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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 171

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 171 - June 2010

Integrated Medicine in the UK:  The Integrated Health Trust

"The Integrated Health Trust is saddened to hear of the closure of the Prince of Wales's Foundation for Integrated Health which has made great progress in promoting understanding and practice of integrated healthcare in the UK since its launch in 1993. The Integrated Health Trust will continue to build upon this important work providing a strong UK lead in uniting the integrated healthcare community and providing top level integrated medicine education in the UK. "

Dr Andrew Weil along with his partner Betty Anne, IHT patron Hayley Mills and Dr Rosy Daniel
Dr Andrew Weil along with his partner Betty Anne, IHT patron Hayley Mills and Dr Rosy Daniel

The Trust's education programme, which includes a Postgraduate Diploma in the Study of Integrated Medicine for doctors and nurses, is taught by 28 UK leaders in Integrative Medicine and supported by world IM education leaders Dr Andrew Weil from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and Professor Avni Sali of the National Institute of Integrative Medicine, Australia who sit on the Trust's Advisory Board.

The Integrated Health Trust

IHT is a registered charity (number 1122079) which has established the Faculty of Integrated Medicine (FIM) for education and training in IM for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. The Diploma in the Study of Integrated Medicine is accredited by the University of Buckingham (UBMS).

The Trust's full education programme is to be launched in September 2010 - a three term programme offering IM induction courses for doctors and other healthcare professionals as well as a series of 'master classes' and 'leading light' seminars from national and international thought leaders at the cutting edge of IM education and research.

Further Information
To see the Diploma Prospectus, visit -  
IHT and FIM are based at Bailbrook House, London Road West, Bath, BA1 7JD. Tel: 01225 319131.  or  

Botanova - New Herbal Product for Stress

Botanova is a new and innovative product from the Pascoe Company of Giessen, Germany, licensed as a Traditional Herbal product.  Many practitioners have found this combination of St. Johns Wort, Valerian and Passion Flower invaluable for patients with anxiety, stress and its triggered form of mild depression and associated sleep disturbances.  

Botanova - New Herbal Product for Stress

This formulation is exclusively based upon long standing use as a traditional remedy.  An expert panel of practitioners have independently assessed this product for the European League for Safe Patient Therapy Self Management (SELF); a copy of this assessment is available on request from Noma (Complex Homoeopathy) Limited who act as agents for Pascoe in the United Kingdom, as are free samples of the product if you wish to try this formulation on a specific patient.

Further Information
Please contact Noma on Tel: 02380 770513;  

Yoga Reduces Workplace Stress

New research demonstrates the beneficial effect of Dru Yoga in improving wellbeing and resilience to stress in the workplace. Research supervised by Bangor University found that a six week programme of Dru Yoga reduced anxiety and fatigue, while increasing emotional well-being and resilience to stress.

Yoga Reduces Workplace Stress

Stress in the workplace are estimated to cost the UK over £530 million per year, which equates to over 13 million 'lost' working days. Experts believe these figures will increase further as a result of the recession.

Researchers conducted a randomized controlled study involving 48 university employees who were placed either into a Dru Yoga programme, or wait listed, as the control group. The yoga group participated in a six week programme of Dru Yoga, which involved attending at least one weekly 60-minute class. Results showed that the Dru Yoga group reported feeling significantly less anxious, unsure, confused, tired, and depressed than the control group who did not practise Dru Yoga. In addition, the yoga group reported feeling more life purpose and satisfaction, and greater self-confidence during stressful situations.

Researchers concluded that even a short program of Dru Yoga is effective for enhancing emotional well-being and resilience to stress in the workplace, and recommended that employers should consider offering yoga classes to their employees.

Further Information

For Dru Yoga taster workshops, holidays and teacher training visit  
The complete research results can be viewed on-line at the following link:  

Balance Your Chakras to Heal Yourself

Aromatherapist and Healer Sarah Williams has created a range of Soul Harmony(tm) Chakra Balancing Creams to help clear blockages and put our bodies back on course. The essential oils in the chakra balancing creams have been specially selected for their vibrational properties, which means they can go directly to the relevant chakra and dissolve any dis-ease.

