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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 162

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 162 - September 2009

Klamath Blue Green Algae for Depression, Anxiety and Menopause

Klamath Blue Green Algae is a nutrient dense green food that grows wild in Klamath Lake, Oregon USA. As well as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, Klamin® contains concentrated amounts of phenylethylamine or PEA, an endorphin we produce when we're in love or exercising, and which is capable of balancing neurotransmitters. Studies have shown Klamin may provide significant relief from depression and anxiety.

Klamath Blue Green Algae for Depression, Anxiety and Menopause

Klamin Helps Relieve Menopausal Symptoms
New research published in Gynecological Endocrinology demonstrates that Klamin may reduce menopausal symptoms such as mood swings, as well as physical symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats via its effect on dopamine activity;

Klamin Protects the Brain and Acts as an Antioxidant
Klamin also contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules exclusive to blue green algae known as AFA-phycocyanins, which protect the nervous system. This protection is important because neuronal damage caused by the environment, stress and poor dietary habits may be part of the factors for the development of neurodegeneration. Oxidative stress will also worsen symptoms of the menopause and mood disorders. A recent study has also shown that Klamin increases the levels of the body's own endogenous antioxidants (vitamin A, vitamin E, and carotenes) by reducing oxidative stress which contributes to health problems.

Klamin also Provides other Nutritional Factors
Klamin also maintains nutrients found naturally in Klamath microalgae which support brain function such as B vitamins, plus antioxidants with neuroprotective qualities such as a wide spectrum of carotenes, including lutein, astaxanthin and lycopene, as well as chlorophyll – the green plant pigment, and minerals.

Further Information
Please contact The Really Healthy Company on Tel: 020 5480 1000;

Validation of Diploma in the Study of Integrated Medicine (DipSIM)

The University of Buckingham Medical School (UBMS) is delighted to announce the validation of a new Diploma course in the Study of Integrated Medicine (DipSIM).  The Diploma has been developed by the Faculty of Integrated Medicine of the Integrated Health Trust at Bath UK and has been modified by the UBMS with the specific intention of equipping busy clinicians with a working knowledge of the fundamental issues associated with this emerging, though controversial, new area of study. 

Validation of Diploma in the Study of Integrated Medicine (DipSIM)

What is IM?  What is the theoretical basis of this approach to patient care?  Do the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapies which underpin it work?  If so, in which patients and under what conditions and circumstances?  Are there toxicities associated with CAM therapies and/or drug interactions with orthodox therapies?  What research has been carried out into its effectiveness?  What are the ethical and medico-legal issues which arise from IM? How do we understand the controversies that sometimes rage around it?  What is its future in the care of patients? 

The new DipSIM, which will be directed by Professor Andrew Miles, Professor of Public Health Education and Policy & Associate Dean of Medicine at UBMS, has been specifically designed to ask and answer precisely these questions through systematic study and scholarly engagement. 

Further Information
Further comments and information are available from Professor Andrew Miles MSc MPhil PhD, via the Press Office of the University of Buckingham on Tel: 01225 319131;

Gems of Wisdom

by Eileen Caddy
Published by Findhorn Press. 2009. Spiral Bound. £ 12.99. ISBN: 978 1 84409 146 1.

Gems of Wisdom

Gems of Wisdom, created as a spiral bound page-a-day calendar, distils the essence of Eileen's best selling book Opening Doors Within without a calendarium. Readers can use the calendar year after year, absorbing the simple daily message from Eileen's 'still small voice within'.

Benefits of this Perpetual Calendar?
  • Easy access to the core of Eileen's daily guidance from Opening Doors Within
  • By reading the simple teachings the reader will receive faith, fulfilment and stillness
  • Anyone who meditates, whether inexperienced or seasoned, will find these words uplifting and inspirational
Eileen Caddy died at the Findhorn Foundation on 13th December 2006.

