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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 240

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 240 - August 2017

IFPAroma 2017 International Conference & Seminar Day

Sat & Sun, 2-3 September 2017
Regent's University, Regent's Park, London NW1

IFPA is pleased to announce its 2017 International Conference & Seminar Day at Regent’s University, London. The conference will feature Robert Tisserand, Julia Graves, Angela Green and Anita James, and will give aromatherapists an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of clinical aromatherapy and current topics.

Robert Tisserand

Robert Tisserand

Robert Tisserand’s conference day lecture on Essential oil safety - Avoiding adverse skin reactions will present the most up-to-date research and understanding regarding the dermal safety of essential oils. In Robert’s own words, “Even if you have never seen one as a practitioner, you should know what these look like, how to avoid them, and what to do if it does happen. And you should know how to advise others on the safe use of essential oils.” Robert’s Sunday seminar on Essential oil chemistry and pharmacology - Beyond functional groups will effectively re-write our approach to understanding how essential oils function therapeutically - again, based on his characteristically penetrating analysis of all the latest research.

The conference weekend will feature two exciting contributions from Master Herbalist and flower essence creator Julia Graves, Director of the Naturopathic Earthquake Survivor Relief Clinic and author of The Language of Plants. In her conference day lecture, Julia will present the groundbreaking work of the Naturopathic Earthquake Survivor Relief Clinic in Haiti, which she and her colleagues founded after the earthquake seven years ago. Julia’s Sunday seminar focuses on The Language of Plants ~ Understanding how aromatic plants reveal their medicinal properties. In her own words, “My hope is that this workshop will spark a renaissance of true holistic relationships to plants, embracing nature as meaningful and alive. When a healer thus trained in reading nature finds the healing plant that is the exact energetic match to the energetic distortion of the ailing person, true holistic healing takes place in quantum leaps”.

Angela Green, Clinical Lead in Complementary Therapies at the Velindre Cancer Centre, Cardiff will present a conference lecture on the use aromatherapy in anxiety management. Angela will discuss the many symptoms and concerns arising from a diagnosis of cancer and its subsequent treatments.

Anita James, Owner and CEO of Essentially Holistic sharing her presentation, will share her Further Adventures of Smell Woman ~ Aromatherapy and Massage to support emotionally- and behaviour-challenged children. Anita shares her vision of a school that has embraced ‘nurturing’ as its educational ethos, with a will to include growing and harvesting alongside its aromatherapy project.

The conference weekend is a great way to reconnect with friends and colleagues, engage with the organization, and inform yourself of the latest important research and developments... as well gain CPD points!

Further Information

To confirm your attendance, please contact Gabriel Mojay at IFPA on Tel: 01455 637987;


Hypnotherapy - A High Energy Interaction

I’ve been training people in hypnotherapy for roughly 30 years.  

Genuine hypnotherapy is vastly more than just getting people to relax through reciting scripts to them of say, visualizing a peaceful and relaxing scene, or imagining their body is progressively more and more relaxed, and then giving some positive suggestions.   In a hypnotic trance, which is a natural, yet usually undeveloped ability which we all have, our personal, creative energy is much more open and available to us than in our more usual, everyday state of mind.

Dr John Butler

Dr John Butler

This means that, with an expert hypnotherapist to guide us through the process, we can open up and change emotions that may be causing us suffering, such as self-rejection, and/or limiting us in some ways, such as self-undermining fears and self-doubts.  Hypnotherapy is very important work and potentially transformative for our lives.  Our personal, creative energy is the most valuable possession we have, and if it is often channeled in ways which don’t produce a good return for us, then we are living a less fulfilling life than we could live.

There are many methods, both therapeutic and philosophical, which attempt to change our thought and energy patterns for the better, however in my experience – and I’ve studied and benefitted from many different psychological and philosophical approaches – the advantages of using hypnotherapy are great.  We’re all aware of different points of view within ourselves - for instance, the self that wants to be fit and healthy conflicts with the self that wants the comfort of eating something that has high pleasure associations for us - and hypnosis gives us the ability to connect with these different conflicting aspects with great clarity and vividness, and to negotiate with real emotional effectiveness and bring integration and transformation between these different aspects of ourselves.

The forces in us that keep us more limited and in suffering more than we need to be are powerful, and the inner dramas that may unfold in a deep session require the therapist to support and guide the client in an energetic sense, taking up a role in the drama as the client’s advocate, guide and mentor.  To train for this process, our training program has at its core the passing on of many skills through live, unrehearsed demonstration of the therapy in action, and experiential practical exercises by students in the classroom setting, aided by expert supervision and guidance.  An expert hypnotherapist is highly skilled in active interaction with clients and is capable of skilfully adapting to the unique inner drama in each person.  Acquiring these vital skills requires a serious interactive training from highly experienced teachers who already possess these skills.

Further Information

For more information about HTI Training Courses please contact HTI on Tel: +44(0)207 385 1166;


5D Medicine - Transformation from a Chrysalis to a Butterfly

This is the first time we have ever experienced changes like this within and around us. We are all currently facing our greatest fears . This is exactly why the Soul Harmony creams are here with us as the medicine of the future to help us facilitate the integration of the new light gamma frequencies into our bodies as we upgrade from carbon based to silicon/crystalline based beings of light. One of the things that is happening is that our DNA is upgrading from 2-12 strand . New abilities will be emerging as we transform like a chrysalis to a butterfly.

Bubble Cleanse Meditation

Since the powerful date of 11th November 2015 ( 11/11) has given us all permission to launch into new beginnings, where anything we focus on is now accessible and an option to each and every one of us. Manifestation has now become very speedy as we move more fully into the new 5th dimensional consciousness, moving more fully into increased synchronicity, expansion of time, bliss, fun and unconditional love.

