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Adverse Radiation and its Effects on Health

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in environmental, originally published in issue 225 - October 2015


EMF chart


adverse:  unfavourable, harmful

radiation:  emission of energy as electromagnetic waves of varying lengths or as moving particles

Effects of Adverse Radiation upon Health

Over the past few years there has been an intensity of discussion about the effects of adverse radiation, in all its forms, on general health and especially its relevance to cancers.  Health can be disrupted by many factors, exposure to radiation being one.  There are many different types and sub-types of adverse radiation which occur naturally in rock, air and sea as well as that generated by ever increasing human endeavours.

Adverse radiation from pylons, computers, mobile/cordless ‘phones and masts, electric motors, industrial and domestic machinery, medical and dental equipment, aircraft etc. is definitely just that - radiation which can adversely affect normal structure and physiological function.  The human bio-electrical system[1] can suffer ‘interference’ from any force interacting with it.  Not all ‘interference’ is necessarily adverse, but where it is, it cannot be ignored just because such ‘interference’ is invisible and has, by reason of increasing use, become common place.  No-one really questions this, not even manufacturers of products in question including relevant medical equipment sources. 

The dissension is really about amounts which are relevant to the disruption of health but one factor is quite obvious to all - that the potential detrimental effects of adverse radiation are proportional to the amount of exposure. 

The majority of factors which have a bearing on how we cope with adverse radiation are not generally acknowledged, but this being so, it is prudent to become aware of them and take measures to limit and even avoid exposure where possible.  A number of readily available products make claims for reducing exposure risks such as radiation shields, screens and protective ‘phone cases etc. but, as with any products, advertised claims should be verified by diligent research.  Some products might be scams, some genuinely just what they say, others based on misinformation for economic gain and hidden agendas to discredit genuine articles.  Also, where exposure has been excessive, homeopathic and herbal remedies can be used along with nutritional supplements and lymphatic drainage methods to reduce effects. 

General health, like finances, operates on an ‘in-out-balance’ system and is also similar to computer laws of ‘garbage in - garbage out’.  For good health, the body needs water intake to cover that which is lost through skin, kidneys, bowels, lungs and additional daily amounts depending upon the types of food eaten, environment, temperature, exercise, stress, toxicity levels etc.  Normal daily output is approximately four to six pints so this can be kept in mind as a base line and more water added according to circumstances.  Anything less than optimum intake will lead to chronic (long-term) dehydration and eventual symptoms.[2]  Any stress, including adverse radiation, has a dehydrating effect.

Cellular and Nutritional Factors

Electrolyte levels provided by unrefined salt[3] must be adequate for cellular water uptake.  Tap water toxins and industrial grade sodium chloride (ordinary table salt) are not compatible with good health.  Intake of fluoride is associated with high aluminium levels in the brain and low thyroid function.  Iodine is essential for thyroid function and vital in defences against radiation damage.  Fluoride interferes with thyroid function, low thyroid function being common in mercury toxicity and fluoride intake.[10]

Nutritional measures are at the forefront of health issues especially iodine because the thyroid gland is a target for radiation damage.  An iodine supplement[4] together with a complete vitamin and mineral supplement is a good measures towards overall health.  Any isolated substance such as iodine must be taken in the right amounts for the correct amount of time. There are many variables which contribute to seeing the big picture of radiation damage in a different light. 

Cell membrane integrity is vital to cellular health which, in turn, is the key to general health.  Cells are utterly amazing chemical factories which communicate to become tissues, which become organs, which become organ systems, which become the whole body.  What we are at a gross (whole, overall) level is determined by what we are at a cellular level.  When someone is ‘mentally’ or ‘emotionally’ depressed, then every bodily cell is depressed.  This can be evidenced in condition of hair, skin, eyes, energy levels, and DNA replication. 

Cell membranes have selective receptor sites which accept only specific access ‘keys’.  Mercury, which makes up 50% of a ‘silver’ amalgam dental filling,[10] is highly toxic and attaches itself to cell membranes, reducing the efficiency of the cellular sodium-potassium pump needed for the detoxification process and reduces the ability to use beneficial minerals.  Mercury also disrupts cell membrane protein and fat components disturbing electrical potential (energy), as well as interfering with receptor sites for nutritional uptake, respiration and cellular elimination.  Does a healthy cell cope with adverse radiation better than an unhealthy one?  Gross level function depends upon cellular level function and one cannot be efficient if the other is not.  Adequate systemic function is necessary along with unhindered detoxification, especially of the liver and lymphatic system which is somewhat like the sewage system of the body, to maintain the ‘in-out-balance’ status appropriate to age.   The lymphatic system needs energy, water and electrolytes to function properly.

Does adverse radiation from mobile phones promote the leakage of mercury from dental amalgam fillings?  Trials have been done to investigate this.  There are many more toxic combinations (negative synergy) which are not promoted for trials or public awareness.  Fluoride takes aluminium across the blood-brain barrier.  How does adverse radiation, from a mobile phone for example, affect the brain, especially one with high aluminium levels?  Scans detect heat changes but this is merely one factor.

