I live in biological years. That is what counts. How clean are your arteries and veins? How are your blood pressures? I have blood pressures of 120 over 80. This is the blood pressure of a boy of twenty. I have a steady, strong pulse of sixty. I have the eyes of an eagle and keen ears that can pick up the lightest sounds.

I am not interested in my birthdays. I am concentrating my attention on Internal Purity. And when you seriously follow the Toxicless Diet Body Purification and Healing System you will experience what I am experiencing. You must work at it every day, it is not a fad, it is something that must become a part of you and your daily living. I want to live. I want to feel strong and vigorous every day. I do not want to be plagued with aches and pains.

So, up to this point I eat from fifty to sixty per cent of my food raw-fruits and vegetables and properly cooked fruits and vegetables. I have been able to discard a large amount of the stimulating foods. In other words I am working daily on my Internal Purity.

One step is the beginning of a ten thousand mile journey. As soon as you make the start. .. YOU too can start to enjoy the Higher Health!

Now Go To Work On Flushing The Toxic Poisons Out Of Your Body

  1. Eliminate forever the toxic foods of civilization.
  2. Take a complete twenty-four-hour water fast every seven days. My book The Miracle of Fasting will give you all the vital information you need to know on this tremendous subject.
  3. Eliminate breakfast. (If it is too difficult for you to just do on fruit juice and fresh fruit then you can add raw wheat germ and honey to your fruit.) Some people are so habit-bound to a big breakfast that it takes a little time to eliminate this un-important meal. If you still feel you need more in your stomach in the morning try a dish of whole-grain cereal, or an egg and a few slices of whole-meal toast. But remember this is the most useless and energy robbing meal of the day.
Have your Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey cocktail (read the Bragg Vinegar book for more information) early in the morning. It consists of one tablespoon of natural apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of natural honey mixed in a glass of water.

When you give up that breakfast you will have ten times the energy you had before. In my own personal life I do my most creative work in the morning. And when I am ready for my physical activity such as hiking, swimming, tennis or sports, I am full of strength to enjoy my activity. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to digest a regular breakfast. You cannot put your energy in two places at once, food and activity. People often wonder why I accomplish so much between 6 a.m. and noon. It is because I have not dissipated my Vital Force on the big breakfast. My cocktail, fruit juice and fresh fruit is all I need and I have inexhaustible energy.

You Must Earn Your Food

  1. By noon you are now ready for the first meal of the day. You have earned it. You have used both mental and physical effort. Always start this first important main meal with a large combination salad, consisting of the broom coarse vegetables-all raw; either chopped or grated, cabbage, carrots, beetroot and celery-they are the base of your health salad. To this combination you can add any raw vegetables you desire. Cucumber (green skin too), lettuce, radishes, parsley, avocado, tomatoes, green onions or any fresh raw vegetable.
    You can make a salad dressing of natural cider vinegar, health salad oil (soya, peanut, safflower, sunflower, sesame or olive oil) and honey. You always eat your fill of raw salad first. Never let hot food touch your mouth until you have had your fill of the raw salad. The salad is the internal purifier. The salad is the fighter of toxic poisons. Toxic poisons just have to move out of the body when the nutrients of the raw salads get to work.
    But if you have not been used to eating a large raw vegetable salad, GO SLOWLY. You may say to me, "Raw salad fills me with gas" or "Raw salads do not agree with me". And I must answer, "The salads agree with you. but you do not agree with the salads". When a raw salad does not agree with you, it shows you have a mucus condition in the bowel. They are sick bowels. So, there is only one thing to do and that is to move slowly. It took a long time for the bowel to be in this awful condition and it will take time and conditioning to get the bowel ready to accept the raw salads. That is the reason this System is not giving a person a cut and dried diet. Everyone is different. Each person must move at the speed that fits their condition. People with bad dentures must cut or grate the salad very fine. But remember, the daily salad is very important. it is the master internal cleanser.
  2. The next question is what to eat with this salad. The best thing would be a fresh cooked vegetable like a baked potato, string beans, steamed cabbage, peas, corn on the cob, carrots, beetroot, steamed greens or any fresh cooked vegetable you desire.
  3. Now what about the protein? If you feel you need meat, eat it. just remember, on this diet you do not eat meat but three times a week. You can have fresh fish several times a week and then you can have the vegetable proteins such as nuts and seeds.
    Now due to bad teeth the nuts would be better ground or taken in the form of nut butters . . . the same with seeds like sunflower or sesame seeds. It may be best to eat them ground.
    Many times I have my big raw salad for lunch and I finish off with dried fruits such as dates, raisins, figs and nuts.
  4. Don’t worry about getting protein. Traces of protein are found in all foods. Just think, a mother’s milk is only 3½% protein and a new human body is built with this small amount of protein. I never worry about getting my daily quota of protein. The body is a great chemical instrument and can very easy convert any other food to protein. I do not believe in the heavy protein diet. For over forty years I have heard nutritionists declare the great value of a high protein diet. But in my consultation work, I have found many who went on a high protein diet get into serious troubles (high blood pressures, heart trouble, gout, kidney, prostate and liver disorders).
The racehorse does not eat concentrated protein. He gets his great speed, strength and endurance from the vegetable kingdom. Nuts, seeds, raw wheat germ, brewers yeast, natural brown rice, and many dried beans are rich, healthy sources of non-cholesterol, non-uric acid protein.

