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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 228

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 228 - February 2016


Flower Essences - Transform Winter Blues to a Positive Productive Winter

Flowers essences come into their own when dealing with a blue mood due to short dark days, lack of energy enthusiasm and get up and go and even low grade depression. A quick shot of the essence and blends below can work wonders.

Flower Essences - Transform Winter Blues to a Positive Productive Winter

Clockwise From Left to Right: Hibiscus, Princess Gum, Waratah, water-lilly-Flowers of the Orient, Hibiscus FOO

  • Paw Paw Essence for moods associated with feeling totally over whelmed, when you can' see the wood for the trees, feeling tired irritable and exhausted encourages a calm over view and ability to sort, organise and  set priorities for the new year;
  • Bush Iris Essence is said to regulate the Pineal Gland which of course needs sufficient light input to avert symptoms of SAD and when out of balance can result in depression and feeling blue;
  • Waratah - excellent for when a low grade depression to black cloud and descends, encouraging and lifting enhancing tonicity and ability to cope;
  • Banksia Robur  for lack of enthusiasm, low energy levels, burnout after setbacks. Renews energy, enthusiasm spark and zest;
  • Positivity Indicated for feeling negative and stuck, encourages positive and abundant thoughts, thinking outside the box, enhancing the feeling abundance and creative; 
  • Zest & Vitality - Pink Waterlily, Hibiscus & Alma Kee Orchid:  Renews energy, zest and enthusiasm and instigates passion for life, particularly when feeling dis-interested and disconnected from all things that make “the Heart Sing”.  So the spirit of optimism and rejuvenation can influence external life in a highly creative and positive way.
  • And a favourite with many is
  • Dynamic Recovery - Tiredness, exhaustion and low  energy with an inability to get going again, balances the whole system, may be supportive as a pick me up and extra energy boost after exhaustion, and aids recovery from a blue mood!

Further Information

From Flower Essences of Australia and Flowers of the Orient Ranges both available online at  also Tel:  01963250750. For Essences mentioned call FlowerEssence CGH on T/F: 01963250750;


FlexxiCore Challenger Pilot Study Trials

The FlexxiCore Challenger is designed to trigger our natural self-balancing capacity with subtle vibrations. These are combined with sideways oscillations which mimic our gait as we walk or run. The FlexxiCore Challenger’s constantly changing patterns of vibrational frequencies and oscillations trigger automatic responses from the muscles and nervous system in a high-intensity rhythm – toning muscles and boosting circulation, flexibility and poise.

Flexxicore Composite 4 Images + Logo

Photo Credit: Julia Cleaver Photography

A cross-section of typical users (Female: 6; Male: 4) undertook a 60-day trial of the FlexxiCore Challenger. Although a relatively small group, some consistent trends were discernible in the logged results. One male failed to keep the formal log but fully redeemed himself by writing an unsolicited 3-page report, FlexxiCore Challenger: Alternative Approach to Traditional Exercise for the Elderly and Recovering Patient, which appeared in Issue 227 of Positive Health PH Online. The following statistics therefore cover nine users.

  • Five participants lost weight (average: 2.07kg); 3 remained stable and one was glad to have slightly gained weight (0.4 kg). There were 5 reports of smaller waists (average reduction: 1.96 cm), 2 remained stable and 2 did not report. There were also 5 reports of reduced hip measurements (average reduction: 2.56 cm), 2 remained stable and again 2 did not report;
  • Measurements of leg muscles also showed some interesting trends. There were 6 reports of reduced thigh measurements (average reduction: 1.68 cm), while 2 remained stable and 1 increased (by 1.27 cm – “I wish to gain muscle here”).  There were 5 reports of reduced calf measurements (average reduction: 1.41 cm), 3 remained stable and 1 increased (by 1 cm – a goal for this lady in her mid-70’s (“main hoped for benefit: toning”) was a wish to “firm and strengthen leg muscles”).  There were 5 reports of reduced ankle measurements (average reduction: 0.73 cm), and 4 remained stable;
  • Biceps measurements showed rather different results for different individuals: there were 3 reports of reductions (average reduction: 0.7 cm), 2 increased (average increase: 0.88 cm), 3 remained stable and 1 did not report.

With individual starting points and desired outcomes being rather different, it was interesting to see that regular use of the FlexxiCore Challenger generally helped each person to move toward their desired goals. For example, while some were glad to see excess fat around biceps reduce, the two who saw increases were the older woman seeking more muscle strength and a male high-performance sports coach. Different individuals saw a different combination of effects: the adjusted average for the number of areas of improvement was 4.71 out of the 7 possible measured outcomes.

Typical comments reflecting these positive outcomes include these:

  • “Major benefits in releasing stress tension in the hamstrings; and in match performance and recovery” - Sports Coach;
  • “Energy & breathing, balance and flexibility much improved; a great difference in my dancing ability” – retired Biodynamic Psychotherapist;
  • “Muscles seem stronger and more flexible; back aches, e.g. when gardening, are now very small; not tired at all when playing golf” - retired Chartered Accountant.

Further Information

This Pilot Study has reinforced the need for more trials and a 2nd phase of trials has now started. For further information about the opportunity to trial the FlexxiCore Challenger for 60 days without obligation, call Tel: 08456 120129 or visit


A Beginner's Guide to Lifting Depression (Beginner's Guides)  

by Leslie O. Simpson PhD and Nancy Blake BA CQSW 

Published by Lifelight Publishing. 2015. £5.99 / $8.99. ISBN-10: 0957181760

A Beginner's Guide to Lifting Depression offers two approaches which you are unlikely to find elsewhere. Doctors aren't taught hemorheology, the physical properties of blood. But most chronic disorders, including depression, are characterized by blood flow problems, and there are relatively simple and available supplements and medical treatments which can improve blood flow and lift mood.

A Beginner's Guide to Lifting Depression (Beginner's Guides)

Your counsellor or psychotherapist is very likely to offer you CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), which is widely used and very popular. But it only touches the surface. That inner critical voice - CBT tells you not to believe it.