Further Information
Available from Findhorn Press; and

Marianne Williamson London Workshop

Marianne Williamson, author of the famous quote "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure" is giving a workshop in London on Saturday 31st October in London entitled 'Spirit of A New World'

Marianne Williamson London Workshop
Marianne teaches the Course of Miracles and believes that a new spirit is emerging among us. It comes not from a particular geographic, religious or ethnic area of the world, but rather from deep within the human psyche. It is a new internationalism infused with spiritual understanding, both respecting the beauty of our individual identities and turning the realization of our oneness into a massive movement for global change.
Marianne has been a popular guest on television programs such as Oprah, Larry King Live, Good Morning America and Charlie Rose; in December 2006, a Newsweek magazine poll named her one of the fifty most influential baby boomers. According to Time magazine, "Yoga, the Cabala and Marianne Williamson have been taken up by those seeking a relationship with God that is not strictly tethered to Christianity".
Further information
For more details and to book for the workshop contact on Tel: 00353 1 287 5524;

Grandma Vine's Comfort Foot Balm

Grandma Vine's GV Instant Comfort Foot Balm nourishing cream combines a unique blend of aromatic botanicals keep your feet fresh, naturally deodorised, and free from fungal infections.  Peppermint, rosemary, lavender, and sweet almond oil provide antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties combined with a pleasant aroma resulting in feet that feel and look restored, refreshed, and revitalised.

Grandma Vine's Comfort Foot Balm

GV Foot Balm is Vegan Society approved and parabens-free to provide feet with a naturally luxurious way to keep skin soft and smooth, and even more, keep cracked, rough, and hard skin at bay.

Grandma Vine's range for dry, sensitive skin conditions uses only the finest ingredients which are ethically-sourced, environmentally-sustainable and biodegradable.  The product range is not tested on animals or genetically modified and is free from animal products, petrochemicals, colourings and harsh preservatives.  

Further Information
Grandma Vine's Skin Care range is available from a nationwide network of health food stores, select pharmacies and by mail order.  For further information contact Lifeplan Products Limited on 01455 556281, email  or visit the company website .

Digestive Balance: Healthy Trinity Probiotic

Probiotic Healthy Trinity helps to discourage yeast (candida) overgrowth, aids in lactose metabolism and enhances digestion of milk products. It has been known to improve nutrient absorption, normalize elimination problems and may block the attachment of pathogenic bacteria in the urinary tract, including the vagina. Healthy Trinity helps alleviate gas, bloating and upper gastrointestinal (GI) problems and produces hydrogen peroxide H2O2 – required to inhibit vaginal yeast, neutralizes the formation of toxins and assists in cholesterol management. It also protects the walls of the large intestine from colonization by invading bacteria or yeast and inhibits bacteria which can alter nitrates into potentially harmful nitrites.

Digestive Balance: Healthy Trinity Probiotic

Healthy Trinity produce B vitamins which play important roles in cell metabolism and assist in the support of healthy liver function. Healthy Trinity also helps to encourages an acidic intestinal environment and strongly inhibits less desirable microorganisms which contributes to the growth and viability of beneficial resident microorganisms (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, etc.). The growth and activity  of beneficial microorganisms helps the body digest complex carbohydrates and proteins which helps to increase the bio availability of minerals, especially calcium.

Further Information
Please contact G&G Food Supplies Ltd. via  For the full range of Natren Probiotics please go to  

Green Bay Raw Active Manuka Honey

Green Bay has introduced the first raw Manuka honey into the UK, probably the closest to nature, healthiest and highest quality Manuka honey available today. Manuka honey's health giving and anti-bacterial properties – fighting infection, healing wounds, cuts and grazes, soothing inflammation and settling upset stomachs are becoming more widely known.

Green Bay Raw Active Manuka Honey

About Green Bay Raw Manuka Honey
  • Minimally filtered;
  • Single estate, unblended, artisan produced;
  • Tested for distinctive character and quality;
  • A high activity factor product;
  • Wholly organic; all Green Bay active manuka honey is certified organic by the Soil Association in the UK;
  • Bees are not fed sugar to boost honey production.
Green Bay Raw Manuka Honey is delicious eaten on its own, or on toast, in sandwiches, with muesli, in salad dressings and mixed with ice cream or yoghurt.

Further Information
Green Bay Raw Manuka Honey can be purchased at branches of Waitrose nationally, in over 650 independent health food shops, farm shops and delis and on-line at

Natural Rocky Mountain Foot Butter

Rocky Mountain Foot Butter works on your feet to permanently relive dryness and problem zones on your feet. It is a real treat, made from cocoa butter, beeswax and carrot tissue oil to soothe and smooth dry cracked heels. The smell from the grapefruit essential oils, patchouli and lemongrass are absolutely divine – perfect for the whole year round. It comes in an easy to use stick of the butter that you can use to just roll onto your feet.

