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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 221

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 221 - April 2015

BCNH - UK College of Nutrition & Health - Top Quality Nutritional Therapy Courses

BCNH is a small but exclusive college focused on offering top quality courses in Nutritional Therapy in central London. Students come from all parts of the world; BCNH consider themselves to be a truly global college.  Courses are available online and on an attendance basis. For detailed information on all BCNH courses, please visit

BCNH Banner Graduate

BCNH students can study for a part-time BSc (Hons) programme in Nutritional Therapy (delivered by BCNH in partnership with the University of Greenwich, Level 6 Diploma (credit-rated by UG) or a science foundation course. The demand for Nutritional Therapy (NT) is rapidly growing and in an increasingly more competitive market, a BSc will give you an advantage - both in your professional practice and in the wider job market.  The degree has therefore been designed with flexibility in mind and can be completed over 5 years part-time. You will be able to set up your clinical practice on successful completion of BCNH Year 4 Clinical Practice, while finishing your BSc modules with the University. The degree is awarded by the university and recognized internationally in countries that accept UK degrees.

BCNH believes in evidence-based training; course materials are based on the latest discoveries and developments in the field of nutrition. Courses are therefore highly academic and suitable for candidates with intellectual and academic skills (or those who wish to develop these skills), so you will be able to practice Functional Medicine with a more authoritative approach.

BCNH Clinical training starts in the first year of the course, however in Year 4 you will experience real life consultations with real clients in a clinical setting, under the supervision of a BCNH-qualified tutor. In addition to clinical skills, you will be taught how to communicate with the medical profession in order to establish a mutually rewarding professional relationship. BCNH has many very successful graduates who work with medical professionals and receive referrals from GPs and hospital specialists. It is their belief that the thorough training received during their studies at BCNH, plays a key role in the success of graduates.

Both the BSc programme with clinical practice and the Level 6 Diploma in Nutritional Therapy are accredited by the NTEC. NTEC accreditation allows our graduates to apply for direct entry to the professional register held by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), which is supported by the Department of Health.

This year BCNH celebrates their 15th anniversary. As part of the anniversary celebration three candidates enrolling on the first year of either the Diploma or BSc course will win £1,000 each in their Bingo prize draw. Candidates must enrol by 15th July 2015 to qualify for the draw.

Further Information

Please contact BCNH on Tel: 0844 736 5836 or +44 (0)207 433 2555;


Cranio-dental & Skeletal Symmetry™

How do the Jaws and Cranium Relate to the Rest of the Body?

The cranium is the main part of the skull, made up of some 27 different bones. The places where these bones join are called sutures. Attached to the cranium is the facial skeleton, including the TMJ (temporal mandibular joint), which is located at the point where the lower jaw meets the temporal bone, just in front of the ear. Distortions of this joint because of dental abnormalities and various interferences often lead to what is known as TMJ disorder or Temporo Mandibular Joint Dysfunction. Experience has shown that this disorder is responsible for perhaps some 80 different medical conditions.

Cranio-dental & Skeletal Symmetry™

Our head is very finely balanced on our neck vertebrae. The first vertebra to accept this weight is called the ATLAS. The symmetry of this vertebrae appears not only to get affected by dental abnormalities but the Atlas may have inherent asymmetries of its own through trauma or mishaps during the birth process.  Any imbalance in the jaw or cranial region can have a major effect on the rest of the body, causing a whole range of symptoms, which modern medicine is often unable to explain or treat effectively. Cranio-dental & Skeletal Symmetry™ seeks to bring balance to the body, and thus dramatically improve unresolved illnesses and symptoms, by adjusting the teeth and jaws using orthodontic treatment. The teeth are the anchor where forces can be applied to bring about jaw joint, atlas, hip  and body symmetry.

Which Illnesses and Symptoms may Benefit from this Approach?

Dramatic improvements in health, often with a complete resolution of symptoms, have been reported by patients suffering from innumerable conditions including:

  • Back, neck, hip and sciatic nerve pains; Rheumatoid Arthritis;
  • Breathing problems;
  • Bowel problems - including gastric reflux, Crohn's/Coeliac disease;
  • Depression and anxiety; Learning difficulties;
  • Ear problems; Facial Pain; Headaches and migraines;
  • Gynaecological problems including infertility;
  • Sleep problems; Tooth grinding;
  • Limb and joint pains and numbness including arthritis;
  • Palpitations; Speech problems such as stammering;
  • Shoulder pains;

Illnesses treated with a huge rate of success include:

  • Asthma;
  • ME/CFS;
  • Fibromyalgia;
  • Multiple Sclerosis;
  • Gout;
  • Crohn’s and Ulcerative colitis.

There are many more which are not listed here but you can see them online on the Blog .

Further Information

Please contact Dr M Amir on Tel: 020 8780 3433;


What is Holistic Hormone Health?  Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill PhD

Holistic hormone health acknowledges that your glands and their hormones are part of a system and that looking at the system as a whole is just as important as looking at some of the individual hormones. You are not the pieces of your body, you are more than the sum of it.

