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Feeling Under the Weather

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in environmental, originally published in issue 257 - September 2019


Under The Weather

Courtesy Allan R. Buckmann [1]


Feeling ‘under the weather’, apparently originating from a sailing term,

is understood to mean “not feeling right” in health or wellbeing


Not feeling right can apply to external or internal restrictions of some kind in spirit, mind or body.  Some ways of expressing this are ‘low in spirits, not with it, not myself, under par, out of sorts’.

If we do not inherit spiritual, mental or physical toxicity then we start life unrestricted internally and externally.  This is never the case, however, because there are no perfect people so we all start somewhat at a disadvantage. We all have some sort of handicap to health so rather than focusing on the myriad of individual combinations, which beset us all to some degree from conception onwards, let us raise our consideration to something more insidious and global which affects us all, no matter where we live or what our start in life is.

Although these expressions have historical origins which might be long forgotten, today ‘under the weather’ also has a very different connotation to the original sea related sickness.  Today, it has literal and very frightening implications, not from maritime sources but from being deposited upon us via specially adapted jets from the sky.[2]

There is an ongoing situation about which the public is not informed and this situation is served up by governments in the UK and other countries without public consent or general awareness.   From relatively recent documented history (i.e. around late 1600s), those who have been aware of theft of our national heritage by deception and malice (health being only one aspect of this, our finances being another) and have publically exposed such evidence, have paid the ultimate price (when this was easily coverable).  Ridiculed and maligned as being conspiracy theorists has served to diminish public questioning.  The roll of honour goes to international warriors in the war to inform and ultimately protect those who are, by deception, prey to the malice of the few (the powers that be) for their economic and political gain

Unawareness is a major factor in permitting situations

which are detrimental to public interest to advance unhindered.

A major source of information for public consumption is the mainstream media (MSM).  For success in keeping information controlled the MSM has been hijacked into a propaganda machine for use by the ‘powers that be’ which happen to be the same ones who hold the gold.  Remember the golden rule?  Those with the gold rule!  This is very obvious from the lack of exposure of non-MSM news sources on vitally important political, economic or health issues.  For instance, little information is aired in the MSM on the multitude of scientific papers laying bare the evidence regarding the damage of vaccinations, mercury and fluoride, for instance, involving brain damage, autism, Alzheimer’s, liver, nerve, kidney and heart damage and other health issues, except to belittle, ridicule or discount it.  Neither does it air humanitarian and economic subjects which would awaken those steeped in resigned complacency for generations.[3]

Of major concern is the aggressively guarded information regarding the content of the drums sprayed by military-industrial complex jets which permeate the air, cloud-seed and gravitate into our water and soil by daily geoengineering activities.  These dumps contains heavy metals, nano-particulate matter, pharmaceuticals, bacteria and according to some authorities are classed as germ warfare and genocide. A look at the geo-engineering patents and who owns them is an eye-opening exercise.[4]  This affects air, water, crops, birds, animals, insects and us!  The ramifications are eventual destruction of our ecosystem, plant, insect, animal and human life.  This is a shocking scenario to consider. 

The human race, animal, bird, fish, insect, and plant life are all

dependent upon a sun-based  ecosystem and naturally occurring sub-systems.

Most people about age 50 and over know that unlike childhood summers which used to dwindle into mild autumns, “summer” now switches off in a day.  Most people do not question why or look up to the sky from about 5 am each morning.  Britain is being heavily bombarded with aerial spraying causing us to think that the British weather is always dull and/or raining.  The next to non-existent summers we have become used to are, in reality, kept from us by a layers of cloud-seeding.  Britain has good weather if left alone. 

Although the internet has made information available it is also permeated with misinformation, propaganda and some “out of the ordinary” points of view, all designed to confuse and provoke discontinuation of searching.  However, your own eyes outside of your own front door will tell you the truth just as the number of plants, birds and insects that have diminished from your own garden and locality will.  The times you have used your lawn mower (2018, compared with years gone by) and the strange weather patterns over your house and locality will alert you to something wrong if you want to know.  2019 seems to have ‘encouraged straggle cover’ growth.

Whether you prefer to be a proverbial ostrich or look into what is happening, you will be affected by what is dished up to us all by geo-engineering under the guise of climate change.  Many scientific reviews have debunked the idea of climate change, except those supporting the geo-engineering and HAARP weather manipulation programs.  Facebook, YouTube, Google and the mass media, for instance, have been ‘bought’ by the powers that control the geo-engineering project and are compelled to sensor information which exposes what those above them do not want readily available.[5]

This censorship, now becoming dramatically heavier as exposure is increasing, has provoked independent video channels, like Bit Chute, Vimeo, and others to air exposés of many issues of concern in order to inform the public.  Efforts to create alternative social media, like Gab, are also essential for freedom of information.

Burying heads in the sand achieves what?

This is a vitally serious question for us to answer as individuals.

