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Astrological Sun Signs and their Representative Foods Part I: Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer

by Anastacia Sampson(more info)

listed in astrology, originally published in issue 170 - May 2010


The topic of affiliation of the astrological sun signs with foods may be considered as  a health discipline. Food is more than nutrition; indeed foods have unique characteristics. Astrological planets and their aspects contain energies as do foods, especially when they interact with each other and within our bodies. Individuals have characteristics, and to simplify matters we have generalized groupings to decipher idiosyncrasies.

There are twelve zodiacal signs divided into four elements of fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Each zodiacal sign is further shelved within the three facets of cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) and fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). Zodiacal signs are additionally ruled by a planet which may be fiery and aggressive or intrusive such as Mars or cold and stern such as Saturn. 
Food likewise, is not completely protein or some main bulk nutrient. A carbohydrate-based food such as oats can be aligned to the Moon, nourishing and calming, yet prone to sluggishness in excess. Many essential vitamins and minerals are contained within food. In addition our plant foods hold powerful anti-ageing phytonutrients (antioxidants). Each food however may be predominately carbohydrate, fat or protein. In addition, foods have individual characteristics besides falling into groups. For instance, broccoli is a vegetable yet it contains a special phytonutrient that places it highly in protecting against cancer cell development. Broccoli seems to want to keep our cells in order (disorganized and uncontrollable growth in cells is a sign usually of cancerous cells). As Virgo is usually affiliated with order and notices the minor details, well perhaps broccoli is a food linked to Virgo!



Aries – peppers, the chilli peppers are fiery. These hot fruits are probably the food of warriors and the God of war – Mars (ruler of Aries). Aries is a fire sign and chillies are often described as flaming hot. If you are about to eat a dense carbohydrate meal of potatoes or cereal grain such as maize or wheat, we could add the chilli peppers to give it a vada (a savoury snack from South India) zoom. Carbohydrates in overabundance can lead to sluggishness and sloth-like behaviour. Perhaps to give carbohydrate a spice up, we should spike it with chillies. 'Hot' foods or fiery and heat-producing foods can dry us up. Now chillies are heat producing but not really astringent.

One can get a mucousy effect with a running nose and watery eyes from eating chillies. This is a therapeutic cleansing. It wakes up our system to jolt and flow. Stagnant water is disease favouring, yet flowing running water disfavours malaria-carrying mosquitoes from setting up a potential colony. Stagnant water is not the best source of drinking water in the wild. In our bodies, increased circulation always improves health and well-being. Eyesight is enhanced, mental brain functions, muscle strength, digestion, organs, glands and areas in our bodies benefit from fortified circulation of the blood and lymphatics and other fluids.

The link between certain 'touted aphrodisiac foods' such as cinnamon or cayenne pepper may well be due to heightening circulation. Indirectly this favours reproduction abilities. Chillies warm us up and make us hot and sweaty by directly increasing our rate of metabolism. Someone who tends to be sluggish may benefit from a spike of chillies. Yet someone who is quick-to-anger and highly aggressive may well avoid the 'hot' foods for everyone's sake in the name of health and peace. Too many chillies are not pleasant, and to have a chilly loaded intake is not the way to take and use these fiery fruit.

An Aries is a go-getter, an initiator. Chillies seem to knock on our body and heighten metabolism and circulation. They knock and if we do not answer, they kick the door down like true fighting warriors when they want to get somewhere. Chillies will not make us like an Aries or necessarily aggressive! They do however affect us in subtle ways. Chillies can be large or small. They are high in vitamin C, and the seeds are the strongest in 'burning' potency. To burn your mouth and throat with chillies is not healthy, and they increase the 'digestive fire'.

Some studies may show chillies do not affect cases of ulcers. In each case the individual should know that certain foods can aggravate his/her symptoms and avoid them. In ulcers there is a lack of healing and perhaps excess gastric juice. The juice 'eats away' at the lining of the stomach or duodenum (initial section of the small intestine). In all cases of gastric and duodenal ulcers there are factors that tend to harm the manufacture of the protective mucous layer lining the stomach and duodenum from gastric acid. These include cigarette smoking, alcohol, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, spices and stress. We need cooling foods and herbs. One powerful plant is Aloe vera to impart a cooling effect. Studies have shown that Aloe vera decreases inflammation (heat, swelling, pain) and has a healing effect.