NLP teaches you how to control it. (Why argue with a radio - change the channel , or turn it off!) This Beginner's Guide includes two interwoven strands of information and suggestions: Les Simpson's thorough and systematic study of depression, in particular the evidence for blood flow problems and treatments which can address these; and Nancy Blake's insights and practical techniques based on years of using NLP to help depressed clients 'get their lives back.'

Depression may tell you otherwise, but you deserve to enjoy your life. We hope we can help.

Further Information

Available from Amazon


Consent for Minors - Do you Treat children or Young People?

by Claire Squire - Balens Ltd

The issues relating to the treatment of minors are full of contention; as a Health and Well-being Professional you have a right to choose whether to treat those who are below the age of consent or not, but what does the law say?  And when should you ensure you have sort the consent of a parent or guardian? 

Consent for Minors - Do you Treat children or Young People?

The policies Balens offer require that the consent of a parent or guardian be sought before treatment of a minor below the age of 16; we would advise all therapist to abide by the terms as set out by their own Insurance.  However there is legal precedent for when this may not necessarily be the case; it is important that you consider the Fraser guidelines and ‘Gillick competency’ when treating children and young people (which our policies also give note to). 

It is viewed in UK law that a minor can make their own decisions related to their health, according to ‘Gillick competency’ and the ‘Fraser guidelines’ where appropriate.  A UK Law Lords ruling in the early 1980s on the Gillick Contraception case states:

“...whether or not a child is capable of giving the necessary consent will depend on the child’s maturity and understanding and the nature of the consent required.  The child must be capable of making a reasonable assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment proposed, so the consent, if given, can be properly and fairly described as true consent.”

And that

“Parental right yields to the child’s right to make his own decisions when he reaches a sufficient understanding and intelligence to be capable of making up his own mind on the matter requiring decision.”

Gillick Competence and the Fraser guidelines originally issued in connection with contraception advice, have since cascaded into other areas especially those concerning the health and well-being of the minor involved.  Whether you choose to treat a young person or not without parental consent, based upon the above will be individual to you and your own conscience.  But regardless of this, do bear in mind that the statute of limitation is much longer and may be overturned in the case of minors.  This is why we always recommend you keep case notes indefinitely and include your rationale as to why you decided (or not) to treat /advise without parental consent, in order to defend a late discovered claim should the need ever arise.

Further Information

For further advice and information on Insurance please visit Balens Website:


Turning Point Training Postgraduate Courses: Craniosacral Therapy, Homotoxicology

Turning Point Training (TPT) provides postgraduate training in Complementary Medicine. Modalities taught are Craniosacral Therapy and Homotoxicology. TPT was founded by Jonathan and Rosemary Lawrence with a combined experience of nearly 50 years in the field. Jonathan has been practising and teaching since 1985 in the UK and abroad. He has undertaken teacher training in the UK and Germany and undergone further training in Germany and Italy. Rosemary qualified in 1998 under Adrian Lindeman and Janice Seeley pioneers of Progressive Homeopathy. She has undertaken further training in the UK and Germany.

Turning Point Training Postgraduate Courses: Craniosacral Therapy, Homotoxicology

Certificate in Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is taught by Jonathan Lawrence and Lauren Manning, both trained Osteopaths and CST practitioners. CST is an extremely gentle manual technique that can be used with patients of all ages from the newborn to the elderly. CST was developed by osteopath, William Garner Sutherland and is based on the concept that if the structure of the body is impaired then it will not function properly. Such a simple idea combined with an expert knowledge of anatomy and a finely honed palpatory skill (touch) allows the therapist to make subtle corrections and adjustments that allow the innate self-healing mechanisms of the patient to work more efficiently.

The course takes place over 7 weekends. There is a great deal of practical tuition and students are given assignments and are expected to practise between study days. In addition to teaching CST skills, this course also allows students to develop their thinking skills and intuition. The course is taught in a supportive, fear-free environment. Higher-level courses in more specialist areas such as Lymphatic Drainage, Physical and Emotional Trauma, and Mother and Baby after Birth are offered.

Diploma in Homotoxicology is a postgraduate course led by Claire Haresnape a Homeopath and Homotoxicologist currently completing her PhD. Homotoxicology is homeopathy for a toxic age. Well-known remedies are combined for their synergistic effects to aid the drainage of toxins from the body via excretory mechanisms, detoxification of liver kidneys and gut and modulation of the immune system via immunomodulation.

The course consists of 6 weekend seminars followed by assignments and a final exam. In addition to Claire, other specialist and experienced lecturer/practitioners in the field will be involved. See the website.

As this is a postgraduate course the students are expected to not only learn the key principles and practice of Homotoxicology in disease states but to apply them in an effective manner demonstrating the ability to think clearly, critically and safely.

Further Information

For more information about eligibility and course content and training dates see the website   


Mini-Rayonex - Research Report Regarding Cell Metabolism Performance

The Mini-Rayonex is a small energy device set to a fundamental frequency of 12.5 and with a 2 to 3mt range it is typically carried in a bag or pocket. Its function is to resonate at the main vibrational frequency of human cells and thus to energize the body and its processes at the cellular level thereby supporting against a range of negative influences to health.

Mini-Rayonex - Research Report Regarding Cell Metabolism Performance

In March 2014 the Dartsch Scienfic Institute in Schongau, Germany carried out experiments to discover how helpful the Mini-Rayonex really is.  An in vitro investigation was performed using a double-wavelength Elisa reader (BioTEK Elx 808) to determine whether and to what degree different organ-specific cell cultures are also able to respond to the positive resonance of this device.

Two different cell lines were taken for the experiments:

  • Mouse connective tissue fibroblast cells, which are usually taken for the examination of biocompatibility of medical devices;
  • Adherent growing cells which had been differentiated to macrophages.

Under strictly controlled conditions the cell lines were incubated for 48 hours to allow attachment. The incubator wells were placed in different rooms with a minimum distance of 4mt to avoid influence of bio-resonance of the Mini-Rayonex to the untreated controls. The control wells were placed directly on the bottom of the external incubator 4mt away, whereas the wells which were exposed to the resonance of the Mini-Rayonex were placed directly below and above the device in the other external incubator.

