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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 186

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 186 - September 2011

Accredited Massage Courses

Accredited Massage Courses is a training school for massage courses, established by Robert Donkers and Justin Johnson in 2009 in London.


Thai Yoga Couch Massage


Robert is an experienced Bodyworker and Massage Therapist who had been teaching his own courses for a few years.  Robert’s courses are mostly 1- and 2-day courses, aimed at qualified therapists who are looking to expand their repertoire of therapies.   In 2009 he and Justin joined forces to set up a company to promote these courses as well as to offer ITEC courses in Holistic Massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy.  (Justin is also trained as an Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist.)

As well as the four ITEC courses, Accredited Massage offers about 25 shorter courses.  Most of them are just one day long, but a couple take two days and one (the Lomi Lomi Diploma course) takes five days to complete.

The specific aim is to keep classes small.  The classes have as few as two students if necessary, but our maximum number is usually 8 students.  (By special arrangement we can also set up classes for 10 or 12 students.)  By keeping class numbers small, this ensures that each student receives enough personal attention during the day to help them really understand the course.  Students certainly seem to enjoy this and thrive on the active participation it gives them.

Earlier this year, Accredited Massage was joined by renowned Therapist and Teacher, Julia Williiams, who now teaches add-on courses in Reflexology and Aromatherapy from her new base in Bridport in Dorset. Robert and Justin are gradually hoping to bring on more teachers in other parts of the UK.

Further Information

For more information about all our courses, please contact Accredited Massage on Tel: 020 8340 7041;



High Barn Oils Quality Linseed Pods and Culinary Linseed Oil

At High Barn Oils, owned by Durwin Banks, linseed is naturally grown and cold pressed on the family owned farm in Sussex. High Barn Oils  provide both linseed pods and culinary linseed oil direct to thousands of regular customers throughout the United Kingdom.


High Barn Oils


Linseed oil contains the essential fatty acid ALA, known as Omega 3. Whether you are watching your blood pressure or cholesterol, want clearer skin, shining hair and stronger nails, or are embarking upon a fitness regime to lose weight, build lean muscle or burn fat, Omega 3 from linseed could really benefit you.

Omega 3 can be obtained from fish oils also, but linseed actually contains three times as much Omega 3 as fish oils is natural for us, and is also a strong source of Omega 6, Omega 9 and Vitamin E. In fact using linseed as a food ingredient can improve the function of all bodily systems. From pregnancy and infancy through to maturity and old age, linseed oil will help to sustain you as a healthy human being.

Budwig Protocol

For those using the Budwig Protocol High Barn Oils will supply the freshest Linseed (flax) oil to you, sent within days of being pressed. The freshness of the oil is vital and Durwin am the only farmer supplying the oil direct to you. The linseed meal or seeds for the muesli are also supplied.

Great Linseed Muesli - Life Changing Breakfast

This is a satisfying breakfast and because of the hormonal action of the linseed it can help you maintain a balanced diet. Menopausal systems can be alleviated and with a few changes to the rest of the diet, some exercise (maybe just fast walking) getting those pounds off can be easier and enjoyable.


• 2 Tablespoons porridge oats

• Some nutty muesli, I use Dorset brand

• 2 dessert spoons High Barn Oils linseed meal

• 1 Dessertspoon High Barn Culinary Linseed oil

• Some blue berries and chopped banana apple or other fruit to taste

• I use orange juice because I do not like milk products.


1. Mix and enjoy.


Further Information

Please contact High Barn Oils on Tel: 01403 730326;



1-Week Yoga, Pilates, Qigon, Taiji and Shiatsu Retreat in France

A week of Yoga, Pilates, Qigong, Taiji & Shiatsu with Sue Woodd & Tina Hedrén at: Ferme de Candeloup, Monein, France. October 8th to 15th 2011


This retreat will offer a unique chance to go deeper into the Yin phases of seasonal change and will focus of the periods of late summer, autumn and winter: The focus will be on core stability, balance, re-alignment and rejuvenation on every level and will include:

