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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 157

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 157 - April 2009

Health Matters London

Health Matters London

Health Matters London Ltd. is a family business run by practitioners, dedicated to people's health. The website was developed to bring a variety of high quality Herbal Medicines, Supplements, Organic Cosmetics, and Face and Body products to men, women and children. Health Matters strives to source the best quality natural products and medicines to supply the general public as well as professional practitioners, as we believe that when we put the best into our bodies our bodies will give us the best back.

Health Matters offers sound beneficial free advice from our advice line and online articles that people can put into action to prevent, maintain and treat ill health and bring about a better quality of life. New information about a wide range of healthcare topics from a variety of healthcare professionals is added to the website on a monthly bases.  

Health Matters also offers consultations with a qualified medical herbalist trained in western herbal medicine. Furthermore, an Endobiogenic evaluation (see the section on Endobiogenic and Herbal medicine on our website) is also available.                                

Further Information
Please contact Health Matters London on Tel: 020 3011

Hot and Cold Stone Pregnancy and Post Labour Treatment


Hot and Cold Stone Pregnancy and Post Labour Treatment

Most women suffer some kind of condition during Pregnancy.  The most common case is back pain, sacroiliac pain, piriformis syndrome or other musculoskeletal pain.  Hormones also relax ligaments, which can lead to possible joint misalignment.  Other discomforts during Pregnancy are Oedema and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

Being massaged with hot and cold stones, women obtain real benefits from the temperature being supplied by the stones.  For example, heat immediately relaxes and relieves muscle spasm, carpal and myofascial pain and relieves stress from the weight-baring joints; whilst cold relieves pain, reduces water retention, stimulating the lymph function and reduces inflammation around the joints.

JSS (Jane Scrivner Stone) only teaches professional, qualified stone therapists.  Research has been on-going now for the past seven years; countless women have experienced this treatment to provide JSS with the knowledge required to present it as one of their leading treatments. 

Therapists wanting to learn this treatment will be taught how to provide emotional support to a mother through the full term of pregnancy, learning what exactly happens during this period, how to take blood pressure, cover high risk pregnancy & contra-indications, hormonal changes, relevant anatomy & pathology, advanced stone massage techniques and post-labour recovery plus much more. 

Further Information
Please contact Debbie on Tel: 0208 3144592;

Raworth International College of Natural, Nutrition and Sports Therapies


Raworth International College of Natural, Nutrition and Sports Therapies

The Raworth Centre brings you an unrivalled wealth of experience, the product of 25 years of uncompromising commitment to the training of  professional therapists from countries all over the world.

Its two Founding Principals, possessing a unique combination of professional qualifications and successful careers in Nursing, Complementary Therapy and Higher Education, were dedicated to elevating standards of training, recognizing the need for greater depth of knowledge and professionalism.

The Raworth Centre now embraces a diverse range of training programmes across the whole spectrum of health care – Natural Therapies (Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Beauty), Sports therapy and Nutritional Therapy, including Continuing Professional Development and "Refresher" courses.

Choosing a course of training for a whole new career, or to enhance your existing skills, can be an intimidating experience. Come and talk to us about your plans, hopes and concerns and we hope to give you the confidence to make an informed well-considered choice of professional training.

Further Information
Please contact Raworth Centre on Tel: 01306 742 150; Fax: 01306 742 163;

Xoçai™ Nuggets, the Ultimate Antioxidant Treat!


Xoçai™ Nuggets, the Ultimate Antioxidant Treat!

Xoçai™ Nuggets, are an extremely high cocoa content chocolate combining the exotic flavors of dark chocolate with Açai and Blueberries. Each 12-gram Xoçai™ Nugget is made with rich, dark, Belgian Chocolate. There are 100 Nuggets per case. They are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. The Xoçai™  Nuggets are considered a "Clean Product": No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Flavors, No Preservatives, and No Sucralose.

There have been numerous studies, including Cardiovascular Studies, on the health benefits of Dark Chocolate. Often these studies have included the Dove® Dark Chocolate Bar. MXI Corp believes in the future that these types of studies will be done with the Xoçai™ Nuggets once they see the Nugget's Nutritional and ORAC Profile. View the Nutritional and ORAC Profile Comparison of the Xoçai™ Nuggets and the Dove® Dark Chocolate Bar.