Anyone with sensitive skin or Eczema will be familiar with the struggle to find natural and preservative free sun and skin care alternatives.

All Rocky Mountain products are 100% natural and contain only pure essential oils, herbs and flowers – no alcohol, sodium lauryl sulphate or parabens, and a range of fragrance free products is available. The Rocky Mountain ranges include a range of suncare products,  natural Lip Butters, the new Spot and Cold Sore Stick, Natural Body Butter, Pumpkin Patch, Foot Butter and more skin friendly products.

Further Information
For information on Rocky Mountain Soap products or Essential Beauty Supplies please call Essential Beauty Supplied on Tel: 01823 663322;  

Suunto T-Series for Women – Heart Rate Monitors

Suunto, one of the leading sports precision instruments brands in the world, has introduced two new additions to its t-series range of women's heart rate monitors – the t1c True Fuchsia and the t3c Sporty Red. Whether you are looking to tone up, keep fit, count calories or push your fitness goals after a summer's indulgence, these must-have sports instruments will ensure your training needs are achieved through the impressive functionality the t-series offers.

Suunto T-Series for Women – Heart Rate Monitors
Count Calories, Fat-Burn and Heart Rate
The current women's range consists of four models, starting at £60 RRP. There is a heart rate monitor to match all needs and personal tastes, from the introductory level t1 for day-to-day use, to the more advanced t4c that sets your training schedule and works as a personal coach in real-time.
These distinctive watches are supported by a recently improved heart rate monitor belt that comfortably fits across the chest. Based on your heart rate, the easy-to-use Suunto heart rate monitor then calculates the amount of calories burned and shows the overall benefit, Training Effect, of the work-out, from fat-burning to improving performance.
Further Information
The women's and full unisex Suunto training ranges are available from leading shops that specialise in outdoor gear including Snow & Rock, Field & Trek, Cotswold Outdoor, Ellis Brigham,,  and


Crocs Custom Cloud

Crocs has expanded its Medical RX range with the addition of the silver impregnated Custom Cloud. This new shoe offers foot professionals a customisable platform to suit differing foot forms and the needs of the wearer.

Crocs Custom Cloud
Suitable for use as a semi-orthopaedic shoe for people with a variety of foot problems as well as for diabetics with mild neuropathy, the Custom Cloud provides extra depth and has front and back straps for extra support.

The Custom Cloud comes complete with a sliver insole and three heat mouldable inserts by Orthofeet. When heated, with either a heat gun or an oven, the Thermofit insoles can be easily moulded directly to the foot, and will maintain the shape to create a full contact foot bed. Also, the Orthofeet insoles can be further adapted and customised by a specialist for extra support.
The Croslite Ag+ is utilised throughout the whole construction of the Custom Cloud making it fully anti-bacterial and odour resistant. The Custom Cloud is approved by the APMA, AAPPM and US ergonomics.

Further Information
Custom Cloud Crocs are now available nationwide. For your nearest stockist, please visit


Cinnamon – Magic Bark for your Best Friend

Cinnamon is an aromatic bark from a small evergreen tree native to Sri Lanka.  Since medieval times it has been associated with treating many ailments from colds and sore throats, vomiting and diarrhea, nervous tension and headaches, and even malaria.  It contains calcium, phosphorous, iron, sodium, potassium, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin C and A and has been used in Korea and China as a traditional herbal treatment for diabetes for many years.  

Cinnamon – Magic Bark for your Best Friend

Recent research from the US Department of Agriculture's Human Nutrition Research Center supports the thinking that Cinnamon can reduce blood sugar levels.  So, with obesity and diabetes levels hitting record highs in the UK, it might be worth sprinkling a little cinnamon on your morning cappuccino as a preventative measure.

Research shows that 1 in every 400 dogs in the UK are now diabetic, so, choose dog biscuits with added 'bark' in the form of cinnamon to help protect your beloved pooch from following the trend. 

