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Spirals and Energy in Nature

by Robert McCoy(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 182 - May 2011

"In the wave lies the secret of creation."
Walter Russell from The Secret of Light

It has been well over a decade now since I saw the video. In it a radiantly vibrant silver haired woman marches assertively up to a podium and proceeds to give a slide lecture presentation of her discovery and recording of nothing less than the human energy field - a first in western science. Her voice is powerful and her manner confident - a polished presenter as befits her background as a retired Professor of Physiology at a major university.

Spirals image

She had been studying the musculature of dancers and this led to her investigating what lay behind the 'noise' on her recordings of the electronic traces created by the movement of their muscles. What she discovered was a whole range of minute signals that had never been seen before - patterns below the pattern - like some sort of energetic Mandelbrot, they were in the audio range and could be amplified and heard as well as 'seen' by sensitives, as if they were the 'sound of light'. No wonder no one had ever found them - who would have guessed! 'Light' you can listen to! And furthermore each one of these frequencies corresponded to a discrete characteristic of the human mind and body and each had a distinct waveform and colour. So frequency, waveform and colour were synonymous with different human characteristics. She was astounded.

But what was it about the shape of the waveforms of this 'light' that contributed to its appearance and function? Was there something behind light that helped give it its distinctive waveform and that was behind the characteristics of mind and body it appeared to represent? Was the waveform a combination of carrier wave and some sort of modulated intent which helped to shape it and give it meaning - a literal display of function following form? She didn't say.

Her name was Dr Valerie Hunt and the waveforms she displayed on her slides were what are known as vector waveforms. All known frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum are vector waves. Vector waves travel spatially for long distances and can be displayed and measured. But there are other waves in physics that are known to be 'below' or 'behind' the vector waveforms that we can see and measure and these waveforms are referred to as scalars and they are not so easy to see or measure - or even describe.

Writing about scalars is like writing about zen. You could spend infinities at it and still be scratching your head in a different place. The language is all square and the 'whole' is a confoundin' dodecahedron. It's a pathetic operation - has an endlessly futile feel to it like throwing water balloons at the sun. When you sift through the literature you are confronted with a Berlin wall of 'talkin' in tongues' terminology and Rune like formulas, all of which does nothing to clarify the true nature of the phenomena. In fact the opposite happens. A window of opacity opens up before the reader, somehow revealing yet simultaneously obscuring the view. Such is physics.

One thing though that does jump out at the casual investigator is that scalars have been referred to, at times as the information 'behind' a vector waveform and that when a vector waveform is 'collapsed' the scalar information is 'revealed'. This is generally done by running a vector through what is known as a Caduceus coil, a winding twisting pair of wires which wrap the wave back around on itself so as to combine the waveforms in such a way as to negate them, like a homeopathic. But the information left behind is not like a radio signal that was modulated onto a carrier wave - a small vector riding on the back of a bigger vector - it's the information that formed the wave itself... and that survives its destruction. A very curious phenomenon.

If scalars were something of an alchemists dream then perhaps I was headed for a bottomless pit of pi in the sky, but as luck would have it I was eventually pointed in the direction of Tom Bearden, that curmudgeonly critic of all things false, inelegant and wrong headed in the field of electrical engineering. Bearden was a contradiction. On the one hand he was 'country... just folks', a loyal and retired military Cold Warrior with the Chuck Yeager twang, while on the other hand he was an ultimate, sophisticated and devastating Free Thinker! - an intellectual and philosophical thorn in the side of an entire world view, like an 'edgy' Terence McKenna with an oscilloscope probe. No walls around his words! But he was more than just a pain in the neck to the PhDs in 'Double E'... he had something that not one of them could claim. He had earned a patent, but not just any patent, another boring 'breakthrough' in the long line of incremental engineering. No...his patent was unique, the first ever awarded for a Free Energy device (Uber Unity!). So when he 'spoke', I listened. And what he spoke 'spoke volumes' to my clouded mind - gave clarity to what were murky waters - like Soma for my scratched sunglasses. What he 'spoke' was actually a reply to a question in an interview recorded on-line that he had given almost two decades earlier, yet it was more revealing than any of even the more recent descriptions I could find.

On the subject of scalars... "If the sum of the internal motions is zero, the external object seems to be sitting still and motionless to us (though it's still moving through time with - usually - uniform motion)."