Chillies have a pungent taste; some people love that taste in their foods. They have it by adding chillies in various forms. Dried crushed chillies are often sold in bottles. Fresh chillies are available usually. Then you can even grow your own chilly plant. They are fairly easy to grow. Preserved chillies in vinegar or as chilly sauce are optional. Curry powders have various spices and chillies can be a component. The perfect antidote for chillies burning effect is something that is mucousy and alkaline such as milk. Bananas may accompany a meal with chillies.

The popular concomitant side bowl of a chilli infiltrated meal is crushed coconut. Coconut (linked to Cancer which is ruled by the watery Moon – the opposite of fiery Mars) is sweet and white. Chillies are usually red – the colour of Mars and Aries. One sees red when one is angry! Chillies though are also green, yellow or orange hued.

Chillies can be small, yet dynamite comes in small packages or so goes the saying/adage, as you acknowledge that being vigilant of not having too much of these fiery packages. They are like warrior army men revved up and wanting action; we can only keep up to their rate of marching so far. If you need someone to boost up your drive to get up and work, be sure that you can count on an Aries family member or friend and the occasional chilli within moderation.


Taurus – the potato represents this zodiacal sign. We can count on its sturdy solid dependable presence. However, when it is absent or in shortage we become highly nervous as during the potato shortage in Ireland years ago. It is worth not becoming too reliant on a Taurus because if he/she should happen to be absent, you can feel like you are falling! Taurus are sturdy; they know how to work hard (being under the earth element), and how to produce. Their beauty may well be their production (ruled by the planet Venus, which covers beauty and talents). Taurus are solid types of characters, as a potato is a solid tuber vegetable.

The potato is un-bendable really, and Taurus are known for being stubborn! However Taurus has a sensitive side and potatoes can be heated to alter them to a softer consistency. Potatoes are largely carbohydrates and this is helpful fuel to feed the hard working Taurus. Of all the vegetables, potatoes are one of the few types to give us a feeling of fullness and sluggishness. All that carbohydrate can be a load when we have it in excess. Many weight loss strategies exclude potatoes.

A Taurus can overeat and loves food. Potatoes generally are fine when had in moderation and prepared in healthy ways. Depending on what lifestyle a Taurus follows, they can be healthy or not, and stubbornly stand by their routine and habits. If their lifestyle is unhealthy, they are sure to suffer from constipation (lack of adequate fibre and exercise with fluids). The potato relative to other vegetables is moderate in the fibre and fluid departments). They supply ample carbohydrates, relative to other vegetables, to support activity. Too many carbohydrates though can lead to fat formation. We can become sluggish. The sign of Taurus rules the thyroid gland. This gland is of the utmost importance to pick up and regulate metabolism. Individuals with a high metabolism tend to be more physically active and alert

There is an extreme – namely hyperthyroidism (excess release of thyroid hormones). This leaves one having states of rapid pulse and heart beat, oily skin, diarrhoea and intolerance to heat. The higher your metabolism the more fuel you burn. Imagine a burning fire; the more it burns the more heat produced. At the other extreme we have hypothyroidism (deficiency of thyroid hormones). This leaves one having states of slow pulse and heart beat, dry skin, constipation and intolerance to cold temperatures. The symptoms of thyroid problems are far more inclusive and the causes are varied from tumours, to certain drug medications, to dietary.

We know that the thyroid gland needs minerals and vitamins, but especially iodine (an essential trace mineral). From this we can acknowledge just how pivotal the thyroid gland is in maintaining and regulating our health. Sometimes we want higher release of thyroid hormones to perhaps offset cold temperatures and at times of growth especially. Taurus love to produce yet they can be stuck in their ways; they needed (as we all do) a healthy thyroid gland to adjust to their environment and needs. The thyroid gland has to be healthy to keep us healthy.

Taurus may be the most resistant to change, and yet they resist growth by that stance. Potatoes tend to last and change little from the time they are dug out the ground to the time we gather them for preparation. Potatoes may be covered in dirt and Taurus are not nervous of getting their hands dirty to achieve a task. Potatoes are best bought unwashed and then rinsed and washed lightly at home. This ensures that nutrients at the skin layer are not damaged by aggressive scrubbing before packaging to the markets. Potatoes are suitable foods as they provide energy to sustain a hard working Taurus. If a Taurus is in a stressful job, he/she (as may be probable for others as well) is liable to develop high blood pressure (hypertension). This is when potatoes may be a salient ally. They contain leukotienes that actually lower the blood pressure.

Taurus are the foundation builders of any productive project; potatoes are earthy foods to sustain the work. The preparation of potatoes can alter this vegetable! It is best had without being processed or adulterated with other animal products such a margarine and milk to make mash potato. If a potato is prepared well it is supportive to health. If a Taurus follows a healthy lifestyle he/she is likely to have long-term health through long term commitment to healthy living.