What is Holistic Hormone Health?  Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill PhD

This systems-based approach helps me to provide advanced analysis through hormone testing in a way that makes sense to the person I work with.  As part of this hormone evaluation there is a comprehensive signs and symptoms questionnaire that asks about problems across the physical, mental and emotional levels.  These questions are correlated with specific hormone imbalances providing a context for interpretation of lab results and assessing the relative impact of your results with much more accuracy and meaning for you. I don’t look at lab results with a view to simply saying whether or not you’re ‘in normal range’ or not.  Analysis of all the data I collect enables a more three dimensional context of interpretation of your health problems. This approach:

  • Helps to make your health experiences make more sense to you;
  • Addresses health problems across physical, mental and emotional levels;
  • Starts the process of your education, to empower you to look after yourself more effectively in the longer term.

Following evaluation I work with natural products to support your body back to better wellbeing. Your body is the most complex biochemical factory beyond man’s imagination or understanding. So, if we can support it on a number of levels, established through looking at hormones, progress can be seen very quickly. For the vast majority of people I work with I expect significant improvement within six weeks and this is improvement can be quantified and qualified.

A Natural Approach is the Origin of Medicine as Well as the Future

A lot of people today suffer with chronic illness.  This is a health problem that persists and doesn’t heal by itself; it gets worse as time goes by and there are a lot of, seemingly, separate problems.  People often come to realize that a drug for a symptom is not presenting a cure. Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, is attributed to promoting the healing power of nature (vis medicatix naturae).  This phrase is all inclusive of your diet and lifestyle; however a therapeutic regime today will need to include nutritional supplements, not least because the modern diet is so nutritionally poor and the modern lifestyle is full of stress (which causes high excretion of important nutrients), it is also usually poor on exercise or physical movement!

These considerations address you as a person with a life; with a focus of looking at you through the lens of hormones, we have a detailed, yet more holistic viewpoint to begin to support your immunity, cognitive faculties, metabolism, reproductive health, blood sugar regulation, blood pressure ... with a positive health strategy that makes a measureable difference for the vast majority of people within six weeks.

Further Information

Alyssa Burns-Hill PhD may be contacted on Tel: 01534 522151;


Accredited Massage Courses

This year Accredited Massage Courses – AMC - is continuing to offer ITEC courses in Massage and Sports Massage, along with its own CPD courses, accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists, in a variety of therapeutic and remedial techniques. ITEC courses continue to provide some of the best and most reliable qualifications in the massage industry in the UK, as well as abroad.

Accredited Massage Courses

ITEC Massage Level 3 is an ideal first qualification for anyone looking to start a career in manual therapy.  It provides a solid basis in manual techniques, along with a good grounding in anatomy & physiology.  Like all ITEC courses, it is OfQual registered, which means the course is based on a nationally accepted syllabus.  Students are all externally examined which means that they are assessed objectively and that their schools are assessed at each examination for the quality of their delivery.

ITEC Sports Massage Level 3 is another entry level qualification, aimed at students eventually aiming at Sports Massage as a career.  It requires slightly less from students in terms of case studies, but starts them on their road to remedial work by introducing more therapeutic techniques.

ITEC Sports Massage Level 4 is, for us, the level that therapists should aim for when they want to start working therapeutically.  It’s the level required by most sports clubs as well as clinic offering therapeutic massage.  Students need a Level 3 qualification (either Massage or Sports Massage) before taking this course.

We usually start each of these courses twice a year - in autumn and spring - with the next round starting in late March or early April 2015.  (Sports Massage Level 3 is only run once a year, with tuition in June and the exam in September).

AMC Tutor and Sports Massage Therapist, Robert Donkers, was invited by ITEC last year to work for them as an examiner in Massage and Sports Massage as well as Aromatherapy.  Over the last few months, Robert has examined ITEC students all over the UK.  He has really enjoyed the perspective it has given, enabling him to bring the best to his own teaching, as well as strengthening AMC’s links with ITEC. 

AMC’s other Tutor and Sports Massage Therapist, Justin Johnson, decided to delay becoming an ITEC examiner in favour of finishing his Master’s degree in Osteopathy at the British School of Osteopathy, where he’s in his third year out of four.  After graduation he’s planning to write more therapeutic courses for massage therapists.

In the meantime, AMC already offers a selection of mostly therapeutic CPD courses, mostly aimed at qualified massage therapists wanting to extend the range of therapies they offer.

Further Information

Please contact Accredited Massage Courses on Tel: 020 8340 7041;


Migra-Cap® Migraine Relief

The Migra Cap® is unique amongst migraine treatments as it combines cold therapy and complete darkness to provide relief from the pain associated with a migraine and most types of headaches.

Migra-Cap® Migraine Relief

Migra-Cap has been developed by a Migraine sufferer for Migraine sufferers. The migra-Cap combines cold therapy and complete darkness to give relief from the pain associated with a Migraine and most types of headaches.

  • Welcome to the future of migraine treatments: Migra-Cap®;
  • A unique migraine solution also offering pain relief during pregnancy;
  • Developed by a Migraine sufferer for Migraine sufferers.

This 2-in-1 solution is unique and any Migraine relief product with the added benefit of being a one-off purchase. The Lycra cap covers the whole of the head area, and is filled with specially formulated gel packs strategically positioned to target the areas of the head affected by pain.

Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort the breathable, flexible Lycra material enables the cap to fit all head shapes. A 'cut-away' in the material allows users with long hair to pull the hair through for maximum comfort.

Another first for a Migraine relief product: Migra-Cap can be stored in a domestic fridge or freezer and the specially formulated gels ensure that Migra-Cap will not freeze to a solid.

This 2-in-1 migraine solution is unique for any Migraine treatment product with the added benefit of being a one-off purchase. What's more, this drug-free product is also ideal for pain relief during pregnancy.

As seen on TV, this migraine relief solution is one of the most innovative migraine treatments on the market - offering headache relief, soothing sports injuries and concussions, and providing pain relief during pregnancy.

Quick and Simple Relief From Migraine Headache

Developed by a migraine sufferer, Migra-cap offers instant relief from the stress of a migraine headache. We offer medication free relief from migraine and the intense pain associated with migraine. The Migra-Cap is also suitable for sports injuries and can be used, as a safe alternative to drugs, during pregnancy.

Further Information

Please contact Migra-Cap on Tel: +44(0)1685 387788;


New MSc in Healthcare Management, Leadership and Innovation at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine & Dentistry - PU PSMD

PU PSMD has is adopting a global approach to developing its postgraduate programmes. Their Simulation and Patient Safety programme takes as its core philosophy the focus on patient safety through organizational and whole-system redesign and improvement.   Using up-to-the minute thinking on patient safety science, human factors and educational theory, this programme offers students a very real opportunity to ‘practicalize’ the very latest developments in simulation, giving them expertise with which they can effect positive change in their own workplaces. To complement these well-established programmes, PU PSMD are delighted to announce the recent accreditation of a new MSc in Healthcare Management, Leadership and Innovation.

Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine & Dentistry

This is very much a flagship programme offering students a chance to consider what it is to lead, manage and think creatively within a complex,  public sector environment. Recognizing that the application of leadership theory within a political world is challenging, this programme enables deep understanding through critical and practical consideration. Its focus on organization development makes it an ideal companion for Simulation and Patient Safety, and many other programmes now available within PU PSMD. Innovation as a skill is a central feature of this new MSc; PU PSMD are very pleased to be forging early links with the Horizon Institute in Torbay and the Plymouth Quality Academy. These virtual institutes will be an essential tool in the stronger application of research to practice, particularly where international learning of innovation and improvement is concerned.

The small team supporting the new MSc in Healthcare Management, Leadership and Innovation brings up-to-the minute experience of managing and leading in the NHS, as well as academic thinking. They have explored the market for the programme and  realize that the need for skills which help healthcare professionals to understand their environment, lead their people and manage systems has never been greater. Demand right across the provider, commissioner and social care landscape is high for our September 2015 launch; PU PSMD are rightly delighted about this.    

Further Information

For further details please contact the PU PSMD Admissions Team on Tel: 01752 437333; or visit www/    


The Backcare Clinic - 21st Century Backcare To Improve Patient Outcomes

Irene Phillips changed career from being a Training Manager at the London Stock Exchange following a neck problem and has been practising as an osteopath since 1996.  Having also worked for an American computer company prior to this, she loves technology to improve patient outcomes. She was fortunate to be the first osteopath in the world to use Powered Spinal Mobilization (now called Theraflex) in 1997 and has been included in the World Wide Who’s Who for her contribution to osteopathy using this state of the art technology.

The Backcare Clinic - 21st Century Backcare To Improve Patient Outcomes

Clinic Director: Irene Phillips BSc(Ost) B.Sc (Soc Psych)

Powered Spinal Mobilization is a non-invasive treatment which in approximately 3-5 sessions will make the spine more supple and re-aligned, thus reducing pain as long as there are no other systemic causes, e.g. kidney problems etc.  It is suitable for chronic mechanical low back and neck pain, scoliosis, prolapsed discs, sciatica and frozen shoulder. Four pistons run off of air, mobilizing two vertebrae in opposite directions; in other modes can stimulate the spinal nerves and relax the muscles. Irene has been featured in numerous health magazines, newspapers and television discussing the benefits of Theraflex treatment.

As an osteopath she also treats other joints including the shoulders, knees, ankles, etc. and enhances her treatment by using various other modes of treatment including CLRT (Cranial Laser Reflex Technique), PIM (Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation),  long wave ultrasound, PER Pulsed Energy Replenisher), PBK electrotherapy and dry needling. She was also the first person in the UK to use the SpinalMouse, a radiation free method of assessing the spine for posture, flexibility and core muscle strength and is currently the only practitioner in the UK using the PER2000 which can help sports injuries, arthritis etc. heal faster.

Back pain can be caused by other health issues and if appropriate you would be referred back to your GP for further assessment.

Further Information

Please contact Irene Phillips, BackCare Clinic, 2 Station Approach, Worcester Park, Surrey KT4 7NB on Tel: 0208 335 3787 (24 hour answering service); Mobile: 07738635400 (Office hours) where there is online booking.  The site also includes testimonials, press cuttings and video demonstrations.