Further Information
Please contact The Organic Pet Food Co Ltd on Tel: 020 8954 0500;

Saponaqua – New Therapy Bar With Hidden Depths

Saponaqua – which literally means soap and water – has introduced its new Natural Therapy Bar to help you look after your skin naturally. The face and body bar contains pure Zander, organic nutrient-rich substance, from the pristine lakes of North Eastern Europe, to gently cleanse and moisturize without over drying, leaving skin feeling soft and healthy. It contains amino acids to help with tissue repair and restoration and hemicellulose for skin conditioning.

Saponaqua – New Therapy Bar With Hidden Depths
Soothing and gentle
Saponaqua's Natural Therapy Bar is 100% natural, dermatologically tested, and has therapeutic soothing properties which, research has shown, can help people with sensitive or dry skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis.

Natural skin protection
Saponaqua uses only the most natural ingredients, supplied from organically cultivated and renewable resources under fair trade schemes. The Therapy Bar also contains olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil and 11 vitamins to help maintain and renew skin structure.
Further Information
The Natural Therapy Bar can be ordered on Tel: 0113 284 2660;


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    Happiness Project

    News dates for the Happiness project have been announced this month.

    Robert Holden will be at the Isbourne Centre in Cheltenham on 19 September for a talk on Be Happy from 11.30-1.00pm. September 21 will see Alternatives hosting an evening talk with Robert in London. On 3 October, Robert will be in London to start his annual 8-week happiness program and on 15 October, he will speak about the relationship between happiness and success at Westminster Great Hall in London.

    Keep up-to-date with all of Robert's events in the UK and US on Twitter or Facebook or read his regularly updated blog entries:

    LCTA Appoints New Principal

    The London College of Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (LCTA) has appointed Bonny Williams as Principal. Bonny outperformed a strong field of other professional candidates, and was chosen by the Board of Governors for the role with immediate effect.

    Already a LCTA Director, Bonny has been involved with the College for 10 years, first as a consultant and then as an employee. Bonny takes over the role from Susanna Dowie, who joined LCTA as a senior lecturer in 1993 and was appointed Principal in 1995.

    Further information
    Tel: 020 8446 3332;

    Voice Dialogue Workshops

    Voice Dialogue workshops help you to discover and explore the array of inner selves that inhabit your being.

    Facilitator training takes place on 12-13 September and 14-15 November in London.

    Working with Dreams October 25, London looks at the important messages that your dreams could be sending you.

    Meet Your Inner Critic November 29, London explores whether you are aware of your inner critic, how you feel about what it says and why there is an inner voice criticising you.

    Further information:

    Natural Health eZine

    Natural Health eZine (NheZ) is an online, electronic magazine giving important information on alternative, holistic and integrative health matters. New findings, old gems, scientific evidence, psychology and spirituality, and information on threats to consumer freedoms and rights. NheZ presents a balanced view of issues that are either ignored or misrepresented in mainstream channels. Its mission is to promote proven, healthy, natural and effective forms of medicine and the consumer's right to access to these.

    Free subscription at

    CAM Expo

    Camexpo takes place on 24-25 October at Earl's Court, London. Thousands of CAM professionals will converge to share learning and invest in their own professional development. Bringing together an impressive line-up of the industry's most influential scientists, authors and practitioners, the free Keynote Seminar programme has been designed to provide essential information to experienced practitioners, and inspiration and advice for new practitioners.

    CAM expo is the place to keep up-to-date with latest developments, try out new products and services and invest time in your own training.

    Register before 24 September to take advantage of your £5 entrance fee, quote camex068 when booking online.

    Further information:

    Alexander Lowen Foundation Workshops

    To honour and continue the legacy of Alexander Lowen, The Alexander Lowen Foundation is hosting The Masters Series of workshops at Dr Lowen's residence, The Center of Bioenergetics, New Canaan, Connecticut from September 25-27, 2009, led by Leslie Case PhD.

    Leslie Case has offered bioenergetic training and workshops in the US, Brazil and Italy for more than thirty years and has assisted Alexander Lowen for many of those years at workshops in St. Lucia and Pawling, New York.

    Further information Tel: 001 386-462-0616;  AlexanderLowenFoundation@

    Petition to Save Our Supplements

    Consumers for Health Choice (CHC) launched an initiative to retain higher potency food supplements throughout the EU.

