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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Its Health Benefits

by Jennifer Reefe(more info)

listed in eft, originally published in issue 192 - March 2012


EFT: How it Began in Brief
Gary Craig, founder of EFT realized that by tapping on certain acupressure points around the body, anything and everything could be released regardless of the issues. He has helped many people and his teaching is now well established. He has recently retired; however, there are many very interesting resources to be found online. If you would like any further information on EFT resources follow this link:  

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How It Works
It has been said that "the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system". When we are upset these feelings change our energy, and we feel sluggish and start to feel negative emotions. Once you work with EFT it begins to change the way you feel about any upsetting experiences you may have now or have had in the past. As you tap, the words come out easily and there is a release of the feelings that you may have kept in your body for a short time or for that matter many years. Whilst tapping, it helps if you are specific so that you can let your body know what experience you would like to work on. This method is so simple, yet so effective, it can and literally does, clear whatever you have been holding onto and expels these emotions/physical problems from your mind and body no matter how long you have suffered.

Health Benefits
It can help with emotional and physical issues such as weight-loss, fears of flying, spiders, enclosed spaces, anger and anxiety, phobias, blockages in career, social anxiety, and most anything and everything you care to mention. I have been an EFT practitioner for the past few years and have found it to be an excellent technique to help people in a simple way that takes hardly any effort, except of course 5 or 10 minutes of your time every day, or when required.

I first came across EFT when arranging our daughter's wedding. I had some issues which were difficult for me, and I was not coping very well. They say and I believe this to be true, that when you need help, it appears. Well as it happened I was providing training with a large organization and met with the head of HR [Human Resources]. Whilst working together she mentioned EFT and explained to me a little of how it worked. I was so desperate at the time and grateful for any help, so I looked into it. I went online and downloaded the EFT manual. I read it through and began to practise to see if it might help me, even though it seemed a bit daft to me at the time. I had nothing to lose, so I began to give it a try. I remember tapping and at that time it involved some singing whilst tapping, which in the privacy of my own home, seemed OK to me. These days it has been refined and so no singing is involved! Well I remember it started to help me to relax a little, every time I got upset I would use it, and it most definitely helped me through a very emotionally difficult time. I am so grateful to that friend who came along just when I needed help.

I must admit though after the wedding I forgot all about EFT and got on with my life, not realizing that this could be something I could use on anything and everything forever. It wasn't until 2 years later that I began reading and hearing about EFT once again. Remembering my experience with it I thought I might like to learn a bit more. As it so happened, I found a training course locally and it all fitted well with timing and finances. I really enjoyed the training and began to tap every day, as I needed to test this out for myself. I began to tap on whatever came up for me that day or if there was a particular issue bothering me. It took about 20 minutes in all, and I began to start my day making it part of my daily routine. I found it helped to write down my feelings and thoughts and then tap on the issue. I began to see how effective this really was and how I could change my feelings and thoughts about any issues I had both in the past and those affecting me now. I have even worked on a traumatic experience I had at the time of my birth and this has been the one of the most positive significant shifts for me.

At the time of my training I realized that I could also begin to work on many other deep beliefs that were no longer useful by using something called the Peace Process. It works like this: If you have say 10 issues on anger, then when you start working on the first 5, you may find the other 5 just fall away and do not bother you anymore. So you can be working on one issue but others will leave you at the same time.

To start this process you write down all the things that have ever bothered you throughout your lifetime. It might seem a bit daunting but it's worth doing. Think of it as a 'spring clean' for your mind, body and soul. Put all the issues into a category, for example all the people you feel angry with, or all the hurts and resentments from the past. Once you have your categories you then get specific. Example: I felt angry/hurt/stupid when I was told by my teacher that I was not good at maths and never would be. You would then work on this specific issue by using the set up which lets your body know what you want to work on. You ask yourself from 10-1 how you strong these feeling are, 10 being the most difficult. Once you have repeated that 3 times, you then start to tap around the top half of your body on specific acupressure points. You will find that the words relating to this issue will just flow out without any effort. Once you have completed a couple of rounds you would then ask yourself what number you might be now, the first number that comes into your head is the one. You would continue for another two rounds saying the same or different words regarding this issue. You will find that you feel just as strongly as you did at the time it happened, which is astonishing. It can take you right back to being a child. For me in this example I would have been about 12 when this particular incident happened. I know that I believed it up until recently, as every time an issue of maths came up in conversation I would say the exact words my teacher said to me all those years ago. So we definitely believe things about us that are not necessarily true. This can be true with any throw away remark made by our elders without them even meaning to hurt us. However as we are young, we believe a lot of what teachers/parents or anyone older than us say and so we may go through life with this very belief. That of course is usually not true. So, back to the tapping. After a few rounds you would be aiming to get to Zero for this issue to have gone. The interesting thing is when I do it on myself, as I tap the issue seems to drift further and further away from my consciousness and becomes less and less important to me. It is similar to being in a state of hypnosis; you are awake but in a very relaxed state.