Have you been feeling like upgrading your diet and changing the foods that you ingest, erring away from the old staples in your diet and looking for new cleaner options? As junk/processed foods seem to be less attractive, with more fast food outlets closing and GM toxicity awareness increasing, we are deciding as a community, that we don’t want our foods sprayed with 1000s of toxic chemicals that poison us, our families and our planet. In preference the locally sourced, seasonal fresh foods, gluten, wheat and dairy free vegetarian foods become more widely available and tastier. Even major ice cream manufacturers are stepping up and making vegan options using coconut milk instead of dairy and a very big fast food outlet is now closing more ‘restaurants’ than ever before! Demands are changing and this is being reflected in the global consciousness.

We are all updating our ‘friends’ and contact lists on social media, and clearing out old ‘stuff’ from our garages, attics, drawers and even our technology as increasingly our old phones, laptops, tablets and computers seem to need an upgrade. We all know that we can go to our wardrobe and look at each piece hanging there with fresh eyes. You know the items that haven’t been out for a year or so, the ones we hopefully thought we may grow back into in some way, or re-use. The reality is that if it hasn’t  happened in the last year then it probably isn’t going to. Much has been written about this in the past. If we have changed shape or size, then the old style probably won’t appeal to the new you. It may remind you of past occasions and dates that are simply now a part of your past and not relevant to the new you and your new future.

We are amazing beings, constantly changing; our bodies, our thought patterns, our habits, opinions and our beliefs, and now, even faster than ever, as the old ways seem not to “fit” anymore. We are always renewing our cells and molecules within our bodies and auric fields, upgrading and evolving. What if we were to clear our inner clutter?

Further Information

Sarah is a multi-dimensional teacher and shares Raise your Vibration courses ( 6 modules) and the life changing Munay ki Rites in the South of UK. Her extensive website is full of tools and information on current changes. She is also a regular contributor to several magazines and is available for Skype/Facetime/telephone and personal healing. Sarah may be contacted on Tel: 0844 357 9843 / 02392 453204;


The Holistic Spine - Reflections and Associations

Acupressure and Reflexology in Action

by John R Cross Dr Ac FCSP

This will be published by John Cross Publications as two books in July 2017 and the early part of 2018. Each book will be in two parts, each approximately 25,000 words in length. It is possible that the two books will be condensed into one tome in 2018. The books will have the following Parts and Chapters

The Holistic Spine - Reflections and Associations

BOOK ONE – Published July 2017

PART ONE – Anatomy and Spinal Conditions

1.         Spinal Anatomy Overview

2.         Central Nervous System: Autonomic Nervous System

3.         Spinal Conditions and their Meaning

PART TWO -  Energetic Concepts of the Spine

1.         Overview of the Subtle Body

2.         Meridian and Acupoints

3.         Major Spinal Chakras

4.         Spinal Reflections

5.         Mental and Emotional considerations

BOOK TWO - Published February 2018

PART ONE – Practical Considerations of each Vertebra

1.         Sphenoid and Occiput

2.         Atlas to C7

3.         Thoracic Spine

4.         Lumbar Spine

5.         Sacrum, Coccyx and Sacroiliac joint

PART TWO - Subtle Bodywork for Acute and Chronic Condition

1.         Assessment

2.         Sacro Occipital therapy

3.         Subtle Bodywork in Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbo-Sacral conditions

4.         Spinal Reflexology and Reflextherapy

5.         Applied Kinesiology, Metamorphic Technique, Polarity Therapy, Colour and Sound Therapy in brief

An A1 size colour poster called The Holistic Spine - Reflections and Associations will be available to accompany the first book from July 2017. It is possible that CD Roms will also be available, depending on the demand. The books are aimed at complementary health practitioners, especially those working in acupressure and reflexology, as well as physiotherapists, osteopaths and other hands-on professionals. They are practical workbooks designed at helping practitioners of all persuasion involved in treating spinal conditions to think ‘outside the box’. They will show that anomalies to the spine have significant implications on the wellbeing of the rest of the body. They will also show that most spinal conditions are caused by combinations of emotional and chemical imbalance.

The main aims are as follows:

1.         To highlight the significance of the spine and individual vertebrae in the analysis and treatment of visceral and emotional conditions as well as the usual musculo-skeletal ones;

2.         To show how the spine may be ‘reflected’ to other parts of the body and to indicate how these reflexes may be used in both analysis and treatment to complement other approaches;

3.         To highlight several aspects of subtle bodywork therapy associated with the spine to give the orthodox and complementary practitioner a more rounded knowledge base;

4.         It is NOT intended to be an anatomy and physiology text book, but rather to supplement these by adding practical knowledge based on experience of practice.

Further Information

Please visit my web site  for information on my other nine books and three posters I have produced.


From Panic to Calm, Clarity, Courage and Confidence

The Supercoherence Panic to Calm Frequency, also called SPTCF or SPtoC, is actually a combination of two frequencies, one for calming and the other for grounding. Fear is part of the human condition and often our fear is felt in the gut or solar plexus area. When fear becomes overwhelming it leads to a panic attack.