    CHC, the active group behind ' Save-Our-Supplements' campaign, is fighting EU legislation, which plans to cut the free availability of vitamins and minerals in quantities, which are meaningful for good health.

    The site at urges everyone who has an interest in supplements, whether they are regular users or not, to write letters explaining why you take vitamins and minerals.

    Letters should be sent to José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, 1049 Brussels, Belgium or

    Further information: Sue Croft, Director Consumers for Health Choice: Tel: 01769 581612; Tel: 020 7463 0696;  

    Americans Spend 34 Billion Dollars on Alternative Medicine

    Recent studies conducted by the federally funded National Health Statistics Report have revealed that Americans spend up to 34 Billion dollars per year on complementary alternative medicine (CAM). The first national estimate of such spending discovered that more than one tenth of American's out of pocket health care dollars goes towards CAM. The term CAM encompasses Oriental Medicine, Asian body therapy, herbal supplements, meditation, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture and other variations of Oriental medicine. According to new research, CAM accounts for approximately 1.5% of total health care expenditures.

    Further information Tel: 001 800-729-0941 ext 107;

    Ayurvedic Balance for Radiant Skin - Pukka Herbs

    According to Ayurveda, skin complaints including inflammation, itching, redness, hardening, discolouration, pain and infection can all be caused by an imbalance in physical or mental health. For healthy, glowing skin, the process must begin from the inside; diet is crucial.

    Clean Greens Organic Bionutrients is a powerful blend of chlorophyll-rich, green foods including organic Spirulina, Kale Sprouts and Wheat Grass juice.

    Neem & Sarsaparilla for skin inflammations when they are red, sore, oozing and itchy such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea.

    Triphala Plus treats stubborn constipation, dry stools, toxin accumulations and bad breath.
    Aloe Vera Juice cools and treats inflammatory skin conditions.

    Hemp Seed Oil for protecting and beautifying the skin from inside out and is effective massage oil for dry, itchy skin.

    Organic Rosewater Spray is cooling and is traditionally used in Ayurveda for toning the skin.

    Cleanse Tea is a blend of nettle, peppermint, fennel seed and Ale Vera to purify the skin.

    Further information
    Tel: 0845 375 1744;

    School of Homeopathy Courses

    The School of Homeopathy is running several courses this year.
    The Foundation Course, the starting point for further education, is a 1 year home study course with attendance of 10 weekends, 1 per month with 3 days minimum tutor day requirements and an optional 3-day summer school.
    The Taster Course is a home study 1-2 unit course.
    Introduction into Practice Course is a home study 1-14 unit course with an attendance course of 20 weekends, 1 per month.
    The Practitioner Diploma Course is a home study course of 1-18 units with two 7-day summer schools, clinical training supervision.
    Each student is encouraged to find their own unique way of practising, based on a solid foundation of classical philosophy and learning. The aim is to explore intuitive as well as scientific approaches within a safe, nurturing environment.

    Further information
    Tel: 01453 765956;;

    The National Institute of Medical Herbalists

    The National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) has welcomed the publication of the Department of Health (DH) public consultation document, that reflects upon the recent recommendations of the Steering Group, on the need for Statutory Regulation of practitioners of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, TCM and other traditional medicine systems practised in the UK.

    Statutory regulation of practitioners of herbal medicine and Acupuncture has been advocated by a House of Lords' Select Committee and by three subsequent DH working groups.

    The Report on Extending Professional and Occupational Regulation published on 16 July 2009, said that the Government had agreed to extend regulation to practitioners of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. It also reported that the Health Professionals Council had recommended these groups of healthcare professionals for statutory regulation.

    Further information:



    Jennifer Wayte - FHT President

    Jennifer Wayte has been elected President of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), replacing Lorraine Davis who stood down after 2 years in the role. Jennifer has been a FHT Governing Council member for three years as a Vice President, and was unanimously elected by the new FHT Governing Council at the recent FHT AGM.

    Jennifer's main priority in this role will be to build upon work carried out by her predecessor and fellow Council members towards elevating the status of FHT members within the healthcare industry and with the general public.

    Further information Tel: 0844 875 2022;

    Can Divorce be Peaceful?

    Chopra Yoga and Meditation instructor, Heather Frenner, says that peaceful separation and divorce can be achieved through Yoga and Meditation.

