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Energizing Water - Our Dance with Water, Outside and In

by Peta Pendlebury(more info)

listed in environmental, originally published in issue 222 - May 2015


Water is Wonderful!

Have you ever stopped to think about the amazing thing that is water? We all know that we need water to survive - you get about a week before internal organs shut down due to no intake of water - but did you know that water is part of the air you breathe? So no water - no air. Water is essential for all life on our planet. Indeed our planet is more water than anything else. And did you know that the water you drink today is the same water that was drunk by cavemen and the dinosaurs? It just gets recycled over and over and over......

Another really interesting fact is that of all the substances on the planet, water doesn’t abide by the laws of physics. It has the incredible ability to be liquid, gas (steam) and solid (ice);  when solid it is lighter than when it is liquid - think ice floating - when all other substances get heavier as they get more solid.

And did you know that given the right environment water can purify itself too?

Moxie Falls - Maine

Moxie Falls - Maine: flickr creative commons Doug Kerr

Water changes depending on how it is treated. When it comes tumbling out of a deep underground chamber into a mountain stream it is full of energy and able to give that energy to anything it touches. The water tumbles and spirals and maintains its energy. In nature the spiral is a very important shape; as humans we recognize the beauty and power of this shape instinctively. A spiral that is turning in on itself (centripetal) is building in energy, whereas a spiral that is turning away from itself (centrifugal) is releasing energy. So you can see that as the water tumbles and spirals it will do a mixture of both.

But then the river becomes slower and the structure of the water starts to change. As the river becomes less energetic so does the potential of the water in it. Finally it reaches the sea where it mixes with salt water and the turbulence of the waves and it re-energizes itself again.

But what of the water that doesn’t reach the sea? The water that ends up in our reservoirs and then finally comes out of our kitchen tap? This water has very little energy left by the time it flows down the pipes and into our homes; the straightness of the pipes doesn’t help as there is very little spiralling which could increase that energy. Tap water has been treated with chemicals to make sure it is safe for us to drink and also contains pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals, hormones, heavy metals amongst other things. None of these are beneficial for the health of the water or the life that lives in it or depends on it. If you’re uncertain where the drugs and hormones come from think that whatever we put into our bodies eventually comes out of our bodies and is then flushed back into the water system! Some people believe that one of the reasons for increasing male fertility problems is the higher female hormone content in our water from HRT and the contraceptive pill. We are certainly seeing changes in certain fish and other animals that spend a lot of time in water and this will have a knock on effect on other species too.

Rain water is also getting more polluted and lacking in energy which means that the water used for irrigating the soil to grow our fruit and vegetables has less energy too.

So that is the water as humans we have to work with. This water that is so vital for our staying alive never mind staying healthy. We’ll come back to how we can improve this outside water later but for now let’s move on to our inside water!

Water in our Cells

Cell membranes: flickr creative commons id 140264jd

When we are in the womb we are over 90% water and then we are born and this level starts to drop. By the time we are in our 50s it can be as low as 50% depending on our health but it is unlikely to be much more than 70%. So why does this happen? Our dancing partner with water is our cells and in particular our cell membranes (these are the outer covering of all our cells - dark green in the picture); these decide what goes and comes out of our cells. When our cell membranes are healthy and working well, then we are healthy and full of energy. To keep our cell membranes healthy we need good supplies of nutrients from healthy foods and great quality, energized water.

As for the nutrients part of this recipe we probably would be wise to invest in a good quality nutritional supplement these days as well as a healthy diet, as nutritional content in food is going down with poorer soil quality and longer transit times from field to your plate. Did you know that nutritional tests carried out in the 1950s on tomatoes and then again a few years ago showed that to get the same nutritional benefits of one 1950s tomato we would now need to eat 10!

So what happens when these cell membranes start to fail? Their efficiency fails too and we can start to struggle to hold water inside our cells (intracellular) and too much sloshes around outside our cells (extracellular). When this gets more extreme this can be seen as water retention and cellulite. We also find it more difficult to pull water from our digestive system through into our bodies.

So why is that a problem? This water has to get inside our cells for our optimum health. Every process that takes place in our body, and there are millions going on every second, requires water. And most of these processes take place inside the cell. Outside the cell is primarily waste management as the lymph system takes the waste products from these processes to the relevant organs for cleaning, recycling and removal, depending on what they are. Water that has loads of energy still within it gets into our cells much more easily than water with little energy. It is possible that very de-energized water may actually take energy from our bodies in order to get it into the cells. And this is energy that we then don’t have for other activities. Testing has shown that energized water can start to absorb into the body immediately we eat or drink it.

