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Case Study Issue 146: 10-Day Detoxification Program Including Colon Hydrotherapy

by Katherine Ung(more info)

listed in detoxification, originally published in issue 146 - April 2008

Ying Tan, a 30 year old lady, initially came to see me as she was concerned that she had gained 10 lbs in the last six months following a period of stress in her life. She also complained that she was now suffering from IBS and would experience abdominal spasms, flatulence and constipation. Her bowel movements used to be very regular, going once or twice a day with no problems but now her stools were often hard and dry, and often she would be unable to go for several days. She also suffered from broken sleep.

A thorough consultation was taken into her eating/dietary habits. In the last six months she was regularly skipping meals as her working day would be so busy and stressful that she simply didn’t have time or didn’t remember to eat and would rely on cups of black coffee instead. In the evenings she would then eat highly processed foods such as crisps, sugary buns and cakes and chocolate and a couple of large glasses of white wine.

She felt now was a time to restore her health both physically as well as mentally, as she had just changed jobs. I suggested a 10-Day Express Program that would include three Colon Hydrotherapy treatments and one Thermo-Auricular (ear candling) treatment. Included in the package was a food supplement ‘UltraClear Plus’.

I felt this program was suitable as it was winter, and a juice fast would not have been appropriate. As it was not a liquid fast, it would help her to restore healthy eating habits yet still provide a thorough detox. Also the program would not require her to take any time off work. The program is wheat free, gluten free, lactose free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It can also be adjusted to be soya free if the patient has intolerance to soya. Unlike juice or water fasts, the food supplement provided includes high quality rice-based protein, complex carbohydrates, essential fats and vitamins and minerals. This ensures that energy sources are not depleted and metabolic activity does not slow down and prevents muscle and organ breakdown. The supplement also contains L-glutamine which is essential for restoring healthy intestinal function.

I provided her with a 10-day eating plan with specific meal suggestions. The foods included were all alkalizing. An over-acidic body can lead to weight gain, fatigue, ageing, foggy thinking and poor digestion. Days five, six, seven of the program were the most restrictive. Only cruciferous vegetables, raw greens, apples and pears were allowed. On these days the amount of food supplement to be taken was increased.

I also encouraged her to practise dry skin brushing every morning as she complained of cellulite on the backs of her legs. As well as removing cellulite, the benefits include cleaning of the lymphatic system, increase of cell renewal, improving digestion and stimulating the glands, thus helping all of the body systems to perform at peak efficiency.

I performed the Thermo Auricular treatment on the last day of the program.

As well as a thorough cleansing of the ear canal, it assists detoxification of the sinus and lymph system. People often report relief from tinnitus and vertigo. It also acts as a catalyst to clearout debris from nerve endings, allowing for clear vibrational flow to corresponding areas of mind, body and spirit.  

With each colonic treatment I included a camomile complex implant as her waste indicated inflammation of the liver. She also noticed that she felt extremely relaxed following the treatments with camomile. After the third colonic treatment Ying had lost 5 lbs. She said her stomach felt much flatter and her skin looked clearer and her hair much shinier. Her energy levels had increased, although she did feel a little tired during days five-seven of the program. She felt her hearing was clearer, she was sleeping better and the backs of her legs were starting to look much smoother, encouraging her to stick with dry skin brushing.

She came to see me three weeks later for a maintenance colonic.  She had continued to eat a mainly alkalizing vegetarian diet and lost a further 2 lbs.  On my advice she had reintroduced oily fish such as mackerel and salmon two-three times a week as omega-3 is known to help alleviate depression.

She was no longer starving and then binging but keeping her blood sugar levels balanced by eating small regular meals and snacking on seeds and low GI fruits such as apples, pears and peaches. Ying was no longer having abdominal spasms and her bowel movements were back to at least once a day. She had not reintroduced caffeine at all but did reintroduce wheat to her diet in small amounts, very occasionally, without any problems. Overall she was feeling healthier, slimmer and happier.


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