Results and Conclusions

After only 2 hours, the resonance of the device caused a remarkable stimulating effect on the cell metabolism of both cell types. The difference between the activity of the cells below and above the Mini-Rayonex device in comparison to untreated controls 4mt away was between 32 % and 38 % higher. This means that application of the device increased metabolic activity of the cells by approximately one third. This stimulatory effect of the Mini-Rayonex was increased further to up to 45 % after an application of 24 hours.

In summary, the present in vitro results with two different cell types confirmed the positive effect of Mini-Rayonex devices as already described by numerous users all over the world. The degree of cell metabolism stimulation up to 45 % is very impressive and is obtained after only one day of continuous application. Therefore, the use of the Mini-Rayonex device can be recommended in specific life situations such as physical burden, mental disturbances, healing processes requiring an active immune system and others.

Excerpts of the report by Dartsch Scientific GmBH. Schongau - March 19, 2014.

Further Information

Please contact Rayonex UK Ltd. on Tel: 01559 364711; Fax: 01559 364043; Please check  to order the MiniRayonex or read more about this device and download the full Dartsch study.


Sports & Remedial Massage Training - ASCT (Active School of Complementary Therapy)


ASCT has been providing Sports & Remedial Massage Courses since 2000. In 2007 ASCT became an accredited school with the Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage (ISRM) and provides the ISRM/BTEC ( Level 5) Professional Diploma in Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy.

Sports & Remedial Massage Training - ASCT (Active School of Complementary Therapy)

There has recently been a change of emphasis towards Soft Tissue Therapy, which incorporates a variety of manipulation techniques (including various styles of massage), as well as the Deep Tissue Massage techniques (including Clinical, Remedial and Sports).  With such a wide range of skills, as a Soft Tissue Therapist, a graduate of this course can provide very effective treatment for all, whether an athlete or not.

ASCT also provide a variety of CPD Workshops/Courses for therapists of all levels, as well as an Introductory Course for those who have never massaged before, and would like to see if it’s for them.

Course Information

ASCT’s BTEC Programme is both under graduate (for those who need to start from the beginning) and post graduate (for those already qualified that want to be Level 5).  The Soft Tissue Therapy techniques to be learned are varied, and great care is taken in ensuring our students’ techniques (including Myofascial Technique, Soft Tissue Release and Trigger Point Therapy) will give them the ability to offer effective & safe treatment for the client, as well as being safe for them to apply. 

About ASCT

We are a family run school which offers a warm and friendly environment in which to learn.   We aim to give the best possible tuition, and to make your learning experience a happy one.  Our courses are small numbers (12 max) to ensure that you get as near to one to one training as possible. We are located in the East Midlands with venues in Loughborough and Lincoln.

Further Information

For further information on our courses please contact us on Tel: 01509 551513;  


Altrient Guide to Liposomal Vitamin C

Here is a quick guide to what liposomes are, how they work and how they are made.

Essentially, Liposomal Encapsulation Technology consists of microscopic healthy fat particles which are made up of phospholipids along with water soluble vitamins and minerals. This technology has been used for many years as a way of delivering small amounts of therapeutic substances to the specific tissues of the body, without affecting any other part of the body.

Abundance Logo + Phospholipid Diagram

How Does it Work?

Liposomes form a microscopic bubble made from layers of special types of molecules known as phospholipids. It is a membrane, very similar to the type of membrane that surrounds the cells within your body. This membrane contains and protects whatever substance is inside.

Many years ago, researchers discovered that these liposomes could be filled with therapeutic agents and nutrients. The membrane would hold in the substance while the supplement was ingested and would not release it until it had reached the appropriate tissues or body part.

This incredible technology works because of a natural phenomenon that actually makes life as we know it possible. This is the natural behaviour of phospholipids to form tiny bubbles when they are within an aqueous solution under the right conditions. These small bubbles are called “liposomes’; they become automatically filled with the aqueous solution that they were in before they were formed. So, for example, when they are within a Vitamin C supplement solution they become filled to the brim with liquid Vitamin C. These little bubbles of liposomal vitamin c stay intact until they are delivered directly to the right part of the body.

In order to make these highly sophisticated supplements, LivOn Labs will initially create a mixture consisting of essential phospholipids (primarily phosphatidylcholine) to pharmaceutical-quality sodium ascorbic. In the next step this mixture will be sprayed through a nozzle jet at a pressure of more than 1700 pounds per square inch onto a specially designed forming plate. This extremely high impact is what causes the phospholipids to form their liposomes. These liposomes are so incredibly small that they can only be viewed through an electron microscope. The smaller they are, the better, as this means that they are more suited to moving quickly and efficiently to their target before they release their contents.

There are many tales on the internet about how to make liposomes yourself using an ultrasonic cleaner: two of the most popular methods were tested out by an independent laboratory and both produced zero liposomes - what they did make was a good emulsion of vitamin c and phospholipids, but this is a long, long way from the benefits of a true liposome. Altrient are the highest quality Liposomal vitamins on the market, guaranteed.

Further Information

For more information about Liposomes and our other formulations of R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, Glutathione and Altrient B, please contact Abundance and Health on Tel: +44 (0)20 3239 4907;  or visit  


New Vistas - Working with CAM Providers

New Vistas is a premier homoeopathic supplier also utilizing botanicals, food supplements, flower essences and chakra tonics as ancillary products to promote optimum health, restore balance and provide healing. Based in Ireland, New Vistas have worked with healthcare practitioners for over 25 years. The holistic nature of New Vistas remedies enables them to work with a wide spectrum of practitioners - doctors, naturopaths, kinesiologists, homoeopaths, nutritional therapists, bio resonance & bio energy therapists.

New Vistas - Working with CAM Providers

New practitioner enquiries are always welcome.  The objective is to provide satisfactory patient and client outcomes. The union of high quality products, comprehensive customer care and experienced skilled practitioners provides reliability for end users and supports an efficient healthcare service. The company supports CAM Providers in the development of their practices, a factor which is recognized through the growth and success of the complementary sector.