Each 12-gram piece of Xoçai™ Nuggets has an ORAC Value or Antioxidant Content of 3,120, and the USDA recommends at least 3,000 to 5,000 per day. Furthermore, the Xoçai™ Nuggets are the only Chocolate Bar, dark or milk, in the marketplace that has printed on the packaging the ORAC Value or Antioxidant Content of the product. We're truly excited that we have the Ultimate Antioxidant Treat with a balanced nutritional profile.

Further Information
For further information please visit

Wheatgrass Nature's Finest Medicine: The Complete Guide to Using Grass Foods

by Steve Meyerowitz

Wheatgrass Nature's Finest Medicine: The Complete Guide to Using Grass Foods

World expert on wheatgrass, juicing and sprouting, Steve Meyerowitz, aka the Sproutman, is visiting the UK in early April to promote his book Wheatgrass, Nature's Finest Medicine. As a guest of Xynergy Health Products, he will also be attending the Natural Products Show at Olympia on 5th and 6th April.

If you have ever wanted the full story about the wonders of wheatgrass juice, this is your opportunity to hear it from a true aficionado. More than a trendy drink in juice bars, wheatgrass juice offers a whole host of natural health benefits – from being an energising tonic to an effective mouthwash or facepack.

The earth is covered with it. Four of the world's top five crops come from it. Muscular 2,000 lb animals sustain themselves on it and science has found every nutrient in it. Could it be that the planet's most ubiquitous vegetation is also its finest medicine?

One of nature's best kept secrets may be right under our feet!

Xynergy Health Products is a distributor of high quality supplements. One of the early pioneers of health foods, Xynergy was the first to introduce Spirulina and Aloe Vera juice to the UK. Xynergy also includes therapeutic honeys, remedial herbs and natural skincare products in its range.

Further Information
Find out more about Steve Meyerowitz at
Steve Meyerowitz's visits to the UK are rare... if you would like to meet him please contact Xynergy Health Products  on Tel: 01730 813642;

Didi Sudesh: UK Raja Yoga Meditation April


Didi Sudesh: UK Raja Yoga Meditation April

For over 50 years Didi Sudesh  has been an outstanding lecturer, teacher and broadcaster on meditation and spirituality. She has been invited to address international conferences, co-ordinate workshops and run seminars in over 80 countries.

She has the unique ability of crossing cultural differences, serving as a bridge between East and West. Born in North India in 1942, her ambition since early childhood has been to follow a spiritual path and serve humanity. Her teaching abilities were evident from childhood, when unique circumstances made her headmistress of a girl's school at the age of 16. She is the European Director of the Brahma Kumaris, based in Germany.

Raja Yoga Meditation as practised by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is a perfect tool to bring about change in our awareness and attitude.  There are two special programmes with Didi Sudesh The Heart of the Matter [in English] Thursday 23rd April 2009 and Inner Powers for Effective Living [in Hindi] on Tuesday 28th April.

Further Information
For more details and information on courses and programmes please contact Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University on Tel: 020 8727 3350;

Free Massage Equipment for Colleges


Free Massage Equipment for Colleges

Leading massage table supplier Therapy Essentials is launching a brand new scheme that will provide colleges with a unique way to upgrade training equipment and maintain supplies of essential consumables.

The Affinity Advantage rewards scheme is open to any educational institution that provides training in therapies requiring massage tables and related therapy equipment. 

