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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 178

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 178 - January 2011

UK Individualized Cancer Blood Tests from World Class Laboratory

Chemosensitivity testing is frequently used throughout Europe to assist doctors in devising personalized cancer care plans. There is growing evidence that monitoring Circulating Tumour Cells and testing their sensitivity to chemotherapy drugs can play a valuable role in the management of an individual cancer.


Cancer patients can now access these tests through the UK office of RGCC (Research Genetic Cancer Centre), a world-class laboratory specializing in medical and cancer genetics, with a global service. The Director and founder is Dr Ioannis Papasotiriou MD; RGCC-UK Ltd, co-directed by Dr Nicola Hembry BSc MB BS MSB, is based in Bristol.

The tests offered by RGCC are unique; they not only test the most commonly used chemotherapy drugs, but also 40 natural substances which can prove beneficial to patients.

What are circulating Tumour Cells?

Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) are breakaway cells from a primary cancer site which enter the blood stream and can circulate with the potential to spread the disease to distant organs. These cells can be isolated and identified, and there is growing interest in their detection for the following purposes:
  • The early detection and diagnosis of new cancers
  • Monitoring of existing cancers
  • Prognosis - providing information about the risk of recurrence of a current or old cancer
  • People who want to actively engage in reducing their risk of developing cancer in the future                

What is Chemosemsitivity testing?

Chemosensitivity testing involves testing an individual's cancer cells in the laboratory to see which drugs demonstrate the best response. It therefore provides guidance about which treatments may be best for the individual in clinical practice.

Cancer physicians principally rely on the statistical analysis of large treatment trials to decide which drugs to use for specific cancers. There is a growing interest, however, in personalized cancer therapy, which involves identifying those treatments which may work best for an individual's cancer. Chemosensitivity testing is one method of doing this. The RGCC test is a blood test (or sometimes tissue). Tumour cells are identified and isolated from the sample for the following analysis:
  • Viability testing of chemotherapy drugs;
  • Genetic profiling for guidance about targeted therapies e.g. monoclonal antibodies;
  • Viability testing  (and identification of mechanisms of action) of natural substances which may be used as part of a complementary treatment strategy.
Results are presented in a written report to provide guidance regarding optimal treatment options. RGCC-UK Ltd provides information for patients and doctors, and refers patients to doctors throughout the UK who offer their services to patients privately.

Further Information
For further information please contact RGCC-UK Ltd on 0117 317 1460;

New! Diploma in Clinical Reflex Zone Therapy for Pregnancy and Childbirth

This 20-day programme is aimed at Reflexologists wishing to specialise in maternity work, using reflex zone therapy techniques to treat specific discomforts in pregnancy, support women in childbirth and help them to adapt to motherhood. The programme is taught by internationally-renowned expert in maternity-CAM, Denise Tiran, author of Reflexology in Pregnancy and Childbirth (2010) and Clinical Reflexology (2nd edition due December 2010). Individual  modules accredited by FHT, Greenwich University, FEDANT.

Expecctancy Banner

Two-day Accredited Course on Caring for Pregnant Clients

20th and 21st January 2011, central London (Victoria)

This introductory theoretical course for practitioners of all complementary therapies provides an overview of current antenatal, birth and postnatal care in the NHS, reproductive physiology, role and responsibilities of therapists working with pregnant clients, dealing with emergencies and liaising with midwives and doctors. Accredited by FHT (professional), FEDANT (for insurance) and Greenwich University (academic), this course is taught by Denise Tiran, midwife, therapist and internationally-renowned authority on safety of complementary therapies in pregnancy and childbirth.

Further Information
Diploma in Clinical Reflex Zone Therapy for Pregnancy and Childbirth: Introductory offer £999, commencing January 2011, London.
Two-day Accredited Course on Caring for Pregnant Clients: Special offer £65 if paid in full with application by 15th December 2010.
Please contact Expectancy on Tel: 08452 301323;  

Claudia Louch Phytoclinic - Natural Dermatology and Nutrition Clinic

The Phytoclinic is a world renowned private nutrition clinic in London, and is at the cutting edge of natural weight loss, dietary and nutritional management, natural dermatology and a world-leader in medicinal plant based treatments for many health conditions.

