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Healing the Spirit Body to Create Vitality

by Christine Fadhley(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 208 - August 2013


Most people experience illness at some time during their lives. Our physicians do a wonderful job, but even they are often challenged by stubborn conditions that don’t respond to treatment. The reason that many cures don’t work is because often the true cause is to be found on the spiritual level of one’s being. The Spirit - the subtle electromagnetic counterpart to the physical body - is recognized in oriental and Asian medical therapies, but seldom if ever in the Western view of health.

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I’ve recently had the privilege of being commissioned by Self Healing Expressions to write an e-course that teaches people how to recognize and treat illnesses of the Spirit Body. Many people suffer chronic pain, depression, insomnia, fatigue and other debilitating conditions that can be cured when one addresses their spiritual causes. Through this course people will be empowered in a new way to reclaim their health and vitality.

Since beginning my career as a therapist 14 years ago I’ve had plenty of time and opportunity to investigate the true nature of illness. It was my own illness that started me on the journey towards becoming a professional therapist. Seeking ways of improving my health I started by studying Reiki. I next became fascinated by the acupuncture meridians and was prompted by a friend to use the Acupuncture points in combination with small medical magnets in order to help treat my own aches and pains.

After a while I decided that I had to improve my understand of acupuncture and so I embarked on a three year course of studying Five Element Acupuncture under the tuition of the wonderful Nora Franglen, leading light of the London acupuncture scene.

It was a very tough three years and after graduating I decided never to study again! However when a friend demonstrated Kinesiology to me I became totally hooked, prompting me to embark on a two year course in Health Kinesiology. It was really thanks to Kinesiology that I regained my own health. 

My next major academic leap was four years spent studying counselling at Stevenson College in Coalville, Leicestershire. I also investigated further energy medicine modalities such as reflexology, massage, Hopi ear coning and Bach Flower Remedies. I undertook my Reiki III Master’s Level training and started running Reiki courses at my own clinic in Burton on Trent.

I was fortunate that working the Marjorie Centre in Uttoxeter and in my own Clinic ensured a steady stream of patients. This gave me ample opportunity to put into practice the techniques that I had been taught and to develop a view of health from the perspective of my rather eclectic mix of therapies.

Apart from counselling, most of my therapies come under the heading of Energy Medicine. The underlying principle of Energy Medicine is that everything is made of energy. The physical body is comprised of atoms (protons, neutrons and electrons) in motion - a fact that is backed up by our understanding of physics. However Energy Medicine also takes into account that we are surrounded by a sea of energies.

The western viewpoint of illness is that it is either physical or mental. However the oriental and Ayurvedic (Indian) viewpoints also recognize that human beings possess an eternal Spirit. I am aware that there may be snorts of derision from some; however I’m confident that most readers are already aware of the human spirit and that if this isn’t factored into diagnosis the cures may not work.

The Oriental view also states that the body has an energy circulation system that feeds energy (Qi) to all parts of the body. These are the acupuncture meridians and acupuncture points that I have been using in my practice to great effect since I graduated in 2001. The existence of these meridians and points has been amply proven to me through my own experiences and borne out by my fellow acupuncturists over the centuries.

The Ayurvedic system tells us that there is a still more subtle and refined energy system surrounding the body, consisting of the energy body or Aura and the Chakras. This has been demonstrated through the use of Kirlian photography and other imaging techniques. There seems to be similarities between the Ayurvedic system and the oriental system. For example, many of the major acupuncture points coincide with major and minor Chakras. Arguably each tiny acupuncture point is a mini chakra. The acupuncture meridians are known as Nadis in the Ayurvedic system. I explain the aura and chakras in some detail in the course and their implications for health and vitality.

I came to believe that the assemblage of energy body, chakras and meridians all constitute the human spirit. The human spirit is unique to each individual, but through etheric energy ties each individual can connect with other people’s spirits. We create these ties with people that we love or with whom we have intimacy. Some of these ties are beneficial, but often one can be left with unhelpful ties that still connect us to people from our past. In Healing the Spirit Body to Create Vitality I teach a method for removing these ties.

We can also absorb energy from other people’s energy fields and from environments. Some people carry negative energy that can be transmitted to others and some people give off positive loving energy. This is the explanation for why some people seem ‘draining’ and others fill us full of energy. Knowing how to be protected from such energy incursions and how to cure them is key for maintaining health and vitality.

As a practitioner of energy medicine I have, over the years, gradually become more and more attuned to this type of energy. I see the energy field as if it were a ‘heat haze’ extending away from the body. I hasten to clarify that I am aware of this whilst I am treating people, but I don’t generally see the aura when I am out and about. However I do ‘feel’ the aura and the individual acupuncture points through my finger tips and intuitively. As an acupuncturist it’s a real boon to be able to feel the points as this helps with accuracy. 

By sweeping my hands over the patient’s aura during treatment I can ascertain if there are any ‘blobs’ of harsh energy in their field that can be causing a whole raft of emotional and physical symptoms. I came to associate this harsh energy with illness and at first was quite puzzled by it. I describe these energies and how to clear them in e-course.

If one works in an environment where there is a lot of political in-fighting, moaning and depression, this negativity can form a cloud of toxic energy that can be a source of illness. Knowing how to protect oneself and clear such energies is key to feeling vibrant.

As we go through life, each of us is on a journey of spiritual learning and ascension. Once the human spirit leaves the physical body it is supposed to move ‘onwards and upwards’ into higher spiritual planes. However if this is disrupted in some way, the spirit may be unable to complete this process and so becomes ‘discarnate’. It fails to free itself from the ties of the realm of the living and may attach itself to the aura of some unsuspecting relative or bystander, thereby causing all manner of health issues. I have offered strategies and solutions for these problems my e-course.

When I first started to practise as a therapist I found I was afflicted with terrible insomnia. Prior to that time I had enjoyed particularly good sleep and so this was a very noticeable change for me. I soon started to realize that there was a direct link between the number and type of patients I’d seen and the degree of insomnia I suffered! There has been an astronomical rise in the number of people who are dependent on sleeping tablets. The good news is that we can all retrieve our childlike ability to sleep once we take account of the spiritual dimension of insomnia.

As we navigate our way through modern life with all its stress and complexity it is even more important to consider the effects of harsh energies on one’s wellbeing. Gaining awareness of how to manage one’s spiritual health is a huge advantage in a world where negativity is on the increase.



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Christine Fadhley LicAc MBAcC is a holistic healer and Reiki Master based in Burton on Trent, who has helped many people suffering from a wide range of health issues. She is the author and instructor of Healing the Spirit Body to Create Vitality available at . This holistic site publishes affordably priced online courses intended to empower people who want to be proactive in their own healing and wellbeing. Most of Christine’s course lessons include one or two downloadable guided meditations recorded by Christine Fadhley, who is also a long-time yoga instructor experienced in leading guided meditations. Lessons also include interactive web tools designed to reinforce key concepts. She may be contacted via

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