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Strategic Confusion in Health Issues

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in environmental, originally published in issue 233 - October 2016

Confusion can be described as:
     (i) ‘Taking something to be what it is not’ or

    (ii) ‘Lack of clear and orderly thought’

The above title indicates a plan of action intended to cause confusion;
this requires the existence of both planners and an agenda.

The abundance of confusion found within information on health issues is mind-boggling.  Even searching for information on one topic can lead down a hundred other avenues, all with conflicting facts and advice resulting in more confusion and overwhelm.  Discouragement and abandoning the search can be the result, owing to the inability to discern what is accurate and what is not, often with each differing point of view offering research and references to ‘expert’ opinions to support its own.

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This is a hard enough situation when there is no time pressure to wade through the gamut of books, magazine articles, internet information and consultations but what about those who are seeking urgent help for some health crisis and do not have the time, finances or mind frame to calmly take a step at a time through the maze of confusion?

The starting line must have a few ‘definites’ to form a framework into which to place the pieces of information which are accurate.  The first ‘given’ is to realise that experts, amateurs and lay people alike are all still learning.  We learn from someone else whether through formal or informal study, conversation, experiences, books, television etc. and we give out that processed information to others so there is nothing which is actually static in knowledge, understanding or, indeed, life itself. 

We take in, process and give out in an entirely individual way because we are all unique, even with identical twins, and no-one takes in, processes and gives out exactly the same as someone else.  We each have different motives for taking in, processing and giving out and motives can greatly colour the slant put on all three aspects.  The relevance of motives and bias involved in the search for information will also determine acceptance or rejection. 

The search for health information can involve knowledge, understanding, physical and/or emotional activities and/or treatments, lifestyle changes, dietary changes and the taking of supplements and remedies.  When looking at written information or video presentations, for example, it must be appreciated that the same person who authored something in the past might have updated his opinion based on his own updated learning since that time.  Therefore updated material is something to look for if one authority source is chosen for consideration.  Doggedly attaching oneself to an authority source at some given time in the past means that ‘evolving’ and updated information is not regarded; this could greatly alter any conclusions reached. 

This can be seen, for example, in those who adhere rigidly to the teaching of Samuel Hahnemann (1755 – 1843),[1] who would probably have updated his own knowledge and understanding in the course of time.  Taking what he had at the time is an excellent start, but it is not wise to put a cap on the sum of his knowledge only at a given time in the past.  This severely limits the potential available to us in this day and age and dismisses the expertise of others in the same field.  Rigid views continue even today in the realm of homeopathy regarding the finality of Hahnemann’s knowledge at the time of his death and the validity of continued knowledge, learning and experience of other experts since that time. 

Political and commercial interests also colour what is disseminated as accurate.  The original meaning of the derisory term ‘quack’ referred to a dentist who, for financial gain, placed mercury dental fillings in tooth cavities.  The alternative name for mercury is quicksilver: ‘quack’ referring to a user of ‘quick’ silver.  

In 1833 the ‘modern day’ original quacks, two Frenchmen, took amalgam to the United States, although there is a history of its use in the East many centuries before then.  About a decade later with massive spread in the use of mercury amalgam[2] dental fillings, its use was classed as malpractice by the American Society of Dental Surgeons (ASDS).  The American Dental Association (ADA) replaced the ASDS in1859 and strongly defended dental amalgam from allegations of involvement in ill health despite a great deal of scientific and experiential evidence to the contrary. 

Even within a decade, multiple voices proclaimed loudly that dental mercury was extremely toxic and an enemy of health.  Despite the initial warnings which continued and are confirmed with scientifically detailed and proven evidence of the damaging and lethal effects of ignoring the warnings, amalgam fillings have been foisted on the public by dental associations and governments as safe; information to the contrary has been suppressed by the media sharing the same bed as the political and commercial interests.  The same warnings are given about other harmful attacks on humanity such as vaccination[3] and the fluoridation[3] of water supplies, foods and ingested products. There are many specific and named claims that malevolence also shares the same bed. 

However, there are many uninformed ‘ground floor’ practitioners who ignorantly use damaging products containing mercury including drugs, vaccines and dental products intending only to help people through the work they do.  These same people are trained and indoctrinated with the ‘education’ from ‘experts’ and this misinformation, taken as ‘expert’ knowledge, is not questioned by the majority of students or even later as practitioners.  The ‘evolution’ of pay structure, benefits and bonuses for the ‘health’ industry employees and hirelings secures a vested interest in ‘not rocking the boat’.  Sadly, the days are no longer where a GP can independently follow his own knowledge, decisions and conscience where prescription and treatment are concerned.