When panic strikes, we lose our nerve and cannot hold our ground. All sense of balance and control is lost as the body goes into fight or flight mode. Put the SPTCF on the solar plexus area and the attack will stop almost instantly. There is, however, one caveat with the Supercoherence Panic to Calm frequency as far as its use in panic attacks is concerned: while the results are often dramatic and immediate, it does not resolve the underlying problem that caused the panic in the first place. It is necessary to go deeper and neutralize the underlying trauma with the SRTLFs. So while the Supercoherence Panic to Calm frequency is a super tool for relief, it should not be considered a resolution mechanism. A lot of unconscious fears are held in the solar plexus area and this can feel tense and ‘knotted’ without any obvious reason. Using the SPTCF on this area will bring calm, clarity and insight as the unconscious emotional knots are loosened and released.

Supercoherence Panic-to-Calm

How And When To Use The Supercoherence Panic To Calm Frequency

Its primary use is to stop a panic attack in its tracks. The effect is immediate and dramatic.

So to use the Panic to Calm frequency in case of panic or fear, hold or pin the grey pouch with the  frequency on the Solar plexus area for as long as you need. You can use it for a few minutes or the whole day. You will feel the difference in less than a minute, as the fear or panic is halted, the body calms down and the thoughts and feelings become markedly different than before.

  • Exam or Interview: Use it when you are going for an exam or interview;
  • Fear of Public Speaking: Many of us are terrified of public speaking. If that is the case with you, just pin it in the solar plexus area and go for your talk.
  • Fear of Dentist: Hold in the hand or on the solar plexus area;
  • Fear of Flying: Hold in the hand or on the solar plexus area. Two airline captains in Scandinavia use this frequency for the panicky passengers on their flights with great success;
  • Hangovers: If you have had too much to drink and are feeling the effects the next morning, use the frequency on the forehead or on the area of the discomfort for up to 30 minutes;
  • Instant Relief from Cramps: Put the frequency on the area of the pain and hold it there for a few minutes;
  • Relief from Headaches and Toothaches: Use on the area of the pain. This will give temporary relief. However it is NOT a substitute for seeing your medical practitioner.

Further Information

Our guarantee is very simple. You can return the Supercoherence Frequencies to us anytime up to 365 days of purchase and we will refund your money less the Delivery P&P charges.


Do you need Personal Accident Insurance?

What would you do if you were unable to work due to a broken arm?

Many therapists are self-employed and as such do not get the benefits that are afforded to their employed colleagues including sickness cover and pension planning. 

There can be a tendency to hope or believe that the worst will never happen, however, consideration for how you would cover your fixed costs i.e. business rent or own living expenses if you are suddenly unable to work for a period due to an accident or illness is an important part of your money management.

Balens Insurance

There are a number of options available to Self-Employed Health and Wellbeing Practitioners, depending upon the level of cover that you are looking for, including:

  • Private Medical Insurance - Perhaps the most widely known and understood health insurance option.  There are a huge number of options and choices in the market;
  • Critical Illness Cover – covers a wide range of illnesses and types of permanent disablement situations;
  • Long Term Disability Insurance - provides a regular income in the event of long term disability due to illness or injury.  Can cover income until retirement age;
  • Personal Accident & Illness Insurance - This covers both temporary total and temporary partial disablement, for up to 2 years benefit (rather than to retirement age).

For some this may not be an issue, you may have savings or other income that will tide you over, but for those who rely on their income and would like to know more, Balens have an excellent article on Health Insurance in their Client Advice and Information Guide – available to down load at

We cannot protect ourselves against becoming unwell, but we can certainly ensure that we have considered our financial responsibilities, should this ever happen. 

Further Information

Balens Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. For further information and advice on what Balens can offer Tel: 01684 893 006;


Sheik Imam BestHealer and the Imam Jaiteh Charitable Foundation

Sheik Imam, leading African healer and advisor with 25 years’ experience, has dedicated his life to solving problems and advising clients from around the world. He has helped people in all manner of human difficulties in life restore their happiness offering guidance for problems needing to be solved both spiritually and in general life.  Sheik Imam’s father Imam Basaikou was born into a family with a reputation for helping people, guiding and solving people's problems for relationship, love and guidance. His grandfather is Sheikh Ahmad Bamba; his great grandfather Sheik Abdulqadir Jelani.

Best Healer

International Clairvoyant, Spiritual Healer and Advisor with 24 Years’ Experience

Consultations are carried out in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere; Sheik Imam is fluent in English, Spanish, Arabic and French. Sheik Imam is well known throughout Africa for his good work and advice. Sheik Imam’s knowledge, skills and expertise were passed on to him by his father - a great international healer, medium and spiritualist. As tradition has it, he was taught by his father and his father was taught from his great father, who was born with this knowledge; from there the power have been spread to all of the family 100 years ago.

About Imam Jaiteh Charitable Foundation

The Imam Jaiteh Charitable Foundation Charity Registrations Number 58/2013 is registered in the Capital of The Gambia West Africa. The non-profit making charitable foundation, based in Jarumeh Koto Village, supports an integrated development programme in The Gambia. It helps the village of  Jarumeh and satellite villages in their health care programme, sending doctors, nurses and eyes specialist every two months to provide free health care support. Additionally  the charity provides six class rooms to provide help and good care of poor students. Additionally, the Charity helps to provide clean water  for the villages. The Chairman & Founder of the charity is Mr Imam B Jaiteh - an Imam, who is based in the UK

Further Information

To help or for further information please contact Mr Imam B Jaiteh on Tel: 07985691335;


Migra-Cap Migraine Relief

Welcome to the future of migraine treatments: Migra-Cap®
A unique migraine solution also offering pain relief during pregnancy.

Developed by a Migraine Sufferer for Migraine Sufferers

The Migra Cap® is unique amongst migraine treatments as it combines cold therapy and complete darkness to provide relief from the pain associated with a migraine and most types of headaches. This 2-in-1 migraine solution is unique for any Migraine treatment product with the added benefit of being a one-off purchase. What’s more, this drug-free product is also ideal for pain relief during pregnancy.