Interesting - scalars were somehow 'still', yet 'still moving'

"We describe that internal characteristic of the system as a vector zero resultant system. Externally we may also characterize it as a scalar, because it still possesses attributes that have magnitude. On the other hand, if the sum of the internal motions is not zero, but is a motion in a certain spatial direction, then to us the external object seems to be moving along in space. That is, it is translating spatially. Externally it has both magnitude and direction, so we view it as a vector. To label a thing as only a vector is to look only at its external attributes. To label a thing as only a scalar is to look only at its external attributes. To look at its internal attributes, it must be recognized as a scalar and a vector at the same time. That is, the scalar attributes must be recognized to be composed on internal vectors."

What he was describing was a paradox (takes one to know one!)... it not only seemed to move in space while standing still, a scalar had vector like movements but was not a vector...

"And the whole system that is not moving spatially is still moving in time. However, we don't see 'time' but just space; therefore we see the thing as "motionless". However, the "motionless" thing we look at is rather like a fixed whirlpool in a swiftly flowing river the whirlpool seems to us to stay "fixed" and motionless, but internally its parts (the flowing water) are in constant motion."

Whoa... Scalars as whirlpools! They rotate but don't radiate.--- they occupy space, even rotate in space but don't radiate into space outside of the space they occupy!

A simple vector - one 360 degree 'roller coaster' - is created from two longitudinally coupled scalars - IE two whirlpools abutted lengthwise, end to end so to speak. In eastern cosmology there is a phenomena that comes tantalizingly close to the description of such a coupling of whirlpools and it's called a chakra. It was an idea that even Bearden would probably spit out like a peach pit, but it got my attention. I couldn't prove it - but I couldn't rule it out either.

A chakra is two longitudinally coupled rotating standing waves - Bearden again: "To look at its internal attributes, it must be recognized as a scalar and a vector at the same time. That is, the scalar attributes must be recognized to be composed on internal vectors." But in this case the vectors are spiralling, a crucial difference - unlike the sinusoidal transverse model we normally associate with vectors that translate (i.e. radiate) through space. It's a Hybrid - Perfect for the times. And like a Top, the only way it 'stands' in place is by rotating? It's self organizing! Like a traffic circle. So standing waves had to rotate - otherwise they would unwind - perhaps into vectors? - vectors that didn't stand in place but that had to translate through space? And for vectors to be able to turn in circles they first had to spiral? Like an F-15! Energy can't be stopped! "Stand and be counted". Nothing in nature is still - everything moves, so would whirlpools be Nature's way of appearing to 'stand still'? "Every-body...stand... Stand... Staaand! Yea - Sly!

The only problem was in nature sometimes these 'chakras' would couple in all kinds of ways - some with the vortices running right back up along side or even inside each other. And the only thing they seemed to have in common was the abutment, but even then they could wrap around from both ends like a spherical 'yin-yang' to form what appeared as particles. Clearly these were not going to look like the nice neat linear models in the science lit. There was variety here...attractors and chaos. And it had the potential to come in infinite variations, bending and twisting in endless ways - function following form, a whole universe of unique shapes as the potential precursors for the manifestation of endlessly unique expressions.

I mean you can almost see it. Spirals do stand... but they're flexible - like our body's! (ask Dorothy!). Have you ever played Slinky? Have you ever eaten 'chi-zzz'?

Flexible, like a blanket at the beach... like a wave at the beach! Flexible, like a fibre optic... like the light in a fibre optic. Actually --- according to the Hunt discoveries...we are 'fibre optics'!

And finally...
"These are pure waves of Spacetime, and they are oscillating curvatures of space-time itself."

Yup, Bearden had lopped the scales from my eyes but the matter was put to rest in my mind when I looked at the writings of one Nikola Tesla, perhaps the most intuitive inventor of the industrial age and one with a long track record of creations that are at the heart of today's modern electrical world. If Bearden was 'Saturn & Uranus' then Tesla was 'Taurus on stilts'. In short, Tesla was no 'dreamer' - he knew that what he invented was going to work even before it was tested. He had built a working remote controlled mini-warship before WWI - a drone - heavens to Afghanistan! And unlike other inventors who toiled at prototypes, tweaking by trial and error (10,000 light bulbs later!) Tesla was famous for inventions that hit the ground running, fresh from his mind like a hot pizza pie. And mama mia, what inventions they were! No 'better bottle openers' here - we're talking grand ideas on an even grander scale.. And because of that he was considered to be something of a freak by his contemporaries who were some of the brightest thinkers in an age littered with halogen minds. But even they had never seen anything like him! Tesla, obviously... was 'not from these parts'.