Whole Body Vibration Training for the Home and Clinic

Energy for Health’s newly launched FlexxiCore Challenger combines the technology of the specialist Whole Body Vibration Training (WBV) equipment used in Health Clubs and Gyms with a convenient and versatile design for use at home or in professional settings by enthusiasts or amateurs alike.

Whole Body Vibration Training for the Home and Clinic

WBV (aka ‘Acceleration Training’ or ‘Biomechanical Oscillation’) was first developed in Russia and used to help astronauts recover from muscle atrophy and athletes improve their flexibility and strength. Further research over the years led to the development in Germany of sophisticated vibration platforms that use oscillation and vibration to stimulate rapid-fire involuntary reflexive responses of almost all muscle groups in the body. Recent clinical research has shown healthcare and rehabilitation benefits across a spectrum of conditions.

Challenging the Body’s Habit Patterns

WBV challenges the body to raise its game, with muscle responses happening very much faster and with greater intensity than what occurs with normal exercise. The result is a high-intensity workout which is far more efficient in exercising and toning muscles relative to the time taken, and which demands less stamina than the normal types of exercise capable of producing anything close to equivalent effects. Compared with the original German machines, the FlexxiCore Challenger’s ingenious format offers:

  • Greater training versatility;
  • Significantly higher oscillation amplitude;
  • Much easier handling and home storage;
  • A keenly priced alternative to the original full-scale devices.

It has a significantly wider platform than the traditionally shaped devices, and there are no ‘handlebar’ type towers to obstruct use of the platform in a wide variety of positions. Its control panel is at platform level, operated by a remote handset, so users can train more freely with a virtually unlimited series of exercises and stretch positions. As well as various standing and squatting postures and stretches, the user can experience the exercising, stretching and toning of different muscle groups while training in different positions, including press-ups and stretches - with feet, hands, buttocks or forearms on the platform. The Challenger’s broad range of speeds and settings, including three preset-programmes which continuously vary the intensity and speed, constantly challenge the muscles to act outside of their habitual patterns.

Research into WBV’s Benefits

Several clinical studies have reported WBV-induced increases in strength, power and performance in young healthy adults.[1] Meanwhile other studies show a range of benefits for older individuals or those with less than optimal health including:

  • Increased oxygen consumption[2]
  • Improved cardio-respiratory fitness,[3] lowered blood pressure[4] and reduced hardening of the arteries[5]
  • fat loss[6]
  • Improved flexibility[7]
  • Relief from low back pain[8]
  • Increased muscle strength and muscle mass[9]
  • Bone density[10]


1. Delecluse et al. 2003; Roelants et al. 2004; Ronnestad 2004; Savelberg et al. 2007; Bosco et al. 1998; Lamont et al. 2008, 2009, 2010; Di Giminiani et al. 2009; Torvinen et al. 2002.

2. Hazell et al. 2010, 2012; Gojanovic et al. 2012; Vissers et al. 2009.

3. Bogaerts et al. 2009.

4. Figueroa et al, 2011 – 14.

5. Otsuki et al. 2008.

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7. Sá-Caputo et al. 2014.

8. Del Pozo Cruz et al. 2011.

9. Bogaerts et al. 2007, 2009.

10. Gusi et al. 2006; Liu et al. 2011.

Further Information

To find out more Tel: 08456 120129;; for more info about the Flexxicore Challenger visit


Coconoil - One of the Highest Quality Virgin Coconut Oils Available

Coconut oil already has a number of health benefits associated with it, from aiding weight loss to improving skin condition.

Coconoil - One of the Highest Quality Virgin Coconut Oils Available

Coconoil is one of the highest quality virgin coconut oils available. Not only is the oil organic, but it is cold pressed, meaning coconut flesh effectively has the oil squeezed out of it. The oil is also packed at source, which improves its quality, its carbon footprint and the positive impact coconut oil can have for local communities. With the recent boom in coconut oil’s popularity numerous new brands have come to market, but some of the terminology used by them is causing confusion amongst both retailers and consumers. The biggest area of contention is surrounding the terms ‘extra’ and ‘virgin’, with numerous brands labelling themselves as ‘extra virgin coconut oils’.

Top Five Tips for Picking a Coconut Oil

1.         Virgin, but not ‘extra virgin’-  The term ‘extra’ doesn’t mean anything in respect to coconut oil. Don’t be fooled into spending extra money on oils with the pre cursor ‘extra’ to their name. It has been pinched from olive oils, where it is a regulated term that denotes quality and certain manufacturing processes, but in the coconut oil world there are no regulations for its use;

2.         Look at lauric acid levels -  to use the term ‘virgin’ a coconut oil should contain certain levels of lauric acid - a type of fatty acid, which is responsible for many of coconut oil’s purported benefits. Always go for oils that have levels higher than 45% as this is the minimum level for a high quality oil and recommended by experts;

3.         Look for ‘cold pressed’ oils - heating coconut oil up can be detrimental to the taste, quality and health benefits of virgin coconut oil. ‘Cold pressing’ literally means just that, pressing the oil out of the coconut flesh, which means it stays in its most natural form;

4.         Packed in the country of origin -  chose an oil that has been packed in the country in which the coconuts are grown. If coconut oil ships in big containers it will solidify and need to be reheated when it gets to Europe to be put into its retail packaging - detrimental for the oil’s properties and wasting a lot of energy. Furthermore if the oil is packed in the country where the coconuts are grown more money goes to the local people, many of whom live in areas where poverty is high.