According to some authorities and research sources, some forms of cancer may be preceded by emotional conflict.  Dr Hamer’s Five Biological Laws of German New Medicine[5] have linked such conflict to a conflict type, as determined by embryology, the parts of the brain it affects and the outworking (resolution) of that conflict in specific bodily tissues.  Can toxicity such as adverse radiation or mercury poisoning from amalgam dental fillings assaulting an ‘unaware’ person be integrated with conflict theory?  Does the embryology of the individual determine how he/she would handle adverse radiation or toxicity even though outside of his awareness?[6]  These conflict and resolution factors present many interesting aspects which open doors to more avenues of thought, research and understanding.

Environmental Toxins

There are many toxic materials which distress normal physiology and these include heavy metals, pesticides, food additives, vaccinations, drugs, steroids, cigarette toxins, chlorine, fluoride/other water toxins, excitotoxins (e.g. Aspartame, MSG),[7] farming chemicals etc.  The list is long!  There are thousands of toxic elements which we have to cope with in the 21st Century, whether they can be easily identified, hidden (renamed to hide real identity) or just omitted by manipulation of regulation laws.  An example of this would be buying fruit which you believe is free from a pesticide banned in the UK but the fruit from UK stock is exported, grown abroad where the toxic pesticide is not banned, then imported as UK produce giving the impression to the consumer that no banned additives are involved.  Political and economic engineering does not benefit the consumer. 

Information overwhelm is another aspect which is too great a task for anyone who only has 24 hours in a day.  Many things we cannot look at because it is too big to handle.  We are flooded by chemical cocktails.  There are obviously some which are not toxic but how do we discern and make a choice to accept or reject?  What effect does adverse radiation have on these chemical cocktails we take in through food or cosmetics through the skin?

One example of information overwhelm is ‘fragrance’ listed in cosmetic products which could be any one of at least 4000 chemical cocktails. Radiation grids which cover the earth’s surface which pigeons and migrating birds use, for example, can have detrimental effects on bio-electric systems in certain circumstances.   Some energy sources can become negative influences where they intersect with other factors, such as cross-currents or water.[8]  However, warped or adverse energy sources can be detected and then avoided in the home or workplace by moving furniture, if necessary, so that you don’t sleep or sit on the ‘negative hot spots’.  Again, it is prudent indeed to remove yourself from these areas but a point to consider is do those with amalgam fillings, vaccinated, in-takers of fluoride, low nutritional profiles or dehydrated etc. fare worse than those without these handicaps to health?  For those who question this possibility, if these things are detrimental to health, then it is irrelevant whether one agrees with the possibility or not.

In some ways it is likening life to a game of chance, a sort of variation of Russian roulette.   An example being that most women who have taken the contraceptive pill (and all people who have taken other various drugs) without noticeable ‘short-term’ effects have not identified any negative effects for themselves so far, but what about the women and men who didn’t survive side effects?  What about the babies who did not survive or were sentenced to debilitating lives from Thalidomide which inhibited formation of new blood vessels and stunted growth?   Many factors are not considered in trials and research but if they were, a more enlightened picture could emerge.  Research in isolation can result in very grave consequences for the recipients of misinterpreted[9] data as evidenced by Thalidomide proponents. 

Could simple removal of toxins allowing the uptake of more water on a cellular level have prevented the morning sickness for which Thalidomide was prescribed bearing in mind that hydration is both intake and uptake?  How do those with low immune status or those in traumatized and emotionally challenged states, especially long term, cope with an added burden of adverse radiation?  Seemingly unrelated groups such as these are rarely considered in research regarding adverse radiation.  

Sources of radiation

There are different types of adverse radiation with correlations made between certain adverse radiation combinations and cancer types.  I think it quite plausible that these adverse radiation combinations would affect some people more than others because of the multiple factors mentioned above.  Growing children are more vulnerable than adults to negative radiation and  then add the other factors mentioned above.  Exposure to all sources of adverse radiation which can be identified should be minimized or avoided and protection employed where possible.  All equipment and electrical wiring circuits should be checked to ensure that they are wired correctly.  Just because equipment and circuits function does not mean that they are necessarily properly configured and safe.  Adverse radiation cannot be detected with the five senses, as such, and professional assessments should be carried out using equipment specific for detection of each type of radiation.

When considering any subject relevant to health, it must be remembered that although adverse radiation is detrimental to health, it is not adverse radiation alone which is relevant to most people, but in combination with other factors.  However, the two things to consider are:

  1. It is wise to avoid adverse radiation where possible:
    which means becoming informed about adverse radiation and its effects
    on normal  physiology in order to be able to identify and avoid it.
  2. It is prudent to be in the best position to be able to cope with the effects of adverse radiation because, like it or not, be it right or wrong, it is part and parcel of the society in which we live:
    which means becoming informed about the basics of normal physiology
    and health in order to be in the best position possible to maintain health.

Like it or not, society is geared to consumerism, politics and economic gain from a massive sickness industry.  If we partake of society and point the finger, four are pointing back at us.  However, we can choose to be informed and take responsibility for our own decisions. 


1. The human bio-electrical system is mediated through nerves, tissues and meridians and can be demonstrated through instrumentation such as ECGs, EEGs or through kinesiology and other bio-feedback systems. 

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10. ICHC articles, V Bradshaw-Black:

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