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The Nutrition Maze Part II - Not For Eating

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in nutrition, originally published in issue 115 - September 2005

Part I explains the importance of using high quality, pure food sources. Taken that this is now a prerequisite to sound nutrition, is it right to assume that anything from this category is suitable for human nutrition? The answer is no.

The human body is designed to work within a framework of principles, just as a motor car is. If you have a diesel car and put petrol (a relatively near miss) in the engine, let alone sand or orange juice (ridiculously missing the mark), then your car will not only not work, but will be damaged. These principles apply to everything, including nutrition. So from unpolluted animal and plant sources, food selections have to be made.

For foods to be usable they have to be ingested, digested, absorbed, assimilated and any redundant parts eliminated. This process has to be efficient and unhindered. During this process foods have to be changed from the original 'non-self' plant into 'self', either directly or through secondary animal products.

Any association between rejected substances (contaminants) and plant/animal substances causes usable nutrition to also become labelled 'non-self', along with the contaminant. This diverts the normal processes of digestion and evokes an immune response to the food-contaminant combination. A common example is food being mixed with mercury from amalgam fillings whilst chewing. Mercury is tagged 'non-self' but plant or animal food has the potential of becoming transformed into 'self'. The immune system ensures that 'non-self' assumes the dominant label for both food and contaminant where they are associated. This is, quite reasonably, a protective mechanism to avoid poisoning but it can also set up a lifetime food-contaminant association and become a factor in any number of health problems, from low-grade ones like food sensitivities and digestive discomfort (often seen as colic in breast-fed babies where the mother has mercury fillings) through to severe and/or long-term auto-immune states.

One of the principle of nutrition is that certain substances were not designed to be eaten. Amongst these substances are metal, brick, rock, poisonous plants and certain animals. It might be laughable to consider eating such things but metal is not only 'eaten' through chewing with amalgam fillings and cooking in aluminium pans and foil, but is injected directly into the blood stream in vaccinations and taken in through the deliberate contamination of tap water with multiple toxic substances, no matter what the reason for adding such things. Here, the word 'eaten' involves a short cut to absorption and assimilation (i.e. avoiding chewing and digesting) in the case of vaccination. Heavy metal toxicity targets organs, nerves and mucous membranes. In fact, it affects every cell and this is why it is so difficult to give a defined diagnosis because the symptoms are as varied as individuals. There are few useful medical tests except in the case of acute and severe poisoning. Toxic fluoride in most tap waters, commercial drinks and juices, makes the problem worse as it combines with aluminium and takes it through the blood-brain barrier.[1]

Some of the things which are not edible (i.e. go against the 'edibility' law of nutrition) are more easily detectable than others. Facts are known about certain types of meat and fish, notably pork and shellfish, which show why they are not suitable for human consumption. A toxic elimination reaction to them is evoked,[2] rather than a digestive one. However, many people get away with taking such things into their bodies, because the resulting problems caused are probably not associated with what has been eaten and the negative effects are subtle.[3] However, there are many plants, fish and animals which, if eaten, would cause acute poisoning and even death.

Where plants are dead and decaying, nature takes them back to the soil for its enrichment and potential benefit of the next generation of plants. Fungi, in multiple forms, take vegetation and animal substances, back to the soil. Fungi have no chlorophyll and are not plants, as such, but wonderful vacuums of dead and decaying matter. Many people suffer food poisoning from eating fungi and commercially they are grown on sterile beds in an attempt to make them less troublesome.

However, not all digestive problems (or health problems which are not even recognized as being connected with digestion) stem from choosing 'wrong' foods. Acceptable foods cannot be digested properly if they are eaten whilst in a dehydrated state. This fundamental aspect of digestion is so important to understand. Digestive processes require supplies of water, electrolytes, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. The heavier the protein, the more water is needed for its breakdown and assimilation.

In conclusion, from unpolluted food sources 'edible' choices have to be made and then proper nutritional uptake ensured, by not polluting foods in the digestive phase of nutrition by either self/non-self combinations or other aspects, such as eating whilst dehydrated or stressed. Eating a balanced, varied diet in the right amounts is another important factor in sound nutrition.


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