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The Science of Bioresonance

by John Doyle(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 226 - November 2015


Is the body controlled chemically or energetically? Conventional thinking would answer chemically, and it’s undeniable that nutrients and drugs powerfully affect the body, but think; what is the standard test for life when a person appears lifeless?  An ECG or EEG test, a scan of heart or brain energies. These are accepted conventional procedures. Established science tells us that everything oscillates or is in motion from the smallest part of the atom to the entire universe. This is the fundamental reality upon which bioresonance is based. Consider the method by which our skin tans. Exposure to ultra violet light causes melanin to form in the skin with resultant tanning; true that’s a chemical process but what is the trigger to initiate that effect? It’s not the heat of the sun but the wave form and frequency of UV light in the range of 750 to 1500 terahertz that reacts with a regulatory mechanism within the skin that reacts precisely to these frequencies, so ultimately energetic control. 

After many years of empirical research, thousands of years if we consider Acupuncture, it has been established that there are many energetic frequencies which affect our organism. The practice of bioresonance means, sourcing and then introducing all the frequencies necessary for stimulation and regulation of the body. If the body’s energetic regulations can be supported this will support good health and the prevention of disease.

Paul Schmidt

The engineer Paul Schmidt found in the early 1970s, that he could cause a regulation of the body by administering either an acoustic or an electro-magnetic frequency. Accordingly, every organ has its specific frequency spectra with which it can be stimulated or harmonized.[1] Dr Wolfgang Ludwig confirmed this view in a lecture at the Brugemann Institute, Gauting, in 1988, when he said: “The key to understanding bioresonance therapy lies in knowing and understanding the fact that all vital processes in the organism are influenced and controlled by electromagnetic oscillations. The electromagnetic processes according to the latest scientific findings are functionally superordinate to the biochemical processes".[2]

Unlike orthodox medicine, energetic medicine has no adverse side effects. This is often a new concept to those with a conventional background; the usual view is ‘if there are no adverse side effects it can’t be effective’. This thinking comes from chemistry and is something that most doctors and patients accept.  In Bioresonance the aim is to interact with the body’s own regulatory mechanism and bring it into harmony. If a frequency that applies to the prostate is applied to a woman for example, no regulation or effect of any kind is possible as the signal will not be recognized by her body. The aim is to holistically help the body, gently, without side effects.

This brings us to what the Germans call the ‘biological window’. To make use of the ‘biological window’ and bring a successful energetic regulation to the body, five factors have to be present: the correct wave form (sine wave), the specific frequency to resonate with the body’s mechanisms, the right polarity, sufficient intensity and time of exposure. Think back to the principle of sunlight causing tanning. For this effect to be triggered, the five factors mentioned above have to be present. We don’t have to worry about the first 3 factors as the correct wave form; polarity and spectrum of frequencies are provided by our sun. However if the intensity is not sufficient or the duration is too short, no tanning will occur. If our skin is covered, only heat will get through and the frequencies along with the wave form and polarity of ultra violet light essential for triggering these mechanisms will be blocked.

These principles can be used to assist the body to a harmonious state using bioresonance and also to protect against harmful influences such as Electro smog (E-Smog) and Geopathic stress. The Rayonex Company states that fully 80% of all health problems can be linked to three areas of concern: these are damage from electric and magnetic fields or E-Smog, Geopathic stress and pH balance. Many health practitioners are having great success in following this advice.

Let’s Briefly Look at E-Smog

There have now been well over 2000 research studies into the biological effects of electrical energies since the late 1960s but it was in 2007 that a British Professor Emeritus Andrew Goldsworthy published findings[3] that connected research carried out over the past 40 years or so. This suggested a causal link between electro-smog and the body’s Ph balance. He wrote that weak electromagnetic radiation removes structurally important calcium (and possibly magnesium) ions from cell membranes, making them weaker and more prone to transient pore formation. This makes them leaky to even large molecules. Prolonged exposure to mobile phone radiation causes serious damage to the DNA in living cells, probably because of digestive enzymes leaking from lysosomes. This may be responsible for the reduction in sperm quantity and quality found in recent studies of people using mobile phones for more than a few hours a day. We might also expect it to lead to an increase in the incidence of cancer, but this may not become apparent for many years. Electromagnetic exposure also increases the permeability of the blood‐brain barrier to large molecules and allows potentially damaging substances to enter the brain from the bloodstream. The blood‐brain barrier is characterized by having cells joined by ‘tight junctions’, where the gaps between the cells are sealed by impermeable materials. Equivalent layers of cells with tight junctions cover all of our body surfaces; a similar increase in their permeability could allow the entry of a wide range of potential toxins, allergens and carcinogens from the environment. There is evidence that this increase in permeability is mediated by the loss of calcium from cell membranes and could also be enhanced by electromagnetic exposure. This effect can link the current rise in the incidence of multiple chemical sensitivities, various allergy‐related diseases and skin cancer to the electromagnetic environment. Electrosensitive individuals can be thought of as people who have abnormally weak permeability barriers that are more easily compromised by electromagnetically‐induced calcium or magnesium loss. In general, the symptoms resemble those of hypocalcaemia and hypomagnesaemia, which suggests a common aetiology based on a reduction in membrane stability. Low concentrations of either calcium or magnesium ions in the blood may be predisposing factors, but once the condition is established, it can be progressive with increasing exposure to radiation. It then appears to be irreversible.