    Her new book Peaceful Separation/Peaceful Divorce shares her personal experience and extensive training in meditation and yoga. Heather compiled the crucial keys to reaching inner harmony and outward peace throughout the divorce process.

    The book covers what stress is and how people can avoid it when they are going through a separation/divorce; how children will benefit from practices in the book; Chapter-a-day guide to finding inner and outer resolution.

    Further information:
    10% of all sales will be donated to the Alliance for a New Humanity.

    Trek to China with Age Concern and Help the Aged

    Age Concern and Help the Aged is calling on people to get their hiking books on and experience the challenge of a lifetime with the Charity's Trek China 2010 fundraising event.

    Taking place from 15-23 May 2010, Trek China offers trekkers the perfect opportunity to experience a country steeped in history and culture, while raising vital funds to help disadvantaged older people in the UK and overseas.

    Early bird participants who sign up now will also be able to take advantage of a reduced registration fee. All funds raised from the Trek will help free disadvantaged older people from poverty, isolation and neglect. The event is open to everyone aged over 18.

    Further information Tel: 020-7239 1922;;

    Lily's Kitchen Proper Pet Food

    In November 2008, Henrietta Morrison, a former publisher, set out to create a range of pet food using organic, holistic and human grade ingredients after noticing that her dog Lily, was suffering from a series of skin complaints. Henrietta set about to create the first and only UK company to produce a range of certified organic and certified holistic pet food.

    Over a period of two years, Henrietta spent time with conventional and holistic vets, as well as animal nutritionists, and took advice from the British Association of Holistic Nutrition and Medicine (BAHNM) to create a range of nutritious and highly digestible pet food.

    Lily's Kitchen has recently been named as the Best Pet Food Company in the UK 2009, by the Ethical Good Shopper Guide.

    Further information: is a new health website where users compare traditional pharmaceutical drugs with complementary medicine and alternative treatments. It provides users with self-evaluation tools that help them choose the best treatment for their needs, based on self and peer reviews. It is funded through grants and accepts no advertising from pharmaceutical companies.

    Further information:

    Relieve Knee Pain with Just Your Hands

    A simple two-handed manoeuvre could give you 20 minutes of relief from your knee pain. A new concept in physical therapy exercise, developed by Brian Mulligan in the 1980s, has been rediscovered. All you need is two hands and a chair.

    For the right leg: Sit down and place your right hand on the side of your thigh and your left hand on the inside of your leg just below the knee and apply gentle pressure towards the centre of your leg. Now move your leg several times as though you were kicking. Stand up and take a few steps or bend at your knees. If this works, your pain will be relieved. If it does not help relieve the pain, then reverse your hand position and put your left hand on the inside of your right thigh above the knee and your right hand on the outside of your lower leg just below the knee. Now kick several times, stand up and bend at your knees or walk a few steps. See if your knee pain improves. If not, you have only wasted a few minutes of your time and the manoeuvre will not help you. Your knee problem is probably not due to medial/lateral knee pain (runner's knee) or patellofemoral syndrome.

    If you do get relief with either manoeuvre, a new brace on the market may help you. Physical Therapist Alice Brown invented the orthotic knee brace. In The Groove(r) is lightweight, comfortable and helps to rehabilitate your muscles just by wearing it during weight-bearing activity.

    Further information:

    Partners for a Cure Foundation Inc 5K Walk

    A fundraising walk will take place on Sunday 27 September at Lower Millcrest Park, Cincinnati OH In Norwood at Hopkins Ave & Victory Pkwy in aid of Partners for a Cure Foundation Inc (PFACF), a charity which helps families suffering financially due to cancer. PFACF asks for contributions to be made online.

    PFACF offers financial assistance to people struggling with the high costs of medication, physician and hospital fees, transportation, chemotherapy, child care services and other cancer related expenses.

    Founded in 2001 by Kim Goebel and her sister, Kris Kalnow, PFACF is a non-profit organization responsible for the creation of the Kimmie Cares doll. The doll's idea came to Kim Goebel while undergoing her own chemotherapy treatment; women with children struggle to find a way to explain their cancer and its effects (hair loss), to their young children.

    The doll, along with a beautifully illustrated 34-page book, encourages both mother and child to share their feelings, tapping into the family's vital and loving source of strength and support.

    Further Information
    please visit
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