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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 218

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 218 - November 2014

The Food & Fitness ‘Farm-acy’ which Changed Hanna's Life! 

At thirty five, Hanna Sillitoe has spent over twenty years living with a chronic, incurable, autoimmune skin condition called psoriasis. This year has seen her lose over 55lbs in weight, eliminate all signs of her illness and help hundreds of twitter followers take control over their own health, all through the power of lifestyle change, prompted simply by juicing natural fruit and veg.

The Food & Fitness ‘Farm-acy’ which Changed Hanna's Life!

Looking at these pictures you would never believe they were taken less than eight months apart. Even more astonishing - this incredible transformation involved nothing more complex than a simple diet of vegetables, fruit and regular exercise.  January this year saw a life changing flare up; “My skin was worse than it’s ever been. I was covered from my scalp to my ankles in this bright red scaly rash. On the days I had to go out, I covered myself in moisturiser and wrapped my body in cling film! The feeling of clothes brushing against red raw skin would leave me crying in agony and I was exhausted from the itching. Despite my severe physical & emotional distress, the doctors kept telling me that aside from temporary remission using steroid creams or immunosuppressants, there is no cure.”           

It was at this point Hanna started looking online for other answers; “I researched the influence of diet on skin and came across the concept of extracting juice from raw fruit & veg. I read about Jason Vale & Joe Cross - these giants of juicing had successfully cleared themselves of their illnesses, the principle seemed to make sense and if it had worked for them, why not me?”   

The idea behind juicing is very simple. Literally extracting the juice from natural, raw fruits and vegetables to feed your body a huge quantity of alkaline nutrients in an easy to absorb, liquid form. Fuelling your body in this way not only redresses the acid / alkaline balance, it allows your digestive system to rest and gives your body chance to focus on repairing itself. “it sounds kooky but that little green juice genuinely changed my life. I spent the first week on a diet restricted to drinking little green juices, freshly made using broccoli, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach and avocado. Within days the pain and itching began to subside and after two weeks the redness and scaling began to rapidly disappear… I look back at the person I was and question how I‘d allowed myself to become so lethargic and sick.”

 “Dr Ann Wigmore got it spot on back in the sixties when she said; 'The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison’ As a nation we’re too easily prescribed medicine to suppress symptoms, we need to focus on curing the underlying disease. My doctor has always told me diet would have no effect on my skin, not only have I seen the very dramatic effects in myself, I continually see it in others.”     

Crammed with inspirational stories, nutrition and fitness based ideas and recipes, Hanna’s site is designed to encourage millions more to retake control of their own health by understanding the awesome power of food and exercise as medicine.          

Further Information

Hanna Sillitoe may be contacted via


Cytoplan – Supplements for Health Care

Cytoplan is a unique science-based supplement company exclusively supplying the needs of health care professionals and their patients. We provide a comprehensive range of nutritional supplements comprising vitamins, minerals and natural nutrients. So for example multivitamins, probiotics, fish and Omega oils, and digestive aids.

Cytoplan Supplements

Cytoplan Ltd is British owned, independent, and is wholly owned by a charitable foundation. All profits go to nutrition-based charities.  This allows Cytoplan to do what they feel is right rather than being driven by commercial gain. Cytoplan has been a leader in the field of food-based supplementation for many years. The majority of their product range, which comprises vitamin and mineral supplements, are provided in a unique ‘Food State’ or ‘Wholefood’ form. Both groups of these supplements comprise proprietary processes and unique nutritional forms. Their philosophy comprises the nutritional cornerstone that the body is designed to utilize nutrients from food and not from chemicals. /tge emphasis is on quality, innovation and efficacy of product.

The Food State principal is simple; by combining each supplement in the appropriate food base, so for example Vitamin C and organic orange pulp, this ensures optimal absorption and use in the body. As these vitamins and minerals are presented to the body in a format as close as possible to the foods where those nutrients naturally occur they work in the body like food. And this means the body knows how to use them to nourish whichever part of the body is in need. Further examples of Food State supplements comprising appropriate nutrients are carrot concentrate for beta carotene, wheatgerm and sunflower oil for vitamin E, and lactobacillus bulgaricus for B vitamins. All of these products are gentle and effective, are not required to be taken with food, and most are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Cytoplan was founded in 1990 by practitioners with many years’ experience in nutrition science. They work closely with Doctors and scientists to produce products which are highly bio-effective, truly innovative and backed by research and studies. Cytoplan has a reputation for quality, integrity, innovation and excellent service. Most  products are suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and for people with Candida and Yeast sensitivities. All products are free from Genetically Modified Substances.

Cytoplan regularly launches new products; these are all based on current health and prevention research - they do not follow popular trends and demands . Examples of recent products are ‘Caprylic Acid Plus’ for digestive health, Honey Bee Propolis, Folic Acid as Methylfolate, Vegan vitamin D3 Spray, Blood Glucose Support, Sublingual Methylcobalamin vitamin B12 and Methyl Factors formula.

Further Information

For more information please contact Amanda Williams, technical and managing director on Tel: 01684 310099; ; Please visit the website at: .


Aromatherapy vs MRSA 

Aromatherapy vs MRSA: Antimicrobial essential oils to combat bacterial infection, including the superbug

by Maggie Tisserand

Published by Singing Dragon. 2014 Paperback. £14.95 / $22.95 ISBN: 9781848192379

Addressing the challenge of serious infection, especially MRSA, in hospitals, in the community, and in animals, Maggie Tisserand focuses on the scientifically proven effects of antibacterial essential oils, and their usefulness in managing infection, including the 'superbug'. She profiles the key essential oils - tea tree, manuka and thyme – covering everything from habitat, chemistry and commercial uses to the latest scientific research that proves their effectiveness against bacterial infection, and how they should be used. She also includes information about other methods that have been shown to help with the management of acute infection, including allicin from garlic, silver, manuka honey and phage therapy.