  • Techniques for Resetting your body clock for Yin phases
  • Seasonal flows for late summer, autumn and winter and how to create your own
  • Qigong used to support the stomach, spleen, lungs and kidneys and maintain your health
  • Seasonal Pilates sessions for and for each of these Yin Phases
  • Chi Ball sessions to relax and unwind, challenge your core and give exercise a seasonal focus
  • Learning a short T’ai Form to martial your immune system
  • Seasonal meditations
  • How to support your Hormones and Adrenals and Immunity
  • Talks and practical skills on how to relieve stress relax and renew
  • Breathing techniques and Pranayama
  • A wealth of knowledge to support your life and share with students, clients and family

Further Information

Please contact Susan Woodd on Mob: 07788 584746;,  Tina Hedrén on Mob: 0046 708 311215;


Blue Herbs Stockists of Colon Cleansing by Blessed Herbs

Blue Herbs supplies colon cleanse and complementary herbal health products, vitamin supplements, acai berry and more. They are stockists of the renowned organic Colon Cleansing Kit & Internal Cleansing Kit by Blessed Herbs. The goal is to help people improve their health and well-being by harnessing the power of nature, using only the best herbal supplements and health products available. The Colon Cleanse kits have been voted the Best Colon Cleanser Kits for the past 3 years and are used by over 200,000 people worldwide.


Blue Herbs products


Colon Cleansing Kit by Blessed Herbs

A complete cleanse designed for your large and small intestine to rejuvenate your digestive system and be a great start to your slimming lifestyle!

Key Benefits

  • Kick starts your weight loss programme
  • Brilliant results in just a few days
  • Makes you feel more alive

Key Features

  • Natural way to cleanse your colon
  • Best cleansing kit available
  • World leading cleansing kit

The Colon Cleansing Kit is the most effective cleanse that for the best results combines cleansing with a liquid-only fast. It contains a herbal blend, Toxin Absorber, which expands and binds to the intestinal walls pulling out the old waste that has built up over time. This waste contains toxins which can make you feel unwell. The herbal stimulant formula, Digestive Stimulator, helps the bowels to move regularly. In effect, the Toxin Absorber helps bind the waste together whilst the Digestive Stimulator helps you have a regular bowel movement (ideally at least three times a day).

Further Information

Please contact Blue Herbs on Tel: 0203 488 3830;



Candida Can Be Fun - A Survival Guide for Yeasties

by Rebecca Richardson

Published by Rebecca Richardson. 2011. Softback. £19.99. ISBN 978-0-948808-14-2.


Candida Can Be Fun Front Cover


Candida Can Be Fun! is a specially tailored survival guide just for you.  This book is a frank and honest account of what it is like to live with Candida from a sufferer's perspective.  This unique A4 colour paperback contains 148 pages of helpful information and advice.  Written with humour, it tells you how to get started, what to expect from this extremely restricted diet and offer brand products that are safe for ‘Yeasties’ and food intolerants to eat, as well as where to source them. 

More importantly, it contains 100 fully colour illustrated savoury recipes to keep you well fed, so that you can actually see what you can eat.  The meals are simple, nutritious and easy to make.  The recipes are free from wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, fruit, alcohol, yeast, caffeine, nuts and fermented products. 

“You don't even have to have Candida to enjoy this food!”

With the Government’s continuation of the Department of Health’s “Change4Life Programme” and its campaign to encourage the people in Britain to lead healthier lives, this food plan is suitable for everyone, but especially those with certain diet restrictions and food intolerances.  These recipes are ideal for diabetics, coeliacs and ME sufferers and can also help people who experience migraines, recurrent digestive disorders, thrush/cystitis and a compromised immune system, or can just simply be beneficial for the diet conscious.

Further Information

To purchase a copy of Candida Can Be Fun! – A Survival Guide for ‘Yeasties’ please visit: 



Active School of Complementary Therapy

The Active School of Complementary Therapy  (ASCT) (formerly the Loughborough School of Complementary Therapy), Proprietor Tanya Milne, incorporates many techniques and modalities promoted in therapeutic practice into the current and future courses and workshops offered by ASCT.


Active School of Complementary Therapy


As a deep tissue  massage practitioner Tanya Milne has worked with a wide variety of clients, both individually and as part of National Sports Medicine teams.  She has provided massage treatments, First Aid/Injury cover, training courses and workshops for numerous organisations. Through her clinic, she now provides massage for local sports, as well as treatments for non-sporting persons and NHS patients. Tanya trained with one of the world’s foremost authorities in massage therapy, and through her training courses she successfully passes on her skills to many aspiring therapists.  Some of her students have successfully practised massage therapy right through to elite level.

