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Flower Remedies - How They Can Help in Arthritis

by Dr Rupa A Shah(more info)

listed in flower essences, originally published in issue 73 - February 2002

Case Example

Surabhi was only 33 years old when she became severely crippled with rheumatoid arthritis. The warning signs had begun soon after the birth of her second child. When her condition was diagnosed, she was shocked. After all, she thought, isn't arthritis an ailment of the aged? She was too young to come down with such an affliction. Her condition worsened and not a day went by without her having to swallow a handful of painkillers to numb the immense pain in her joints. Once a keen artist, she now found it difficult to even hold a paintbrush. Soon her daily activities were confined to visiting doctors, surgeons and pathological laboratories. Once home she'd collapse on her bed, a mass of pain.

By the time Surabhi was brought to our medical centre, her condition had rapidly deteriorated. She came into our clinic in a wheelchair. Robbed of the strength to walk and perform even the most basic functions of day-to-day life, she had become extremely depressed. Besides being in extreme pain, she was also suffering from the side effects of taking steroids and strong medicines over a long period. She had already undergone three joint replacements and two reconstructive surgeries. All in all, hers seemed like a pretty hopeless case.

Even Surabhi was aware of this and consequently seemed to have lost all her zest for life. Her increasing dependence on her family was making her feel desolate and utterly useless.

Lotus flower

Lotus flower

That was three years ago. Today, Surabhi is a happier person. There has been no further progression of the ailment. The pain and swelling now belong to the past. She has regained the use of her legs and no longer needs a wheelchair to be mobile. She has even been able to stop all the medication that had been prescribed by her doctors. Her adrenal glands have also recovered and regained their inherent ability to manufacture the deficient chemicals that once had to be administered externally through steroids. She is in greater control of her life now and has resumed her activities, including painting. Three years ago, says Surabhi, she would never have imagined that a treatment as gentle as Flower Therapy could have brought about such a dramatic recovery. Her faith in the therapy is now tremendous.

The Symptoms and Causes of Arthritis

Arthritis is the term given to a condition in which the joints are inflamed. Arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis, can be a crippling disease. Almost all the joints of the body come under assault; the patient becomes immobile, bedridden and undergoes tremendous pain. The disease worsens with the passage of time. Medicines do little to help; on the contrary, patients of arthritis are at risk of becoming addicted to painkillers and steroids. Thus, the body is at risk not only from the disease itself, but also from the side effects of the drugs prescribed to treat it. Patients usually find themselves fighting a losing battle against the disease.


Table 1. Emotions Associated with Arthritis
  • Self-denial, self-restrictions (restrictions placed upon the self)
  • A negative attitude towards the self, always believing that, "I can't", "I won't" "I shouldn't"
  • Resentment, hatred
  • Rage, suppressed anger
  • Trying to be happy all the time
  • Lack of courage to voice one's opinion
  • An overly servile nature, inability to say "No"
  • A stressful lifestyle
  • Chronic inhibited or hostile/aggressive state of mind
  • Fear and guilt experienced early in life
  • Tense, moody women with very 'strict' fathers and 'rejecting' mothers
  • Self-destructive personality
  • Subconscious rebellion
  • Strong control of emotional expressions in adulthood
  • Obstinate, rigid nature
  • Tendency to be fastidious or over-conscientious.


While there are many external causes for the joints to succumb to arthritis (see Table 1), our emotions also play a vital role in inviting this disease (see Table 2). Remember, the body never lies. It forces us to be honest with ourselves. Arthritis is rather common among people with a tendency to suppress their inner feelings. Overworking is another reason. People who make a habit of neglecting their personal desires and sacrificing their life for others often end up with arthritis. They work tirelessly to please others until arthritis finally makes them immobile.


Table 2. Some of the Physical Causes that might be Associated with Arthritis
  • Dental amalgam
  • Septic focus like sinusitis, prostatitis, cholecystitis, gingivitis, etc.
  • Direct injury to the joints
  • Indirect injury to the joints by faulty posture, occupation hazard
  • Drug-induced arthritis. For example, drugs like aspirin may actually contribute to osteoarthritis by inhibiting cartilage repair
  • Post-chemotherapy


Flower Remedies - How They Work

We have, in our years of experience in the field of conventional and alternative therapy, found that of all the medicines prescribed for arthritis the one that truly makes a difference is Flower Therapy. Flower remedies are gentle, have no side effects and treat the patient in a supportive, non-invasive manner. The quality of life improves significantly and the patient is usually able to get back in the saddle with renewed hope and vigour.

The best part about Flower Therapy is that it works on two levels - the physical and the emotional. Conventional medicine targets only the body, getting only one half of the job done as a result. By simultaneously treating the emotions associated with a particular ailment, one is actually able to get to the root of the problem and finally eliminate it, achieving in the process, a healthy mind in a healthy body. Flower Therapy also works on both planes - the mental as well as the emotional. This obviously increases, multi-fold, the chances of making a complete recovery from arthritis.

For arthritis, we recommend a combination of oral flower remedies and flower gels for local application and pain relief. Flower Therapy is non-addictive in nature, so one can actually stop the treatment once there is visible improvement in the condition.


Table 3. Flower Remedies for Specific Emotional/Mental States
Mental/Emotional Ailment
Willow Flower
Resentment and hatred
Rock Water Remedy Mental rigidity (Rigidity of joints is also associated
with rigidity of the mind. Stiffness within the mind often leads to stiffness in the body)
First Aid Remedy (Aum Essences)
Centaury Flower Remedy Weakness of will
Anger Formula (Aum Essences) Suppressed anger, rage
Holly Flower Remedy Hatred
Arthritis Flower Essence Formula (Aum essences) Overall supportive remedy


Listed in Table 3 are some of the flower remedies that, by targeting the mental and emotional factors, bring about a release from arthritis. Among these, we recommend the Arthritis Flower Essence Formula as an overall best supportive remedy. Another efficacious remedy is the soothing flower remedy gel in Aloe vera base called Comfort Gel (Aum Essences). Local application of this gel on the painful areas of the body ensures quick relief from arthritic pain.

In the beginning, it may not be wise to stop the prescribed painkillers or other drugs that the patient has been taking. We believe in introducing flower remedies gently into the system. These remedies start working on the underlying emotions, clearing negative emotions one by one. Gradually, the patient develops a greater awareness of personal emotions and learns to deal with them, to give expression to them. This is followed by increased flexibility of the mind. Aches and pains gradually decrease, as do the swelling and stiffness in the joints and muscles.

As Surabhi discovered, Flower Therapy works in the most soothing and efficacious manner to demonstrate how significant the mind and emotions are when it comes to diseases of the body. Treat the source of the ailment and you have managed to destroy the enemy within. All with the help of flower power, of course!


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About Dr Rupa A Shah

Dr Rupa A Shah, MBBS, is from Mumbai, India and trained in Western medicine in Bombay. She developed a very keen interest in homeopathy about 16 years ago, and while researching and treating patients she came across flower remedies. On getting highly encouraging results from using flower remedies, she decided along with her doctor husband to produce and research Indian flower essences, as there was a lot of ancient philosophy behind Indian flower remedies. She is also a Reiki healer. She has dedicated her life to researching flower remedies and is sharing her findings with practitioners all over the world. Being trained as an allopathic physician has helped her to convince her colleagues and make them interested in using flower remedies. She also uses her allopathic knowledge in her research to present it more scientifically. As an invited guest speaker, she has delivered lectures at various International Flower Remedies Essences Conferences in Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, Greece and India.

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