Aromatherapy vs MRSA Singing Dragon Edition

Breaking new ground in the field of essential oils, this scientifically based but accessible book will be essential reading for aromatherapists, health professionals and everyone interested in effective ways in which to combat infection and stay healthy. With the increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the danger of bacteria staying alive on surfaces and clothing, it is in the interests of every therapist and practitioner to be aw are of these threats and instigate preventative measures.

“Maggie Tisserand is an internationally recognized expert on the uses of essential oils with MRSA. Her comprehensive book is an extraordinary resource for anyone suffering with MRSA and offers vital information for health professionals worldwide. Maggie has successfully given us organized and practical information on how people can protect themselves against MRSA. The book is an accessible, in depth compendium of crucial information.”

Andrea Butje is the founder of Aromahead Institute, an innovative online school of essential oils,

Further Information

Aromatherapy vs MRSA is available from, Amazon and other online retailers, and all good bookshops.


Bowel Baddies - How to Spot the Signs

Parasites, fungus and bacteria - could you spot the signs of infection in your clients? These bowel baddies can cause a host of symptoms and health complaints that are easily misdiagnosed or dismissed. Yet infection can result in niggling gastrointestinal problems or mean clients can’t seem to lose weight or gain muscle.

Hookworm and Roundworm Collage

Fungi Overgrowth

At any one time we may have 5000 different species of fungi living on and in our bodies as normal inhabitants of the skin and gastrointestinal tract. Fungi can enter our bodies through our mouth, noses, lungs and gastrointestinal tracts. Like most things in life, too much of a good thing can lead to imbalance and start to cause problems.

Signs of a Fungi Infection or Imbalance Include:

  • Abdominal pain; Mucus in stool;
  • Digestive symptoms such as diarrhoea, constipation, bloating and heartburn;
  • Nasal itch and congestion;
  • An inability to concentrate; Nervous irritability;
  • Dry mouth; Bad breath;
  • Acne; Allergies;
  • Craving sugar; Food sensitivities
  • Unnatural irritability; Mood swings
  • Fatigue; Headaches.
  • Thrush; Rectal itching.

Symptoms can be worse in damp or mouldy places or after consumption of sugar or yeasts. There are some simple tests that practitioners can carry out to help identify if excess fungi could be the problem; bringing the body back into balance is the next step. Healing options should take into consideration lifestyle factors, the client’s general health, their job, family and even if they have pets in the home.

Hard to Diagnose

In some people, intestinal worms do not cause any symptoms, or the symptoms may come and go. Some parasites also cause low red blood cell count (anaemia), and some travel from the lungs to the intestine, or from the intestine to the lungs and other parts of the body. So, accurate parasite testing is key, along with a thorough understanding of the parasite world. The Parasitology Center Incorporated in Arizona is led by the respected Parasitologist Dr Omar Amin and is considered to be a world leader in testing. Practitioners based in Europe can assess the testing procedures for their clients via PCI Europe.

Further Information

Emma Lane teaches healthcare practitioners about parasites and other pathogens in her course The World of Parasites Fungus and Bacteria. The two-day in-depth course explore these pathogens and how their presence can lead to gastrointestinal issues and poor immune function as well as causing tissue and organ damage and disease. Emma may also be contacted at Integrative Health Education on Tel: 01924 242 851;


Life and Soul

by John Hendry

Published by Authors Online. 2013. Paperback £32/ebook £15.99. ISBN:  978-0-7552-0727-5

RRP: Paperback £32 ... ebook £15.99

In his mind-body-spirit autobiography John Hendry trawls his seventy years with experiences that trigger insights and reflections. Below is John’s meditation technique.

Life and Soul

I covered meditation in Newsletters 48 and 49 which are available at my website .   I’ve recently added to my method a technique which is a take on yoga nidra and the first stage in a hypnotic induction.   I find now that I can comfortably meditate for an hour or more and, if I set a time limit, when I open my eyes, I’m usually pretty close.   I have a pen and paper handy for any thoughts I need to remember.   Make sure you know your timetable for the day and that there are no pending decisions.  Words ‘said’ are internal.  Do your own timings.   (Don’t attempt this while handling machinery or driving.)   I do it after breakfast.

First I settle into my usual comfortable position where I normally sit on a sofa and relax the muscles of my face.  Next I breathe in and out 10 times as deeply as I can - swelling the diaphragm –with relaxation coming with the in-breath and any stress going with the out-breath.   Hold the full breath for three seconds. Next I mentally repeat the Sanskrit mantra Colin gave me at the TM Trust in Kent - . I can’t reveal it but it’s an open-ended word of two syllables.   This establishes the meditation domain.  I let it roam like a lone fish lazing around an aquarium.  Make up your own mantra.

Next I notice that my breathing has become shorter and I repeat ‘aahh’ on the in-breath and ‘oomm’ on the out-breath.   They’re sacred sounds from ancient Hinduism and they’re pretty good at it.   (I’ve read that some meditators can suspend their breathing but I wouldn’t want to try that outside A&E.)   If I find that my ‘monkey mind’ is busy with chatter, I temporarily shift my centre of consciousness from the front brain to the mid-brain. When I’ve had enough of that, I move on to the new stuff.   I focus on limbs, starting with the right foot:  notice any sensations, points of contact … send it warm energy … sometimes I thank the limb and wish it well.   Lastly I make the limb feel heavy … too heavy to move. … then the left foot, legs, and thighs.   I have a break there to focus on seatedness: make wherever you’re in contact with floor or seat feel heavy … feel gravity gently urging you downwards.  