ASCT recruits tutors and visiting presenters who all have experience and are successful practitioners from various fields of  Complementary Health, Fitness, Exercise, and Sport. They teach their students to the same professional standard they employ. All have well-established practices of their own, and have worked at the highest level of human

performance. They all have a great depth of practical knowledge in all aspects of their work and can offer extensive hands-on experience.

ASCT provides a training environment where the emphasis is on self-development. OTraining courses and workshops emphasize the development of an holistic perspective. ASCT courses aim to create a complete practitioner with good career potential.


  • ISRM/BTEC Diploma in Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy
  • ISRM Bridging programme to BTEC Diploma in Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy
  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology
  • First Aid Courses:
  • First Aid for the Clinical Therapist/Personal Trainers/Sports Practitioners
  • Certificate in Lomilomi

Further Information

Please contact Active School on Tel: 01509 556101; Tel: 07908 596673;


Reflexology Bridging Course Qualification - MAR Status

Reflexologists who qualified under the VTCT awarding body organization can now take a new short bridging course to become full members of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) and attain MAR status.


Reflexology Bridging Course


The prestigious MAR (Member of the Association of Reflexologists) status is widely recognized as the mark of the highest standards and quality. The AoR has teamed up with online learning experts, Essential Training Solutions (ETS), to offer a bridging course to enable more reflexology practitioner’s show that they have the required standards for MAR membership status with the AoR.

The new bridging course, which launches in September 2011, consists of two parts.  Firstly, a set of online refresher modules to review conditions in the core curriculum, complete with access to downloadable reference materials and up-to-date health and safety information where required. The second element is a practical hands-on day with experienced tutors.

Online training is an ideal means to bridge any knowledge gap. Participants can pre-test to evidence existing knowledge and study at their own pace, in their own time. The material is intuitive to use, fully supported and available 24 hours a day. This, combined with the personal, face-to-face element, provides an ideal package that offers a wealth of information but takes into account and respects prior knowledge and busy lifestyles. 

Successful participants can apply for full AoR membership and are then entitled to use the designation MAR after their name. This is an important consideration in the current climate if practitioners want to put themselves in the best position to receive referrals from GPs, Primary Care Trusts and medical insurance companies in the future.

Further Information

Please contact the Association of Reflexologists on Tel: 01823 351010;



Flexibility First A Fitness Approach for Life by Marjorie Brook


Brook Seminars is proud to announce the launch of two new innovative series of Stretching Manuals.


Flexibilty First front cover


Brook Seminars is proud to announce the long awaited release of the Flexibility First A Fitness Approach for Life series. Flexibility First is written by international educator and founder of Brook Seminars, Marjorie Brook. In these two comprehensive sets of manuals, Marjorie shares what her years of experience have enabled her to learn and refine into the latest most effective stretching and strengthening techniques.

The Professional series is designed for bodywork professionals and therapists of all levels of experience while the Personal series provides instruction for the individual. The manuals are  user friendly with great illustrations and comprehensive instructions that clearly lead the reader through step by step instructions on how to achieve the best results for their clients and for themselves. Marjorie also gives specific instructions to ensure proper body mechanics are utilized, preventing injuries, and also provides hints that increase efficacy of treatment techniques.

"Stretching is essential to achieving and maintaining balance in the body," said Marjorie Brook, founder of Brook Seminars. "However, people will not stretch because they find it too difficult or time consuming. The goal was to create a body of work that would provide the easiest, most complete set of information needed to facilitate one's own well-being."

A must read for anyone who is interested in achieving and maintaining the ultimate state of health and flexibility.

Further Information

Previews of both series are offered via a free 12 week e-mail subscription. Available at  and Please contact Marjorie Brook on Tel: +1 (516) 409-1240;



In Case of Spiritual Emergency: Moving Successfully through Your Awakening

by Catherine G Lucas

Published by Findhorn Press. 2011. Paperback. £9.99  ISBN 978 1 84409 546 9

 “This book is a remarkable achievement. The author charts the terrain of moving from breakdown to breakthrough, exploring how surviving a mental health crisis can lead to a new and authentic way of being and bringing a profound message of hope to all sufferers.”