As seen on TV, this migraine relief solution is one of the most innovative migraine treatments on the market – offering headache relief, soothing sports injuries and concussions, and providing pain relief during pregnancy.

Quick and Simple Relief From Migraine Headache

Developed by a migraine sufferer, Migra-cap offers instant relief from the stress of a migraine headache. We offer medication free relief from migraine and the intense pain associated with migraine. The Migra-Cap is also suitable for sports injuries and can be used, as a safe alternative to drugs, during pregnancy.

Drug Free Relief

Migra-Cap helps to relieve pain and suffering by limiting exposure to the key elements that can prolong or enhance a migraine attack, remedies that utilise drugs such as Aspirin, Paracetemol and Butalbital can have side effects, consumption issues or even produce allergic reactions. More powerful painkillers eg Paramax, Migramax, Domperamol can require strict dosage guidelines and are often expensive to purchase.

Sports Applications

Migra-Cap can help to relieve pain and swelling caused by nearly all types of sports injuries. The Migra-Cap® can aid with the treatment and relief of pain, blows to the head and concussions. The cooling effect can aid in the reduction of swelling and can help limit post concussion swelling or brain injury.

Further Information

Please contact Migra-Cap on Tel: +44(0)1685 387788; 


1 in 4 Suffers Sleep Starvation - Is It Making Them Dumb?

For many years British neuroscientist Adrian Owen has researched how poor sleeping patterns affect our intelligence and performance relating to work and daily tasks. His latest conclusions are startling. Far from being inert, our sleeping brains are or should be very active. Bursts of energy in the thalamus known as ‘spindles’ occur. The thalamus plays a part in memory, language  and awareness.  The lower the level and occurrence of ‘spindles’ the lower our performance and measurable IQ. Of course some cope very well on just a few hours sleep on a regular basis but for the vast majority we need a regular 6.5to 8 hours or more of good quality rejuvenating sleep.

Asphalia Sleep

The reality is that sleep deprivation is a growing issue, with 1 in 4 suffering from sleep starvation. It is well known that melatonin plays a key part in our natural body rhythms and is essential for quality sleep. Melatonin is produced in the brain by the pineal gland only during periods of complete darkness. Considering that over half the world’s population now live in cities with ever present lighting, it becomes clear that getting sufficient darkness is impossible for many. When the pineal gland perceives light it will not produce melatonin; therefore the causes of sleep deprivation seem clear.

But more is involved; interestingly the Pineal recognizes electric and magnetic waves or electro-smog the same way as light and so doesn’t produce melatonin. For many that is just what is happening in our bedrooms, with devices of all kinds staying switched on and connected. No wonder sleep starvation is the norm for so many.

In 2003 biologist Roger Coghill discovered that a certain grass species contained nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant molecule which was exactly what was needed to help improve our natural body rhythms and they started to grow it in the valley pastures of Wales. They found that, when dried and milled to a fine powder the plant also had the effect of providing a measure of internal protection for the body from the damaging effects of electro-smog allowing the pineal to produce melatonin. It gave people the best natural sleep since childhood; users also started reporting improved complexions, another clue that the supplement was having a notable effect.

The lab called the product Asphalia, from the ancient Greek word for “safety”.

Further Information

Please contact John Doyle at Asphalia UK Ltd on Tel: 0845 345 8880 or 01559 364 711;


Noma Wegamed Medical Devices for Diagnosis and Therapy

Hello, My name is Chris Boardman and I have been using WEGAmed  equipment since 1985, with a great deal of success.  I was fortunate enough to be taught and spend time with the inventor of the technique, Dr Helmut Schimmel.  I gained a good insight into the concepts of complex and resonance homoeopathy from him as well as the diagnostics with the machine.

Wegamed Diagnostic and Therapy Equipment

There are several aspects to the most modern incarnations of the WEGAmed Company, firstly, the diagnostics are ‘real’ information based.  The electrical signatures of organs and substances being recorded and held as an electrical matrix in the WEGAmed machine.  Many other testing systems available nowadays rely on ‘virtual’ information which may be as little as the name written on a menu!

Secondly, there is a benefit gained from a practitioner testing with a stylus, which gives a feel for the patient and their system which the ‘hands off’ systems do not give.

Thirdly, the new approach of Peter who owns WEGAmed is to produce a system with really comprehensive diagnostics.  Great therapy like the new bioresonance device and the cellular regeneration of the MATRIX machine, to produce an all-inclusive start to finish one-stop-shop, without the need for medicines in many cases.  I think that, as an all-round system of functional medicine it is very difficult to equal, never mind beat!!

Further Information

Please contact Noma (Complex Homoeopathy) Limited on Tel: 023 80770513; Fax: 023 80702459;


Anti-Ageing Exercise for 30 minutes a Week - for Strong Bones, Muscle Tone & Circulation

  • Would you like to exercise more, but often feel too tired or lethargic to achieve this goal?
  • Would you like to give your body an invigorating workout in just 5 to 10 minutes?
  • Could you do with some ‘automated’ help in staying fit and healthy in your own home?

Flexxicore 240 Composite

The FlexxiCore® Challenger® is a more accessible version of the Whole Body Vibration (“WBV”) technology used in many Health Clubs and Gyms. Its versatile design has been adapted to suit all ages and fitness levels, and to be affordable for use in the home or in professional settings.

