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The Arguments for Resonance, Health and Harmony

by Karma Singh(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 159 - June 2009

It has become a matter of vital importance to promulgate a theory of dis-ease which accords with observed facts, as many aspects of conventional medical theory no longer hold true. Fortunately, advances in Quantum Physics over the last 30 years has enabled us to create a theory which, to date, has shown itself to be not only accurate but, further, to be inclusive, i.e. no exceptions have shown themselves.

Harmony Evolution


Pharmaceutical Medicine R.I.P.

Keeping it simple, a major flaw with the medical theory of infection is the assumption that the presence of a particular germ is a causational factor. i.e. the germ causes the disease. The problems with this assumption are manifold:

a) Recent research has shown that many of us already have most of the known germs related to disease within our bodies and may well have done so since birth. These remain, however, dormant until 'something' triggers their rapid growth. Medical theory denies that these proven facts can be so;
b) Medical theory requires that anyone 'contracting' a germ must become ill in the manner identified with that particular bacillus. Evidence, however, show that the vast majority do not become ill!    
c) Medical theory claims that by killing the germ, the illness can be eliminated. Although this on occasion appears to be so, this is illusory and co-incidental with the natural progression and elimination of the cause of the disease;
d) A failure of medical theory is further evidenced by the creation of the terms 'chronic' and 'incurable' diseases. All that these terms really mean are, "Our theory doesn't work and we don't know why";   
e) Medical theory claims that immunization will contain disease. A reputable body of evidence suggests 'immunization' may even be a factor in the spread of disease!   
f) For more than half a century, the pharmaceutical conglomerate has spent literally billions of dollars each year actively suppressing and preventing access to alternatives. Were medical theory correct, none of this expenditure would be necessary.

Daily more people are becoming aware of the above facts (and many related items) and reacting accordingly.

The Basic Flaw

A major failure with medical theory is the (now discarded) assumption that the human body is a machine processing proteins from birth until death. It is even claimed – with not the slightest trace of supporting evidence – that consciousness is caused by DNA.

Epigenetics, especially the work of Dr Bruce Lipton PhD, former Professor of cell biology in the medical schools of Wisconsin and Stamford Universities, has demonstrated that the human body is an EFFECT of consciousness. Further, epigenetics shows that dis-ease is an informational problem which, as one of its possible effects, may trigger the rapid growth of one or more dormant germs.

When we study this matter at even greater depth we see that most (perhaps all) 'disease germs' are not attacking parasites at all, but are in fact, symbionts, helping us to remove dis-ease from our lives. For much more on this, please see the e-book  which, despite the title, deals not merely with Avian 'Flu but with the whole matter of the true nature of 'infectious' dis-ease, its procedures and its removal. [1]

Many medical procedures are, therefore, expressions of erroneous perception. Instead of acting to support natural healing, medicine actually stops healing; this is why it is so very expensive and so very ineffective. It is King Canute ordering back the waves.

To create a workable theory of dis-ease, we must, perforce, not merely redefine dis-ease itself but also begin the search to both identify the real causes and to work out effective ways of dealing with them.

Is this Knowledge Really New?

According to Dr Lipton, genes do not play any determining role at all in cell growth, but are 'merely' a protein data base.[2]

A cell will extract suitable building information from the genetic database to enable it to react to information impinging upon it. This happens not only when replicating itself for the next generation, but in second by second processes taking place within the cell. How dramatic such changes can be is clearly shown in an article which appeared in New Scientist and BMC Genomics which shows that (in the study case, mobile 'phone radiation) can result in changes to cell proteins of up to 89% localised in the area of direct contact with the radiation within one hour.[3]

This also shows very clearly that each cell reacts individually to environmental changes and, because the changes are localised, that the genes themselves play no determining role in this.

Dr Lipton's DVD Mind over Genes can be obtained from the Harmony Shop.[4]

Dr Lipton's theory, borne out in much research carried out across a wide spectrum of the scientific community, is that changes to cell structure are a reaction to environmental circumstances and triggered by environmental changes; that each cell will draw upon the genetic database to build new protein types to better cope with the present environment.

The cell environment is not merely physical, i.e. determined by our nutrition and the water we drink, but also by the radiation with which we surround ourselves (the human body needs sunlight but can only cope with minuscule amounts of gamma rays, for example). Furthermore, our emotional state, through the production of neuropeptides, can cause considerable changes to cell activity throughout the whole body. Please see the film What the Bleep do we know for a very graphic presentation of this.