Balance Your Chakras to Heal Yourself

Do you suffer from  sore throat,  stiff neck, shoulder pain, persistent headaches? Do you feel particularly drawn to the colour blue? If so, your throat chakra may be blocked. The throat chakra is all about communication and expression of creativity. 

If we keep getting lots of colds, persistent coughs, allergies, auto-immune issues or a flushing of the upper chest, then our thymic chakra is probably out of balance. The thymus is about our self-protection and immune system. A regular dab with Throat and Thymic Chakra Balancing Cream, and harmony can be restored.

Further Information
The Soul Harmony(tm) Chakra Balancing Creams have been developed by Sarah Williams of Organic-Aromatherapy Ltd. Further information is available about the problems and diseases that can be helped, as well as workshops that Sarah holds to teach people about the fifteen Chakras and how to harmonize them.  

The Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction™


The Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correctionâ„¢

Pelvic-Correction Courses with Alexander Barrie
Patho-Pelvic Correction Course consisting of four separate days. Each of the four days is one Teaching Module and each Teaching Module  is approximately 1 month or more apart.
Venue: 200, Vaughan Road, Harrow, HA1 4EB
Dates: All single Sundays: 3rd Oct. 2010; 5th Dec. 2010; 23 Jan. 2011; 27th Feb. 2011
At the end of this Course, a Set Examination will be arranged and Certification will follow.
Alexalign Clinic: Treatments Include
  • Pelvic Correction
  • Japanese Shiatsu Therapy  
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy
  • Moxibustion
  • Cupping
  • Essential Oils
  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Instruction in Chi Quong; Pranayama; Sotai (Japanese Postural Techniques); Hatha Yoga Postures; Muscle Energy Techniques
Further Information
Individual treatments available and also the self-help manual. For application forms and other information please contact Alexander Barrie on Tel: 0208 423 5659;

The Anatomy of Exercise & Movement: for the study of dance, pilates, sport and yoga

by Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones.
Published by Lotus Publishing. 2010. Softback. £14.99. ISBN: 978 1 905367 17 7.

The Anatomy of Exercise & Movement: for the study of dance, pilates, sport and yoga

The Anatomy of Exercise & Movement serves as a bridge between biomechanics and exercise. Awareness of movement potential is the key to a healthy body and the prevention of injuries; this text allows the reader to help maintain health, weight, posture, strength, stretch, and performance skills. The practice of sport, Pilates, yoga, and dance is emphasized, providing a better understanding of how the body functions whilst being exercised. The author's background in movement sciences has led to a deep interest in the ability of the body to care for and/or heal itself, specifically through knowledge of muscles and what they can do.
Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones is a Professor of Kinesiology and Dance, and has been teaching for over 30 years. She is a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor with a Masters in Dance and Education, and received degrees at both the University of Kansas and New York University before pursuing a career as a performer, choreographer, teacher, and movement scientist.

Further Information
Available from Amazon  

Spices Add Twist To Summer Iced Tea Coolers

Jazz up long cooling drinks with a twist of spice this summer using new recipes developed by Yogi Tea, the spiced tea specialists.