WBV Training - also known as “Acceleration Training” - was first developed in Russia and was used to help astronauts recover from muscle atrophy, as well as to help athletes improve their flexibility and strength. The FlexxiCore Challenger’s more user-friendly format is allowing middle-aged and elderly users to enjoy a variety of exercises that have several very important anti-ageing benefits

Recent trials with over 40 users of mixed age and gender show how effective regular use can be in achieving measurable benefits, including reduced waist and hip sizes, and improvements in:

  • Bone density
  • Muscle strength
  • Toning
  • Blood & Lymph System Circulation
  • Sleep patterns
  • Aches, Pains & Stiffness
  • Back-care, Posture & Balance
  • Energy, Stamina & Fitness
  • Relief from Tension & Stress

Trial participants had an average age of 58 and 76% reported significantly reduced waist sizes within 60 days. They reported seeing a wide variety of changes after 60 days’ regular use in their homes – defined as “at least 3 times a week” – covering all of the above. These results reinforce those of more than 200 clinical trials on WBV use for specific objectives. 

Easy to Move & Store: Uniquely Accessible & Versatile Design

One 60-year old female participant in the FlexxiCore Challenger trials summed up it: “This, in the privacy of your own home, is far better and cheaper than gym membership - and far more effective.” Another aged 44: “It is the first time I found the willpower to stick to a daily exercise routine. It is good for people who struggle with exercise.  Makes getting toned and fit a lot easier.” The Challenger was featured in an article in Issue 239 of Positive Health by the award-winning artist and TV celebrity Ali Lapper MBE - How my Life has been Transformed by the FlexxiCore Challenger

Further Information

For more on the FlexxiCore Challenger, watch this introductory video.

To enjoy a SUMMER SPECIAL offer with a huge 20% discount - a massive £174 saving - use this code Summer17-Chgr when you order here. For information about the opportunity to trial the FlexxiCore Challenger for 60 days without obligation, call Tel: 08456 120129 or visit


The Psoas Solution: The Practitioner’s Guide to Rehabilitation, Corrective Exercise, and Training for Improved Function

by Evan Osar

Published by Lotus Publishing. 2017. Paperback. £13.48 / $15.42. ISBN: 978 1 905367 78 8.

Cover The Psoas Solution

The first book to comprehensively discuss the function of the psoas in posture, movement, and exercise, The Psoas Solution identifies the functional anatomy, biomechanics, and motor control of the psoas and its role in core and hip stabilization.

Abundantly illustrated with full-colour images throughout, this book also provides most complete review on the relevant research on the psoas available. Integrating this research with clinical experience, Evan Osar identifies the psoas’s role on the hip, pelvis, and low back and demonstrates how to incorporate the psoas into functional movement patterns including squatting, lunging, and bending. The Psoas Solution includes corrective and functional exercise progressions for integrating the psoas into daily activities such as standing and sitting.  Health and fitness professionals will find this a valuable resource full of applicable strategies and exercises to incorporate into their current rehabilitation and training programs.

About the Author

Dr Evan Osar is an internationally recognized lecturer, author, and expert on assessment, corrective exercise, and integrative movement. He has authored one of the most highly acclaimed industry resources on corrective exercise, Corrective Exercise Solutions, and has created multiple products around integrating corrective exercise strategies into therapeutic and functional exercise programs. Dr Osar is a regular presenter at chiropractic and fitness conventions and is developer of one of the industry’s most advanced certifications - The Integrative Movement Specialist™.

Further Information

Available from Amazon


The Metabolic Approach To Cancer - Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet,

and Nontoxic Bio-Individualized Therapies

by Dr Nasha Winters and Jess Higgins Kelley; Foreword by Kelly Turner

Published by Chelsea Green Publishing. 2017. Hardback. £16.22 / $25.14. ISBN 1603586865.

Cancer rates have increased exponentially since the beginning of the twentieth century. Yet conventional treatment continues to rely on chemotherapy, surgery and radiation to attack cancer cells even though research has repeatedly shown that 95 percent of cancer cases are directly linked to diet and lifestyle.

It’s time for a new approach.

Cover MetabolicApproach to Cancer

The Metabolic Approach to Cancer by leading integrative oncologist Dr Nasha Winters and nutritional therapist Jess Higgins Kelley is the first book to offer a comprehensive, nutrition-focused approach to managing cancer. The goal of their ‘Optimal Terrain Ten Protocol’ is to create an inhospitable environment for cancer cell growth while simultaneously removing the diet and lifestyle factors that provoke it.

The Terrain Ten, as listed below, are our human elements that require balance in order to halt and prevent the cancer process. Each one is illuminated as it relates to cancer management, then prescribed a heavily researched and tested, non-toxic and metabolic therapy.

1.         Genetic, epigenetic, and nutrogenomic modifications

2.         Blood sugar balance

3.         Toxin exposure management

4.         Repopulating and balancing the microbiome

5.         Immune system maximization

6.         Modulating inflammation and oxidative stress

7.         Enhancing blood circulation

8.         Establishing hormone balance

9.         Recalibrating stress levels

10.       Enhancing mental and emotional well-being

Through addressing these ten root causes of cancer and approaching the disease from a nutrition-focused standpoint, Winters and Kelley hope to empower both patients and physicians to slow cancer’s endemic spread and live optimized lives.

Dr Nasha Winters ND FABNO, is the founder and CEO of Optimal Terrain Consulting. She has been working in the US health care industry for twenty-five years and is a nationally board certified Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist, Practitioner of Oriental Medicine, and a fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology. She lectures all over the world and trains physicians in integrative therapies.

Jess Higgins Kelley MNT is the director of the Oncology Nutrition Therapy Board Certification Program at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado. She is the founder and CEO of Remission Nutrition. She has written health and nutrition articles for local and national publications.

