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Healing - Sick Houses

by Roy and Ann Procter(more info)

listed in environmental, originally published in issue 11 - April 1996

Anyone concerned with improving their health will be aware that the environment in which you live and work plays an important part. You would avoid traffic fumes, especially if you had a lung complaint, and you would avoid damp, especially if you were suffering from rheumatism, for instance. There has been publicity about potential dangers of high-voltage electricity, microwave beams, and even the emanations from televisions and computers. This article is about subtler energy phenomena which are becoming recognised as being potentially harmful to some people.

Von Pohl researched this subject and published a book as far back as 1932 called “Earth Currents: Causative Factor of Cancer and other Diseases”. It was published in an English translation in 1987.  Unfortunately he overstated his case, and put people off by saying that just about every disease was due to these harmful earth currents. Our experience is that they are some of many factors in the aetiology of most diseases. Since von Pohl’s day  numerous researchers have looked at the subject in many different ways, and called these currents “lack streams”, “negative earth energies”, “bad ley lines”, and more.  The terminology is not yet fixed, but it is likely that “geopathic stress” will turn out to be the most acceptable.

This whole fascinating scene was brought to our notice in 1979, when attending a summer school run by Bruce MacManaway, celebrated Scottish dowser and healer. During the first session the group was troubled by one member who spoke very, very slowly, taking for ever to pose his questions. Wisely Bruce used him as the subject for an experiential healing exercise, and “John” became much more lively, speeded up his speech, and practically danced into dinner. At the next session Bruce told us that he had dowsed “John’s” home and found it riddled with negative earth energy lines, which he undertook to heal. Ongoing contacts with “John” were a pleasure!

We were also told about research on a remote Scottish island: dowsers had mapped negative lines and then asked the local general practitioner to check on the illnesses of the people who lived in houses on these lines. All had a history of degenerative diseases, with a high proportion of cancer cases. At the summer school the following year we learned to map and heal the energies Bruce’s way, and have been working with these techniques and developing them since then.

One of the earliest requests for help we received was from the family of a woman in “Middle England” who had suffered clinical depression for about 5 years. She had been admitted to hospital several times, but on her return home became worse again and had to go back in for more treatment. We dowsed on a sketch plan of her home and found two large energy lines going through her house, with the crossing point in her kitchen. We went along and did what Bruce had taught us i.e. banged two iron stakes in EXACTLY the right places, having dowsed for the length they should be. This changed them from negative to positive polarity, so that they enhanced the atmosphere in her home rather than drained her energy. At the time she was menopausal, so in a state to be more vulnerable to subtle energies. It is apparent that some people are more sensitive to these influences than others; they are thinner skinned in this respect. The woman did not need hospital treatment again, and we have heard recently from the gentleman who referred her to us that she has been well ever since – i.e. some 15 years.

Some people see these earth energy lines as relating to the larger ley lines which run across the countryside, a system first mooted by Alfred Watkins in his “The Old Straight Track” originally published in 1925, and apparently picking up on ancient pathways connecting earthworks such as Stonehenge and the Rollright Stones. Out of interest we traced the larger pattern near this woman’s home on an ordnance survey map.  We found that  one of her lines originated in a hilltop site some ten miles away.   It was positive until it changed to negative about six miles from her home where a lot of deep digging had been done for a lead in to a new by-pass. We asked the family when this work had happened. “About 6 years ago,” they said, “not long before Mother became ill”. So we had a hypothesis, subsequently confirmed many times, that major earth works affecting earth energy lines can be detrimental for miles “downstream”. Quarries can be a nightmare in this respect.

The above examples do not explain everything by a long way, but offer a flavour of what can happen when geopathic stress affects people, and how the draining effect of negative lines can be alleviated. When the energies are positive, they are life-enhancing, they charge us up. When they are negative, they are draining, depleting our own vital energies and immune systems and therefore making it more difficult for bodies and minds to maintain balance and health and to resist infections and internal anomalies such as cancer. Geopathic stress seems to be particularly important to M.E. sufferers.

People can benefit from healing of every hue, but if they are being drained in their home or place of work, the benefits of healing will not last.  The draining is not obvious;  it’s rather like having the light in the boot of your car staying on.  One day the starter won’t work, and you don’t know why. Somebody can get you going with jump leads, but sooner or later the battery will go flat again until the draining by the boot light is switched off. Better still if the system can have an additional charge instead!

We have now done healing work on many hundreds of places, and developed a way of healing from a distance, using our spiritual healing capabilities in a finely focussed and meditative way. Other dowsers may not be spiritual healers, but work with imaging and sundry artifacts from electronic gadgets to colour coding and just about any way you can think of. The fact that there is no set way of effecting this healing work is a concept difficult for the scientific mind to encompass, but we are using  the intuitive faculty of the mind, and it DOES work, so we proceed hopefully.

Research in this country is very scarce, but in Austria people are much more aware. For instance, ongoing work is being done by O. Bergsmann using government funds. He asked three dowsers to divine places in 8 hospital rooms which were either neutral or affected by geopathic stress, in various parts of Austria. 24 medical tests were undertaken on 985 subjects who had just sat in each of the different places for 15 minutes. The statistics so far are  highly significant in proving that geopathic stress affects the human organism. Reduction of the neurotransmitter serotonin was especially noted in the stressed areas. The research covers diagnosis and does not address treatment.

Dowsers sometimes get as far as diagnosis and advise people to move their chairs, beds etc off the deleterious places – often impossible in a small home.  Moving house can cause much more stress.  Wherever possible some healing treatment needs to be instigated, and increasing numbers of practitioners are finding ways of doing this at various levels. We have to be pragmatic, following what works and discarding what does not. It is a developing skill.

In our own practice we check first by dowsing the address for geopathic stress, entities or presences, objects carrying negative energies, and whether the people living at that address are adversely affected by electricity or microwaves, inside the place or coming from outside.

Most recently we have been co-operating with the Live Water Trust and checking for adverse effects in the water. That is the diagnostic phase, and we’d be glad to report all clear if that is how we find it. If healing needs to be done, we invite the owner or tenant of the house to draw us a sketch plan of the ground floor, and of the surrounding garden or land belonging to the property.  Then we are able to identify exactly where and how healing is to be carried out, and arrange to effect that.  We ask for feedback so that we may learn from results, and we do regular checks to ensure that places we have healed stay positive.  We work on a donation basis so that people are not barred by cost from asking us for help, but we do ask for proper recompense for our time and skills and expenses whenever possible, as this is part of our living. We only do this work when asked by the person living in the potentially “sick house”, never operating behind people’s backs.


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About Roy and Ann Procter

Roy, born in 1930, is a retired chartered engineer and a fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, with a long career in the design of transport aircraft and practical piloting skills. Ann, born in 1932, is a doctor's daughter with a wide range of skills and qualifications, used in self-employed work. Her university career was ended by serious illness, deemed terminal when diagnosed, so she has a degree in 'life and death' rather than the usual paper qualification. She is now accredited by the British Association for Counselling and registered with the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists. Both are registered healers with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, and on the register of the British Society of Dowsers. They are also both Trustees of the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, Roy being Chairman.

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