Coconoil can be used like any other oil in cooking and baking, whether it’s making a stir fry, on your toast or in your coffee in the morning for a tropical twist to really kick start your day. You can also buy Coconoil capsules if you want to benefit from the oil on the go.

Further Information

Prices start at just £6.99 for a 280g tub. Available to buy online at


Diamond Logos Workshop with Claus Springborg and Camilla Jørgensen

Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th March 2015

For the first time in Scotland, Claus Springborg and Camilla Jørgensen are offering a two-day course at Newbold House introducing Essence work as it is presented in the  Diamond Logos   path.

Diamond Logos workshop

We all search for joy, love, freedom and support to realize our dreams. We long to experience satisfaction, understanding, compassion and the sense of connection to life which creates in us a feeling of deep peacefulness and ease. All of these elements are Essential forms, which each person's presence may assume.  And as such, they are so close to us that we sometimes don’t notice that they are always with us.

On March 28th to 29th you can join Claus and Camilla, experienced Diamond Logos   teachers, at Newbold House in exploring some of these Essences and some of the reasons why we can forget that these Essences are already within us. Finding the Essential forms our presence can take inside ourselves has profound healing effects on our lives and brings a sense of coming home.

Further Information

For more information and to book please Tel: 01309 672 659; or



A Simple Guide To Voyaging The Energetic Universe

by Mike Webster

Published by 2014. Paperback. £9.96 / $13.46. ISBN-10: 1291960317.

An amazing and very tangible world lies beyond what is considered to be the ‘normal’ range of the five senses. The reason we do not perceive this ‘other’ world that we are totally immersed in, is due to the limited view of reality that we have created for ourselves. Once we know what these limitations are and how to transcend them, we find ourselves in an environment beyond our imagination. Distance and time are flexible, allowing us to voyage and access energetic and emotional information wherever we wish, whenever we wish even facilitating energetic changes remotely as required in a distant location.

A Simple Guide To Voyaging The Energetic Universe

 “Mike’s first book is a valuable support in understanding everyday life as part of the wider energy field of the Universe. Energetically the size of War and Peace yet a short, inspirational book - ideal for a quick read, and then to keep returning to really get to grips with the profound words written. Mike offers activities, and uses everyday examples, to help the reader gain energy awareness whilst acknowledging everyone has their own journey.  He offers insights into his own life journey and its experiences, with varying stages of readiness for new levels of awareness.  This book is ideal for anyone taking their first steps becoming aware of energy, and also for more experienced energy workers - perhaps with reminders and also new perceptions. Having already trained with Mike, I could hear his approach to teaching within this book which vitally includes his use of humour to aid learning. Thanks Mike for putting this Guide into words and onto paper”.

Julie Tasker BSc(Hons) BA(Hons)  PGCE
Vice President, Federation of Holistic Therapists: July 2013 - present.
Director, Shiatsu Society (UK) Limited. April 2010 - May 2011.

The well-worn phrase stating that we are ‘Masters of our own ship’ takes on a whole new meaning, as we realize that are creating our own reality and are in an environment that has been listening to our desires and wishes since the day we were born.  Despite the confusion and mixed messages we transmit every moment of our lives, the Universe tries to bring our wishes to fruition. Because we are unaware that we are constantly transmitting and receiving Energetic and Emotional information to the universe, and to everyone else who is aware enough to realize this, we do not realize that we are sabotaging our own future and creating the turmoil we experience in the present time. The good news is that we have the means to address this confusion, bringing clarity of perception, enhancing our awareness and performance in our daily lives…’Magic’ becomes a normal part of our view of reality and we realise that we are part of a world that greets us as a friend and acknowledges us as energetic and spiritual beings.0

Further Information

On sale at £9.96 / $13.46 plus p&p, copies of this book can be obtained from Lulu, Amazon and all good book shops.


Dr Zak’s High Protein Bagels

If you train your body hard then one of the most important nutrients you need is protein, the basic building block for muscle recovery and growth. Getting your protein levels up isn’t always the tastiest of experiences though and for many involves protein shakes and bars. Dr Zak’s hope to change things for the better however with their latest product launch.


Dr Zak's Bagels


Dr Zak’s specialize in creating high protein functional foods that can be easily incorporated into everyday life. Responding to a huge demand from the public, and twelve months in the making, their latest offering is a high protein bagel. Each bagel has over twice the amount of protein in it (about the same as a chicken breast) as an average bagel - enabling you to have your favourite sandwich, but dramatically up your levels of muscle repairing protein at the same time.

The benefits of the bagels don’t stop at providing a complete protein source however and they also contain 40% less carbohydrates than their ‘normal’ equivalent, and are particularly high in fibre, which helps keep hunger at bay.