Claudia Louch

Natural Dermatology Clinic

Claudia Louch BSc Hons MCPP MSc MPharm MNutr owner of the Natural Dermatology Clinic, creates not only chemical free skin-care -  without paraben, sodium lauryl sulphate or titanium dioxide -  and takes it one step further by customising and personalising your entire skincare regime, internally and externally.  Claudia Louch is a scientific natural skin care expert, with a background in pharmacology, allergy, plant based medicine, clinical nutrition and advanced dermatology practice.

Claudia also treats clients internally with medicinally active plant-based remedies. This internal and external treatment is unique in that it is fully personalised, complete with your own specific dietary plan and customised skin care products. Each skin-product is customised to meet the needs of each client after a thorough consultation and thorough health check-up. Claudia's Natural Dermatology Clinic is very successful in supporting many skin problems and conditions including: • Acne  • Allergic skin-reactions  • Eczema  • Fungal conditions  • Seborrheic Dermatitis  • Skin  • ageing  • Rosacea  • Psoriasis.

Harley Street Nutrition Clinic

Claudia Louch uses a customised weight loss approach in her clinic, which is based on the Set Point Principle, and cannot be compared with any other diet, as it is does not only calorie count, nor exclude any important food groups. Every diet plan is tailor-made by Claudia Louch for each patient, depending on the patient's life-style, eating habits and health. Before designing a patient's diet, each patient undergoes a comprehensive health-check up. Each patient is completely assessed with cutting edge 'Body Analyser' and Claudia Louch designs the customised diet plan, once all the data has been collected to maximize the effect and outcome of the diet for each patient.

Further Information
Please contact Phytoclinic via   

Chakra Balancing Candles and Tea-lights

Following the success of the Organic Aromatherapy Chakra and Organ Balancing Creams which combine the finely tuned synergies of pure essential oils with a carrier cream, the natural progression seemed to be to incorporate the same healing into candle form. My aim was to create a healing environment which is subtle and gentle, not overpowering. I love the thought that when we light a candle we can also invite an angel into our space.

Chakra Balaancing creams

After setting this intent, I found an amazing candle maker, David Spandley at the Candle Cavern, Buriton, deep in the South Downs who loves his work;  if something is created with love its positive vibration is higher.

Together we worked for five months developing eight different blends of essential oils that work perfectly with natural soy wax. All oils and wax come from a sustainable source; the heart-shaped candles and the tea-lights are encased in recyclable shells with simple cotton wicks.

The essential oils release a gentle fragrance which is subtle and powerfully effective having a positive effect on the mind body and spirit.

The range includes the following blends which can be burned alone or in combinations for a powerful effect:
Base: Enhances feelings of security & grounding, creating a safe homely atmosphere;.
Sacral:  Enhances relationships, creativity, sensuality
Solar Plexus: Enhances self-esteem, wellbeing, boosts digestion and confidence
Heart:  Enhances unconditional love, eases grief and guilt, opens the heart gently.
Throat:  Enhances clear communication, conversation and manifestation, soothing to the throat/neck
Third Eye: Enhances intuition and helps release  headaches/ sinus/ ears/ balance
Crown: Enhances spiritual awareness and trust, security, helps release headaches.
Meditation: This blend facilitates spiritual connection, helping connect you to your higher self and the Source. Perfect for meditating, without being overpowering. Please ground yourself after meditating.

Further Information
Please contact Organic Aromatherapy on Tel: 08443 579843; 02392 396430 Mob: 07710 994432;

Raphael Medical Centre Mistletoe Therapy Clinic

A new outpatient clinic providing integrated cancer care specialising in mistletoe therapy (Viscum album), has opened at the Raphael Medical Centre in Kent.

Experienced doctors and nurses incorporate natural medicines and holistic therapies into the cancer care programme, to strengthen the patient on all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual. Mistletoe therapy will form the backbone of medical care for cancer patients, led by Dr Maurice Orange MSc, whose special interest is in oncology, with over two decades of extensive experience in mistletoe therapy.

Raphael Medical Centre

Cancer medicines have been prepared from mistletoe since the 1920s; treatment is more widely available on the continent with specialist hospitals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Mistletoe preparations are the best-selling anti-cancer drugs in Germany and prescribed to about 40% of cancer patients, as an adjunct to conventional therapies.

Mistletoe therapy can benefit patients with common cancer types, as well as blood cancers and lymphomas. One of mistletoe's benefits is in relieving common side-effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy such as fatigue, nausea, digestive complaints and weight loss, sleeplessness, low mood,  infections and in reducing pain. It stimulates and strengthens the immunological defence systems, and so supports the body in fighting the effects of cancer.