Then back to the limbs … hands, arms, shoulders which I follow with a focus on the seven basic chakras ending with the crown chakra which I see as an open fontanelle providing access to healing, the realm of spirit, and my higher self.   To access healing I address my usual wording to the healing energy:  ‘I seek attunement to the highest possible source of healing and I ask you to purify me and xxx so that we can be the best possible channel and receivers of your healing’.   Sometimes I offer healing just to myself in which case I sense the healing as a flow of energy through the fontanelle and slowly throughout my  body and out via the toes.  If you find thoughts intruding, go first to the mid-brain (which I find short-lived) and if necessary repeat mantra/aahh-oomm/ seatedness/limbs.  When emerging allow yourself five minutes to recover.

I’d like to thank those of you who’ve enquired about my state of health since my bout with cancer;  I’ve recently had the result of a scan and I’ve been given a clean bill of health.

Further Information

John may be contacted via

Available in paperback and kindle from Authors Online and Amazon 


The College of Āyurveda UK - Innovative Blended-Learning

The College of Āyurveda recognises that a variety of educational formats are needed to meet the growing demands and different needs of the students.  The College pioneers an innovative blended-learning programme which is based on e-learning via internet downloads and class-room based tutorials.  We believe that this offers a wide variety of students the opportunity to learn Ayurveda at a distance and receive the same experience and credits similar to full-time education without sacrificing quality.  The College offers a three-year programme for Ayurvedic Herbal Therapists, with an additional year to qualify as an Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner, which includes two 6-weeks clinical practice in India.

The College of Āyurveda UK - Innovative Blended-Learning

The College’s Distance Learning programme is a revolutionary programme that integrates home schooling, classroom education (Fortnightly weekend tutorials) and one-to-one relationship with a Tutor who guides the students’ education.  Distance learning is available in all theory-related (academic) learning; however, attendance is mandatory for all practical and clinical training.  At the end of year 1 and 2, students will spend one week in Normandy, France, to gain hands-on experience in practical and diagnostic aspects of the curriculum and participate in group discussions. The course is designed so that at the end of year 1, the student can qualify in “Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage” and at the end of year 2, based on practical and academic exams and submission of coursework, the student will be certified as an Ayurvedic Nutrition Therapist. 

The CoA recognises that not everyone has the ability to put their life on hold in order to undertake class-room based studies, and to some it is not financially viable to enter Colleges/Universities.  This is especially true for mature students and international students.  With our Distant Learning Programme, those limitations no longer have to hold students back from fulfilling their dreams of becoming an Āyurvedic Therapist/Practitioner.

One of the reasons the CoA’s Distance Learning Programme is so successful is that it is a highly structured yet flexible programme.  This is not loosely-administered, open-ended programme that students may or may not complete.  Completion rates are very high because the CoA maintains the highest standards of education for this programme.  Students in the Distance Learning programme are held to the same standards as students in the classes, and will merge with our classroom-based students during the practical/internship programme in India at the end of years 3 and 4.

Further Information

For further details please contact Dr M Athique on Tel: 01908 664518; 


Acupressure and Homoeopathy Combinations in the Treatment of Common Ailments

by John R. Cross FCSP Dr Ac

Published by John Cross Seminars and Publications. Kindle Edition.  2014. £4.95 / $7.99.

Illustrations of acupoints: by kind permission of Lotus Publishing

Acupressure and Homoeopathy Combinations in the Treatment of Common Ailments

This book (my 8th) is the first one written specifically for the lay person interested in self-help procedures. It would also be useful for therapists to teach their clients how to handle common ailments. It is also the first book written specifically for Kindle. It can be downloaded to your Kindle device or to your computer or tablet.

This book shows how you can ease acute and painful physical and emotional symptoms with a combination of self-help acupressure and a corresponding homoeopathic remedy. There are chapters explaining acupressure, homoeopathy, self-healing and energy balancing to stay well. Acupressure techniques and remedy doses are explained in discussing 25 common ailments. These include the treatment of acute gastric pain, cystitis, headache, cramp, back pain, sore throat, anxiety and worry.

Further Information

Available from John Cross Clinics and Amazon


The new Rayoscan - Automatic Testing for the Rayocomp PS1000 Polar

(Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt)

Paul Schmidt began development of his bioresonance system using dipole antennae in the mid-1970s. He wanted a gentle system that would not burden the body with electrical energies or in any way cause side effects. Hence he based his work around a resonator and used a tensor (caged aerial on a spring wire) for analysis. This proved highly effective although many skeptics could not accept such a system. It was Paul Schmidt’s dream to overcome this and silence the doubters and so Rayonex engineers in Germany have worked for over 15 years to find a working automatic testing system that will not burden the organism with side effects.

The new Rayoscan - Automatic Testing for the Rayocomp PS1000 Polar

Therefore we were delighted in June 2014 to see the unveiling of the Rayoscan automatic test module.  The speed of testing is impressive for instance previously using the tensor a full range test took 30 to 40 minutes for an experienced practitioner. The new module does it in 11 to 12 minutes without the practitioner even needing to be in the room!

The Rayoscan combines a universally accepted ECG device (inside the Rayocomp) with the dipole antenna system. In doing so the new module elevates BaPS and silences many doubters – consider: if a short bioresonance impulse can alter an ECG result thereby showing a stress to the body on the area under test, then the test method is proved and along with it the whole system of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt - a true breakthrough.

Rayoscan, working alongside the tensor, will undoubtedly validate Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt in a way that the tensor alone never could and will open up Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt to a new and much wider audience.