The Healing Hand of Nature - For Professional Use Only

New Vistas’ philosophy is to promote healthy living, which means protecting health while it is good and maintaining good health. However New Vistas also address the many chronic illnesses of our time. Toxicity is a feature of life right now. That must be addressed through adequate detoxification provided in conjunction with organ support, the correction of nutritional deficiencies and rejuvenation of cellular vitality.

New Vistas homoeopathic remedies have 25 years’ experience which validates their intent:

  • Xenobiotics detoxify a specific host of toxins from the body;
  • Liquescences are homoeopathic nutritional supplements which build, drain and nourish systems and organs in need of support;
  • Therapeutic remedies help offset symptoms while still encouraging the body to stimulate its natural response to healing.

The Future of Healthcare

Combined with analysis of its nutritional, emotional, spiritual, and physical environment, the New Vistas program draws upon the body’s natural strengths and uses dependable products to facilitate restoration and healing. If you would like to learn more about the different ranges and how these remedies can contribute to your growing practice, please contact a member of the Customer Care Team. Detailed training and practitioner support is available.

Further Information

For more information please contact New Vistas on Tel: +353 61 33 44 55 or UK +44 1244 560 345;


Stress is Not the Problem!!

Whoah - before you lynch me - let me explain my statement!

We are all individuals and as such each have different ways and differing responses to various levels of stress or stressors. One of my clients had an intense job as a trader in the financial industry, but no issues with stress, as through the practice of yoga and meditation he had mastered his response to the stressors around him.  On the other hand, after many stressful years nursing and dealing with a challenging relationship and then being widowed, another reacted to everything by seeing it as a potential disaster. Our reactions tell only part of the story. As we react, the initial response is a state of 'flight or fight'; when we do not fight or flee, we create tension in our body. It is this tension that is the long term problem. Over time we don't realize how much tension we hold in our cells; each and every cell in our body has the potential to hold tension. When our cells are tense it inhibits the flow of energy through the cells. I mean all levels of energy, from the flow of fluids, blood and lymph, nerve and meridian flow to our auric and chakras. It is this tension that is so destructive to us.

If we can learn or find ways to release or dissolve the tension and return our cells to a normal healthy flow, we will be able deal with stressful events and situations without harm.

Gentian  and Mimulous; Images © Anna Jeoffroy-Salmon; drawn by Wal Provost

Gentian and Mimulous; Images © Anna Jeoffroy-Salmon; drawn by Wal Provost

I mentioned my client, whose use of regular meditation and yoga enabled him to do a stressful job in a calm way, enjoying the challenges as such without responding as if they were a threat to him. Another tool that I find useful personally and with clients is the Bach Flower essences. These gentle vibrational essences help us to release the tension caused by negative emotional responses to events and situations. This allows us to realign to our highest energies which in turn enables us to release tensions at a more physical level. When we can accept what is happening around or to us, we cease to resist. What we resist - persists, so the road to change lies in acceptance.

So what remedies will help us find this utopian state? That depends on what is going on, for example if you are feeling that life is against you and nothing works well, try some Gentian; if you are not sure what is worrying you but you have a nebulous feeling of fear, try Aspen. Are you lying awake at night turning things over in your mind? Many clients have found White Chestnut helps them to relax and sleep better. For clients that have a sense of frustration and helplessness I would suggest Centaury. If you are frightened of an event or situation try Mimulous.

There are 38 remedies in Dr Bach's set; they can be combined to make many more variations.  My quest is to empower everyone to be able to release the tension caused by stress by understanding their own responses and reactions, and having tools like Dr Bach's essences to align their response with their highest self.

We can’t take stress away; we can learn to release our reactions, using tools and techniques to ensure we stay happy, healthy and sane!

Further Information

For a full list of Bach Flower and Reflexology courses / workshops, please contact Anna Jeoffroy via Energy Works... Training and Seminars on Tel: 07808 403059;


Cord Cutting: Releasing the Energetic Ties of Your Past

by Margaret Ann Lembo

Published by Findhorn Press. 2016. £9.99 / $12.28. ISBN-10: 1844096912.

Are you ready to release old patterns?  Do you notice you keep having the same type of relationship issues over and over again? Are your ‘buttons’ easily pushed by friends, family members or even strangers? Is self-sabotage or supposed ‘blocks’ keeping you from happiness, health, and prosperity? If any of these questions resonate as truth for you then you can make a decision to disconnect the ties that bind you from moving forward with your life. You can make the choice to transform your life for the better. It’s easier than you might initially think.

Cord Cutting: Releasing the Energetic Ties of Your Past

First, take the time to recognize the patterns you are repeating from your parents or role models that were ‘installed’ into your consciousness when you were a child. You might notice this pattern with romantic partners or with work situations. They appear in all areas of our lives. Next, once you identify the belief systems and habits that were imposed upon you at a young age -  during the years of socialization -  you can unhook the mechanism because you realize the source of the original hook. It isn’t a negative reflection on anyone from your past. It’s just that now it is time that these patterns are no longer useful or even relevant in your life. The fact is that that was then and this is now. Make your own choice to be happy, healthy, and successful!

The energetic cords are hooked etherically or energetically from you to the person where it originated and vice a versa. The cord goes two ways. There are areas where these cords are mostly likely connected - the head, the solar plexus and the navel area - thoughts/beliefs, self-confidence, and emotional balance. The cords can be anywhere and it isn’t necessary to know the exact location but more importantly that you want to cut the cord.

So often we hold onto negative life events and replay them over and over again so it cements in that negative vibe. In reality, those events no longer exist; yet we keep remembering and enforcing the negative long after it has happened. This is a normal human behaviour yet it is good for each and every one of us to Let IT GO and move forward. These events of the past may harden our hearts and the ability to engage in healthy and meaningful relationships or perhaps it deters us from have a successful career. However it is negatively impacting our reality, it is time to release the victim vibe and step into your personal power. One way is the cord cutting experience on my CD along with mindfulness of your new reality and intentions to replace the negative.

About the Author

Margaret Ann Lembo, the author of numerous books about crystals and healing, is a spiritual entrepreneur and practitioner, aromatherapist, spoken audio recording artist and the owner of The Crystal Garden, a book store, gift store and spiritual center in Boynton Beach, FL since 1988. Visit her online.

