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Raw Food to Feel Healthier, Happier and More Vibrant

by Ka Sundance(more info)

listed in organic food, originally published in issue 164 - November 2009

Do you want to look younger, be more beautiful, gain your ideal weight and have much more energy to reach all  your goals?

This is all possible, and you don't need any pills, doctors or gurus to reach this. The only thing you need to do is take the full responsibility for your health.

Happy family

Health, and beauty does not just happen randomly. The most important point to reach these goals, is our diet.
We are what we eat; everybody knows that.
So let's be as much living, and vibrant as possible!
I want to offer you the most natural way possible, to reach this. 
It is about eating raw food.
Eating raw, living food, the food we have been designed for by nature.

I am Ka Sundance from, daddy of three beautiful raw kids, author of How to Start your Raw Food Journey, publisher of an E-Zine called Raw Secrets, TV-host, Rawfood and life coach, inspirational speaker and visionary.

Ka Sundance
Ka Sundance

I am passionate about inspiring people, and my message is that health is your birthright, almost your duty. We are designed to be in total, shining health ALL the time, and live our dreams.

And the Raw Food diet is one important part of reaching this goal!

We healed our second son's chronic diseases he suffered from within a week; no one in our family has been ill since we became raw. This has been more than 4 years now.

Children aged one and two

Raw food makes the headlines daily. Raw foodists feel healthier, happier and more vibrant than their previous selves. This happens because uncooked foods retain their full spectrum of nutrients. This is evident! They are easier to digest so our bodies are less taxed, leaving us with much more energy.

We use this extra energy to live ecstatically and blissful and to achieve our dreams and visions

We belong to Nature, this is where we come from. Our closest relatives in nature, the apes, have more than 99% of  the exact same genetic code that we have. They eat 100% raw food.

Archaeological researchers have found the first stone hearths dated 5000 BC. That would be around the time when humans started cooking their food on a more regular base, but still would try to eat as much raw food as possible, because it was more convenient.

Even then, cooking was a luxury for many more centuries. So by nature, we are made for eating raw food, because our body was designed by evolution to do so, and did not have time to change in this few generations.
And by fulfilling our natural mission, we are rewarded with health, beauty, happiness and joy.

One more point for Rawfood is that it just tastes so great, and on top, just feels so much better in the belly than any cooked food. If I imagine a fully ripe Mango or a creamy durian [fruit with succulent, creamy filling but smelling like stinky socks], my whole body and soul is jumping around filled with joy! When you eat organic raw food, like we recommend, you keep the amount of garbage and pollution you produce to an absolute minimum.

You support organic farming, your local farmers and a whole new way of slow living life, in our fastfood consuming society.

So from this point of view, you almost make a political statement by becoming more beautiful and happy!

A statement, that will be perceived and admired by Mother Nature and the souls of all beings as well, as your closer physical environment, which you will inspire by living that way.

Rawfood is from the ethic, moral, physiologic, psychic, emotional, spiritual and political point of view, the best choice to support my body and my environment!

If you imagine the time when your grandparents were children, you would see no television, Internet, or telephone, you would see hardly a car driving around on the gravel roads, no highways even no radio or electricity. There was no refined sugar, white bread, plastics, McDonalds or Supermarkets available. Meat was something rare and expensive, at these times. All food was organic. It is hard to imagine that these days, but it was not long ago.
And if you would go back in time another 1000 Generations, which is just nothing compared to  millions of years of our evolutionary process, you would see your relatives happily sitting around, eating simply nothing but Rawfood, because there was nothing else. So, from nature, we are made and designed for consuming raw foods.

This really short period of time, where mankind started to put all their food in destroying fire, and manipulated it, trying to make nature 'better' than it just is, could not allow our bodies to change.

We are made for Rawfood. Our digestive system, our perception, our anatomy, all is just perfect for grabbing ripe fruits out of the trees, and eating greens.

And even more than physically are we made spiritually for eating raw food. By eating raw, we fulfil our natural mission of spreading the seeds, live in harmony with mother earth and create good karma by doing so. Eating raw just feels so good!

This brings me to the last part of our statement. It is from highest importance, that you believe you eat the best food possible for your body, and you are happy with this.

And we feel and therefore believe, that this is the ultimate best thing we could do to ourselves and our children. We feel that with every meal we have, every day!

So take it easy. You will do yourself more good, when you eat not 100% Raw, but stay happy and balanced within you. By just increasing the raw food amount in your diet, you will feel so much better and lighter, and miracles can happen. You will gain more energy, and your skin will have more glow!

Don't force yourself to something you are not ready to. It is most likely, that you will fall back into your old eating habits, when you do not enjoy yourself by what you are doing. Keep your goal in your mind, but take little and constant steps toward it. The way is the goal.

Accept yourself with all your habits and food preferences. Accepting and knowing who you are, and where you come from will make you able to change in the direction you want to.

You are just perfect, the way you are NOW!

Further Information

If you are looking for more information, or inspiration, sign up for my fortnightly published e-Zine raw secrets, which is for raw food lovers who want to know more about health, beauty and weight loss, with the raw food diet. You can sign up for at

Or you can subscribe for free, for our Rawfoodfamily TV-Show, and enjoy recipes, interviews and information around the raw food diet, and how we live this lifestyle together as a family with three kids! You can sign up for free at


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About Ka Sundance

Ka Sundance is a passionate health seeker for more than eight years now, and has worked very successfully with many people from all over the world to improve their health. He is raw food and fitness expert. He has been living the Raw food lifestyle for over 4 years now together with his wife and 3 children. He discovered that there is much more you need to know becoming a healthy and successful rawfooder, than only what you need to eat.

The most important part we have to be aware of are our emotions and feelings. Our eating habits have been created even before we could walk properly and are so profound, that we have to be very careful with the emotional side of eating, sharing food, and all the images and feeling we have circling around food. Ka Sundance may be contacted at

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