A new veterinary program is also now available. The RAH Vet for PS1000 Polar has been a long time in preparation. It contains 663 programs for cats, dogs and horses with 'Visualization' graphics throughout making the RAH Vet the biggest module available for the PS 1000 polar. With veterinary usage of course there is no possibility of placebo effect which make the reports we heard from German users all the more remarkable.

Further Information

Please contact John Doyle at Rayonex / Health Leads / Asphalia on Tel: 01559 364 711;


The Healthy House: Relieve your Allergies and have a Healthy Home

Allergies and sensitivities are affected by where you live, what you use, your surroundings and what you eat and drink. The greatest task is identifying the triggers. Symptoms can be very debilitating and finding the source can be frustrating. Often there are combinations of contributing factors.

The Healthy House Products

Air and Water
The air in our homes can be more polluted than the air on a busy street.  Air purifiers can remove particles, organic chemicals and VOCs. See our range of air purifiers and what each one will remove. Mains water contains chlorine to kill bacteria and viruses and organic and inorganic compounds that can be drunk or enter our bodies through the skin when bathing. See our range of water filters and what they will remove.

Electromagnetic and Microwave Radiation
Electrical house wiring and appliances give off  electrical and magnetic fields that can be harmful if you spend a large amount of time within the field, for example when sleeping. There are increasing levels of microwave fields from mobile phones, phone masts, digital cordless phones and WiFi that may have long term health effects. See our wide range of products to measure and protect against these fields.


Chemicals in the Home

  • The everyday chemicals include those in washing up liquid, bleaches, cleaning products, toiletries and toothpaste.
  • Furniture, furnishings and fabric can have chemical treatments including fire retardants and harmful VOCs. The sealants, paints and finishes have chemicals and solvents that can affect our health.

See our range of cleaning products, toiletries and organic paints and varnishes.

Mould will grow and mould spores will be released into the air when our homes are closed up and damp from showers and cooking accumulates.  Mould can cause many symptoms including sneezing, wheezing, depression and joint pains. See our wide range of products to reduce humidity and help remove mould.

Dust Mites 
Dust mites thrive in warm, damp conditions found in bedding and upholstered furniture. Their faeces are a common cause of allergies. We may think sneezing and coughing in the morning are just symptoms to tolerate but reducing exposure to the dust mite can make a huge difference to these symptoms. We offer a wide range of  dust mite proof bedding and allergy sprays to remove dust mites.

We cover all these categories and more, with 1000s of products that have been sourced through over 25 years of experience. We can help in your search for the answers to your allergy problems.

A Holistic Approach
Years of experience at The Healthy HouseTM have found that the most successful way to achieve relief from allergies and sensitivities is through a holistic approach, which looks at the many influences on our health. We all have a right to live comfortable lives without these stresses and The Healthy HouseTM is here to help.

Further Information

Please contact The Healthy House Ltd on Tel: 0845 450 5950 or 01453 752216;


Complete Calisthenics: The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Exercise

by Ashley Kalym

Published by Lotus Publishing. 2014. Softback.£19.99 /  ISBN: 978 1 905367 54 2

Complete Calisthenics, released August 2014, shows readers how to build strength, power, athleticism, and astounding physical ability using solely one’s own bodyweight as resistance. Relying on virtually no equipment, this book promises to be the most comprehensive and detailed bodyweight exercise manual on the market today.

Complete Calisthenics

Learn how to perform many different types of push-up, pull-up, core exercise, lower body exercise, and conditioning movements, and in the process develop the strongest and most capable physique ever.

Complete Calisthenics includes:

  • Step-by-step exercise instructions with over 500 photographs to guide you through the process;
  • Nutritional advice with simple-to-follow diet plans and sample diets;
  • Work-out program creation to suit your needs.

Author and calisthenics specialist, Ashley Kalym says: “Within this book readers will find every method to achieving awesome bodyweight strength. From an explanation of what calisthenics is, to its benefits, the equipment you will need, and even a section on the correct nutrition. In the exercise sections you will learn how to perform movements like the humble push-up, all the way through to triceps dips, handstands, muscle-ups, front levers, one-arm pull-ups, human flags, and single leg squats. Each exercise is demonstrated with a number of clear, instructive photographs enabling you to see exactly what your body should be doing at each stage. To finish off, there is an extensive section at the end of the book describing various training programs. Whether you are a total beginner or have been training for years, this book will give you the tools and motivation you need to take your physical training to the next level. In short, Complete Calisthenics is the ultimate guide on how to develop the ultimate bodyweight strength.”

About Ashley Kalym

Having been involved in various physical disciplines and activities throughout his life, it was whilst training in the Royal Marine Commandos that Ashley was introduced to the value of bodyweight exercise.  A long-standing, fulfilling and active career in calisthenics and bodyweight training has followed. His website can be viewed at

Further Information

Available from Amazon


The British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy - BIAET

Principal: Donald M Harrison BA (Hons Psych) BSc MR Pharm S

The British Institute was formed in January 1987 to bring together a group of Therapists who practise a unique system of allergy diagnosis and treatment, a system that had already been used very successfully for nearly ten years. The Institute's members are all qualified health professionals - both mainstream and complementary - with a keen interest in allergic conditions (such as Hayfever) and their causes. Membership of the Institute is by way of its Diploma in Allergy & Environmental Therapy - Dip AET. The Course is written by practising therapists and is based on nearly 30 years of experience in the successful treatment of allergic conditions. It comprises 10 substantial distance-learning modules together with attendance on two occasions for practical instruction and lectures at the Institute's premises in Wales. All course materials are provided, together with text books.

