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A Shield Around the Heart

by Robina Hearle(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 163 - October 2009

I was told twice that I had put a shield around my heart. Both times it was by people in spirit that were concerned that it was there in the first place.

My shield has now been dismantled because of the healing and cleansing I have done on myself.
I understand that it is common to put a shield around the heart, and the majority of people do so when they are children, it is an action of the inner child...

This is because we live in a very harsh violent angry society where people's feelings are not considered to be of any account. We have not evolved sufficiently to be aware of doing no harm in our thoughts words and deeds.

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So what is it and why is it there? [Not everyone has a shield, but everyone experiences emotional pain which impacts their thoracic spine over their heart chakra.] It is only the inner child [age 0-6 years that can put up a shield; if you have experiences beyond the age of six to seven years that are traumatic, you are not able to protect yourself in this way. [The inner child who sets your emotional patterning for life is a very powerful being; actually is a portion of your soul, and can rule your whole life if you do not heal your emotional issues.]

A shield is an energetic barrier and a physical one also. As a physiotherapist I regularly come across tightness in the fascia [thick connective tissue of the body], and trigger point pain all around the back of the heart chakra in the muscles. This signifies a presence of a shield, or where there is emotional pain being held onto in the tissues that have caused them to energetically windup.

Why it is there is to literally shield the heart from emotional pain going in, and to shield the heart chakra from completely closing down. This in turn protects the physical heart from being broken, that being manifesting heart conditions. All emotional issues impact us at cellular level and can lead to pathology or disease.

We have the etheric template for a shield in place in our blueprint our etheric body, one of the subtle bodies that make up our energetic auric field. The masculine energies of the inner child that protect you put the shield in place when there is danger to the feminine vulnerable side of you, the open hearted tender side. It is to understand that all of us are a blend of the masculine and feminine energies. Each of these has a role to play in our lives, irrespective of our physical gender.

The right side of your body being masculine and the left being feminine. If the masculine energies are in overdrive  protection control mode, it will explain why  in some people there is a pattern of right  shoulder pain, tennis elbow and thoracic pain, as all of these symptoms manifest mainly in the thoracic spine, the area that protects the heart. If there is no shield in place, the left side may manifest these symptoms.

It may well be that you put this shield in place lifetime after lifetime if you were a sensitive and vulnerable person. Thus the behaviour pattern is well defined and strong.

The emotional symptoms of people who have a shield in place will be vulnerability; people who had great childhood trauma and unhappiness, fear, anxiety, depression, ME, fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions associated with emotional pain. These can also occur without a shield.

So you now know what it is, why it is there; now what do you do with the knowledge and how do you heal it? It is not desirable to go through life with a shield in place; you are stating by doing this that the world is not a safe place and you will remain in the fear and draw fear to you, and negative experiences will continue to arise until you face your fears. This drawing fear to you is the law of attraction; what you give out in the energetic Vibrational frequency of your fears and beliefs is what you attract to you. Now is the time to realize and stop the patterns of behaviour that cause this. While you have a shield in place you are also not able to reach emotional maturity; you still have the emotional patterning of the inner child.

You need to look at the issues that make you unhappy. The inner child fears and anxieties, the sorrows and troubles that are so painful to remember.

Energy healers like myself and my sister work with these issues all of the time. Flower/Vibrational essences can help peel away the layers of issues and act as catalysts to move and transform emotional energies.

All is well, all will be well , and all is as it should be.


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About Robina Hearle

Robina Hearle MCSP Member  BFVEA and BFEP is a chartered Physiotherapist working in private practice. She also is a flower essence therapist and producer and co-founder of a new therapy and spiritual journey called  Unfolding Enlightenment. She has worked for ten years in the field of vibrational energy , firstly being a Reiki Master now a Practitioner and Teacher of the White Light of Christ.

Robina  is a member of the British Association of Flower Essence Producers, British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, The Organization of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice and may be contacted at Rose Cottage Flower Essences on Tel: 01473 738905;

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