Dr Andrew Powell, Founding Chair, Spirituality and Psychiatry Special Interest Group, Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK.


In Case of Spiritual Emegency front cover


The launch of this Title In Case of Spiritual Emergency is on Monday 10 October, World Mental Health Day at 7.30pm GMT. This is an international webinar event. To pre-register readers need to go to 

In Case of Spiritual Emergency is a book of extremes; the terror and the bliss, the danger and the opportunity, as the psyche moves through its very own Hero’s Journey. Personal stories of spiritual crisis are presented alongside practical and effective guidance in this exploration of a fascinating phenomenon.

A spiritual emergency can be triggered by many things: loss of faith or a loved one, intense spiritual practises, even childbirth. When spiritual crises, such as mystical psychosis and dark nights of the soul, are understood, managed and integrated, they can offer enormous potential for growth and fulfilment.

Encouraging, supportive, and life-saving, In Case of Spiritual Emergency is vital for relieving the mental and emotional suffering these experiences can bring. In this guide for mental health professionals, pastoral care specialists, and people going through spiritual crisis or their caregivers, you will find:

  • A clear summary of recent psychological research of the past twenty years;
  • Patterns of spiritual crises through the ages: St. Teresa of Ávila, Carl Jung, and Eckhart Tolle among others;
  • The Three Key Phases for Moving Successfully through Spiritual Emergency;
  • Practical, life-saving guidance for those experiencing spiritual emergency or those caring for them.

Further Information

Available from Findhorn Press and from Amazon

The Key Features of Spiritual Emergency can be read on Catherine's blog site; just click on the link 



Living Nature’s Natural Deep Cleansing Mask

Your Skin Purifier


This intensively cleansing, all-natural mask combines the unique qualities of Halloysite Clay, which naturally absorbs dirt and impurities from the skin, with the nourishing, moisturising and healing properties of Active Manuka Honey and antibacterial Manuka Essential Oil. Totarol is also included for its antimicrobial benefits and its potent antioxidant activity that helps protect against free radical damage of the skin and those tell-tale signs of ageing

All-in-all, Living Nature’s Deep Cleansing Mask does exactly as the name suggests; deeply cleanses the skin, detoxifying it of any impurities and helping to refine pores. Suitable for all skin types, but especially those of us with oily skin that’s prone to spots, blemishes and acne, Deep Cleansing Mask leaves skin balanced, refined and wonderfully soft, smooth and supple.

For best results, use Living Nature’s Deep Cleansing Mask once or twice a week, depending on the condition of your skin, to deeply purify and help restore your skin’s health and balance. Apply a thick layer over your face, being careful to avoid the eye area, leave on for 15-20 minutes and then remove gently with warm water. Alternatively, you can use Deep Cleansing Mask as an overnight treatment if you suffer regularly from troublesome spots. Living Nature’s Deep Cleansing Mask benefits from containing only 100% natural preservatives, fragrances and ingredients and is certified natural by BDIH in Germany, an independent auditor of natural skin care and cosmetics. Additionally, you can rest-assured that the Deep Cleansing Mask contains no genetically modified ingredients, includes botanicals that are sourced only from sustainable sources and is not tested on animals.

Further Information

Stockist Information: Living Nature’s Deep Cleansing Mask retails is available from a nationwide network of salons, pharmacies and health stores, by mail order and online.  For further information, contact Living Nature (UK) on Tel: 0845 2508455;


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    Advances in Integrated Oncology Conference

    RGCC-UK have organized the conference Advances in Integrated Oncology to be held on Friday 7 Oct 2011 at the Royal Society of Medicine, London from 9am-5pm. Speakers include researchers from the UK, Germany, USA and Greece. Topics include Dendritic Cell Therapy, non-specific vaccines, circulating tumour cells, chemosensitivity testing and cancer stem cells. Further Information and booking Tel: 0117 317 1460;

    Sayer Courses Homeopathy, Reiki Nutrition

    Based in Southend, Essex, Sayer Complementary Health offer a range of courses in homeopathy that are suitable for anyone with a general interest in the subject of natural healing with this wonderful medicine, through to diploma level courses training you for a qualification to practise. Reiki I, II and Master/Teacher levels are taught on a one-to-one basis or in classes with a maximum number of four learners. Workshops on nutrition and healthy eating and other holistic topics are also on offer.