BIAET Collage

Food Intolerances

One man's meat may be another man's poison, as the Roman writer Lucretius pointed out. But it is only now, after over 2,000 years, that we understand what he really meant. The allergists of today know only too well that food allergy, or intolerance as it usually called is only too real, yet only 25 years ago we were still trying to convince our local doctors that it was a major cause of illness. We are all biochemically different, so no two people react in the same way to the food they eat.

Peanuts and Shellfish

There are few food allergens that cause antigen/antibody reactions - shellfish and peanuts are perhaps the best known; indeed some food intolerance sufferers have no classical allergies and for this reason may never suspect that their arthritis, migraine or panic attacks are caused by an unusual reaction to common foods. People allergic to the same food may have entirely different symptoms, just as people with the same symptoms may be allergic to different foods.

Symptoms of food intolerance can be varied. Catarrh, digestive and stomach trouble, backache, swollen glands, depression, anxiety attacks and phobias, palpitations, irritability, headaches, mouth ulcers, aching joints and muscles, childhood hyperactivity are all possible, as well as more serious conditions. Onset of symptoms is often delayed, and seems to bear no relationship to diet, so it is not-surprising that many allergic people have had a variety of tests, diagnoses and treatments, often told they are suffering from stress, hypochondria or 'nerves'.

Many food 'allergies' are masked, that is they seem to be more like addictions as the sufferer may have withdrawal symptoms if the food is not eaten, but there are a number of symptoms that commonly point to food intolerance - persistent tiredness, not helped by rest; over- or underweight or fluctuating weight; occasional palpitations after food; occasional excessive sweating, unrelated to exercises; occasional swelling or bloating of hands, face, ankles or abdomen.

Further Information

Please contact The British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy on Tel: 01974 241376; Fax: 01974 241795;


The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop: Tone Your Body and Transform Your Life

by Susan L Westbrook

Published by Findhorn Press. 2014. Softback. £10.99 / $12.44 ISBN: 978-1-84409-197-3. 

What began as a once-secret set of exercises in the Himalayan Mountains and now has a world-wide following? Answer: The Five Tibetans and a simple ‘Google’ can easily demonstrate the fascination of this powerful practice.

Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop

For the uninitiated, The Five Tibetans are the legendary yoga-like poses reportedly part of the daily practice of monastic monks in Tibet who performed the five exercises to balance the energy of the chakras and to enhance vigour and vitality. In The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop: Tone Your Body and Transform Your Life (Findhorn Press, July 2014) experienced yoga teacher, Susan L Westbrook presents a life-changing workshop between the covers of the book that powerfully couples the exercises with meditation and mantras.

“While the exercises are good for your body the meditation will change your life.”

Susan Westbrook

Westbrook spends a little time explaining the history of the Five Tibetans and the lore surrounding them as the ‘Rites of Rejuvenation’ or the fountain of youth. But the core of this book encourages a daily practice of the Five Tibetans yoga and contemplation of the accompanying mantras and chakras. It is a unique approach to personal transformation, which Westbrook breaks into three parts. The first involves learning the exercises and becoming acquainted with what Westbrook calls ‘the stars of the show’ the grasping and healing behaviours. In the second part, she ventures deeper into ‘grasping behaviours and identifies them as confusion, resentment, doubt, fear and miserliness and reflects on how they influence our lives and relationships. The final section offers the antidotes to ‘grasping’ as vulnerability, surrender, authenticity, awareness and connection and how a commitment to these healing behaviours impacts our lives.

Westbrook’s approach is influenced by the work of Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh and she refers often to the concepts of non-attachment and non-permanence. Westbrook skilfully uses her own life experiences to make her concepts relatable and accessible to the reader.  This book truly is a workshop, a place where you can take apart, tinker and rebuild yourself.

About the Author

Susan Westbrook was a professor and educational professional for over 25 years before dramatically changing direction to become a high ropes facilitator, life coach, Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher.

Further Information

Available from Findhorn Press and Amazon


Helping Insomniacs See the Light for a Good Night’s Sleep

A lack of sleep can lead to serious medical conditions including obesity, heart disease and diabetes but watching a soothing light circulating on the ceiling, could be the key to helping insomniacs get the shut eye they need. The NHS hands out over 10 million prescriptions in England for sleeping pills every year and with one in three of us suffering from poor quality slumbers, it’s hoped the LightSleeper could help millions get a restful night.

Helping Insomniacs See the Light for a Good Night’s Sleep

The LightSleeper is a small device that projects a soothing light on the ceiling. The light moves in a circular motion above the bed, and if those struggling to snooze follow the light with their eyes for a few minutes, they will begin to drift off. A product designer with insomnia developed the sleep aid and as Kylie Morris, product coordinator at LightSleeper explains, it has a proven track record.

She said: “By following the light the device projects onto the ceiling, it has the effect of relaxing the mind which is a necessary prerequisite to entering a deep, refreshing sleep.

“We’ve been testing LightSleeper in real situations for many months now and it has proven itself to be effective, both in getting people to sleep in the first place, as well as helping them get back to sleep when they wake up in the middle of the night.”

According to Medical Daily, there are 60 million people suffering from Chronic Insomnia and it affects women and people over the age of 65 more than any other group. The modern day pressures of society are often to blame for lack of sleep leaving many people finding it difficult to wind down when they go to bed at night.

Kylie added:  “Some people read, or watch television to help them go to sleep, but those activities actually stimulate the mind, rather than relaxing it - precisely the wrong effect.

“LightSleeper instead relaxes the mind and prepares you to get to sleep easily and to enjoy a more restful, refreshing night of sleep.”