Nutrition isn’t all that’s important to Dr Zak’s though and they’re as proud of the taste of their bagels as they are of the protein and carbohydrate levels in them. The bagels are ‘multi-grain and seed’ (a cinnamon and raisin bagel is also on its way) and have the same consistency and taste as a ‘normal’ bagel, meaning you can add an extra 11g of protein to every sandwich without even realising it. There’s also not an artificial colour, preservative or flavour in sight and only the highest quality protein sources are used; ensuring that whilst you’re packing important protein into your diet you’re avoiding any unnecessary nasties.

So if you’d prefer to tuck into a delicious bagel sandwich after a training session, rather than gulping down an ‘interesting’ shake, reach for Dr Zak’s.

Further Information

Available from leading nutrition stores and gyms around the country and


Anna Freedman - Macrobiotic Cook & Health Coach - Wholefood Harmony


Inspiring health through delicious, natural cuisine: Coaching, Cooking Workshops, Catering

As a result of enhancing the lives of thousands of people through the Wholefood Harmony cookery school and coaching practice, and teaching students who have travelled across continents, Anna Freedman has developed a unique curriculum to train people from the comfort of their own kitchen.


Anna Freedman Wholefood Harmony


The Pure Cook's Training is the natural food Online course to:

  • Integrate healthy and delicious dishes using whole food ingredients
  • Harness food and lifestyle-savvy insight
  • Experience fabulous benefits embracing wellbeing, vitality, skin, digestion and detox
  • Safeguard long term energy and health

The online course equips students with 7 modules of essential cookery skills and delicious, effective recipes, valuable and holistic learning and practical application. 

Further information:

Contact Anna Freedman at  Wholefood Harmony Tel: 07957 313 187;


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    Rayonex Bioresonance Dates

    The Rayonex system of bioresonance presents a scientific approach which must not be confused with simple frequency generators, EAV technology or radionics. The Rayonex di-pole antennae system is unique. At the presentation days, there will be talks and discussions on geobiological stress and ever increasing electromagnetic radiation, as well as demonstrating energetic regulation of the body for health while incorporating the benefits of Schumann waves. Presentations take place in Edinburgh on 16 May 2015, Windsor 20 June 2015 and Leeds 19 September.


    Further information Tel: 01559 364 711


    Mindfulness for Health

    Breathworks Mindfulness for Health course at The Totnes Natural Health Centre in Devon starts on 9 April 2015. A new approach to pain and stress management. Learn how to manage your chronic pain, reduce stress and anxiety, increase levels of energy and more. If you are a Therapist, you may have clients who you feel would benefit from participating in such a course. The course is run by Daniela Coronelli who has longstanding experience in Mindfulness practice and teaching, going  back over 30 years. She runs an established Mindfulness, Shiatsu and Seiki practice in Totnes.


    Further information Tel: 01803 862 653 / 07941 841 555,


    CPD Seminars & Workshops

    All About Natural Medicine organizes CPD seminars and workshops for health practitioners to provide practical tools to use in your practice. Speakers are all highly experienced practitioners with years of teaching experience. If you are an experienced lecturer and are interested in us organizing seminars for you in London please get in touch. 

    Further Information Tel: 020 8350 4607 / 07984 592626;


    Bach Original Flower Remedies

    Patience is a virtue that some of us really don’t have. From the makers of RESCUE® , Bach Original Flower Remedies balance your emotions and allow you to fulfil your potential with the system of 38 flower essences for emotional wellbeing. They are the original flower essences, produced according to Dr Bach’s traditional methods, which date back over 75 years; many of the plants originate from the Bach Centre garden in rural Oxfordshire. Suitable for all the family.


    Further information: Available from Holland & Barrett, most independent pharmacies, health food stores or


    MHRA Approval Chinese Medicine

    An Oxford based life sciences company, Phynova, announced they received the first ever MHRA approval for a traditional Chinese medicine for Phynova Joint and Muscle Relief Tablets™. This is a first for MHRA policy, as this is the first time that the EU’s Traditional Herbal Medicinal Product Directive has been successfully used to register a TCM product in the UK. This was unveiled at the GREAT Festival of Creativity in Shanghai, part of the first major solo overseas mission for HRH Prince William, showing the growing importance of Sino-British relations.


    Further information Tel: 020-7398 7712; 020-7398 7700;


    Lady Prelox for Menopause

    The UK’s first natural ‘pink pill’ is boosting the sexual appetites of women across the UK. PharmaNord’s Lady Prelox®, dubbed the new ‘pleasure pill’ for women, has been shown to improve the sexual function of women by 60% after one month of taking the daily supplement and 73% after two months. Menopausal symptoms improved, including hot flushes, night sweats, depressed mood, cognition, anxiety, dizziness, headaches and palpitations.


    Further information Tel: 0800 591 756   


    Spirit and Nature Retreat

    Join Catriona MacGregor, Spiritual Teacher, Vision Quest Leader and Nature Guide for the Spring Nature and Spirit Retreat in the Sparkling Sierra Foothills in California on April 17-20 2015. This retreat is offered as a powerful way to step into your best life with passion and ease. Experience beauty and nurture your inner calling on this mystical journey into nature and your own soul. Your remarkable journey begins at home with a powerful 28 day soul coaching program prior to the April retreat.


