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Thyroid Function, Fluoride and Cholesterol - Part Two

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in nutrition, originally published in issue 210 - November 2013

Thyroid gland function is key to a balanced metabolism


Thyroid gland function Thyroid gland function


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Part One of this article covered the most common thyroid problems, their association with toxic fluorides and the significance of cholesterol levels.

Fluoride and cholesterol are two of the many aspects which are linked to thyroid function, fluoride being a toxic cause of disruption, cholesterol being an indicator.

Interlinking Nutritional Factors

Studies of autopsies on younger adult members of the population have shown that vessel walls are in advanced stages of degeneration before cholesterol attaches itself to fibrin at later stages. Also, half the people who died of heart attacks did not have high blood cholesterol, the ‘presumed sign’ of impending heart disease.

Metabolism of some foods produces homocysteine, a sulphur amino acid, which is fully metabolized by B vitamins (folate, B12, B6). Where the levels of B vitamins are too low, raised homocysteine can result. Homocysteine is a toxic inflammatory substance which affects the linings of blood vessels (and smooth muscle cells) if it is not recycled by B vitamins or converted into cysteine.

Although many authorities recommend specific B vitamins for the role of this conversion, it is always advisable to take whole food vitamin complexes .Reductionism, isolated supplements and synthetic supplements all have adverse effects to some degree and any extra isolates are best taken as an adjunct to broad-spectrum multi-vitamin/mineral bio-available supplementation (see ref. 13 for product discount code) and nutritional corrections in the form of adequate nutritional choices.

Thyroid and adrenal function are intimately linked and both are subject to distresses. Where there is a problem in one of these areas it should be presumed that there is association with the other. Under stressful conditions, especially long term, excess cortisol from the adrenal cortex can inhibit TSH and conversion of T4 to T3 resulting in hypothyroid symptoms.

Metabolic aberrations are also seen in vitamin B3 (niacin) deficiency. Adrenochrome is produced by the oxidation of adrenaline and is able to cross the blood brain barrier and act like a psychotropic drug. This would explain the unstable mentality and behaviour of those with high adrenaline levels. Such people are often termed ‘adrenaline junkies’ and engineer a life style which keeps adrenaline at a high level. This is a very unhealthy state long term and could cause or contribute to high blood pressure, especially in a dehydrated state, heart disease and emotional/mental instability. Niacin treatment has a beneficial effect in blocking the conversion of adrenaline to adrenochrome and has been used successfully in the treatment of schizophrenia, cardio-vascular health and many other conditions.  Schizophrenics have a much higher rate of smoking than the average.

Nicotine mimics some effects of niacin and it makes one wonder if this is a desperate (but damaging) attempt to substitute for niacin.  Even without the extremes of schizophrenia and bi-polar disorders, niacin is essential for the normal mental and emotional processes of dream sleep where life’s ‘filing cabinets’ are brought up to date. This would explain the ‘weird dreams’ of those new to niacin treatment until optimum levels and stability is reached. Just as vitamin C deficiency syndrome needs vitamin C to be administered along with all relevant co-factors for its utilization, so niacin deficiency syndrome needs all relevant co-factors for correction of deficiency states. This is why all nutritional isolates are best administered in conjunction with a broad based bio-available multi containing all co-factors. All healthy foods contain co-factors and/or ‘blockers’ to prevent overload of any particular factor which would be out of balance. The best science is still leagues behind creation.

Cholesterol is manufactured in a state of dehydration in order to prevent further cellular fluid loss[5] and in vitamin C/bioflavonoid deficiency where it plugs ‘porous’ vessel walls to prevent seepage - this sounds very much like an important safety mechanism and symptomatic indicator, similar to a car dash-board warning light. In fact, could cholesterol deposition be an attempt to prevent further vessel closure by providing a slippery, fatty surface which will be easier for the blood to negotiate in vessel constriction?

It appears that vascular disease is a deficiency disease, much like scurvy, rickets, beriberi and pellagra, caused by nutritional deficiencies and aggravated by dehydration. Of course, nutritional deficiencies are not just lack of intake, but also lack of uptake. For example, even if iodine intake is adequate, mercury from amalgam dental fillings disrupts iodine from binding properly at receptor sites rendering the thyroid hormones inadequate. This brings us to the triangle of ill health again: dehydration, toxicity and malnutrition.

Triangle of Ill Health

Low levels of vitamin C and bioflavonoids are implicated in vascular damage because there is deficiency of the chemicals involved in manufacture of artery linings. Vitamin B6 is also relative as it contributes to production of lecithin which is a dissolver of cholesterol. Those who are short of B6 cannot utilize fats properly and without fatty acids, cell membranes cannot be manufactured properly. The sort of supplemental B6 which is usable is in the active pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P5P) form for proper absorption. Vitamin E is needed in the regulation of magnesium and manganese in micro-circulation. Of course, all vitamins and minerals are synergistic, which means that they work together, and all must be present in their natural (not synthetic) form for correct function. Nutrients work together and should be found in a balanced diet overseen by a healthy appetite ideally, which in the 21st Century is not very realistic, and so where supplements are used, they should be bio-available and contain all co-factors.