    Further Information Tel: 01702 826 049; to book your place on the next course.   Please mention Positive Health when calling.


    CNELM 10th Anniversary Conference

    The Centre for Nutrition Education is holding its 10th Anniversary Conference on 10 September 2011 at the Cavendish Conference Centre, London W1G 9DT. The Centre feels that the profession has developed to a point where it needs to produce its own clinical evidence base through a practitioner-driven collaboration with Research Scientists. There will be many speakers at the Conference and Students and Practitioners will be presenting innovative and highly relevant findings from their research during breaks.


    Further information: 0118 979 8686


    A Flexible Way to Learn Craniosacral Therapy

    Turning Point Training runs Practitioner courses in Marlow, near London, Wiltshire and Devon and offers the Certificate in Craniosacral Therapy Level One. The Level One Course can be taken intensively or spread over two years. Students are required to study a number of modules and these modules can be done at their own convenience within the overall time frame. The training courses are offered in bite-sized modules so students can spread the coursework and cost over two or three years. The Craniosacral Courses offer a practical and hands-on approach to learning with close supervision and personal attention. Classes are small to allow plenty of one-on-one tuition.


    Further information: Tel: 01769 579079;


    American Friends Tel Aviv University Update

    For years, scientists have been hoping to develop drug treatments that can target cancer cells exclusively, leaving other cells in our bodies unharmed. Now Tel Aviv University (TAU) Researchers have taken a big step forward in this process. Prof Eytan Ruppin at TAU’s Blavatnik School of Computer Science and his colleagues have successfully created the first genome-scale model of cancer cell metabolism, which can be used to predict which drugs are lethal to cell function. They have demonstrated the efficacy of this method in both computer and laboratory models for kidney cancer, and it holds the promise of effective drug therapies for other kinds of cancer as well, a recent paper published in the journal Nature reports.


    Further information


    CAMExpo Taster Workshops

    If you are thinking of booking a new course, CAMExpo’s Taster Workshops will give you a hands-on, try before you buy experience. The Workshops have limited spaces and are selling out quickly. The Workshops will take place on 22-23 October 2011 at Earl’s Court, London. Workshops include: Thai Foot Massage; Ayurveda for Women; Thai Yoga Massage; Colon Massage Workshop; Thai Herb Compress Massage; Heated Holistic Bamboo Massage; Inspire Facial; Energy 4 Life; Hands Free Chair Massage Techniques; The Power of Breath, Kinesiology – Helps You to a Positive Future; Pregnancy Massage; Deep Tissue and Forearm Massage; Bi-Aura School of Bio Energy: Working With Chakras; Dorn Method for Back, Neck and Joints and The Balance Procedure.


    Further information Tel: 01273 645119;


    Open to Channelling

    Delcia McNeil is running a one day channelling workshop for Healers and Therapists on Sunday 10 September 2011 at Flat 2, 56 Queens Avenue, Muswell Hill, London N10 3NU. Connect with that part of your consciousness that is real and yet feels outside or beyond yourself. The course is powerful and yet gentle, a safe place to unleash your vulnerability whilst nurtured at all times in a healing and safe, non-judgemental environment. Delcia de-mystifies channelling with a no nonsense style of teaching and common sense. There are also a few spaces left on her weekend Open to Channelling Course in South Cumbria on 1 & 2 October 2011.


    Further information Tel: 07515 807366; 


    Anti-Cancer Properties of Whole Ginger

    Scientists at Georgia State University have found that whole ginger extract has promising cancer-preventing activity in prostate cancer. The first of its kind study looks at the anti-cancer properties of ginger as a whole, rather than that of individual compounds. The lab of Ritu Aneja, Associate Professor of Biology, found that ginger extract had significant effects in stopping the growth of cancer cells as well as in inducing cell death in a spectrum of prostate cancer cells. The research appears online via FirstView in the British Journal of Nutrition.