However, internet exposure has been able to provide a platform for the warnings despite the deliberate suppression of information.  As a counterbalance though, the political, commercial and malevolent trio mock those who deviate from the ‘golden rule’ of the minority ruling ‘powers that be’ which is, “those with the gold rule”; they are not prepared to share it with the rest of humanity.  The internet is being ‘lassoed in’ by big cartels and search engines manipulated in an effort to counter the massive threat of public awareness of things so far successfully hidden from view.

One of the typical but smaller ‘protect the public from the truth at all costs’ websites[4] ridicules those opposed to their plans for humanity by insinuating that only their own viewpoint is valid science and reason (which it most definitely is not) and objectors are in “primitive darkness” in the form of creationism (denial of our creator), quack medicine (referring to anything natural or contrary to the drug and food processing industry).  Many of the voices exposing the multiple sickness industry scams of germs/viruses, vaccinations, HIV/AIDS, BSE, fluoridation etc. are sadly no longer around, but their truly scientific data is documented and confirmed by multitudes of others who are voicing their insight and alarm via books, online websites and video presentations.  A few examples are listed as references.[5]

The desperation to silence any exposure or opposition to mainstream misinformation is initially to ridicule what is exposed and to attack the individuals exposing it.  The means and methods seem irrelevant as long as the public settle down to ‘blissful unawareness’ as soon as possible with as little fuss as possible.  Derisory terms like Quackbusters and sites like  speak for themselves.  There are warnings in the Bible[6] against this anti-human behaviour and the arrogant proponents of it.  Any exposure of wrong or those involved, according to these ‘protectors’ is denialism (meaning any objections to the powers that be), anti-psychiatry (this could apply to dumbing down the population with fluoride and damaging drugs for depression etc.) and “enemies of reason” (exact quote in bold italics).[4] 

A dictionary definition of “reason” is a rational motive for a belief or action.
A “rational motive” is defendable by reasoning or logical argument

The author, in the debunking denialism post[4] clearly believes that his rational motive for the support of vaccination and Bill Gate’s other “health” promotions such as genetically modified (GM) foods is the same as that of the reasoning man and the general public.  People who try to answer the author’s proposals from his own standpoint are already disadvantaged.  His opening statement:

“Vaccines represents one of the biggest public health victories in human history.  Vaccines were responsible for eradicating smallpox and greatly reducing the incidence of new infections of diseases such as polio, diphtheria, measles, rubella, rotavirus and many others.  However, vaccines have to some extent been the victims of their own success: when they work, the average person do no come into contact with those diseases anymore, which can lead to complacency and sometimes outright science denialism.”

Vaccines do not represent one of the biggest public health victories in human history.  It is well documented that ‘contagious diseases’[7] diminished with public sanitation and nutritional advances way before vaccination was introduced (see reference to Ian Sinclair[5]).  Let the reader examine this and other factual evidence before taking for granted that statements made by Emil Karlsson and other ‘protectors from the truth’ are factual.  Searching for help may then take a different path. 

Other assumptions put forward as fact by the same ilk can be dismantled in the same way - the premise is wrong to start with so do not waste time juggling with intellectual and verbal gymnastics based on error.  Clear the board and start with an accurate framework of “un-manipulated” factual information.

An example of what is meant by “un-manipulated” factual information can be demonstrated by looking at two tables from Ian Sinclair’s book, Vaccination, The Hidden Facts.[5]  An extract from page 87 shows the manipulation of historical figures to make out “something to be what it is not”:


"That vaccination continues to this day is not because of its 'assumed' benefits, but (1) because it yields millions of dollars profit to the Drug Industry; (2) because it is one of the foundation stones of Medical Science upon which they have undeservedly built their power and prestige, and for that reason, must remain in place, and (3) because the majority of the public, brainwashed by medical propaganda, and unwilling to think for themselves, blindly accept it."- Ian Sinclair

Referring to Ian Sinclair’s quote above, remember that so-called “medical” science is only bona fide science where there is no manipulation of data.  Manipulation of data can take many forms: massaging or diminishing data by inclusion/exclusion, omission of date, distortion of real data (such as in the example above), shortening of trial periods, only partial reporting of data, basing trials and results on a faulty premise.  These comprise a small example of ‘data manipulation methods’.  

Medical science simply confirms conclusions that vested interests want confirming, as exampled in the graphs above.  In bona fide scientific reporting there is no place for manipulation of data resulting from such things as shortening of trials, distortion of trials, reporting only sections relevant to vested interests, omissions of essential factors, inclusions of non-relevant factors etc. from the thin end of the wedge to downright fraud.  Many fraudulent pieces of so-called “scientific data” have been exposed by the scientific community but, for reasons clearly outlined above, have not been removed from circulation.   Understanding the motives, modes and methods of research is very enlightening.[7]

The snippet of information above is only the tiniest tip of the iceberg.  The importance of obtaining un-manipulated data cannot be emphasized enough.  Robert Wilner's book, Deadly Deception,[5] about the AIDS scam is introduced as, "An incredible story of the arrogance, ignorance, corruption and deception of establishment medicine, the pharmaceutical industry and agencies of the US Government.  A factual account completely documented, of the most horrendous and deadly scientific fraud in history."

