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The Nutrition Maze Part I

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in nutrition, originally published in issue 110 - April 2005

We eat to live, not live to eat, but…
we should choose well, and thoroughly enjoy what we eat.

Food should contain bulk, nutrients and fuel. Plants grown in non-toxic mineral- and microbe-rich soil convert its raw materials into healthy plants. Animals that eat unpolluted, nutrient-rich vegetation produce healthy meat, milk and eggs (providing that the animals themselves are not polluted from non-food sources, e.g. vaccinations, hormones, food additives, drugs, inappropriate foods for species, etc.,).

In today's mass farming, soil is depleted from intensive mono-cropping and lack of organic fertilization. Drugs from non-organic manure remain in the food/water chain right back to our taps and 'supermarket' peel for the garden produces compost of the same quality as the 'supermarket' produce – deficient and polluted. Mono-cropped soil produces weak and deficient plants and, if left alone, nature takes them back to the soil via bacterial/fungal 'clean-up' attack.[1] Such plants are unfit to eat but instead of being allowed to return to the soil, pesticides and chemicals are fed to them resulting in toxic, deficient foods, preserved with more chemicals and/or irradiation, so that their true status cannot be appreciated by consumers. In health terms this is very costly with escalating long-term degenerative diseases, including obesity, from conception onwards.

Animals fare no better where food is concerned. Vegetarian grazers like sheep, deer and cattle are fed high protein concoctions of totally unnatural foods. BSE coverage highlighted the absurdity of feeding sheep/cattle carcasses and chemically polluted food to cattle. Toxic organophosphates, banned in other European countries but still used in Britain, are said to induce brain protein aberrations and trigger BSE. These cattle are also given vaccines which contain putrid 'non-self' (i.e. other animal species) substances, toxic chemicals and heavy metals, antibiotics, hormones, and drugs which also alter proteins invoking a 'non-self' label at a cellular level. BSE is also linked to manganese-based fertilizers/fungicides, copper-chelating pesticide sprays and infrasound from the over-flights of low-flying turbojet aircraft over high-population urban areas. Research correlates high clusters of BSE with these flight paths.[2]

Consumption of unhealthy animals is certainly questionable but in time, this might be recognized as a red herring. Whatever causes BSE in animals and CJD in humans could have common factor(s) rather than one being transmitted to the other via dietary channels. We have no idea of the long term effects of these chemical cocktails on ourselves or animals. DDT is banned in Britain now but, amazingly, fit for other nations to purchase, use, and then sell their produce back to those who have it banned. A child could see the folly of this, but 'profits' cloud clear vision.

Despite having the most technology and knowledge that any generation has had at its finger tips, it seems that we will learn the hard way, despite many voices crying alarm. We also consume all these things second-hand in milk and meat products. Nicely packaged supermarket products like dessert jelly or stock cubes belie what is really there for eating. Many 'non-meat' products contain animal derivatives such as meat-free vegetable dishes and bread.

Auto-immune states are becoming epidemic in both humans and animals due to the incorporation of 'non-self' (foreign proteins, drugs, vaccines, heavy metals, chemicals, etc.,) into 'self'. The extent and severity of this is not generally recognized. When the immune system rallies its first lines of defence with inflammation and detoxification symptoms (diarrhoea, boils, coughs, flu, colds, rashes, etc.,), most people have a programmed panic response, based on society's acceptance of the erroneous theories of Louis Pasteur that germs cause disease, and rush to suppress symptoms via chemicals (drugs). This drives the 'non-self' infiltrations to a deeper layer and moves a step closer to serious auto-immune disease. The natural defences of tonsils, stomach acid and other immune system responses are by-passed by injecting things like vaccines and drugs directly into the blood stream.

The type of animal and condition of its flesh is of primary importance when sourcing meat. Factory-farmed chickens are a typical example. According to those who have looked into the plight of such birds you will never look at a 'shop' chicken the same again if you see what goes on behind the scenes.3 Lack of consideration for animals and birds is abhorrent but my concern isn't about animal welfare but human health.

Stressed animal flesh, polluted with food and non-food toxic materials is unfit to eat. In animals not killed properly (and bled), toxic stress hormones infiltrate the flesh and pass to the eater. Any animal or poultry produce (e.g. milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt, eggs) at best, is no better than its source, but worse, might be avenues out of the body for toxins making them worse than the source animal flesh.

Nutrition camps vary from 'eat everything' to 'veganism'. The type and source of food chosen is the rarely considered primary factor above anything else including food processing, blood type, allergies and dietary factors and is the key to sound nutrition. This applies not only to sources of meat, milk, eggs and diary produce but also to fish, grains, vegetables, fats, sugars, salts, waters and just about everything else.

Confusion surrounding various types of diet, food combining, meat versus vegetarianism etc. is so much easier to navigate once food type and source becomes priority.


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