Colleges are invited to sign up to the scheme which will earn them points each time they purchase equipment from a participating distributor. The scheme also enables participating colleges to pass on membership benefits to their students. This will both increase the number of points they are able to accumulate and offer students additional benefits.
Further Information
To find out more about Affinity Advantage or to sign up to the scheme, please contact Spencer Randon on Tel: 0800 083 5530;

UK Trial Identifies Probiotic for IBS Patients


UK Trial Identifies Probiotic for IBS Patients

Research from the University of Sheffield has shown that certain probiotics can help treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)[1], offering hope to the six million sufferers in the UK.[2]

In the randomized, placebo controlled trial involving 52 patients clinically diagnosed with IBS, half were supplemented with a high strength multistrain probiotic known as LAB4, commercially available under the name ProVen, whilst the other half took placebo.  Patients were assessed every two weeks during the eight week supplementation period, and again two weeks after the trial had ended. Participants in the trial who took the LAB4 multistrain probiotic reported significant benefits in  two weeks, with the majority seeing the following improvements after four weeks:
  • reduction in the severity of abdominal pain (P=0.0218)
  • reduction in the duration of abdominal pain (P=0.0058)
  • reduction of abdominal bloating (P=0.0218)
  • improved daily bowel movement (P=0.0422)
  • improved quality of life (P=0.0068)
Symptoms of IBS also returned to the patients who had been taking the LAB4 multistrain probiotic, highlighting that ongoing supplementation may be necessary to help prevent IBS symptoms from returning.

Scientists have long suspected that probiotics can help maintain digestive health and transit, but this is the first clinical trial to confirm the LAB4 multistrain probiotic as the natural treatment of choice for IBS sufferers. The results are due to be published later this month in the Journal of Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

1.  Williams E, Stimpson J, Wang D, Plummer S, Garaiova I, Barker M, Corfe B. Clinical trial: a multistrain probiotic preparation significantly reduces symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome in a double-blind placebo-controlled study.  Ailment Pharmacol Ther. [Epub ahead of print]. Sep 10 2008.
2. The Gut Trust.

Further Information
The multistrain probiotic known as LAB4 is now available under the brand name ProVen, exclusively available from

Relaxation to Relieve Pain

Relaxation to Relieve Pain 

Constant pain is uncomfortable, wearing on the nerves, can affect your sleep and can be depressing.   However one technique which can help relieve pain and calm the nerves is the daily practice of breathing and relaxation techniques.  

Deep abdominal breathing, encourages production of endorphins (the so-called 'happy hormones') which are a natural pain reliever.  It also helps reduce tension in the body and mind, releases toxins which gather around tight and tense areas and can help during periods of acute pain.  
We can use visualization techniques alongside the breathing and relaxation to help us.   For example, close your eyes and imagine you can see a dial (a little like a volume control).   The dial is in your control and you can turn it up or down.   Think about your pain and turn the dial to whatever level you think it is on the volume control.   Mark it between 0 and 10.   If your pain at present is at 7, visualise turning the dial to 5 and observe how you feel, breathing deeply and calmly.   Repeat this procedure, turning the pain down in stages and noticing the effect this has.   
Further Information 
Please contact Annie Lawler at Breathing Space Therapies & Breathing Space for Business on Tel: 0772 581 8884;

Calcium....Are You Getting Enough? 


Calcium....Are You Getting Enough?

Each year in the UK, over £1.7 billion is spent on treating osteoporosis and experts are predicting an epidemic in women within the next ten years.[1] Osteoporosis is caused by insufficient calcium in a person's diet, which causes the body to break down more bone than it makes.

Each person in the UK should be getting 800mg of calcium per day. Women often need more than men as they have less bone mass than men and lose it faster as they get older.

Although the UK RDA is set at between 800-1200mg of calcium per day, according to the Journal of Orthopedic Surgery, more than half of the population (including almost three quarters of 25-34 year olds) consume less than their recommended daily allowance.[2]

Foods with some of the highest levels of calcium include whitebait fish – 69 calcium points per serving, canned sardines – 35 points, dried figs –14 points and boiled spinach –13 points.

However these types of foods do not feature regularly in most people's everyday diet.  Ellactiva chews are an alternative to top up calcium levels and ensure that bones stay strong and healthy.  Ellactiva is a chocolate flavoured chew that makes it easy and convenient to get the right amount of calcium and other key bone-building nutrients.  Ellactiva soft calcium chews contain calcium, phosphorus and magnesium from milk, a good  source of bone-building nutrients. Because these minerals are bound in milk to peptides and proteins, they're naturally easy for your body to absorb.


