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How to Control Emotion

by BD Basu(more info)

listed in mind matters, originally published in issue 253 - April 2019

Reprinted from The Hitavada Raipur Sunday 27 May 2018

HOW do you define your emotional level?  Are you aware that it is a function of your personality?  If you perform all your duties and responsibilities starting from wake up to retiring at night in an ideal way, you are a follower of rules and regulations of perfect living.  It means that you always act with a purpose. You spend every moment of your life in a measured way to give an effective output. Why is it so?

Because of all the functions, which you perform daily, you act with sincerity. But most of us perform our various functions as doers. Just for the purpose of doing, we act. For example, somebody smiles at you; you also reciprocate your instant function by providing a return smile. But mostly it is not an act with sincerity to serve any purpose. You are doing a ‘showmanship’. You may not really want to smile, but since the other person is reputed in the society or quite an influential one, you simply smile. What you have done; you smile as a doer. If you delve into the fact of this pleasantry though smile from each other’s point of view, you will find the issue as purposeless. In simpler term, the other person has exchanged some pleasantries by smiling and you are being cajoled to give a return smile. But the act has no emotion in the real sense. He has expressed his positive vibe, which you have acknowledged in a controlled manner. You have judged his behavioural pattern and retorted back.


Basu 253 How to Control Emotion


Now, if you analyze your emotional effect in depth, your reciprocating action may be a bargain or a trade or a business type attitude or a simple social mannerism. In this particular case, it is a courtesy which falls under the social mannerism. Somebody smiles at you and you have also smiled. But it is an artificial smile, as the same is produced mechanically. Without utilizing your emotional feeling, you smile. It might not have created any emotional spontaneity for you for the other person. This type of emotion has no sincerity, has no cause and it is completely hollow as you have manipulated your smile.  There is no authenticity on your part.

In this way, you are manipulating your body and mind to act in that fashion. In our society, this type of manipulation is widely spread and people simply are not able to identify the emotional depth of this type of particular situation. Precisely, that is the reason, being religious also; we are not attracted to the spiritualties and functions of the spiritualism. Based on the artificial environment, we forget our spontaneity.

Finally, we create the situation of confusion and chaos. We show love, but that love has no meaning because the same is impure. Your love is false. Similarly, your hate is false, your smile is false and your feeling is false. Your tears are false. You are not in a position to take any meaningful judgment. provided the reason is based on falsity.  But if the negative emotions are authentic, it may transform us. 

If you closely analyze the power of emotions, both positive and negative, you will find that emotion derived from authentic reasons will only do good. Now, if you control your negative emotions and show the same only for valid reasons, you will find the same emotions will not fluster you. You will handle the situation calmly. In this way, a time will come when you will not be affected either by positive or negative emotions. You will only cling to the reasoning factors and ascertain the authenticity before showing any emotion. At that stage, you will not discriminate between good and bad. The feeling of authenticity will strengthen your introspection power to search only for the real.  And when you know the real, you will be able to find out the truth. Then emotions will not mould you, you will only mould the emotions.  

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Reprinted from The Hitavada Raipur Sunday 27 May 2018


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