American television, seeking as it does to make itself addictive by creating constant wild emotional swings, is extremely damaging and possibly a large causational factor in diseases such as Type II Diabetes. This may not actually be diabetes at all, but rather a manifestation of insulin resistance due to insulin receptors in the cell walls being replaced by receptors for neuropeptide showers. Apathy and lethargy are 'mild' forms of this informationally caused mental and physical degeneration.

Lastly, we come to your body's own internal communication and control systems. These take place via scalar waves – the ignored part of the electro-magnetic spectrum defined by James Clerk Maxwell in the 19th Century (see for more details). This 'ignored' part has brought us the result that almost all of our electrical appliances, cables, telephones, computers etc. emit vast quantities of wild scalar radiations. Although the most concentrated form of this is the cell/mobile/cordless 'phone technology, in terms of sheer volume, this represents quite a small fraction. A large number of dis-eases can be linked directly to this steady increase in 'electro smog' as may be a factor in the decline in bee populations.

This 'scalar smog' creates an environment in which not only the cell protein structures become greatly distorted, as in the studies reported in 'New Scientist' etc. above,[3] but also the general coherence within and between your organs can be either weakened or distorted or both.

This is Not New!!!!

This effect has long been known to healers, spiritual teachers, yoga, tai chi, kung fu, zen and other masters. The materially dominated science of the last two centuries could not, however, describe how such processes happen and decided to deal with the problem by declaring it to be invalid, imaginary, a fantasy, non-existent, a myth and such. More recent work, however, based upon quantum physics and a true understanding of how the universe is actually structured, shows these things to be the necessary, vital, informed energy without which life could not exist. In short, your body does not create you but you create your body.

Now, electro smog is a very recent problem barely 100 years old. The volume and intensity have increased more than a thousand fold over the last 20 years and are set to continue in this trend. Electro smog is, however, merely one aspect of the entire energy spectrum. Geopathic stress, emotional crippling, extreme trauma and similar problems are all well known as are ancient ways of dealing with them.

Any trauma will cause a distortion to the energy flows in the related part of the body. Whether this be a wound (accidental, by act of violence or surgical) or emotional, complete healing will never take place until the informational energy related to the wounding has been completely processed and released. Although a wound may have physically closed, it may well take a very long time to completely heal, and major wounds often do not heal completely until action is taken to correct the energy structure. You see, the action causing any wound and the emotional reaction to it will often remain in the wound indefinitely. This is especially true of the phenomenon variously called 'shell shock', 'battle fatigue' and, more recently, 'post traumatic stress disorder' (PTSD).

This is not a new problem; even the ancient Greeks knew all about this! It is not a difficult problem to solve. The trouble is that pharmaceutical medicine tries to solve an informational problem by adding chemicals to the system which, of course, only makes it worse.

Taking appropriate action to remove the perturbing information is one which will work every time. Over the millennia, in various parts of the world, techniques have been developed to do precisely this and to, thus, allow your body and your mind to heal and to correct themselves, i.e. to return to natural balance. Were scalar smog an occasional or one-time event, these techniques would also work there. The biggest problem with technologically engendered traumas is that they are more or less continuous, and existing techniques cannot cope with this. Technology itself has, however, provided the solution.

The Harmony Technology

When the first successful Harmony Technology device was created in 1989 (still functioning perfectly 20 years later), the inventor, the German engineer Dipl. Ing.(FH) Joachim M. Wagner, had not the slightest intimation that his invention was going to revolutionize the entire natural health and wellness field. What he thought that he had developed was a device which would re-order the extremely chaotic state of the spark electrons within the cylinders of a car engine and thus cause the fuel to be burned much more efficiently and cleanly. The technology still does this very effectively, by the way.

It was the perspicacity of a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Taiwan in the mid 1990s which led to the present state in which the bulk of the usage of the Harmony Technology is in health and self-development applications. It was, however, only when the British healer Karma Singh joined forces with Joachim Wagner in 2001 that serious study of the Harmony Technology Effect in health and healing began.

The beauty of the technology and that which makes it almost universally applicable is that it is not pro-active in any way; it doesn't DO anything in the normal sense of the word, i.e. it neither adds nor subtracts anything nor yet does it seek to change anything at all. This is the secret – all that it does do is to enhance and to magnify the built-in rebalancing Potential of the electrons flowing within the system with which it is in contact. This brings about a re-ordering of the informational flows themselves. The basic energy flows then become self establishing, self regulating and self sustaining processes within any energy system where the Harmony Technology is used. Each individual signal and energy component automatically finds its own perfect individual pathway.

This results in a much higher quality multi-channel communication within the system, because the electrons themselves can once again communicate properly, i.e. free of perturbing and distorting impulses, and things are ordered perfectly from the finest, causational level of matter outwards.