Spices Add Twist To Summer Iced Tea Coolers
Drawing upon their Ayurvedic knowledge trusted for over 1000 years, Yogi Tea's expert blenders have combined fabulous summer fruits and spiced teas to create recipes that will refresh, rejuvenate and reinvigorate the senses, whether the sun shines or not.
Great for fans of Yogi Tea, these recipes can be adapted to suit any fruit that's in abundance and to use up herb and spice teabags that may be lurking at the back of store cupboards.
Ginger Hibiscus Flirt
Makes two 250ml servings:
  • 1 tea bag Yogi Tea Ginger Hibiscus
  • 125 ml red grape juice
  • Shot of orange juice
  • Shot of mineral water
  • Crushed ice
  • Two scoops of fruity ice cream
Prepare a cup of Yogi Tea Ginger Hibiscus and leave to infuse as it cools, then chill in the fridge. Once the tea is really cold, pour into a jug and add the grape and orange juice, mineral water and stir.
To serve, add crushed ice to a Collins glass and pour over the iced tea mix. For ultimate summer decadence, add a scoop of fruity ice cream.
Ginger Lemon Joy
Makes two 250ml servings:
  • 2 tea bags Yogi Tea Ginger Lemon
  • 100 ml white grape juice
  • 1 shot of lemon juice
  • Ice
  • Lemon peel
Prepare two large cups of Yogi Tea Ginger Lemon, cool and place in the fridge. To serve, mix the grape and lemon juice with the cold Yogi Tea and pour over ice-loaded Collins glasses. Add a twist of lemon peel to decorate.
Showing off: Decorate the rim of glassware by dipping them into fruit juice, then twist each glass into a dish of fine desiccated coconut, coloured sugars or sherbet. 
Further Information
For more summer iced tea recipe inspiration, visit

GV Skin Care - Save Summer Skin

Whether your skin is simply in need of a little extra nourishment, is very dry and flaky, extremely dehydrated and sore, or damaged from too long in the sun, try GV Skin Care's ultra-effective, yet totally-natural, gentle skin saver - Heavenly Feast Body Cream.  Whatever the condition of your skin, and even if you suffer from dry, irritating skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis, GV Skin Care's super skin soother is all you'll need, especially now that summer's upon us! 

GV Skin Care - Save Summer Skin
Heavenly Feast Body Cream uses a special Vegan Society registered, parabens-free formulation of natural botanical ingredients. The overall combination hydrates, revitalizes, and reconditions the skin, improves its suppleness and elasticity, and encourages the skin's natural healing process, thereby restoring dry, sore, itchy, or red skin, to a healthier condition. 
Calming Blackberry Extract
Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids
Sweet Almond and Apricot Kernel Oils
Rose Oil
Further Information:
The GV Skin Care range is available from a nationwide network of health food stores, select pharmacies and by mail order.  For further information contact Lifeplan Products Limited on Tel: 01455 556281;  

Find Your Power - A Toolkit for Resilience and Positive Change

by Chris Johnstone,
Published by Permanent Publications. May 2010.

Find Your Power describes how you can strengthen your ability to bring about positive change. It can be applied to any kind of issue, from tackling depression and improving your life through to addressing global challenges such as peak oil and climate change. Drawing on insights from addictions recovery, positive psychology, storytelling and holistic science, it offers:
  • Proven strategies for improving mood, building strengths and increasing effectiveness
  • Motivational enhancement tools for clarifying your direction and deepening determination
  • Tools for getting through blocks, such as creative problem-solving strategies, ways of dealing with fear and methods for transforming crisis or failure into turning points
  • Strategies for maintaining energy and enthusiasm that include building support around you and making what you do more enjoyable.
First published in 2006, this updated 2nd edition adds important new material to the themes of building resilience, preventing depression, improving your life and contributing to positive change in the current context of economic uncertainty and climate challenge.

Further Information
Please contact Chris Johnstone via  
Permanent Publications:

Fitflops with Added Edge

If you like the idea of Fitflops but prefer a more edgy look to your fashion, take a look at the new Rebel and Roma styles, now available from

Fitflops with Added Edge

These new styles improve your posture as you walk, and tone your legs and bum using the classic Fitflop micro-wobbleboard midsole.

The Rebel comes in Mink and Black and has a suede upper with brass-coloured studs.

The Roma comes in Mocha or Black nubuck and breaks with Fitflop tradition by having two over-the-foot straps and a heel strap.