    Further information Tel: +1-404-413-1357


    Authentic Relationships

    The Happiness Project has announced its forthcoming workshop Authentic Relationships with Ben Renshaw on 16 September in London. In today’s busy world, relationships get ignored, we want our family to be tight-knit and our partner to meet every need, but we do not invest real attention in them. Ben will take you through the following key themes in this powerful one-day workshop: Relationship Purpose, Relationship Vision, Relationship Breakthroughs, Relationship Connection and Relationship Wisdom.


    Further information Tel: 0845 430 9236; 


    Love and The Enneagram

    Robert Holden is holding a 3-day workshop on 30 Sept-2 October 2011 entitled Love & The Enneagram. Robert has been a student of The Enneagram since 2003 and considers this ancient tool, which identifies 9 different personality types, a most sacred and profound system for self-awareness. The course uses the timeless wisdom of this model to help you understand yourself and others better and to enjoy more loving relationships in your life.


    Further information Tel: 0845 430 9236;


    New Report Lowers Minimum Recommended Exercise for Health

    The Lancet has published a lower minimum recommendation of weekly exercise. Fifteen minutes of exercise each day reduces the risk of death by 14% and increases life expectancy by 3 years according to fitness and health entrepreneur Zef Eisenberg. He was responding to a study published in The Lancet, which found that as little as 90 minutes exercise a week is beneficial. The study revises former government guidelines that a minimum of around 20 minutes per day or 150 minutes per week of activity supports health.


    Further information Tel: 020-7482 8857


    Hope’s Relief for Eczema and Psoriasis

    Hope’s Relief is Australia’s leading natural dry skin cream and has been specially created with powerful therapeutic botanicals. Jacqueline Hope introduces a new range of complementary products: a cleansing bar, shampoo and conditioner. The range is now available in the UK and contains a unique combination of high quality natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Manuka honey, Liquorice root, Gotu Kola and Calendula, which help soothe skin prone to eczema and psoriasis.


    Further information: 


    Laboratory Tests for Complementary Practitioners

    With the professionalism of many Complementary Medicine disciplines, Practitioners of those disciplines are increasingly expected by patients to be familiar with the range of diagnostic tests available to medical science. In the changing environment in which Complementary Medicine now operates, Therapists owe it to themselves and their patients to have a good understanding of laboratory testing. Dr Nicholas Miller and Kate Neil, are holding a seminar on 21-22 October 2011, the aim of which is to give practitioners a solid grounding in the interpretation of standard tests (full blood count, ESR, markers of liver and kidney function, electrolytes, thyroid hormones etc). It also aims to introduce tests that have a particular relevance to Complementary Practice i.e. ‘functional medicine’ tests that assess digestion, detoxification and food sensitivity and, within this context, tests for such factors as adrenal stress and intestinal permeability.


    Further information Tel: 01892 547628 / 07802 494310


    In-flight DVT Tights Can Help Cure Snoring

    Wearing compression stockings might help people suffering from the common sleep disorder, obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), according to new research. The study found that sufferers wearing thigh-high stockings for a week reduced their sleep problems including frequent waking and snoring, by a third. People with OSA frequently wake in the night which in turn leads to problems during the day, such as excess sleepiness. The study at the University of Brescia, Italy, used full-length compression stockings and recruited 12 patients with vein problems that led to blood pooling in the lower legs during daytime, which caused sleeping problems triggered by the excess fluid moving to the neck during the night. The Unisex Sock (Class 1) by Activa Healthcare helps to prevent blood clots from forming by applying a gentle, graduated massaging effect on the calf and ankle.


    Further information Tel: 08450 606 707


    American Institute of Cancer Research Conference

    The AICR are holding their 2011 Research Conference on Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer on November 3-4 in Washington DC. This year they are offering a session on Cancer Treatment and Survivorship. Leading experts in the field will discuss the latest findings in survivorship related to diet, with talks on nutrition and cancer cachexia, the role of soy and micronutrients. A panel discussion will follow the talks.


    Further information Tel: +1 (800) 843-8114;  (202) 328-7744


    Maharishi Foundation and ADHD

    A new study published in Mind & Brain, The Journal of Psychiatry builds upon previous research indicating benefits from practising Transcendental Meditation for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The new study directly measured brain functioning in 18 children 11-14 years old, randomly assigned to the experimental group and the delayed-start control group. It was found significant decreases after 3 months practice of Transcendental Meditation, in the key ratio of theta waves to beta waves, which has previously been found to characterize ADHD. It also found improvements in the executive (frontal lobe) functioning and in ADHD symptoms as reported by the children’s parents.