Further Information

Available on Amazon


The Oratio Project – Network of Dedicated Spiritual Houses 

Help us build the first of a network of dedicated spiritual houses that will facilitate a new model of monasticism that consists of men and Women living the contemplative life whilst dwelling in the secular world - a way of life that focusses upon unfolding our spiritual potential in the presence of God.

The Oratio Project – Network of Dedicated Spiritual Houses

What You will be Supporting

The Order of Dionysis & Paul a Christian Contemplative order of men and women, based in the West Country of the UK, who have followed this model for more than fifty years, is seeking to raise £350,000 to build in the West Country the first Sanctuary of Peace  based upon traditional patterns of the ancient British Church. It is a way of life that will benefit greatly from the support that a sanctuary of peace can give in providing the space and opportunity for people to periodically withdraw to spend time in silence,  prayermeditation, spiritual discourse and where appropriate, spiritual healing.  

Run by the members of the Order of Dionysis & Paul, the Sanctuary of Peace, will; 

a). Enable men and women to explore the spiritual way of life as part of a wider community of people interested in the contemplative life; 

b). Provide the opportunity for people to withdraw from the world to spend time in the silence, in prayer, in meditation and in spiritual discourse, following the example set by the spiritual communities established by the ancient British Church and lived today by the members of the Order of Dionysis & Paul.

Your support is important if this much needed Sanctuary of Peace is to be established.

The monies raised will purchase the land and pay for the build of the Sanctuary of Peace, which will be constructed using low-tech, low-impact straw-bale technology, resulting in an organic structure that harmonizes with the environment and minimizes the energy used and carbon dioxide generated in its construction. This low-tech approach will significantly reduce the amount of energy required to construct the building, and, because of the insulating properties of the materials used, will save energy and minimize carbon dioxide in heating and cooling. Energy will be generated using solar panels for both hot water and electricity.

The community consists of Lay-members (Fellowship members), Novices and Professed-members. (See: Within the community there are currently thirty Lay-members and eighteen Professed-members who are all dedicated to ensuring the success of the project.

Ways in Which you can Help

  • Contribute to the Project fund. (see link below);
  • Help us to find the land to build on;
  • Find us on Facebook, like our page and share with your friends.;
  • Tell others about our campaign;
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools!

Further Information

For more information regarding this appeal please visit; email


Fat Loss Happens on Monday: Habit-Based Diet & Workout Hacks

by Josh Hillis with Dan John

Published by On Target Publishing. 2015. £24.99 / $19.73. ISBN: 978 1 931046 54 1.

Most diet and workout books are focused on the wrong things: They focus on WHAT instead of HOW. The leanest people focus on how, on their eating habits, not on fad diets. Diets that rely on willpower and discipline fail. The path to results is made up of eleven small, simple, step-by-step habits. Rotating through phases of metabolic, endurance, and strength workouts yields the best fat-loss results.

Fat Loss Happens on Monday: Habit-Based Diet & Workout Hacks


  1. Almost all diet and workout books are focused on the wrong things-They focus on ‘what’ instead of ‘how’;
  2. The leanest people focus on eating habits, not on fad diets;
  3. Diets that rely on willpower and discipline fail. A smart plan wins;
  4. The path to results is eleven small, simple, step-by-step habits;
  5. Rotating through phases of metabolic workouts, endurance workouts, and strength workouts yields the best fat-loss results;
  6. Pull-ups are the strength move for fat loss. A smart, progressive plan can take you from absolute zero, to your first, third, or tenth pull-up;
  7. High-intensity workouts are power tools, most effective only twice per year before important events.

JOSH HILLIS is a nutrition coach who specializes in habits-based, positive changes. LoseStubbornFat, his popular fat-loss blog, has tens of thousands of readers, and his e-books have helped people reach their personal goals for more than 10 years. Josh is currently the head coach at PowerHour Personal Training in Denver. DAN JOHN spends his work life blending workshops and lectures with full-time writing and coaching. His books include Intervention, Never Let Go, Mass Made Simple and Easy Strength.

Further Information

Available on Amazon


Purition Real Food Shake - Lose Weight, Have more Energy

Read the ingredients of your average protein or slimming shake and you’ll find a lot of odd sounding additions, ranging from ‘stabilisers’, ‘gums’ and ‘emulsifiers’ to artificial sweeteners, flavourings and colourants; all included in the name of science. The creators of Purition believe things should be done differently. They believe that, irrespective of whether your aim is to lose weight, have more energy, get toned, achieve a PB [Personal Best] or simply feel better than you did yesterday, you will achieve your goal faster by eating more real food and less manufactured food.

They believe that nature can provide everything we need to fuel our bodies in the right way and there’s no reason to turn to synthetic ingredients just because you’re dieting, exercising or grabbing breakfast in a hurry. “What good is a single macronutrient like protein when it's stripped of all its natural nutrition so that it has to be fortified with chemically isolated and synthesized vitamin and mineral mixes?” They have worked hard to create a range of exciting real food shake mixes whose simple aim is to make eating real food easier, and in the process provide your body with the nutrients it needs to help you achieve your goals.

Purition Real Food Shake - Lose Weight, Have more Energy

Each of their exciting flavoured real food shake mixes, Macadamia and Vanilla, Almond, Pistachio, Coconut, Chocolate, Strawberry, Raw Vegan Hemp, is jam packed with seeds and nuts. Each contains a sprinkling of the natural sweetener stevia to balance flavours, not to make it overly sweet, and a protein boost from British whey, produced in Devon, or European grown hemp protein. Without an artificial ingredient in sight, Purition is as much about what you aren’t eating as what you are: no sugary breakfast cereals, no pastries, no snack bars, no sandwiches and no overeating at lunchtime because you skipped breakfast; even ‘natural flavourings’ don’t make the grade.