Further Information
Both Rebel and Roma are priced at £60 including free delivery from   Please contact LookAtMyCrazyShoes on Tel: 0800 731 4885;  

New Age Yoga Music

New Age Yoga Music by SK Infinity, is a music album for everyone who loves listening to tranquil, peaceful and meditative music. 

New Age Yoga Music

Music can be instrumental in healing and engendering a positive state of mind.  Sounds create a multidimensional energy field, and can help generate specific brain waves, resulting in a shift in the state of consciousness of the listener. The patient then moves to a deep and relaxed state, the communication between mind, body, and spirit is enhanced, resulting in bliss.

The tracks Ocean Mist (on panflute, piano and strings), Deeper in Meditation (on piano and strings), Nature Walk (piano and strings), Far Way (piano and strings), Detached (guitar, flute and strings), and Embracing the me (on piano and flutes) are soft and subtle, tending to relax the mind. 

The tracks Aum Vibration (on tanpura and bells), Brahma Yoga, Pranayama Breath Yoga, Dance of Shiva, Kundalini Yoga, Om Mantra Yoga, Krishna Universal Form, Chakra Yoga are more ethereal and psychedelic, to help create the appropriate state of mind and sound ambience for the particular kind of meditation and yoga.

Further Information
Sandeep Khurana is a spiritual/new age music composer and Reiki master. His article Sound Yoga: Music and Sounds Heal Body and Mind has been published in Positive Health PH Online:  For more information, please visit


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About Cherry Coad Aldridge



    Brief Takes


    International Conference on Integrative Medicine

    An International Conference on Integrated Medicine will be held in October 2010 in Jerusalem. It will be a meeting of professionals in the field of medicine from around the world that will deal with ways to unite the scientific principles of modern medicine with the holistic principles of alternative medicine.

    In order to give all those interested the possibility to participate or to give a paper, registration has already started. The scientific committee of the convention is still open to accept additional topics to the conference program.

    Further information:


    FIH Closure

    The Trustees of The Prince's Foundation for Integrated Health have decided to close the charity. Whilst the closure has been planned for many months and is part of an agreed strategy, the Trustees have brought forward the closure timetable as a result of a fraud investigation at the charity.

    The Trustees feel that The Foundation has achieved its key objective of promoting the use of Integrated Health. Since The Foundation was set up in 1993, Integrated Health has become part of the mainstream healthcare agenda, with over half a million patients using Complementary Therapies each year alongside conventional medicine.

    Networks for professional healthcare workers continue, now run by individual specialists in their respective fields. If you are a GP, Nurse, Physiotherapist, University Student of medicine or Complementary Therapy, Pharmacist or Complementary Therapist and are not part of one of the networks but would like to be. Please email:  to be put in touch with the appropriate lead person.


    National Trust Sowing Squad

    New research commissioned by the National Trust has hit upon what might be the perfect way to get children to eat more fruit and veg - letting them grow it themselves.

    Frustrated parents everywhere will take heart from the findings which reveal that 72% of children in the UK would like their own space to grow fruit and vegetables and, outside of London, 63% would rather eat fruit and vegetables they have grown themselves than buy them from a supermarket.

    In response the National Trust has created the Sowing Squad - a team of 13 keen young growers from across England, Wales and Northern Ireland who want to help turn this interest into action and inspire the next generation to get planting. From the start of May half term, another 170 million free seeds will be given away and tomato seedlings will be available.

    Further information:  


    Kiwiherb's Summer Health Essentials Manuka Paint

    Kiwiherb Manuka Paint, a unique herbal formulation created by Medical Herbalist Phil Rasmussen, helps soothe and heal broken and inflamed skin. The first aid solution combines three Practitioner-strength herbal extracts, Horopito, Thyme and Manuka, along with Manuka Oil; 100% pure essential oil derived from harvested Manuka trees.

    This provides an efficacious and gentle antiseptic, anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory topical application for many skin complaints. Manuka Paint can be used to cleanse cuts, grazes and scratches; works as an anti-fungal treatment for fungal infections such as ringworm and athlete's foot; can be used as a douche for vaginal thrush and can treat warts.