LightSleeper won’t disturb others in the room and is easy to use. It also switches itself off after 30 minutes so not only is it energy efficient, but users won’t have to worry about turning it off, helping gain a natural sleep rhythm back. A quick tap will start the device up again.

It is safe for children to use and is portable so can be easily carried in your bag and taken on holiday. It is also rechargeable and doesn’t need to be plugged in.

Further Information

LightSleeper is priced at £132 and is available at  with free delivery and a free 14-day home trial.



Integral Healing

by Lynne Feldman

Published by Integral Publishing. 2014. Softback. RRP £11.95 $19.63. ISBN: 0990441903.

A beloved high school teacher recounts her life-altering battle with cancer in this empowering memoir-meets-survival guide for beating the odds!

Cover Integral Healing

When New Jersey educator Lynne Feldman was diagnosed with two different cancers, she was devastated, and faced the harrowing but inevitable question: “What next?” Feldman found herself on the receiving end of conflicting advice from both doctors and well-meaning friends. Some encouraged her to approach the disease with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, while others thought she should try alternative methods and herbal remedies. She was even told that prayer, meditation and positive thinking could cure her. Overwhelmed by the options, Feldman started to realize that she must develop her own personal plan of attack if she was to survive. Feldman developed her own “integral approach,” which incorporates as many diverse healing perspectives, styles and methodologies as possible to bring about the best possible result. By using this unique approach, Feldman was able to put to use the vastly varying advice given to her and she ultimately beat the dreaded disease. 

Integral Healing is the result of Feldman’s exhaustive research into traditional and contemporary cancer treatments, and describes how she combined the best of Western medicine with more holistic approaches to ultimately go into remission. Feldman shares her emotional and physical recovery from cancer, gracefully weaving her personal story into a multi-faceted guide to health and healing, enabling readers to develop their own individualized healing blueprint.  At the heart of Feldman’s message is a call for more flexible and varied approached to cancer treatment, as well as exploring the psychology of illness in order to change and improve the ways in which we understand health and healing. Above all else a story of hope, Integral Healing will educate, challenge and move readers, encouraging us not to view cancer as a death sentence, but to play an active and positive role in our own recovery.

About the Author

Lynne Feldman MA JD is a New Jersey-based lawyer, educator and minister. Lynne has been a pioneer in the integral movement, serving as a founding member of the Integral Institute and the Vice Chancellor of Integral University. Practising as a lawyer since 1986, she has handled civil and criminal cases, and has appeared before the New Jersey Appellate and Supreme Courts. She was also honoured by the New Jersey State Legislature after serving as a high school teacher for nearly twenty years. Today, Lynne is retired, but continues to serve as an ordained minister, helping victims of serious illness cope with their disease.

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  1. Andrew Cutler said..

    Many years ago I wrote to the (then) Dorset hospitals group head of infection control over a study reported in New Zealand which stated that in major clinical trials it was discovered that Tea tree oil in as low a potency as a 1% dilution eradicated MRSA and around 28 or 29 other virulent pathogens.
    Needless to say the report and my letter were totally ignored!
    My suggestion was that some sort of "mist" system in hospitals be trialled using such a dilution of tea tree oil , but to no avail.
    So the idea of using aromatherapy oils to combat MRSA is not a new one. I cannot now remember the source of the original research as it was too long ago, but I would have thought within a healthcare system whose motive was to protect and improve the wellbeing and outcomes of their patients that this concept should have been explored. Instead of which patients are still losing their lives or suffering severe consequences of hospital-borne infections.
    I sincerely hope the book above is well received and promoted.
    Andrew J. Cutler D.B.Th Consultant Medical Herbalist

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    BIOLAB & Great Plains Laboratory Conference

    BIOLAB and The Great Plains Laboratory are hosting a conference. The Gut Function, Dysbiosis and Mental Health conference takes place at the Holiday Inn London, Regent’s Park, London on 15-16 November 2014. The main focus of the conference is to present ways to improve the quality of life of individuals with mental health and/or gut function disorders by presenting the most up-to-date comprehensive biomedical treatments, the benefits or alternative therapies and the most recent research.

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    Petition Stop Mercury Amalgam Fillings - Deadline 16th November 2014

    Graeme & Lilian Munro-Hall BDS have been involved since the beginning in the Minimata Treaty negotiations by the United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP of the, promoting a worldwide ban on mercury for all uses. The EU has asked its citizens to vote on whether they want a phase down or a phase out of dental amalgam which means a strict timetable to end the use of amalgam, likely between 2 and 5 years. The deadline to vote is 16th November.

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    3. Go directly to Question 6.   (Skip 1 to 5.)  Choose one box, either phase down or phase out.  We hope you choose phase OUT!:


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    The British Association of Anger Management is holding Mind Your Anger Workshops in London, Bristol, Birmingham and East Grinstead. Beating Anger One is a 10-week programme designed for anyone interested in exploring and understanding their anger, as well as discovering the necessary tools to safely manage and transform their anger effectively. Beating Anger Two is a weekend intensive which covers the same material over 3 days once a month.

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    Sue Franklin a Health and Wellbeing Practitioner, tried an experiment 2 years ago and has not had cold of flu since. It is an easy and cheap way to prevent colds and flu. Simply keep an unpeeled red onion in each room of your home or office. It doesn’t smell unless you peel or cut it. If you have a cold or flu, it needs to be cut in half. It is so easy to do and cheaper than any remedy you can buy in the Chemist shop. But don’t eat the cut onions as they attract bacteria and may be highly toxic.

