covering this condition in a clear and concise manner.  Not only have the authors collected the most important information regarding the background and development of piriformis syndrome, but they have also created their very own training concept that introduces simple and effective techniques which can be used to stretch the shortened muscles, strengthen the pelvic girdle and correct posture problems. In the expert interview with Dr Torsten Pfitzer, a therapist for osteopathy and spine specialist, you can also find out how you can prevent the illness so that pain doesn’t occur in the first place.

Learn how you can treat piriformis syndrome yourself so that you can quickly put your pain behind you.

Further Information

Available from Lotus Publishing

Pre-Order from Amazon


Master Your Diabetes - A Comprehensive, Integrative Approach for Both Type I and Type 2 Diabetes

by Dr Mona Morstein ND DHANP

Published by Chelsea Green Publishing. 2017. Paperback. £22.50. $21.99. ISBN 1603587373.

We are in the midst of a worldwide diabetes epidemic, affecting an estimated 422 million people. In Mastering Diabetes, naturopathic physician and diabetes expert Dr Mona Morstein shows how people with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can gain and maintain control of their blood sugar levels, preventing and even reversing existing diabetic complications. This is the first comprehensive guide for patients, caregivers and medical practitioners to demonstrate an integrative approach based on The Eight Essentials® of treatment and prevention: a low-carb, whole foods diet; exercise; good sleep; stress management; healing the intestinal microbiome; environmental detoxification; supplementation; and medications.

Cover Master Your Diabetes

An indispensable resource, Mastering Diabetes will empower readers to take control of their condition and continue living full, active, enjoyable and healthy long lives. Master Your Diabetes is written by a clinical physician who has been working with diabetes patients for twenty-nine years. Dr Mona Morstein has developed a truly comprehensive approach to diabetes management that covers everything from treatment and prevention to managing existing complications, including a selection of case studies that demonstrate how this evidence-based, integrative approach really works. Here’s what you’ll find inside this book that makes it stand out above the rest:

  • How to successfully treat both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes;
  • A discussion of leading-edge, low-carb diets and how to implement them;
  • Etiological factors associated with becoming overweight, diabetic, and autoimmune and how to diagnose and work to reverse their effects on the body;
  • In-depth analysis of the intestinal tract and how its health is vital for overall good health and controlling insulin resistance, glucose numbers, appetite, nutrient absorption, and reducing the risk for autoimmunity;
  • How supplements are beneficial, which ones are the best, and recommended dosages;
  • A combination of conventional treatment strategies – including lists of diabetic drugs, pumps, glucose monitoring systems, and accessories, and their costs – with a comprehensive integrative approach that addresses diet and lifestyle factors;
  • Hope and encouragement – one’s diabetes diagnosis is not a sentence of slow deterioration and early death, but a force of motivation to make healthy changes that return one to vibrant health.

Further Information

Available from Chelsea Green Publishing

Also available from Amazon


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    Clinical Aromatherapy Seminar

    The Essence of Clinical Aromatherapy 25 Nov 2017 is an international seminar  for hospital and hospice care which will be held at the Royal Marsden Hospital Education and Conference Centre, London. Learn about aromatic infection control in the hospital environment, find out what it takes to set up a clinical trial in aromatherapy, extend your knowledge and skills in working malodour, chemotherapy-indulged nail damage and oral muscositis and also gain points for CPD.


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    Go2Sleep is the world’s first sleep apnoea detection ring. It monitors heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, perfusion index, toss and turn during sleep and provides a statistic report for people suffering from sleep hypopnoea and apnoeas as well as letting people know about the status of their sleep and the severity of sleep apnoea. The ring is smaller than a normal HST device and with its special material it won’t interfere with sleep.


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    Mental awareness day was 10 October. One in ten children between 5 and 17 years old has a clinically diagnosable mental disorder. Some experts believe these cases stem from environmental factors or trauma in their lives. Unity MHS have developed a program whereby teachers can be trained to recognize signs of early mental stress. They can then help build resilience in children through fun classroom activities, and help from family.


