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Reading the Body’s Energy Field for Back Pain: Your Built-in Scanner You Hardly Use

by Ronnie Turner(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 196 - July 2012

I've only realized in recent years that I've spent the past 30 years as an alternative practitioner working with one hand tied behind my back!  I'm talking about the ability of the human being to tune into another human being and read the state of their body and mind, by a multitude of techniques ...quite a useful skill for any practitioner!

This kind of knowledge was well known to the enlightened ancients in many countries. Egyptian priests for example, could reportedly navigate using dowsing techniques. Religion (Inquisition, Burning of Witches etc) and the mechanical, reductionist approach of the Western World suppressed it well for centuries. But you can now learn to use all these useful tools .

Body's Energy Channels

I began my career at an acupuncture school in Sydney, Australia, in 1972.There I learnt pulse diagnosis, from an authentic Chinese traditional doctor. Over the years, my personal experience from the feedback from patients convinced me of the validity of the pulse diagnosis system.

I diagnosed and treated many people successfully, often having my findings confirmed by their official diagnoses. Years later I learned pendulum diagnosis. And what puzzled me was: why hadn't the Chinese discovered medical dowsing? My wife Olga, a medical doctor who once spent six months in Beijing studying Chinese medicine in the early 1990s, spotted that in fact Chinese pulse diagnosis is another form of dowsing.

The agreed conventions and ritual is just different if you look at the whole ritual around it, sitting quietly, with the hand of the patient placed on a little red cushion, etc. In my opinion all that was designed to induce an alpha state to allow your intuition to analyse each patient, and using the framework of the organs  and energy flow to express the diagnosis. Actually it is all quite valid in practice. And so it is with medical dowsing in all its forms.

You agree on a system of signals and give them significance.  The pendulum swings right to say yes, or left to say no. Or the opposite. It doesn’t matter as long as there is prior agreement on how your body response relays the intuitive knowledge. But really it's your intuition that does the job.

The next system I spent years studying was the German electro-acupuncture approaches. Here was something which I believed was totally objective.  Dr Voll after all was a Professor of Anatomy at a German University, and he studied the electrical profile of the human body, to check out the validity of the Chinese meridian system. He established that there were real electrical differences on the skin at the acupuncture points.

He started measuring the points for impedance and resistance  and worked out a system. He found that the right homoeopathic remedy would restore the correct reading to each point.  I bought the very expensive Pitterling system of EAV (Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll ) and spent several years assiduously following the method. I measured the points by applying a probe to the end points of the meridians on the hands and feet. It was quite laborious.

Then I balanced the points using homoeopathic remedies. I found it worked very impressively and produced splendid results. But I was taken aback one day when I checked a little switching box I had loaded with the test ampoules, which I was using in the diagnosis.

Actually unbeknownst to me, the cable had been pulled out. It wasn't plugged in! But it still worked for me !

That shook me for a while, but I realized in time that many of the physical devices used in the medical dowsing systems are actually just there to focus the practitioner's mind. So the pendulum, the electro-acupuncture machine, the divining rod and even some of the chiropractic techniques, are just useful tools to assist the brain and central nervous system to express what you already know at a deep level.

Bioresonance System

There's nothing wrong with fooling a learner diviner into believing that the instrument or device they are using has these magical capacities. Because when doubt is removed the whole dowsing gift works very well. But for medical dowsing systems to have a future, we need to recognize them for what they are, the innate power of the mind expressing itself through these forms. The question is how to ensure maximum objectivity and accuracy.

But what is very important to realize is this: Once you are in this mode of  tuning in to another human being to ask questions, you are also in a connection which supports energy transfer, i.e. healing. Chi Gung, Yuen Therapy, Now Therapy  and Matrix Energetics are all forms of this approach and produce amazing effects.

A number of years into my acupuncture practice in Dublin, Ireland, started in 1996, I realized that acupuncture was just not as effective as chiropractic in consistently ‘curing’ back-pain. In 1978 American chiropractor Dr Peter Tague DC was willing to teach me, for a fee, and so started my chiropractic career.  In chiropractic, when you are checking out someone's back, you first look at the comparative leg length. It's your first entry into sorting the problem.

Leg Length Test

There are many chiropractic technique schools, especially the Activator technique, based on checking leg length.  Say your back-pain patient has a short left leg.  You challenge, for example, the laminar surface of the 4th lumbar vertebra, left. This causes the legs to even up. No longer a short left leg. Then the correct course is to adjust the left side of the 4th lumbar vertebra. There's a whole system of challenges and checks you physically do, A for each vertebra, which enable you to put in an adjusting force at exactly the right place.

I used that system for many years with very gratifying results. Then some years ago, under the inspiration of Dr Tedd Koren DC, I discovered that you didn't have to physically apply the challenge, just mentally do it, and the legs react automatically as in the physical method. I and my wife Olga, who works with me, have attended all levels of Matrix Energetic, inspired by Dr Richard Bartlett DC, and again we were amazed at the physical changes in people brought about by the moving of the energy fields.

Richard Bartlett and his followers have seen scoliosis cases resolved by this remarkable energy healing system. So by thinking you, can elicit a visible response from a patient's body! It's all part of quantum physics. As Richard Bartlett says: "It's the field man, it's the field."

Bell's theorem, introduced in 1964, is considered one of science's  most profound advances. It led to an acceptance by physicists of quantum entanglement, whereby particles can influence one another instantaneously despite being separate by vast distances.

Activator Analysis and Instrument

In our practice we use physical examination and medical dowsing techniques. On a mechanical level, we have developed an electronic dowsing machine, or electronic pendulum, called the Bio-Resonance machine. See  

It features a unique, highly sensitive membrane, which records the minutest changes in finger pressure, and is much more reliable that muscle testing. This we use for general health analysis and medicine testing.  In the area of chiropractic, we have developed a new technique called K-Practic. The K in K-Practic stands for Ki , or Chi, the Eastern word for energy. It's for the use of all alternative practitioners. See  

It's all low force. No cracking, twisting or pulling. You can quickly analyse and adjust any part of the physical body - cranial bones, discs, vertebral column, ribs , sternum, hips , shoulder and especially feet, for nerve interference or energy block.

But you can also check for many more subtle patterns, such as a panic pattern, and in fact a whole range of emotional blockages, using the spine as your launching pad. Many alternative practitioners, even doctors and other conventional health professionals, are not getting anything like 100 percent success with  back and neck pain.

  • Because they don't know the effective techniques
  • They feel it's out of their field.
  • Or they're afraid of it and feel it's "dangerous".

These techniques can be incorporated into the practices of Acupuncturists, Reflexologists, Masseurs, Bodyworkers etc, without any insurance problems.  Because the techniques involved all fall within the recognized procedures  normal for these practitioners. It's just a new application of what you know. See 


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About Ronnie Turner

Dr Ronald J Turner Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and Homoeopath, is the founder of the Turner Clinic of Alternative Medicine in Dublin. He trained as an acupuncturist in Australia in the 1970s, then studied homoeopathy in Germany, with such notable doctors as Dr Voll and Dr Helmut Schimmel. He founded the Turner Clinic of Advanced Alternative Medicine in 1975 which has been offering the best of Alternative Therapies, including Bio-DNA Testing, Allergy Testing, Heavy Metal Testing, Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Chiropractic.  He has studied chiropractic and cranial osteopathy extensively. In 1996 he founded the Irish Guild of Chiropractic, mainly for Irish GPs interested in chiropractic. He may be contacted at the Turner Clinic, 4 Kilmacud Road, at the Stillorgan Shopping Centre, Co Dublin Ireland on Tel: 003531 2893147; 


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