Further Information
Ellactiva is £3.99 for a pack of 28 chews and is available from selected Boots stores and from

Black Garlic Launches in the UK

Black Garlic Launches in the UK 

Black Garlic Ltd announces the launch of 'black garlic' into the UK.  Black garlic is aged fermented garlic. Its ageing process turns regular garlic's bitter white cloves into soft, sweet, black segments which are completely odourless.

The resulting sweet chewy pieces can be snacked on as well as cooked with and maintain all of garlic's health benefits. The product will be available in peeled segments, bulbs, paste, juice and powder form.

Katy Heath, Director of Black Garlic Ltd commented: "We are really excited to bring this delicious ingredient to the UK.  Black Garlic has its roots in Korea where it is revered for its health inducing properties. We have already received a huge interest and are confident this will soon be part of everyone's kitchen. Garlic just got better."

Further Information
Please contact Black Garlic Ltd on Tel: 020 8815 0854;;


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  • Brief Takes

    Divine Direction Seminars: Change of Date & Location for England Seminar

    Divine Direction Seminars from Australia have changed the date of their upcoming England seminars Unlocking the Kingdom Within and Blessed Horizons from 12 April to the evening Friday 17 April 2009. The location has also been changed from Plymouth to London.

    Further information Tel: 612 6584 2619 (Australia);

    Four Elements Seminar in Homeopathy

    The School of Homeopathy is running their Four Elements Seminar in July. There are only 25 places left, so book now if you want a place. The Seminar covers the Four Elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire, has three Homeopaths: Misha Norland, David Mundy and Jeremy Sherr. It takes place at the School of Homeopathy in Hawkwood in the Cotswolds on 4 and 5 July 2009. The seminar is a chance to deepen your philosophical understanding of Homeopathy and to broaden your analysis skills. Lunch is provided.

    Further information Tel: 01453 765 956; 

    KORE Therapy for Spas and Hotels

    Dr John Brazier believes that he has the solution to the problems suffered by spas and hotels to capture their 'sleeping' male and business markets. Initial training can take as little as seven days to provide treatment for guests to ensure they leave the hotel or spa in better health than when they arrived. In addition, musculo-skeletal conditions are becoming increasingly common and one in four adults suffer from back pain, poor sleep, painful joints etc.

    The founder of Oriental Body Balance, Dr Brazier runs his own award winning college where he trains therapists from around the world in many aspects of integrated therapy.

    KORE Therapy offers spas and hotels the opportunity to create a personal journey for their guests, starting with one-to-one consultation and ending with recommending the appropriate treatment in the spa.

    Further information Tel: 0845 6436134;

    If Time Travel was Possible

    What would you change if you could turn back time?

    A facilitated journey in the The Holigral Arc Angle(tm) brings the clarity necessary to undo those unwanted ways to unleash your empowered self, with revolutionary benefits for human development in Sports, Business and Leadership. Creator Steven Saunders says "Technically it spins away life's problems, untangles relationships and reel in the life force that left the body in the past."

    Further information Tel: 0845 603 5699;

    Many Cancers Could be Prevented Across the Globe

    Over 40% of bowel and breast cancer cases in the UK are preventable through healthy patterns of diet, physical activity and weight maintenance, according to estimates in a landmark report that has set out recommendations for policies and actions to reduce the global number of cancer cases.

    The report, Policy and Action for Cancer Prevention, published by World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), has estimated that about 43% of bowel cancer cases and 42% could be prevented in this way.

    Following this, a panel of 23 world-renowned experts, made 48 recommendations spread across different groups in society to follow. These groups are: multinational bodies, civil society organizations, government, industry, media, schools, workplaces, institutions, health and other professionals and the general public.

    The recommendations include:
    Schools, workplaces and institutions should not have unhealthy foods available in vending machines; Industry should give a higher priority for good and services that encourage people to be active, particularly young people.

    Further information Tel: 020-7343 4253; to download the Report

    Migraine Action launch Migraine Heroes Healthcare Awards

    National charity, Migraine Action is inviting the estimated eight million people in the UK who are affected by migraine to nominate their Migraine Heroes in the Migraine action Migraine Heroes Healthcare Awards 2009. A recent survey showed that nearly 40% of migraine sufferers use complementary medicine to help with their migraines, and the awards include a category for Best in Complementary Medicine to reflect this.