    Further information:


    In My Right Mind

    In My Right Mind by Tony Weekes who has built and co-ordinated the Unity Team and Unity is his vision of how the stigma of the UK’s mental health problems can be dismantled; how effective ongoing treatment can be made accessible and how socio-economic empowerment for sufferers can be provided as the result. Tony has built this caring community from the perspective of his own first-hand experience of trying to ease the suffering of loved ones.


    Further information:


    Restricting Vaccine Exemption Rights

    Ever since the 2014 Disneyland measles outbreak, bills to restrict parents’ rights to exempt their children from vaccines, or even to delay or space out their vaccines, have been introduced all over the country. NHFA uses software to track all these bills and has sent out numerous Action Alerts and participated in actions to stop them. NHFA and other active health freedom groups have been successful in most states.


    Further information:


    Campaign to Restore Child Health

    Robert F Kennedy Jr and World Mercury Project (WMP) have launched the Campaign to Restore Child Health recognising Children’s Health Month, October. They are launching a set of videos highlighting the chronic health issues plaguing our children. WMP is asking parents and Doctors to join the movement to restore children’s health.


    Further information:


    The Big Prescription

    The Big Prescription  A Doctor’s Ground-Breaking Book Exposes Medication-Free Blueprint to Complete Health & Well-being by Dr Shan Hussain is written from his research, experience and wisdom. The book unleashes  a natural, sustainable way to restore holistic health and well-being, without a pill in sight.


    Further information Tel: 07958 550515,


    The Fertility Show

    The Fertility Show takes place on 4-5 November 2017 at the Olympia, London. It now the UK’s largest and most established fertility event. The Show is entering its ninth year of helping all those looking to start or extend their family. There will be more than 100 exhibitors including organisations and advice groups, seminars and councillors.


    Further information Tel: 0344 7766777;


    A Course in Mastering Alchemy

    A Course in Mastering Alchemy is a course in miracles for the 21st century, reaching far beyond that earlier programme by incorporating the significant leap in human consciousness that has been occurring since the 1980s. For the past 30 years Jim Self and Roxanne Burnett have been leading seminars and teaching healing, clairvoyance and personal energy management courses. For the first time their normally three year course has been condensed into book form.


    Further information Tel: +1 208-297-5785;


    Cannabis-Based Supplements

    Herbalica range of non-psychoactive cannabis products have recently been introduced to the UK market. They contain cannabis-based products blended with synthetic plant extracts. The supplements are formulated for specific indications: For Him – to promote hormone balance for improved male performance, to protect against prostate inflammation, to build sperm quality and quantity, For Her - balances oestrogen and progesterone to ease period and ovulation pain and supplements to calm, assist behavioural conditions and help with insomnia.


    Further information:


    Private Midwife Usage

    A Cheshire-bases service matching expectant families to specialist Midwives has been launched to the public, following an increase in demand for private midwifery services. Private Midwives is a Cheshire-based CQC registered and regulated service, located in The Heath Business and Technical Park, which connects women with their own personal midwife according to their health needs, choices, preferences and birthing philosophy, allowing antenatal, birth and postnatal care to be tailored specifically to them.


    Further information:


    Ayurvegan Christmas Cooking

    Keith Squires, author of Cooking with Love and chef at the Dru Yoga Centre in the Snowdonia mountains, has developed some wonderful vegan and Christmas recipes and advice for a positive and bloat-free Christmas. His recipes are full of colour and taste and incorporate his expertise with herbalism and Ayurvedic principles.


    Further information:


    Just One Drop

    Just One Drop is a film about homeopathy which is showing in Stroud on 15 November 2017 at the Vue Cinema. There are less than 100 seats, so booking is essential. It tells the story of homeopathy; the most controversial system of medicine. To many, homeopathy seems implausible. They fear it is purely a placebo effect or worse, a form of deception or quackery. Just One Drop may not end the controversy but it will help more people find a solution for many chronic conditions that conventional medicine has no answer for.