The mistletoe extract is usually given as a subcutaneous injection. Once an initial course of treatment is established at the Raphael Medical Centre, patients can learn how to self-administer the therapy in their own home.

The Raphael Medical Centre is known as a leading holistic service provider for those suffering from complex neurological disabilities and is now expanding its established services and opening a new specialist cancer clinic. Situated in 17 acres of parkland, The Raphael Medical Centre offers patients the perfect setting for their recovery. The organic kitchens provide wholesome meals using seasonal, biodynamic farm produce for the nutritional/dietary benefit of patients and staff alike.

Further Information
For background information on mistletoe therapy go to or contact the clinic at  .
Please contact Raphael Medical Centre,Hollanden Park, Coldharbour Lane, Hildenborough, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 9LE  on Tel: 01732 833924

Wellbeing and Emotional Development for Staff and Students: Lightworks Workshops in Thurrock and Southend Schools

Lightworks' Creating Calm and CoolFire workshops are having a significant impact on the wellbeing of staff and the emotional development and underlying academic progress of students throughout 14 schools in Thurrock (Essex) - including secondary, primary, special schools and both Pupil Referral Units (PRU) - as part of their TaMHS (Targeted Mental Health in Schools) initiative - a three year government sponsored pathfinder programme.


Staff across Thurrock schools consistently comment on the CoolFire effect within their students - much calmer: greater focus and concentration - and a marked improvement in attitude and application in students with identified challenging behaviour. And Creating Calm's very practical therapeutic techniques have also supported and broadened classroom practice for both teachers and teaching assistants together with underpinning their continuing personal development.

TaMHS and SEAL initiatives in Southend have commissioned  to stage Creating Calm and CoolFire - with additional CoolFire staff training - in 37 primary schools and 6 secondary schools - alongside sessions in their Pupil Referral Unit and several Special Schools.

Coolfire is a dynamic approach to relaxation and meditation for students - Years 4-9 - centred on creating an initial enhanced awareness of mind, body and feelings and how abundant energy can be consciously used in a calm and focussed way.

Creating Calm
is a flexible 60 or 90 minute workshop that gives each participant the practical tools to develop their broader wellbeing, combat stress - and apply them in terms of practical classroom discipline and management. Creating Calm becomes a sanctuary where each person experiences a profound sense of peace and well-being through episodes of guided visualization, breathing, and cleansing.

Dave Read, part-time fully qualified teacher and fully qualified, professional healer-therapist (MNFSH),  established in 2006 with the objective of integrating holistic wellbeing techniques into the continuing development of schools, and the wider public and corporate sectors.

Further Information
Paula McCullough, TaMHS Project manager in Thurrock, may be contacted on Tel: 01375 652227;  
Dave Read may be contacted on Tel: 01255 506084; 07804 785305;


News From Gerson Institute

For over 30 years the Gerson Institute has preserved the pioneering, nutritional therapy developed by Dr Max Gerson and brought 'hope and healing' to people suffering from chronic illness and degenerative disease. Your donations and support made a huge impact in 2010 and we are privileged to announce that Gerson is Growing!

Gerson Banner

None of it would be possible without you. Your financial support of the Gerson Institute helps us:
  • Expand global awareness of the Gerson Therapy and natural healing;
  • Train doctors, nurses and caregivers in the Gerson Therapy;
  • Provide assistance to those implementing the Gerson Therapy at home;
  • Educate and empower people to take responsibility for their own health;
  • License and oversee Gerson clinics globally;
  • Provide hope and healing and save lives!
Give the gift of 'Hope and Healing' this Holiday Season and Save a Life! Help us reach our goal of raising $50,000 in online donations!
Further Information
Online Donations at  
Prefer to donate in person? Call Mikhaela on Tel: 001 619 685-5353 ext. 107 or 001-888-443-7766, 9:30 am 5 pm PT, and we'll be happy to accept your gift over the phone.

The Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine 10th Anniversary Celebration

Dove Clinic has proudly celebrated its 10th Anniversary since its launch in Nov 2000 by Dr Julian Kenyan, his wife Tanya,  with a staff including Nurse Anne Burnett. Since then patient and staff numbers have grown steadily with the clinic now employing some 20 staff between the Twyford and London clinics. Another milestone is approaching as The Dove will also soon welcome its 5000th patient through the door.