The above situation typifies other similar major scams foisted upon the public but it must be said that, sadly, many are satisfied to remain in ignorance and fear.  It takes two to tango.  For others with enquiring minds or insight, let the average person have exposure to the truth!  Let the parents of little victims have exposure to the truth!  Let those who have ignorantly allowed injury and illness into their families and their animals[8] have exposure to the truth! 

Without knowing the general background of how politics and commercial interests relate to health, the situation of ‘taking something to be what it is not’ can lead to a search for health information within the sickness industry.  Sickness labelled as health does not make it health.  The sickness industry masquerades as the health industry.  Going through the right door to the right library is the first step to finding the information you want. 

Within the right information, ‘clear and orderly thought’ within the right framework will avoid the confusion of the right puzzle pieces being ineffective because they are applied in the wrong order.  As an example, if you have a wilted plant it could require more light, less light, shelter, exposure, water, less water, plant food, a different type of plant food or a remedy to get rid of some sort of blight.  Any of these possibilities could be corrected without much of a problem.  However, you can see that if the wrong remedy is selected, even though you have the accurate information pertaining to all of them, you could actually damage further or even kill the plant by choosing the wrong one or applying correct solutions in the wrong order.  Information from within the bona fide ‘health field’ will cover guidance on how to approach the problem. 

Brain-Mediated Harmony

*Brain mediated-harmony refers to the involvement of
the hypothalamus in determining brain wave levels.

In terms of human health the ‘triangle of ill health’, toxicity, dehydration and malnutrition all need to be addressed simultaneously and proportionately, along with emotional aspects which would prevent the effective correction of this triangular core.  It is a relatively easy process once an accurate picture of the problem is clarified by an in-depth history (which might include obtaining health related information from childhood) leading to the choice of appropriate corrective measures and remedies.  Getting help from people who know your history and help from relevant experienced practitioners might be needed.   

Clear and orderly thought’ will see that the ‘right tools are chosen for the job’.  Physical problems have emotional counterparts and emotional problems have physical aspects.  If there are spiritual problems then appropriate tools will also be necessary.  We are an integrated whole of spirit, mind and body, not a collection of separate compartments. Our beliefs determine which thoughts we give authority to and actions or results follow. The body displays the directions of the mind much like a computer monitor displays the directions of the computer software.  The real challenge is to find the root cause for what you don’t want in your life and correct it. 

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can be (exist)
without it first being in the mind.

As children (and livestock, animal breeders etc.) - those things are heavily subject to others’ minds, parents and guardians for example, but nevertheless are still subject to someone’s mind.  As adults we can take the responsibility for our own minds and realize that if we can authorize something (e.g. a belief resulting in illness) then we can also have power to take back that authority by changing that belief and the results caused by that belief. 

Many authors have described how the power of the mind can make us sick or make us well.  Authors like Louise Hay[9] and Thorwald Dethlefsen[9] further detail specific health problems to associated mental beliefs.  We have to look at our belief system, assess any pay off for being sick and honestly consider what we really want.  Bio-feedback tools like kinesiology are helpful in accessing subconscious ‘sabotage programs’ so that they can be dealt with and not cause frustrating delays to recovery.  There are many sources of written and online information readily available and practitioners accessible internationally to help with this vitally important aspect. 


Dispensing with ‘everything feigned to be what it is not’ and choosing ‘clear and orderly thought’ will lead to a plan of action which will at least allow you to make honest and responsible choices for moving forward.  This is a life journey of being honest with ourselves and accepting the changes which result in becoming more self-aware and responsible for our choices.  These changes not only affect health but relationships, finances, work and just about everything else we summarize as life.


1.         Two examples taken randomly from the wealth of information readily available about Samuel Hahnemann:
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 2.        Mercury amalgam is a mix of metals with approximately half being mercury and combined with  other metals, tin, silver, zinc, copper.  The fillings release toxic mercury vapour and the combination of metals compounds the toxicity.  The metal ratios vary with the older black discoloured fillings being the most toxic.  A mixture of gold fillings and amalgam fillings compounds the toxicity and vapour release is increased by many things such as acids, heat, chewing, teeth grinding, metal braces and radiation (mobile phone use).  Metal in the mouth will also generate unhealthy electric currents.  There is a fertile field for research in the area of combined toxic elements introduced into the mouth and body, especially via vaccination.



            Fluoride (see 7 below)

4.    Please note that this was a randomly visited website and I have no issue with Emil Karlsson, only the material put forward as fact on the website.

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