    Further information:


    Healthy Diet for a Healthy Winter

    To help prepare for the inevitable cold and flu season natural liquid iron supplement Spatone® has put together some top tips to maintain a healthy immune system.  Tips include starting the day with a healthy slow release breakfast, add sweet potatoes, tomatoes, red peppers and citrus fruits to your diet as they contain vitamin C. If you are not eating red meats, lentils and green vegetables as good sources of iron, take a supplement such as Spatone.


    Further information:   and available at Boots, Holland & Barratt and independent health food and pharmacy stores.


    ‘Gut to Know’ for Immune System

    Bad bacteria, fungi, yeasts and parasites can get into our body and many are encountered in ways we don’t realize. Most common ways are through tap water, parasites from the environment or our food, food poisoning, fish from polluted water and birth control pills. The best way to regain good gut flora balance and establish a healthy digestive system is to consume more good bacteria such as Health Plus Mega Multi Probiotic, which is a dairy-free supplement.


    Further information:   Amazon   and independent health stores.


    A Spanish Friar’s Kitchen Notebook

    New Art of Cookery: A Spanish Friar’s Kitchen Notebook is a 272 year old Spanish classic cookbook which Vicky Hayward spent a decade researching and translating into English. The book has so many ideas, tastes and dishes to enjoy. The original book by friar Juan Altamiras includes five things friary cooks knew that we can learn from them, three Spanish Gadgets every kitchen should use, six simple veggie recipes, ten bread wizardry ideas and a different take on olive oil.


    Further information:


    Catastrophic  Sleep-Loss Epidemic

    In a recent interview, Professor Matthew Walker warned that a “catastrophic sleep-loss epidemic” is causing a host of potentially fatal diseases. After just one night of only four or five hours sleep, your natural killer cells – the ones that attack the cancer cells – drop by 70%. So Dr Mark Winwood of AXA PPP healthcare has been working on a sleep solution that could help beat insomnia and put an end to those restless nights.


    Further information:


    Botanical Handbook

    The Health & Beauty Botanical Handbook by Pip Waller has more than 200 plant-based recipes, including winter remedies, for pure wellbeing and holistic health. It reflects a growing awareness of toxins, sensitivities and allergies. Pip Waller is a medial Herbalist and Plant Spirit Practitioner. She has taught at the Academy of Natural Health in London and was a Clinical Supervisor for the UK-based National Institute of Medical Herbalists Training Clinic.


    Further information:


    Snowdonia Charity Challenge

    Enter your team for the Snowdonia Challenge 2018 a very exciting team event set in the stunning Snowdonia National Park. Teams of four are challenged to cycle 40 miles, climb Snowdon and canoe a circuit of Lake Gwynant. All funds raised by the challenge will support the excellent work of Regain Sports Charity,


    Further information Tel: 01590 646410;   Action for Charity Snowdonia Charity Challenge


    Omega-3 Against Flu

    Wiley’s Wild Alaskan Fish Oil contains Omega-3 fatty acid the essential nutrient to help your immune system resist and fight infections such as colds and flu. They build healthy mucous membranes – the delicate skin that lines the airways and digestive systems which act as a first line barrier guarding against entry of germs into the body.


    Further information Tel:  0207 940 7173;


    Resilience Masterclass

    Liggy Webb’s Resilience Masterclasses takes place on 28 November 2017 and 25 January 2018 at Browns, Covent Garden, London. Liggy is the author of the highly acclaimed book Resilience – How to Cope When Everything Around You Keeps Changing. Learn how to develop personal resilience and agility, cope better with challenges and change, think positively and optimistically, manage responses, emotions and stress levels and create a positive and effective personal vision.