    Further information:


    inSpiral Organic Range

    inSpiral is the brand behind a host of innovative health food products made from 100% natural organic, gluten free, raw and vegan ingredients. All creations are plant based and designed to nourish and sustain whilst on the go, put together by qualified Nutritionists and designed for everyday work. Now, in time for International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day in March, inSpiral are releasing a range of products to enhance the wellbeing of women. Organic Women’s Mix Power Blend and Wild Woman Box are their two new creations.


    Further information:


    Maca - Improve Mood

    Maca is a Peruvian herb which is often taken as a natural supplement to help boost libido, but a new study has shown it may do more than just boost your sex drive; also decreased depression and blood pressure levels. BodyMe’s maca high quality powder and capsules are plant based, vegan and vegetarian and contain no fillers, binders or bulking agents. Furthermore, 20p  from every sale of BodyMe products goes  to healthy Planet organisation to help preserve the world in which we live for  future generations.


    Further information:


    Nanotechnology Brain Tumours

    Tel Aviv University researchers’ ground-breaking strategy may stop brain tumour cell proliferation with targeted nanoparticles. Now a new Tel Aviv University study may offer hope to the tens of thousands diagnosed with gliomas every year. Published recently in ACS Nano, the research was initiated by Prof Zvi R Cohen, Director of the Neurosurgical Oncology Unit and Vice Chair at the Neurosurgical Department at Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer. The Israeli Cancer Association provided support for this research.


    Further information Tel: 212.889.0808 ext 170,


    Better Diet Improves Fertility

    Marje Isabelle, CEO of Fertile Matters is passionate about women taking care of their fertility. Eating for optimum fertility is also eating for good health; every woman should try to adopt these guidelines. Transfats - found in processed foods, fast food - are number one on the BAD list. Healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats can be obtained from foods like avocados, nuts, seeds and oily fish. Red meat is also on the BAD list, although can be eaten in moderation. Low fat dairy is bad, so avoid skimmed milk and low-fat yoghurt. Fizzy drinks are definitely on the BAD list. White carbs are also BAD, so instead fill up on whole grains like brown rice.


    Further information Tel: 07824 876 516,


    Kaneka Ubiquinol and Glavonoid

    At Vitafoods, Kaneka Pharma Europe showcases nutraceutical ingredients which improve performance and contribute to a healthy body including Ubiquinol, active form of coenzyme Q10, crucial to energy production and Glavonoid™, natural extract derived from licorice root, support fighting visceral fat. Its Novel Food status paves the way for use in a variety of new slimming and weight management products. The extract comes in oil form and can be used in nutritional supplements and functional foods including milk, yoghurt and fruit- or vegetable-based beverages.


    Further information Tel: +32 663 03 48;


    Lady-Comp® Natural Fertility

    Lady-Comp UK & Ireland, is the only authorised distributors of Lady-Comp for the UK and Ireland. Lady-Comp is a scientifically proven, natural, hormone-free and ethical method of birth control. Unlike other family planning methods, Lady-Comp offers a less intrusive and harm-free option, which is equally as effective. The Lady-Comp 2015 model is now available across the UK and Ireland and is a reliable, safe, natural and healthy approach to managing fertility without the risk of side-effects.


    Further information Tel: +353 169 054 73;


    School of Bodywork Supervision

    The School of Bodywork, based in Bristol and Exeter, offers peer supported supervision groups. These monthly sessions will offer you a safe and confidential space for sharing ideas, learning new skills, discussing issues, discovering different techniques, whilst discovering fresh inspiration for one’s business. Ruth Bell will be facilitating the sessions, but the content and support will come from the whole group. Dates: 11 May, 8 June, 13 July, 14 September, 12 October, 9 November.


    Further information:


    The Mindful Way Through Stress

    The Mindful Way Through Stress: The Proven 8-Week Path to Health, Happiness and Well-Being new book by best-selling author Shamash Alidina shows how simple it is to master the proven techniques of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). Whatever the source of the stress, mindfulness offers new tools for remaining calm in challenging situations and attaining a new level of physical and emotional well-being. In as little as 10 minutes a day over 8 weeks, the reader is taken step by step through a carefully structured sequence of guided meditations and easy yoga exercises.


    Further information:


    Resilience - Everything Changes

    Liggy Webb’s book Resilience - How to Cope when Everything Around you Keeps Changing, helps refocus your efforts and show what it takes at times of strife and acute anxiety to push on through. Professor Raymond Feldman, Founder of Cognitive Aspects in the Brain Institute says: “I highly recommend this extraordinary book to everyone who wants to live a more fulfilling and successful life”. Being resilient is about cultivating the right attitude and inner strength to cope when life’s challenges seem almost overwhelming. Liggy Webb is hosting Resilience master classes across the UK: 8 May Edinburgh, 4 June London, 6 July London.