All of these current beliefs are not true:

  • Low-cholesterol and low saturated-fat diets reduce serum cholesterol and consequently lowers the risks of serious cardiovascular disease;
  • Margarine is healthier than butter;
  • Processed polyunsaturated oils are healthy;
  • Eggs are not good for you because they raise cholesterol levels;
  • Low-fat, no-fat diets are healthy and reduce cholesterol levels;
  • Animal fat is good healthy fat, e.g. bacon fat, pork crackling, dripping, lard;
  • All animal fat is bad (including butter and lean marbled beef, lamb);
  • Non-organic pasteurised cheese and pasteurised butter are healthy;
  • It is healthy to cook with oils (any type);
  • All oils/fats are the same - just a matter of taste.

Water, as well as nutrition, links the thyroid gland and cholesterol. Water is vitally important for the function of the whole body. Water cannot be properly utilized unless the electrolyte balance is correct and the main substance relevant here is unrefined salt. ‘Ordinary’ white salt (i.e. industrial grade sodium chloride known as ordinary table salt) contributes to disease and malnutrition more - so than white flour and white sugar do.

The intake of white sugar and fructose (from corn, often genetically modified) has been heavily implicated in the formation of excess cholesterol. ‘White’ processed foods are not only empty foods but detrimental in that they take from the body’s stores of nutrients to deal with these empty refined substances (I will not grace such items with the label of ‘food’). In order to eliminate processed products, nutritional status will be diminished and the whole will suffer, as is seen in the 21st Century appalling state of national health.

With industrial grade processed salt, sodium gets trapped in the cells because there is no balance of magnesium and other trace minerals to usher it out and the extra/intra-cellular balance is upset with resulting oedema. Where this balance is upset, sugar and even uric acid are employed to balance osmotic pressures. The craving for sweet foods is often a substitute for lack of unrefined salt. The main mineral for adrenal function is sodium within the complex of unrefined sea salt minerals and elements. Unrefined sea salt also contains the vital elements, including iodine, essential for thyroid function. Adrenal and thyroid functions are intimately linked.


The treatment of thyroid problems involves identifying the cause of malfunction and correcting it and if that is so, then thyroid malfunction itself is only a symptom and not a first line problem. As with most conditions, the states of toxicity, dehydration and nutritional deficiencies are to be found at the roots and must be addressed. Consideration of adverse radiation as a possible factor and corrective chiropractic adjustment of the spine, especially at the cervical/thoracic junction and lower thoracic might also be beneficial along with release of muscle tightness in the head, neck and back. Any emotional aspects must be considered and dealt with. All physical problems have an emotional aspect and vice versa and when the emotional component is dealt with, often the physical counterpart is released to heal.

Where any condition is diagnosed as auto-immune, mercury poisoning and toxicity must be targeted. There is a cause for every effect and the immune system destroying its own cells always has a cause. The labelling of such conditions as ‘auto-immune diseases named after...’ with no known cause is less than useless for sufferers. When the immune system identifies mercury as ‘non-self’ it damages the cell/cell membrane along with its attack on the mercury. Where mercury (and other toxic substances such as fluoride) is embedded on receptor sites disrupting normal chemical reactions, then imbalances will follow which can have damaging repercussions down the metabolic path.

Where amalgam fillings are replaced because hypothyroid function is an aspect of dental mercury poisoning, white replacement fillings should be fluoride-free. Where glass-ionomers have been used, it is vitally important that no further fluoride is introduced to the mouth, such as in tap water, toothpaste, mouthwashes, processed foods/drinks containing fluoride etc. because these will refill the ‘pump’ inherent in glass-ionomer manufacture and dispense further supplies of fluoride.  Toxic fluorides play no part in health of teeth, bones or any other human tissue but conversely they damage and destroy according to multiple scientific research studies.[2] Despite fact, the myths of supposed benefits are unquestionably absorbed except by those who investigate the evidence.

Toxicity requires physical removal, homeopathic and herbal detoxification and redress of nutritional status with bio-available nutritional supplements. These measures placed onto rehydration, a balanced lifestyle and proper nutritional intake will see great improvements in thyroid function and consequential repercussions.


1. Dr Broda Otto Barnes related basal temperature to thyroid function. The temperature is taken for 10 minutes immediately upon waking before further movement. Barnes considered 97.8 °F (36.6 °C) or below was highly indicative of hypothyroid function and over 98.2 °F (36.8 °C) potentially indicative of hyperthyroid function. (14 April 1906 - 1 November 1988).

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Cytoplan nutritional supplements: Foundation Formula, B vitamin complex, Cherry C, Lem-O-Oil, USE CYTOPLAN CODE BV20 WHEN ORDERING FOR A FIRST ORDER DISCOUNT.

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