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The Naked Pharmacy

Welcome to The Naked Pharmacy online store and advice centre. At The Naked Pharmacy we believe that great Health is a gift that is available to everyone. Everyone has the right to make their own choices based on clear, honest and transparent information about the conventional and natural treatments available. We're a small and family-owned business with a great passion for helping people find the health solutions they need. We have started with a small range of medicines and supplements which have grown to meet your requirements in terms of health products and services.  


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The Naked Pharmacy, Saffrosun

Are you feeling tired and emotionally out of balance? The new Saffron supplement, Saffrosun is the answer! 


The Naked Pharmacy, Saffrosun is produced from gold standard saffron, grown organically in Spain.


This natural remedy helps reduce tiredness and fatigue and supports psychological function through a combination of Saffron with Vitamins D3, B6 and B12. 


Our product uses the highest strength ingredients and has uniquely high levels of the active ingredients - Lepticrosalides (min. 3.5%), including Picrocrocin, Safranal and Crocin, the strength required by recent clinical trials.


Bergatone Plus


The Naked Pharmacy, Bergatone

Bergatone is a safe and effective natural supplement that uniquely contains highest strength, premium grade Bergamot fruit extract  (BPF) from Reggio Calabria, Southern Italy, in combination with high strength Olea Europaea Leaf extract, Vitamin C and Magnesium.


Bergatone contains the world’s highest strength Bergamot fruit extract with a 38% minimum standardized strength of active Polyphenols, permitting optimum product efficacy. 


The premium grade Olea Europaea Leaf extract co-exists with the Bergamot fruit extract to optimize the efficacy of the active polyphenols on improving both cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors.


Joint and Muscle Pain Nutraflex


The Naked Pharmacy, Natruflex

Natruflex is a safe and effective natural supplement, containing a unique, optimized blend of Turmeric and Black pepper, both sourced from Southern India and combined with magnesium.


Natruflex contains the highest strength of Turmeric and Black pepper, standardised at 95% strength across all batches. 


Natruflex provides 80% more Turmeric by weight per capsule compared to alternative products, providing a daily dose of 760mg total Curcuminoids and 19mg Piperine.


Scientific tests have demonstrated that our Turmeric contains over 200 active Curcuminoids. The combination of this strength and quality of Turmeric with piperine enhances joint and muscular benefits, compared to Turmeric with reduced Curcuminoid levels, without the piperine. 



The Naked Pharmacy, Our Values

Our values are expressed in every product we make:

  • Unique, natural extracts
  • Nature-identical ingredients 
  • Proven to be effective
  • All ingredients are safety checked
  • Our manufacturers are audited for good manufacturing practice
  • All products are safety-checked and released by a pharmacist
  • Products are not tested on animals
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