You must always keep in mind that meat is a second-hand food. The animal ate the green growing things that produced the meat. And when that animal was killed, it retained all the poisons that it had within its body. I have told you that meat has uric acid and it contains heavy concentrations of visible and invisible saturated fats. Remember these are the waxy fats (cholesterol) that clog and plug up the human pipe system and the vital organs.

I know people all over the world eat meat. But in America, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, they consume large amounts of meats in the daily diet.., and we also know that one out of every two deaths are caused in these countries by heart attacks. And heart specialists agree that the waxy saturated fats of meat are the main villain by causing dogged arteries and dogged veins.

I never try to make a health student a vegetarian. I believe, by properly combining ‘the natural foods, that people can eat meat three times a week and live a long healthy life. But I believe that the one-sided meat eater does get himself into serious trouble.

I have told you what the ideal diet of man was when he was in the warm tropical Garden of Eden. Now man lives everywhere and he must adapt himself to the climate he is in. I do not believe it is possible for a person who is living in a cold climate to eat as if he lived in the tropics. Unless the fruits and vegetables are available, and he has conditioned his blood stream to the climate, he must eat plenty of nuts and seeds to build a blood stream that will keep him warm.

Remember, your diet must fit in with your climate. That does not mean because you live in a cold climate you eat more meat. It means you eat meat three times a week and you eat fresh fish and then you use nuts, seeds, brown rice, raw wheat germ and the dried beans for protein the other days.

But you always keep the basic principle of the System in mind at all times, that you keep adding more raw fruits and vegetables to the diet. Remember the raw fruits and vegetables are the purifiers and the detoxicator.

That is why one-sided meat and starch eaters get into serious troubles. They are eating too much toxic forming foods.

Over-eating—a Slow Killer

Some people eat as though they were going to do the hardest kind of physical labour. A sedentary person by habit and conditioning will get up in the morning and eat a heavy breakfast of cooked or dried cereal, ham and eggs, buttered toast and a stimulating beverage like tea or coffee or sometimes milk, which is mucus forming. No animal except man ever drinks milk after they are weaned. I do not approve of milk drinking for adults neither raw nor pasteurized.

They then go to work in an office, store, etc., and sit or stand around. They will usually have a mid-morning snack and at noon they will get a heavy meal: bread and meat and dessert and again a beverage like tea or coffee. In the mid-afternoon, more snacks and tea or coffee. Then home for the biggest meal of the day; consisting of meat, potatoes, bread, dessert and a beverage, and to top off the day while watching T.V., will snack again. This kind of daily habit is making tens of thousands of sick people, exhausted people... sending them to hospitals and to an early grave.

The average person living the ordinary inactive life cannot possibly bum this tremendous amount of food. So what happens to people who eat this way? You know as well as I do they are sick or half-sick most of their entire lifetimes.

They fill the Chemist-Drug Shops, the mental institutions, the old people’s homes and arrive early at the graveyard.

Over-eating is a vicious and dangerous habit, and most people overeat. They have been told they must have regular meals at regular hours and they believe this nonsense. They hardly have one meal down before they are putting down another. They think that by this constant stuffing that they are "keeping up their strength’ they are doing the opposite-they are weakening their Vital Power. Why By overeating they are burdening their whole system-also this continual eating never gives the machinery time to repair or rest.

That is the reason I stress a twenty-four-hour weekly fast as a must! This is so vital to unclogging and cleansing your system

I see these over-stuffed people every day of my life. Most of them suffer from chronic fatigue. They get up tired and go to bed tired. They push all kinds of stimulants into themselves to try and keep going. In civilization today people take pep pills to keep going during the day and sleeping pills to try and get to sleep at night. What a pitiful plight the average person gets himself into.

Ridicule For Those Who Want Better Health

These same half-dead creatures are always ready to say cruel things about those who want to take better care of themselves by Constructive Conscious Control of their bodies.

People like me are called "fanatics" "food cranks", "health nuts". The big producers of civilized refined and dead-foods are largely responsible for these curt remarks about people who become vitally interested in good nutrition and natural hygienic living. If living by the wholesome Plan of Nature and God Almighty is being a fanatic . . . then I will lay claim to being the biggest fanatic in this whole wide world. I am proud I live close to God and Nature’s Plan of Living. I am jealous of my health and I intend to protect it until I draw my last breath.

This extract was taken from the book Toxicless Diet published by Health Science, Box 7, Santa Barbara, California 93102, USA. 24th printing, 1987. There are a series of Bragg How-To, Self-Health Books.


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