    From Yoga teachers to Nutritionists, Reiki, Reflexology, Acupuncture and Bowen therapist, Masseurs and Chiropractors, Migraine Action is accepting nominations until Friday 29 May 2009 from migraine sufferers who wish to acknowledge the therapists and practitioners who have helped them cope.

    Further information Tel: 0116 275 8317;

    Yorktest Launch GL Check

    Many of us try new diets but struggle to lose weight, or get used to feeling tired and lethargic. This can be the result of your haemoglobin molecules becoming inhibited. These molecules contain iron and carry oxygen in the blood, so any restriction is likely to affect how you feel, take the GL Check to take the first step to rediscovering your energy.

    Further information Tel: 0800 085 7749;

    NLP Diploma for Business People

    Quandrant1 International is running courses for business people.

    Real Success, The Essential NLP Diploma for Business People. Module 1: 12-14 May, Module 2: 3-4 June, Leading to: Real NLP Business Practitioner Leading edge empowerment tools for your professional certification. Module 3: 22-23 April or Real Leadership. Executive skills for leaders to inspire motivate and engage. Module 3: 28-29 October, Module 4: 9-10 December.

    If your organization employs between 5 and 249 people and your company is based in England, you may be entitled to funding of up to £1000 through the Train to Gain scheme for Quadrant1's programmes.

    To find out more about the business benefits of NLP, there is a two-day programme at the Oxford Thames Four Pillars Hotel on 22-23 April.

    Further information Tel: 0870 762 1300;

    Traditional Tibetan Healing

    Tibetan herbal medicines have been successfully used for centuries to cure all manner of ailments, from a simple cough to more serious conditions and diseases, and are based on the premise that that which is natural and from the earth will heal the human body better than engineered drugs.

    Tibetan Herbs supplies herbal supplements which can provide natural remedies for a wide range of illnesses from acne and asthma to high-blood pressure, depression, sleep deprivation, digestion problems and Parkinson's disease. Their resident Clinical Herbalist Dr Bhutti, is one of the most senior Tibetan doctors and is available to answer questions via the Tibetan Herb's website.

    Further information Tel: 1-781-322-3311;

    Acupuncture – Not just about Needles!

    Acupuncture, even with its 2500-year history, still remains a mystery to many people, and yet its effects are wide-ranging and broad. The British Acupuncture Council is launching some activity which hopes to challenge some of the misconceptions about Acupuncture.

    An Acupuncturist looks at a person's complete and unique state of well-being. During an Acupuncture session, a number of diagnostic tools are used to assess a patient's physiological and psychological make-up, the backdrop against which the symptoms are viewed. As well as conducting an in-depth conversation, a practitioner will use two distinctively Chinese techniques – feeling the pulse and looking at the tongue.

    Further information Tel: 020-8735 0400;

    Overcoming Debilitating Anxiety

    Recession is forcing thousands out of work and the usual stresses and strains of everyday life are rapidly moving towards outright fear, as savings and livelihoods are threatened.

    Michael Cohen, acknowledged expert in the fast-developing field of Bio-energy healing, is hosting a revealing and candid free seminar on Overcoming Debilitating Anxiety and Stress, giving a controversial, alternative view of how to overcome anxiety without cognitive therapy or prescription drugs.

    Michael's ongoing research and extensive experience of working with clients has revealed how working with bio-energy healing can shift the current configuration of our brains which can mean the difference between being consumed by the symptoms or making giant leaps forward.

    Further information Tel: 0845 456 1336;

    FHT Offers Massage to Marathon Runners

    With nearly 200 people running to raise money for the Stroke Association in this year's London Marathon, the runners need all the support they can get to help them unwind, relax and recuperate after running 26 gruelling miles. With this in mind, the Stroke Association has for the second year running called upon the volunteer services of the Federation of Holistic Therapist (FHT) to offer its sports therapy massages to all its runners.

    A team of 9 fully trained, qualified and experienced Sports Therapists will be on hand to give the runners the treatment they need to help recover from their exertions.