A word which we are going to hear very much more about not only in health matters but also in a great many other areas of our lives.

Let me give you a very simple example of resonance known to you through daily experience: When you tune your radio to the exact frequency upon which your favourite station is transmitting, you will hear the music or other programme you wanted. This is because the sender and the receiver are in resonance, i.e. they are both vibrating at the same frequency. The more coherent the signal, i.e. the more precisely the music is being sent at exactly that frequency, the clearer the sound will be. When, however, you begin to move outside the range of the transmitter, the signal will become less coherent and you will only hear a part of it. You may also, at this point, partially hear other transmitters operating upon similar frequencies. At this point, we say that transmitter and receiver are dissonant because no meaningful signal can be received.

Such is precisely so for every organ and system of your body. The 'blueprint' of how to build a human body is available to everyone in the Quantum Fields; this is why the basic structure of every human being is identical. Only the decoration is left to personal choice.

Not only to grow but also to maintain your body, every system needs constant, clear reception of the information on how to do it. So long as such reception is clear, your body will function properly. When, however, the information which your body needs gets overlaid with or distorted by intruding, dissonant information, then the coherence of your body structure will begin to disintegrate and steadily more irrelevant, damaging and destructive information will be added to your body. This we call 'sickness'.

If, however, it were possible to restore the clear resonance, your body would naturally discharge all perturbing energy which it had taken up and return to maximal coherence and optimal function. This we call 'health'.

What the Harmony Technology does is to separate all the frequencies into their individual pathways (usually, everything is mixed up together like a sort of informational spaghetti). The effect of this is that, because the natural resonance of your organs and systems is exclusively with the energy frequencies which build and maintain them, they will cease to take up perturbing, damaging and any other information which they do not need and cannot use. Once this is in progress, the increase in the energy naturally resonant with your organs and systems will cause the structure to become steadily more coherent, i.e. in focus with its function. In this state, each organ and system will naturally discharge that which has been causing malfunction and return to the natural balance which we label 'health'.

In short, health is not something which one can make but exclusively something which one can allow!!

Allowing optimal function, including health, is exactly that which the Harmony Technology does.

Now, optimal function does not merely mean what we call 'health'. Health is just the basic state from which we begin to shape our lives. Optimal function also means the ability to think clearly, cogently and purposefully. Optimal function lets you know where you want to get to and gets you there.

A functional relationship, be this familial or business is based upon optimal resonance between the participants. The Harmony Technology brings this also.


Disabled for the past five years after many years as a professional athlete as my career, I have lived with the right side of my face from the eye socket down to my teeth without feeling, from an accident in which a horse stepped on my head. Doctors reconstructed the right side completely with titanium and let the left side fractures to heal themselves.

Both sides remained in severe pain, but on the right side, the muscles under my right eye didn't work; everything from there down was sunken in and continuously painful which affected every day of my life. I could not feel the right side of my lips, cheek or teeth.

I have been from doctor to doctor, trying many modalities of options and have currently been on high level pain medicine both to help relieve the constant pain and to help me sleep better and do more daily, but medications are also hard on the body.

Within an hour of placing the Harmony evolution on the side of my face, I could feel my eye twitching and tears ran down my face. After only a few hours, I bit down on my lip and realized it's been five years since I last felt it. I was on a flight when I used the Harmony evolution. When my family picked me up from the airport, I didn't mention anything to them and they immediately looked at me and said my whole face had filled out and asked what had happened because I was coming home from a Dr. appointment in a different state. They thought the Doctor did something, but it wasn't he.

Since that day, I have felt no more pain in my face, I enjoy smiling again and FEELING the smile on my face. I felt blessed to just be alive after the accident. Now, however, I am using the Harmony evolution for many of the other areas of my body that were injured in the horse accident. These had, since then, always made each day a challenge to get out of bed. I am thankful because my whole life has changed since I started using the Harmony evolution, and I can participate in life again. I am using it on all the areas of the injuries I have sustained, and each day I no longer have to lie in bed and stare at the same four walls.

I must mention that the Harmony evolution has helped me with my mental and emotional depression that I felt many times after the accident from the sudden change in my lifestyle, and all the pain and losses. I felt so much trauma within me that I lost my courage from time to time, and periods of depression would give me anxiety and panic attacks. After five years they were getting worse. Wearing the Harmony evolution for this as well as for the physical areas, has also begun to bring me to feeling less challenged in that area and I feel able to do a little more each day.

I am writing to thank all of you who spend your time and effort to develop the Harmony evolution because my whole life is honestly like it was before the accident, except this time I live each day with much more gratitude for how precious life is always.
Drew Kittell PA USA


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