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    Winter can be particularly difficult time to keep your skin feeling and looking good. What Skin Needs™ is a range of natural, functional skincare products designed to provide effective solutions to skin problems, including irritation from warm and cold weather, cracked skin, dry skin and skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. The active ingredient in the range is Plantolin™ - a patent-protected active plant extract, scientifically proven to soothe, renew and protect. This key ingredient is derived from the Australian indigenous plant, Centipeda cunninghamii, and is internationally patent-protected for its novel active compounds providing a natural synergy of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity.

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    Nelson’s Arnicare® Arnica Cooling Gel gives top tips on maintaining your exercise regime during the winter months. They recommend you keep positive, to layer up, protect your hands and feet and get warm. If you cannot face exercising outside, they suggest you try a new gym class. Nelson’s Arnicare Arnica Cooling Gel is ideal for massaging into tired and over-worked legs to help cool and revive them. It is non-greasy and easily absorbed by the skin, combining the natural benefits of arnica with the refreshing sensation of grapefruit oil and menthol to cool and soothe the skin.

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    Multiple Healthy Behaviours Reduce Bowel Cancer Risk

    Adoption of a combination of five key healthy behaviours is associated with a reduction in the risk of developing bowel cancer. Researchers from the German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke quantified the impact of combined multiple healthy lifestyle behaviours - healthy weight, physical activity, non-smoking, limited alcohol consumption and a healthy diet - on the risk of developing bowel cancer. The research published in the open access journal BMC Medicine analysed 347,237 men and women from 10 countries from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition.

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    Massimo Mangialavori’s Mushroom Remedies

    The School of Homeopathy is proud to present Dr Massimo Mangialavori, who will be sharing his love of the Mushrooms Remedies at the School of Homeopathy on 9-10 May 2015 at Hawkwood College, Stroud. A renowned international teacher, Dr Mangialavori is known for clinical expertise, passion for advanced homeopathy and material medica.

    Further information Tel: 01453 765 956; Accommodation and meals Tel: 01453 759 034;  


    Grapefruit Seed Extract

    Health Leads® has now introduced Maximum Strength Grapefruit Seed Extract, which may be taken for bacterial, viral and fungal infections, including candida and thrush. Grapefruit Seed Extract comes from the seeds, pulp and white membranes of the grapefruit. It is also referred to as GSE or Citrus Seed Extract and is a great source of vitamin C. It contains fibre, potassium and pectin.

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    MacuShield To Protect Eyes from Computer Harm

    On average, we start our day at 6.37am by checking our phone and finish with a last glimpse at 10.30pm. Many people will regularly glace at their Smartphone and update Facebook or Twitter, then check their personal emails, before browsing online news sites. When you add these together, the total time really clocks up and is potentially damaging your eyes. MacuShield is  a unique food supplement designed to replenish and enrich the macular pigment, which is essential for good quality vision throughout a person’s life, recommended by leading Opticians and eye care professionals.

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    Fertility Treatments Seminars IVF Specialist

    Mr Michael Dooley is going to host a series of unique seminars on broadening the approach to infertility. King Edward VII Hospital’s Poundbury Suite, will be the first private Clinic to offer training for healthcare professionals on holistic fertility therapy. Mr Dooley wants to involve everyone from Nurses to Acupuncturists in these sessions, to explore the benefits of a collaborative approach in the fertility journey.

    Further information: Tel: 020 7384 6991;


    Staying Well in the Workplace

    Unbeelievable Health’s Nutritional Consultant shares her top health tips for the office. She recommends taking breaks which include exercise and  movement, reducing coffee and other stimulants, avoiding sugar and refined carbohydrates and finding ways to manage stress, such as taking a walk at lunch time, performing five minute breathing exercises and improving time and project management skills and keeping your immune system in top shape by taking Bee Prepared Immune Support Max Strength, containing all natural, extracts of bee propolis, elderberry, olive leaf and reishi mushroom, which have proven immune supporting actions and high levels of antioxidants.

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    Studies have shown that rosehip extracts may have a natural ability to help reduce joint pain. Belle+ is a range of rosehip syrups which have been specially formulated for women, with either added iron, omega-3 or Vitamin D. The same company who produce Belle+, also produce award winning Phytacol skincare products, which contain rosehip extracts and can be applied directly to the skin.

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    Amazing Grass aim to disprove the theory that eating healthily and exercising are challenges for us in our busy lives. Green SuperFood Packets hold a delicious powder that mixes easily with water or your favourite milk beverage and helps you achieve your 5-9 daily servings of fruit and vegetables and naturally detoxifies and boosts your immune system. It is a complete raw food with powerful phytonutrients. Alkaline green plant foods balance acidic pH levels and it is a whole food with no fractionated vitamins. There are more organic whole leaf green per gram than other green superfoods and it contains probiotics and enzymes to aid digestion and absorption. It features Sambazon organic pure açaí powder and has no soy lecithin fillers.

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    Mindfulness and the Breath

    Ride the stress wave with Dr David Beales workshop: Mindfulness and the Breath on Wednesday 5 November 2014 from 10am to 4.30pm at Hampshire Hunt Cottage, Nr Alresford SO24 0EG. Learn how the breath leads our stress responses and the mechanics of placing the breath in managing stressful situations. Explore how breath leads our stress responses, self-management of anxiety, panic attacks, IBS, fibromyalgia and pain. Learn how to enable your breathing to be both conscious and satisfying, using mindfulness exercises and biofeedback.

    Further information and to book: Tel: 07850 231 497;


    Why Men Like Straight Lines and Women Like Polka Dots

    Why Men Like Straight Lines and Women Like Polka Dots, Gender and Visual Psychology by Gloria Moss, published by Psyche Books imprint of John Hunt Publishing, reveals through anecdote and reviews of worldwide studies, how men’s designs and preferences are rooted in a hunter way of seeing requiring excellent 3D vision and focus on a distant horizon (leading to a focus on straight lines, little colour and little detail); by contrast, women’s designs and preferences are rooted in a gatherer way of seeing, evolved from millions of years of close-up vision focussed on picking berries and nurturing babies with rounded features.