    Further information Tel: 01242 700 027;


    Cope with PMS Top Tips

     Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS), is an unfortunate side-effect of periods which can hamper many women in their day-to-day activities. Whilst there is no cure for PMS, nutritional supplements company Veganicity has put together tips to help minimize symptoms naturally. Eat Vitamin B rich foods; nuts, bananas and beans, exercise to relieve stress through release of endorphins. Increase calcium levels found in green leafy vegetables, tofu or use a supplement such as Veganicity’s Calcium Extra tablets which combines calcium with magnesium and vitamin D. If you  suffer from abdominal cramping, try a hot water bottle or microwavable wheat pillow.


    Further information:  and all good independent health shops nationwide.


    Himalayan Crystal Salt 84 Minerals

    Himalayan Crystal Salt contains over 80+minerals: Iodine, calcium, hydrogen, phosphorus, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, sodium, fluoride, chromium, cadmium, palladium, aluminum, nickel, arsenic, thought to be necessary for the functioning of the nervous system, silicon, vanadium, lanthanum, gallium, rubidium, indium, cobalt, indium, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, sulphur, zinc, magnesium, chloride, lithium, beryllium, boron, copper, chromium and germanium. Himalayan salt contains some minerals toxic in large quantities, such as lead and plutonium, but are safe and even beneficial in trace amounts.


    Further information Tel: 01342 410 303,


    Cartilage Benign Tumours

    In a study published Feb 2015 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Duke researchers and colleagues revealed that mutations in the isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) gene, contribute to the formation of benign tumours in cartilage, which can be a precursor to malignancies. These benign tumours, known as enchondromas, are associated with severe pain, fractures and skeletal deformities. They also have the potential to evolve into a cancerous form known as chondrasarcomas. These findings are important for cancer treatments, as currently there are no drug therapies for enchondromas and no effective chemotherapies for chondrasarcomas.


    Further information Tel: (919) 684-4148;



    Under Cover of Darkness

    Under Cover of Darkness, How I Blogged My Way Through Mantle Cell Lymphoma by Margaret Cahill describes Margaret’s diagnosis with Mantle Cell Cancer in 2012. The author resorted to a blog to keep in touch with friends and unwittingly ended up writing about the good, the bad and the ugly side of cancer. Not only is this book an inspiring survival manual for cancer patients, but its humour and objectivity make it a choice read for anyone who enjoys real-life drama and pathos.


    Further information:  the blog continues


    Nutrition Diploma Course

    The Nutriheal Foundation offers a completely new format for their life-changing Practitioner Diploma Course in Wimborne, Dorset over five days in April and five days in September 2015. The course starts on 20 April-24 April 2015 and 14 September-18 September 2015. The additional home coursework is designed to fit in with each student’s lifestyle. The magic of nutritional healing is that it works because we work with the body, not against it.


    Further information Tel: 01749 671 555;


    Antimicrobial Copper

    A GP in Northern France has become the first to add antimicrobial copper to a suite of infection prevention measure aimed at reducing the spread of infectious diseases between patients. Dr Marc Deroo runs a small independent practice in Oisemont in the Somme department of Picardie and sees about 20 patients a day. He had the doors to his office, waiting room and toilet fitted with door handles made from solid antimicrobial copper to provide a more hygienic environment for those using the facility.


    Further information Tel: 01442 275 705;


    Caroline Lucas VegfestUK

    Brighton-based Member of Parliament Caroline Lucas will open one of Europe’s top vegan festivals, VegfestUK Brighton on Saturday 28 March at 11am at the Brighton Centre. VegfestUK Brighton takes place over the weekend of 28-29 March and features a variety of activities with a veggie/vegan eco-friendly theme. These include: a Party Political Conference on Saturday, with major political parties giving their manifestos on green issues, a Global Food sustainability Conference on Sunday, a Hemp Expo, the UK’s first Vegan Comedy Festival, a New Product Showcase, a LifeWell Hub, plus dozens of talks, cookery demos, a Cinema, Kid’s area and live music.


    Further information:


    Buckwheat Breakfast Benefits

    Buckwheat which can help reduce body fat and cholesterol, is not in fact related to wheat, but  rather a relative of rhubarb. The Living Food Kitchen, leading providers of wholesome natural foods, have recently launched an exciting range of Raw Buckwheat Granolas, Apple and Cinnamon, Blueberry and Banana, Traditional (with a mix of seeds, currants and cacao) and Cacao and Vanilla. Gluten and dairy-free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


    Further information:


    Glaucoma Ultrasound Treatment

    Use of the EyeOP1® device is now open to less advanced glaucoma. EyeTechCare SA, which develops and sells non-invasive therapeutic medical devices for Ophthalmology, has announced that it has received CE mark extension to new indications for its focussed ultrasound glaucoma treatment. The medical procedure will now address patients living with uncontrolled glaucoma, irrespective of their prior treatment history. This innovative and non-invasive therapy reduces intraocular pressure by utilizing proprietary focussed ultrasound technology.


    Further information:


    Research re Cancer Relapse

    Researchers at the University of East Anglia, have made an important step in understanding why many cancers are difficult to treat and come back following treatment. They have shown that cancer cells co-operate with each other in the production of growth factors, diffusible molecules produced by the cancer cells that are essential for tumour progression. The findings, published today in the journal PNAS, help to explain why therapies that target growth factors are prone to the evolution of resistance and why relapses happen after treatment.


    Further information Tel: 01603 592 764;

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