Celebration Cake

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME)

ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), also known as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), is a common complaint seen and treated at the Dove Clinic. 

The Oberon Machine

The Oberon device is an unusual biomedical device outside of the current medical paradigm, used for assessing organ function, not structure.  It is based on 20 years of basic research worked out, on normal individuals, patterns of frequency responses corresponding to particular organs.

The device is used for assessing organ function, not structure. Therefore it is not like an MRI, CT or an Ultrasound scan. It is specifically measuring the magnetic vector potential which, those readers skilled in physics will recognize, as the A field which runs in the direction of current.

The device involves sitting in front of a receiver with headphones on the head. The relevant frequency patterns are projected through the headphones. The sensor channels the information from the test subject as a result of having the resonant frequencies passed through the headphones to a computer based device and the readings are shown. Then, relevant medications, which have also had their frequency response determined using the same methods, is titrated against the reading found and as a result, the patient goes away with an optimal set of medications which are most likely to help their current condition.

This is a method of determining ideal medication and is not fundamentally a diagnostic device. It cannot diagnose whether a life threatening condition is present or not.  The readings from the Oberon equipment have more in common with a traditional Chinese medicine view of the way the body works, which is very much based on organ function, as opposed to a standard biomedical model, which is based more on structure. Integrating these conventional and non- conventional approaches, which is what we do in the consultation situation, we have found to be most helpful from a clinical point of view.

Further Information
Please contact the Dove Clinic on Tel: 01962 718000; Fax: 01962 717060;  


Creature Tower

Small gardens ask for optimal use of space. That's why Hans Carlier  in Zutphen, Holland, developed  this interesting tower in which all kinds of animals can  find a good home during all seasons.

Creature Tower

The tower build around a pole has a underground hedgehog-home. A place they certainly have to share with all kinds of creeping creatures , toads and frogs.

On top of which we make a pile of  bricks and stones in which insects like bumble-bees can make their lodge. On top of this we built with rings of reed, cane and wood mason-bees apartments.

Covered with the traditional birds fodder-place for  winter feeding. The tower is covered with a birds- or bat attic and last but not least on top of all we put a bird-bath surrounded with all kind of drought resistant Sedum plants.

Shortly, a garden object  in which summer and winter something interesting will happen.

Further Information
You can order a  detailed drawing with a construction description  by sending a note of  5 Euro or 5 pounds by post to: Hans Carlier, Stokebrand 233, NL7206EE Zutphen, The Netherlands


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    Sports Injuries Medical Taping Course

    Aneid UK are running a course on 4-5 February 2011 on Medical Taping Concept Application Techniques for Sports Injuries at Days Inn Hotel in Luton. The course will be taught by Marc Van Zullen, Physiotherapist Medical Taping Instructor. The Course Programme will include Theory, Muscle, Ligament and Lymphatic, Treatment for Specific Sports Injuries as well as dealing with different injuries specific to each sport. 

    The basis for Neuromuscular Taping Technique or Medical Taping concept started from the idea that movement and muscle activity are essential in maintaining and recovering health.  The idea behind this was that muscles are not only responsible for moving the different body parts but they also control blood, lymph circulation and body temperature.

    Further information Tel: 01582 485209

    SOS. Save Our Supplements

    Anne Milton MP represents the Guildford constituency and is the new Minister for Public Health. The CHC Chairman had a meeting with her recently and it is clear that she is not only sympathetic to the cause, but has immediately taken action.

    At CHC's Annual Parliamentary Reception at the House of Commons Terrace Marquee on 12 October, the Minister gave the key address and strongly urged us to keep up the momentum with Save-Our-Supplements campaign. The Minister described the campaign as "one of the best I have encountered". The Minister needs CHC and all it's supporters to keep up the pressure on Mr Dalli and urges supporters to write to him and ensure the letter arrives in early December.  A letter has been drafted which can help you to offer support.

    Further information Tel: 020-7463 0690

    Save Herbal Medicine

    On 15 November 2010, a packed meeting at the House of Lords (UK), organised by Save Herbal Medicine, received promises of continued support and assistance from several Lords and MPs. The session began with an outline of the impact of the EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive 2004/24/EC (THMPD) coming into force on 30 April 2011 effectively disabling the herbal sector in Europe, from the Chairs Lord King of West Bromwich, David Tredinnick MP and Amarjeet S Bhamra, organiser of the campaign. The campaign received strong support from the parliamentarians present.