A potato can be kept away from light, in a dark bag or container to keep them fresh and prevent premature ageing. They can last for weeks in suitable storage. Relative to other vegetables and fruits after being taken / harvested, potatoes live long lives. Taurus generally are known to live long lives, like the potato. For durable stability and reliability we can count on our Taurus friends and family and the hardy potato.


Gemini – grapes represent this communicative sign. As we know grapes are renowned for producing wine, the drink that can loosen us up to mingle. The social fruits are the grapes. Geminis are quick thinkers and movers. To eat grapes is a quick pick off the stem. We do not have to cut open or peel them. A bunch of grapes is often a festive sign. Geminis love festivities to socialize and communicate. The sweet juice of grapes is great for any palate, and Geminis generally get along with all the zodiac signs.

Geminis tend to be highly mobile, always on the go with someone to see or some place or event to attend. Gemini can be frivolous; when we drink wine we tend to partake in the lighter banter. Geminis seem to be known to be fickle, yet what they are doing is adapting to whoever they are with at the time. There are various grapes (no two vineyards produce the same quality wine) to suit our tastes. We have to name several basics: sweet, semi-sweet, dry, oaky to fruity wines. The whole task of wine tasting is a speciality in itself. Seeking out your Gemini friend's diary will be quite a task as it will be laden with contacts. Geminis love having contacts, to hear the latest scandal and to pass on the snippets of news. They do not worry about hearing the whole story and they probably do not have the time to hear it. They need constant stimulation, being an air element and ruled by the intelligent coloured planet of Mercury. In addition they have to communicate. They never tire of telling stories and having conversations.

Geminis even love to argue just for the sake of stimulation. They tend to dread the humdrum of life and monotony. They cherish going out to parties or hosting parties. The food, beverages, guests and music are perfect entertainment. Geminis need to interact with other people. They are represented by the twins and could never desire to be solitary with a predictable routine. If they live alone they are likely to have enviable social engagements. They will be the ones to know when the latest events are taking place and when.

A partner to a Gemini need not be jealous or feel inadequate; it is just that a Gemini loves to socialize and interact. Any media form excites them. There are probably more speeches made with the aid of grapes fermented to wine than with any other vegetable or fruit. A toast made with a glass of wine in a public get-together is well known. Grapes require less chewing as they are highly juicy. Grapes are so versatile that in dried form we have raisins! Raisins are ideal when we do not have access to fresh foods. They can be stored for months and still deliver energy and antioxidants to sustain us in our activities. Geminis have to be active to stimulate their minds. Raisins are quick snacks to energize anyone, even when we go on hiking trails or camping trips. We can have grapes or raisins anywhere. We can take raisins with us on any travelling destination. Grapes do not require utensils such as a knife to open them. It just needs your hand and precisely a finger and thumb to detach it from its woody stem.

Gemini rules the body parts of the hand, arms and lungs. Wine is a pleasant gift to give a host when one is invited over for a meal of lunch or dinner. The antioxidants help keep us healthy and reduce ageing. Geminis hardly ever act their age and can be the last ones to leave a party. Grapes are ideal foods to support Geminis. They supply proanthocyanidin, a powerful antioxidant, to ward away disease and rates of ageing. Proanthocyanidin assists in cases of arthritis; no Gemini could stand arthritis. The restriction of movement and freedom to mingle will be a great depression; all the more as Geminis dislike being restricted. They are always ready for an invite, and some may not even have appointment diaries as they just go to whoever has the best most tantalising invite at the last moment. You are sure to always get hold of a Gemini. They like to be accessible to meet new and old acquaintances.

Grapes do not have any protective outer covering and grow in clusters in a bunch as they seem to like to mix with each other more so than the rest of us. If you need a piece of a story or want the latest hearsay, you can count on a Gemini friend or family member, while for a light appetiser you can count on a grape. One need not be quite near a Gemini; these chaps need to have a two way conversation; if you disagree with them this is all the more exciting. They want to have a different aspect to stimulate their brain. A predictable mentality is a terrible dread and that may be why Geminis are quick to jump their point of view. They probably worry they are what they bemoan. As quick as lightening, they can change sides or teams to escape the predictable, and provide stimulating input into their mind through their eyes; those eyes are on the move even when asleep.