The result is a real food shake mix which can be added to milk, nut milk or yoghurt to create a delicious nutritional ‘food’, ideal for a quick and easy, but nutritional, breakfast smoothie, a post exercise recovery shake, to replace lost nutrients, or pre workout fuel. When prepared, each Purition provides at least 18-20 grams of natural protein, equal to that found in 3 eggs, to nourish your muscles,  more fibre than you’d find in 4 slices of wholemeal bread, to cleanse and help you feel fuller, and enough ‘good healthy fats’ to fuel your body and mind for 4-5 hours. Add in a host of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals which, unlike chemically synthesised vitamins and minerals found in other shakes, are easily absorbed by the body, and it’s easy to see why Purition has already been receiving rave reviews from athletes, nutritionists and celebrities.

Blending: Real food doesn’t dissolve! Purition isn’t a protein powder, it’s a wholefood mix made of real food and it won’t mix well in a shaker bottle, taste overly sweet or thicken instantly when mixed with nothing but water. Instead, blend Purition with your favourite milk or stir into Greek Yoghurt and enjoy.

Further Information

Make sure you eat right by visiting , where a bag of Purition costs just £22.95 (10-12 servings), or you can buy a Samples Box, containing a serving of all six shakes, for £12.99.


DTOX’T  Tasty Way To Shed Pounds - Detox Never Tasted So Good

Detox diets have been the trend of 2015, from the raw food diet to Beyonce’s go-to detox the Mastercleanse. Detox teas have been on the market for decades, but the launch of  DTOX’T this month is an exciting and flavourful answer to losing up to 14lbs in a month, without the bitter taste.

DTOX'T Tea Range

The brainchild of 33 year old former care worker and entrepreneur Dionne James, who set about managing her own weight loss but was tired of encountering teas that didn’t quite live up to their pound shedding promise or offer the taste and flavour she was looking for, Dionne set about creating her own great tasting weight loss aid. Employing the assistance of health and nutritionist  experts from around the world, the Harrow based business woman embarked on over two years of research and product development to perfect the unique blend of ingredients that offer the maximum benefits and taste she knew that women like her, were looking for.  The years invested in product development were time and money well spent, and when Dionne lost a stone over the course of 4 weeks - she knew her tea was ready to launch.

Unlike a standard green or other detox tea, DTOX’T is a complex natural herb formula designed to balance the body. A quick and easy way to support a healthy lifestyle, you simply add hot water to start the detox process. The all natural ingredients are proven to help the body detox and no dieting is required = just add to your healthy daily routine. Customers receive a recommended healthy eating plan with their first order.

Currently in talks with major retailers, the range is sold online retailing at £21.99 and is available in a variety of flavours such as; mixed berries, pineapple and coconut, peppermint, strawberry and mango and original triple tea blend.  DTOX’T is the only tea that combines the power of super-fruits with the innate goodness of ancient herbal remedies. Described by one major health blog as the “secret weapon” to stay in shape, customers have lost up to 7lbs in 7 days when used alongside healthy eating and exercise.

Further Information

DTOX’T will be available by the cup in new healthy food restaurant Papa Winny’s, 630 Holloway Road, London, N19 3NU. To purchase DTOX’T visit   


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    Brief Takes


    The Naked Pharmacy Launches

    The Naked Pharmacy officially launched at the London Health Show in January 2016. The online store, based in Guildford, Surrey, specializes in natural supplements and cosmeceuticals backed by expert Pharmacist advice. The launch focussed on the first two products from their portfolio - Bergatone®, with Calabrian bergamot extract which has proven cardiovascular benefits and Saffrosun®, containing premium-quality saffron to support your nervous system, energy levels and overall vitality.


    Further information Tel: 0845 094 9144;


    Botanica2016 Int'l Conference

     Taking place at the University of Sussex, Brighton on 2-5 September 2016, Botanica2016 offers education, networking, products, business opportunities, fun and inspiration. Highlights of Botanica2016 are 3 days of international conference with expert speakers, a large and varied international trade show, a morning of herb walks on 2 September prior to the opening and one day of diverse and interesting workshops on 5 September.


    Further information:


    Ilkley Spring Festival - 28-29 March

    Held at the Kings Hall, Winter Gardens, Ilkley, The Ilkley Complementary Medicine Festival is the UK’s premier festival promoting natural remedies and related products. Established in 1988, the twice yearly Complementary Medicine Festival attracts visitors, exhibitors and Practitioners from all over the country.


    Further information Tel: 07939 468 822,


    ActiPatch® for Pain Relief

    BioElectonics, the makers of ActiPatch®, musculoskeletal pain relief products, is today launching a new Life Re-Invented campaign, offering UK residents the chance to win their ultimate day. Life Re-Invented underpins exactly how the team at ActiPatch® feels about life as their pain relief products mean no more suffering, no more looking back and thinking the past was brighter than the future ever could be.


    Further information:   



    Edinburgh Free Talks in March

    Leading up to holding their Practitioner Diploma Course in Nutritional Healing and Naturopathy at the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. The Importance of WATER 4 March 2016, Under Pressure... How STRESS Affects Us All 5 March 2016 and FOOD, Glorious Food on 5 March 2016.


    Further information Tel: 01749 671 555;


    Don't Let RSI Ruin Massage Career

    Your work as a Massage Therapist is important, but 70-80% of the profession exhibit signs of RSI. No Hands Massage, developed by Gerry Pyves following his own injury, has gone far beyond being a truly zero strain approach to Massage. Complete the Transforming Touch  course. Courses are taking place all over the country.


    Further information Tel: 01524 415 345;


    Winter Right Time For High Fibre Fix

    Most of us are aware that high fibre foods improve general bowel health by reducing our chances of constipation. Studies also suggest that people who eat foods rich in fibre, particularly cereal fibre and whole grains, have a lower risk of bowel cancer risk. Studies show that a high-fibre diet, as well as reducing the chance of certain other cancers, can also protect us against obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


    Further information:


    Fermented, Fibre Foods for Gut

    A great way to fix your health, is to fix your gut, so Quest Vitamins spoke to leading Nutritionist at , Shona Wilkinson, for her advice on what we can eat to aid digestion. She suggests fermented foods, fibre rich foods, cinnamon, mint, fennel, turmeric and healthy fats. TumBiotix is a probiotic from Quest vitamins, which aims to improve digestive health and relieve symptoms such as those experienced by IBS sufferers.


