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Ki Treatment: Healing with Sound and Touch

by Alice Solomon and Annabel Hardy(more info)

listed in chi energy martial arts, originally published in issue 142 - December 2007

What is Ki Energy?

Ki or Chi energy flows along the body’s meridians or energy channels, reaching all of the body’s cells and vital organs, giving them the life-force needed to function optimally and recover from illness or injury. When the flow is unimpeded, a person remains in good health, but problems occur when energy levels become low, the channels become blocked or the energy turns toxic. Most health conditions are caused by a combination of all three of these factors, although one may override the others. Stagnant energy caused by stress, unbalanced emotions, pollutants, inherited energy patterns and physical injuries can create serious illnesses over time.

Ki Treatment is based on the belief that we need to address these energy issues before good health is restored. Its principles are that the blockages and toxic energy have to be removed, and energy levels topped up in order for the patient to appreciably feel better.  Removing the energy blockages allows the existing energy to circulate better, often leading to some improvement, yet not entirely solving the problem.  All three separate issues need to be addressed.

Koichi Tohei, a student of Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of the martial art Aikido, defines Ki as: “the basic unit of the universe. It is the infinite gathering of infinitely small particles. Everything is ultimately composed of Ki. If you pursue this concept to the depth of human consciousness, you will understand the universal mind which governs all creation, loving and protecting all life. Everything originates from the Ki of the universe (p.12 of the Book of Ki).”

What is Ki Treatment?

Ki Treatment combines the power of sound and acupressure to transmit vital Ki Energy into the body’s 84,000 ki pores or holes, along 365 channels. The technique is based on ancient martial arts practices developed in South Korea, and requires high levels of Ki Energy on the part of the practitioner. Acupressure, or pressing the fingers vigorously into the body’s pressure points, allows new energy to flow through the energy channels. The practitioner directs sound vibrations to carry energy very deeply into the body and remove blockages using a breathing technique from the main energy centre in their abdomen. To the lay person this sounds like a series of sharp intakes of breath and grunts.  He converts toxic energy into intestinal gases and expels them.

Sound at the right frequency is a very powerful means of transmitting energy, and can remove blockages in the same way as surgeons can cause kidney stones to crumble by subjecting them to sound vibrations, or the way opera singers can shatter glass at very high pitches. It is occasionally necessary to avoid hands-on work, but it is very difficult to treat without sound. Some people who are very sensitive to energy can actually feel the energy in the sound, and it’s possible to receive some benefits just by listening to the Ki Treatment. Unlike other healing therapies that use sound, there are no instruments involved.

Ki Masters have a thorough understanding of Ki Energy and how it works in the body. The practitioner works on all the main pressure points across the full body, placing particular attention on any problem areas. Ki Treatment covers front, back and sitting, focusing on the abdomen area where people tend to store stress. Most of the energy channels pass through this region, and blockages removed from here tend to improve the circulation throughout the body. Ki Masters are very sensitive to energy and can feel even minor problems in the body’s energy system. Occasionally, they will treat without touching the patient, for instance after an operation. In such cases the practitioner will work just above the pressure point, or on another point which is more easily accessible, and which corresponds to the same energy channel.

Aside from improvement to specific health conditions, typical patient reactions tend to be heightened energy levels, an improvement in general mood, a feeling of calmness, and a greater sense of wellbeing. Ki Treatment is given fully-clothed and doesn’t interfere with any medication, or therapy. The number of sessions required varies, but generally the longer a person has been ill the longer it takes to become well, and age can also be a factor. Tiredness, pain, stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems and even infertility may be relieved, and in some cases cured completely after a course of Ki Treatments. Five sessions are recommended initially, with health advice followed by a progress assessment. Occasionally, the toxins dispersed by Ki Treatment can result in temporary side-effects, such as headaches or a skin rash, but this is very unusual and quickly clears up.

Philosophy and Origins

Ki Treatment is based on the 6,000 year-old Taoist principles of harmony, co-operation, unconditional giving, love and compassion for all living beings. At a fundamental level is the idea that life is created by a union of yin and yang energies, and that maintaining this harmony supports human and environmental health and happiness. Ki Energy, which is thought to be received once in our life at conception, also comes from the perfect balance of yin and yang and has the power to create and heal life. Children recover quickly from injuries and have more energy than adults because their battery is still ‘full’.

Ki Masters undergo years of physical, mental and spiritual training to be able to tap into pure, vital Ki Energy and transmit it to others. Practitioners cultivate a mind of love, free from greed, arrogance and jealousy, so that the energy they transmit is as health-giving as possible. They live an almost monastic life, with few possessions or worldly interests, and spend many hours a day in private practice; chanting, slow movements and meditation. Internationally, the final examinations to qualify as a Ki Master take place in Korea – the same training as the Korean Ki Masters undergo. Some Ki Masters in the London centre have lived the same traditional lifestyle for 15 years.