    Further information:


    Truth of Movement

    Inspired by the life, experiences and wisdom of Mike Bowden, Truth of Movement is a compelling, life-changing book which empowers readers to make little changes, for a radical new life. A holistic guide to improving every aspect of life, by embracing small, manageable changes.


    Further information Tel: 07810 522 173;


    The Gonzales Protocol

    Many alternative Practitioners prescribe one diet for everyone. The Gonzalez Protocol diverges from this trend, believing that there is no one ‘perfect’ diet for all humans and the prescribed diets, depending on the individual patient’s metabolism, can range from a largely vegetarian diet to a diet emphasizing fatty red meat. Dr Gonzalez latest book Nutrition and the Autonomic Nervous System explains the concept.


    Further information:  


    Food Processing & Technology

    ACS Distance Education has recently released a new course – Food Processing & Technology. The course covers overview - the scope and nature of the food processing industry, the role of nutrition in new product development, chemical processing, preservatives and additives, thermal food processing, pasteurization and microwave cooking, managing health claims, developing new food products (including marketing), packaging, labelling and storage, legal,  policy and management and problem-based learning project.


    Further information:


    The Journey Method

    The Journey method is a collection of tried and tested evidence based methods in one package that allows your client to uncover the event or situation when an emotion was previously unexpressed. During the appointment it is not necessary for the client to tell their story in any great details as it is the emotion connected to the story that is causing the issue. For adults or children, the Journey method can deal with fears, phobias, anxiety, depression, anxiety, negativity and resistance to change, lack of confidence, addictions and abuse.


    Further information Tel: 014442 213 152,


    New Lumie Bedbug

    Lumie Bedbug is a new unique sleep aid for babies and young children. It features a low-blue light to make it non-alerting at bedtime. It is a three-in-one product with a 15 minute sunset, reading light and orange night light. Sunset can fade to off or to night light.


    Further information Tel: 01954 780 500;


    Can’t Sleep? Try This ‘Love Drug’

    AXA PPP Healthcare has collaborated with ASMRtist WhispersRed in order to remaster its very own track, creating a new night sound which can induce relaxation, aiding in longer sleep duration and healthier sleep patterns. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos are one of the biggest YouTube trends, with ASMRtists getting millions of views per video. ASMR may promote feelings of relaxation, relief and in doing so, sleep.


    Further information:


    Five Minutes in the Morning

    A study carried out by Harvard Business School showed that students with written goals earned an average 10 times as much as those who didn’t write them down 10 years after. Five Minutes in the Morning is a journal to help you focus on what’s important and then go ahead and do it. It invites you to break the daily routine of ‘Alarm goes off. Snooze. Alarm off. Check phone. Make coffee. Shower. Miss breakfast. Run out of the door.


    Further information Tel: 020-3122 6586;


    Bioenergetics Men’s Workshop

    Bioenergetics is a powerful approach to change, growth and to Life itself, that unblocks holding patterns. This weekend retreat 18-19 Nov 2017 will combine Bioenergetics and men’s work. Men’s Work is built on truth-telling and brotherhood in safe settings, enhanced by the wisdom in mythic stories and energized by transformative experiences using the wisdom in mystic stories and energized by transformative experiences using the power of group support and challenge.


    Further information Tel: +1 386-462-5255 (United States);


    Ski & Keep Calm AdventureYogi

    If you love skiing but hate the stiff muscles that come with it -  add a dedicated  Yoga practice to your active holiday with Adventure Yogi’s ‘Wintersports and Yoga’ retreat this year and make the most of your winter break.


    Further information Tel: 01273 782 734;


    Magetix Wellness

    Matnetix Wellness has long-lasting neodymium magnets - renowned for healing properties to treat various ailments. But the debate of ‘does magnet therapy ACTUALLY work’ still persists. Think again, as we have been presented with new evidence from top surgeon, Dr Tena Walters which can change your views on the true power of magnets.


    Further information:

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