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Facial Tells of 'Dis-ease' - What your Facial Features can Reveal

by Emma Lane(more info)

listed in chinese oriental medicine, originally published in issue 228 - February 2016

Face reading has been utilized by healers for thousands of years. The ancient Chinese believed that your face reflects who you are and why you think, feel and behave the way that you do. Facial ‘tells’ can reveal much about a person’s characteristics and health. The ability to read these signs is a powerful tool for anybody, and especially for practitioners to use in consultations and when designing the best approach for a client’s individual health and wellbeing needs. By understanding the features of a person’s face, you will be able to gain an understanding of the person to whom you are talking, even before they start to communicate verbally.

In this instance, I was given no insights other than photographs of the case study to analyse. Dan White is a 43-year-old man who works in the finance industry, travels frequently and is married with one child.

Facial Zones

The intuitive zone of the face is his strongest zone. I can see this is closely followed by his practical zone, leaving his mental/analytical zone as the least dominant.

Facial Tells of 'Dis-ease'

The intuitive zone is taken from under the nose to the chin and indicates that Dan’s instincts will serve him well. He’ll get a ‘gut feeling’ about something that will turn out to be the right way to go. This also means that he may act before he thinks something through, but his actions will turn out to be the right choice as he has a strong sixth sense. However, he can also be too easily swayed by his emotions and make impulsive decisions.

Facial Tells of 'Dis-ease'

Dan’s practical zone is his secondary dominance. This zone is seen from above the eyebrows to just under the nose. He’ll use his common sense and likes to be pragmatic. Dan will ask himself the practical questions before he makes a decision, for example ‘does it save time, money, or energy?’ He will love to find bargains.

These traits in Dan’s thought and decision-making process will be fairly balanced; for bigger decisions he’ll call upon his practical side, for the common day-to-day stuff he’ll utilize his intuition.

Dan’s mental/analytical zone is his least dominant zone. This area is the hairline to the bridge of the nose. The strength of this area indicates that he sometimes needs to examine, ponder, evaluate and research. In order to feel good about a big decision, he’ll want time to think it through.

Facial Tells of 'Dis-ease'

Rivers, Plains and Mountains

In Chinese face reading Dan has more ‘rivers’ and ‘plains’ than ‘mountains’ so he is more emotional and will aim to create a comfortable life.

Rivers are the soft features and exude fluid, such as the eyes, eyebrows, ears, nostrils and mouth. These features represent feelings and Dan’s features indicate he has strong emotions and depth of feelings.

People with large rivers are more emotional, expressive and creative. They have a stronger internal life and are more malleable and changeable depending on their moods.

‘Plains’ are the areas of extra padding on the face.

Plump areas are considered quite lucky as they indicate the ability to achieve abundance, a comfortable life and ease in accumulating things.

Rounded lower cheeks are known as ‘money bags’ in Chinese face reading and are considered very lucky, which is good news for Dan.

Time to Retire

The prominent chi line on Dan’s chin shows he is not enjoying himself in life as much as he could. It might be that his work is drawing energy out and he needs to rest more. He is living for others and is not doing enough of the things he loves. This line should not appear until we are in our sixties and the Chinese say once it appears you should retire as it’s time to change things so you can take better care of yourself.

Tell-tale Lines

I can see that Dan has a tendency to overthink which can be seen by the lines that curve down into the eyebrow, between the eyebrows.

Joy lines are the lines that go up on the outside corner of the eyes. Joy lines show that you laugh and smile a lot. Smiling with your eyes is part of a sincere smile.

Dan doesn’t have a great deal of joy lines in this primary location. I advise clients that they want to keep these lines if they have them and get some if they don’t!

Dan has prominent lost love lines. These are lines that radiate from the inner corner of the eye, underneath the eye moving in the direction of the outer eye area. They represent the sadness that comes from leaving pieces of yourself behind in your past.

It shows a regret of not being who you used to be. These lines indicate you have lost aspects of yourself you like - your innocence, for example - or that you no longer use talents that brought you pleasure; or you don’t feel as beautiful or athletic anymore; or you are not having fun anymore.

When these lines are very strong they can merge into sorrow lines, which can then become very deep personal grief lines that run down the front of your cheeks. These lines can be some of the hardest to release unless you reclaim these parts of yourself.

Ears, Nose and Eyes

Dan’s ears are broad across the top and the Chinese believe this indicates the ability to take financial risks.

There are no auditory indicator lines or as I like to call them lie detector lines, which tells me he cannot readily tell when people are not truthful and they may easily take him in.

He has large nostrils which mean he can spend a large amount of money at one time.

Also his fleshy nose indicates he enjoys material pleasures; he likes accumulating and collecting things.

The bump on the bridge of his nose is a sign of a person who needs to be in charge. Dan is a leader not a follower. This tendency is also backed up by his eyebrows. Dan has relatively narrow-set eyebrows which indicates he is happiest going into business by himself or getting a job where he is given a lot of freedom

The hooked inner canthus - the sharp and slightly curved corner of his eyes - indicates his ability to use words as a weapon if necessary. He chooses words precisely for their emotional impact and speaks the truth pointedly when angry. However this will only be experienced by someone who has caused him pain.

Purpose in Life

Dan’s purpose lines are good. These lines are the ones that come down from the alae of the nose down towards the mouth.

The purpose lines show that you have a life purpose and show how far along you are in actually living it out in the world; when you get on your life path these lines show up. They are considered necessary by your mid-fifties, so that you have a very compelling reason to live.

These lines are also a sign that you have the potential to live long enough to complete your life’s work. 

Health Signs

The health of the pancreas is seen on the bridge of the nose and the paleness there shows indications of blood sugar imbalance. Another indicator of the pancreas being challenged is the discoloration in his left eye. Again, this could link to his blood sugar balance or suggest that he is not producing enough supportive digestive enzymes.

The forehead’s large intestine area is paler and the paler skin tone is also seen in the large intestine area under the eyes, below the kidney area.

The purple colour tone on the outer edge of the lower lip also shows the large intestine is not happy and that it may well be irritated and inflamed.

Discoloration in the middle of the top lip and redness in the middle of the nose also suggest his digestive health could be improved; these areas represent the stomach so   Dan may suffer from indigestion.

Dan would do well to create better digestive health for himself as it’s clear this is not optimal right now.

His energy balance is probably generally not consistent and he may experience energy ups and downs. Creating better blood sugar balance would help with his energy balance and his concentration, ability to think clearly and retain information.

These are things that Dan could do easily with the right guidance from a good health practitioner.

Dan’s Response to Face Reading

Dan comments: “Many parts of this analysis are accurate beyond belief”- totally spot on. I am fascinated with Chinese medicine so I am not surprised that it can be so close to the mark.

“I have been experiencing digestion issues for six months now, and whilst I have been using acupressure to ease the symptoms I do need to find a solution to fix this recurring problem.

“I undoubtedly like my freedom and perhaps have become a leader. I have a positive mental attitude and am mentally driven to be successful, so I’ve not had very much time for fun recently, but it will return - it has to!”

Further Information

The face tells an individual’s entire story. These are just some very basic insights and if you’d like to learn more Integrative Health Education offers two different classes that anyone interested in face reading will find fascinating: The Tells of Dis-eased Body and The Facial Tells of ‘Dis-ease’.


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