    Further information
    Tel: 01455 556281


    FHT Tutor Pack

    The FHT are offering a free FHT Tutor pack to lecturers for the upcoming academic year.

    The pack contains a DVD presentation and lesson plans covering the benefits of insurance and joining a professional association; unlimited access to Student Therapist Online where the lecturer and students can benefit from a wide range of career and therapy related articles, therapy research abstracts, A&P crosswords and student competitions; two wall posters promoting Student Therapist online and a special student offer; an academic year wall planner and information leaflets for students.

    The FHT Tutor Pack is available by request only and will be distributed in mid August.

    Further information:


    Medical to Mystical - Integrating Western Medicine with Holistic Treatments

    Medical to Mystical is a book by Scottish-born Dr Sue Jamieson who has run an Integrative Health Practice in Hong Kong, integrating Western medicine with holistic treatments ranging from Homeopathy to Body Therapies and Psychological Counselling.

    Medical to Mystical brings Dr Jamieson's considerable scientific and medical experience to bear to help the reader understand in everyday layman's terms, the energy within us that underscores so many alternative health methodologies.

    To see Dr Jamieson's last workshop in Hong Kong visit

    Further Information  


    NLP Programmes by Quadrant 1 International

    2 entry-level NLP programmes designed to help you achieve success and excellence at work are being run in Oxford and London this year.

    An Introduction to NLP in Action a one-day introduction to NLP in the workplace takes place on 14 July in Oxford, 7 October in London and 3 November in Oxford.

    Real NLP for Business is a two-day introduction to using NLP in business, which qualifies for a Foundation Certificate in NLP, takes place in Oxford on 14 & 15 July and 3 & 4 November.

    Further information
    Tel: 0870 762 1300;  


    Cheese Improves Elderly Immune Response

    Scientists in Finland have discovered that cheese can help preserve and enhance the immune system in the elderly by acting as a carrier for probiotic bacteria. The research, published in FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology, reveals that daily consumption of probiotic cheese helps to tackle age-related changes in the immune system.

    Dr Ibrahim's team asked volunteers aged between 72 and 103 who lived in the same care home, to eat one slice of either placebo or probiotic Gouda cheese with their breakfast for four weeks. Blood tests were then carried out to discover the effect of the probiotic bacterial contained within the cheese on the immune system. The results revealed a clear enhancement of natural and acquired immunity through the activation of NK blood cells and an increase in phagocytic activity.

    Further Information
    This paper is published in FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology.
    Ibrahim.F, Ruvio.S, Granlund.L, Salminen.S, Viitanen.M, Ouwehand.A. Probiotics and immunosenscence: cheese as a carrier. FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology, Wiley-Blackwell, April, 2010 DOI 10.1111/j.1574-695X.2010.00658.x

    To request a copy contact Ben Norman Tel: 01243 770375;  


    Show Up and Shine

    Success Intelligence and The Happiness Project are presenting Show up and Shine with Avril Carson and Ola Odumosu in London on 17 June.

    This is an interactive and transformative event about self-awareness and opening up personal choices. Main themes include: first impressions, non-verbal communication, stress management, the power of language and influence and inspirational speaking.

    Further information
    Tel: 0845 4309 236


    Love and Fear

    Love and Fear is a two-day workshop in London on 10 & 11 July 2010  with Robert Holden, on A Course in Miracles, essential teachings on how to enjoy greater love and happiness.

    Key themes include: signs of love, love lessons, a  forgiving mind, a greater joining and the inner shift. No previous experience of A Course in Miracles is needed to attend this  workshop.

    Further information
    Tel: 0845 430 9236;


    International Journal of Healing and Caring

    The International Journal of Healing and Caring (IJHC) is celebrating its 10th year of publication with a shift to open access in the May 2010 issue which will provide free online access to all their articles from 2001 to the present. You can also download any article as a .pdf.