Further Information

Available from Amazon


Two Voices, One Story 

by Elaine Rizzo and Amy Masters

Published by Clink Street Publishing. 2017. Paperback. £8.99. 1911110799.

Mother and daughter each share their side of their adoption story, charting the difficult journey from a China orphanage to a loving family home in the UK in this moving memoir.

Cover Two Voices One Story

When Amy Masters was found in 1998, no one knew anything about her. From the identity of her parents to the actual date of her birth, she was a mystery. All that was known was that she had been discovered outside of the gates of the Tong Ling Welfare Centre where doctors estimated she was about six weeks old. After spending over a year at the centre, Amy was adopted by a family from the UK who had navigated their own enduring months-long process through the complex foreign adoption system in order to find her. In Two Voices, One Story by Elaine Rizzo and Amy Masters, mother and daughter are both given the chance to tell the serendipitous story of how they became a family. 

Beginning before Amy was even born, Two Voices, One Story details how her English parents, Elaine and Lee, came to adopt her, exploring infertility and their  own struggle to start a family before deciding to adopt, immersing themselves into the overseas adoption process  before the couple embark on their journey to bring their daughter home with them. The story continues with Amy’s own narrative, including the few details she actually knows - and some speculation on her part to fill in the gaps - about how she came to be living in an institute in mainland China as a very young baby, charting her childhood in England and her adolescence in Wales, culminating just before her eighteenth birthday.

Amy and Elaine give their own unique take on the emotional adoption rollercoaster; their honesty and determination to be a family is moving, thought-provoking and ultimately uplifting, Two Voices, One Story reveals the deepest thoughts and feelings of a parent who travelled the world to find her child, a daughter who has made a life for herself in a new country and culture, and the modern family they have created together will inspire readers this Mother’s Day.

About the authors: Elaine Rizzo (Elaine Masters) works in finance as a licensed insolvency practitioner for ClearDebt a company based in Manchester. Her daughter Amy Masters is now eighteen and at college. She enjoys art and design and her ambition is to become a photographer when she graduates. Both now live near Cardigan in West Wales.

Further Information

Available from Amazon


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    SAD Solstice Seminar

    Leading light therapy companies Lumie and The SAD Lightbox Company are joining forces to host a SAD Solstice Seminar with SAD guru Dr Norman Rosenthal in London on the autumnal equinox on Friday 22 September. The one-day event will be an exclusive opportunity to learn from and interact with Dr Norman Rosenthal, world-renowned researcher and Psychiatrist who first diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and pioneered light therapy to treat it. Dr Rosenthal is the best-selling author of Winter Blues, Transcendence, The Gift of Adversity and Super Mind.


    Further information; To book


    Beyond ADHD

    Jeff Emerson is about to shatter perception about ADHD with his new book Beyond ADHD. Along with co-author Robert Yehling, they are ready to discuss these important topics with you including numerous reason for the massive increase in ADHD diagnosis and prescriptions, have current education systems and class management styles contributed to over-diagnosing of ADHD and is medication necessary for ADHD minds?


    Further information:


    Gonzalez Protocol: Volume Two

    Conquering Cancer: Volume Two by Nicholas Gonzalez documents his best case reports of 62 patients on The Gonzalez Protocol. The cases include a patient with lung cancer with a conventional medical prognosis of a few months who went on to live 7.4 years.


    Further information:


    Apibal Bee Pollen

    The key to good digestive health is directly related to how balanced the bacteria in your gut is. Some signs of an unhealthy gut is bloating, gas and diarrhoea, food allergies or sensitivities, skin problems like eczema, depression, mood swings and anxiety. Apibal Freeze-Cracked Bee Pollen uses a special technique that carefully unlocks all the goodness from within the hard shell without destroying any of the nutrients.


    Further information: Available from UK independent retailers and online at


    Innate Squares Savoury Snack

    Innate are on a mission to change the way we snack. Delicately punctuated with herbs and spices, the range offers three varieties in the form of beetroot, butternut squash or spinach and coconut. Created using eco-energy and high in fibre, the savoury snacks are air dried and combine vegetables, coconut and almond to create a marriage of flavour, nutritional balance and slow-release nutrition. They are gluten, dairy, grain, soy and sugar free as well as paleo- and vegan friendly.


    Further information:


    Resilience Masterclass

    Liggy Webb is holding Resilience Masterclasses 22 September, 12 October and 28 November at Browns, Covent Garden, London. Liggy is the author of the highly acclaimed book Resilience - How to Cope When Everything Around You Keeps Changing. You will learn to develop personal resilience, cope with challenges and change, think positively, manage responses, emotions and stress and create a positive personal vision. The World of Learning Conference and Exhibition takes place on 17-18 October at the NEC Birmingham.


    Further information Tel: 01242 700 027;


    Sparkling Mama for Morning Sickness

    Morning sickness can occur at any time of day and can last for minutes or hours. Tami Lenox, the founder of Sparking Mama suffered with morning sickness day and night. Dissolve a unidose packet into 6-8oz into any beverage and feel relief within minutes. Effervescence allows all the morning sickness fighting ingredients in each dose of FizzElixir to be absorbed quickly into your system and in turn you will feel better fast.


    Further information:


    Professional Beauty North

    Professional Beauty North returns this year to a new venue at EventCity, Manchester on 22-23 October 2017. The trade show hosts more than 600 brands under one roof launching their latest innovations in skincare, nails, make-up, tanning, hair, waxing, equipment and machines. Two other events run alongside the event. HJ Live North bringing the latest trends and inspirations from the hair industry and Aesthetic Medicine Show, a showcase of the more advanced treatments for those working in the aesthetic industry.