    Further information:  

    CranioSacral Therapy Training Turning Point

    Turning Point Training is running an Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy workshop on 22 January 2011 in Marlow, Bucks, 10.00am-5.00pm. This workshop also forms the first day of the Practitioner qualification.

    The course is designed for professionals in conventional and complementary medicine to extend the range of skills at their disposal. Dentists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Holistic Therapists have all benefited from the course.

    Other workshops will take place on 26 February, 26 March, 16 April, 25 June, 23 July, 24 September, 22 October and 26 November.

    Further information Cost reduced from £950 to £895 for early bird payment before 15 Jan 2011. Tel: 01769 579079;  Mob: 07944 411 681

    Conference on Advances in Integrative Medicine

    The Institute for Integrative Medicine is hosting the Conference on Advances in Integrative Medicine on 28-30 January 2011 at the Waldorf Astoria, Disney Property, Orlando, Florida, USA. The Keynote Presentation is Lifestyle Coaching for Type 2 Diabetes Reversal by Michael Dansinger MD, Nutrition Physician for NBC's The Biggest Loser. He is also the Clinical Nutrition & Obesity Editor for the Medscape Journal of Medicine, Assistant Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine, and a scientist with the USDA Nutrition Research Center.

    The Institute for Integrative Medicine, a comprehensive global education, personal development and business institution, was founded in 2009 and assembles some of the most respected clinicians, researchers and leaders in Integrative Medicine from across the USA on evidenced-based integrative, functional and age management medicine.

    Further information Tel: 888-443-4611

    Sunshine Vitamin Prevents Flu

    Study results prove that Vitamin D supply is one of the key factors for the outbreak and course of influenza epidemics. Norwegian scientists have drawn this conclusion from a study on influenza epidemics, which has now been published in International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

    According to this study, with these influenza epidemics, the infection and mortality rates increase with decreasing exposure to sunlight and thus, with decreasing Vitamin D supply. In their study, the scientists from the University of Oslo use data on influenza epidemics from Sweden, Norway, the USA, Singapore and Japan to compare the infection and mortality rates with the strength of the solar UV radiation on a monthly basis.

    Further information Tel: +31 (0)651 358 180

    Helios Remedy Kits - A Gift of Health This Christmas

    Helios are offering between 15% and 50% off the price of all Helios Kits ordered before 28 January 2011. The Basic 18 Kit is ideal for everyday use in and around the home with 18 remedies. Basis Plus 36 Kit has 36 remedies, 30 potency and the Travellers Kit is ideal for the frequent and long-distance traveller.

    The Accident and Emergency kit is essential for the home, car and workplace and contains 18 remedies, 200 potency.

    The Childbirth Kit contains a selection of safe, gentle higher potency remedies specifically for pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal symptoms.

    Further information Tel: 01892 537254

    Save Your Hands!® Celebrates 15 Years

    Save Your Hands!® is celebrating 15 years as the leading resource on injury prevention for manual Therapists. December 6 officially marked the 15th anniversary of the publication Save Your Hands! The leading guide to injury prevention and ergonomics for manual Therapists.

    Like many great ideas, Save Your Hands! was born from necessity in 1995 when Lauriann Greene began promoting self-care and injury prevention to the Massage industry after she suffered a massage work-related injury. Save Your Hands! is now more than a textbook.

    The company offers online study courses, live workshops and a new Certified Injury Prevention Instructor Program (CIPI) for Therapists that wish to enhance their career and earn extra income by teaching injury prevention to other manual Therapists.

    Further information Tel: 877-424-0994

    National Strategy for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

    Westminster Health Forum's keynote seminar is Moving Towards a National Strategy for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) with Professor Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer and Joint National Clinical Director for Respiratory Programmes, Department of Health. The Seminar is CPD certified and will take place in Central London on 25 January 2011.

    Further information Tel: 01344 864796

    WHO To Define Information Standards for Traditional Medicine

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) will develop, for the first time, a classification of traditional medicine, paving the way for the objective evaluation of its benefits. The International Classification of Traditional Medicine project will assist in creating an evidence base for traditional medicine - producing terminologies and classifications for diagnoses and interventions.