After tapping for the past year I have found that issues that have been bothering me have just fallen away and are not in the least important to me anymore. I have used this to clear many traumatic issues in my life, as well as fears and anxieties that spoil or bother me now. I always test them out so that I know they work. For instance I wanted to stop being angry with a person that I was going to be seeing in the future, but every time I thought of them I got as angry as I was at the time of the incident. I began to tap and say all the things I felt about them and did this a few days running just to make sure. Then by chance (but there are not coincidences) I was invited along to a party they were hosting. Normally I would have still been so angry that I would have politely declined; however this was the perfect opportunity for me to see if the tapping worked. Well , I have to say that leading up to the evening I would have felt anxious and angry, however I was perfectly calm, driving to the party, the same, nothing, no emotions, then as I went in and saw them I realized there was nothing, no emotions, no anger, no hurt, nothing at all. It had all gone. What a relief. It was such a wonderful feeling, as I was the one who was hurting, they, of course, would not have even known how I felt. So I had released these negative, painful, angry feelings that would have been inside of me, and every time I spoke or thought about them they would have been strong. The person in question would have been completely unaware; it was only me who was suffering both emotionally and physically.

So now I tap every day, anywhere, anytime. I even had the opportunity to help my cousin in a restaurant a few months ago as she was in need of some help for the next day. We were discreet, but you know, nobody was looking, or really cared so you really can use it anywhere at any time.

Since gaining my Practitioners' Certificate I have worked with many people using EFT. One client was terrified of flying; she now feels perfectly calm and cannot believe how effective this has been for her. I had a client who suffered from social anxiety, every time he was invited out socially he got anxious and started having panic attacks, and then made some excuse not to go. This really affected his young life in a big way. After a few rounds of tapping (whilst we were at work), he is now able to go out and even got married recently and made his speech without too much anxiety. I had to explain that people get anxious naturally especially when making their speech at their wedding, so he did extremely well. He is now happy to go out anywhere without any anxiety. A friend of mine had a fall and hurt his shoulder and his arm movement was very limited. After a few rounds of tapping he was able to move his arm with far more ease than before. I have since seen him and he has no problems whatsoever, even though before we tapped he thought he might have to have surgery. Another client had been unable to get into a lift or go on the underground; after trying other therapies he was a little sceptical to say the least. I explained that as he had had come he must have some faith in EFT working. We had one session and two weeks later I received a phone call saying he had travelled on the underground and went into the lift at the station whilst going to the theatre. How liberating for him. Another client had not been out of the house for 10 years. He came for three sessions and is now able to get out and about with ease. This is another remarkable effect of EFT that I have witnessed. There are countless others and of course they have changed people's lives that have lived in fear of something that has been very real to them. I myself know that I will tap on any issue, worry, fear or physical issues that I may have now or in the future as I know it works. It calms me down, my heart rate lowers, blood pressure goes down and it almost feels like I am releasing anxieties, fears and worries as I tap with each round. It is a remarkably, simple tool to use, and after a couple of sessions you can take it away and use it for life. With EFT you are in control of your life and it enables you to stay healthy, happy and at peace with yourself. What more could you ask for. If you would like further information on the techniques that I offer please visit or email me at


  1. Janneth Reyes said..

    I must say EFT does work! I experienced a couple of sessions and I was amazed with the significant results! I highly recommend EFT to anybody! No side effects and all natural way to get rid of pain and emotional problems.

  2. Sai Kaustuv Dasgupta said..

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    I booked my free place from this link for HYDERABAD and downloaded a free booklet -

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