The following is from a letter he wrote to the New York Times in 1908: (emphasis mine):
"According to an adopted theory, every ponderable atom is differentiated from a tenuous fluid, filling all space merely by spinning motion, as a whirl of water in a calm lake." By being set in movement this fluid, the ether, becomes gross matter." Clearly Bearden and Tesla were barking up the same tree.

But he didn't stop at mere theory or architecture, he was looking at practical applications - he wanted to control it, to create with it...(oh my!)

Again, from the same letter...
"It appears, then, possible for man through harnessed energy of the medium and suitable agencies for starting and stopping ether whirls to cause matter to form and disappear."

Clearly Tesla had plans for his 'whirlpool'. And Tesla was a man who knew what to do with a plan.

So if a man with the stature of Tesla was willing to bet it all on a whirl then perhaps it behoves us to clear our conceptual workbench, give him a little credit and take the time to contemplate his view.

As an analogy, a scalar is a system that is expanding or contracting on a sliding scale in multiple directions simultaneously - IE it's changing its magnitude. A vector translates directionally through space - IE spatially. So a vector that scales is a vector that expands or contracts in multiple directions simultaneously while translating in a specific direction through space. Our hybrid. There is only one method in nature to accomplish that seamlessly and that is to spiral.

So could it be possible that what are often called 'scalars' in science may actually be coupled spinning pranic whirlpools composed of spiralling vectors, kinda like kundalini, and that this awe inspiring movement has not been adequately characterized? Even ordinary analog vector signals are difficult to model so a three dimensional whirlpool - the ultimate compound analog device - at the level of a scalar, would most definitely be a forbidding challenge. In any case, should it surprise us that with spirals being ubiquitous, even iconic in nature, that there would be a more fundamental equivalent in the scalar world? It would be more surprising if there weren't. And why is an object so central to eastern cosmology so conspicuously absent from mainstream western scientific investigation? You'd think energy was confined to railroad tracks and that transverse sinusoidal waves were the 'bee's knee's' - the end of the story - in some frozen, eternal trolley car world. Something had to shape that hurricane and hurricanes are certainly not short on energy. IE: spiralling storms don't come from straight lines. Straight lines do.

In any case, common sense alone should tell us that if you're going to create a duality from an infinite source, then you need a device to transition somehow and the dual vortice is the path of least resistance for doing just that. You could think of it as an 'etheric fibre optic interface' - or better yet, a sort of double barrelled 'cosmic universal joint' with spiralling bearings and 'three on the Tree'! I mean, there is nothing else in nature even remotely up to the job. In fact this vortical movement would be a dimensional transition or stepping down from an infinite space into 3d space - Huxley's Reducing valve - where space can appear to 'stand still' - and it is accomplished in nature with a hybrid movement or standing spiral, also known as first movement.

So the dual opposing vortice and/or chakra is the bridge between the real... the primal space and our world, and back! (the 'real space' race) It is the engine of creation and destruction - a rotating tug of war between Shiva and Shakti. As such it requires a balancing force or Vishnu. But we don't see Vishnu as he's outside of creation - in the source. Vishnu is the one who twists the valves of creation to maintain the world. He spins the chakras - tweaks our world in a system so granular that it's capable of changes so fine as to go virtually unnoticed - or so sudden as to seem catastrophic. All things are possible in such a system - and such a system we seem to have.

Yes... Three on the Tree indeed. Always Three. The Caduceus, gift of Apollo (the God of light!) was two serpents wrapped around a central, immovable staff - "thy rod and thy staff!" - " and they are positioned in perfect balance, exactly as the waveforms would be in its namesake coil just before they would collapse, thus revealing their precious 'information'. On and on... you name it... always Three. "Thus the Law of Three is manifested and the spiralling octave is writ large."

So if the dual opposing vortices would seem to be a 'u-joint' in the 'real space' race - a 'gnostic tunnel' from one existence to another - where do we go from here? Well one could start by going outward - from spinning scalars to orb like particles - from flowforms to flowers, monochords to musical scores, from minor and major chakras to trout streams and tornados - from planetary power spots to spiralling planet tracks -Galactic schematics... it's all there. Its got 'Doors to dimensions' and puzzling paradox - infinitely granular and coarse beyond belief. It's creative and destructive, capable of instantaneous change and insidious mission creep... it's all there - East & West, Huxley and Hermes, chaos and common sense - an 'in your face mystery' a million miles from everywhere, it's all there... in the 'Blake of an eye' and a hundred mile stare.