    Further information:

    Sheila Hancock Raising Money Research into Brain Tumours

    Sheila Hancock, Actress, Author and Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth, has launched a multi-million pound fundraising campaign to raise money for research into brain tumours. Brain Tumour Research, a group of 18 brain tumour charities, is leading the campaign and aims to raise £1 million annually for the University, which is home to the UK's first Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence.

    As part of the campaign a Wall of Hope has been erected outside the brain tumour research laboratories at the University. Sheila Hancock is calling on local businesses, organisations and individuals to help raise money for research into this under-funded disease by sponsoring a day of research, which will be recognised with a commemorative plaque on the Centre's Wall of Hope.

    Further information: http://durrants.mediacoverage

    Bioenergetics New Teaching DVDs

    Bioenergetics have launched two new DVDs with Robert Glazer PhD and are offering 5% discount on all items until 5 January 2011. Bioenergetic Body Reading - Evaluating the Body in Form and Function continues the innovative DVD teaching series designed for Bioenergetic Practitioners, Bioenergetic Trainees, Individuals who work with Bioenergetic Therapy and individuals beginning to explore body-centred therapy techniques for personal growth and in their profession.

    Bioenergetic Body Armoring -  Understanding Muscular Holding Patterns
    continues the Innovative DVD teaching series providing the viewer with highly valuable teaching of fundamental bioenergetic principles.

    Further information:

    The Cochrane Library

    The Cochrane Library highlights some of the key health care conclusions and their implications for practice.

    Desensitisation Approaches Effective Against Hayfever-Like Allergies
    . Immunotherapy, given as pills or drops under the tongue is a safe and effective way to treat hayfever-like allergies caused by pollen and dust mites, according to a new Cochrane Systematic Review. The researchers say the approach is an attractive alternative to Immunotherapy injections in children.

    Vitamin Supplements Reduce Deaths Caused by Measles and Diarrhoea.
    Vitamin A supplements are still an effective way to reduce childhood death and disease.

    Music Relieves Tress of Assisted Breathing.
    Patients who need assistance to breathe through mechanical ventilation may benefit from listening to music.

    Further information Tel: 01243 770633; Mob: 07802 468863

    The Knead to Slim

    Mohdoh is a cool new brand that combines Aromatherapy, Colour Therapy and Play Therapy in a mouldable dough to create health-boosting remedies. Freshly launched in Boots and available online, the products are winning awards and high praise.

    The Mohdohs themselves look like a cross between Playdoh and stress balls, but as you play with and mould them, Aromatherapy oils are released into the air and absorbed by your skin, whilst squeezing the dough itself helps relieve cravings and keep you calm. Mohdohs colours have been picked especially for the feelings and healing qualities they are thought to enhance.

    The Slim Mohdoh uses oils picked to help with weight loss and temptation: fennel, geranium, patchouli and rosemary and its blue colour is thought to alleviate the anxiety associated with dieting and has proven to reduce appetite.

    Further Information
    Available in Boots, some health stores and online at

    Authentic Success

    Authentic Success 2011 with Robert Holden, Ben Renshaw and Avril Carson, directors of Success Intelligence is a one-day workshop designed for you to figure out your key success measures for 2011 and help you enjoy your best year yet. The workshop will take place at the Columbia Hotel in London on 1 February 2011.

    Further information Tel: 0845 430 9236

    North-South Divide in Vitamin D Deprivation

    In a study comparing Aberdeen and Surrey, Scientists found that those living north of the border were exposed to 50% less sunlight during the summer months to make vitamin D - which is essential to protect the body from bone diseases.

    Experts from the University of Aberdeen and Surrey who led the research, published on 22 November in Osteoporosis International say that their findings highlight the need for better public advice on ways to boost vitamin D levels.

    Further information Tel: 01224 272960;  

    Hydration in Pregnancy and Motherhood

    Dr Emma Derbyshire PhD RNutr Consultant to the Natural Hydration Council has developed a downloadable factsheet entitled Pregnancy and Motherhood which explains the role of hydration in contributing to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby; also its important role during breastfeeding.

    Changes to the body during each stage of pregnancy can impact on hydration status and there are many pregnancy-related conditions which can be helped by improved hydration. The body needs to increase its supply of blood plasma as pregnancy goes on, and to produce milk for one or more babies. Hydration is an important subject for pregnant women which may tend to be overlooked in favour of information on food choices and food taboos. 

    Further Information Tel: 020 7395 1979;

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