Energized Water

Droplets: flickr creative commons CrunchyLens

The body will prioritize water supplies too, so if you are not providing it with enough water it will take water from the skin first so that the internal organs such as the heart, liver and lungs get enough. This results in increased ageing with more wrinkles and sagging as well as dryness and skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. Shortages in water can also lead to memory and muscle issues as well as an increased risk of falling in the elderly. So the most effective anti-ageing technique is to drink enough energized water!

So how do we improve our intake of healthy energetic water? Firstly we make sure that the water we drink and eat is as clean and energized as possible. For our drinking water we can filter the tap water to remove the main culprits by using a carbon filter or reverse osmosis (RO) filter system. The RO system is the best as it removes hormones and chemicals as well as heavy metals, but it must be re-mineralized as it leaves the water hungry and when you drink it it will leach minerals out of your body if you don’t. This is easily done by adding a few drops of a liquid mineral supplement or buying a system that includes a re-mineralizing cartridge. RO systems are much more affordable these days (@ £150). Ongoing cartridge replacement actually works out cheaper than the filter jug cartridges and you only have to do it every 6 months!

If you can’t afford the initial expense of a filter system then a jug is your next best option but be careful as some of these increase the potassium levels in the water which can create problems for some people with upsetting the potassium / sodium balance in the body. You can buy cartridges that don’t do this so shop around.

And if you are away from home then fill a jug with water and let it sit for a while. The gases will evaporate off and the heavy metals will sink. Without disturbing the water too much drink the top 2/3rds and throw the rest away.

Water Re-Energising Coaster

Water Re-Energising Coaster

Now your water is cleaner but it is still de-energized and to get it into your cells you need to re-energize it. There are several great ways to do this from machines, vortex jugs and glass eggs but one of the simplest and most affordable way is to use the glass Re-Energising Water Coaster. The information encoded into the glass helps the water remember how to go back to how it was as it tumbled down that mountain stream. Simply place a jug or glass of water on the coaster and leave for 5 minutes or longer. Testing by scalar machine has shown an increase in energy of tap water of more than 100% after being placed on the coaster. It also improves the water energy content of milk, fruit and vegetables enabling them to last up to twice as long. Simply place a coaster under your vegetable box, inside your fridge salad drawer or fruit bowl to achieve this. This will mean that the nutrient content of the fresh food will not be depleted as quickly. Remember that fresh fruit and vegetables use up their vitamins and minerals to stay alive. When they are gone they rot.

So how do you ensure that the dance from the water outside and the water inside is the most beneficial for your long term health and to keep you looking younger longer? The important thing to remember is that our bodies require excellent quality filtered energized drinking water and vibrant, energized water in your food so that it can get through those cell membranes easily. Buy food that is organic where possible and eat it quickly unless re-energizing with the coaster. Filter your water and make sure you drink at least 6-8 glasses of room temperature water over the course of a day. Water that is too cold can shock the stomach which can then have a detrimental effect on the digestive system. And if you don’t re-energize your water make sure you drink a few glasses more as it won’t get into those cells as easily and you will have more waste. Do all this and the water provided by the planet can dance into your cells with ease and your body will stay younger and active for longer.


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About Peta Pendlebury

Peta Pendlebury BA (Hons) AKFRP MIFHT is an advanced level Kinesiologist who has been practising since 1995 and has a thriving practice in North Wales. She also treats clients by Skype both in the UK and abroad. She was on the Policy Board of the Kinesiology Federation from 2009-2011 and is currently joint co-ordinator of her regional FHT group. Peta developed a specialized treatment to help combat the negative effects of frequent flying in 2009 and wrote Fit4Flying, an explanatory guide for clients. She was also ‘gifted’ the idea of the Water Re-Energising Coaster whilst researching water in 2013. The coasters are now working in almost every continent around the world. To find out more about this gift experience please visit The coasters come beautifully boxed for £9.99 plus P&P. 10% of all profit goes to Water Aid.

Peta loves reading around most areas of health and is currently researching the ingredients for an effective product to treat eczema that will use natural rather than pharmaceutical ingredients after reading of the success of a topical product produced by a doctor in this field. She is also the founder and trustee of the charity Book at Bedtime which provides a bookcase full of children’s books to women’s refuges throughout the UK and is a keen craftswoman currently making dresses for the charity Dress a Girl around the World as well as her own creations. Peta  can be contacted on Tel: 01978 760867;


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