During Ki Treatment, practitioners’ minds are very focused.  This, combined with their ability to tap into a very pure and powerful frequency of Ki Energy, means sessions only take 15 minutes. They are able to diagnose where the patient’s energy is blocked, toxic or low and can concentrate on removing the blockages, toxic energy or recharging with vital energy. Often two people with the same physical symptoms have very different root problems energetically, and the practitioner will make his own diagnosis from what he senses during the session, as well as the patient’s health questionnaire.

Practitioners also conduct Ki Training classes and family healing ceremonies. The first Western centre opened in 1991 and since then several others have opened in Australia, USA, New Zealand, England and Japan.

Case Study[1]

A 30 year-old Japanese-American female had suffered for 18 months with chronic fatigue syndrome that no western doctor had been able to cure. She would sleep for 12 hours, wake feeling tired, and then be exhausted by 3 pm. She began to lose weight as well as colour from her cheeks. Medical examination found that her liver was jaundiced, inflamed and malfunctioning. After 18 months, her liver disorder had cleared but she was constantly tired, and decided to consult a Ki Master. He found that her body was not absorbing nutrients properly because her Ki pathways were blocked by stress. The morning after the second Ki Treatment, the patient slept a little. The colour in her cheeks improved and she subsequently gained some weight.  Apart from Ki Treatment, nothing else had changed in her eating habits, exercise regime or other health routines to account for the difference in her health. She received only three Ki Treatments and remained normal and healthy.

Scientific Evidence

In the same way that a good night’s sleep can result in a more positive outlook, and enables us to deal with what life throws at us, a strong energy system can result in increased emotional stability. Illness can cause energy levels to plummet, making people feel angry and negative. Research has shown that Ki Energy can give all-round health benefits, boosting the immune, hormonal, and cardiovascular systems. Stress hormones decrease, while natural killer cell activity and endorphin levels are significantly raised.
One study featured on the Ki Health website investigated the effects of Ki-therapy on pain and other symptoms related to premenstrual syndrome (PMS) over nine sessions and two menstrual cycles.[2] Forty-six women attending college were randomly allocated to receive Ki-therapy (n = 23) or a placebo on a waiting list as controls (n = 22; 1 dropped out). Ki-therapy had a significant effect on pain and water retention, plus short-term effects on pain, mental depression and anxiety. These results suggest that Ki-therapy might be useful as a restorative aid for women who suffer from PMS to maintain or restore a balance of Ki. 


1.    Qi Therapy (External Qigong) for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Case Studies. The American Journal of Chinese Medicine. Vol. 33. No.1. 139-141. 2005.
2.    Effects of Ki-Therapy on Premenstrual Syndrome: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Study. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. 10. 456-462. 2004.

About Master Oh

Having been diagnosed with the first stages of stomach cancer in his early twenties, Master Oh came to Ki Health. He healed himself with the Ki Method and went on to do the intensive training to become a Ki Master. He has now been a Ki Master almost twenty years and is well-known as the most senior Ki Master in the west, renowned for his healing ability. He was the first Ki Master to leave South Korea and introduce this method to the west, and has since opened Ki centres across three continents, including centres in Australia, US, Canada and the UK. Many of his patients travel a long distance to see him and he has helped people with a variety of chronic health conditions as well as with emotional and spiritual problems. As Manager of the UK branch, he trains other Ki Masters and is expanding the work of Ki Health across Europe.

Further Information

Ki Health International is a registered health charity staffed mostly by volunteers, dedicated to actively caring for people. The Centre funds community work, offering free Ki Treatments to the elderly, homeless people, mental health patients and those who wouldn’t normally be able to access this kind of service. Ki Health International supports London’s emergency services by giving Ki Treatments to staff during their working day. The project supports those who have the biggest responsibility for caring for and protecting London’s communities. The Supporting our Services project has helped the Metropolitan Police, the Fire Brigade, London Ambulance service and UCL hospitals. You may contact Ki Health International on Tel: 020-7636 3500;


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About Alice Solomon and Annabel Hardy

Alice Solomon had two ‘extremely large’ disc protrusions (slipped discs) in her lower back, and experienced a tremendous amount of pain for over five years. At worst, she couldn’t carry a pint of milk home from the supermarket. Needless to say she had tried everything, and her doctor eventually recommended that she go to a pain management clinic. Reluctantly, she made an appointment to see a Neurosurgeon to consider an operation. She had CAT scans taken and had to wait a few months for the appointment. During that time, Alice looked around for alternatives and discovered Ki Health International and Ki Treatments. By the time she had her appointment her pain was virtually gone. The doctor examined her and then said: “the CAT scans show nerve damage but I’ve just examined you and there is absolutely no way that you have nerve damage”. The Ki Treatments had healed her back, and changed her life. She went on to become a fully-qualified Ki Master, and since then has helped many people, including those suffering from chronic back pain. She may be contacted on

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