    A move is planned from subscriptions to revenue streams from donations and classified advertisements. An application for non-profit status has been filed and is waiting for the Federal approval.

    In peer reviewed online Journal you can: learn about the latest, most up-to-date wholistic healing approaches; explore creative and innovative healing options; find new scientific research and enjoy stories of fellow seekers on the path of healing.

    Further information:


    Learn to Relax in Less Than One Minute

    Meditation expert Ralf Marzen offers advice on how to relax in 60 seconds, which includes:

    Take 5-10 slow and deep breaths into your belly, inhale through your nose, exhale through the mouth with a sigh. Imagine releasing all the tension in your body and mind with each out breath.
    Take one minute to mentally scan your body from head to toes. Allow any tight areas you come across to soften and release with a big exhale. Focus on the solid feeling of your feet on the ground for a few moments.
    Smile for no reason.
    Be in the 'Now'.
    Calm, serene, relax, melt, soften, let go, release, warm, comfortable, love - it has been proven that positive, relaxing words have a wonderful calming effect on our cells.

    Further information


    Multiple Sclerosis Biomarkers Detection

    Multiple sclerosis has devastated the lives of two million people around the world. New research from Professor Anat Achiron of Tel Aviv University's Sackler Faculty of Medicine has uncovered a new way of detecting MS biomarkers in the blood.

    The findings, published in the Journal Neurobiology of Disease, are expected to pave the way for a diagnosis before symptoms appear and debilitation sets in.

    Further information
    Tel: 001 212 742.9070 ext 17


    Ride + Stride

    Ride + Stride is a nationwide event which raises money to save our historic churches. 10,000 churches will throw open their doors to welcome cyclists and walkers on Saturday 11 September between 10am and 6pm.

    Explore and enjoy the countryside by taking part in Ride + Stride, a sponsored walk or bike ride between 10,000 churches. Ride + Stride involves over 13,000 people of all ages, crosses 34 counties.

    Further information:


    Pycnogenol: The Super Supplement for Spring

    Healthspan have introduced their super supplement  - Pycnogenol, an antioxidant made from the bark of French Pine trees.

    Pycnogenol has numerous health benefits, including reducing the signs of ageing and helping with menstrual pain, diabetes, stress and high blood pressure. It has also been widely acknowledged for improving hay fever symptoms.

    Acting as an anti-inflammatory, Pycnogenol normalizes the immune system, inhibiting the release of histamines with the same efficacy as some over the counter antihistamines, helping to prevent the symptoms of hay fever.

    Further information:


    The Viva Mayr Diet: 14 Days to a Flatter Stomach and a Younger You.

    The Viva Mayr Diet by Dr Harald Stossier and Helena Frith Powell, published by HarperNonFiction is now available in paperback.

    This book reveals the simple Mayr principles in a new approach to eating, and a start-up plan that will give you a flatter stomach and glowing skin in just two weeks. A recipe section at the end of the book provides plenty of ideas and inspiration for dishes that will make this diet a way of life.

    To buy a copy of the book visit:  


    Avoid Hay Fever with Acupuncture

    Acupuncture can help to relieve hay fever. Inserting fine needles into the body's channels of energy stimulates the body's own healing responses and help restore its natural balance.

    Weekly treatments are applied for over a three to four week period. A course of four to six sessions before the hay fever season starts can greatly reduce the severity and onset of symptoms and if repeated the following year, the effect can be enhanced dramatically.

    To find a practitioner in your area Tel: 020-8735 0400;


    The Essential Guide to Hydration

    The Essential Guide to Hydration fact sheet explains the importance of water to our bodies and provides helpful advice on ensuring optimum hydration.

    There is scientific evidence linking the amount and type of fluids we drink to our ability to avoid certain health conditions such as Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), gallstones, glaucoma and constipation, and to lowering our risk of asthma and stroke.

    There is emerging scientific evidence about the possible role played by adequate hydration in the prevention of some cancers such as bladder and colon cancer.

    The fact sheet is now available at:

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