Of course to treat against the symptoms caused by E-Smog without determining the cause and taking action would be of no benefit and could even stress the body further. This underlines the importance of adopting a causal influence approach rather than a symptom lead approach.


In March 2014 a study was published evaluating the efficacy of the Mini-Rayonex which is a small device designed to carry in a pocket or bag or place next to the bed. It supports and stimulates cellular energy, which is needed during the day as a protection from negative influences such as electro-smog, geopathic stress, etc.; but the device is especially helpful whilst asleep as the body repairs and rebuilds itself.  Over the years Rayonex have worked with the Fraunhofer Institute, Marburg University and others. Dartsch Scientific are the latest well respected research institute to examine Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt.[3] The project looked at the Mini-Rayonex, the oldest Rayonex device developed by Paul Schmidt around 30 years ago. It contains a dipole antenna system tuned to 12.5 (the frequency which relates to cellular energy) and has no electrical power from mains or batteries.

The study proceeded  by preparing cell cultures; the first was mouse connective tissue fibroblasts and the second was human macrophage cells. The objective was to determine if the device emitting a fundamental frequency of 12.5 would be able to influence cell metabolism and if so the extent thereof. Samples were placed next to the device and others 4 metres away, providing a treatment sample and a control sample outside of the device’s effective range. The results after 2 hours were impressive to say the least. The average increase in cell activity was 35% in just 2 hours and after 24 hours 42%. This is of course in comparison with the cell cultures placed 4 metres from the device where no such increase in cell activity was observed. The implications of these results are substantial, providing comprehensive validation of the Rayonex dipole antenna or resonator system found at the heart of every Rayonex device and this with the highest percentage improvement ever seen after a short period of harmonization. Of course many practitioners have observed for themselves such impressive effects but this study provides scientific corroboration. Rayonex have commissioned independent studies over several years and more are planned in the near future.

So what make bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, the Rayonex system, different to other forms of bioresonance? The Rayocomp is unique in using dipole antennae to naturally generate frequencies as opposed to synthetic frequency generators. It achieves this with the patent protected resonator system devised by Paul Schmidt.[4] This is the big leap forward that sets it apart. If we take the position that the body's generation of regulatory frequencies is exquisitely more precise than any man made frequency generator and that each person’s regulatory frequencies may be slightly different, as is the case with blood pressure, temperature, hormone levels and so forth, then it is clear that with naturally generated frequencies, bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt (BaPS) has made a significant leap forward on the back of the body's' own system of control and regulation as the natural frequencies emitted cover 0.05 either side of the number set, albeit with reduced intensity.

Rayocomp only works with sine waves which are harmonious and recognised by the body. Most other systems work with a variety of wave forms which while effective for killing pathogens disrupt the  regulatory signalling of the organism.

Another unique factor is that Rayocomp works with fundamental frequencies, not measured frequencies. This is a natural phenomenon of the dipole antenna. To explain: when a fundamental frequency is set the device resonates at a wide range of frequencies simultaneously in decades e.g. if 54.20 is entered resonance, will occur at 5.42Khz, 54.20Khz, 542Khz, 5.42Mhz, 54.2Mhz, 542Mhz, 5.42Ghz and so on. This phenomenon has been recognized for many years but mainly as an inconvenient problem in radio transmission. When Paul Schmidt first realized that his resonator was actually generating fundamental frequencies that could be applied to the body, he realized this was of immense value.

Another important consideration is the wide range of frequencies available using the dipole antenna. Most bioresonance devices do not operate above 150Khz. When we consider that disease begins with dysregulation in high frequency (Ghz) and symptoms only appear as low as100Khz, the advantages of the Rayocomp are clear. It offers early detection and a treatment over the course or path of the disease. Conventional medicine only works in the area of symptoms below 100Khz. This is the case even with MRI scans etc. which can only ‘see’ tissue change i.e. symptoms once the disease has progressed to that stage.

The Rayonex system has been in commercial use since 1982 and has used a tensor or spring wire in order to determine resonance frequencies. Though very easy to use individually, this process is also time-consuming, as it requires the therapist's attention throughout the entire test.  This is why an automated method for determining resonance frequencies became necessary. 


A new test method, the Rayoscan, was developed over nearly 10 years and become available in 2014. Specifically, a frequency is applied to the body and various heart rate parameters are then measured by means of a four-lead ECG before being calculated and then stored.  This patent-pending method is based on the experience that the body reacts to an energetic stimulus and thus the sum of all reactions thereby triggered become detectable with small yet measurable changes in heart beat quality, known as heart rate variable factors. These are detected via the ECG, calculated in the device and displayed as either a stress or resonance if a problem exists, or if the stress is minimal the display indicates that this test was within normal range and therefore no harmonization is necessary. The system automatically evaluates whether or not subsequent harmonization is required. Much time is saved with this new test method and the question of practitioner influence on test results is avoided

Many conventionally trained health care professionals have dismissed bioresonance as unproven; with the advent of Rayoscan this has now changed. If a bioresonance signal can affect an ECG the effects are demonstrated, if subsequent harmonization on these same frequency signals brings about a significant therapeutic benefit, then the value of bioresonance is beyond doubt. Of course the Rayoscan is clearly employing an energetic testing approach which cannot be directly compared to conventional medical diagnostics.


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