    Further information:


    Take a Fresh Look at Baby Food

    According to Annabel Karmel MBE,  author of dozens of best-selling books on baby and toddler nutrition, babies are being neglected by supermarkets. Annabel, whose top website is a busy hub for British parents, recently linked up with another parenting site, to conduct a joint survey about attitudes to commercially available baby food and discovered that most parents are finding it hard to swallow. About 53% of parents who took part in the online survey across two websites said they cooked their own baby food, expressing concerns about the poor taste and questionable quality of the jars, pouches and pots of food available.


    Further information Tel: 020-7292 7152;


    Rice and Oat Drinks Alternative to Soya Milk

    Kirsty Henshaw has launched chilled Freedom Rice and Oats drinks, healthy and delicious non-dairy alternatives to milk that are naturally low in saturated fat and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and soya-free, both drinks are easy to digest, cholesterol and lactose free; they also provide an excellent source of protein, iron, calcium and fibre. Freedom Oat drink naturally contains B vitamins, vitamin E and folic acid and Freedom Rice drink uses the whole of the grain, naturally containing over 10 digestive enzymes. The drinks are available nationwide from ASDA and a number of health food stores.


    Further Information


    The Cisca Saltpipe for Breathing Conditions

    Harnessing all the natural benefits of ancient salt cave therapy, the Cisca Saltpipe is a natural health product that provides drug-free relief from respiratory conditions including asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, sinus problems and allergies. The hand held ceramic pipe contains two ceramic filters, each containing 60 grams of healing Halite salt crystals, formed naturally in Hungarian caves. Users simply place the Saltpipe into the mouth and inhale normally, exhaling through the nose. The moisture of the moving air absorbs the microscopic particles of salt, allowing it to penetrate the entire respiratory tract. By drawing excess fluid from the sinuses and cell lining, cleansing the nasal passages and opening the airways, the Saltpipe helps relieve the main causes of congestion and irritation.


    Further information Tel: 0191 373 4425


    Healing Honey in a Tube

    The Active Honey Co Antiseptic Honey 20+ is a healing honey in a tube that is 100% natural and provides potent curative properties over a sustained period. Lifeplan Products Limited recommend the honey to help ease a variety of everyday skin problems with their latest in antimicrobial honeys from Chile. Antiseptic Honey 20+ is part of The Antiseptic Honey Co Rainforest Honey range that draws on the unique benefits provided by Active H2O2NEY™. This patented process gradually releases the curative constituents of antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic Chilean honey only when exposed to the skin or when taken internally. No other honey possesses this unique ability. The honey can be used to moisturise and nourish dry skin, soothe sore, irritated or inflamed skin such as rashes, eczema, minor burns and sunburn.


    Further information: The Active Honey Co Antiseptic Honey 20+ is available from Harrods Pharmacy, Boots, Morrisons and a nationwide network of pharmacies and independent health food stores, or
    Tel: 01455 556281


    Professor Sheik Imam is a famous professional leading African Healer who works with powerful spirits


    Aromatherapy creams & candles. Heal naturally No side effects. Holistic treatments, powerful courses

  • mycology research MRL

    MRL markets mushroom products food grade US & Netherlands GMP standards. Health Professional Videos

  • June Sayer Homeopathy

    Training Academy Homeopathy Nutrition Reiki, Distant Learning. Diet, Health Screening, Detox, Stress

  • radical spirituality

    UK publisher of rejected knowledge in areas of esoteric thought and radical streams of spirituality.

  • Super Patch Wellbeing

    Super Patches – a most revolutionary advance in wellbeing strategies in the history of medicine

  • Flower essences online

    Fine quality flower essences international ranges to help promote vitality and emotional well-being.

  • Liposomal Nutrients

    Optimum system for nutrient delivery to cells - fully bioavailable vitamins absorbed and metabolised

  • nutrition and cancer

    by Sandra Goodman PhD The latest scientific research regarding Nutrition and Cancer. Full details at

  • Supercoherence-System

    Supercoherence master code can restore each human to their pristine pure state at the speed of light

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