    Further information Tel: 0 20-7351 0536


    Int’l Holistic Vision Conference

    The world’s leading experts in vision education will be bringing fresh insight to Edinburgh on 27-30 October. The ground-breaking conference will unveil the latest thinking in vision education - where eyesight is supported using relaxation and co-ordination activities and ask important questions about the link between healthy, well-seeing eyes and general health and well-being.


    Further information:


    Bioenergetics, Boosting Leadership

    This workshop is for anyone in the workforce and also for anyone who coaches people in the workforce who are interested in exploring a new style of personal and leadership development. Using Body Knows Methodology, the workshop leaders have developed a powerful style of assisting others in boosting their personal resources to improve work performance and access a deeper inner sense of wellbeing. The workshop takes place on 15-17 2017 in Alachua, Florida.


    Further information Tel: +1 386-462-5155;


    The Dynamis Professional Remedy Kit

    Jeremy Sherr, Homeopath was fed up with not having enough remedies in his travelling kit so he developed his own. He selected 190 remedies in 220c potency - all high quality production in pellet form in small bottles with tight fitting plastic caps. He included many of the Dynamis remedies and just in case he missed a remedy he includes 10 empty bottles all packed into a compact PU leather case.


    Further information:


    Unique Children’s Sleep Aid

    Light therapy specialist Lumie is launching a unique children’s sleep aid. Lumie Bedbug™ is an innovative bedside lighting product that promotes a calm bedtime and good night’s sleep for babies and young children. Lumie Bedbug™ is unique because it uses low-blue light LEDs that are non-alerting at bedtime; unlike standard lighting Bedbugs light does not suppress the sleep hormone melatonin because it includes only negligible amounts of blue part of the light spectrum that is known to be stimulating.


    Further information Tel: 01954 786 155, 07914 812 261;


    Identify Cancerous Moles

    The MOLE Clinic™ is the UK’s leading independent and award-winning centre for screening an diagnosis of skin cancer which identifies any abnormal moles which might be at risk. There are two types of moles we should be keeping an eye on as a precaution against skin cancer and these are ‘visually abnormal’ and ‘new or changing moles’.


    Further information Tel: 0800 023 4212;


    Testing Times Film HIV/AIDS

    The team behind the multi-award winning HIV/AIDS documentary Positive Hell has launched a new film, Testing Times. It is the second in the team’s trilogy of short films under the umbrella title Positively Wrong and is now available on YouTube. The 11 minute Testing Times scientifically explores the crucial dangers that accompany HIV testing, exposing that tests can produce false positives.


    Further information Tel: +44 (0)7957 585515;


    18th World Conference Lung Cancer

    The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) will host the IASLC 18th World conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC) which is taking place on 15-18 October 2017 in Yokohama, Japan. The IASLC WCLC is the world’s largest meeting dedicated to lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies.


    Further information:


    Spirulina Affordable Superfood

    Superfood Spirulina - a green microalgae rich in protein, iron, vitamins and antioxidants is set to become more affordable thanks to a start-up team from Université Paris-Saclay. The start-up Spiris is working to increase the productivity of this functional food.


    Further  information:


    Extra Virgin Olive Oil Memory, Learning

    A new study by Temple University, researchers have found the consumption of extra-virgin olive oil protects our memory and learning ability. They saw a reduction in the formation of amyloid-beta plaques and neurofibrillary tangles in the brain - the classic markers of Alzheimer’s disease. Oil made from Koroneiki Olives such as Kalamata Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is renowned for its low acidity and a wealth of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.


    Further information:


    Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes

    People who have type 1 diabetes are being invited to a unique event at Leeds Beckett University later this year. The type 1 diabetes physical activity and exercise event has been designed by people living with the condition and will run from 8-10 September at Leeds Beckett’s Headingly Campus and Weetwood Hall Hotel.


    Further information:


    Emergency Skincare SOS

    Science of Skin (SOS) is a new, first to market solution focussed skincare treatment brand that really works. Founded and developed by two leading cosmetic surgeons, the brand’s  hero product solution – solution for scars is a multi-purpose wonder cream. After years of research and development this cream is scientifically and clinically proven to reduce redness, scar thickness and appearance by over 40%. It is also affective for a large number of skin complaints.


    Further information Tel: 0808 141 3131  


    French Alps Yoga Retreat

    Join Adventure Yogi in beautiful French Alps for an alpine yoga and hiking holiday adventure this summer and discover a perfect formula for your active relaxation. Enjoy picturesque scenery including breath-taking views of Mont Blanc. Start and end the day with gentle yoga to stretch out and feel subtle, then take a hike in the mountains after a nutritious brunch and finally enjoy a sauna, hot tub, relaxing massage or swim in a refreshing glacial lake and finally enjoy the gourmet veggie feast for dinner.


    Further information Tel: 078 73499812;


    Dreaming of a Divine Life

    Written from the life, experiences and wisdom of Hatha/Kundalini Kriya Yoga teacher Joanne Lee Philpot, Dreaming of a Divine Life: One Woman Remembers Her Truth that May Awaken Us takes readers on a journey through the author’s dreams and adversities as she overcomes each to thrive through the gifts of spiritual practice.


    Further information:  


    AIHM Annual Conference

    Join your colleagues at the AIHM Annual Conference on 22-25 October in San Diego. In addition there are 5 pre-conference workshops and the conference features, 14 plenary sessions and more than 30 breakout sessions presented by leaders in integrative health and medicine.