The pictures below were taken by me in my own locality between about 5 am and 11 am.  I regularly woke to a beautiful blue clear sky but also the sound of jets.  Within a couple of hours the sky was streaked with criss-cross “trails” which turned into thick masses and sometimes into a very eerie dark low-lying cotton-wool like blanket blotting out the sun or more commonly strange cloud-like shapes blending into a thick blanket covering blocking out the sun varying in colour from white to dark gray and sometimes red.  

Summer “switched off” suddenly as we got these toxic aerial coverings daily with the controlled weather outcome of slow growing grass, hedges and crops, diminishing of plant, bird and insect life and a depressing damp cold over the land.  I did notice that usually the jets always started so that the sun area was blocked with the trails first.  However, thick trails came from other areas to “blend together” with others.

5 Chemtrail

This blotting out of the sun and clouding over of the sky (cloud seeding) happened virtually every day covering up the lovely clear mornings and beautiful autumn we would have had last year (2018) and spring and summer of this year.  I also observed that this was done in several layers making the cloud formations multiple levels in height.  Where a patch of clear sky appeared in the cloud covering, I could see the jets laying trails even higher.  This would also make sense of the strange high-layered cloud formation seen in flights which I experienced first-hand this year from the air.  These weird chemical cloud formations are in stark contrast to the natural cloud formations as seen from above.  The trails left by geo-engineering jets are in stark contrast to the short lived condensation trails left by passenger jet engines which simply evaporate and are gone within a couple of minutes.

I can imagine that some reading this are either upset at being a disturbed ostrich or cannot comprehend that something this big and detrimental to us all could be taking place under our noses.  This article could even be seen as misplaced in a health magazine.  My last article, “Scary Concepts” opened up the possibility of going where we did not want to be because we took for granted what we have always believed.  Concepts such as ‘the government would know and stop (whatever) if it was wrong…’,  ‘the doctor/dentist wouldn’t give it me if it wasn’t safe…’, ‘if it was poisonous they wouldn’t be allowed to sell it…’ do not hold water when properly examined.   

Exposure of such concepts are now increasing from the ground up.  Whistle blowers, from government, secret service agencies, top military departments and ground floor workers in industries with policies detrimental to humanity are now beginning to make inroads in informing the public about what is really going on and why.[6]

As counter measure, those who want to keep the status quo are desperate to disparage and stop any exposure to anything other than what, so far, they have not had too much problem controlling, i.e. sheeple people (those who follow and don’t question).

Many sane scientists have proved that there is no global warming.  This is foisted on the public through the MSM to create fear to accept scam theories to justify accepting carbon footprints and geo-engineering.  Of course, this does not mean that we don’t have to take proper care of the earth, sea and atmosphere but this is a different issue to geo-engineering and so called global warming.

Apart from a few references to geo-engineering, and my own observations, consideration can be given to what we can do about the damage to ourselves, loved ones, animals and pets until this situation changes.  The damage already inflicted on the earth and its population is far more serious than we are made aware of. 

Technically, there is no such thing as organic or GMO free food any more.

Wind will drive sky-borne pollutant debris over other areas and acid man-made rain will drench the land and water supply with it.   There has been much speculation about the content of the poisons released into the sky with these nano-particulate aerosol sprays but heavy metals and questionable toxic substances detrimental to health have been listed by both exposers and whistle blower alike.[7]

Some household named billionaires, are heavily involved in geo-engineering, weather control (floods, fires and evacuation of areas desired for other purposes) mass vaccination and other such activities.  Multiple governments fail to intervene in activities which would not be upheld by the majority of “ordinary” citizens (regardless of geography, race or religion).  Another case of those with the gold rule.[8]

effects of geo-engineering, and other assaults on health,

seem to rely on weakening the immune system.

Vaccines and mercury fillings weaken the immune system and provoke auto-immune situations. If this is the first time you have heard this concept, do research before coming to a conclusion.  Aluminium and other toxic substances like formaldehyde and foreign proteins in vaccines also provoke auto-immune situations.  Fluoride in water sources and standard non-stick pans takes aluminium from cooking pans and cooking foil, for instance, straight through the blood brain barrier.  Hormones found in water and food sources disrupt metabolic pathways.  These examples are just the tiniest tip of the toxic iceberg.[9]

Whilst being subjected to involuntary poisoning from these multiple sources, what is the best way to strengthen the immune system and be in the best position to resist respiratory assaults, toxic assaults from foods and liquids and exposure to toxic elements from the air?  To answer this we need to know (i) what toxic substances do to health and (ii) the effects of lack of sunlight.  We also need to consider how exposure to sunlight through a veil of toxicity affects health. 

