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Astrology as a Therapy for Well-Being

by Debbie Sellwood(more info)

listed in astrology, originally published in issue 146 - April 2008

Most of us know that the way we think can have a major impact on how we feel physically. Science is finally catching up with what most complementary therapies advocate, that energy follows thought; your body is a manifestation of what you believe. The work of Dr Candace Pert1 brings a scientific approach to understanding how the mind and the body work together. In her capacity as a neuroscientist, and after decades of research, she is able to demonstrate that when we have an emotion, it shows up in the body as a pattern of peptides (chemical messengers) which link to appropriate receptors (receivers of these messages) in various organs and muscles of the body and affect their function, and produce a reaction. In other words, you are what you think; you create your own reality.

What You Think, Is What You Become

Regardless of your experiences in life, the manner in which you think, feel and react can make the difference to how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. The greater your self-understanding, the more beneficial this can be in identifying and counteracting any detrimental habits, self defeating patterns or limiting thoughts which may be impacting your life, not to mention your well being. Gaining deeper self acceptance and awareness can enable you to influence the outcome of many things in your life, including shaping how things play out for you in the future.

Providing a unique perspective about you as an individual, Astrology can help you understand yourself, why you react and feel the way you do, or why certain things happen to you. Most often perceived as ‘fortune telling’, or amusement for reading one’s ‘stars’ in the newspaper, Astrology is far greater in scope than this. As an established, serious, in-depth subject, it can portray profound self truths and give meaning and direction to your life. An accurately prepared birth chart, interpreted by a qualified professional* can impart informative insights into your personality, feelings, emotional and mental constitution. It can also highlight your strengths, opportunities, fears, challenges, the timing of events in your life and much more. Feedback on the ‘real you’ is reassuring, empowering and valuable in helping you enhance and manage your life with thoughtfulness, to take advantage of your potential and work with, rather than against, any unconstructive tendencies.

Many people consult an astrologer at a time of distress, and benefit from the perspective which Astrology affords and the reassuring support of an Astrologer who understands where you are at a point of time and what is happening to you. Rather than viewing such events as painful, unexplained happenings, Astrology can often shed light on the unique way in which conflicts and difficulties can be viewed as personal teachers, contributing to your personal growth, and instrumental in shaping you toward the promise and potential indicated in your individual birth chart. Reassuring when you are covering new ground and unsure of the path ahead, Astrology can usually offer another viewpoint at times of decision or clarification, when you can be drained from not being able to see the wood from the trees.

Shouldn’t I, Should I?

There are many natural cycles in a person’s life, each having a bearing on the continuous process of one’s personal unfoldment and development throughout life. Astrology can reveal which stage you have reached in a cycle, recognizing opportune times to embark on new ventures or to take a back seat. Forewarned is forearmed; knowing this enables you to act with better efficacy and direction, rather than working away at something, getting nowhere, becoming frustrated or depressed. You may be in a phase to follow a new path or instigate a new project; alternatively you could be in a period to take stock, reflect on where you are, and make plans for the future. No amount of effort or motivation can help you to achieve something if it is just not the right time for you to do so. Realizing this can alleviate much anxiety and worry. Even periods of re-evaluation or re-adjustment can be productive if one is aware that this stage can be significant in the overall outworking of one’s life. After a long and satisfying career in business, a client had become depressed and was wondering if he had made a mistake in retiring. During his consultation I was able to suggest other interests and skills identified in his birth chart that he might explore, together with highlighting the period he was now in was one of ‘harvesting’ what he had been working for during his ‘building years’. He knew this logically, especially as the stress of his job had taken a toll on him physically, but the consultation brought him confirmation and had the result of energizing and motivating him on a new level.

Affairs of the Heart

Exploring the area of relationships through Astrology can furnish you with useful personal insights which can be not only illuminating but surely salutary as upsets in this area of life inevitable wreaks havoc with one’s emotions. It is not always easy to see yourself, let alone how you react and relate when involved with another person. A consultation, for instance, can bring greater understanding of your needs, desires and expectations in this area, which enables you to take a more mindful approach to affairs of the heart, if you so choose. For instance, a recent client began working to improve her self esteem after realizing through the astrological symbolism depicted in her birth chart, that her discontent of relationships was fuelled by her own lack of self respect. This inclined her to choose men who ultimately turned out to be unavailable for whatever reason, verifying her underlying feeling that she was undeserving of a successful and satisfying relationship. These disappointing experiences left her feeling she had no support, and were often followed by actual back discomfort.

Perhaps you repeat certain patterns, unaware of constantly drawing to you the same type of personality or unfulfilling experience likely to cause you emotional distress. Having this identified and elucidated by a skilled astrologer can supply useful knowledge into your unconscious drives, urges or maybe the influence of childhood conditioning. The assistance of an objective professional, expert in astrological analysis can be useful in untangling conflicting needs, expectations or projections, which you may be unaware of or unable to make sense of. Awareness of such dynamics at play in your personality can help you to make better relationship decisions in the future and increase your sense of responsibility, especially if you can understand where you may have previously acted unconsciously and without forethought. Not to mention help you sleep better at night too!

Coping with Imbalances

Gaining a simple understanding of the balance of elements existing in your birth chart can be valuable. For instance, periods of rest or meditation are advisable when there is an over abundance of planets in air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), as this suggest an overactive mind with a tendency to nervousness and stress. Whilst a lack of planets in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) can be addressed by adopting a regular schedule of meals, rest and some exercise, as such a deficiency can imply an inability to be in touch with one’s physical needs. Someone with a chart dominated by water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) may naturally gravitate to channelling their sensitivity and empathy in a caring profession, but they can become easily debilitated by others unless they take care to create strong energetic boundaries for themselves.

Crucially, insights into your personality do not take weeks or months to extract or get to the bottom of, although a consultation may extend over several appointments as there are many sides to most personalities to explore, and especially if involving trauma, a painful issue or requiring an approach in which self realisation needs to unfold sensitively and with care. A trained astrologer can glean significant information from an accurately prepared birth chart, but as Astrology often indicates several scenarios (which may manifest at different times in one’s life), an astrologer can benefit from a client’s input in sorting out which of these various scenarios are currently playing out.

Most often self realization is itself therapeutic, as it can provide the impetus to move from negative patterns, fixed thinking or the courage to extricate oneself from a damaging situation or relationship. In addition, other therapies can be used in conjunction with Astrology, such as a course of flower essences to release unhelpful habits or negative thinking, heal deep emotions and encourage a positive, empowering approach to life.

At the most fundamental level, Astrology brings greater knowledge and confirmation of who you really are and importantly who you are capable of becoming. To truly understand yourself and what is best for you is a huge advantage in enabling you to manage your life, face your fears and challenges and direct your future with conscious awareness. These major facets can profoundly affect your physical, mental, and emotional well-being and are certainly worth greater scrutiny of.


1.    Candace Pert. Molecules of Emotion. Simon & Schuster UK Ltd. London. ISBN 0-671-03397-2. 1998.


*    The Association of Professional Astrologers International can provide information regarding accredited and approved courses in astrology as well as a Consultant’s List. or Tel: 0800 074 6113
*    The British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association or Tel: 01372 744426.


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