It's all there...

But one really begins to appreciate the view when one takes the opposite journey inward - beginning with our spiralling vector. If such a phenomena exists, one would naturally ask what would lie 'beneath' it or 'behind' it and the answer would have to be a scalar - but a scalar on a much smaller 'scale'. And that scalar would in turn be composed of even smaller spiralling vectors composed of still smaller scalars and on and on - spiralling vectors enfolding spinning scalars enfolding spiralling vectors on into infinity - Planck Length be dammed - an infinitely enfolding energetic Mandelbrot. And when one contemplates such an infinitely regressing movement one begins to appreciate that the words 'first movement' doesn't even begin to express the beginning - that it's all an endless beginning - it's all a one act play - an infinitely recursive and enfolding one act play. Thus the 'first movement' is everywhere you look and pretty soon your sense of time will begin to attenuate along with your recursive view and on and on.

And a funny thing happens when you take the time to re-read this article. You'll begin to see deeper levels of meaning enfolded in each paragraph, sentence and word than the previous time you read it and then you'll see that the article itself is an enfolded Mandelbrot and your appreciation for it will deepen and deepen recursively like your newly enfolding view. And soon you'll look up and see the same thing in every thing you look at until your view of reality begins to shift and with it meaning itself will take on a whole new meaning and on and on and on - beginnings enfolding endings which enfold another beginning until there's no more beginnings or endings and you just are.

There was one contemporary of Tesla who was not off-put by his 'out of this world' ideas and that was Walter Russell. To characterize Russell as a 'Renaissance Man' would be to not do justice to his being. Russell was a natural mystic, artist, educator and businessman - the very prototype of what many would hope to be the practical, fully functioning enlightened future of humanity. And the dual opposing vortices were at the heart of his cosmology. Tesla and he were acquainted and paradoxically, it was Tesla that told Russell to 'bury his ideas for a thousand years' as humanity was not ready for what he had to express. But as Robert Otey, an authority on Russell, has pointed out in an on-line interview with Matt Presti on , Tesla was not aware of the coming Hunab Ku in 2012 and the acceleration of time that came with it. But we are.

For an inspiring musical and visual tour of Walter Russells (and Viktor Schaubergers) scalable spiraling world see:

For an excellent illustration of Viktor Schaubergers naturally spiralling waveforms see the book Hidden Nature by Alick Bartholomew 

Also, western science is finally coming close to validating Valerie Hunt's empirical discovery decades ago of 'sound you can see' - a sort of 'Synesthesia', long known to the initiated and familiar to sensitives, OOB & NDE experiencers alike, it's been a 'long time comin'. 

See Dr Hunt's DVD below The Human Energy Field and Health for images of 'light you can listen to' and much, much more... in my world, she gets the Nobel - in 2013!

For a more 'chaos like' alternative view of magnetic fields as dual opposing spinning (and wild looking) vortices see the classic book The Secret World of Magnets by Howard Johnson, from Tom Beardens Cheniere Press link below or on Amazon... 

To see an interesting Mayan correlation between our spiralling galaxy and the Vedic chakra system see chapter 23 of John Major Jenkins book Galactic Alignment linked below: 

The Bearden interview was found on the Wiki link of Dale Pond's at:

The Tesla quote can be found on the following page: 

Also for an understandable explanation of what a scalar is see DB Larson's link:

And last but not least, I came across the image below just after finishing the writing above...

May we all enjoy the view...
from our human but impersonal 'you'.
Big Apple to Katmandu!... may the Hunab Ku renew.

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  1. apgaylard said..

    The physics in the post is nonsense. The author clearly does not understand vectors, scalars, fields and waves. Scalars, spiraling vectors, vortices ('whirlpools') are all well known to science and investigated all the time. See

  2. Robert McCoy said..

    Robert McCoy here... I would like to add a rebuttal of sorts to the above comment in the form of a link to a discussion about the article that includes my 'rebuttal' to a number of points that they raise. My comments begin about halfway down the page - you'll find me logged in as Ganeshaone (IE: Ganesha One) but I sign off with my name... Robert McCoy. See...

    Robert McCoy

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