    Further information Tel: 0844 875 2022;

    Holistic Approach to Migraine is Safer than Taking Pills

    With the cases of migraine predicted to rise as the hot weather approaches, leading practitioner and lecturer of the Bowen Technique, Jo Lunn, is advising sufferers who are concerned about taking prescription drugs to try alternative methods of relieving migraine symptoms first.

    The Migraine Association carried out a pilot study into the effects of Bowen on 39 migraine sufferers in 2002. Thirty-one participants experienced a positive result. At the end of the program, 36 of the 39 volunteers said they would recommend Bowen as a treatment to a friend.

    The Bowen Technique is a gentle hands-on treatment, and the practitioner uses their thumbs and fingers on precise points of the body to perform a unique set of rolling-type moves over muscle, ligament, tendon and fascia, prompting the body to reset and realign.

    Further information:

    World's Oldest Health-Freedom Group Launches in the UK

    On March 17 2009, in Cardiff, the National Health Federation (NHF), the world's oldest health-freedom organization for consumers, begins a new chapter with the launch of its NHF-UK branch. With members in 17 different countries including the UK, the NHF has a long had a member presence in the UK. With the launch of the NHF0UK, its activities in Great Britain will have a continuous UK presence with a focus on those health-freedom issues important to the British people. For example: maintaining and expanding traditional health rights while protecting against unnecessary and dangerous fluoridation, vaccinations, GMO-contaminated foods and Codex and EU bureaucratic over-regulation and strangulation of health freedoms.

    Further information:

    Pro-Biotic Skincare

    Pro-biotic has been shown to have a significant effect long term to reducing and fighting off lines and wrinkles. Cleo has developed it own Pro-Biotic range. Included is Regenerate EGF Nourishing Créme, Pro-Biotic Skin Deep Cleansing Moisture Mousse and Skin Sheer and Radiance polish. This skincare routine exfoliates repairs and nourishes the skin.

    Cleo Pro-Biotic range also includes pearl extracts to maintain skin tone and anti-ageing, aloe vera for skin soothes healer, repairer and collagen booster and herbal nutrients.

    Further information Tel: 0870 1160022;

    Essential Training Solutions Online Health and Safety Diplomas

    With so many mixed messages about health and safety, is difficult to judge what is required.

    Ensuring you comply with the Health and Safety regulations protects you from litigation should an accident occur. It is an ongoing commitment by the employer to protect everyone in the workplace, and all members of staff have a responsibility to look after themselves and others.

    Take Essential-Training's online Level 3 Health and Safety course for your own protection and the protection of those you work with.

    Further information Tel: 01604 879110;  

    Live Native Launches Exfoliating Cleanser and Mist Toner

    Live Native Skin Food organic products are handmade using the cleanest and freshest cold-pressed living ingredients available. New products Essential Earth Exfoliating Cleanser, with deep pore cleansing of Rhassoul Clay combined with the exfoliating effects of oats and mineral rich seaweed to revive and restore a healthy complexion. Essential Mist Facial Toner containing Rose water, frangipani and sandalwood essential oils and anti-inflammatory MSM, a naturally occurring organic sulphur extract from the pulp of pine trees, helps to build vital collagen. Acerola cherry has powerful antioxidant qualities and is high in natural Vitamin C to hydrate and stimulate the skin. Essential Woman Moisturiser is a rejuvenating, remedial moisturiser that absorbs readily and deeply to nourish, soften and protect the skin.

    Further information Tel: 01599 530367;

    Pilot Study: GPs Refer Osteopathic Treatment

    A recently published report on a pilot project carried out in Northern Ireland involving integrated health therapies, has shown that in 65% of cases, GPs reported a health improvement in patients using complementary forms of treatment.

    The study shows that 81% of 700 patients who, on referral from the GPs received treatment from Osteopaths and other complementary practitioners for musculoskeletal and mental health conditions, reported improvements in their physical health and 79% in their mental health.

    Osteopathy supports the body's own healing processes. Treatment usually consists of a combination of soft-tissue releasing techniques and some specific adjustments affecting joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

    For the full report on the pilot project in Northern Ireland visit

    Further information:

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