Many people are suffering from persistent upper respiratory problems and asthma owing to the pollutants sprayed into our atmosphere.  One of the body’s ways of keeping healthy is the natural detoxification avenue of the common cold and even simple influenza.  This means that the immune system is on guard and working well.  A common complaint appears to be a persistent cold which is low grade and doesn’t seem to clear up leaving the sufferer feeling perpetually under the weather.  If we are persistently breathing toxic air, drinking fluids from polluted water sources and eating toxic foods, a persistent cold could be seen as persistent detoxification in response.  We have three basic energy modes, movement, digestion and recovery.  When one is dominant the other two are recessive.  This means that we are detoxifying, a cold for instance, we don’t have as much energy to be physically active or digest food (lack of appetite).  This is effective physiology to get the job done efficiently.

In such situations supporting immune health would be better than doing nothing.  Even worse would be attempting to suppress detoxification created in response to physiological assaults.  There are several aspects which could be considered in response to problems caused by (i) lack of sunlight and (ii) pollution.

(i) Lack of Sunlight

Cholesterol, essential to every cell, is available from dietary sources.  If there is an inadequate supply for the body’s needs the liver will manufacture it.  If there is too much, the liver will dismantle it.  The size of cholesterol molecules also plays an important part in utilization. There is plenty of online information proving that cholesterol levels are not connected with heart disease but very much connected to the sales of statins.  Statins lower the cholesterol levels which in turn, apart from other undesirable effects, lowers the potential for Vitamin D levels.  This combined with lack of life-giving sunlight can have damaging effects to health.  The characteristics of cholesterol are more complicated than this and study of further information would be beneficial in this area.

Cholesterol in the skin reacts with sunlight to make Vitamin D which is essential for multiple roles in keeping healthy especially in relation to immune integrity, respiratory and cardio-vascular health, bone health, insulin balance and anti-rogue cell formation.  There are many information sources which go into more details about Vitamin D but I do not think that this all pervasive nutritional gem is yet fully understood.  However, it would seem that deficiency of Vitamin D is one prime outcome of blotting out the sun and putting a screen of pollution between our skin and the sun’s life giving rays.  Sunscreen to a lesser extent performs the same function.  The whole premise of sunscreen needs to be evaluated.  It is based on the media-generated belief that the sun’s rays are harmful.  Are they?  Or is the pollution put between skin and the sun’s rays the real culprit?  Sunlight should be thought of as a natural, essential nutrient.

Consider also that all substances such as vitamins, hormones and minerals are of necessity interactive.  When this is positive it is termed synergy.  Vitamin D reacts with other substances in a harmonious way which we yet do not fully understand.  Interference with cholesterol and Vitamin D will have consequential effects on all other chemical and nutritional connections.

(ii) Pollution

Dictionary definitions of pollution include the following:

  1. Undesirable state of the natural environment being contaminated with harmful substances as a consequence of human activities;
  2. The act of contaminating, either intentionally or accidentally, with unwanted substances or factors

Pollution affects cell function and structure.  For cells to work as they were designed to work they must have essential fluids and nutrients supplied, be able to uptake and utilise them, produce required products and/or secretions and eliminate waste products.   Cells make tissues which become organs which become systems.  If cells fail, tissues, organs and systems fail.

Where pollution tissue-load exists or pollution is taken in unwittingly on a daily basis, detoxification is a measure to reduce cellular damage.  Hydration, detoxification and nutrition all work together as necessary elements in restoring and maintaining health.  Geo-engineering has brought this to a much harder level for us all.  However, drinking clean water and introducing nutritional supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies to aid detoxification and boost immune integrity can still make inroads into the assaults we all have to deal with.  Removing mercury from teeth, aluminium from cooking and fluoride from water sources will have a beneficial effect on cooking and eating food.

For these measures to succeed the essential clearing organs, lungs, skin, liver, kidneys and bowel need support and the lymphatic and circulatory systems benefit from regular stimulation which can be done through a combination of herbs, nutrition, manual lymphatic drainage, rebounding, walking, chiropractic treatment and other therapies.  Taking health to a deeper level can be started with an indepth personal history and addressing the triangle of ill health on a personal basis.  For most people this starts by replacing mercury amalgam dental fillings.

Triangle of ill health

This is a prime time for small support groups to work together and learn the tools available and how to test for relevant herbs and supplements etc.  Work groups could get in speakers such as nutritionists, kinesiologists, chiropractors, physiotherapists etc. and learn how to take care of ourselves and loved ones.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Natural weather cropped [10]








5.         Video unavailable is frequently the response of sites which have been censored for the material they make available to the public.


7 (Ex-Military Kristen Meghan)



10        image:

Better is yet to come.

From the World’s Best Selling Book: The Holy Bible:

            Prov 18:13 (KJV) “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame    unto him.”

            Prov 8:12 (NLT) “I, Wisdom, live together with good judgment. I know where to discover knowledge and discernment.”

            Eccl 8:13 (KJV) “But it shall not be well with the wicked, neither shall he prolong his days, which are as a shadow; because he feareth not before God.”

            Psalm 14:1 (ESV) “The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds; there is none who does good.”

For some it might be an eye-opening surprise and further links of interest.


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