    Further information:


    Reflexology for Fertility

    Reflexology for Fertility by Reflexologist Barbara Scott who has conducted groundbreaking research into the use of Reflexology for fertility issues, is a new book to be published March 2016 by Watkins Publishing. The book looks at the treatment of male and female reproductive conditions using Reflexology. It is aimed at Practitioners and draws on her amazing source of knowledge drawn from 20-plus years of experience.


    Further information:


    Bioenergetic Workshops

    FSBA is delighted to invite you to one of their new, upcoming Bioenergetic Workshops. TRE Weekend Tension/Trauma Release Exercises run by Paul Amberg on 12-13 March in Alachua, Florida and Release and Recharge for Bioenergetic Graduates and Trainees run by Diane Gobrogge on 17-20 March at Alachua, Florida.


    Further information Tel: +1 386-462-5155,     


    Health Plus - Turmeric

    Health Plus Turmeric Plus tablets offer turmeric, curcumin, black pepper and ginger root in one handy capsule. Turmeric contains a potent compound called curcumin, which is commonly thought to be anti-inflammatory. A study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) , on the efficiency of turmeric on arthritis, showed that it profoundly inhibited joint inflammation and may therefore help ease painful joint problems such as arthritis.


    Further information:  and all independent health shops nationwide.


    Solgar Gut Instinct Masterclass

    Solgar are offering a Masterclass in Gut Instinct. A unique opportunity to hear four of the world’s leading nutrition experts share their knowledge together for the first time in the UK. Dr Gerald Mullin, Jack Challem, Dr Allison Siebecker and Nicholas Miller will talk on 16 April 2016 at The Crystal, London Docklands.


    Further information Tel: 020-7389 9660;


    Kula Yoga and Wellness

    Spring/summer weekend Yoga training in Northwest New Jersey. International authors and guest instructors for a full 200 hour certification sanctioned by Yoga Alliance. This New Jersey Teach Training starts on 22 April; two weekends per month until 21 August. New Costa Rica training dates are 1-22 November, a three week full immersion in Yoga anatomy, philosophy, teaching techniques and meditation.


    Further information:


    Smokers with Pneumonia Risk Lung Cancer

    A Tel Aviv University study has shown that nearly 10% of smokers hospitalized for pneumonia are diagnosed with lung cancer within one year. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality in the United States - five-year survival rate of just 17%. Smoking causes approximately 85% of all lung cancer cases; only 15% are diagnosed at an early stage.


    Further information:


    Majorca Sanctuary

    Join Anne McIntyre in the unspoilt nature reserve in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains of north-west Mallorca for a weekend dedicated to vibrant health and wellbeing. Over four days, you will experience how Ayurveda can be integrated into your day-to-day life, so that you return home inspired to continue your journey to health, vitality and longevity.


    Further information Tel: 01451 810 096;


    Resilience Masterclass

    Liggy Webb  is the Author of the highly acclaimed book Resilience - How to Cope When Everything Around You Keeps Changing is holding Resilience Masterclasses. The Hilton Paddington, London 3 March 2016. Burlington Hotel, Birmingham 16 March 2016, Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam, Holland. The full day event includes refreshments and lunch.


    Further information:


    New Products from Health Leads

    Health Leads tries to work with nature and provide natural products where possible. They are pleased therefore to announce that they have found a supplier of folate which is reasonably priced and now are able to offer two new products. Folate and Folate with Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) is needed to make red cells and for the functioning of the nervous system.


    Further information Tel: 01559 364 711; 0845 345 8880;


    Sensationally Sugar Free

    Sensationally Sugar Free - Delicious sugar-free recipes for healthier eating everyday by Susanna Booth, published by Hamlyn contains more than 100 sweet and simple recipes using healthier alternatives to refined sugar. Featuring tips and trick to help you wipe out sugar in dishes including muffins, cookies and cupcakes, cakes and gateaux, snacks and treats. This will help reduce risk of diabetes, heart disease, weight gain and tooth decay as well as other health problems.


    Further information:  



    VegfestUK takes place in Brighton on 27-28 February 2016, Bristol on 21-22 May, London 22-23 October, Scotland dates TBS. Vegfest has talented musicians and innovative vegan activists showcasing their chosen forms of vegan outreach. Vegfest is committed to encouraging and supporting teachers to educate children on ethical, health and sustainability values. The Pig Freud Tour in 2015 raised £3,644. Vegfest has seen a massive growth over the last two years and they now have four shows a year.


    Further information:


    Food and Brand Lab

    Cornell university has brought together the best thinking from 30 of the leading eating researchers. The Behavioural Science of Eating is in the inaugural issue of the Journal of  the Association for Consumer Research. Some of the hints include: Skip dinner if you are not hungry and don’t overeat healthy foods.


    Further information:


    NutraSan First Aid Spray

    NutraSan is more than a first aid spray; the uses for this natural hypochlorous spray include treating athletes foot, clearing up acne, easing psoriasis, sanitizing toys, dummies and surfaces, mouthwash use, combating foot odours, deodorizing pet beds, sanitizing hands, disinfecting cuts and bruises, soothing minor burns, easing itchy insect bites, healing nappy rash and cracked nipples, disinfecting make-up brushes, sanitising gym equipment and steering wheels.


    Further information:


    The Oxygen Clinic

    A high-tech health treatment, once only available to elite athletes and professional sports people, is now providing results to people in Kent suffering from everyday injuries and illnesses. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) is now available at The Oxygen Clinic, based at the Hop Farm in Paddock wood. HBOT can assist in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, stroke, cerebral palsy, autism, Lyme disease, plastic and cosmetic surgery, cancer, fracture healing, wound healing, muscle pull and pain reduction.


    Further information Tel:  0330 016 10000;


    Hydrogen Peroxide Effective

    Infection rates in hospitals are significantly reduced by using hydrogen peroxide vapour technology according to the latest scientific study. A marked decrease was observed for C. Difficile, MRSA, VRE and EBSL following the room/environment disinfection treatment and ongoing improvements in hand hygiene. Published in the American Journal of infection Control, the paper by Kim Horn MPH and Jonathan A Otter PhD, shows the result of a before and after study.