    Further information:


    The Gentle Way of the Heart

    From a unique new author in the world of spirituality, The Gentle Way of the Heart: Discover the Light Within brings a scientist’s approach to the path to transforming one’s self and becoming more awakened in the present moment. Both a renowned physics and chemistry researcher at Stanford University and a spiritual teacher, the Author Dr Anders Nilsson, lays out a practice of study, meditation and exercises that addresses our world’s desperate need for harmony and human connection.

    Further information:


    OptiBac Probiotics For Women

    OptiBac  probiotics for women  is a UK based family run business keen to give back to the community and gives regularly to a number of charities. They saw the launch of their new supplement For Women as a perfect opportunity to work with a women’s rights organisation, Womankind Worldwide. OptiBac Probiotics For Women is an oral supplement containing two strains of natural bacteria, L. Rhamnosus GR-1® and L. Reuteri RC-14®, which are clinically proven to help support women’s intimate health, especially in those suffering from thrush, cystitis and bacterial vaginosis (BV).

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    How to Nod Off Peacefully

    Sleep plays a critical role in thinking and learning. Most of us who have difficulty nodding off will know how lack of sleep affects us, reducing our ability to concentrate. Potter’s Nodoff Plus Mixture is a herbal sleeping draught which helps promote natural sleep. It contains passionflower, Jamaica dogwood, hops, valerian and skullcap. Potter’s Nodoff Tablets contain passionflower , which is a mild sedative. Potter’s NewRelax Tablets - used for the symptomatic relief of tenseness, irritability or agitation due to the stresses of modern life contains hops, skullcap, valerian and vervain.

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    Flying Therapeutics

    Flying Therapeutic sessions begin with a Thai Yoga Massage, after which you will be flown; gently lifted into the air, balanced safely on the therapist’s hands and feet and guided through a series of supported postures. The therapist will take you through some twists and stretches, whilst all you do is breath, relax and let go. Frances Hutchens is the creator of this technique, he has 13 years of Yoga practice and he works at Indaba Yoga on Mondays and The Light Centre Belgravia on Fridays.

    Further information Tel: 07402 434 456;


    Aronia Berries May Help to Boost Cancer Therapy

    Wild berries native to North America, may have a role in boosting cancer therapy, according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Pathology, Scientists suggest chokeberries could work in combination with conventional drugs to kill more cancer cells. Aronia Berry 30 Day Shots is the world’s first Aronia Berry super shot juice. Aronia Berry 30 Day Shots is also a very healthy juice alternative for diabetics, as it is naturally low in fruit sugars (fructose), having less sugar than most other fruit.

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    Resilience Through Change - One Day Open Masterclass

    Liggy Webb, author of the best-selling book Resilience will be presenting this one day event on 24 November or 12 December 2014 - 9.00am-5pm in Worcestershire. The day includes a three course lunch and a copy of the best-selling book Resilience - How to Cope when everything around you keep changing and access to an online Life Skills Library post-event. The one-day Resilience Masterclass will help participants to be more resilient, agile and responsible, cope better with challenges and change, think more innovatively, positively and optimistically, manage emotions and stress levels, improve personal wellbeing and life-balance and help make a positive difference.

    Further information:

    Stunning venue


    Maybe Baby

    Are you struggling to conceive? Dr Marilyn Glenville, the UK’s leading Nutritionist in women’s health and author of bestselling book Getting Pregnant Faster shares her top tips to help you to conceive naturally. She has found that if a couple embark on a fertility boosting diet and lifestyle plan for three months before trying for a baby, then their chances of getting pregnant faster increase significantly. Marilyn is holding a Fertility Retreat Weekend at Champneys 21-23 Nov.

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    Of Course! How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take to Change?

    In Of Course! Ian Patrick discusses some of the toughest challenges known to students of A Course in Miracles: facing the death of loved ones; letting go of long held grievances, trying to comprehend Nelson Mandela meeting the Spice Girls. In this new edition, O-Books presents the best of Ian’s insights and personal reflections in one volume, selected from over 100 editions of the UK’s highly respected Course periodical Miracle Worker.

    Further information:


    Stillness in Mind

    Stillness in Mind - A Companion to Mindfulness Meditation and Living by Simon Cole is not your typical meditation book. No Sanskrit terms, no gurus, no mystique. Less a set of instructions, more a challenge to the reader to work on themselves within the framework the author sets out. Simon Cole has formulated a meditation path for a modern age, grounded in Western therapeutic tradition.

    Further information:   


    Sharks’ Skin - Teeth in the Fight Against Hospital Superbugs

    Transmission of bacterial infections, including MRSA and MSSA could be curbed by coating hospital surfaces with microscopic bumps which mimic the scaly surface of shark skin, according to research published in the open access journal Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control. The study modelled how well different materials prevented the spread of human disease bacteria through touching, sneezes or spillages. The micropattern, named Sharklet™, is an arrangement of ridges formulated to resemble shark  skin.

    Further information:


    Death, The Last God

    Death, The Last God - A Modern Book of the Dead by Anne Geraghty is a story of a grieving mother looking for her dead son. An investigation into death in our modern world and an exploration of our struggles to live well in the ever-present shadow of death. It is not a book with answers; it is an invitation to look at death differently. This book offers fresh and original ideas about death and dying and it will radically change your understanding of what death is.

    Further information:

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