Cancer – coconut is a nourishing food. Cancer, ruled by the Moon is a water sign; colour associations are white-yellow, silver and pale green. Coconut has a white hard nut with colourless liquid within. The crab symbolizes the sign of Cancer, the crab like the coconut has that rough hard outer exterior with a covering of brown husk. Coconuts are touted as being highly nutritious in certain cultures, while delivering protein and about 70% fats for growth. Cancerians are the nurturers and loving signs of the zodiac. Maternal qualities are often linked with the Cancer sign, while the Moon symbolizes maternal care.

Coconuts are difficult to pick as they are found attached to the high placed branches on coconut palm trees. A Cancerian is one slightly less easily found socializing freely outside. Cancerians are also renowned for displaying resourceful memories. Their keen inclination for reminiscing can lead to depression and despair as a longing tends to develop. The coconut milk in a way draws one back to our early history, when we were reliant on milk as babies. The time of baby growth is a time of dependency and sensitivity to the ambience. As we develop we can defend ourselves and form a personality to ward away otherwise inner revelation of inner sensitivity. Cancerians are highly sensitive; especially as they are ruled by the Moon (represents intuition). If Cancerains could safely snuggle on the couch with a loved one in a secure place, they would rather be participating in that than taking off an adventurous risky task, with the threats of confrontations.

Cancerians may seem strong on the outside, like coconuts. Think of the fierce mother who turns into a lioness in the name of protecting her family territory. Yet usually she is the most docile gentile family member. Cancerains love their family and they are highly vulnerable and sensitive (even if it does not always show on the outside, in their appearance). The coconut is hard exteriorly and can be fatal! Oh that healthy nut has often dropped from a palm branch to sometimes land upon a human head and knock the individually fatally. That hard rough brown coarser fibre covers and shields a hard smooth coconut kernel/meat. Then in the middle resides the sweet colourless milk. Coconut takes care of hunger and thirst, in a nourishing fashion. Cancerains are able to provide a protective shoulder and loving hugs; in a comfortable home they love to retreat and occupy for their own; as much as for other's sense of safety and security.

The body parts ruled by Cancer are the breast and stomach. Coconut fat supplies energy for nursing/breastfeeding mothers. We know that a fatty meal takes longer to digest than a protein based meal, while carbohydrate based foods are the fastest to pass through our digestive tracts. As coconuts are mainly fat they will make us feel more satisfied after consumption. If we eat a bowl of fruits (mainly sugars and water) that passes out our stomach within two hours, we can easily feel hungry after two hours of eating fruit. Yet when we have a meal of coconut, it probably will be 2-4 hours before it passes out our stomach and leaves our stomach feeling less full! The fat in coconut can be pressed into coconut oil. As fats take longer to digest they spend more time in our digestive tract.

Cancerains are sensitive types that may be liable to suffer ulcers or digestive problems when they are unhealthy. Cancer rules the process of absorption of nutrients along the digestive tract. With regulated absorption we are able to receive nourishment from the nutritious foods that we feed ourselves. Cancerians are like the carers and they may fondly hug anything from friends to animals. We care about ourselves by feeding ourselves nourishing foods.

Cancer rules the breasts, and women after pregnancy usually are able to provide the most caring service to their newborn by breast-feeding them. Once again an analogy may be drawn between the breast milk and coconut milk. Note breast milk is high in zinc, pivotal for growth and immune health, contains antibodies (protective immune substances to ward away disease development), while ensuring a healthy digestive tract in the baby. Coconuts have less milk with maturity, as the milk turns into the white hard kernel as it ripens. We need less milk after 6 months of age and our need diminishes as we advance from babyhood.

Coconut has a distinctive flavour and odour. It has been added to confectionery and packaged white flecks can be bought at grocery stores. Whole coconuts are difficult to open up and yet the process to do so may make one appreciate the value of what coconuts provide. The rough fibre covering it may be used in the textile industry. Coconuts are often linked to exotic islands; islands have a sense of cosiness, isolation and security. Cancerains have that and they need a home to provide closeness, private screens from outer elements with a layer of ambient safety. As Cancerians can be well suited to the domestic life, they are sure to make any home feel homely. If you need a loving gentle touch from a protective hand seek out a Cancerain friend or family member; and they will nurture your life while consuming the coconut will nourish you.


  1. Anita said..

    Nice Post. When it comes to keeping secrets every Zodiac sign compatibility makes it the one and when it comes to most secret-keeping signs it simply goes with Scorpio which occupies the top spot for being baffling because of hidden intensity, and sheer passion, self-destructive tendencies, sometimes make you an anti-social streak.

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