    Further information Tel: 01264 835 886;


    Women Ditching the Diet

    Drawn for personal experience, years of life  coaching and a passion to end women’s ongoing wars with their bodies, Mel Wells launched The Green Goddess Life in January 2015, which has sparked The Goddess Revolution, which is swiftly taking over as the new anti-diet. This is not a fad diet or set of rules to follow, but a revolutionary new way of thinking which will help women embrace an incredibly rewarding relationship with food.


    Further information:


    Protect Your Eye Health Top Tips

    Julian Stevens Eye Specialist based at Moorfields Eye Hospital explains that winter is the worst time of year for dry eyes. Amy Liddell, Nutritionist and Eye Health Specialist at Scope Ophthalmics provides 10 top tips to protect eye health, including: have a digital detox - think and blink when looking at electronic gadgets, enjoy more oily fish, relax with an eye massage to stimulate the tear glands, use eye drops such as Hycosan Fresh™ and don’t forget sunglasses on bright winter days.


    Further information Tel: 020-8995 5832;


    Blood Circulation Study Volunteers

    The University of Salford is looking for volunteers to take part in a new research study, which aims to help people who suffer from poor blood circulation to walk without pain. The study aims to better understand why an act as simple as walking can become so painful for those affected. The results of this study will be incorporated in the design of a new rocker sole shoe which specifically reduces the pain. A rocker sole shoe is a type of footwear used to take on part of the work normally carried out by a person’s calf muscles.


    Further information Tel: 0161-295 2670;  Tel: 0161-295 7016;


    Lack of Sleep Disturbs Emotions

    A Tel Aviv University study has pinpointed the neural mechanism responsible for disturbed emotion regulation and increased anxiety due to only one night’s lack of sleep. The research revealed that the changes sleep deprivation can impose on our ability to regulate emotions and allocate brain resources for cognitive processing.


    Further information Tel: 212.742.9070;


    Therapists Partner Medical Students

    It is often assumed that the medical world and the Complementary Therapy world don’t see eye-to-eye, but a new course devised by a partnership of the University of Warwick and the Federation of Holistic Therapists recently saw Complementary Therapists explaining and demonstrating a wide range of therapies to 400 of the University’s medical students. The course focussed on how the therapies could make a meaningful contribution to treating cancer.


    Further Information


    House of Bread

    House of Bread by Amanda Nicol is a novel about a young man, whose life is turned upside down by mental illness. Based in South London in 1989, Dan Blake is 21 and while most of his friends are having the time of their lives, high on ecstasy and attending raves, he has been arrested and sectioned.


    Further information:



    Wurf™ Board

    Wurf™ Board, by JumpSport® is a active-response, air-filled standing surface which is designed to help standing desk workers to make continuous micro movements, which improves posture; strengthens fee, legs, core and back and raises alertness, focus and productivity. The non-stick dimpled design grips all types of flooring when weight is applied. The Wurf™ permits dozens of useful exercises and micro-workouts (less than 2 minutes), without interrupting workflow.


    Further information:  


    Exquisite Massage and Skin Balm

    After a short hiatus, No Hands® Massage has the popular 1L size of NO HANDS Massage Balm back in stock. If you have not used the balm before, it continues to get rave reviews from Practitioners and clients alike. Made only  from the highest quality natural ingredients including beautiful cold pressed oils and beeswax. This is a powerful and gentle healing formulation to soften, moisturize and nourish your skin.


    Further information Tel: 01524 415 345;


    Spa For The Mind - MindSpa

    The MindSpa’s built in programs have been developed by Dr Ruth Olmstead, a Psychologist and expert in Auditory and Visual Stimulation. Endorsed by NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) co-creator, Dr Richard Bandler, The MindSpa will help you relax, reduce stress, meditate, improve your sleep and enhance your wellbeing. Using your MindSpa before you go to bed will help naturally to quieten your mind and relax your body.


    Further information Tel: 020-8371 0436;


    Once in a Lifetime Journey

    Join Catriona for a once in a lifetime journey to an ancient land that time forgot, Neolithic Orkney, Scotland, Spirit & Nature Quest - 21-28 May 2016. The Orkney Islands are known as the Egypt of the North, with perfectly preserved temples and residences over a thousand years older than the pyramids and Stonehenge. Visit the historic Edinburg Castle. Accommodation is the Lovely Wildwood Inn, surrounded by woodland and each day is filled with adventure and discovery from exploring ancient sites, hiking to see the puffins at the RSPB site, fireside chats with local authors, musicians and famous Architects and tours to local historical sites.


    Further information:


    YogaBellies Pregnant Women

    Yoga Bellies founder Cheryl MacDonald has sourced a beautiful, luxuryYoga mat from Bali, which uses high quality, eco-friendly biodegradable and machine washable materials. Reassure a friend or relative that birth does not need to be a scary experience with the Birth ROCKS book by Cheryl MacDonald. The YogaBellies bump belt is perfect for the expectant lady on the go. Designed to support pregnant women throughout their daily routine.


    Further information:



    The innovative life science company Phynova has released a statement to announce the designation of GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) status for their newly developed Reducose™. This registration permits the addition of the supplement to any food or drink product in the USA and as with many trends and pharmaceutical developments, the US drives trends that ripple over the Atlantic to Europe and Asia.


    Further information Tel: 020-7398 7719;     


    World Innovation Summit for Health

    The World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), a global initiative of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), plans to hold the third edition of its health policy summit from 29-30 November 2016 in Doha, Qatar. WISH brings together thousands of high-level policymakers, academics and professionals and  has evolved into a significant platform for the dissemination of healthcare innovation and best practices.


    Further information;


    Chuckling Goat Kefir Benefit

    Professor Jamie Newbold, head of the Institute of Biological, Rural and Environmental Sciences at Aberyswyth University, has confirmed that he has performed laboratory work on kefir, a live culture drink made by Chuckling Goat at their farm in Wales. Their products are suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or acne and by popular demand, they have created a Refresh lotion especially for men. Made with spearmint essential oil, this lotion is perfect for an after-shave balm, cracked working-man hands and soothing eczema, ideal for men, boys and athletes.


    Further information Tel: 07976 270 242;

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