    Further information: Tel: +1 858 240 9033;;


    Sport, Strength and Freedom

    Sport, strength and freedom reflect the lifestyle of active people for whom health is the resource with the highest priority, medi is now offering the new medi soft support range E+motion to satisfy the highest demands on medical efficacy. The products with the tried and tested medi compression technology were developed together with the trend researchers at the medi sport label CEP.


    Further information Tel: +49 921 912-1737, Mob: +49 172 850 1479;


    Advanced Skin Cancer Patients

    Patients with advanced skin cancer can now be spared from having to undergo chemotherapy with results from a new Australian study showing that surgery combined with radiotherapy is a more effective treatment. Professor Sandro Porceddu from the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Bisbane headed the TROG Cancer Research ‘POST’ trial and the results showed that for patients with advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck, surgery and post-operative radiotherapy resulted in high cure rates, in excess of 85%.


    Further information Tel: 023014 3922;


    Digestive Health: ‘Regular Girl’

    Women in particular suffer from digestive irregularity. ‘Regular Girl’ is a symbiotic blend of two key ingredients - Taiyo’s clinically proven prebiotic Sunfiber®  and functional probiotics such as Bifidus lactis - for a healthy gut in one easy-to-take product. The neutral powder contains only natural ingredients.


    Further information Tel: +49 2336 9150 219;   


    Exercise: Feel Stronger Get Thinner

    Just one 30-minute bout of exercise makes women feel stronger and thinner according to a new UBC study and the positive effect lasts well beyond the activity itself, which may be good news for women concerned about their body image. The study, published in July’s issue of Psychology of Sport and Exercise was supported by funds from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.


    Further information Tel: +1 250-807-8470;


    Microbiotics for Hayfever

    Udo’s Choice super 8 contains Lactobacillus acidophilus (HA-122) 45%, Lactobacillus rhamnosus (HA-111), Lactobacillus Rhamnosus (HA-114) 10%, Lactobacillus planetarium (HA-119) 7%, Bifidobacterium bifidum (HA-132) 6%, Lactibacillus casei (HA-108) 3%, Bifidobacterium longum (HA-135) 3% and Lactobacillus salvarius (HA-118) 1% - all good bacteria. Recent research has suggested a possible link between microbiotics - or good bacteria found in yogurt and dietary supplements and aiding seasonal allergy relief.


    Further information: Udo’s Choice Super 8 is available from selected Health Stores and online at  


    Alflorex Precision Biotics

    Research conducted by PrecisionBiotics, makers of Alflorex®, a food supplement clinically studied in patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), has revealed that holidays are particularly stressful for people with IBS and those experiencing gut-related symptoms of abdominal pain, bloating, gas and unpredictable bowel movements such as alternating diarrhoea and constipation. Alflorex is unique because it contains the live culture clinically tested by scientists and gastroenterologists and is shown to reduce abdominal pain, bloating, gas and unpredictable bowel.


    Further information Tel: 01428 609 895;  


    Happy Feet

    Nelson’s® Arnicare® Arnica  cooling gel keeps your feet cool when you are out and about. Warm days and longer evenings are the perfect opportunity for getting out and getting active on a summertime walk.  However, with around 50,000 sprained ankles occurring in the UK every day, it is important to watch where you tread to avoid coming away with bruised ankles  or feet.


    Further information Tel: 020 8780 4273;


    Be the Best Version of You

    Whether you’re trying to get fit for summer, or simply want to look after your wellbeing, a blast of natural oxygen is just what you need. Boost Oxygen offer 95% pure oxygen in the form of a handy portable can, perfect for taking to the gym, or keeping in your handbag. The air we breathe contains 21% oxygen, while studies have shown that in places such as Oxford Street, this reduces to as little as 14%. If you’re on a fitness streak, rely on Boost Oxygen Peppermint to increase your energy, help you focus, reach peak performance and reduce recovery times.


    Further information:  


    School of Bodywork Updates and News

    The School of Bodywork has a new Hot Stone Massage course on 3-4 May 2018. The School has recently updated their dates for their most popular courses. Deep Tissue Massage for Back takes place on 3 October 2017 and Deep Tissue Techniques for Neck and Chest on 17 October.


    Further information Tel: 07711 656011;


    Digital Detox - Better Life

    Do you ever really switch off? We spend all day at work on our screens and then all night on laptops, phones and tablets never really taking time to look away and reset. Digital entrepreneur, Tanya Goodin has written a guide to digital detoxing published in August. Off Your Digital Detox for a Better Life is all about how to manage our digital diets so that we have a healthy, balanced relationship with our devices and learn to reconnect with the real world.


    Further information Tel: 0203 122 6586;  


    Pukka Berry Green Tea

    Pukka’s new Wonder Berry Green Tea is a healthy and delicious drink to refresh busy people on the go. Green tea, combined with berries provides a source of protection for the body, particularly for those living in a busy and polluted city environment. Berries and green tea are natural sources of antioxidants and can help create a barrier against the dangers free radicals can pose.


    Further information: Wonder Berry Green is available from independent health food stores and


    Zap Driver’s Backache

    Now SHOFT is a simple, palm-sized device that takes seconds to fit on to your seatbelt, could put an end to the troublesome twinges you get following long drives. Welcome news for the 36 million motorists who spend an average of 10 hours a week behind the wheel. SHOFT addresses the main cause of backache in drivers by helping keep the spine aligned with the seat back. It does this by elimination of the slack that naturally creeps into the seatbelt as the journey progresses.


    For healthier and safer driving download HELP! My Car Is Killing Me – Top Tips For A Healthier Drive. Further information

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